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									Hamburg News

Building the world                   New Hanseatic City                   Booming city destination             Quartier 21
The expertise of architects, plan-   Well-known as a salt city, Lüne-     Since 2001, Hamburg reports          The former hospital grounds of
ers, and builders from the Ham-      burg can now promote itself with     growing visitor figures. Now, its     AK Barmbek will be converted
burg Metropolitan Area is deman-     another much-desidered title         Metropolitan Area is also inclu-     into a neighbourhood uniting old
ded around the globe. (p. 2)         remembering its past. (p. 2)         ded in the tourism monitor. (p. 3)   and young in a park. (p. 4)

   Newsflash                         Ground-breaking ceremony of HafenCity‘s Überseequartier
   City     ranking: Hamburg         Largest private project – 16 buildings with 280,000 sqm ground floor to be erected
   profits more than other large
   cities of the Federal Republic    With the ground-breaking ce-
   from Germany‘s economic           remony of Überseequartier,
   revival. This was confirmed        construction of HafenCity‘s new
   by data of the third edition      icon started. Located between
   of the “Monitor Wachsende         the Elbe river and Magdeburger
   Stadt“ According to the sur-      harbour on 7.9 hectares, a Ger-
   vey, the number of emplo-         man-Dutch consortium, com-
   yees subject to social insu-
                                     prising Groß & Partner, ING
   rance contribution grew by
                                     Real Estate, and SNS Property
   1.8 per cent and thus twice
   as much as the national
                                     Finance, will invest some 800
   average. When comparing           million Euro into the vibrant
   the economic performance          heart of Hamburg‘s new inner
   per capita, Hamburg clearly       city borough. In the northern
   surpassed Munich and Düs-         part of Überseequartier there
   seldorf. With an economic         will be townhouses with inner
   growth of 3.1 per cent, Ham-      courtyards. In the southern
   burg is Germany‘s number          section, business premises
   one, and also the income of       will prevail: the upper floors
   private households, amoun-        offering office space, the lower
   ting to 23,000 Euro p. a. , is
                                     floors accommodating shops
   unique in Germany. Major
                                     and restaurants. Retail and
   growth factor is Hamburg‘s
   booming port, and thus also       dining will not be confined to        floor space will be built. As a       transport links to Hamburg city
   its dynamic logistics indus-      shopping malls, but will be lo-      main axis, Überseeboulevard          centre will be guaranteed by
   try. In SCI Verkehr‘s annual      cated in 150 premises throug-        will cut through the whole area      the new U4 underground line
   ranking, it recently confirmed     hout Überseequartier. In additi-     like a river, at times opening out   and the extended bus service
   its national top position once    on, a new cruise terminal cum        onto squares, always drawing         6, while drivers can park their
   again – and the third time in     luxury hotel with 400 beds will      inspiration from the water. The      vehicles in Hamburg‘s largest
   a row.                            be erected. Cultural highlights      northern part of Überseequar-        underground car park.
   www.wachsende-stadt.ham-          include the aquarium and the         tier will be completed by the                           science centre. In total, 16 buil-   end of 2009; two years later the     picture: Christoph Gebler, Über-
                                     dings with 276,000 sqm gross         whole area will follow. Direct       seequartier Beteiligungs GmbH

Industry of the Hamburg Metropolitan Area contributes to a better climate
Eleven companies sign voluntary self-commitment – Carbon dioxide emissions to be cut down year after year
Eleven industrial companies,         The voluntary self-commitment,       Mittal Steel Hamburg GmbH,           emssions of at least 500,000
which belong to the largest is-      for the time being valid until the   Norddeutsche Affinerie AG, Sa-        tonnes per year. To achieve this
suers of carbon dioxide (CO2)        year 2012, was signed by ADM         sol Wax GmbH, Stadtreinigung         goal, production processes and
in the Hamburg Metropolitan          Hamburg AG, AVG Abfall-Ver-          Hamburg AöR, TRIMET ALUMI-           technologies will be further op-
Area, have agreed to signifi-         wertungs-Gesellschaft      mbH,      NIUM AG, and Vattenfall Europe       timised while the energy con-
cantly reduce the emissions of       HOLBORN Europa Raffinerie             Hamburg AG.                          sumption will simultaneously
the climate killer and to actively   GmbH , H&R Ölwerke Schindler         The companies‘ joint target is       be cut down.
