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                                    Volume 6 Issue 3
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 M                             American Snipers in WWII,         GIs first encountered enemy                This Day in Naval History
 a                             Korea and Vietnam               snipers in force on Guadalcanal              March 1, 1942
 r                             STALKERS AND                    in1942, where cleverly camou-                D-DAY STIRS WWII
 c                                                             flaged Japanese tied them-
 h                             SHOOTERS - Part 1                                                            STORIES
                                                               selves in treetops or hid below
                               Sniping evolved from WWII                                                      Navy POW held secretly for
14th                                                           ground in spider holes, lying in
                               into a fine martial art by the                                               3 1/2 years
                                                               wait up to three days to fire
          Inside this          Indochina War, producing                                                      The sea was calm and the
                                                               one shot. Out of necessity the
Veterans Stories      1 to 7   some phenomenally lethal                                                     moon was bright on the night
                                                               Marines scrounged scoped ri-
                               marksmen.                                                                    the USS Houston went to the
Taps                      4                                    fles and set up their first school
                                 At the time of Pearl Harbor                                                bottom of the South Pacific,
                                                               right there at the front, train-
PennDOT Military          8    attack, the U.S. armed forces                                                riddled with shells and torpe-
                                                               ing and arming two Marines
 License Plates                had not a single sniper, no                                                  does. It was one of the most
                                                               from each line company.
American Legion           9    sniper scopes, no schools, not                                               valiant stories of WWII, but
                                                                 After Guadalcanal, the Ma-
 Rider Post 251 &              even a training manual.                                                      nobody knew the ship was
 Post 36                                                       rine Corps quickly instituted
                                 Though snipers had proven                                                  gone for nine months, and
                                                               stateside scout-sniper schools
Misc. Information        10    their worth in WWI, the armed                                                the story was unknown until
 & Warnings                                                    near Camp Pendleton, Cal. and
                               forces afterward dispensed of                                                the Japanese surrendered.
St. Patrick’s Day        14                                    at Camp Lejeune, N.C. These
                               such sharpshooters and their                                                  “That part of the war got
                                                               graduates slowly filled newly
Dr. Seuss                15    specialized weapons. By 1941,                                                very little attention,” said
                                                               created slots and trained more
                               however, both the German and                                                 Marvin Sizemore of Hamil-
Recipes                  16                                    snipers in the Pacific Theater.
                               Japanese had fielded snipers                                                 ton, who was a sailor on the
Sprint Cup Series        17                                    For armament, both the Army
                               by the thousands. Like so                                                    Houston that night.
 Schedule                                                      and Marine Corps fell back
Ham Raffles                    many aspects of WWII, Amer-                                                   Local history is more than
SAL Pool                                                       upon the bolt-action rifle that
                               ica had to catch up - and catch                                              the sediment of years - it‟s an
 Tournament                                                    had proven itself in WWI: the
                               up fast.                                            (Continued on page 2)                     (Continued on page 3)
On the Lighter Side   18, 19

Monthly Meetings         20    STOPPING DRUGS AT                   it first.                                 Each year, an estimated 1.2
Pool League
                               SEA                                   “Cocaine trafficking is the           million pounds of cocaine enter
                                 The U.S. Coast Guard patrols      leading drug threat to the              our country, the bulk of it by
Upcoming Events          21
                               6 million miles of ocean to find    U.S.,” said Michael Walther,            boat over the Pacific to Mexico
Answer Page
                               cocaine smugglers.                  director of the National Drug           and then by land across the
                                 Every day, a high-stakes bat-     Intelligence Center. Half the           border. “The Coast Guard is
What’s Happening      22, 23
 at Your Club                  tle affecting the security and      police departments surveyed             the premier maritime protec-
                               wellbeing of millions of Ameri-     in the country identify cocaine         tor of the United States,” said
Veterans and             24
                               cans is played out far off our      as the drug most contributing           R. Gil Kerlikowske, White
 Editor Information
                               shores. The conflict occurs         to violent crimes, according to         House drug-policy director.
Calendar                 25
                               across more than 6 million          Walther. After marijuana, co-           Although the Navy has the
Distribution:                  square miles of ocean - an area     caine is the second-most-used           power to stop suspected traf-
Muncy American
                               larger than the size of the con-    illegal drug in our country -           fickers, Navy boardings of for-
 Legion Post 268
                               tiguous United States - where       more than 36 million people             eign ships could be considered
Montgomery American
 Legion Post 251               smugglers transport cocaine         have tried it at least once. Its        acts of war. The Coast Guard
                               and other illegal drugs from        sales help support the activi-          is the only branch of the
 American Legion
 Post 104                      South America. Their cargo is       ties of criminal gangs through-         armed forces that can legally
Muncy VFW Post 3428
                               ultimately intended for sale in     out the Americas; Mexican               board vessels registered in
40/8 SOL 382
 Williamsport                  our cities and towns - but not      drug cartels; and terrorist or-         another country and arrest
                               if the U.S. Coast Guard stops       ganizations like FARC, a revo-          criminals. That‟s why Coast
Website:                                            lutionary group in Colombia.                              (Continued on page 2)
                                                      T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

                                        Charles Zuke proved “as cool while
(Continued from page 1 Stalkers and Shooters Part 1                                      the European Theater. A U.S. Army
                                        hunting Japanese as when he was                  Ranger, he and 50 men of the 1st
.30-caliber Springfield. Some 25,000 husking corn” back home in Big Rap-                 Ranger Battalion accompanied Cana-
Springfield rifles were specially       ids, Mich. “Zuke is a quiet youth who            dian and British troops to raid the
made by Remington and modified to talks little but he‟s a shooting fool,”                French coastal town of Dieppe on
accommodate a riflescope.               his company commander told the                   Aug. 19, 1942. Fighting alongside the
 Instead of centralized schools, the    New York Times. His commander                    commandos, Coons fired upon a bat-
Army let it up to field commanders to credited the farmboy for twice having              tery of German guns and according
train unit snipers. Col. Sidney Hinds, saved his life.                                   to war correspondent Quentin Rey-
commanding the 41st Armd. Inf.            Like Zuke, most American snipers               nolds, killed 20 German soldiers. The
Regt., 2nd Armd. Div., a Gold Medal had rural upbringings and lots of                    young Ranger-sniper was awarded
Olympic rifleman, set up his own        shooting and hunting experience. “I              the British Military Medal, pre-
sniper school in North Africa to pro- used to be pretty good at picking off              sented personally by Lord Louis
vide six snipers for each of his infan- squirrels with a Marlin .22,” Army               Mountbatten.
try companies.”The ideal sniper,”       Cpl. Gordon Eoff of Clinton, Ark.,                Among the lessons learned at
Hinds said, “is a combination of eagle told a reporter after eliminating a               Dieppe, a British report noted that “a
eyes, job-like patience, Indian         Japanese machine gunner with one                 stalker with a quick and sure eye,
stealth, Solomon‟s wisdom, and rab- shot through his helmet. Another                     cunning fieldcraft, and the sniper‟s
bit-like agility.”                      scout-sniper, Army Sgt. Harold                   rifle with its telescopic sight, can do
 Across the European and Pacific        Pointer, credited with 19 kills in his           much to swing the battle against the
Theaters, other Army units did like- first two weeks of combat, had grown                Germans.” That lesson was proved
wise with, for example, the 511th       up in Montana.                                   over and over.
Parachute Infantry Regiment train-        Sniping in Europe - It was an                   At Monte Cassino in Italy in early
ing its own snipers for fighting on     Army sniper, Sgt. Frank Coons, who               1944, Pfc. James McGill, a freckle-
New Guinea. It was there that Pvt.      likely fired the first American shot in                                   (Continued on page 3)

