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									                            2004-2005 UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA
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NURSING (B.S.N.)                                                           2. Common Program Prerequisites                                 21 hrs
                                                                           PSY 2012        General Psychology**                              GEP
B. RN TO BSN PROGRAM                                                       SYG 2000        Sociology**                                      3 hrs
(Completion program for individuals who are RNs licensed in the State      MCB 2005C       Health Microbiology                              4 hrs
of Florida)                                                                CHM 1032/L      General Chemistry and lab**                       GEP
                                                                           ZOO 3733C       Human Anatomy*                                   4 hrs
College of Health and Public Affairs                                       PCB 3703C       Human Physiology                                 4 hrs
HPA1 220, 407-823-2744                                                     STA 2014C or 2023 Principles of Statistics**                      GEP                                          SOW 3104        Assessing Human Development or                   3 hrs
RN to BSN Coordinator: Linda Hennig                                        DEP 2004        Developmental Psychology
e-mail:                                              HUN 3011        Human Nutrition                                  3 hrs
                                                                           *May take Anatomy and Physiology sequence of six-eight total credits.
                                                                           **Also meets General Education Requirements;
This program is also currently available online. Students must complete    Applicants should see a UCF Nursing Advisor for possible course
all University-wide graduation requirements (general education, foreign    substitutions.
language, CLAST, Gordon Rule, etc.), some of which are not available
via    distributed   learning.       For     more    information,   see    3. Core Requirements                                             (55 hrs)                                               NUR 3809        Transitional Concepts in Nursing I                  3 hrs
                                                                           NUR 3065        Health Assessment                                   3 hrs
Admission Requirements                                 Limited Access      NUR 3165        Nursing Research/Critical Inquiry                   3 hrs
Acceptance to the university does not constitute admission to the upper    NUR 4084        Transitional Concepts in Nursing II                 3 hrs
division nursing program. Separate application to the limited access       NUR 4636        Community as Continuum of Care                      3 hrs
program must be made directly to the School of Nursing. All applicants     NUR 4636L       Clin Prac in Comm-Oriented Nursing                  2 hrs
must have:                                                                 NUR 4827        Leadership and Management Principles                3 hrs
     Admission to UCF undergraduate program                                NUR 4837        Health Care Issues, Policy, & Econ                  3 hrs
     Graduation from an approved or accredited associate degree or         NUR 4945L       Directed Nursing Practice                           4 hrs
     diploma nursing program                                               Validation Credit                                                  28 hrs
     Current Licensure as an RN (or eligible)                              4. Upper Division Restricted Elective                              (3 hrs)
     Progress toward the UCF general education requirements, an AA         NUR XXXX         Any Nursing Elective                                3 hrs
     degree from a Florida Community College, or eligible for the
     Statewide Articulated AS-BSN Program (see AS to BS)                   5. Departmental Exit Requirements
     Completion of all sections of CLAST (or Exempt)                       Completion of all courses in major with a grade of “C” (2.0) or better
     A minimum overall GPA of 2.5                                               UCF GPA of 2.5 or above
     Completion of program prerequisite courses with at least a grade of        School of Nursing GPA of 2.5 or above
     “C” (2.0) or better                                                   6. Electives                                                         none
Degree Requirements
    Students who change degree programs and select this major must         7. Foreign Language Requirements                                (0-8 hrs)
    adopt the most current catalog                                         Admissions: Two years of one foreign language in high school, or one
    Students should consult with a college advisor or community college    year of one foreign language in college (or equivalent proficiency exam)
    A.A. transfer advisor regarding completion of General Education        prior to graduation.
    Program requirements                                                   Graduation:                                                         none
    Students should consult with a School of Nursing advisor for
    clarification of questions regarding prerequisite requirements which   8. University Minimum Exit Requirements
    cannot be answered by college advisors                                     A 2.0 UCF GPA
    The courses designated in sections 1 and 2 below may be taken at a         60 semester hours earned after CLEP awarded
    Florida Community College or other universities                            48 semester hours of upper division credit completed
    A minimum overall GPA of 2.5 and a minimum 2.5 GPA in the                  30 of the last 36 hours of course work must be completed in
    Nursing major are required for continuation in and graduation from         residency at UCF
    the Nursing Program                                                        A maximum of 45 hours of extension, correspondence, CLEP,
    UCF Residency Requirement: 30 hours                                        Credit by Exam, and Armed Forces credits permitted
    The courses designated in sections 1 (General Education) and 2             Complete the General Education Program, the Gordon Rule, the
    (Common Program Prerequisites) should usually be completed in              CLAST and nine hours of Summer credit (if applicable)
    the first 60 hours
                                                                           Total Semester Hours Required                                  120 hours
1. UCF General Education Program                              (36 hrs)
A. Communication Foundations                                     9 hrs     Related Programs: Health Services Administration, Social Work, All
B. Cultural Historical Foundations                               9 hrs     health programs
C. Mathematical Foundations                                      6 hrs
   MAC 1105                                                                Related Minors: Aging Studies Certificate, Health Sciences, Health
   Select STA 2014C or STA 2023                                            Services Administration, Psychology
D. Social Foundations                                            6 hrs
   Select SYG 2000 or PSY 2012                                             Progression requirements:
   Select one: ECO 2013 or ECO 2023 or POS 2041                               Prior to NUR 3809:
E. Science Foundations:                                          6 hrs               RN status or eligible to take NCLEX.
   Student must complete all general education and foreign language           Prior to NUR 3165:
   admissions requirements prior to NUR 4084. If completing an A.A. to               Complete NUR 3809 and Statistics course with
   fulfill General Education requirements, it must be awarded prior to               grade of “C” (2.0) or better.
   the last semester at UCF.                                                  Prior to NUR 4084:
                                                                                     Be admitted to the nursing program
                            2004-2005 UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA
      TRANSFER SERVICES HOTLINE (407) 823-5959                 WEB SITE

         Complete general education requirements or A.A. from
         a Florida state community college or university (SUS)
         Complete CLAST(or exempt)
         Complete Foreign language admission requirement
Program offered in Orlando and at regional campuses of Daytona, Cocoa,
Leesburg and Ocala.
The RN-BSN coursework is also offered via the Internet. Some on-
campus labs and clinical practical may be required. For further
information access

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