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					                                                                           Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd
                                                                                  Book/Product List

Description                                                                                                       Author                     Gross Price
A Biodynamic Farm                                                                                                 Lovel, Hugh                      30.00
A Biodynamic Farmer's Handbook                                                                                    Pearce, Norrie                   20.00
A Healthy Horse the Natural Way                                                                                   Bird, Catherine                  35.00
A Human Response to Globalisation                                                                                 Desaules, Marc                   24.00
A Life Unburdened, Getting Over Weight and Getting On With My Life                                                Morris, Richard                  33.00
A Practical Manual of Bee Keeping                                                                                 Cramp, David C.                  50.00
A Study Companion to An Outline of Esoteric Science                                                               Almon, Clopper                   25.00
Advanced Biodynamic Agriculture                                                                                   Lovel, Hugh                      20.00
Agriculture as an Art                                                                                             Klett, Manfred                   10.00
Agriculture in Transition                                                                                         Schriefer                        33.00
Agricultur Course - Steiner Translated by George Adams                                                            Steiner, Rudolf                  40.00
Agriculture lectures - Steiner - includes Postage & Packaging                                                     Steiner, Rudolf                  40.00
Agriculture of Tomorrow                                                                                           Kolisko                          55.00
An Introduction to the Method of Biodynamic Gardening                                                             Philbrick, John                  33.00
An Outline of Esoteric Science                                                                                    Steiner, Rudolf                  43.00
Anatomy of Life & Energy in Agriculture                                                                           Andersen                         28.00
Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions                                                                                 Callahan                         28.00
Art as seen in the Light of Mystery Wisdom                                                                        Steiner, Rudolf                  40.00
Autobiography of Rudolf Steiner                                                                                   Steiner, Rudolf                  50.00
Awareness - Life - Form                                                                                           Steiner, Rudolf                  32.00
Back from the Brink - How Australia's Landscape can be saved                                                      Andrew, Peter                    30.00
Basis of Potentization Research                                                                                   Schweak, Theodor                 20.00
BD Greenhouse Management                                                                                          Grotzke, Heinz                   30.00
Becoming a Biodynamic Farmer or Gardener: A Handbook for Prospective Trainees                                     Gardner, Malcolm & Susan         30.00
Bees - with an afterword on the Art of Joseph Beuys                                                               Steiner, Rudolf                  35.00
Bees & Honey                                                                                                      Weiler, Michael                  27.00
Betwixt Heaven & Earth                                                                                            Keats, Brian                     30.00
Beyond the Brink                                                                                                  Andrews, Peter                   35.00
Beyond the Market                                                                                                 Assenza, Gaudenz                 22.00
Biodynamic Greenhouse Management                                                                                  Grotzke, Heinz                   30.00
Biodynamic Agriculture                                                                                            Schilthuis, Willy                25.00
Bio-Dynamic Composting on the Farm, How Much Compost Should We Use?                                               Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid             10.00
Biodynamic Farm - Agriculture in the service of humanity                                                          Koepf, Hebert                    50.00
Biodynamic Farming Practice                                                                                       Sattler/Wistenghausen            30.00
Biodynamic Food & Cookbook                                                                                        Cook, Wendy E.                   60.00
Biodynamic Gardening & Farming Volume 1                                                                           Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid             20.00
Biodynamic Gardening & Farming Volume 2                                                                           Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid             24.00
Biodynamic Gardening & Farming Volume 3                                                                           Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid             24.00
Biodynamic Gardening for Health & Taste                                                                           Wright, Hilary                   40.00
Biodynamic Perspectives - Farming & Gardening                                                                     BDFGANZ                          40.00
Biodynamic Resource Manual                                                                                                                         26.40
Biodynamic Spray & Compost Preparations - Directions for use                                                      Wistinghausen                    22.00
Biodynamic Treatment of Fruit Trees, Berries & Shrubs                                                             Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid             13.00
Biodynamic Wine Demystified                                                                                       Joly, Nicholas                   30.00
Biodynamics Three Introductory Articles                                                                           Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid             10.00
Biological Agriculture Work Study                                                                                 Koepf, Hebert                     6.00
Bridge Over the River                                                                                             Wetzl, Joseph                    25.00
Building Soils for Better Crops - Sustainable Agriculture Network                                                                                  33.00
Building Stones for Meeting the Challenges                                                                        Klett, Manfred                   10.00
Chromatography Applied to Quality Testing                                                                         Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid             20.00
Companion Plants and How to use them                                                                              Philbrick, H. & Gregg, R.        25.00
Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm & Stable                                                                        De Bairacli Levy, Juliette       26.00
Compost - What it is - How it is made - What it does                                                              Koepf, Hebert                    10.00
Cookbook - Great Recipes of SA Restaurants Vol 2                                                                                                   25.00
Country Calendar                                                                                                  Pearce, John                     25.00
Create an Oasis with Greywater                                                                                    Ludwig, Art                      60.00
Culture & Horticulture                                                                                            Storl                            36.00
D.N.Dunlop - A Man Of Our Time                                                                                    Meyer, T.H.                      66.00
Dark Sparklers - Yidumduma's Aboriginal Astronomy                                                                 Cairns, H. & Yidumduma Harney, B.30.00
Drawing from the Book of Nature                                                                                   Klocek, Dennis                   50.00
Dying & Becoming                                                                                                  Klett, Manfred                   10.00
Earth and Man                                                                                                     Konig, Karl                      40.00