                                       international task force called
(Continued from page 1, Stopping Drugs at Sea )                                          pected smugglers from Colombia
                                       JIATF-South that is headquartered                 were said to be traveling the Eastern
Guard Boarding teams ride along on in Key West, Fl. The task force over-                 Pacific corridor. After racing at top
all Navy antidrug patrols.             sees the detection and monitoring of              speed, the cutter had gotten within
  In 2009, the Coast Guard seized      potential traffickers and supports the            20 miles of the route of the purposed
352,863 pounds of cocaine from traf- interdiction efforts of Navy, Coast                 traffickers by nightfall.
fickers who used a variety of vessels: Guard, Drug Enforcement Admini-                    Now it was time for the helicopter
fishing boats; small, quick boats      stration (DEA), and Customs and                   squad to take off from the Sherman’s
called “go fasts”; and 65-foot-long,   Border Protection vessels and planes.             deck and do its part. On board the
low-lying semisubmarines. Smug-        “JIATF-South is the brains.” Hay-                 chopper was Petty Officer 3rd Class
glers employ separate spotter and      cock said, “We‟re the hands.”                     Kimberly Dechmerowski, 25, an ae-
refueling ships and communicate         One day in November, crew mem-                   rial gunner. If a chase erupted, she
through coded radio transmissions.     bers in the Sherman’s combat-and-                 would be the person responsible for
Some have even hired women to se-      control room received intelligence                using the sniper rifle to shoot out the
duce U.S. sailors and learn the move- and directions to move south. Sus-                 engines of the drug boat without
ments of their ships.                                                                               harming any of its passen-
  This fall, the Coast Guard                                                                        gers - while the boat is go-
cutter Sherman and two other                                                                        ing 40 miles an hour or
ships, along with a handful of                                                                      more. Adding to the pres-
planes, had the enormous job                                                                        sure Dechmerowski was on
of patrolling the vast Eastern                                                                      her very first patrol as a
Pacific section of the drug                                                                         gunner.
zone. “We‟re like little postage                                                                      At 7:20 p.m., the com-
stamps on the sea,” said Capt.                                                                      mand “Warning! Go fast go
Michael Haycock, the                                                                                fast!” roared from the
Sherman’s commanding offi-                                                                          Sherman’s intercom. The
cer. Carrying a crew of 166                                                                         helicopter crew had radi-
men and women, the Sherman                                                                          oed the cutter that it had
was on a 10-week tour of duty.                                                                      spotted the white wake of
Its route was directed by an                                                                        its target, and the chopper
                                                                                                                  (Continued on page 3)

                                                               T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

(Continued from page 2 Stalkers and Shooters Part 1)   assault at Tarawa in the Gilbert Is-       mandy in June 1944, wrote famed
                                                       lands in November 1943 that a              war correspondent Ernie Pyle, “the
faced youth with the 34th “Red Bull”                   sniper earned our nation‟s highest         Germans have gone in for sniping in
Infantry Division, expertly elimi-                     decoration. Landing just minutes           a wholesale manner. There are snip-
nated a German machine gunner                          before an avalanche of 5,000 Marines       ers everywhere. There are snipers in
who had pinned down his platoon,                       hit the island, 1st Lt. William D.         trees, in buildings, in piles of wreck-
firing a single shot at 600 yards.                     Hawkins and his 30-man scout-              age, in the grass.”
  Another “Red Bull” sniper, Pfc.                      sniper platoon wrested control of a         On multiple occasions, Audie Mur-
Gordon Bondurant, performed phe-                       500-yard-long pier.                        phy, America‟s most highly decorated
nomenally in several engagements.                       “The first to disembark,” his Medal       serviceman of WWII, was targeted by
When German machine-gun fire                           of Honor citation reported, “1st Lt.       German snipers. On Oct. 2, 1944,
blocked his unit‟s advance, he coolly                  Hawkins un-hesitantly moved for-           Murphy singlehandedly stalked a
shot the gunner, then the assistant                    ward under heavy enemy fire at the         German sniper who‟d killed several
gunner, the another three Germans                      end of the pier, neutralizing emplace-     of his comrades. Stripping off all his
in succession who manned the gun -                     ments in coverage of troops assault-       gear but his helmet and M-1 carbine,
each a one-shot kill at an estimated                   ing the main beach positions.”             Murphy crept to within 20 yards of
450 yards. On another occasion, Bon-                    Hawkins and his snipers fired hun-        the hidden gunman, shot him, and
durant “kept such accurate fire on 40                  dreds of yards up and down the             brought back his rifle. Two months
entrenched Germans that they were                      beaches, providing precision fire as       later it was reversed, with Murphy
surrounded and captured.”                              Marine battalions stormed ashore.          severely wounded by another Ger-
  When a German 88mm gun blocked                       “Spectacularly heroic,” the Marine         man sniper. Yet he returned to com-
advancing GIs at an Italian moun-                      Corps called them. “It is not often        bat to earn his Medal of Honor.
tain pass, Lt. J.K. Maupin of the 41st                 that you can credit a first lieutenant      By the war‟s close, Army and Ma-
Armd. Inf. Regt., 2nd Armd. Div., led                  with winning a battle,” said Col.          rine Corps ranks included thousands
a group of snipers and riflemen up a                   David Shoup, the regimental com-           of snipers. But America‟s atomic mo-
steep cliff until they could see the                   mander and a future Marine Corps           nopoly fostered a belief that ground
Germans, some 500 yards away. Af-                      commandant, “but Hawkins came as           wars had become obsolete. Just as
ter eliminating a machine gun crew,                    near to it as any man can.” The            after WWI, sniper schools went
Maupin‟s men (and supporting mor-                      young lieutenant was killed Nov. 21,       away, sniper slots were eliminated
tar fire) forced the artillerymen into                 his gallant sacrifice so respected that    and there was no further develop-
retreat, too, clearing the way without                 Tarawa‟s airstrip was named after          ment of sniper weapons or tactics.
losing a single man.                                   him.                                        Korea: .50-Cal. Innovation - Re-
  A Sniper‟s Medal of Honor - It                        Sniper Foes - Sniping was hardly          porting from Korea in late 1950, re-
was amid the Marines‟ amphibious                       an American monopoly. At Nor-                                                      (Continued on page 4)

