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The 21st Century, Present and Future

Edited by Robert Albritton, Robert Jessop and Richard Westra

Robert Jessop is Professor of Sociology at the University of Lancaster.
Robert Albritton is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Political Science
at York University.
Richard Westra is Assistant Professor of the Division of International and
Area Studies at Pukyong National University, South Korea.

A timely and unique collection in which esteemed authors explore the future
of the global political economy.
• An original and pertinent collection of essays from leading authorities on a
topic of increasingly far-reaching import.
• No other book currently available approaches this subject as comprehensively
or from such a wide-range of viewpoints.
• Ideal for upper level undergraduate and MA/PHD graduate students who are
studying comparative and international political economy, political economy
theory, sociology, political science, Marxist theory, globalization, neo-
liberal economic change, Asian economic development, gender analysis, and

This volume brings together original and timely writings by internationally
renowned scholars that reflect on the current trajectories of global
capitalism and, in the light of these, consider likely, possible, or
desirable futures. Essays focus to varying degrees on developing distinctive
theoretical frameworks and using them to clarify both the history of the
present political economy and how progressive political economic trends might
be extended from the present into the future. A distinctive feature of the
collection is its effort to develop new mediations between theory and
history, a deeply problematic relationship in the social sciences.
Contributions will contribute original perspectives both to theory
construction and to the use of theory in historical analysis. In short, this
volume offers theory-informed writing that contextualizes empirical research
on current world-historic events and trends with an eye towards realizing a
future of human, social and economic betterment.

The participants in this volume hail from five different countries:
Britain, Canada, South Africa, South Korea and the United States. Each is the
author in their own right of major contributions to the development of
critical political economy. Each world-renowned contributor either advances
their scholarly enterprise and theorizations in original ways from that
previously available only in specialized journals and lengthy monographs or
introduces novel and groundbreaking arguments in debating the most prescient
questions of our time across the pages of this important new book.

Introduction: Political Economy and Global Capitalism xiii Robert Albritton,
Robert Jessop and Richard Westra

Part 1: Political Economy of the Present 1. Theorizing the Contemporary
World: Robert Brenner, Giovanni Arrighi, David Harvey Moishe Postone 2.
Technological Dynamism and the Normative Justification of Global Capitalism
Tony Smith 3. Eating the Future: Capitalism Out of Joint Robert Albritton 4.
What follows Neo-liberalism? The Deepening Contradictions of US Domination
and the Struggle for a New Global Order Bob Jessop 5. Monetary Policy in the
Neo-liberal Transition: A Political Economy Critique of Keynesianism,
Monetarism and Inflation Targeting Alfredo Saad Filho

Part 2: Political Economy of a Progressive Global Future 6. Volatile, Uneven
and Combined Capitalism Patrick Bond 7. The Erosion of Non-Capitalist
Institutions and the Reproduction of Capitalism David M Kotz 8. The
Transformative Moment Julie Matthaei and Barbara Brandt 9. Frontiers of Cadre
Radicalization in Contemporary Capitalism Kees van der Pijl 10.Green Marxism
and the Institutional Structure of a Global Socialist Future Richard Westra

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