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					     Dartmouth College

    Short Term Disability
        Process Review

1                        November, 2010
    What is Short Term Disability (STD)

        A type of disability leave that provides for payment of
        wages during an absence from work lasting more than
        five (5) days (or the equivalent of one work week) for non-
        work related injury, illness or maternity.
       Provides pay replacement for up to 26 weeks
       100% for the first 8 weeks and 60% of base pay for the
        next 18 weeks.
       Runs concurrently with Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

       Refer to your Enrollment Information booklet or Union contract for more information
2       regarding your eligibility.
                                                                                         November, 2010
    Who is Matrix?

       Matrix Absence Management Inc.(Matrix) is
        the Short Term Disability (STD) leave
        administrator for Dartmouth College.
       Matrix is also the current administrator for
        Dartmouth’s Long Term Disability.

3                                               November, 2010
    STD Administration by Matrix

       Effective September 1, 2010, employees needing to be
        absent from work for more than five(5) due to non-work
        related injury, illness or maternity can file for Short Term
        Disability leave through Matrix.

       Applications can be completed and filed online at or over the phone at 1-(877)
        202-0055, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

4                                                         November, 2010
    How to file an STD Claim

       A claim should be filed by the employee. In a case
        where the employee is unable to file the claim,
        his/her supervisor can assist with filing the claim.
       Claims should be filed in a timely manner. A claim
        can be filed no more than 30 days prior to the
        anticipated disability leave start date.
       If you file a claim in advance but no longer need the
        planned absence or have a change in schedule,
        simply call Matrix to adjust or cancel the claim.

5                                                       November, 2010
    How to file an STD Claim (Contd.)

       You should be prepared to provide the following
        information when filing a claim.
           Name
           Address
           Phone number
           Social Security number
           Type of leave
           Manager or supervisor's name
           Expected start date of leave
           Doctor's name, phone number, and fax.

6                                                         November, 2010
    What happens after a claim is filed
    with Matrix- Employee

       Matrix will reach out to your treating medical provider
        to get a medical certification with regards to your
        STD claim.
       You will receive an intake packet from Matrix with
        information about your disability claim.
       You will receive a communication from the Benefits
        Office at Dartmouth with information about your
        FMLA leave.

7                                                        November, 2010
    What happens after a claim is filed
    with Matrix- Employee (Contd.)

       As your absence progresses, Matrix will be in touch
        with you at intervals on “as needed” basis.
       As needed, Matrix will be in touch with your treating
        medical provider for updates.

8                                                       November, 2010
    What happens after a claim is filed
    with Matrix- Supervisors/Managers

       The Benefits Coordinator at Dartmouth will send you e-mail
        notifications once a claim has been filed by a member of your
        department. The types of notification are:

       “Initial Intake”- This notifies you of the employee’s decision to
        file for STD leave, and contains the leave dates given by the
        employee when filing the claim.

       “Approval” – This contains approved dates for the employee’s
        STD leave as supported by medical documentation, and
        usually has an estimated return to work date.

9                                                                 November, 2010
     What happens after a claim is filed
     with Matrix- Supervisors/Managers

        “Update/Extension” – This e-mail will provide information
         about any revisions to the “expected return to work” date as the
         employee’s disability leave progresses.

        “Return to Work”- This notifies you of the employee’s
         approved return to work date, and will be sent three to four
         days prior to the return date.

        “Restrictions” – If the employee is returning to work with
         restrictions, this will be noted in the “Return to Work” e-mail
         and you will be required to advise the Benefits Office whether
         or not your department can accommodate the restriction(s).
10                                                                 November, 2010
     What TO DO after filing a claim-

        Coordinate with your supervisor/manager to have
         your time documented appropriately (time sheets
         etc) and sent to the STD Coordinator at the Benefits
        Ensure timely completion and return of all forms sent
         to you by Matrix.
        Contact Matrix if you have any questions regarding
         your disability claim.
        Contact the Benefits Office if you have questions
         regarding filing a claim.
11                                                      November, 2010
     What TO DO after filing a claim –
     Employee (Contd.)

        Return all claim-related forms as indicated to Matrix
         NOT Dartmouth HR office or your department.
        Avoid calling supervisors with questions regarding
         your claim as they may not have the needed
         information, always call Matrix for information
         regarding your claim.
        Ensure your “return to work notice” is sent to Matrix
         and not your department.
        Any information you receive from your treating
         medical provider should be sent to Matrix.
12                                                       November, 2010
     What TO DO after a claim has been
     filed – Supervisors/Managers

        Ensure that the employee’s time is properly
         documented (timesheets etc) and forwarded to the
         STD Coordinator at the Benefits Office. Please call
         6-3588 if you need help completing the timesheet.
        Encourage employees to coordinate ALL paper work
         with Matrix, especially “return to work” notes.
        Contact STD Coordinator at the Benefits Office with
         any questions you may have regarding the
         employee’s disability leave.

13                                                    November, 2010

        Information on Dartmouth STD
        Contact for questions
            Current claim - Matrix at 1-877- 202-0055 or
            Eligibility and others- Dartmouth Benefits Office at 603-646-

14                                                                 November, 2010

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