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Ministry Directory - Alphabetical Listing

                                       Ministry Index - By Category

 The ministry directory is very large, so we have organized the ministries by category on this table to assist
                                             you in your search.
          Alphabetical listing with complete contact information begins at the end of this table.

Family                                 Prison Ministry                    Reentry
                                                                          A Peaceful Habitation Home &
Aid to Incarcerated Mothers            Accepting Grace Ministries
                                                                          Aftercare Ministry
Aid to Inmate Mothers                  Alaska Correctional Ministries     Atlanta Union Mission
Bethesda Family Ministries             Alpha Prison Ministries            Breaking Ground Ministries
Building the Family                    Alpha USA                          Bridge Aftercare Ministries
                                       American Friends Prison Watch
Caregivers Choice                                                         Bridges of Canada
Center for Children of Incarcerated
                                       Be Free                            Bridging the Gap Ministries
Chicago Legal Advocacy for
                                       Casa Recovery Prison Ministry      Broken Chains
Incarcerated Mothers
                                                                          Calvary Commission Prison
Criminal Justice & Mercy Ministry      Christ to Inmates
Epiphany Ministry                      Christian Fellowship Enrichment Christian Restoration Services
Eunice Chambless Hospitality                                              Christian Restorative Justice
                                       Christian Prison Ministries
House                                                                     Mentors Assoc.
Faith Farm Ministries                  Christians for Prisoners           Christlike Ministry
                                       Cornerstone Baptist Jail           Clifford Hill Community Outreach
Forever Family
                                       Chaplaincy                         Center
Free Battered Women                    Cornerstone Prison Ministry        Community Recovery
                                       Cross Tabernacle Prison
Friends Outside                                                           Conquest Reintegration Ministries
                                                                          Daniel A. Payne Reclamation
God's Friend Ministries, Inc.          Crossover USA
GORE Community Development             Diocese of Beaumont                Denver Works
                                                                          Encompassing Reentry Ministries
Heartland Community Church             Diocese of Palm Beach
                                                                          & Outreach
Hospitality House                      Discipleship Unlimited             Exodus Faith-based Reentry
                                                                          First Baptist Church "Welcome
Hour Children, Inc.                    Doing HIS Time Prison Ministry
                                                                          Back" Ministry

Jubilee Ministries                 ECS Ministry                   Fox Valley Carpenter's Place
Lazarus House                      Elkins Lake Baptist Church     Free Inside Minstries
                                                                  From the Ground Floor Up Reentry
Lifespring Ministry                Encouraging Word Ministries
Light for New Life                 Epiphany Ministries of Texas   Gateway Community Services
LOOPS                              Episcopal Diocese of Texas     Gemeinschaft Home
Lower Lights Ministries            Evangel Prison Ministries      Grace Without Borders
Mercy Heart                        Faith, Hope & Love in Christ   Hope House of Chicago
Missionary Evangelism to
                                   Follow Up Ministries, Inc.     House Where Jesus Shines
                                                                  Institutional Restorative Justice
Mothers Against Methamphetamine    Free Inside, Inc.
                                                                  Jericho Job Placement and Support
New Creations Ministry, Inc.       Freedom in Jesus Minstries
Newgate Connection                 Freedom Outreach Ministries    Jesus Inside Prison Ministry
                                   From the Inside Out Prison
Open Door for Teens, Inc.                                         Judah House
Opening Doors of Ohio              Fruitful Harvest Prison Ministry Koinonia House of Wheaton
Operation Oasis                    GROW Minstries                 Liberty Ministries
Operation Rebound                  Higher Ground Foundation       Loudoun Aftercare Program
Our Place                          Holy Ground Prison Ministry    Low Country Civic Justice Core
                                   Hoops of Hope Basketball
Parents and Children Together                                     Manasseh Ministries
Regional CJM Center of Texas       Horizon Communities, Inc.      MentorCare Ministries
Repairing the Breaches             Houston Prison Ministry        Ministries 101
Restorative Christian Outreach
                                   Inmate Discipler Fellowship    My Brother's Keeper
Ritas Ministry                     Inmate Help                    National Women's Prison Project
Shepherd's Inn Gaspard Center      JAIL Ministry, Inc.            Nehemiah House
Soteria Community Development      Jail Chaplaincy Ministry       Network for Life
Texas HOPE Literacy, Inc.          Joy Prison Ministry            New Awakenings
The Gospel House Prison Ministry   JUST of DuPage                 New Beginnings for Women
                                                                  New Creations Community
The Osborne Association            Justice and Mercy
                                   Justice Minstries/Evangelism
The Real Cost of Prisons Project                                  New England Aftercare Ministries
The Sheepfold                      Letters for the Lord           New England Prison Ministries
Walter Hoving Home                 Men of Valor                   New Life Spirit Recovery Center
Wayside Cross Ministries           Mike Hooker Ministries         New Song Ministries

Wings Ministry                         Miracles Prison Ministry        Northland Rescue Mission
Women's Prison Association             Mission Gate Prison Ministry    Offender Aid & Restoration
                                       More than Conquerors            One Man's Treasure
                                       Morning Star Ministry           Operation New Hope, Inc.
                                       Narrow Path Prison Ministry     Prison Aftercare Network
Correctional Officers                  New Directions, Inc.            Prison Entrepreneurship Program
Bearing the Burden Ministries          New Life Behavior Minstries     Prisoners of Christ
                                       North Carolina ECS Prison
Biblical Counseling Institute                                          Ready 4 Work
Cross Prison Ministries                Oil of Joy for Mourning         Reentry Aftercare
First Baptist Dallas Prison Ministry   Pastor Dave's Prison Ministry   Reentry Jail and Prison Ministry
His Sufficient Grace Ministries        Philadelphia Alive              Released and Restored
Peace Officers                         Prayer Life Seminars, Inc.      Restored to Christ
Preaching the Cross Ministries         Prison Congregation of America Safer Foundation
Servants of Christ Prison Ministry     Prison F ellowship              Sally's House
                                       Prison Lighthouse               Scotland Congregational Church
                                       Prison to Purpose Minstries     Set Free Indeed Empowerment
                                       Prisoners for Christ Outreach
                                                                       Set My Way Free
Victims                                Real World Ministries           South Jersey Aftercare
Compassion Counseling                  Redeemed Ministries             Spectrum Resources
Hope for Healing Ministries            Rising Hope                     Spirit Key Ministry
Faith Based Counseling                 ROD Ministries                  St. Leonard's Ministry
TDCJ Victim Services                   Ruff Edge Ministries            Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative
Counselor Training Institute           Set Them Free Ministry          The Foundry
Victim Services Division               Sharing Hope Ministry           The Gilead House
                                       Skills for Life, Inc.           Visions of the Cross
                                       St. Francis Anglican Church     Welcome Home Ministries
                                       THUG Ministries                 Wheless Lane Restorative Ministry
                                       TAX - Abilene
                                       TDCJ Chaplaincy Operations
                                       Texas Baptist Men
                                       The Brotherhood of St. Andrew
                                       The Old Time Religion Hour
                                       The Saints Prison Ministry
                                       The Salvation Army
                                       Trinity RJM

                                      UMC Mercy Ministries
                                      United Prison Ministries
                                      Voices of Hope Behind the Wall
                                      Volunteers in Corrections
                                      We Care Program
                                      Woodville Church of Christ
                                      Worldwide Voice in the
                                      Write-way Prison Ministry
                                      Yokefellow Prison Ministry
                                      Zoe Ministries, Inc.

A Peaceful Habitation Home & Aftercare Ministry, Inc.
Categories: Reentry
This ministry provides a transition home and aftercare referral service for women released from jail or
prison. They are a Christ-centered home that teaches Christian morals and assist with education, employment
and life skills.
Leticia Chavez-Paulette
(505) 440-5937
P. O. Box 50326
Albuquerque New Mexico 87181 United States of America

Accepting Grace Ministries, Inc.
Categories: Prison Ministry
Joe & Betty Waggoner
(325) 773-2248
P. O. Box 983
Stamford Texas 79553-0983 United States of America

Aid to Incarcerated MOthers
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Pre- and post-release services for imprisoned mothers and their children, including case management, legal
advocacy, support groups and referrals.
(607) 536-0058
32 Rutland St.
4th Floor
Boston Massachusetts 02118 United States of America

Aid to Inmate Mothers, Inc.
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry
Aid to Inmate Mothers created services and programs for the women at Tutwiler, their children, and to the
women who leave Tutwiler in order to help them cope, rehabilitate themselves, and go on to be successful
parents and citizens. The program has been shaped by the prison administration, by the inmates themselves,
and by AIM staff and volunteers.
(800) 679-00246
P. O. Box 986
Montgomery Alabama 36101 United States of America

Alaska Correctional Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
Alaska Correctional Ministries is a non-profit organization that has been partnering with the Department of
Corrections Chaplaincy Ministry statewide since 1980, providing life-changing ministry to Alaska's
prisoners and ex-offenders. Together, we are providing ministry and programs that offer hope and real
solutions in the lives of offenders through the transforming work of God.
(907) 269-7414
PO Box 210188
Anchorage Alaska 99521 United States of America

Alpha Prison Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
(616) 538-4090
P. O. Box 9216
Grand Rapids Michigan 49509 United States of America

Alpha USA
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Alpha is an interdenominational national network of over 8300 churches, which regularly conduct the Alpha
Course, Exploring the Questions of Life, with inmates in our nation's prisons & jails. Alpha provides a
referral source for in-prison Bible studies and re-entry assistance.
Jack Cowley
(918) 231-8847
P. O. Box 9359
Wichita Falls Texas 76308 United States of America

American Friends Service Committee Prison Watch Project
Categories: Prison Ministry
The Prison Watch Project monitors human rights concerns, violations, and abuses of prisoners in the U.S.
federal and state prison system, with a regional focus on New Jersey and New York. A special emphasis is
maintained on the inappropriate use of isolation and devices of torture. Staff advocate resolution of the
complaints through appropriate channels and report abuses to national and international monitoring groups.
Staff speak widely on prison issues and provide technical assistance to students, media and authors.
Bonnie Kerness
(973) 643-8924
89 Market St.
6th Floor
Newark New Jersey 07102 United States of America

