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									                  IT Training
                  University of Otago
                  Technical Training Programme
                  January – December 2010

IT Training is pleased to offer technical training courses to be delivered in Dunedin
again this year. These include Microsoft and VMWare. Dates and brief outlines are
given below. Other courses will be scheduled as required.

For this to happen we have to make decisions 3 weeks ahead of the scheduled date
as to whether a course will run or not. This time-frame is required in order to
arrange travel and accommodation for external trainers, and order course materials
from Australia to ensure they arrive in time for the course start date.

In order to keep the cost of each course at a realistic price we require a minimum of 4
people booked on a course for it to run.

We urge you to make early bookings to ensure these worthwhile technical courses
go ahead in Dunedin and that you have a place on the course. If you are interested
in the course but the date is not suitable please register your interest and we will
then schedule the course at a later date if we have the demand. Alternatively if you
are interested in a course not on the list please contact me as there may be others also

A full list of the technical courses on offer for 2010 is available on the web. Select the
courses by subject, advanced technical training and you will see the full list.

Finally, if you would like to be on the ITS Technical Training email list for updates
about technical courses in Dunedin, please email me with your contact details and
you will be added to the list.

Anne Johnston
IT Training Manager

Phone: 03 479 8466
Email: anne.johnston@otago.ac.nz
Web: www.otago.ac.nz/ITS/training

28 January 2010                             1
50149: SharePoint 2007 Operations
Tentative dates: Mon 15 February – Friday 19 February or 22-26 March
Cost: $3,195 + GST
This 5 day deep-dive will guide individuals through the process of architecting and
setting up SharePoint 2007 applications and customizations from an Operations

6231: Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database
Mon 15 March – Fri 19 March
This five-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills
to maintain a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database. The course focuses on teaching
individuals how to use SQL Server 2008 product features and tools related to
maintaining a database.

VMware vSphere What's New Workshop
Mon 19 April – Tue 20 April
This 2 day hands-on training course explores new features in future versions of
VMware® vCenter Server and ESX™/ESXi, as well as how to upgrade. 50% lecture
and 50% hands-on labs and simulations.

10135A: Beta/Early Release Configuring, Managing and Troubleshooting
      Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Mon 24 May – Fri 28 May
This five-day, instructor-led course will provide you with the knowledge and skills
to configure and manage a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 messaging environment.

6425: Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain Services
Mon 28 June – Fri 2 July
This five-day instructor-led course teaches skills required to configure Active
Directory Domain Services in a distributed environment, implement Group Policies,
perform backup and restore, and monitor and troubleshoot Active Directory related

6419: Configuring, Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008 Servers
Mon 16 August – Fri 20 August
This five-day instructor-led course combines five days worth of instructor-led
training content from the Network Infrastructure Technology Specialist, Active
Directory Technology Specialist, and IT Professional Server Administrator courses of
Windows Server 2008 to provide students with the knowledge and skills that are
required to manage accounts and resources, maintain server resources, monitor
server performance, and safeguard data in a Microsoft Windows Server 2008
environment. This course covers the core skills required by anyone working with
Windows Server 2008 Servers.

28 January 2010                          2
50027: Querying and Processing SQL Server Data with SQL Statements
Mon 27 September – Tue 28 September
This two-day, hands-on course covers everything database administrators and
developers need to know to query SQL Server databases using SELECT statements
ranging from simple to complex, and use INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE
statements to modify and maintain data. Creating and using of VIEWS is also
covered, along with accessing data through stored procedures and user-defined

2793: Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting
Wed 29 September – Fri 1 October
This three-day instructor-led course teaches students how to implement a Reporting
Services solution in an organization. The course discusses how to use the Reporting
Services development tools to create reports, and how to use the Reporting Services
management and administrative tools to manage a Reporting Services solution.

6421: Configuring and Troubleshooting a Windows Sever 2008 Network
Mon 11 October – Fri 15 October
Elements of this syllabus are subject to change. This five-day instructor-led course
provides students with the knowledge and skills to configure and troubleshoot a
Windows Sever 2008 network infrastructure. Students will learn to implement and
configure secure network access and implement fault tolerant storage technologies.
Students will gain an understanding of the network technologies most commonly
used with Windows Server 2008 and IP-enabled networks. Students will also learn
how to secure servers and maintain update compliance.

28 January 2010                           3

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