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									  Preview                                                                                                                                                               LG U880

Soulful & Sexy
By Kate O’Connor

Not only is the new LG U880 slimline and                  screen mode which enhances the experience of
                                                          video clips and mobile TV enormously.
sexy (words not often used in reference to
a 3g phone) but it also plays fabulous music              Screen Time
at the touch of a button.                                 If the wide screen option isn’t enough, you can
                                                          also watch video clips on the external CLI screen,
The U880 is available in three different colours;         and have those clips play when your friends ring,
each gives the product its own individual persona,        which can be pretty funny if you pick the right
in some ways, like three completely different             clips. Macho Man by the Village People could suit
models. Silver will be mainstream, black more             a lot of people I know. Both screens are very
masculine and the pink version is the first truly         impressive and while the phone may still seem a
female 3g fashion phone. Main selling points are          little wide, it is just to accommodate the large
style, slim design, full track music capabilities and     screen and excellent speakers. When I say excellent
large screen. These are in addition to other              I mean it. The speakers can pound out your music
common new network (3g) features such as video            very clearly and loudly without any crackling.
calling, streaming TV, music and video downloads.         There are different sets of earphones as well if you
                                                          are trying to avoid being noticed. Say in a uni
Music Power                                               lecture for example, it’s always preferable to not
With Hutchison Three’s bundled memory card the            let on that you are listening to your favourite
U880 can hold around four CDs worth of music and          tracks while some boring academic drones on
it is so easy to transfer from your own personal CD       about… whatever they drone on about.
collection or from the computer for free. It takes
around five minutes and involves very little mental       Touch of a Button
effort, which is a real breakthrough for non-             Music is made easier by having controls on the
techies like myself. If that is still too much trouble,   front of the phone. By pressing play twice when
then there is always Planet 3 where you can               the clamshell is shut, you can play music instantly -
download music and video clips at the touch of a          either through the speakers or the headphones.
button. These can be expensive but are available          Ease of use in a music player is something that has
spontaneously, while on the move. Also on Planet          become important in our iPod generation and LG
3 are Rage and VANDALISM, mainstream and                  passes the test. Effortless, clear, loud music of your
dance channels respectively, which offer video clips      choice whenever you want it - in a uni lecture, on
to watch 24/7. Another major advantage with the           public transport - the U880 is a breakthrough in
U880 is that there is the option to watch it in wide      music technology for LG and Three.

                                                                                     Wide screen mode makes a difference.
                                                                                     Considering this is a fashion and music
                                                                                     phone, music videos will be of interest.
                                                                                     Pictured are music videos from different
                                                                                     Hutchison Three sources;
                                                                                     1. Streaming music TV with dance
                                                                                     music channel VANDALISM
                                                                                     2. Your online play list streams songs
                                                                                                                                                               You can access the U880’s
                                                                                     and videos without having to worry
                                                                                                                                                               play lists with it open or
                                                                                     about enough storage space on the
                                                                                                                                                               closed. Specific external
                                                                                                                                                               controls makes it great for
                                                                                     3. Or downloaded clips played locally
                                                                                                                                                               music when closed.
                                                                                     on the phone. These are higher quality.


                                                                                                   As mentioned, you can stream your own      Here is the Rogue Traders clip stored as
                                                                                                   play lists online - both video and audio   part of an online list. It’s being streamed
                                                                                                   play lists.                                in screen grab 2. on the left.

20 Mobility
  Preview                                                                                                                                              LG U880