support climate protection.          GmbH, Lufthansa Technik AG,          an annual reduction of CO2 
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Hamburg News
 Shortcuts                        Hamburg Messe celebrated two inaugurations in one day
 Elbmeile calls for action        In autumn, Hamburg Messe            next year, Hamburg Messe           with 40,000 shrubs on 8,000
 The tenants on the Nor-          und Congress GmbH hosted            will be expanded into one of       sqm. The expansion work just
 thern banks of the Elbe river    two official inaugurations in       Europe‘s most modern inner         completed increased the ca-
 between Altona‘s fish mar-        one day. In the morning, Gun-       city fair grounds, then boas-      pacity of Germany‘s oldest
 ket and the Övelgönne mu-        nar Uldall, Minister of Econo-      ting 84,000 sqm of exhibiti-       convention centre to 16,000
 seum port have formed the
                                  mic and Labour Affairs, cut         on space. The four new halls,      seats and 12,000 square me-
 registered association “Elb-
                                  the red ribbon at the entrance      measuring 30,000 sqm in to-        tres of exhibition space. Its
 meile Hamburg e. V., which
 appointed Götz Weisener as
                                  of Hamburg‘s new fair halls A       tal, are bigger than four soc-     new conference wing accom-
 area manager and commis-         1 to A 4. In the evening, the       cer fields. Largest hall is A 1,   modates six conference halls
 sioned the local advertising     new CCH - Congress Center           allowing to house an Airbus        of 300 square metres, which
 agency “Blue Chocolate“          Hamburg was inaugurated.            A340 under its roof. The new       can flexibly be altered in size
 with a PR strategy. Their        The official opening of Ham-        CCH - Congress Center Ham-         by mobile partition walls, and
 paper suggests an array of       burg Messe‘s new halls A 1          burg now features a modern         a banqueting hall of 1,200
 actions, including late night    to A4 marks the end of the          conference area, a spacious        sqm with a spacious foyer.
 shopping, concerts, family       second construction phase           exhibition hall, and Europe’s
 events, and an art walk.         in due time. Until the end of       largest shrub roof garden

 Second cruise terminal
 Hamburg will boast a se-
                                  Lüneburg recogized as “Hanseatic City“
 cond cruise terminal at          Stade also applied for the much-desired title
 Altona‘s fish market by
 2009, complementing ser-         Lüneburg is now again what it       With the decline of the
 vices of HafenCity‘s cruise      was until before 400 years: a       Hanseatic League and the
 centre. The Senate of Ham-       Hanseatic city. Since Septem-       absence of herring, salt
 burg will thus invest some       ber, the salt city in the Hamburg   from Lüneburg was no
 12.5 million Euro to convert     Metropolitan Area was chosen        longer required, and the
 the former terminal of the       as the first place of Lower Sa-      city suffered a severe eco-
 England ferries into a mo-       xony to officially bear the desi-    nomic blow. In total, 23
 dern facility for internatio-    red name additive. Since 1363,      Hanseatic meetings were
 nal cruise liners.               Lüneburg (Foto: Hans-Joach-         held in Lüneburg between 1412      still awaiting approval. The
                                  im Boldt) had been a member         and 1619.                          city in the Hamburg Metro-
 Rotodomes order                  of the Middle Ages‘ powerful        Stade, a founder member of         politan Area, in Hanseatic
 The Japanese Air Force has
                                  trade association, providing        the Hanseatic League, to which     days a bustling port, today re-
 entrusted ESW Extel Sys-
                                  its merchants with a much re-       it belonged for 350 years,         presents the interests of Lower
 tems Wedel with the mainte-
 nance and refurbishment of       quired ingredient for the con-      meanwhile also applied for         Saxon members in the “New
 rotodomes installed on four      servation of fish and meat: salt.    the much-desired title, but is     Hanseatic League“ .
 of its airborne warning and
 control system (AWACS)
 aircraft. Until 2011, two of
 these radar cupolas will
                                  Peak performances in the Hamburg Metropolitan Area
 be serviced in Wedel every
 year. Since 1996 a division
                                  Hamburg‘s architectural expertise highly wanted world-wide
 of Jenoptik, the company in      Architectural designs from the      will be built after gmp‘s de-      Hamburg-based World Future
 the Hamburg Metropolitan
                                  Hamburg Metropolitan Area           signs, while the national con-     Council developed the energy
 Area employs some 700
                                  are in high demand throug-          gress centre has already been      concept for China‘s first ‘green‘
 staff in Germany.
                                  hout the world. Hamburg‘s su-       realised along gmp‘s drafts.       settlement, Hamburg‘s public
                                  rely most successful “export of     Now, the star architects from      sewage company HSE was
 New engine museum                architecture“ is Gerkan, Marg       the Elbe banks are ready to        asked by China to consult the
 On the grounds of a former       & Partner (gmp). In China, they     conquer India. First projects      Shanghai Design Institute on
 sanatorium in Lütjensee,         realised the vision of an “ideal    include the modernisation of       the public water grid.
