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					                   ONLINE EXCLUSIVE
                          2011• revisited                                                                   foot and 72-ct floor displays, called
                                                                                                            Huggees, which feature the full-size
                                                                                                            Sasquatch holding the products.
                                                                                                                Also, Jack Link’s Classic All-Beef
 BROWN & HALEY                                                                                              Sticks weigh 0.45 ounces and have a
                                                                                                            SRP of 2/$1. The snacks ship eight 50-ct
 ROCA MOVES INTO STANDUP BOXES                                                                              gravity feed displays per case.
 Standup boxes for Almond, Mocha and Cashew Roca                                                                Also available are 1.02-ounce
 buttercrunch candy debuted on Brown & Haley’s EXPO booth.                                                  versions that have a SRP of 99 cents.
     Ray Oviedo, western regional sales manager, said the boxes                                             They ship two 72-ct gravity feed displays
 feature a sleek look and upscale design that will replace the                                              per case and two 32-ct mason jar
 standup bags currently in distribution.                                                                    counter displays per case.
     “Roca is a premium line, and standup bags didn’t give it that                                              Also under the Classic line are 2.5-
 look,” he explained. “Now we’re showing off the quality of our                                             ounce peg bags of Tender Strips beef
 products with our packaging.”                                                                              jerky. They have a SRP of $2.99 and ship
     The individually wrapped candies are all-natural, gluten-free                                          in 24-ct cases, four six-ct clip strips per
 and kosher certified, the company said.                                                                    case and one 40-ct shipper per case.
     Five-ounce boxes have a SRP of $3.99 and ship eight per                                                    Jack Link’s Beef Jerky flavored with
 case. Shippers hold 36 boxes of Almond and Cashew Roca and                                                 Cholula Hot Sauce has been introduced.
 feature “Save $1” coupon tear-pads.                                                                        The co-branded traditional cuts come in
                                                                                                            3.25-ounce reclosable peg bags that ship
GÜD FÜD                                       have a SRP of $8.99 and ship one six-ct                       eight per case. They have a SRP of
                                              display per case.                                             $5.99.
Stuffed Marshmallows                               Phineas & Ferb characters Ferb,
Aim For Center Store                                                                                        MELVILLE CANDY CO.
                                              Agent P and Phineas are also available in
Güd Füd                                       blister packs and poly bags. Blisters hold                    Beverage-Themed
launched 2.65-                                0.87 ounces of candy and ship 12 six-ct                       Candies Debut
ounce                                         displays and three 12-ct displays per                         Gift boxes
reclosable                                    case. Counter displays hold 12 poly bags                      holding hard
peg bags                                      that come with 0.58 ounces of candy.                          candy shot
for its                                       They ship 12 per case and are also                            glasses and
grape, orange                                 available in 108-ct shippers. Both have a                     exploding candy
and strawberry fruit                          SRP of $1.50.                                                 cocktail stirrers
jelly-, and chocolate-stuffed                                                                               debuted from
marshmallows. President Keith Baskett                                                                       Melville Candy
said the company made the change                                                                            Co.
based on customer requests as a way to                                                                          Moulded to
get products in the center of stores with                                                                   resemble shot
main candy sections.                                                                                        glasses, the one-ounce hard candy cups
     The 15-ct bags have a SRP of $1.99                                                                     come in flavors including pomegranate,
and ship in 12-ct boxes.                      LINK SNACKS, INC.                                             green apple, peppermint, lemon, Cosmo
PEZ CANDY, INC.                                                                                             and Blue Hawaiian.
                                              Jack Link’s Builds On                                             The company is also introducing the
Movie, TV Characters                          Sasquatch Character                                           candy glasses in Halloween and holiday-
Featured On Dispensers                        Focusing on c-stores, Link Snacks, Inc.                       themed packaging, according to Joseph
Lord of the Rings characters will be          unveiled items under the Jack Link’s                          McTernan, sales account executive.
represented in an upcoming Pez Candy,         Sasquatch name to build brand                                     Individually wrapped, they have a
Inc. dispenser line. The limited-edition      awareness, said Peter Armstrong,                              SRP range of $1.50 to $1.75 and ship 24
collector set will feature Bilbo, Aragorn,    district manager.                                             per case. They also come in four-ct gift
Gollum, Gandalf, Gimli, Frodo, Samwise            Sasquatch Big Steak are 2.4-ounce                         sets with a SRP range of $13.99 to
and Legolas characters in one box. With       beef steak strips in Zen Teriyaki and                         $15.99.
a SRP of $21.99, they hold 3.48 ounces        Angry Original. They have a SRP of $2.99                          Cocktail stirrers come in cherry, berry
of candy and ship six per case.               and come in 38-ct shippers, and 24- and                       and green apple and are coated with
    Handy Manny dispensers feature            48-ct displays.                                               colored popping candy that “explodes”
Pat, Flicker, Dusty and Handy Manny               In Furious Hot and Happy Mild                             on contact with a liquid, McTernan said.
characters from the Disney TV show. All       varieties, Sasquatch Big Stick meat                               The stirrers are available in eight-ct,
four dispensers come in packs that            snacks weigh 2.2 ounces, have a SRP of                        two-ounce gift sets with a SRP range of
resemble toolboxes and include six rolls      $2.49 and pack in 24-ct caddies, 48-ct                        $11.99 to $13.99. The packs ship 12 per
of candy that weigh 1.74 ounces. They         penny trays that resemble Sasquatch’s                         case.