                                       the U.S. has 27 separate bilateral
(Continued from page 2 Stopping Drugs at Sea)                                                     (Continued from page 1 D-Day Stirs WWII Stories)
                                       agreements with nations located in
and the ship shifted courses for the   the drug-transit zone - including Pa-                      aggregate of many things. There are
confrontation. The Sherman’s steel     nama - to expedite the approval proc-                      old houses, buildings and battlefields
stairwells rang with the sound of      ess. “Otherwise, the bad guys might                        that seem soaked with memories.
running boots as personnel prepared get away in the time it takes to get                          There are events that stopped the
to launch two swift Zodiac boats,      permission,” Haycock said.                                 clock of time. There are people who
each bearing a five-person boarding     At 9:30 p.m., the helicopter was                          lived it.
team armed with pistols and shot-      hovering 60 feet above the 35-foot-                          Some waded up the blood-soaked
guns.                                  long suspect boat. Four men were                           beach at Normandy 68 years ago.
  But more that a well-trained crew is seen on board, along with many large                       And some were suddenly plunged
needed to pull off a successful drug   plastic-wrapped bales.                                     neck-deep in history, like Sizemore
bust - the Coast                                              “We flashed our                     when he leaped from a sinking ship
Guard must re-        A Coast Guard gunner must blue lights to stop                               in the battle of Sunda Strait.
ceive permission       be able to shoot out a drug          them,” said Lt.                         Sizemore is a soft-spoken man of
from the proper         boat‟s engines - at 40 mph          j.g. Matt Van                         few words. But on a weekend when
authorities before                                          Ginkel, the heli-                     we are remembering Normandy, it
entering another nation‟s waters or    copter pilot. “We tried to hail them                       can‟t hurt to remember all the van-
boarding a vessel flying a national    over the radio.” But the boat kept                         ishing WWII veterans.
flag. The alleged smugglers were in    going, and its passengers began fran-                        Few stories capture their bravery
Panamanian territory. Fortunately,                          (Continued on page 5)                                                         (Continued on page 6)

                                                                     T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

(Continued from page 3 Stalkers and Shooters Part 1)       canny accuracy. In two days, the                     earlier had won the Wimbledon Cup
                                                           deadeye Boitnot killed nine Chinese                  at the National Rifle Association‟s
spected historian and U.S. Army                            snipers with nine rounds, at dis-                    annual matches, making him the
Brig. Gen. S.L.A. Marshall wrote,                          tances from 670 to 1,250 yards. Once                 country‟s top 1,000-yard rifle shooter.
“There is minimal use of sniper tac-                       this hit the newspapers, of course,                  Initially, Marine snipers used Model
tics among American forces. . . It is                      their commander put a stop to it. A                  70 Winchester target rifles with tar-
never systemically done by our side,                       great pre-war competitive marks-                     get scopes.
and such actual sniper tactics as em-                      man, Boitnot was thought to be the                     An early Marine graduate, Lance
ployed are usually an improvisation                        most accomplished Marine snipper of                  Cpl. Ronald Bundy of Decatur, Ill.,
of the moment by one or two indi-                          the war.                                             soon demonstrated the kind of shoot-
viduals.” A Marine report had simi-                          The greatest sniping innovation of                 ing for which scout-snipers are fa-
lar conclusions, finding that “sniper                      the Korean War was placing rifle-                    mous. While supporting a Marine
rifles issued to a Marine division are                     scopes atop .50-caliber machine guns                 company, Bundy spotted two Viet
not employed as intended.”                                 and firing these massive slugs in sin-               Cong sniper-sentries 800 yards away.
  Although the U.S. Army authorized                        gle-shot mode. This proved especially                With two shots he dropped both,
one sniper per infantry squad, or 27                       effective late in the war, when fight-               which sent a third VC running, and
per battalion, the Army offered no                         ing stabilized along facing ridgelines               he dropped him, too, at 500 yards -
training, no manuals, not even the                         with enemy positions beyond the                      three rounds, and three one-shot
criteria for selecting a sniper. One                       range of ordinary rifles. The mighty                 kills.
frustrated private wrote to American                       ‟fifty‟ rapidly penetrated enemy bun-                  In 1967, the Marine Corps fielded a
Rifleman magazine from Korea:                              kers at 1,500 or more yards.                         new sniper rifle, a modified version
“Each Army squad ends up with one                            Vietnam: Honing a Skill - As                       of the Remington Model 700 bolt-
piece of equipment that no one can                         quickly as the guns fell silent on the               action, which soon proved a reliable
use. The sniper rifle has a telescopic                     38th Parallel in 1953, sniping again                 and accurate long-range weapon.
sight, though no soldier or officer re-                    fell by the wayside. When U.S. com-                    Army divisions, too, set up sniper
ceives training in the use of this com-                    bat forces deployed in South Vietnam                 schools, with early courses run by
plicated gadget.”                                          12 years later, neither the Army nor                 the 1st Air Calvary, 101st Airborne
  By early 1952, the 5th Marine Regi-                      Marine Corps had snipers or sniper                   and 25th Infantry divisions. For lack
ment at last created a sniper school                       schools. There had been no improve-                  of better weapons, these Army snip-
in Korea, with the 1st Marine soon                         ment in sniper weapons or optics                     ers were issued obsolescent bolt-
following suit. These courses, con-                        since 1953.                                          action Springfield's and M-1D Ga-
ducted just behind the lines, gave                           As the need for snipers developed,                 rands or 3x scopes on ordinary M-
students plenty of opportunity to                          the 3rd Marine Division created a 14-                16s.
practice on real targets. Gradually,                       day course near Sa Nang in Novem-                      Finally, in 1968, the 9th Infantry
Army units, too, set up their own                          ber 1965. Some 78 snipers soon were                  Division commander, Maj. Gen.
schools in Korea.                                          trained, with plans for one scout-                   Julian Ewell - who had commanded a
  Marine Staff Sgt. John Boitnot, a                        sniper platoon in each Marine infan-                 paratroop battalion at the 1944 Bat-
sniper with the 5th Marine Regt.,                          try regiment.                                        tle of Bastogne - brought in the
developed a novel tactic for picking                         The 1st Marine Division followed                   Army‟s finest rifle instructors from
off Chinese snipers. This ‟deadly                          suit, its school set up by 1st Lt. Ed-               the Army Marksmanship Training
game,‟ as the New York Times put it,                       ward “Jim” Land, a longtime com-                     Unit at Fort Benning, Ga.
involved Pvt. Henry Friday of Ne-                          petitive rifle shooter. One of Land‟s                  The resulting course produced 72
koosa, Wis., purposely exposed fire -                      instructors, the soon-to-be-legendary                formally trained snipers who were
which Boitnot returned with un-                            Staff Sgt. Carlos Hathcock, a year
                                                                                                                                                 (Continued on page 5)