Atlanta Union Mission
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Atlanta Union Mission is a Christian ministry that brings Christ's healing power to any person in crisis
through programs of rescue and recovery. The Mission serves as many as 1,070 men, women and children
every day of the year with emergency shelter, residential recovery and transitional housing. Over the years,
the Mission has grown from a single shelter in downtown Atlanta to six facilities, which provide emergency
food and shelter, residential recovery programs and transitional housing. Atlanta Union Mission provides
emergency shelter to as many as 354 men, women and children at two separate campuses. Guests of the
shelters are provided hot showers, clean clothes, nutritious food and a safe place to sleep. Atlanta Union
Mission provides residential recovery and transitional housing programs to as many as 716 men, women and
women with children. The residential recovery program offers a six to 12-month Christian curriculum with
individual and group counseling, life skills training, work therapy and spiritual guidance. The 18-month
transitional housing program continues the healing process. Clients live in a supportive, drug-free
environment while working or pursuing further education as they transition to independent living.
2353 Bolton Road NW
Atlanta Georgia 30318 United States of America

Be Free Jail & Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Chaplain Inga Davis
(972) 247-1769
3236 Golfing Green Place
Dallas Texas 75234 United States of America

Bearing the Burden Ministries, Inc.
Categories: Correctional Officers, Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Bearing the Burden Ministries is primarily a correctional ministry and consultancy to churches and
organizations that desire to begin or improve a jail/prison/re-entry outreach as well as a pastoral care
chaplaincy ministry to those without a pastor or church.
P. O. Box 212
Brookville Ohio 45309 United States of America

Bethesda Family Ministries International
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
This ministry ministers to offenders and ex-offenders, as well as their families, in the Sacramento area.
3882 Stillman Park Cir. #19A
Sacramento California 95824 United States of America
Biblical Counseling Institute
Categories: Correctional Officers, Prison Ministry
Biblical Counseling resource for training Jail & Prison Workers that will equip them to not only bring those
incarcerated to the foot of the cross, but onward toward a Christ-centered life.
Joseph E. Propri
8146 High Street
Garrettsville Ohio 44231 United States of America

Breaking Ground Ministries
Categories: Reentry
Breaking Ground is a mission-driven not for profit organization building strong inner city communities
through self-sustaining entrepreneurial programs and services. We are a comprehensive community
development corporation focused on transforming low income individuals and their communities by offering
integrated real estate development, homeownership assistance, job training, and direct employment, along
with client-centered services
3501 West Fillmore Street
Chicago Illinois 60624 United States of America

Bridge Aftercare Ministries, Inc.
Categories: Reentry
215 LaGrange Rd
Pewee Valley Kentucky 40056 United States of America

Bridges of Canada, Inc.
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
A six-month residential aftercare and recovery program for men. Bridges of Canada Inc. exists to minister to
the total person by meeting the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental needs of prisoners, ex-convicts and
their families. The primary focus of this ministry being the reconciliation of men and women to God through
the declaration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Monty Lewis
(506) 443-9960
P.O. Box 3414 Station B
Fredericton N.B. E3A 5H2 Canada

Bridging the Gap Ministries
Categories: Family, Reentry, Victims
Deb Chachere
(903) 539-6797
P. O. Box 131747
Tyler Texas 75713-1747 United States of America
Broken Chains
Categories: Family, Reentry
Jail and Prison Outreach Recovery Classes Assistance in finding Recovery or Detox Facilities Assistance in
finding "Place to Parole to" locations Pregnancy Crisis Assistance Bible Studies by Mail New "Bunkhouse"
facility and "Education Center"
Annette Brockman
9504 FM - 1301
Iago Texas 77420 United States of America

Building the Family
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Our mission is to offer family support services based on Christian values that involves children, teenagers
and adults in programs designed to enhance the quality of life.
1426 Washington Avenue
Alton Illinois 62002 United States of America

Calvary Commission Strategic Prison Ministry
Categories: Reentry
The movement began at Teen Challenge in Tyler, Texas. There,a mission of hope began that invited parolees
into a Christian Community. Now, there are over 200 inmates in prison who have been approved to come to
the training school upon release that is located in Lindale, TX. They will have the opportunity to be trained
up in discipleship, ministry, missions, and leadership.
P. O. Box 100
Lindale Texas 75771 United States of America

Caregivers Choice
Categories: Family
This is an innovative project that connects children of incarcerated parents to quality mentoring programs.
1600 Duke St., Suite 300
Alexandria Virginia 22314 United States of America

Casa Recovery Ministry/New Starts Prison Ministry
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Rev. Ricky Thompson
(405) 420-3192
P. O. Box 19352
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73144-0352 United States of America

Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents (CCIP)
Categories: Family
CCIP provides the production of high quality documentation on the development of model services for
children of criminal offenders and their families.
(626) 449-2470
P.O. Box 41-286
Eagle Rock California 90041 United States of America

Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry
Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers (CLAIM) provides legal and educational services to
maintain the bond between imprisoned mothers and their children. CLAIM advocates for policies and
programs that benefit families of imprisoned mothers and reduce incarceration of women and girls. Will
accept collect calls from correctional facilities at: 312-675-0911
(312) 675-0912
70 East Lake Street
Suite 1120
Chicago Illinois 60601-5959 United States of America

Christ to Inmates
Categories: Prison Ministry
Rev. Perry Davis
(386) 734-4383
P. O. Box 309
Deland Florida 32721 United States of America

Christian Fellowship Enrichment
Categories: Prison Ministry
Jim Lang
(972) 283-7871
P. O. Box 700023
Dallas Texas 75370 United States of America

Christian Prison Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
CPM (or Christian Prison Ministries) is the coordinator of cooperating ministries that have been allowed to
operate a faith-based wing at the George Beto Maximum Security Prison.
Rt. Rev. Casey Miner
P. O. Box 621
Tennessee Colony Texas 75861 United States of America
Christian Restoration Services
Categories: Reentry
We help restore lives by providing ex-offenders in Minnesota with safe, affordable long-term (up to 24
months) housing – partnering to bring opportunities, resources, and positive direction to them, with the
objective of helping them re-enter society as productive and responsible citizens. CRS is the Minneapolis site
for the National Jobs for Life Network. Through this program we seek to prepare the ex-offender for the job
market by preparing them for life. CRS Jobs for Life is an intensive development program that gets into the
root causes of our self-defeating behaviors. And then we rebuild our lives on the foundation of God's Love
Marcell Garretson
7964 Brooklyn Blvd.
Suite 117
Brooklyn Center Minnesota 55445 United States of America

Christian Restorative Justice Mentors Assoc.
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Murray Batt
(281) 292-0042
P. O. Box 131412
Spring Texas 77393-1412 United States of America

Christians for Prisoners and Prisoners for Christ
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry
Christians for Prisoners and Prisoners for Christ seeks to help Christian prisoners to live out the disciplined
life of a true follower of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to have candidates be mentored and equipped for
effectively carrying out evangelical work and church planting during their “tour of duty” within the prison
3835 Burton St. SE
Grand Rapids Michigan 49546 United States of America

Christlike Ministry
Categories: Reentry
Gerry Adams
(813) 623-1099
3011 Orient Dr.
Tampa Florida 33619 United States of America

Clifford Hill Community Outreach Center, Inc.
Categories: Reentry
Male transition center that provides housing and jobs. Allowed to have one sex offender.
P.O. Box 3006
Plant City Florida 33563 United States of America

Community Recovery
Categories: Correctional Officers, Family, Reentry, Victims
Community Recovery program and other bible based and traditional support groups that offered every Friday
night in the Grand Rapids area.
(616) 361-6014 Ext.
2340 Dean Lake Rd.
Grand Rapids Michigan 49505 United States of America

Compassion Christian Counseling
Categories: Reentry, Victims
Vande Derrick
(409) 832-5772
1297B Calder
Beaumont Texas 77701 United States of America

Conquest Reintegration Ministries
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Welcome to Conquest Reintegration Ministries (CORM). We are a Washington, D.C. ex-prisoner Christian
ministry working with the local church and area corrections officials to provide support and options to those
affected by, or at risk of being affected by the criminal justice system. We hope you enjoy browsing through
this site and learning more about our ministry. Through its Reintegration of Ex-Offenders project and its
transitioning housing center, CORM seeks to help ex-prisoners turn their lives around and avoid repeat
criminal activity. CORM also seeks to match at-risk youth, particularly those who have a parent in prison, to
loving and caring mentors who will provide the much needed support, guidance and friendship to these
youth. As you browse this site, you will find more information about our ex-prisoner ministry and about the
need to reach out to prisoners and ex-prisoners, at-risk youth and their families. If this site has blessed you,
please pray about how the Lord will use you to help reach out to ex-prisoners and at-risk youth.
7101 7th St. NW
Washington District Of Columbia 20012 United States of America

Cornerstone Baptist Jail Chaplaincy
Categories: Prison Ministry
Ron Faught
P. O. Box 93
Cave City Arkansas 72521 United States of America

Cornerstone Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry
Chaplain Al Gibbons
(972) 475-5789
P. O. Box 1672
Wylie Texas 75098-1672 United States of America

Criminal Justice & Mercy Ministry OK Methodist Conference
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Stan Basler
(405) 530-2015
1501 NW 24th St.
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73106 United States of America

Cross Prison Ministries, Inc.
Categories: Correctional Officers, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Transitional housing for females
Carole Ross
(254) 865-5163
P. O. Box 412
Gatesville Texas 76528-0412 United States of America

Cross Tabernacle Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry
We have been in prison ministry for 5 1/2 years and in 2009 we ministered to 2500 inmates. We are going
into 3 Federal Prisons, one State Prison, one Juvenile Center, Community Corrections, plus make jail visits.
We are involved in the Life Connections Mentor Program and Celebrate Recovery at the Federal Prision.
Members of the International Network of Prison Ministries and Partnered with Dream Center of Indiana a
Re-entry Program State and Federal. Chaplain John Lawson is a correctional chaplain and minister with the
Assembly of God and would like to expand to other prisons.
Chaplain John Lawson
2929 N. 7th Street
Terre Haute Indiana 47804 United States of America