       Candy& Snack TODAY           Online Exclusive    w w w. c a n d y a n d s n a c k t o d a y. c o m
              2011• revisited                                                                                     Launching in Christmas 2011, the
                                               OLD DOMINION PEANUT CO.
                                                                                                             brand will also feature everyday
JUDSON-ATKINSON CANDIES, INC.                  Peanut Items Move Into                                        characters including Bubbs and Twig.
Extreme Sours Debut                            Peg Bags, Theater Boxes                                       Elliot said the line currently features 24
From Judson-Atkinson Candies, Inc.,            Peanut brittle from Old Dominion Peanut                                             SKUs, but there are
solid-color Extreme Sours are a new line       Co. has moved into everyday theater                                                 more than 250
of round sour chewy candies.                   boxes and Grab ‘n Go peg bags.                                                      designs in the works.
    The solid-color Sours come in apple,            “We want to emphasize that peanut                                                    Each dispenser
grape, tangerine, blueberry and cherry         brittle is not just for the holidays, and the                                         comes attached to
flavors and feature soft centers.              new packaging formats will help support                                               a backpack clip.
    Rachel A. Voltz, research and              that,” said Jeff Armbruster, vice-                                                    With a SRP of
development for Judson-Atkinson, told          president of sales and marketing.                                                     $3.99, the blister
Candy & Snack TODAY: “They have a                   The four-ounce peg bag line also                                                 packs hold 3.04
very bold sour flavor. It took a lot of work   includes Double-Dipped Peanuts, butter                                                ounces of candy
to get them perfect.”                          toffee peanuts and butter peanut crunch.                                              and ship four 10-ct
    Extreme Sours come in                      With a SRP range of                                                                  displays per case.
changemaker flow packs and have a SRP          $1.29 to $1.59, bags
range of five to 10 cents, packing in 30-      ship in 24-ct cases
pound bulk cases.                              and come on 12-ct                                             SANDERS FINE CHOCOLATES
                                               clip strips that ship
FARLEY’S & SATHERS CANDY CO., INC.             two per case, as                                              Chocolates Come In
                                               well as in new 72-ct                                          Standup Gift Boxes
Now & Later Relaunch                           peg shippers.                                                 The Pavilion
Featured At EXPO                                    Also new,                                                Collection, a line of
Reformulated Now & Later chews with            theater boxes of                                              chocolates in 3.75-
new pack styles and designs debuted            butter toffee                                                 ounce standup gift
from Farley’s & Sathers Candy Co., Inc.        peanuts, peanut                                               boxes, is new from
    “It’s a complete restage of the            crunch and double-                                            Sanders Fine
brand,” John Leonardo, senior brand            dipped peanuts are                                            Chocolates, a division
manager, told Candy & Snack TODAY.             available in 72-ct                                            of Morley Brands,
He explained the new packaging                 shippers branded                                              LLC.
features design elements taken from            with the Old                                                       The line comprises
graffiti art for an urban, modern look.        Dominion logo.                                                boxes of Snoconuts,
    “It has a fresh, contemporary,             Holding three                                                 which are dark
teenage kind of feel,” he noted, adding:       ounces, the packs                                             chocolates with
“We’re aging up to be where our target         ship 12 per case.                                             coconut cream
audience is.”                                                                                                centers; P’Nuttie
    The new Original assortment of                                                                           Delights, roasted
                                               SWEETWORKS, INC.
cherry, strawberry and blue raspberry                                                                        peanuts and caramel covered in milk
replaces cherry, grape and lime. Wild          Radz Dispensers Link                                          chocolate; Pecan Torties, roasted
Fruits packs hold watermelon, wildberry        To Online Content                                             pecans, caramel and milk chocolate; dark
and tropical punch chews.                      SweetWorks, Inc. introduced Radz candy                        chocolate peppermint patties; and milk
    Both varieties come in 2.75-ounce          dispensers, which are linked to                               chocolate coconut clusters.
count good packs, which have a SRP             interactive web-based content.                                     Diane Lynch, sales and marketing
range of 89 cents to $1.09. They ship 12           Three years ago, Todd Elliot,                             manager, said: “This line is something
24-ct displays per case and in 96-ct           president, Radz Brands LLC, sold his                          consumers can enjoy from time to time
shippers.                                      software company and went into                                on their own or give as a gift,” she said.
    Single-flavor four-piece packs have a      product design, he told Candy & Snack                         “It’s at a lower price point, and this is our
SRP of 15 cents and come in apple,             TODAY. He developed a line of                                 way of getting our products in front of
banana, watermelon, blue raspberry,            characters that dispense candy through                        other channels.”
cherry, grape, pineapple, strawberry and       the mouth and feature removable hats                               With a SRP range of $3.99 to $4.99,
tropical punch.                                and hairstyles that can be interchanged.                      they ship in 12-ct display-ready cases.
    They come in 4.48-ounce peg bags,          Launching the brand, SweetWorks has                                Also new, Deep Dish Brownies are
three-pound jars, and one-pound                added a novelty aspect with an                                oversized and pack in windowed bakery-
laydown bags.                                  interactive online component.                                 style boxes. Intended for merchandising
                                                   “It’s an added-value experience;                          within in-store bakery and frozen dessert
                                               consumers are buying not just a product,                      sets, they have a SRP range of $9.99 to
                                               but also the online experience,” Elliot                       $11.99 and come in chocolate peanut
                                               explained. “And from a retailer                               butter, chocolate fudge, and chocolate
                                               perspective, it drives collectibility, repeat                 caramel pecan varieties. They ship six
                                               purchases and increases brand identity.”                      per case. CST

       Candy& Snack TODAY            Online Exclusive    w w w. c a n d y a n d s n a c k t o d a y. c o m

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