                                                                                               In Memory of
                                                           Donald R. Lewis                 Luther D. Houser           F. William McClain
                                                             Williamsport                  Montoursville             Williamsport 40/8 SOL
                                                         American Legion Post 1       American Legion Post 104

                                                          Perry L. Fenderson                   Virgil L. Hill       (Correction to last month)
                      Day is gone       From the sky         Montoursville                   Williamsport             Sebastian Mancini
                     Gone the sun         All is well
                    From the lakes       Safely rest    American Legion Post 104        American Legion Post 1               Muncy
                    From the hills       God is nigh                                    Williamsport 40/8 SOL       American Legion Post 268

                                                       T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

                                       chart below).
(Continued from page 4 Stalkers and Shooters Part 1)                            For all that was learned in Viet-
                                         Years later, however, it was real-    nam, a familiar pattern followed:
armed with a new weapon, a spe-        ized that another Marine sniper, Sgt. Marine and Army sniper slots, sniper
cially accurized version of the semi-  Chuck Mawhinney, an Oregon na-          schools and all the institutional
auto M-14 rifle and a scope that in-   tive, had scored 10 more confirmed      knowledge simple went away after
stantly reset for dead-on shooting     kills, plus another 216 „probables.”    our war ended in 1973. This pattern,
from 100 to 900 meters.                  However, the overall highest num- however, soon would change.
  Called the XM-21 System, 9th Divi- ber of confirmed kills went to an          Next Month: Part II: Afghanistan
sion snipers employed it across the    Army sniper, Staff Sgt. Adelbert        and Iraq snipers show their skills.
Mekong Delta‟s flat, open paddles      Waldron, one of Ewell‟s Mekong           Source of Chart Below: Sniper:
and wetlands to rack up impressive     Delta snipers. In addition to being     Training, Techniques and Weapons
scores, not simply by sniping but by   credited with 109 kills, Waldron also by Peter Brookesnith, p. 43.
employing silencer-equipped rifles     was the war‟s most highly decorated
and night vision devices, too.         sniper, twice receiving the nation‟s                           VFW Magazine
  In April 1969 alone, Ewell‟s snipers second highest award, the Distin-                             June / July 2009
achieved 346 confirmed kills. “The     guished Service Cross.                                Submitted by Ken Lowe
most effective single program we had
was the sniper program,” he later                             Top 9 Snipers in Vietnam
wrote with justifiable pride. The 9th
                                                 Name                    Service             Confirmed Kills
Division sniper program soon was
replicated by the 25th, 101st and      Adelbert Waldron III                Army                      109
23rd divisions, which fielded hun-
                                       Charles B. Mawhinney           Marine Corps                   103
dreds of XM-21-armed snipers across
the country.                           Carlos Hathcock                Marine Corps                    93
  The Vietnam War generated three      Dennis Reed                         Army                       68
especially accomplished American
snipers. The best-known was Marine Joseph T. Ward                      Marine Corps                   63
Gunnery Sgt. Carlos Hathcock,          Philip G. Moran                     Army                       53
whose combat achievements and con-
tinuing legacy placed him among his- Tom Ferran                       Marine Corps                    41
tory‟s greatest snipers. In Vietnam,   William Lucas                       Army                       38
the keen-eyed Arkansan achieved 93
confirmed kills, thought by many to    Gary J. Brown                       Navy                       17
have been the most of the war (see
                                      Unfortunately, the men had
(Continued from page 3 Stopping Drugs at Sea)                                                          VICE„S VOICE
                                     dumped their entire cargo, evidence                                 Events around the world and here
tically throwing the plastic bales   that the authorities would need to                                at home this past year have made me
overboard. Dechmerowski leaned out prove they were smuggling cocaine.                                  realize more than ever how much we
of the chopper to shoot off tracer   The Sherman reached the scene by                                  owe the men and women who served
warning fire - this was the Coast    11 p.m., and all hands were called up                             and are serving our country in all
Guard‟s way of giving the suspects   to deck. Crew members hung over                                   branches of the service.
one last chance to surrender. In-    the railings, using searchlights and                                We have the right to speak what we
stead, “the boat sped up and started handheld floodlights to scour the wa-                             want regarding National and World
zigzagging away,” she said. The      ter for bales. Thirteen were eventu-                              events whether we agree or disagree.
chopper followed.                    ally recovered. But Cmdr. Patrick St.                             We have the right to worship as we
  Dechmerowski picked up a .50-      John, the Sherman’s executive offi-                               please, as do those of religious beliefs
caliber rifle, a 30-pound semiauto-  cer, estimated twice the amount had                               other than our own. We have the
matic weapon. “She seemed appre-     sunk to the ocean floor. Thanks to                                right to elect those that represent us
hensive at first, “ Van Ginkel said. that one bust, over $50 million worth                             and if we don‟t approve of their ac-
“Then bam-bam-bam. She blew apart of cocaine would not be reaching                                     tions we may replace with those we
the middle engine, and it started    American streets. When Dech-                                      feel will do a better job. We are free
smoking. The boat stopped.” A few    merowski was told the figure, she                                 to walk the streets of our town with-
minutes later, the Zodiac boats with was astounded and said, “Everyone                                 out fear of Government oppression.
the Coast Guard teams arrived to     has a calling in life, and I am finally                           We have more privileges and rights
hold the suspects in place.          serving a good purpose.” Hours later,                             than any nation on God‟s green earth
                                                                               (Continued on page 6)                             (Continued on page 6)