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                                                                           Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd
                                                                                  Book/Product List

Description                                                                                                       Author                        Gross Price
Earth, Plant & Compost                                                                                            Brinton, William                    30.00
Earth's Face                                                                                                      Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid                26.00
Eat More Veggies!                                                                                                 Grace, Nancy                         0.00
Eclipses 2005-2017, A Handbook of Solar and Lunar Eclipses                                                        Held, Wolfgang                      30.00
Eco-Farm - Acres USA                                                                                              Acres USA                           35.00
Ehrenfried Pfeiffer - Pioneer in Agriculture and Natural Science                                                  Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid                10.00
Energy Evolution, Harnessing Free Energy From Nature                                                              Coats, Callum                       60.00
Environmental Weeds: A Field Guide for South Eastern Australia                                                                                        40.00
Ethical Eating                                                                                                    Crocombe, Angela                    25.00
Exploring the Spectrum                                                                                            Coats, Callum                       28.00
Extraordinary Plant Qualities for Biodynamics                                                                     Bockemuhl, J. & Jarvinen, K         40.00
Farming Meat Goats: Breeding Production                                                                           Vincent, Barbara                    65.00
Farms of Tomorrow Revisited                                                                                       Groh, T. & McFadden, S.             42.00
Fertile Earth - Nature's Energies in Agriculture, Soil Fertilisation and Forestry                                 Coats, Callum                       50.00
Fertility From the Ocean Deep                                                                                     Walters, Charlie                    30.00
Fletcher Sims' Compost                                                                                            Walters, Charlie                    25.00
Flowforms, The Rhythmic Power of Water                                                                            Wilkes, John                        55.00
Food We Eat - Herbs in Nutrition                                                                                  Geuter, Marie                       35.00
Foodwise                                                                                                          Cook, Wendy E.                      55.00
Fourfold Path to Healing                                                                                          Cowan, Thomas S.                    50.00
Freeing the Circling Stars                                                                                        Budd, Christopher Houghton          30.00
From Beetroot to Buddhism                                                                                         Steiner, Rudolf                     50.00
From Elephants to Einstein                                                                                        Steiner, Rudolf                     40.00
From Limestone to Lucifer                                                                                         Steiner, Rudolf                     50.00
From Mammoths to Mediums                                                                                          Steiner, Rudolf                     55.00
From Symptom to Reality in Modern History                                                                         Steiner, Rudolf                     35.00
From the Soil Up                                                                                                  Schriefer                           55.00
Gardening for Health & Nutrition: An Introduction to the Method of BD Gardening                                                                       33.00
Gardening for Life - The Biodynamic Way                                                                           Thun, Maria                         40.00
Goethe - Selected Poems                                                                                           Goethe                              45.00
Goethe and Love                                                                                                   Schroer                             22.00
Goethean Science                                                                                                  Steiner, Rudolf                     35.00
Goethe's World View                                                                                               Goethe                              25.00
Grasp the Nettle                                                                                                  Proctor, Peter                      38.00
Grow a Garden & Be Self Sufficient                                                                                Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid                25.00
Growing Biodynamic Vegetables Under Australian Conditions                                                         Sievers, Charley                    13.00
Growing Together, Why Should We Bother? - talks on bio-dynamic agriculture                                        Klett, M., Moore, R. & Carnegie, A. 10.00
Harmony of the Creative Word                                                                                      Steiner, Rudolf                     43.00
Healthy Sheep Naturally                                                                                           Coleby, Pat                         45.00
Healing Plants - insights through spiritual science                                                               Pelikan, Wilhelm                    52.00
Herbal Harvest                                                                                                    Whitten, Greg                       90.00
Home Remedies, Herbal and homeopathic treatments for use at home                                                  Wolf, Otto                          20.00
Homeopathy for the Herd                                                                                           Shaeffer                            35.00
In Partnership with Nature                                                                                        Bockemuhl, Jochen                   40.00
Knowledge of Higher Worlds                                                                                        Steiner, Rudolf                     30.00
Laws of Life inAGriculture                                                                                        Remer, Nicolaus                     30.00
Living Earth                                                                                                      Clos, Walther                       20.00
Living Water, Viktor Scharuberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy                                               Alexandersson, Olof                 38.00
Living with Chickens                                                                                              Rossier, Jay                        35.00
LivingEnergies                                                                                                    Coats, Callum                       55.00
Louise's Leaves - A Cook's journal                                                                                Frazier, Louise                     15.00
Local Food - how to make it happened in your accommodation                                                        Pinkerton, T & Hopkins,R            40.00
Messages from Water Volume 1                                                                                      Emoto, Masara                       99.00
Messages from Water Volume 2                                                                                      Emoto, Masara                       99.00
Minerals & the Genetic Code                                                                                       Walters, Charlie                    30.00
My Search for Traces of God                                                                                       Callahan, P.                        32.00
Natural Cattle Care                                                                                               Coleby, Pat                         35.00
Natural Farming                                                                                                   Coleby, Pat                         35.00
Natural Goat Care                                                                                                 Coleby, Pat                         35.00
Natural Horse Care                                                                                                Coleby, Pat                         28.00
Natural Pet Care                                                                                                  Coleby, Pat                         20.00
Natural Sheep Care                                                                                                Coleby, Pat                         35.00