Crossover USA
Categories: Prison Ministry
Gary R. Nichols
(713) 545-7991
911 Westmont
Houston Texas 77015 United States of America

Daniel A.Payne Reclamation Program
Categories: Reentry
The Daniel A. Payne Reclamation Program (DAPRP): Reclamation means “to rescue oneself and reclaim
what is yours” and this is what we are here to do. DAPRP is a faith-based non-profit organization. We were
established in response to the high rate of incarceration and recidivism among minorities, particularly
African-American men. Our mission is to reduce recidivism and strengthen the family, community and
spiritual relationships of those returning home from incarceration.
(202) 462-1360
1518 M Street NW
Washington District Of Columbia 20005 United States of America

Denver Works
Categories: Reentry
DenverWorks is a faith-based nonprofit whose mission is to empower jobseekers to fulfill their God-given
design through preparation for employment leading to self-sufficiency. For 15 years we have been providing
jobseeker workshops, job search assistance, career counseling, work attire, computer accessibility,
mentoring, and life-skills training to jobseekers with barriers to employment. We believe we serve a God of
second chances. It is our desire to be the vehicle that empowers people to find meaningful employment and
receive that second chance at becoming all that God intended them to be. As long as there are people in need,
DenverWorks will be ready to respond with hope and help.
Jenifer Reynolds
303-433-0300 x106
2828 North Speer Blvd. #201
Denver Colorado 80211 United States of America

Diocese of Beaumont Criminal Justice Ministry
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Deacon Harry Davis
(409) 838-0451
P. O. Box 3948
Beaumont Texas 77704-3948 United States of America

Diocese of Palm Beach
Categories: Prison Ministry
Sr. Betty Franscino OSF
(561) 775-9543
P. O. Box 109650
Palm Beach Gardens Florida 33410-9650 United States of America

Discipleship Unlimited
Categories: Prison Ministry
Linda Strom
P. O. Box 145
Gatesville Texas 76528 United States of America

Doing HIS Time Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Kneeling With Those Who've Stumbled' Doing HIS Time Prison Ministry serves inmates and their families
through practical, hands-on solutions to the challenges associated with incarceration and reintegration.
Services include transportation to prisons for families, Bible distribution to inmates, devotionals for inmates
and assisting inmates during the first 72-hours after release
P. O. Box 91509
Santa Barbara California 93190 United States of America

ECS Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
Alan Stoltz
(563) 585-2070
P. O. Box 1028
Dubuque Iowa 52004-1028 United States of America

Elkins Lake Baptist Church
Categories: Prison Ministry
Rev. Ken Hugghins
(936) 295-7694
206 State Highway 19
Huntsville Texas 77340-7152 United States of America

Encompassing Reentry Ministries & Outreach
Categories: Family, Reentry
John Cook
P. O. Box 851587
Mesquite Texas 75185-1587 United States of America

Encouraging Word Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
Margaret Hackler
(956) 686-7728
2401 N McColl Rd.
McAllen Texas 78501 United States of America

Epiphany Ministries of Texas
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Chuck Talbot
P. O. Box 590578
Houston Texas 77259 United States of America

Epiphany Ministry
Categories: Family
Epiphany Ministry provides small group and one-on-one follow up in juvenile prisons and promotes the
involvement of volunteers in on-going juvenile prison ministry. It offers juveniles an opportunity to change
their lives and value systems through a three-day short course in Christianity and ongoing follow-up.
P.O. Box 192
Danville Georgia 31017 United States of America

Episcopal Diocese of TX RJM
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Edwin Davis
(936) 291-3153
2003 Avenue P
Huntsville Texas 77340-5029 United States of America

Eunice Chambless Hospitality House
Categories: Family
Billy Wilson
(325) 548-2180
13378 Fm 3522
Abilene Texas 79601-8770 United States of America

Evangel Prison Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
Provides Bibles, pen pals and Bible correspondence courses for inmates (or anyone who requests them).
Nadine Daugherty
(502) 964-3304
P. O. Box 19229
Louisville Kentucky 40259 United States of America

Exodus Faith-based Reentry
Categories: Reentry
Exodus Reentry is an innovative faith-based program administrated by Urban Impact and housed at the
Marion Correctional Institution. The program aims to give prisoners a better opportunity to be successful
once they’re released from prison.
Scott Platt
(740) 382-5781
Ohio United States of America

Faith Farm Ministries
Categories: Family, Reentry
This ministry provides assistance for addicts, homeless and hurting individuals in the Boynton Beach, Fort
Lauderdale and Okeechobee Florida communities.
(561) 737-2259
9538 Highway 441
Boynton Beach Florida 33437 United States of America

Faith, Hope & Love in Christ
Categories: Prison Ministry
Faith Hope & Love in Christ, Inc., FHL, is a Central Illinois based ministry that brings the gospel of Jesus
Christ to all at-risk people of our communities. Presently, FHL, provides on-site ministries to prison inmates
throughout Illinois through our Residents Encounter Christ (REC) program.
(309) 673-6794
P. O. Box 1544
Peoria Illinois 61655-1544 United States of America

First Baptist Church "Welcome Back" Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
(936) 291-3441
1229 Avenue J.
Huntsville Texas 77340-4698 United States of America

First Baptist Dallas Prison Ministry
Categories: Correctional Officers, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Jerry Pedison
(214) 969-2421
1707 San Jacinto St.
Dallas Texas 75201 United States of America

Follow up Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Glenn L. Morrison
(510) 881-1178
P. O. Box 2514
Castro Valley California 94546-0514 United States of America
Follow Up Ministries, Inc.
Categories: Prison Ministry
Follow Up Ministries, Inc. (FUMI) is a specialized arm of the Church, supporting and complementing local
churches as they carry out the Great Commission. We are equipped with special knowledge and training that
prepares us to go where pastors and other parishioners may not be able to go into the juvenile centers, prison
yards and solitary cells where spiritual help and nurture are so desperately needed.
(510) 881-1178
P.O. Box 2514
Castro Valley California 94546 United States of America

Forever Family
Categories: Family
We focus our efforts on children with an incarcerated parent or parents and support them as they, their
parents, caregivers and extended families work to remain a family.
(404) 223-1200
691 Garibaldi St, SW
Atlanta Georgia 30310 United States of America

Fox Valley Carpenter's Place
Categories: Reentry
We offer vital services to the near homeless to assist them back from the brink of homelessness. Our goal is
to help individuals and families take control of their lives; enabling them to become active and productive
members of our community once again. We accomplish this via caring case workers and a fourteen-point
Life Recovery Plan.
(630) 870-1004
P. O. Box 766
Aurora Illinois 60507 United States of America

Free Battered Women
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Free Battered Women seeks to end the re-victimization of incarcerated survivors of domestic violence as part
of the movement for racial justice and the struggle to resist all forms of intimate partner violence against
women. Only works with women incarcerated in California.
(415) 255-7036
1540 Market St.
Suite 490
San Francisco California 94102 United States of America

Free Inside Ministries
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Free Inside Ministries, Inc. collaborates with Christian and community-oriented organizations to evangelize,
disciple, and assist in the complete recovery of individuals impacted by substance abuse and incarceration.
(727) 467-4333
11225 US Hwy 19 North
Clearwater Florida 33764 United States of America

Free Inside, Inc.
Categories: Prison Ministry
Free Inside, A Christ-centered prison ministry, brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ into prisons through the
Alpha Course, and other Christ-centered courses. Alpha provides an opportunity to explore the meaning of
life, leading to a real and growing personal relationship with Christ. We recruit, encourage and equip teams
of volunteers from local churches, in all aspects of prison ministry; with special emphasis on Alpha in
prisons. We equip ex-offenders for successful re-entry into society; encouraging involvement in a local
church and the use of all resources available to achieve that aim.
Rev. Peter Dewberry
P. O. Box 341
Glastonbury Connecticut 06033 United States of America

Freedom in Jesus Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Don Castleberry
(806) 778-3923
P. O. Box 6525
Lubbock Texas 79493-6525 United States of America

Freedom Outreach Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
Mel Gipson
(214) 325-9583
P. O. Box 180941
Dallas Texas 75218 United States of America

Friends Outside
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Friends Outside isa nonprofit community based organization that has been providing programs and service to
families and individuals involved in the criminal justice system since 1955. They believe in respect for
others; in the capacity of human beings to change; and in the importance of the family and the community in
the development of resilient, responsible and capable people.
(209) 955-0701
P.O. Box 4085
Stockton California 95204 United States of America
From the Ground Floor Up Reentry Program
Categories: Reentry
This ministry is dedicated to assisting ex-felons released from incarceration; evangelism; reintegrating
productive citizens into society and assisting to build safer and more vibrant communities.
Jean Miller
69 Calhoun Street
Battle Creek Michigan 49017 United States of America

From the Inside Out Prison Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
Correspondence courses for the incarcerated.
Chaplain Bob Durham
(417) 862-9533
P. O. Box 9691
Springfield Missouri 65801 United States of America

Fruitful Harvest Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry
Charles Sickles
(903) 885-1424
P. O. Box 1130
Sulphur Springs Texas 75483 United States of America

Gateway Community Services
Categories: Reentry
Serves the First Coast community with addictions, recovery and prevention services.
(904) 387-4661
555 Stockton Street
Jacksonville Florida 32204 United States of America

Gemeinschaft Home
Categories: Reentry
The Gemeinschaft Home has contracted with the Virginia Department of Corrections (DOC) to provide a
Transitional Therapeutic Community (TTC) Program for those persons being released from the in-prison
Therapeutic Community Programs. It provides transitional services which continue therapeutic community
principals and goals to assist candidates who have received this training prior to their arrival.
(540) 434-1690
1423 Mt Clinton Pike
Harrisonburg Virginia 22802 United States of America

God's Friend Ministries, Inc.
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Jack McClelland
(409) 988-3865
P. O. Box 5421
Beaumont Texas 77726 United States of America