                                                      T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

                                  military. After four years, we
(Continued from page 5 Vice’s Voice)                                                     MOWING GRASS - PRICELESS
                                  won the war but at great cost to                         I hope you can see this picture well enough
and we owe it all to those who    our military (405,399 deaths;                          of this Army soldier in Iraq with his tiny
have and are serving with Honor. 670,846 wounded; 30.314 miss-                           „plot‟ of grass in front of his tent. It‟s heart-
  Let me take you back through    ing) and when they came home -                         warming!
the wars I remember and view      they were cheered and treated                            Here is a soldier stationed in Iraq, sta-
this Nation‟s attitude toward our with admiration and respect.                           tioned in a big sand box. He asked his wife to
Veterans.                           And now Korea (1950-1953)                            send him dirt (US soil), fertilizer, and some
  World War II (1941-1945)        just five years later when we                          grass seed so that he can have the sweet
ended after four years and a      were still recovering from World                       aroma, and feel the grass grow beneath his
great effort by the military and  War II. Once again as young peo-                       feet. When the men of the squadron have a
civilian population. Everyone     ple are called upon to serve but                                                         mission that
helped. Our parents worked in     this time it is to fight to protect                                                      they are going
Defense plants, volunteered for   another country from oppression.                                                         on, they take
hometown projects, and served as After three years of bitter fight-                                                        turns walking
air raid wardens and airplane     ing, an armistice is signed but                                                          through the
spotters. As youngsters, we took not before we again suffered                                                              grass and the
flattened steel cans to school,   great loss to our military. (36,526                                                      American soil -
saved aluminum foil from ciga-    deaths; 92,134 wounded, 4,759                                                            to bring them
rette and gum wrappers, spent     missing). After secession of hos-                                                        good luck. If
our lunch money on savings        tilities most of our combat and                                                          you notice, he
stamps and even collected milk    support troops came home, but                                                            is even cutting
weed pods to be used in the       not to a big celebration. When my                                                        the grass with
manufacture of life jackets. We   ship docked at San Francisco - no                                                        a pair of scis-
were eager and proud to do eve-   band, no celebration. People were                                                        sors.
rything we could to support our                          (Continued on page 7)
                                                                                                                                 E-mail, JD

(Continued from page 5 Stopping Drugs at Sea)                                                    (Continued from page 3 D-Day Stirs WWII Stories)

                                         For every success, the Sherman’s
Panamanian authorities arrived to      crew faces plenty of frustration.                         better than the Houston, known as
take away the suspects and the evi-    Sometimes, the intelligence doesn‟t                       “The Galloping Ghost of the Java
dence. The boat‟s captain, Dionisio    pan out. On the fall patrol, the cutter                   Coast.”
Beltran, turned out to be a much-      spent four days monitoring a Costa                         In late February 1942, the heavy
wanted reputed smuggler.               Rican fishing boat. Investigators at                      cruiser Houston was the biggest
 On its fall patrol, the Sherman’s     JIATF-South were fairly certain the                       American warship in a small group
crew made several other big scores,    boat had drugs. But when the                              of British, Dutch and Australian de-
halting a fishing boat holding 4,885   Sherman’s teams finally boarded the                       stroyers and cruisers that guarded
pounds of cocaine and five other go    vessel, they found nothing after                          the Dutch East Indies. A Dutch ad-
fasts that Dechmerowski disabled by searching for hours.                                         miral was in command of the task
shooting out their engines. In total,    Questions haunted Lt. Krystyn Pe-                       force when the Island of Java was
the Sherman’s interdicted and esti-    cora, the Sherman’s head of opera-                        invaded by a Japanese armada. He
mated $1.3 billion worth of cocaine in tions, the next morning: Had the                          ordered his hugely outnumbered fleet
10 weeks.                              Coast Guard missed the drug ship-                         to attack.
 Despite these successes, Haycock      ment? Was the boat acting as a decoy                       As they tried to sink a convoy of
acknowledged that the flow of co-      to distract the Americans as a ship-                      troop ships, several ships sailing
caine to the U.S. is never ending.     ment was snuck past? Or were the                          with the Houston were sunk or crip-
“We‟re stopping drugs,” he said, “but men on the fishing boat truly inno-                        pled in the Battle of the Java Sea.
we‟d be even more effective with       cent?                                                     One of the Houston’s turrets was
more modern equipment.” (The Coast “All of those are possible,” said                             knocked out, leaving just six of its
Guard received $1.2 billion for drug   Chief Warrant Officer Michael Jolly                       nine eight-inch guns.
interdiction in 2009.) One good sign: of the Sherman. “Out here everyone                          Left without destroyer escorts and
Cocaine‟s street price in our country on both sides is very good at what                         no air support, low on fuel and am-
has recently doubled, said the DEA‟s they do.”                                                   munition, the Houston and the Aus-
Nicholas Kolen, which shows that                                                                 tralian light cruiser Perth were or-
some of the traffickers‟ supply lines                       Parade Magazine                      dered to attack again - and they
have been disrupted by antidrug pa-                         January 31, 2010
                                                                                                                                         (Continued on page 7)

                                                   T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

(Continued from page 6 Vice’s Voice)) no meaning to the hundreds of thou-             draped caskets arriving weekly at
                                      sands who only did their duty as they           Dover Air Force Base - each and
tired of war and many didn‟t know     saw fit. Again they had to fight for            every one of us should thank our
where Korea was. We were dis-         recognition as a Veteran.                       Heavenly Father that there are those
charged and forgotten. Korean vets     Now its 1990 and the Gulf War                  who willingly give their all to protect
were not allowed many of the privi-   (1990-1991) and we are again in an              our freedom. We are still committed
leges of the V.A. because we were not action to protect another country.              to this war and suffering casualties
in a war. After many years and much Fortunately, thanks to some brilliant             (4,328 deaths; 46,132 wounded, 1
work by our Representatives, we fi-   military strategy, Desert Storm was             missing). The Dictionary defines a
nally became eligible.                over quickly with few casualties (300           Veteran as “A person who has served
  Along came 1964 and Vietnam         deaths; 467 wounded; 11 missing).               a long time”. My definition is “Those
(1964-1973) a war many Americans When they came back - they were                      who have served our country unsel-
didn‟t want and went to great ex-     hailed as heroes and rightly so. Now            fishly and with Honor” and deserves
tremes to show it. Once again our     again we‟re proud of our Veterans.              our gratitude and respect.
men and women were called upon in      It is a new Century and a new war,               Freedom is not FREE. It is earned
large numbers to fight for another    Iraq (2001 to present) and we are               by the blood of many. Show your sup-
country‟s freedom, many to die or be again deeply involved in another                 port, THANK A VET!
crippled for life (58,209 deaths;     country and again our men and                     God bless America and our troops.
153,303 wounded; 2,489 missing).      women are called up to what is called
Finally the America government re- a “War on Terrorism.” Americans get                          Bill Emig, Vice-Commander
alized we can‟t win and called it     behind our military and support our                           Korean War Veterans of
quits. Again, our troops come home    troops like they did in WWII. The                               Lycoming County, Inc.
and again instead of being cheered    troops coming home, many missing                                    The
and honored - they are scorned,       arms and legs and other problems
                                                                                                            January 1, 2010
called baby killers, ignored and even are welcomed as true heroes. And we
spit upon. Now the word Veteran has again are allowed to view the flag                            Submitted by Buddy Herr

