How to improve web site traffic

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1. Expired & Related Domain Names

• If you want to start to build website and you don’t want to
  start from a scratch, you can buy expired domains that
  have high PR and have a lot backlinks.
• Or you can buy domains that related to your domain.
  Such as misspellings domains.
• You will shock how often people that misspell.

              2. Buying Text Links

• You can buy cheap links to your website. Find a website
  that related to yours and offering to pay them to put your
  link on their site.
• Or you can use text link brokers to find websites that sell
• But be careful, there is a rumor that Google penalize
  websites that buy and sell links.

              3. Tell A Friend Form

• Another way to get traffic is using tell a friend form.
• Offer a free gift to your visitors that would like to share
 your site to their friends through tell a friend form.

 4. Outsource Your Traffic Generation

• As building traffic to your website takes work and time,
  you can outsource everything about traffic generation. For
  example: write articles, blog commenting, write press
  release, create accounts social networks, etc.
• Start with small task when hire a person, if her/his work at
  an acceptable quality level, then you can give them more
• Visit this website to hire freelancer:

  5. Find Out What People Want To Hear
• If you want your site become more popular and
  respected. You have to hear people what they want.
• You should have a goals that your website can provide
  helpful information.
• You can start by spending times in forums or yahoo
  answer, etc.
• By giving people want, you will be showing them that your
  website is valuable.

           6. More Traffic
For more tips & tricks, visit my website below:

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