Gore Community Development
Categories: Family, Reentry
The name G.O.R.E. is an appropriate acronym, which in essence, describes the organization's mission.
"Giving Others the Right to Excel". G.O.R.E Community Development Corporation, Inc. serves hundreds of
men, women, and youth throughout the United StatesThe services provided by GORE includes, but are not
limited to, foreclosure assistance, homebuyer education, pre/post purchase assistance, assisting at-risk
families, combating hunger and mentoring programs for both men and women as well as for at-risk
juveniles. GORE receives referrals for individuals for their programming through collaborations with the
County Department of Social Services, Area Mental Health, Community Organizations, School Systems,
Correctional Institutions, and Self Referrals.
2118 Breezewood Drive
Charlotte North Carolina 28262 United States of America

Grace without Borders
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
The purpose of this ministry is to bring the life transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those
who are incarcerated in correctional facilities through Life Skills classes that teach basic life skills, such as
anger resolution and financial freedom from a Biblical standpoint. Class participants who exhibit a desire to
learn through consistent class attendance may be invited to participate in the ministry’s mentoring program.
Those participants who maintain good standing in the mentoring program will be given the opportunity to be
involved in the aftercare program upon release. The aftercare program will consist of: •ongoing mentoring
for a period of one year •help in finding a supportive church •help in finding appropriate housing •help in
obtaining gainful employment
Rod Brouwer
604 S. Reynolds Road
Bryant Arkansas 72022 United States of America

GROW Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
GROW Ministries is a non profit organization dedicated to serving men and women in crisis. We are a two
fold ministry with a support group for abused women and a prison ministry which serves men and women
both while incarcerated as well as after the inmate is released. We help with the transition of the inmate back
to life on the outside with job placement, clothing, food, rides to church, Bible studies and community
service. GROW Ministries is the only faith based non profit organization in the Quad Cities that takes men
and women from incarceration to independence.
Janet Wolfe, President
309) 757-9088
2430 6th Avenue
Moline Illinois 61265 United States of America

Heartland Community Church
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Men and women's residential addiction treatment, re-entry, group homes for children
(660) 284-6212
400 New Creation Rd. North
Newark Missouri 63458 United States of America

Higher Ground Foundation
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
This ministry focuses on helping prisoners, ex-offenders and others experience a life-changing
transformation through seminars and workshops.
(616) 499-2163
2185 Eagle Blvd.
Holland Michigan 49423 United States of America

His Sufficient Grace Ministries
Categories: Correctional Officers, Prison Ministry
(425) 357-8596
2424 130th Pl Se
Everett Washington 98208-6708 United States of America

Holy Ground Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry
Johnny T. Horan
(979) 836-6328
207 N. Saeger
Brenham Texas 77833 United States of America

Hoops of Hope Basketball Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry
Hoops of Hope Basketball Ministry is dedicated to bringing the world the hope of the gospel and seeks to
impact eternity and grow God's kingdom through the platform of basketball in its different forms (shows,
camps, tournaments and exhibition games.
(719) 210-3489
6509 Many Moon Drive
Colorado Springs Colorado 80923 United States of America
Hope for Healing Ministries, Inc.
Categories: Victims
Susan Edwards
(214) 477-2610
P. O. Box 140132
Dallas Texas 75214 United States of America

Hope House of Chicago
Categories: Reentry
Transition housing for men.
3551 West Roosevelt Road
Chicago Illinois 60624 United States of America

Horizon Communities, Inc.
Categories: Prison Ministry
Ike Griffin
(407) 657-1828
P. O. Box 2547
Winter Park Florida 32790-2547 United States of America

Hospitality House
Categories: Family
Freddy Walters
(936) 291-6196
912 10th St.
Huntsville Texas 77320-3937 United States of America

Hour Children, Inc.
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Provides foster care for children of incarcerated women. Works with incarcerated mothers and their children
to strengthen family ties through parent education, enhanced visiting, transportation assistance, advocacy.
Five community residential programs for women ex-prisoners and their children.
(718) 433-4724
36-11A 12th St.
Long Island City New York 11106 United States of America

House Where Jesus Shines
Categories: Reentry
Residential aftercare
Pastor Nilsa Latimer
(254) 829-2100
18320 Gholson Rd.
Waco Texas 76705 United States of America

House Where Jesus Shines
Categories: Reentry
House Where Jesus Shines is a facility to house men after their release from prisons in the State of Texas.
Our desire is to help men transition more effectively into society and, therefore, reduce the recidivism rate.
Our mission is to provide a spiritually, emotionally, and physically safe environment for each man to reach
his full potential. Each one is assisted in finding employment to suit his qualifications and is further equipped
through practical life skills training.
18320 Gholson Rd
Waco Texas 76705 United States of America

Houston Trinity Prison Ministry
Categories: Correctional Officers, Family, Prison Ministry
Romeo Pena
(713) 906-3407
P. O. Box 1411
Sugar Land Texas 77487-1411 United States of America

Inmate Discipler Fellowship
Categories: Prison Ministry
Mark Hollis
(214) 828-5353
5351 Catron Drive
Dallas Texas 75227 United States of America

Inmate Help (Barnabas Fellowship)
Categories: Prison Ministry
Free Bible study materials (for inmates) and free information on mentoring (for ministry volunteers,
chaplains, etc.).
P. O. Box 158
Victor New York 14564 United States of America

Institutional Restorative Justice Ministries
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Charles Holybee
(918) 689-4903
P. O. Box 123
Eufaula Oklahoma 74432-0123 United States of America
International Institute of Faith Based Counseling
Categories: Correctional Officers, Prison Ministry, Victims
Debbie Marcantel
(409) 832-9060
P. O. Box 20723
Beaumont Texas 77720 United States of America

J. A. I. L. Ministry, Inc.
Categories: Correctional Officers, Family, Prison Ministry, Victims
Steve Cannon
(254) 933-8506
P. O. Box 634
Belton Texas 76513-0634 United States of America

Jail Chaplaincy Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry
Freddie Wier
(713) 569-2929
P. O.Box 30262
Houston Texas 77249-0262 United States of America

JDT Concierge Prison Express
Categories: Prison Ministry
JDT ConciergePrison Express is committed to affordable, comfortable, safe and convenient transportation in
the Central Ohio area of family and friends to visit incarcerated loved ones. We have four centralized pick-
up locations around the city of Columbus and will be expanding to locations in Cincinnati, Cleveland and
Camylle Elkins
2965 Lamb Avenue
Columbus Ohio 43219-2310 United States of America

Jericho Job Placement and Suport Services
Categories: Reentry
Jericho is a one-year job readiness and retention program that assists and supports formerly incarcerated
individuals in search of employment.
901 N. Milton Ave.
Baltimore Maryland 21205 United States of America

Jesus Inside Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Jesus Inside Prison Ministry (JIPM)is dedicated both in turning people from crime to Christ and providing
effective aftercare. Jesus House, an aftercare ministry of Jesus Inside Prison Ministry and the Indianapolis
Pastor's Gathering, is truly a place of restoration and preparation for ex-offenders who have turned to Christ
and are being released from incarceration. Men who have confessed Christ while in prison can make
application to enter the JIPM aftercare program based at the Jesus House. Those who are accepted: •Are
discipled in the Word; •Are given responsibilities •Have a street address; •Have a telephone number; •Have
access to resources for finding employment; and •Receive counseling from the Jesus House ministry team.
William Bumphus
P. O. Box 88489
Indianapolis Indiana 46208 United States of America

Joy Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry
Ura White
(281) 253-8342
P. O. Box 7324
Spring Texas 77387-7324 United States of America

Jubilee Ministries
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
This ministry strives to demonstrate the love of God to the economically disadvantaged by helping to meet
their physical, emotional, and material needs regardless of race, color, creed, age, or gender. Jubilee also
provides Christian discipleship to those incarcerated or in after-care programs who are committed to seeking
reconciliation with God and establishing a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and
235 South 12th Street
Lebanon Pennsylvania 17042 United States of America

Judah House
Categories: Reentry
Transitional housing for women. Access to Career Training (ACTS). We will provide a safe, sober,
environment for women who have suffered from addiction life styles.
Corendis Dawson-Bonner
84 Vine Street
Hartford Connecticut 06112 United States of America

JUST of DuPage
Categories: Prison Ministry
JUST of DuPage shares God's love and supports the spiritual journeys of inmates of the DuPage County Jail
by providing chaplaincy, educational programs, addiction recovery, increased employability, and social
service/counseling in order that inmates may make positive changes in their lives. Through a variety of
activities and classes the ministry works to bring hope and healing to the lives of people incarcerated. JUST
stands for Justice, Understanding, Serving, and Teaching. Its services are defined through five program
areas: chaplaincy, educational programs, addiction recovery, increased employability, and social
service/counseling. Along with eight staff and over 100 volunteers, JUST provides thousands of hours of
rehabilitation services. In one recent quarter alone, volunteers and staff provided over 19,000 service hours.
Annie Rose
(630) 407-2201
P. O. Box 1253
Wheaton Illinois 60187 United States of America

Justice & Mercy
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Justice & Mercy is a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to decreasing the effects of crime in our
communities, increasing public safety, and ministering to and restoring both crime victims and offenders.
These goals are achieved by educating and informing the public at large, advocating cost-effective and
practical reforms within the criminal justice system and by supporting and encouraging wise public policy.
P.O. Box 223
Shillington Pennsylvania 19607 United States of America

Justice Ministries/Prison Evangelism Outreach
Categories: Prison Ministry
Sid Taylor
(843) 558-2350
P. O. Box 3353
Pawleys Island South Carolina 29585-3353 United States of America

Koinonia House of Wheaton
Categories: Reentry
(630) 462-8070
P.O. Box 1415
Wheaton Illinois 60189-1415 United States of America

Lazarus House
Categories: Family, Reentry, Victims
Lazarus House is a not-for-profit Emergency Shelter and Center for Transitional Living, providing
hospitality, food, safe shelter, and support services to men, women and children who are homeless or in
need. They serve mid and rural western Kane County. In addition, Lazarus House provides case management
and advocacy as well as a number of educational opportunities to homeless and at-risk individuals either in
the shelter or in the community.
(630) 587-2144
214 Walnut Street
St. Charles Illinois 60174 United States of America

Letters for the Lord
Categories: Prison Ministry
Linda Odell
P. O. Box 593
Harrah Oklahoma 73045-0593 United States of America