                                         March 1. Perth had sunk about 20
(Continued from page 6 D-Day Stirs WWII Stories)                                      he said. “Nobody knew what an atom
                                         minutes previously. Last view of ship        bomb was but one guy who had been
stumbled into an ambush by the           illuminated by Japanese destroyer            to college. He said, ‟I know what that
main Japanese fleet as it unloaded       was American flag still waving in            is. They‟ve probably blown the damn
troops.                                  defiance as she rolled on side.”             world up.‟ We thought the world was
 Abandoning any chance to run for          Sizemore became a POW. “Those 3            coming to an end.”
safety, the Houston and Perth were       1/2 years were pretty miserable for            Instead, his long ordeal was coming
bottled up in Bantam Bay at the          me. I try to forget about it.”               to an end.
Sunda Strait. As they fired on troop-      He was forced into hard labor in the         “I had it figured out that they were
ships and smaller warships, the          Burma jungle, building the “Death            going to kill us all. If they hadn‟t
Perth was torpedoed and sank             Road” railroad and the famous bridge         dropped that bomb, I wouldn‟t be
shortly after midnight. As a dozen       on the River Kwai.                           alive.” This weekend honors D-Day
submarines, heavy cruisers and de-         More than 1,000 men were aboard            and the liberation of Europe. But
stroyers blasted the USS Houston at the Houston when she sank. Only                   half a world away, the war churned
point-blank range, she began to sink. 368 survived. And only 278 made it              on for more than a year.
 Capt. Albert Rooks gave the order       out of the POW camps. “These deaths            Sizemore has been to reunions for
to abandon ship, then was killed by a were due to malaria, dysentery,                 USS Houston survivors at a memo-
shell. After the war, he was awarded tropical ulcers, beriberi and pellagra,          rial in Sam Houston Park in Hous-
the Medal of Honor.                      complicated by overwork and malnu-           ton, Texas, where a ship‟s bell lists
 “I was in fire control, and had con-    trition,” Navy records say. But most         his name with 1,060 others. “There
trol of 8-inch guns,” Sizemore said.     of the world didn‟t know what hap-           aren‟t many of us left,” he said.
“We were shooting at everything.”        pened to the Houston. Her survivors            He remembers hearing about Nor-
 From U.S. Navy records: “Japanese were all captured and the rest of the              mandy, too.
destroyers also machine-gunned           fleet was sunk or fled before the final        “It‟s one of the few times I cried in
quarterdeck and port hanger causing battle.                                           my life.”
great loss of life. Final hit was deliv-   Sizemore remembers hearing about                           The Mighty Monty News
ered on portside by torpedo boat         the bombing of Hiroshima.                                                   June 2009
which caused ship to roll on star-         “Somebody used stove parts to
board beam and sink about 0030           make a radio so we could get news,”

                                                T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

     Excerpt from the
     The Lycoming Vet

     From the office of
     the Lycoming
     County Office of
     Veterans Affairs


HERE‟S WHY                                      ONCE in a BLUE MOON
  The 21-gun salute, now a ceremonial honor,     Believe it or not, this phrase is not just a whimsical saying used
has practical origins. In the 14th century,     when expressing any unusual happening but actually refers to a
ships entering foreign harbors began dis-       condition of the moon, which on certain rare occasions assumes a
charging their guns toward the sea to show      bluish color. It was last reported by the British Navy in 1883.
friendly intentions. Because cannons of the
era took about 20 minutes to reload, a single   BREAD TIE WRAPS
firing rendered them temporarily useless,    When you go to buy bread in the grocery store, have you ever won-
according to Fleet Forces Command.          dered which is the freshest, so you „squeeze‟ for freshness or soft-
  To conserve ammunition, the British passedness? Did you know that bread is delivered fresh to the stores five
regulations limiting ships to firing seven  days a week? Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
shots. Forces on the shore, which had more  Each day has a different color twist tie. They are:
guns and ammunition, were permitted to                  MONDAY = BLUE           TUESDAY = GREEN
respond to the approaching ship with three                THURSDAY = RED          FRIDAY = WHITE
times the number, or 21.                                          SATURDAY = YELLOW
  The gesture is now a symbolic honor re-    So if today is Thursday, you would want a red twist tie; not white
served for U.S. presidents, foreign chiefs of
                                            which is Fridays (almost a week old). The colors go alphabetically
state, or visiting royalty, according to theby color. Blue - Green - Red - White - Yellow. Monday through Sat-
U.S. Army Center of Military History.       urday (except Wednesday). Very easy to remember.
                                             I published this in May 2009 in the Veterans Gazette and some
              Navy Times , February 1, 2010 people have had a hard time remembering the days with the colors.
                    Submitted by Ken Lowe So here is a reprint - cut out a stick to your refrigerator - ok Angie.

                                                  T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

     American Legion Riders Post 251                                                 American Legion Riders Post 36
            Montgomery, Pa.                                                                Jersey Shore, Pa.

                  Meetings                                                                       Meetings
           2nd Sunday of each month                                                      3rd Thursday of each month
                   5:00 pm                                                                        7:00 pm
          Montgomery Legion Post 251                                                     Jersey Shore Legion Post 36
               March 14th                                                                     March 18th

                      LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS                                                    Or contact
                                                                                       Terry Warren (Montgomery) 447-
           Must be a member of                 (Jersey Shore Riders).
        The American Legion,                                                                        2204
                                              Can be a driver or rider.                 Hoot Budinger (Jersey Shore)
     American Legion Auxiliary or
     Sons of the American Legion.       Must have a valid drivers license.                   MEMBERSHIP $12
     Bike must be 350cc or better                                                         (Plus a one time purchase
                                              Come to a meeting and                         fee of patches for the
        (Montgomery Riders),                 see what we are about !!!
         or a 250cc or better                                                               Jersey Shore Riders.)