 Schleswig-Holstein‘s first        city“ with Lingang New City. In     the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium
 engine museum opened.            the United Arab Emirates, they      in New Delhi, hosting the Com-     Ice-cold comfort with a cine-
 Most of the 300 exhibits are     planned “Dubai Sport City‘s“        monwealth Games in 2010.           ma
 fully functional. Highlights     four huge stadiums, before hit-     Likewise, the local swimming       For an Indian team of scientists,
 of the exhibition, on display    ting the news once again with       pool will be modernised based      wanting to explore Antarctica
 both indoors and outdoors,       a large order from Vietnam.         on plans of the Hanseatic ar-      in 2009, the Hamburg compa-
 include a giant MAK ma-                                              chitecture office.                  nies Bof Architekten and IMS
 rine diesel engine built in
                                  Prestige objects for Vietnam                                           Ingenieurgesellschaft will start
 1955, a steam engine from
                                  Investing more than 350 mil-        China‘s first green city            construction of a comfy home
 1915 from an Amsterdam
 load punt and a replica of       lion Euro, the Vietnamese go-       Hamburg also significantly          next spring. Built from 128
 an athmospheric engine           vernment commissioned gmp           shapes the buildings on Chong-     sea containers, the south-po-
 built after an historical 1871   to change the face of Hanoi.        ming island at the outskirts of    lar station will be a cosy and
 model.                           In the capital city, the national   Hamburg‘s partner city Shang-      cultural oasis in the middle of
                                  parliament, the ministry of the     hai, where China‘s eco-village     the ice desert, comprising next
                                  interior, and the city museum       Dongtan develops. While the        to 24 rooms a library, a lounge,
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Hamburg News
Double jubilee at Hamburg‘s largest multinational schools                                                 Shortcuts
International School Hamburg celebrated its 50th, Lycée Français its 20th anniversary                     Aviation monograph
The International School Ham-       years later due to increasing      demand is also the Lycée Fran-     The first dedicated industry
burg (ISH), German‘s oldest         pupil figures, before moving        çais de Hambourg (LFH), which      monograph titled “Ham-
international educational insti-    to Holmbrook in 1973. In 1999,     celebrated its 20th anniversary    burg – The place for avia-
tution, recently celebrated its     these school buildings under-      with the inauguration of an an-    tion“ is now available at
50th anniversary in the Han-        went a major renovation and        nex at the school‘s grounds in     bookstores as a bi-lingual
                                                                                                          edition in both German and
seatic City. Highlights of the      extension programme. Today,        Lokstedt. Here, 617 pupils from
                                                                                                          English. The 244 pages por-
week-long festivities included      665 pupils from 49 nationali-      43 nationalities enjoy tuition
                                                                                                          trait, realised in close co-
a reception by Hamburg‘s First      ties attend school here from       in French from preschool to        operation of the Joint Ini-
Mayor, Ole von Beust, a gala        kindergarden to grade twelve.               ,
                                                                       “Abi-Bac“ the German-French        tiative Hamburg – The place
dinner in the Hamburg Cham-         All classes are held in English.   high school leaver‘s certificate.   for aviation and the publi-
ber of Commerce, and the            With continuously rising stu-      LHF was founded on Septem-         shing house Oldenburger
laying of the foundation stone      dent numbers and restricted ex-    ber 15, 1987, by the merger        Verlag Kommunikation &
for the school‘s future home in     tension options at Holmbrook,      of the school‘s two predeces-      Wirtschaft, comprises next
Osdorf. Founded on Septem-          ISH decided to invest some         sors. Founding fathers include     to articles of 30 renowned
ber 17, 1957, as the successor of   22 million Euro into new buil-     Hamburg‘s former First Mayor       authors high-class pictures
the British Army School, which      dings to be constructed north      Henning Voscherau and the          and company portraits of
taught 50 pupils from twel-         of Hamburg‘s Botanic Gardens.      journalists Ulrich Wickert and     large players and medium-
                                                                                                          sized suppliers active in
ve nations in the former resi-      Designed by the Hamburg ar-        Heiko Engelkes.