Liberty Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Provides transitional housing for men; prison ministries throughout the state.
P.O. Box 87
Schwenksville Pennsylvania 19473 United States of America

Lifespring Ministry
Categories: Family, Reentry
Transitional housing and assistance for women and children; a division of Wayside Cross Ministries.
Linda McCann Dorsch
(630) 851-0187 x11
517 College Ave.
Aurora Illinois 60505 United States of America

Light for New Life Min Inc.
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry
Rev. Don Domeracki
(817) 516-0406
P. O. Box 170501
Arlington Texas 76003-0501 United States of America

LOOPS (Loved Ones of Prisoners)
Categories: Correctional Officers, Family, Prison Ministry
Leland and Linda Maples
(432) 580-5667
P. O. Box 14953
Odessa Texas 79768-4953 United States of America

Loudoun Aftercare Program
Categories: Reentry
Loudoun Aftercare Program (LAP) is a consortium of churches in Loudoun County, Virginia dedicated to
working with those coming out of prison or jail, pairing them with a mentor who will offer friendship;
provide a role model; assist in the preparation for returning to the community; provide assistance in finding
needed services; and offer support in the process of planning for the future.
44180 Riverside Parkway
Lansdowne Virginia 20176 United States of America

Low Country Civic Justice Core
Categories: Reentry
With an emphasis on education, service and accountability the Lowcountry Civic Justice Corps offers
inmates from the SC Department of Corrections training in the, now booming, “Green” building trade and all
areas of carpentry as well as courses in financial literacy, computer literacy and GED preparation; all with
the added support of a mentor. The goal of the LCJC is to equip program participants with the diverse skills
needed to successfully and productively transition from prison back into modern society, thereby reducing
the rate of recidivism in our community.
1895 Avenue F
North Charleston South Carolina 29405 United States of America

Lower Lights Ministries
Categories: Family, Reentry
Lower Lights Ministries achieves its mission and vision by producing outcomes in the following goal areas:
Providing comprehensive family mentoring that assists individuals in developing their potential within a
healthy family context Revitalizing housing stock that promotes homeownership and increases community
pride Advocating for those who suffer injustice and are victimized by systemic evil by engaging
policymakers Encouraging reconciliation by increasing the interpersonal skills of individuals throughout the
community Assisting individuals attain academic success through relational tutoring Promoting financial
self-sufficiency through job placement and retention coaching, and economic literacy Organizing community
resources and making them accessible to those who cannot otherwise attain them Engaging local
congregations in urban ministry by offering opportunities to collaborate in our ministry
1006 Bellows Avenue
Columbus Ohio 43223 United States of America

Lutheran Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Chaplain Allen Hanson
(660) 463-7596
P. O. Box 168
Concordia Missouri 64020-0168 United States of America

Manasseh Ministries
Categories: Reentry
Chaplain Muriel Roger
(903) 852-4402
P. O. Box 202
Ben Wheeler Texas 75754 United States of America

Men of Valor
Categories: Prison Ministry
A ministry of hope; a ministry reconciling men to God, their families and society. Men of Valor is
committed to winning men in prison to Jesus Christ and discipling them. Our purpose is to equip them to re-
enter society as men of integrity--becoming givers to the community rather than takers.
(615) 399-9111
1420 Donelson Pike
Suite B-6
Nashville Tennessee 37217 United States of America

Men of Valor Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
Men of Valor is committed to winning men in prison to Jesus Christ and discipling them. Our purpose is to
equip them to re-enter society as men of integrity--becoming givers to the community rather than takers.
Men of Valor works in two prisons- CCA Prison and Charles Bass Correctional Complex.
(615) 399-9111
1420 Donelson Pike
Suite B-6
Nashville Tennessee 37217 United States of America

MentorCare Ministries
Categories: Reentry
MentorCare's mission is to serve the needs of ex-offenders and aftercare centers, working to integrate men
and women back into society. MentorCare’s aftercare program for single women is intensive and
transformational. Through close care and counseling, the women will work through their issues, find
respectable employment and work toward living successfully on their own. We will offer classes on issues
ranging from Christian basics and Bible study, practical steps on employment and goal setting, parenting and
a Christian 12-step program. Transitional housing for men in Fort Worth.
John Leonardson
(817) 688.4044
1808 Chattanooga Dr.
Bedrord Texas 76022 United States of America

Mercy Heart
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Mercy Heart assists families and children of inmates through and beyond the transitions of incarceration
toward mental, emotional, material and spiritual well-being through Chapel Programs in the local church
(MAT 9:36). Mercy Heart is a place where parents, spouses and children are taught how to deal with feelings
of hopelessness, guilt, defeat and discouragement. They can make the adjustment to incarceration in a safe,
family-friendly environment. Mercy Heart is also a place where the ex-offender can successfully navigate re-
entry back into their community; where he or she can reconnect with family through counseling and other
community-based resources.
Roger W. Hollar
P. O Box 163783
Fort Worth Texas 76161 United States of America

Mike Hooker Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Mike & Charlotte Hooker
(903) 796-5297
P. O. Box 143
Queen City Texas 75572-0143 United States of America

Ministries 101
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Ministries 101 is charged with managing evidence-based in-prison residential communities designed to help
men and women transition from prison to community through strategic partnerships combining pre-release
re-entry programs with integrated post-release aftercare. Currently, M101 is the administrative/managing
partner for community collaboratives working with offender populations in three Christ-centered, evidence-
based dorms at the Dawson State Jail in Downtown Dallas. In conjunction with our community partners,
M101 is committed to successfully prepare and transition our clients from the prison environment to the
community. Our philosophy is based on 5 “C’s”... Community, Collaboration, Connection, Continuum of
Care, and Credibility.
Stek Stek
P. O. Box 720118
Dallas Texas 75372 United States of America

Miracles Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry
This ministry offers reading materials and a year-long Spiritual Recovery Correspondence Course for those
in need of a more structured program. They also offer in-prison spiritual training classes for the incarcerated.
(608) 253-9598
501 E. Adams
Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin 53965 United States of America

Mission Gate Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
This ministry focuses on evangelism, discipleship and transitional assistance for individuals currently
incarcerated and recently released from incarceration.
(636) 391-8560
P. O. Box 6644
Chesterfield Missouri 63006 United States of America

Missionary Evangelism to corrections
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
MEC is a non-denominational evangelical ministry that provides worship services, Bible studies, individual
Christian counseling, and outreach activities through the efforts of a variety of different "Bible believing"
local church groups and dedicated volunteers. We minister to males, females, adults and juveniles.We have
established a relationship with the correctional systems (jails) in Anoka, Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington,
and Scott Counties, along with some private jails. In these facilities we provide w Before release we try to
direct them into a local church.
Saul Selby
P. O. Box 542
Wyoming Minnesota 55092 United States of America

More Than Conquerors
Categories: Prison Ministry
Kelley Purselley
(817) 343-0492
P. O. Box 210936
Bedford Texas 76095 United States of America

Morning Star Jail/Prison Ministry
Categories: Correctional Officers, Family, Prison Ministry, Victims
Rev. Robert L. Buchanan
2251 El Paso
Grand Prairie Texas 75051 United States of America

Mothers Against Methamphetamine
Categories: Family
(256) 498-6262
P. O. Box 8
Arab Alabama 35016-0008 United States of America

My Brother's Keeper of Genesee County
Categories: Reentry
My Brother's Keeper of Genesee County cares for hundreds of homeless men who might otherwise weather a
dangerous night alone. Exhausted, many homeless men spend so much time worrying about the basics of
survival that they can’t find a way out of their own homelessness. My Brother's Keeper assists
unaccompanied adult men experiencing homelessness in the Genesee County area by: Providing safe
emergency shelter and meeting basic needs; Addressing barriers of homelessness and self-sufficiency;
Helping guests obtain and maintain more appropriate housing
Patrick McNeal
101 N. Grand Traverse
Flint Michigan 48503 United States of America

Narrow Path Prison Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
Rev. Gordon Coppersmith
240 E 4th St.
Emporium Pennsylvania 15834 United States of America

National Women's Prison Project
Categories: Reentry
NWPP MISSION is to provide comprehension, holistic reentry / survival skills and services to women both
inside or released from correctional facilities while embracing them with a high level of dignity and respect
to fully and successfully engage in life. NWPP Goal to provide women with assistance and supportive
networking resources for a smooth transition and successful reintegration back into their families and the
community. All services are individually based, and NWPP is small enough to provide the one-on-one
experience women are seeking. Pre-release classes include: Goal setting, soft skills training, job readiness,
anger management and parenting. Once released, an individualized “Plan of Success” is created for each
woman to achieve the basics - housing, employment, substance treatment referrals as needed and
reunification with her family.
1701 Madison Avenue
3rd Floor,Suite 5
Baltimore Maryland 21217 United States of America

Nehemiah House
Categories: Family, Reentry
Nehemiah House is the only facility in Baltimore County, MD, dedicated to aiding adult homeless men. Our
facility has 33 emergency and 18 transitional beds, as well as many programs to aid the adult homeless male.
We have been in operation since January 1991. At Nehemiah House we try to identify and address the
problem that caused homelessness in the resident. To avoid being a "revolving door" type program, our help
is aimed at giving willing men the tools necessary to bring an end to their situation. Upon completion of the
program, assistance is given to the resident as he is getting established back into society.
8720 Philadelphia
Baltimore Maryland 21237 United States of America

Network for Life of Austin, Inc.
Categories: Reentry
Cheryl R. Selby
(512) 419-0770
P. O. Box 180925
Austin Texas 78719 United States of America

New Awakenings
Categories: Reentry
Bryan Boyd
(903) 654-0003
203 W 2nd Ave
Suite B
Corsicana Texas 75110 United States of America

New Beginnings for Women
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Karen Lafina Alo
(585) 746-7730
1350 Five Mile Line Rd.
Penfield New York 14526 United States of America

New Beginnings/TAX Bryan & College Station
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Transitional housing for females
Pat Howard
(979) 219-0671
P. O. Box 3785
Bryan Texas 77805 United States of America

