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									DEFIANCE                                 Molecular Biology
COLLEGE                                       Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Molecular Biology

“Phenomenal cosmic powers!                                                                                At Defiance College, the
Itty bitty living space.”                                                                                 molecular biology program
                                                                                                          explores the explosion of
Sure, the Genie in Disney’s                                                                               information in modern
Aladdin is talking about                                                                                  biology, focusing on the
living in his lamp, but he                                                                                building blocks of life and
might as well be talking about                                                                            how they assemble into
molecular biology.                                                                                        cells, tissues, and organisms.
                                                                                                          Special attention is given to
Given the rate at which                                                                                   nucleic acids and proteins
scientific information is                                                                                  and the techniques currently
expanding, faculty also                                                                                   used in industry, research and
encourage and equip students           “In the modern interdisciplinary world of science, molecular       governmental labs.
to seek out and assimilate new         biology touches almost all sciences ranging from physics,
developments in areas of their         chemistry and, of course, biology. Our program at Defiance
                                       College will give you the background preparation needed to         Working closely with
greatest interest, and to use          succeed in a career in the sciences. This major is also the BEST   professors, students experience
new knowledge and theory in            preparation for most professional programs such as medicine,       first-hand the cloning of genes,
their field and related fields.          pharmacy, veterinary school, dental school and many others.”
                                                                                                          genetic fingerprinting, and the
                                       Dr. Nathan Griggs                                                  analysis of proteins. Student-
Study the power in the                 Associate Professor of Biology                                     centered learning allows
smallest things and get ready                                                                             majors to focus on topics
for a big career in science or                                                                            that interest them and will
medicine.                                                                                                 prove valuable for their career
Look at life through the
                                                                                                          “For as long as I can remember, I
                                                                                                          have wanted to be a doctor. So when
                                                                                                          it came time to choose a college, I
                                                                                                          knew I needed to attend an institution
After College —                                                                                           that would prepare me for a future in
What’s Next?                                                                                              medicine.
The molecular biology program
is one of the most flexible of the                                                                         From the wide variety of pre-med
natural science majors. The program                                                                       courses offered and the dedicated
prepares students for Graduate                                                                            professors that teach them to
School and a variety of career                                                                            the numerous opportunities to
opportunities in the natural science                                                                      participate in research and field
field. The molecular biology major is                                                                      experiences, Defiance College has
geared for those students interested                                                                      done just that. I was accepted to
in careers in medicine, research,                                                                         my first choice medical school -
veterinary science, pharmacy or                                                                           as a junior! I graduated from the
similar professional careers.                                                                             University of Toledo College of
                                                                                                          Medicine at the top of my class!”

                                                                                                          Erica (Anspach) Sprague, M.D.
   701 North Clinton Street                                                                               Medical Resident in OB/GYN
     Defiance, OH 43512                                                                                    St. Vincent Women’s Hospital                                                                                     Indianapolis, Indiana
      1-800-520-GO DC        
                  Nathan Griggs, Ph.D.

  The Faculty
                  Associate Professor of Biology
                  419-783-2592 |

                  Douglas D. Kane, Ph.D.
                  Assistant Professor of Biology
                  419-783-2593 |

                  Kenneth Adair, Ph.D.
                  Assistant Professor of Chemistry
                  419-783-2598 |

                  Somnath Dutta, Ph.D.
                  Associate Professor of Chemistry
                  419-783-2428 |
                                                                                          “The faculty provides our students with the broad scientific skills
                  Additionally, part-time instructors may teach                           they will need for careers in the medical field. Students will find that
                  specialized courses.                                                    their educational goals are supported by an approachable faculty
                                                                                          that is committed to their success.”
                                                                                                                                             Dr. Kenneth Adair
                BI 120, 129 Principles of Biology I & II                                                                       Assistant Professor of Chemistry
                BI 235, 236 Anatomy and Physiology I and II OR
                BI 357, 367 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy and
                            Vertebrate Physiology                                                                                            Students in the sciences
                BI 320      Ecology                                                                                                          take those concepts
                BI 358      Microbiology                                                                                                     mastered in the
                BI 431      Molecular Biology                                                                                                classroom and apply
The Courses

                BI 480      Genetics                                                                                                         them to the laboratory.
                                                                                                                                             This complementary
                CH 123, 124 General Chemistry I & II
                                                                                                                                             approach to learning
                CH 233, 234 Organic Chemistry I & II                                                                                         makes DC science
                CH 368      Biochemistry I                                                                                                   students succeed.
                NS 198      Natural Science Seminar
                NS 391      Internship
                NS 499      Senior Capstone
                PH 210, 220 Physics I & II
                MA 201      Calculus I
                MA 306      Probability and Statistics OR
                PY 230      Behavorial Statistics                                         “Studying molecular
                                                                                          biology at Defiance College
                                                                                          has helped to prepare me
                Pre-Professional Programs                                                 for the rigors of medical
                The Science and Mathematics Division at                                   school. My professors were
                Defiance College offers pre-professional                                   great and were dedicated to
                programs in the areas of Medicine, Veterinary,                            helping me succeed!"
                Dentistry, Optometry, Chiropractic, and
                Podiatry. Upon completion of the program,                                 Nigel Hogan
                you would be prepared to take entrance exams                              First year student at
                and apply to any graduate professional schools                            Ohio University College
                in these areas. The pre-professional program                              of Osteopathic Medicine
                offers all the classes required for acceptance
                into professional and graduate schools. Our
                students have had great success getting into
                these programs because of the depth of their                                                             Nigel Hogan explains his senior capstone
                knowledge gained here. This is made possible                                                             research project to other science students.
                due to small class sizes, tailored individual
                instruction and undergraduate research                                     Come for a Visit!
                opportunities.                                                             A campus visit is the best way to find out how Defiance College
                                                                                           defies the ordinary college experience. We’ll arrange for you to meet
                Course selection is individualized from a broad                            with an admissions counselor, professors, coaches, students, and
                range of science courses and internships.                                  learn about scholarship and financial aid opportunities. You can sit
                                                                                           in on a class, tour campus, and stay overnight if you wish. Call our
                Defiance College admits students regardless of race, color, creed,
                                                                                           Office of Admissions at 419-783-2359 or 1-800-520-GO DC to set
                sex, national or ethnic origin, disability, or sexual orientation. 6/11    up your appointment.

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