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									                     Pine Hills Business Redevelopment Task Force
                                    Meeting Summary
                                 Monday, August 23, 2010
                Orange County Library, Hiawassee Branch Community Room

The meeting was called to order by Chairman JaJa Wade at 10:35 a.m.

Present Members included:
Julie Salvo                     Barbara Anderson
Anderson Hill                   Gwen Parrish
Kenneth Dwyer                   JaJa Wade
Allie Braswell                  Susan Fortini
Pinkie Freeman                  Michael Arrington
Tim Haberkamp

Absent Members:
Henry Postell
Captain Ogden

Staff Present
Lavon B. Williams, Manger, Neighborhood Services Division
Michelle Owens, Planner III, Neighborhood Services Division
Yvette D. Luckett, Administrative Assistant, Neighborhood Services Division
Jason Reynolds, Planner II, Neighborhood Services Division
Althea Jefferson, Assistant Manager, Planning Division

Guests Present
Andre Anderson                  Bro Delano
Kendell Keith                   Michael Kimbrough
William Burrell, Sr.            Tom Kohler
Eddie Brown
Bertina Busch
Joel West

Welcome and Introductions
Chairman Wade welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Approval of the Minutes
Pinkie Freeman moved that the minutes be accepted. The motion was seconded by Tim Haberkamp.
The motion was approved.

General Discussion
Strategic Planning
Tom Kohler, the lead consultant with Real Estate Research Consultants and the task force continued
to develop a strategic plan for the Pine Hills. Mr. Kohler provided a working vision for the strategic
plan and reviewed the objectives and principles of the plan, which had been discussed in previous
meetings. The approach developed for the plan includes Strong Neighborhoods, Effective
Connections, Corridor Development, Community Town Center, and Implementing Organization.
The task force reviewed the previous discussions on Strong Neighborhoods and Effective
Connections. Attention was turned to Corridor Development. Staff from RERC provided the task
force with an overview of economic data that is being collected for the corridors. Initial market data
for intersection activity nodes is being collected. Andre Anderson of Planning Design Group
                     Pine Hills Business Redevelopment Task Force
                                    Meeting Summary
                                 Monday, August 23, 2010
                Orange County Library, Hiawassee Branch Community Room

presented information on the physical conditions survey that was conducted by the Evans High
School Students. He shared with the task force the outcome of the business inventory. Joel West
with AECOM provided a discussion on the land use issues in the Pine Hills Road Corridor. He
shared with the task force possible urban design concepts and prototypes. The task force also
discussed the possibility of opening up access to Barnett Park from Pine Hills Road and linking the
proposed trail through the neighborhood into the park.

Use of “Pine Hills on the Rise” Logo
Ken Dwyer moved that the Pine Hills Community Council, the Pine Hills Safe Neighborhood
Partnership, the Orlo Vista Chamber of Commerce and the Orlo Vista United be allowed to submit a
written request for permission to use the “Pine Hills on the Rise” logo. The motion was seconded by
Susan Fortini. There was discussion about how the logo could possibly be used by nonprofits. There
was concern that the logo not be altered. The task force indicated that any nonprofit could submit a
letter to be considered. The motion passed.

Public Comment

The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 pm.

Minutes prepared by: ____________________________________Date_______________
                       Lavon B. Williams, Manager, Neighborhood Services Division

Approved by:    _______________________________________Date_________________
                JaJa Wade, Chairperson, Pine Hills Business Redevelopment Task Force


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