     American Legion Riders
            Post 251                         Adopt-a-Child Ride                                  9/11 Ride
     2010 Schedule of Rides                     June 19th - 9am                           September 11th - 1:30pm
                                          Montgomery American Legion                     Montgomery American Legion
          Camp Courage /                                                                   We will ride as a group.
         Brennan Kilbourn                     Ride for the Vets
          April 24th - 9am                      July 24th - 9am                       EOS Therapeutic Riding Stables
     Montgomery American Legion           Montgomery American Legion                       September 18th - 9am
         Rain date April 25th                                                           Hughesville American Legion
                                         Legion Riders 251 Poker Run                     Rain date September 19th
      MSG Sean Thomas Ride                     August 21st - 9am
          June 25th - 9am                 Montgomery American Legion                             Flight 93 Ride
       Muncy American Legion                 Rain date August 22nd                    Ride to the Memorial site of Flight 93

                                       IMPORTANT NOTICE:                               PLEASE NOTE: Any unauthorized
     American Legion Riders              The Pennsylvania American Legion             Rider Chapters who hold themselves
                                       Riders Corporation is a legal corpora-         out to be a Legion Rider Chapter in
             Post 36
                                       tion within the Commonwealth of                Pennsylvania is in violation of State
      2010 Schedule of Rides                                                          Corporate Law. Therefore, they hold
                                       Pennsylvania. Therefore, “ALL”
                                       members of The American Legion,                themselves out for legal action as
       Fallen Soldier Dice Run         Auxiliary, and Sons of The American            well as the sponsoring Post.
            May 16th - 9am             Legion who are sponsored by a Post              Contact the Pennsylvania American
     Jersey Shore American Legion      and wish to start a Charter as a Le-           Legion Riders Corporation for fur-
                                       gion Rider Chapter MUST be author-             ther Information.
      3rd Annual BBQ Chicken           ized by The Pennsylvania American
              Poker Run                Legion Riders Corporation.
           August 14th - 9am             All applications and rosters must be          American Legion Riders
     Jersey Shore American Legion      sent to The Pennsylvania American                        Post 36
                                       Legion Riders for approval and Char-           Quarterly Meeting March 6
                                       ter authorization. These Chapters                   at Jersey Shore
    Complete Ride Information can      will receive an official Charter and
    be found at both Rider web-sites   be kept informed of all Pennsylvania
                                                                                          American Legion
              listed above.            Riders information.
                                                  T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

ASBESTOS INFORMATION                     ness that are a result of exposure to       again.
  On February 3, I received this e-      asbestos, a material that was used in        Carl Jewett
mail and was very shocked to say the     hundreds of military applications,           Mesothelioma Center
least. I have since emailed the writer   products, and ships primarily be-  
to get permission to publish his email   cause of its resistance to fire.
and he was grateful for my support         The Mesothelioma Center provides            Before I replied to his email, I vis-
and gave permission. His email fol-      a complete list of occupations, ships,      ited the site for authenticity and
lows:                                    and shipyards that could have put           found there is a lot of useful and im-
  Hi,                                    our Veterans at risk for developing         portant information. When you visit
  My name is Carl Jewett and I‟m the     asbestos-related diseases. In addi-         the site - follow the left hand side
Veteran Liaison for the Meso-            tion, they have thousands of articles       down to Asbestos Exposure and click
thelioma Center (; an       regarding asbestos and meso-                - then click on Veterans & Meso-
organization devoted to assisting vet-   thelioma and they‟ve even created a         thelioma.
erans through their application proc-    veterans-specific section on their            I am very honored to pass this in-
esses for VA benefits, and helping       website in order to help inform them        formation along to my readers and
them obtain the maximum benefits         about the dangers of asbestos expo-         especially fellow veterans.
for which they are entitled. I‟m also    sure.
                                                                                       At the beginning when I said I was
the Executive Director of the Veter-       Because so many veterans visit            shocked to receive this email I was
ans Assistance Network, and a re-        your site, I thought that you may be        referring to someone outside my
tired Lieutenant Commander in the        interested in helping to educate our        readers saw the Veterans Gazette on
US Navy. While I was browsing            nation‟s veterans about the dangers         the web-site. WOW
through a number of Veterans sites I     of asbestos exposure by linking to our
came across your website and was         website from your resources page at
                                                                                                   Submitted by Sue Lowe
very impressed by the information Please let
you have listed.                         me know. I‟m available by email at
                                With your          ** This will be added to the Links
  Countless veterans are currently
                                         help, we can save some lives. Thanks        page on the Veterans Gazette web
suffering from life-threatening ill-
                                                                                     site at
THE STAMP                                teen of my lymph nodes. I pondered          said earnestly, “I know you‟ll be back
  Like most elementary schools, it       whether or not to tell the students         because now it‟s our turn to take care
was typical to have a parade of stu-     about my diagnosis.                         of you.”
dents in and out of the health clinic      The word breast seemed so hard to           No one could have ever done a bet-
throughout the day.                      say out loud to them, and the word          ter job. The kids sent me off to my
 We dispensed ice for bumps and          cancer seemed so frightening. When          fist chemotherapy session with a hi-
bruises, Band-Aids for cuts, and lib-    it became evident that the children         larious book of nausea remedies that
eral doses of sympathy and hugs. As      were going to find out one way or           they had written.
principal, my office was right next      another, either the straight scoop            A video of every class in the school
door to the clinic, so I often dropped   from me or possibly a garbled version       singing get-well songs accompanied
in to lend a hand and help out with      from someone else, I decided to tell        me to the next chemotherapy ap-
the hugs. I knew that for some kids,     them myself.                                pointment.
mine might be the only one they got        It wasn‟t easy to get the words out,        By the third visit, the nurses were
all day.                                 but the empathy and concern I saw           waiting at the door to find out what I
 One morning I was putting a Band-       in their faces as I explained it to         would bring next. It was a delicate
Aid on a little girl‟s scraped knee.     them told me I had made the right           music box that played “I Will Always
Her blonde hair was matted, and I        decision. When I gave them a chance         Love You.”
noticed that she was shivering in her    to ask questions, they mostly wanted          Even when I went into isolation at
thin little sleeveless blouse. I found   to know how they could help.                the hospital for a bone marrow trans-
her a warm sweatshirt and helped           I told them that what I would like        plant, the letters and pictures kept
her pull it on. “Thanks for taking       best would be their letters, pictures,      coming until they covered every wall
care of me,” she whispered as she        and prayers.                                of my room.
climbed into my lap and snuggled up        I stood at the gym door as the chil-        Then the kids traced their hands
against me.                              dren solemnly filed out. My little          onto colored paper, cut them out and
 It wasn‟t long after that when I ran    blonde friend darted out of line and        glued them together to make a free-
across an unfamiliar lump under my       threw herself into my arms. Then            standing rainbow of helping hands.
arm. Cancer, an aggressively spread-     she stepped back to look up into my         “I feel like I‟ve stepped into Disney-
ing kind, had already invaded thir-      face. “Don‟t be afraid, Dr. Perry,” she                              (Continued on page 11)