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                                                                           Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd
                                                                                  Book/Product List

Description                                                                           Author                         Gross Price
Nature as Teacher - New Principles in the Working of Nature                                                              50.00
Nature Spirits - selected lectures                                                    Steiner, Rudolf                    44.00
New Eyes for Plants, A workbook for observing and drawing plants                      Colquhoun, M. & Ewald, A.          45.00
New View - Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain                                                                     18.00
News Leaf Issue..                                                                                                         8.80
Nitrate - An Ailing Organism Calls For Healing                                        Koepf, Hebert                       7.00
Nourishing Traditions                                                                 Fallon, Sally                      55.00
Nutrition                                                                             Hauschka, Rudolf                   44.00
Nutrition & Stimulants                                                                Steiner, Rudolf                    40.00
Nutrition and Physical Degeneration                                                   Price, Weston A                    55.00
Nutrition Food Health & Spiritual Development                                         Steiner, Rudolf                    40.00
Nutrition Good Bad Politics                                                           Tabrizian, Igor                    25.00
Nutrition Rules! Guidelines from the Master Consultants                               Sait, Graeme                       40.00
Occult Physiology                                                                     Steiner, Rudolf                    37.00
Occult Science: An Outline                                                            Steiner, Rudolf                    42.00
Of Wheat & Gold                                                                       Budd, Christopher Houghton         20.00
Omnivore's Dilemma                                                                    Pollan, Michael                    25.00
Orchard Pest Management and Spray Schedule                                            Maltas, Michael                    20.00
Organic Cotton, From Field to Final Product                                           Myers, D. & Stolton, S.            47.00
Original Impulses for the Science of the Spirit                                       Steiner, Rudolf                    32.00
Paramagnetism                                                                         Callahan, P.                       27.00
Philosophy of Freedom, Basis for a Modern World Conception                            Steiner, Rudolf                    40.00
Pioneer in Agriculture & Natural Science                                                                                  0.00
Planetary Influences Upon Plants, A Cosmological Botany                               Kranich, Ernst Michael             30.00
Prelude in Economics                                                                  Budd, Christopher Houghton         16.00
Primer of Companion Planting, Herbs Their Part in Good Gardening                      Gregg, Richard B.                  10.00
Principles of Biodynamic Spray & Compost Preparations                                 Klett, Manfred                     22.00
Rare Albion                                                                           Budd, Christopher Houghton         26.00
Readings in Goethean Science                                                                                             10.00
Research in Biodynamic Agriculture: Methods and Results                               Koepf, Hebert                      20.00
Results from the Biodynamic Sowing & Planting Calendar                                Thun, Maria                        43.00
Rudolf Steiner's Social Intentions                                                    Lissau, Rudi                       12.00
Science in Agriculture                                                                Anderson, A.                       40.00
Science of Knowing                                                                    Steiner, Rudolf                    25.00
Sea Energy Agriculture                                                                Murray, Maynard                    33.00
Seasons of April                                                                      Grace, Ramon                        0.00
Secret Life of Plants                                                                 Tompkins & Bird                    30.00
Secrets of the Soil                                                                   Tompkins & Bird                    40.00
Seeing with the Soul                                                                  Steiner, Rudolf                    15.00
Seeking Spirit Vision                                                                 Klocek, Dennis                     40.00
Sekem - A Sustainable Community in the Egyptian Desert                                Abouleish, Ibrahim                 50.00
Sensitive Chaos, The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air                       Schwenk, Theodor                   60.00
Sensitive Crystallization Processes, a demonstration of formative forces in the blood Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid               30.00
Shaping Our Future, Creating the World Future Council                                 Von Uexkull, J. & Girardet, H.     15.00
Silica, Calcium & Clay                                                                Benesch & Wilde                    33.00
Soil Biology Primer                                                                   Soil & Water Conservation Soc.     35.00
Soil Fertility & Animal Health                                                        Albrecht, William                  30.00
Soil Fertility Fertilizers                                                            Halvlin & Tisdale                  25.00
Soil Fertility,Renewal&Preservation: Biodynamic Farming&Gardening                     Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid               30.00
Soil Microbiology                                                                     Tate, Robert L.                   150.00
Soil, Grass & Cancer                                                                  Voisin, Andre                      40.00
Star & Furrow - price includes postage & packaging                                                                       15.00
Start Now!                                                                            Steiner, Rudolf                    40.00
Staying Connected                                                                     Steiner, Rudolf                    34.00
Steel in the Field, A Farmer's Guide to Weed Management Tools - Sustainable Agriculture Network                          33.00
Study Material, The Working of the Planets and the Life Processes in Man and Earth Lievegoed, C.B.J.                     13.00
Studying the Agriculture Course                                                       Soper, John                        12.00
Tales of the Underground, A natural history of subterranean life                      Wolfe, David W.                    36.00
Talking With Nature - Journey into Nature                                             Roads, Michael J.                  35.00
The Backyard Beekeeper                                                                Flottum, Kim                       45.00
The Biodynamic Method of Agriculture                                                  Sievers, Charley                   13.00
The Biodynamic Spray & Compost Preparations - Production Methods                      Wistinghausen                      18.00

