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					For delivery at U.S. Boeing sites offering onsite health screenings
Why get screened?

• Prevention
• Early diagnosis
• “Your ticket” to a meaningful online
  Health Assessment (available this fall)
• Free of charge
• Convenient
• Confidential
• Chance to win a $100 movie gift card

Who’s eligible to get screened onsite?

  • U.S.-based employees and
  • U.S.-based subsidiary employees who are eligible for, or enrolled
    in, a Boeing health plan

Are my results confidential?
• Screenings are completely confidential, and are conducted by an
    outside health care company, Maxim Health Systems
•   Boeing requires its Well Being suppliers to sign contractual terms that
    hold them accountable for maintaining the confidentiality of individual
    employees’ health information
•   Individual results are not shared with Boeing—in fact, it is unlawful for
    Boeing to have access to the health information of individual
    employees according to the Health Insurance Portability and
    Accountability Act (HIPAA)
•   Boeing does have access to aggregated information about health
    issues faced by all health care plan participants in order to administer
    and pay claims, and drive decision about health care plan changes

What happens with my results?
• After Maxim collects your health screening data, the results are
  securely and automatically uploaded to your online Health
  Assessment (Note: You will be able to modify this information if
  needed during the Health Assessment this fall)
• You also are provided with a hard copy of your results so you can
  share them with your personal physician, if you like
• OptumHealth may reach out to engage you in one of its telephonic
  services depending on your screening results; you are not obligated to
  accept OptumHealth’s invitation to assist you

What tests are included in the screening?
Onsite screenings measure:
• Total cholesterol*
• LDL cholesterol* (low-density
  lipoproteins or "bad" cholesterol)
• HDL cholesterol* (high-density       * For the most accurate results,
  or "good" cholesterol)               fasting is recommended, but not
• Triglycerides*                       required. If you choose to fast,
                                       avoid consuming food and
• Glucose* (blood sugar)               beverages (except water) for
• Blood pressure                       8 to 12 hours before the screening.
• Body mass index (BMI)
• Waist circumference

When will screenings be held?
• Screenings will be held at our site:
   [Insert Date/s]
   [Insert Time/s]
   [Insert Location/s]
• Schedule an appointment online at
• Walk-ins will be accommodated as space permits

What if I don’t want to get screened onsite or am
not able to get to one?
• If you don’t want to participate in an onsite health screening or your
  schedule does not permit it, make an appointment with your doctor to get
• Boeing medical plans generally cover preventive screenings at 100 percent
  when using network providers, in accordance with frequency guidelines
  that are set by the plan
• Take the screening scorecard with you to your appointment and use it to
  track your health numbers; you can download it at
• Save your screening results for input into the online Health Assessment
  this fall
• Alternatively, if you are traveling to another Boeing
  location offering health screenings during your visit,
  you may get screened there; visit to see a calendar
For more information about Well Being

• For more information about the Well Being initiative, the business
  strategy that it supports, and the programs, tools and resources
  available to employees in the areas of physical, emotional and financial
  well-being, visit the Well Being Resource Center at

 The material provided here about company policies, procedures, and benefits
 is for informational purposes only; it does not constitute a contract or
 contractual obligation. Certain eligibility provisions apply to each of the
 programs, policies, and benefits; not all of these provisions are described here.
 In the event of a conflict between this document and any of the benefit plans,
 the terms of the plans will control. Copies of official plan documents are
 available by written request through “Contact TotalAccess” on Boeing
 TotalAccess. The Boeing Company reserves the right to change, modify,
 amend, or terminate any of the provisions described here at any time and for
 any reason for employees, former employees, retirees, and their dependents
 and/or beneficiaries.


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