                                                                                                          the Hamburg Metropolitan
dency of the U.S. consul C. H.      chitects    Kramer/Biwer/Mau,
Timberlake in Harvestehude, it      they are scheduled to be rea-,      
changed premises already two        lised in autumn 2009. High in
                                                                                                          New destinations
                                                                                                          Hamburg Airport expands
Confucius Institute inaugurated at Hamburg University                                                     its route network: From
                                                                                                          March 5, 2008, easyJet will
Hamburg chapter of the German Hong Kong Association also founded                                          fly non-stop to Paris/Char-
Hamburg is expanding its lea-       nually support the institute by    founded in the Hanseatic City.     les de Gaulle. Earlier this
dership as Continental Europe‘s     five-digit donations. China will    Established in 1996, the asso-     month, the British low-cost
China centre: Here, Germany‘s       allocate 72,000 Euro plus two      ciation actively supports bi-      carrier introduced its new
sixth and most northern Confu-      teachers.                          lateral business relations of      service from Hamburg to
                                                                                                          London/Luton. Also intro-
cius Institute has been establis-   The Confucius Institute will of-   companies, institutions, and
                                                                                                          duced into the new winter
hed at Hamburg University.          fer Chinese language courses       organisations located in the
                                                                                                          flight schedule were four
The institute is the most recent    at various levels on the pre-      former British crown colony        additional non-stop ser-
result of the fruitful scientific    mise of Hamburg University         and Germany. Roofed under          vices, connecting Hamburg
co-operation between Ham-           to satisfy the requirements of     the Federation of Hong Kong        with Lyon (Air France),
burg University and Fudan           those wishing to expand their      Business Associations World-       Grenoble (TUIfly), Eind-
University in Shanghai.             knowledge of China both lin-       wide, the network currently ex-    hoven (OLT), and Lisbon
While the Hamburg Ministry of       guistically and culturally.        tends to 28 countries in Euro-     (TAP). Furthermore, Luft-
Education‘s provided a start-up     In addition, the Hamburg chap-     pe, Asia, and North America.       hansa re-activated its shut-
capital of 250,000 Euro, local      ter of the German Hong Kong                 tle to Innsbruck, thus of-
companies have agreed to an-        Association (DHG) was also       fering quick access to the
                                                                                                          slopes to all skiers form
                                                                                                          the north. In total, 65 airli-

Tourists love to discover the Hamburg Metropolitan Area                                                   nes take off from Hamburg
                                                                                                          Airport to 120 national and
Vistor figures continue to boom – domestic market major growth factor in tourism                           international destinations.
Hamburg is a booming des-           to lure visitors to the “Event     rates on rank two with + 17.4
tination in city tourism. One       City“ Hamburg.                     per cent in overnight stays        New maintenance hall
year after the boom trigge-         Growth factor number one           and even +48.8 per cent in ar-     The global leader in aircraft
red off by the FIFA World Cup       was the domestic market,           rivals. For the first time, the    maintenance and engine
games hosted here, Hamburg          generating a +8.5 per cent         Tourism Monitor, published         overhaul, Lufthansa Technik
was not only able to stabilise,     increase in nights by its 2.8      quarterly by the Hamburg           AG (LHT), is expanding its
but to increase visitor figures     million guests.                    Tourism Board also included        production capacities at its
even further, boasting record       Quite surprising was the ana-      detailed visitor figures of the    home base in Hamburg by
results six years in a row.         lysis of international guests.     Hamburg Metropolitan Area.         a new 15,000 sqm mainte-
                                                                                                          nance hall. Construction of
According to the Office of          Due to the increase of flights     According to a first analysis
                                                                                                          the new hangar, which will
Statistics North, 1.9 million       to Moscow, Russia was              of all data provided by its 14
                                                                                                          cost almost 50 million Euro,
guests spending 3.5 million         Hamburg‘s strongest foreign        districts, these figures also      commenced last month.
nights in Hamburg accounted         market with +20.5 per cent.        show a positive development        The first engine overhaul in
for a growth of 5.5 per cent in     Emirates‘ scheduled service        of overnight stays in the city‘s   the new hall is planned for
the first six months of 2007.       to Dubai, accompanied by in-       vicinity – and also confirm        early 2009.
Hamburg‘s cosmopolitan mix          tensive marketing activities of    Hamburg‘s        attractiveness
of shopping, culture, and in-       the Hamburg Tourism Board,         even for one-day excursions.
ternational flair continued         pushed the United Arab Emi-
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Hamburg News
German hospital in Buenos Aires celebrated its 140th anniversary
Hamburg Ambassador Dr. Klaus-Wilhelm Lege initiated two scholarships for doctors at UKE as a birthday present
On September 19, 1857, the for-      seen a day of                                        pital Ham-        Scholarship as a present
mer Prussia and the Argenti-         interruption                                         burg-Eppen-       Due to his support and involve-
nean Federation signed a “Fri-       since then.                                          dorf (UKE)        ment, two goals were reached.