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                                                                           Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd
                                                                                  Book/Product List

Description                                                                          Author                          Gross Price
The Biodynamic Spray Preparations                                                    Klett, Manfred                      10.00
The Biodynamic Year                                                                  Thun, Maria                         55.00
The Breakdown of Climate (Human Choices or Global Disaster?)                         Bunyard, Peter                      45.00
The Calendar of the Soul                                                             Steiner, Rudolf                     35.00
The Enlivened Rock Powders                                                           Lisie, Harvey                       25.00
The Field                                                                            McTaggart, Lynne                    30.00
The Golden Blade 1988-The Stars of the year, Trees & Planets                         The Golden Blade                    20.00
The Good Bug Book - edited by Richard Llewellyn                                      Llewellyn, Richard                  40.00
The Great Cholesterol Con, Why everything you've been told about cholesterol, diet and heart disease is wrong!           45.00
The Harmony of the Human Body, Musical Principles in Human Physiology                Husemann, Armin                     57.00
The Heart of the Matter                                                              Whicher, Olive                      24.00
The Metamorphosis of Capitalism                                                      Budd, Christopher Houghton          24.00
The Metamorphosis of Plants                                                          Bockemuhl, J. & Suchantke, A        25.00
The Metamorphosis of Plants                                                          Goethe                              12.00
The Nature of Substance - Spirit and Matter                                          Hauschka, Rudolf                    50.00
The New Biodynamic Preparations                                                      Erbe, Hugo                          33.00
The New Physics & Cosmology - Dialogues with the Dalai Lama                          Zajonc                              99.00
The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook                                                       Wheeler, P. & Ward, R.              30.00
The Plant Between Sun and Earth                                                      Adams, G. & Whicher, O              30.00
The Plant, Volume 1                                                                  Grohmann, Gerbert                   30.00
The Plant, Volume 2                                                                  Grohmann, Gerbert                   30.00
The Rhizosphere                                                                      Pinton, R., Varanini, Z., Paolo    150.00
The Right On Corporation                                                             Budd, Christopher Houghton          22.00
The River                                                                            Newell, Patrice                     25.00
The Secret Life of Compost                                                           Beck, M.                            35.00
The Secret Life of Water                                                             Emoto, Masara                       20.00
The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book                                                       Wyatt, Isabel                       26.00
The Spirit in the Realm of Plants                                                    Steiner, Rudolf                     10.00
The Study of Man                                                                     Steiner, Rudolf                     40.00
The Untold Story of Milk                                                                                                 33.00
The Water Wizard                                                                     Schauberger, Viktor                 60.00
The Weather Makers                                                                   Flannery, Tim                       33.00
Theosophy                                                                            Steiner, Rudolf                     33.00
Thinking Beyond Darwin                                                               Kranid, Ernst, Michael              27.00
Three Lectures on Biodynamics                                                        Koepf, Hebert                       10.00
Threefold The Social Order                                                           Steiner, Rudolf                     16.00
Tomorrow's Agriculture                                                               Klett, Manfred                      10.00
Toward's Saving the Honey Bee                                                        Hauk, Gunther                       30.00
Tuning into Nature                                                                   Coats, Callahan                     30.00
Understanding the Honey Bee                                                          Baker, C.T.G                         5.00