New Creations Community Outreach
Categories: Reentry
New Creations Community Outreach is committed to becoming a global leader in the effort to transform the
lives of disadvantaged individuals and families, especially prisoners, ex-prisoners in transition, and their
families, by encouraging, training, and supporting local churches in more effective ministry efforts.
(313) 875-3883
P. O. Box 02938
Detroit Michigan 48202 United States of America

New Creations Ministries, Inc.
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry
MCM ministers to the spiritual needs of inmates and "at-risk" adolescents through Bible studies and small
group ministries.
(616) 475-5787
1260 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids Michigan 49508 United States of America

New Directions, Inc.
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
New Directions, Inc. is designed to train and send volunteers into prisons, jails, youth offender facilities and
other agencies to preach, teach topical studies, offer music events, mentor and work with the children of
incarcerated parents. We ship Bibles and Christian materials to chaplains and request people and church
groups to donate materials to sort and ship. Our Pen Pal program writes to inmates to help them grown in
their relationship to the Lord.Post release issues are addressed for those returning from incarceration.
202 South Creyts Rd.
Lansing 48917 United States of America

New England Aftercare Ministries
Categories: Reentry
The primary program of New England Aftercare Ministries, Inc. (NEAM), is the Bridge House, which was
incorporated in 1984 to reduce recidivism in the criminal justice system. We provide aftercare, primarily to
ex-offenders and individuals with substance abuse or addiction issues. This includes but is not limited to
alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and gambling. We opened our doors in 1987 and now assist up to thirty-three
residents at a time in their recovery from substance abuse and addiction.
18-20 Summit Street
Framingham Massachusetts 01702 United States of America

New England Prison Ministries
Categories: Reentry
New England Prison Ministries aims to help released prisoners stay out of jail by welcoming every released
inmate into the community with a place to live, a connection with a church, and other services. They provide
teaching, preaching, and mentoring inside and out of New England jails and prisons for current or former
prisoners as well as support for chaplains.
(978) 458-1721
PO Box 1785
Lowell Massachusetts 01853 United States of America

New Life Behavior Ministries
Categories: Correctional Officers, Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Buck Griffith
(361) 855-3372
3833 S. Staples
Suite S-101
Corpus Christi Texas 78472-2188 United States of America

New Life Spirit Recovery Treatment Center
Categories: Family, Reentry
Offers Christian recovery programs and substance abuse workshops in the Huntington Beach area.
18652 Florida Street, Suite 245
Huntington Beach California 94648 United States of America

New Song Ministries
Categories: Reentry
New Song Ministries is a faith-based, not for profit 501c3 corporation that has been serving the community
since 1992, helping persons make a successful transition upon returning from our jails and prisons. New
Song actively serves needful people who are ex-offenders–along with their families–to meet the challenges
of re-entering the community and to foster personal growth and development in strengthening the family and
(262) 818-2396
3116 75th Street
Kenosha Wisconsin 53142 United States of America

Newgate Connection
Categories: Family
Wesley Stevens
(281) 452-2352
P. O. Box 96333
Houston Texas 77213-9633 United States of America

North Carolina ECS Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry
North Carolina ECS Prison Ministry provides ECS Ministries Bible courses completely free of charge to
inmates in North Carolina. Simply send them?the complete name and facility address to enroll into course
7100 Harps Mill Rd
Raleigh North Carolina 627615-532 United States of America

Northlands Rescue Mission
Categories: Reentry
Northlands Rescue Mission is not a place of last resort; it’s a place of new beginnings. We’re grateful for
individuals, business and churches who help us bring transformation and restoration to the homeless and
420 Division Avenue
Grand Forks North Dakota 58201 United States of America

Offender Aid & Restoration of Arlington County (OAR)
Categories: Reentry
OAR is the leading provider of offender services in Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church, VA.
(703) 228-7030
1400 North Uhle Street
Suite 704
Arlington Virginia 22201 United States of America

Oil of Joy for Mourning
Categories: Prison Ministry
Rev. Rhonda Arias
(713) 419-1214
P. O. Box 720768
Houston Texas 77272-0768 United States of America

One Man's Treasure
Categories: Reentry
Mary Carter
(888) 433-9826
519 E 1-30
Rockwall Texas 75087 United States of America

Open Door for Teens, Inc.
Categories: Family
A fund to aid Foster Parents caring for At-Risk Teens, usually 13-18 years of age (or still in High School) in
DuPage County, IL.
P.O. Box 1244
Wheaton Illinois 60189 United States of America

Opening Doors of Ohio, Inc.
Categories: Family, Reentry
Ministering to ex offenders and their families.
(614) 543-0417
1689 Hardin Lane
Powell Ohio 43065-9646 United States of America

Operation New Hope, Inc.
Categories: Reentry
OPERATION NEW HOPE, INC. works to revitalize and sustain economically and ethnically diverse
communities in and around Jacksonville’s urban core. Operation New Hope has two primary missions: · The
Housing Division develops new homes for first-time buyers in our targeted neighborhoods. · The
Ready4Work Division assists the re-entry efforts of ex-offenders who have completed incarceration and wish
to find long-term gainful employment in the local community.
1830 N. Main Street
Jacksonville Florida 32206 United States of America

Operation Oasis
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Michael Lee
(972) 437-3801
302 Centennial Blvd.
Richardson Texas 75081-5057 United States of America

Operation Rebound Young Adults Healed
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
John W. Harrington
(409) 738-7355
801 Delaware Dr.
Bridge City Texas 77511 United States of America

Our Place, DC
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
The mission of Our Place, DC is to support women who are or have been in the criminal justice system by
providing the resources they need to maintain connections with the community, resettle after incarceration,
and reconcile with their families. Our Place helps women remain drug- and alcohol-free, obtain decent
housing and jobs, gain access to education, secure resources for their children, and maintain physical and
emotional health.
(202) 548-2400
1236 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
Washington District Of Columbia 20003 United States of America

Parents and Children Together (PACT)
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry
Rev. Suzanne Boeglin
(817) 924-7776
2836 Hemphill St.
Fort Worth Texas 76110-3214 United States of America

Pastor Dave's Prison Ministry
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Dave Umfreville
(716) 867-6737
5140 Main St.
Suite 303-139
Williamsville New York 14221 United States of America

Peace Officers/Jail Chaplains Association
Categories: Correctional Officers, Prison Ministry
POJCA provides chaplain services for the Cass County, ND Sheriff’s Department and Cass County Jail.
Curt Frankhauser
(701) 478-5777
P.O. Box 6444
Fargo North Dakota 58109 United States of America

Philadelphia Alive Center for Transformation (PACT)
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Philadelphia Alive Center for Transformation (PACT) is a ministry that assists prisoners experience personal
transformation in every area of their lives. We begin with your spiritual development, followed by family
and employment assistance concerns and finally small business development. 'PACT' covenants with all
participants to enable transformation beginning inside the prison through to your release and return home.
(866) 687-7228
P.O. Box 49178
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19141 United States of America

Prayer Life Seminars, Inc.
Categories: Prison Ministry
Hugh White
(361) 993-7651
630 Meadowbrook Drive
Corpus Christi Texas 78412-3019 United States of America

Preaching the Cross Ministries
Categories: Correctional Officers, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Bobby Griffith
(936) 326-4556
P. O. Box 633741
Nacogdoches Texas 75963-3741 United States of America

Prison Aftercare Network
Categories: Reentry
A network of Christian ministries and organizations providing resources and information to reduce
P.O. Box 18646
Milwaukee Wisconsin 53218 United States of America

Prison Congregation of America, Inc.
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Dedicated to establishing mainline congregations in the prison systems of every state in the United States. A
ministry formed by the vision of pastors, prison officials, ex-offenders, family members and concerned
citizens from varied denominations. A concept which has proven worth and viability as evidenced by
existing prison congregations in 10 states.
Ed Nesselhuf
(605) 624-8330
P. O. Box 415
Vermillion South Dakota 57069-0415 United States of America

Prison Congregations of America (PCA)
Categories: Prison Ministry
PCA is the catalyst that assists denominations to develop congregations within state prison systems. The
PCA model is built on the conviction that a partnership is formed between the inmate congregation and the
church in the larger community. This model places responsibility, ownership, initiative, and trust in the
members of the congregation to carry on ministry within the institution.
(605) 990-8330
P.O. Box 1132
Mitchell South Dakota 57301 United States of America

Prison Entrepreneurship Program
Categories: Reentry
PEP recruits volunteer senior business executives who provide training, mentoring and support to prison
P.O. Box 926274
Houston Texas 77292-6274 United States of America

Prison Fellowship Michigan
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
(616) 855-0039
P. O. Box 3323
Grand Rapids Michigan 49501 United States of America

Prison Lighthouse
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Rev. Reagan Beauchamp
(605) 363-3784
45794 266th St.
Humboldt South Dakota 57035-6815 United States of America

Prison to Purpose Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
Prison to Purpose™ provides further training of individuals who had been released from the PAL™ program
at the Arkansas McPherson Unit. The Principles & Application for Life™ program (PAL) is a 12-week,
voluntary, faith-based program in the Arkansas McPherson Unit. The program familiarizes the inmate with
Biblical principles that prompt personal responsibility, integrity and accountability in all areas of life.
P. O. Box 158
Patterson Arkansas 72123 United States of America

Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry
Greg Von Tobel
(425) 483-4151
P. O. Box 1530
Woodville Washington 98072 United States of America

Prisoners of Christ
Categories: Reentry
Residential aftercare for men.
(904) 358-8866
P. O. Box 28159
Jacksonville Florida 3226-8159 United States of America

Ready 4 Work
Categories: Reentry
Is an offender re-entry workforce development program in the Jacksonville, FL area.
(904) 425-6001
1830 N. Main Street
Jacksonville Florida 32206 United States of America

Real Word Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
We are a church inside of the State Prisons of Texas; teaching and holding revivals. We serve as Mentors for
both men and women inside and outside of the Prison Walls. We work closely with men and women in
Prison; providing encouragement and working with them to avoid returning to prison.
Thomasine Pickens
P. O. Box 761722
San Antonio Texas 78245-1722 United States of America

Redeemed Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
Betty G. Oates
(940) 644-5237
P. O. Box 891
Chico Texas 76431-0891 United States of America