New Best Friend
By Kate O’Connor

Phone companies have begun to release                            tracks. These can then be organised into play lists
                                                                 and played like an iPod, through standard or
ranges of phones where at least one is                           deluxe headphones, or through the unit’s stereo
skewed directly towards females. The trend                       speakers, which offer impressive performance. The
seems to be that for every new range                             U880 proves that fashion and music shouldn’t be
                                                                 separated. Just look at the iPod - it is the latest
brought out featuring a silver and a black                       fashion must-have. But it can’t make phone calls
version, a pink version will also be released                    and mute when someone rings you, the U880 can.
specifically for girls.
                                                                 Look & Feel
This is the case with LG who has just released a                 The U880 is smooth and grippable, while at the
pale pink and pearly white version of the U880.                  same time being so slim it is sexy. Hutchison Three
The handset is certainly the most well thought out               are really starting to pick up their act and
fashion statement that we’ve ever seen from LG,                  introduce attractive handsets for the fashion-
who are getting on the pink bandwagon while the                  conscious, not just phones for students and geeks.
trend is still hot.                                              The U880 is like driving a big pink mustang - it
Wide ranges from most vendors is great as far as                 looks sexy, sounds awesome and you can fit
variety but it might also make it difficult to decide            whatever or whoever you like in it.
on the ‘right’ product. With the pink U880, LG and               The handset is such a girly colour; it is guaranteed
Three hope to tap into two loves - fashion and                   to get looks. As previously mentioned, the slim
music. There aren’t any serious female specific                  factor is also a major bonus point on such a
music phones, meaning the best of both worlds.                   technologically advanced handset. Due to the
Fashionable feminine aesthetics, plus being able to              U880’s thinness, it can easily compete with other
bop to hours of your favourite tunes - anywhere.                 fashion phones while still having the upper hand
                                                                 by being a music player and for being 3g.
Summer Loving
                                                                 ‘3g’ is a term that is tossed around a lot without
Music, fashion and summer are an unbeatable                      explaining the true advantages and the target
combination in terms of marketing - there is a lot               market here probably won’t care about technical
of potential to use the combination of summer                    elements of 3g. In practical terms it means music
colours, pink and white, in a slim and sexy 3g                   downloads, mobile TV, video clips and video
phone, with the U880. As a bonus the handset is                  calling. 3g can consequently offer advantages for
specifically designed for playing music, right down              younger generations, through mobile music TV
to the external music controls. This is a phone that             channels, such as Rage and VANDALISM on Three.
you could easily show off, placing it next to you                Things that you might have to pay to watch on
whilst you sip a cocktail by the pool, listening to              cable TV.
summer beats. Just looking at it conjures up
images of Miami, sand and palm trees. That is how                Impressive
summery the colours are.
                                                                 LG always makes very practical phones, with
Female First                                                     logically placed shortcut keys and easy to navigate
                                                                 menus. However this practicality has not always
Being metallic pink and pearly white in colour, the              translated into hot sexy summer fashion
target market should be quite young, around 18-                  accessories. The U880 is a great step in turning that
30 year old females. This is also the prime group to             around as it is fun, individual and so very summer.
take advantage of all the technological bonuses of               Not that it won’t be an excellent phone in winter
the phone such as the 1.3 Megapixel camera and                   as well, but there is no time like the present for a
video camera (which can rotate 180 degrees),                     pink fashion phone. LG is truly making in roads in
Bluetooth, excellent music capabilities that even                terms of phones as fashion accessories, a theme
allows videos to be played on the external CLI                   which is being recognised as reality for the market
screen. And of course, 3g capabilities, which means              at the present moment. Girls and a lot of guys are
to girls in this age group, music downloads, mobile              looking to individualise their phones and make
TV and clips, perhaps also the occasional video call             them an extension of the fashion they wear and
or message.                                                      tote around. Thumbs up to LG for recognising this
MP3 ring tones are also easy to upload onto your                 and for giving it a good shot by releasing a slim,
phone for free by using a memory card. In fact, this             fashion phone which also contains excellent music
phone is supplied a memory card as part of Three’s               and 3g capabilities. The U880 is truly the whole
music pack that will fit about four CDs worth of                 fashion and music package.

                    Product Snapshot                                                 Product Snapshot                             Product Snapshot
                     Model Name U880 Silver                                           Model Name U880 Black                       Model Name U880 Pink
                     Positioning    Super Slim 3g                                     Positioning    Masculine 3g                 Positioning    Female Fashion
                     Skew           Mass Appeal                                       Skew           Male and Business user       Skew           18-30 Females

                     Availability   Now                                               Availability   Now                          Availability   Now
                     Pricing Tier   Mid-High                                          Pricing Tier   Mid-High                     Pricing Tier   Mid-High
                     Dif ferentiators                                                Dif ferentiators                             Dif ferentiators
                     Slimmest and most lightweight 3g handset                         Slimmest and most lightweight 3g handset    Currently the only pink 3g handset.
                     currently in Australia. Complete music                           currently in Australia. Complete music      Capable of music downloads and video
                     offering through 3. Large screen to enjoy                        offering through 3. Large screen to enjoy   streaming/calls. Slimmest and most
                     content. Sophisticated design.                                   content. Powerful black finish.             lightweight 3g handset in Australia.

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