Understanding Water, Developments from the Work of Theodor Schwenk                   Wilkens, J.,Jacobi, M.,Schwenk, W 38.00
Using the Biodynamic Compost Preparations and Sprays                                 Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid                15.00
Water Crystals, Making the Quality of Water Visible                                  Schulz, Andreas                     54.00
Water Wizard, the Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water                          Coats, Callum                       60.00
Water, Electricity and Health                                                        Hall, Alan                          40.00
We Are The Weather Makers                                                            Flannery, Tim                       23.00
Weather & Cosmos                                                                     Klocek, Dennis                      28.00
Weeds & Why They Grow                                                                McCamac, Jay L.                     35.00
Weeds and What They Tell                                                             Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid                20.00
Weeds Control Without Poisons                                                        Walters, Charlie                    35.00
What is Biodynamic Wine?                                                             Joly, Nicholas                      33.00
What is Biodynamics?, A Way to Heal and Revitalize the Earth                         Steiner, Rudolf                     30.00
Wildlife on Farms Book                                                               Lindenmayer, D., Claridge,A., 35.00
Wine from Sky to Earth                                                               Joly, Nicholas                      43.00
Zoology for Everybody No.5                                                           Kolisko                             10.00
Bio Dynamic Gardening - The tools and Techniques to nurture your garden              Elysia, Ellis, Liz                  35.00
Country Calendar                                                                     Pearce, John                        25.00
Ehrenfied Pheiffer Himself (set of 8 Tapes)                                          Pfeiffer, Ehrenfreid                45.00
"One Man, One Cow, One Planet"                                                       Proctor, Peter                      30.00
The Power of Community - How Cuba Survived Peak Oil                                  Heinberg, Richard                   40.00

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                                                                           Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd
                                                                                  Book/Product List

Description                                                                                                       Author                     Gross Price
G - Biodynamic Growing Guide - Healthcare for Earth & Humanity                                                    Keats, B & Mayer, S            20.00
G - Botanical Field Guide                                                                                         Mager, Stefan                  12.00
G - Flowering Bulbs Guide                                                                                         Lovel, H. & Mager, S.          12.00
G - Flowers Growing Guide                                                                                         Mager, Stefan                  12.00
G - GM Food Guide                                                                                                 Lovel, H. & Mager, S.          12.00
G - Herbs and Medicinal Plants Guide                                                                              Mager, Stefan                  12.00
G - How Plants Grow                                                                                               Mager, Stefan                  12.00
G - Metamorphosis of Plants Guide                                                                                 Wolfgang von Goethe, Johann    12.00
G - Moon Planting Guide for Gardeners 2010                                                                        Mager, S & Keats, B            12.00
G - Seed Collecting Guide                                                                                         Mager, Stefan                  12.00
G - Moon Planting Guide for Gardeners 2009                                                                        Mager, S. & Keats, B.          12.00
G - The Buddhist Wheel of Existence Guide                                                                         Leschly, J. & Mager, S         12.00
G - Vegetables Growing Guide                                                                                      Mager, Stefan                  12.00
Jute Shopping Bag with Biodynamic Agriculture Australia logo                                                                                     15.00
Antipodean Astro Calendar 2010                                                                                    Keats, Brian                   25.00
Biodynamic Sowing & Planting Calendar 2010                                                                        Thun, Maria                    20.00

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