endship, Trade, and Shipping         Today, the                                           are twinned.      Hamburg‘s First Mayor Ole von
Contract“ 150 years later, the       “Hospital                                            That     this     Beust contributed a greeting to
agreement has development            Alemán“ at                                           partnership       the hospital‘s jubilee brochure,
into an vibrant exchange in          the Avenida                                          was rescued       while UKE offered a very spe-
politics, business, and cultu-       Pueyrredón                                           from    obli-     cial birthday present: two scho-
re. Hamburg has significantly         is reputedly                                         vion     and      larships for medical doctors at
contributed to this dynamic re-      one of the                                           significantly      Hamburg‘s renowned clinic.
lationship and has particularly      country‘s                                            expanded
influenced the development of         best hospitals. Since 1963, the    and improved is the achieve-        Promoting Hamburg‘s assets
the Argentinean capital Bue-         German Hospital at Buenos          ment of Hamburg Ambassador          Today counting 38 men and
nos Aires.                           Ares and the University Hos-       Dr. Klaus Wilhelm Lege.             women with close ties to Ham-
                                                                                                            burg, the Hamburg Ambassa-
A hospital for the capital                                                                                  dors are high-ranking perso-
Trading there in the 19th cen-         Up-to-date                                                           nalities living abroad, where
tury, merchants from Northern                                                                               they hold a leading position
                                       Oscar for Akin? The Hamburg director Fatih Akin (34) of
Germany joined forces to en-                                                                                in politics, economics, or the
                                       German-Turkish origins has high hopes for his first Oscar.
hance the city‘s medical ser-                                                                               arts. To promote the interests
                                       His film “The Edge of Heaven“ was nominated by German
vices and to provide help in           Films, the national information and advisory centre for the          of Hamburg in all aspects all
case of illness by founding the        promotion of German cinema world-wide, for the 80th edi-             over the world, they are offi-
German Hospital Association,           tion of the Academy Awards. On January 22, Akin‘s Film, se-          cially appointed by Hamburg‘s
which paved the way for the            lected among Germany‘s top seven, will have to beat four             First Mayor Ole von Beust as
foundation of a German hospi-          other entries to be honoured as the best non-English film             “Honorary Representative of
tal. On August 26, 1867, it star-      with the prestigious statue.                                         the Free and Hanseatic City of
ted its services, which have not                                                                            Hamburg“   .

                                     Quartier 21: Barmbek‘s new neighbourhood with old charm
NewsBits                             Former pavilions of Barmbek hospital to be converted into homes in a park
Million donation: A milestone        Start for the “Quartier 21“: Lo-   Urban mix of new and old            Lots with different functions
in the construction of Hamburg‘s     cated on the edge of the huge      The new neighbourhood de-           To meet the various needs of
Elbphilharmonie was reached by       city park, Hamburg‘s green         rives its name from 21 historic     the new neighbourhood, the
the generous seven-digit donati-     lung, a 300 million Euro invest-   buildings, which – like the old     grounds have been divided
on of the former Max Bahr chef       ment is turning the grounds of     park and the hospital‘s wall        into ten building lots. The mas-
Peter Möhrle: Now, construction      the former general hospital AK     – have been integrated into         ter plan for the new “Quartier
of the organ for the new concert     Barmbek into a prime living        the master plan. Construction       21“ was drawn up by Oster-
hall can commence.                   and commercial space caring        will start next spring. In total,   wold & Schmidt - EX P! ANDER              for the needs of all genera-       400 flats and homes covering         architects from Weimar. New
                                     tions.                             72,000 sqm, plus 45,000 sqm         buildings are limited to three
40 successful years: In 1967 im-     Covering 13.8 hectares, the in-    of gross floor space suitable        lots. They were designed by the
presario Willi Bartels opened Eros   vestor consortium comprising       for offices, shops, gastronomy,      architect teams Kleffel Papay
Center as Europe‘s most modern       HOCHTIEF Project Develop-          trade, education, and other         Warncke (Hamburg), von Tro-
whorehouse on Reeperbahn. 40         ment GmbH, Hamburg Team            businesses are to be erected.       jan + Trojan (Darmstadt) cum
year later and under new name        Gesellschaft für Projektent-       The old brick wall, formerly        Dietz Joppien (Frankfurt/Main),
and management, 200,000 visi-        wicklung mbH, and Hambur-          fully enclosing the hospital‘s      and the Danish office Juul og
tors flock the renamed Eros-Lauf-     ger Sparkasse AG will realise      grounds, will be opened at one      Frost Arkitekter from Copenha-
haus every weekend.                  a unique conversion cum buil-      spot to integrate the neigh-        gen, which will also construct a                  ding project until 2012.           bourhood into the district.         care home with 120 beds.

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