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					                                                                           EMERGENCY SUPPLIER CONTACT INFORMATION

Name of Supplier                                                        MSC Industrial Supply Co

Address (list any additional locations if applicable)                   See attachment below!

Main Office #                                                           800-645-7270 Nationwide; 8:00am - 10:00pm EST
POC                                                                     See Attachment below!
Phone # (if different)                                                  See Attachment below!
Fax #                                                                   See Attachment below!

Email Address                                                           See attachment below!
Web Site                                                      
Contract # (if applicable)                                              005-059 Janitorial Supplies AND 008-023 MRO
Type of Business                                                        Full line Industrial Supplies
Hours of Operation                                                      See Attachment below!
24 Hour Service                                                         YES                 NO
Emergency POC                                                           See Attachment below!
Emergency Office Phone #                                                See Attachment below!
Emergency Cell Phone #                                                  See Attachment below!
Emergency Blackberry #                                                  See Attachment below!
Emergency Home Phone #                                                  See Attachment below!
Emergency Fax #                                                         See Attachment below!

Back-up Contact Information                                             Joe Reber / State Account Manager (PA)
                                                                        412-370-2838 Cell

Remarks                                                                 We are a National Distributor of over 550,000 items & 99% fill rate!

Please return this completed form to the COSTARS Program by e-mail to
If you have any questions, please contact COSTARS Program staff at 1-866-768-7827.

Erie, PA                                                                                                       Harrisburg, PA
2730 W 21st Street,
Suite A                                                                                                        Customer Fulfillment Center
Erie, PA 16506                                                                                                 100 MSC Dr.
Local (814) 833-8006                                                                                           Jonestown, PA 17038
Fax: (814) 833-7411                                                                                            Local (717) 865-5888
Map and Directions                                                                                             or (800) 645-7270
                                                                                                               Fax: (717) 861-5810
                                                                                                               Map and Directions

Pittsburgh, PA                                                                                                 Warminster, PA
20 Parkway View Dr.                                                                                            1 Ivybrook Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205                                                                                           Suite 120
Local (412) 494-4770                                                                                           Ivyland, PA 18974
Fax: (412) 494-4780                                                                                            Local (215) 956-9650
Map and Directions                                                                                             Fax: (215) 956-9654
                                                                                                               Map and Directions

After Hours Customer Fulfilment Center in the Eastern Region

Eastern Region_Jonestown, PA Customer Fulfillment Center
Schedule                                                                                                       Name
Friday Evening till 10:00 PM.
Friday Evening 10:00 PM till 3:00 PM Saturday                                                                  Hotline
3:00 PM Saturday till Midnight Sunday                                                                          System will be down/ no capability to Pull orders

Midnight Sunday till 7:00 AM                                                                                   Emergency Hotline

Monday 7:00 AM and later                                                                                       Retail Store

                                                                                                               You can go onto our website to check stock to ensure product                                                                                          availability

Directions to MSC Distribution Center in Jonestown, Pa.:
81 North to exit 90 ,Route 72. At stop sign turn right. Approx 1 mile MSC / Sid Tool will be on the left hand side. Product can be picked up till 11:00PM as long as order is placed prior to 10:00 PM.