Reentry Aftercare
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Teams of 3-7 caring persons covenant with a released inmate for up to a year to help that persons make a
smooth and sure transition back into society. Reentry Aftercare is a ministry of The Church of the Damascus
road "The Inmates' Congregation" at North Central Correctional Facility, Rockwell City, and Fort Dodge
Correctional Facility, Fort Dodge, IA.
Rev. Paul Stone
P. O. Box 834
Fort Dodge Iowa 50501-0834 United States of America

Reentry Jail and Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
ReEntry Jail and Prison Ministry is a San Diego based ministry dedicated to helping those who are ex-
offenders. The primary purpose of this site is to offer a directory of resource information to chaplains and jail
ministers who assist and disciple ex-offenders.
(619) 482-7258
P. O. Box 620
Chula Vista California 91912 United States of America

Regional CJM Center of S Texas
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Gene Woodard
(361) 358-9699
P. O. Box 4056
Beeville Texas 78104 United States of America

Released and Restored
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Ruth Karlsson
(402) 821-2401
2134 State Highway 41
Wilber Nebraska 68465-2596 United States of America

Repairing the Breaches Family Services
Categories: Family, Reentry
Food & Clothing Pantry; Men & Women Support Groups; Internet Job Search Services; Basic Computer
Training; GED Classes; Just For Me Sober House for women; Transitional house for men; Job Readiness
Program; Faith-based Counseling for individuals and families; Peer -to- Peer Mentoring; Case Management;
Notary Public
860- 832-8842
323 W. Main Street
New Britain Connecticut 06052 United States of America

Restorative Christian Outreach Ministries
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Mark Bailey
(512) 926-2431
7506 Ed Bluestein Blvd.
Austin Texas 78723 United States of America

Restored to Christ
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Harold Travis
(281) 488-5110
14147 Ivy Bluff Ct.
Houston Texas 77062 United States of America

Rising Hope, Inc.
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Rising Hope, Inc., provides educational programs for men in prison in order to awaken them to their innate
potential to learn and grow intellectually, psychologically, spiritually, morally, socially, and vocationally,
and to equip them to work effectively for the benefit of themselves, their families, and others
P. O. Box 906
Croton Falls New York 10519 United States of America

Ritas Ministry
Categories: Family, Reentry
Restoring Inmates To America's Society provides transitional assistance to ex offenders and their families.
Rick and Linda Martin
*630) 966-0252

P. O. Box 248
Aurora Illinois 60507 United States of America

ROD Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Dale Truitt
(214) 827-8555
P. O. Box 710385
Dallas Texas 75371-0385 United States of America

Ruff Edge Ministries
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Rev. Frank Brickman
(336) 841-5869
231 Northpoint Ave #K
High Point North Carolina 27262-1018 United States of America

Safer Foundation
Categories: Reentry
The Safer Foundation helps formerly incarcerated individuals re-enter their communities. Safer has been
working for more than 30 years to reduce recidivism by helping people with records obtain employment and
social services.
(312) 922-2200
571 W. Jackson
Chicago Illinois 60661 United States of America

Sally's House
Categories: Reentry
Provides transitional housing for women coming out of prison or drug addictions in the Houston, Texas area.
(713) 223-8889
1717 Congress
Houston Texas 77002 United States of America

Scotland Congregational Church
Categories: Reentry
Rev. Petter Barclay
(508) 697-7402
1000 Pleasant St.
Bridgewater Massachusetts 02324-2211 United States of America

Servants of Christ Prison Ministry
Categories: Correctional Officers, Family, Prison Ministry, Victims
Sibble Knight
(281) 449-2703
P. O. Box 111275
Houston Texas 77293-0275 United States of America

Set Free Indeed Empowerment
Categories: Reentry
Our Vision . . . Is to embrace the under-served female ex-offender transitioning into the community by
providing Housing, Education, Entrepreneurship Training and Career Development. These services will
serve to promote, empower and support each woman's independence and personal growth.
7720 Big Buck Drive
Windsor Mill Maryland 21244 United States of America

Set My Way Free
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Dean Campbell
(904) 673-1165
P. O. Box 415
Jacksonville Florida 32201 United States of America

Set Them Free Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry
It all started when God placed a burden on the founder of the organization's heart to reach out to women who
are incarcerated and feeling hopeless. During the course of their first year in this mission field, a program
titled, 'Untying the Lies That Bind Us.' was developed. Today, Set Them Free Ministries continues to go
through any door that God opens from church events to shelters, jails and juvenile centers.
(972) 345-3579
P. O. Box 98
Sherman Texas 75091 United States of America

Sharing Hope Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Our mission:To help women who are incarcerated or in recovery in overcoming their destructive behavior by
sharing God's love and hope through the teaching of His Word and by teaching life skills. To provide
aftercare for the women who are released from incarceration and are returning to our communities by
establishing a transitional home to provide support through trained Christian volunteers who will provide
mentoring and assistance with the transition into a productive life outside of prison.
806- 358-7803
P.O. Box 19985
Amarillo Texas United States of America

Shepherd's Inn Gaspard Center
Categories: Family
Mary Green
(409) 898-8797
P. O. Box 20618
Beaumont Texas 77703-4921 United States of America

Skills For Life, Inc.
Categories: Prison Ministry
Skills For Life is a prison ministry dedicated to providing inmates with the communication tools they need to
live lives of excellence upon release from prison. Further, to use these tools while incarcerated so as to
change the culture in prison. Finally, to raise awareness and foster involvement of the public to bring about
the necessary changes.
James L. Arnold
(281) 733-1223
P. O. Box 38553
Suite 113
Houston Texas 77238 United States of America

Soteria Community Development
Categories: Family, Reentry
Soteria Community Development Corporation provides goods and services to low income individuals and
families in Greenville County and upstate South Carolina. The primary purpose of the organization is to
empower individuals and families to be self-sufficient and sustaining. Soteria also offers transitional housing
and support for men and women whose lives have been impacted by crime. Additionally, Soteria CDC is
committed to empowering and assisting individuals to reach their full potential through planning skills, goal
setting, positive decision making, and an overall responsible lifestyle through its vital services to the upstate
864-281-1520 x1100
80 Byrdland Drive
Greenville South Carolina 29607 United States of America

South Jersey Aftercare
Categories: Reentry
South Jersey Aftercare serves individuals who have been released from prison or will soon be released. SJA
provides Christ-centered aftercare services to ex-offenders. SJA's growing servant base comes from
numerous local churches of varying denominations throughout southern New Jersey & Philadelphia.
622 Carl Miller Blvd.
Camden New Jersey 08104 United States of America

Spectrum Resources
Categories: Reentry
The ultimate goal of the Spectrum Resources Ex-Offender Re-entry Project is to strengthen community
support and advance reentry services that improve opportunities for and restore the citizenship of offenders
and their families to become and remain self-sufficient following release from incarceration. Spectrum
Resources is operating one of the leading Prisoner Reentry Initiatives in the United States. Servicing the
needs of the community and assisting returning offenders in developing and implementing their Critical
Path® towards Continued Quality Improvement.
1700 Keosauqua Way
Des Moines Iowa 50311 United States of America

Spirit Key ministry
Categories: Reentry
A faith based reentry program for ex-offenders; housing provided for men for transition from prison to
private citizen.
(281) 813-0093
13617 Kaltenbrun Rd.
Houston Texas 77086 United States of America

St. Francis Anglican Church
Categories: Correctional Officers, Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Fr. William Conner
(972) 900-7298
P. O. Box 140182
Dallas Texas 75201 United States of America

St. Leonard's Ministries
Categories: Reentry
Provides counseling services in the following areas: addictions, life and coping skills, job, and family
counseling as well as aftercare, mentoring and housing assistance. St. Leonard’s Ministries provides
comprehensive residential, case management, and employment services for those released from prison
without resources needed to rebuild their lives. Grace House (women) and St. Leonard's House (men)
provides transitional placement for ex offenders.
(312) 738-1414
2100 W. Warren Blvd.
Chicago Illinois 60612 United States of America

T.H.U.G. Ministris
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
T.H.U.G. (Through His Undying Grace) Ministries is a non-profit organization that trains ex-offenders, ex-
thugs, and everyday people for ministry. While this ministry has 30 mentors involved in one-on-one ministry
at Idaho Maximum Security Institution, T.H.U.G. also is involved in mentoring troubled teenagers. We are
also training women for mentorship at Idaho's women facilities.
3313 W. Cherry Lane
PMB 243
Meridian Idaho 83642 United States of America

Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Corrine Hansen
(325) 676-5741
26567 Rountree Dr.
Abilene Texas 79601-2034 United States of America

TDCJ Chaplaincy Operations
Categories: Prison Ministry
Bill Pierce
(936) 437-4975
1060 Hwy 190E
Huntsville Texas 77340 United States of America

TDCJ Victim Services
Categories: Victims
Jim Brazzil
(936) 437-4941
P. O. Box 949
Huntsville Texas 77432 United States of America

Texas Baptist Men
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Victims
Don Gibson
(214) 828-5353
5351 Catron Drive
Dallas Texas 75227-9927 United States of America

Texas HOPE Literacy, Inc.
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry
Lucy Smith
(817) 282-9489
P. O. Box 905
Hurst Texas 76053-0905 United States of America

Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative
Categories: Reentry
The mission of T.O.R.I. is to guide and empower ex-offenders to maximize their potential and increase their
opportunities for successful reintegration into society therefore, decreasing recidivism and assisting clients to
become productive citizens.
(817) 535-3113
2600 N. Edgewood Terrace
Fort Worth Texas 76103 United States of America

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew
Categories: Prison Ministry
Oliver Osborn
(979) 297-6217
P. O. Box 537
Lake Jackson Texas 77566-0537 United States of America

The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute
Categories: Victims
Dr. Michael Haynes
(254) 231-4334
P. O. Box 5253
Temple Texas 76502 United States of America

The Foundry
Categories: Reentry
Our Mission: To restore hope and rebuild the lives of the addict, the ex-inmate and the homeless through
Christ-centered recovery. Our Vision: To be the leader in Christ-centered recovery, permanently
transforming lives.
P. O. Box 824
Bessemer Alabama 35021 United States of America

The Gilead House
Categories: Reentry
A free outreach program for chemically addicted women and their children.
(765) 865-9427
4073 S. Webster
Kokomo Indiana 46902 United States of America

The Gospel House Prison Ministry
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
The Gospel House Prison Ministry directly provides worship services, pen-pals ministry, re-entry resources,
temporary food assistance, and Christmas gifts for children in the name of their incarcerated parents. We also
serve meals and distribute thousands of garments to homeless men and women on the city streets of
Cleveland. The ministry has developed into a statewide effort, reaching all 32 of Ohio’s prisons and dozens
of county jails and juvenile detention facilities across the state.
Gary Koly, Prison Chaplain
14707 Alexander Road
Walton Hills Ohio 44146 United States of America

The Old Time Religion Hour, Inc.
Categories: Prison Ministry
Rev. George Lupo
(936) 293-8000
P. O. Box 1225
Huntsville Texas 73342 United States of America

The Osborne Association-New York City
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
Offers prison, reentry and family services, including parenting education, counseling, children's centers, a
Family Resource Center, support and toll-free information hot line for NYS prison families, services for
incarcerated mothers and children at Albion Prison, services for people whose mental health has been
affected by incarceration, and HIV counseling and testing. Also offers employment and training services,
court services and prevention and treatment services (both in and out of prison).
(718) 707-2600
809 Westchester Avenue
Bronx New York 10455 United States of America

The Real Cost of Prisons Project
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
The Real Cost of Prisons Project seeks to broaden and deepen the organizing capacity to prison/justice
activists working to end mass incarceration. The Real Cost of Prisons Project brings together justice activists,
artists, justice policy researchers and people directly experiencing the impact of mass incarceration to create
popular education materials and other resources which explore the immediate and long-term costs of
incarceration on the individual, her/his family, community and the nation.
Lois Ahrens
5 Warfield Place
Northampton Massachusetts 01060 United States of America

The Saints Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry
The Saints Prison Ministry seeks to evangelize and disciple inmates through sports in the Northeast. Saints
athletes minister seasonally through softball, basketball, soccer and women's volleyball in Delaware, New
York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
(856) 866-9428
P. O. Box 681
Moorestown New Jersey 08057-0681 United States of America

The Salvation Army
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
James Guerra
(214) 956-6276
6500 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas Texas 75235 United States of America

The Sheepfold Texas
Categories: Family
The Sheepfold Texas provides a safe and loving environment where mothers receive daily, Christ-centered
mentoring and care. Our three-phase program prepares mothers for independent living within six months.
The program begins by establishing a normal daily routine for the family, next the mothers begin a plan to
address their specific needs and those of their children, and finally our House Managers help each resident to
establish a financial plan and explore housing and employment options. With our help, each mother
establishes a means of support for herself and her children, develops and adheres to a budget, learns
parenting skills, locates affordable housing and saves the equivalent of two month’s living expenses. After
completing our program, she is ready for independent living.
Eva Walker
P. O. Box 154137
Lufkin Texas 75915 United States of America

Trinity RJM
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Galynn Ferris
(281) 352-3913
3919 Snag Lane
Spring Texas 77388 United States of America

UMC TX Conference Criminal Justice & Mercy Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
Jack Walker
(713) 569-1076
Spring Texas 77393-1412 United States of America

United Prison Ministries International
Categories: Prison Ministry
Free Bible studies, books and Bibles to inmates.
(205) 755-4744
890 County Road 93
Verbena Alabama 36091-3664 United States of America

Victim Services Division-TDCJ
Categories: Victims
Raven Kazen
(800) 848-4284
P. O. Box 13401
Austin Texas 78711-3401 United States of America

Visions of the Cross
Categories: Reentry
Provides faith-based transitional homes for women in the Redding, CA area.
2648 El Portal
Redding California 96002 United States of America

Voice of Hope Behind the Wall
Categories: Prison Ministry
This ministry provides training and discipleship for inmates housed at Stateville Correctional Center.
Lori Wilbert
2301 S. Wolf Rd.
Hillside Illinois 60162 United States of America

Volunteers in Corrections Assemblies of God Prison/Jail Ministries
Categories: Prison Ministry
Chaplain Don Snyder
12111 Ridge Rd.
Medina New York 14103 United States of America

Walter Hoving Home
Categories: Family, Reentry
The Walter Hoving Home, a 24-hour residential spiritually-based rehabilitation center, is a non-profit
organization serving women ages 18 and over who have been involved in drug addiction, alcoholism,
prostitution and other life-controlling problems. The 12-month program is geared to rebuilding broken lives
in an atmosphere of warmth, trust, support and love. The center has capacity for 60 women.
Box 194
Garrison New York 10524 United States of America

Walter Hoving Home
Categories: Family, Reentry
The Walter Hoving Home, a 24-hour residential spiritually-based rehabilitation center, is a non-profit
organization serving women ages 18 and over who have been involved in drug addiction, alcoholism,
prostitution and other life-controlling problems. The 12-month program is geared to rebuilding broken lives
in an atmosphere of warmth, trust, support and love. Capacity for 60 women.
127 South El Molina Avenue
Pasadena California 91101 United States of America

Walter Hoving Home
Categories: Family, Reentry
The Walter Hoving Home, a 24-hour residential spiritually-based rehabilitation center, is a non-profit
organization serving women ages 18 and over who have been involved in drug addiction, alcoholism,
prostitution and other life-controlling problems. The 12-month program is geared to rebuilding broken lives
in an atmosphere of warmth, trust, support and love.
3353 Red Rock Street
Las Vegas Nevada 89146 United States of America

Walter Hoving Home, Inc.
Categories: Reentry
Provides rehabilitation assistance for women.
(845) 424-3674
Box 194
Garrison New York 10524 United States of America

Wayside Cross Ministries
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Ministers to those marginalized by society through transitional housing, prison ministry, family support, and
spiritual nurture.
(630) 892-4239
215 East New York Street
Aurora Illinois 60505-3491 United States of America

We Care Program
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
The We Care Program answers the call of God to communicate His love to criminal offenders. They recruit,
fund, place and administer volunteers and chaplains in correctional facilities in Alabama.
(251) 368-8818
3493 Highway 21
Atmore Alabama 36502 United States of America

Welcome Home Ministries
Categories: Reentry
Welcome Home Ministries serves the greater San Diego community. It is a faith-based reentry program for
(760) 439-1351
2103 El Camino Real
Suite 105A
Oceanside California 92054 United States of America

Welcome Home Ministries
Categories: Reentry
The mission of Welcome Home Ministries is to provide holistic faith-based, peer-driven supportive services
for women in transition from incarceration into the community on an ongoing basis by renewing lives and
restoring families. Welcome Home, a recognized leader in reentry all the way to the White House and even
beyond with international interest being piqued, has not only developed numerous programs to give
individuals the opportunity to regain citizenship, return to school, acquire jobs and, most importantly, be
reunited with their children but has significantly reduced the national recidivism rate. The rate of women
returning to jail after being released nationally is 80%. The women in the Welcome Home program have a
rate of only 13% by creating a Christ-centered program offering caring services through case management,
referrals to Welcome Home community partners and a peer to peer mentoring model proven to work.
2103 El Camino Real
Suite 105A
Oceanside California 92054 United States of America

Wheless Lane Christian Brothers Restorative Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry, Victims
Robert Mitchell
(512) 926-2988
2702 Wheless Lane
Austin Texas 78723 United States of America

Wings Ministry
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry
This ministry is for family members of inmates. The goal of the Wings Ministry is to connect spouses,
caregivers, and children of inmates with the nurturing and supporting relationships of Christian people in
local churches.
2270 D Wyoming Blvd. NE #130
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87112-2620 United States of America

Women's Prison Association
Categories: Family, Prison Ministry, Reentry
WPA is a service and advocacy organization committed to helping women with criminal justice histories
realize new possibilities for themselves and their families. Our program services make it possible for women
to obtain work, housing, and health care; to rebuild their families; and to participate fully in civic life.
Through the Institute on Women & Criminal Justice, WPA pursues a rigorous policy, advocacy, and research
agenda to bring new perspectives to public debates on women and criminal justice.
(212) 674-1163
110 2nd Ave.
New York New York 10003 United States of America

Woodville Church of Christ Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry
(409) 283-5977
P. O. Box 276
Woodville Texas 75979-0276 United States of America

Worldwide Voice In The Wilderness
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Spreads the gospel through event programs in units, one on one teaching, marriage seminars in units,
substance recovery, aftercare housing and training, correspondence course.
Johnny Moffitt
(972) 234-6009
P. O. Box 740273
Dallas Texas 75374 United States of America

Write-way Prison Ministries, Inc.
Categories: Prison Ministry
(972) 840-9798
P. O. Box 461582
Garland Texas 75046-1582 United States of America

Yokefellow Prison Ministry
Categories: Prison Ministry, Reentry
Yokefellow Prison Ministry is composed of interdenominational laity and clergy who serve predominantly in
Pennsylvania. Yokefellow provides ministry to prisoners and follow-up ministry after their release.
(610) 777-2222
PO Box 223
Shillington Pennsylvania 19607 United States of America

Yokefellow Prison Ministry
Categories: Reentry
The purpose of Yokefellow Prison Ministry is to witness the Christian Faith through men and women of all
races, denominations and nationalities. That purpose is carried out in the following ways: • Serving the needs
of residents of correctional institutions. • Bridging the gap between persons confined and those on the
outside community. • Working with former inmates on home plans, trying to integrate offenders into
community life. • Promoting programs to improve correctional methods, encouraging an increased
understanding of the furlough, probation, parole work-release and half-way houses. • Praying for those who
are responsible for the policies and procedures of prison life.
1200 Almond Street
Williamsport Pennsylvania 17701 United States of America

Zoe Ministries, Inc.
Categories: Prison Ministry
Zoe Ministries, with evangelist Terry Fancher, a master guitarist and teacher of the word, travels to an
average of 80-90 prisons throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Louisiana each year,
providing music and teaching.
P. O. Box 1591
Whitehoue Texas 75791 United States of America


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