                                                  T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

STATIC ELECRICITY                        fumes.                                       researched 150 cases of these fires.
  Here‟s some reasons why we don‟t         Mobile phones that light up when            His results were very surprising:
allow cell phones in operating areas,    switched on or when they ring re-             1. Out of 150 cases, almost all of
propylene oxide handling and storage     lease enough energy to provide a             them were women.
area, propane, gas and diesel refuel-    spark for ignition.                           2. Almost all cases involved the
ing areas.                                 Mobile phones should not be used in        person getting back in their vehicle
  The Shell Oil Company recently         filling station, or when fueling lawn        while the nozzle was still pumping
issued a warning after three inci-       mowers, etc.                                 gas. When finished, they went back
dents in which mobile phones (cell         Mobile phones should not be used,          to pull the nozzle out and the fire
phones) ignited fumes during fueling     or should be turned off, around other        started, as a result of static.
operations.                              materials that generate flammable             3. Most had on rubber-soled shoes.
  In the first case, the phone was       or explosive fumes or dust, (i.e., sol-       4. Most men never get back in their
placed on the car‟s trunk lid during     vents, chemicals, gases, grain dust,         vehicle until completely finished.
fueling; it rang and the ensuing fire    etc.)                                        This is why they are seldom involved
destroyed the car and the gasoline         To sum it up, here are the:                in these types of fires.
pump.                                      Four Rules for Safe Refueling               5. Don‟t ever use cell phones when
  In the second, and individual suf-       1. Turn off engine                         pumping gas.
fered burns to their face when fumes       2. Don‟t smoke                              6. It is the vapors that come out of
ignited as they answered a call while      3. Don‟t use your cell phone - leave       the gas that cause the fire, when con-
refueling their car!                     it inside the vehicle or turn it off.        nected with static charges.
  And in the third, an individual suf-     4. Don‟t re-enter your vehicle dur-         7. There were 29 fires where the
fered burns to the thigh and groin as    ing fueling.                                 vehicle was re-entered and the nozzle
fumes ignited when the phone, which        Bob Renkes of Petroleum Equip-             was touched during refueling from a
was in their pocket, rang while they     ment Institute is working on a cam-          variety of makes and models. Some
were fueling their car.                  paign to try and make people aware           resulted in extensive damage to the
  You should know that:                  of fires as a result of ‟static‟ electric-   vehicle, to the station, and to the cus-
  Mobile Phones can ignite fuel or       ity‟ at gas pumps. His company has                                    (Continued on page 12)

(Continued from page 10 The Stamp)       you‟re back!” she called. “See, I toldadditional 11 cents will go to breast
                                         you we‟d take care of you!”           cancer research. A „normal‟ book
land every time I walk into this          As I hugged her tight, in the back ofcosts $8.80. This one is only $11.00.
room,” my doctor laughed.                my mind I faintly heard my music      It takes a few minutes in line at the
 That was even before the six-foot       box playing. . . “I Will Always Love  Post Office and means so much. If all
apple blossom tree arrived adorned       You.”                                 stamps are sold, it will raise an addi-
with messages written on paper ap-                                             tional $35,000,000 for this vital re-
ples from the students and teachers.     Subject: Breast Cancer Stamp Book- search. Just as important as the
What healing comfort I found in be-      let                                   money is our support.
ing surrounded by these tokens of         We need those of you who are great     What a statement it would be if the
their caring.                            at forwarding on information to       stamp outsold the lottery this week.
 At long last I was well enough to       please pass this on. It would be won- What a statement it would make
return to work. As I headed up the       derful if 2010 were the year for a    that we care.
road to the school, I was suddenly       cure for breast cancer was found!!!!    I urge you to do two things TODAY:
overcome by doubts. What if the kids     The notion that we could raise $35      1. Go out and purchase some of
have forgotten all about me? I won-      million by buying a book of stamps is these stamps.
dered, What if they don‟t want a         powerful! As you may be aware, the      2. Tell your friends and family to do
skinny bald principal? What if?          US Postal Service has the “Fund the the same.
  I caught sight of the school mar-      Cure” stamp to help fund breast can-    Many of us know women and their
quee as I rounded the bend.              cer research. The stamp was de-       families whose lives are turned up-
“Welcome Back, Dr. Perry,” it read.      signed by Ethel Kessler of Bethesda, side-down by breast cancer.
As I drew closer, everywhere I looked    Maryland. It is important that we       It takes so little to do so much in
were pink ribbons - ribbons in the       take a stand against this disease     this drive. We can all afford the 55
windows, tied on the doorknobs, even     that affects so many of our mothers, cents.
up in the trees. The children and        sisters, friends, coworkers, and
staff wore pink ribbons, too.            spouses of coworkers.                                             E-mail, CWW
 My blonde buddy was first in line to     Instead of the normal 44 cents for a
greet me. “You‟re back, Dr. Perry,       stamp, this one costs 55 cents. The
                                                                    T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

             Extreme Sudoku                                         Seek and FInd                      A   V   G   W    U    I   O    E    K   H

                                                                    BIZARRE             GUITAR
 4                                            6     3                                                  T   R   J    E   S    D   F    R    F   G

                 8        6      7       2                                                             S   N   A    C   K    B   A    R    Y   M
                                                                    BOXCAR              JAGUAR
                 1                       5               7
                                                                                                       C   I   G    A   R    Y   R    A    Y   E
 8       4       9                       3          1
                                                                       CAR                  JAR        Z   G   U    I   T    A   R    Z    I   M
 7                        1      6       4               3
                                                                                                       A   J   A    R    I   R   Q    I    S   O
         1                9                   4     5    2
                                                                     CIGAR              MEMOIR
                                                                                                       R   O   R    P   N    G   X    B    C   I
 2                        3                   9
                          7      5       9    3                                                        S   D   R    E   B    O   X    C    A   R
                                                                      CZAR                SCAR
         9       3                                       8                                             P   U   Y    R   E    E   C    A    R   W

 In this Extreme Sudoku, the shaded di-                                                                W   V   D    E   W    Y   Y    O    C   M
agonals must also contain the numbers 1-9.                             FAR               SNACK
Answer on page 21

(Continued from page 11 Static Electricity)       NEW DRIVING LAW                                       It is a fairly new law that states if any
tomer.                                              Important law to share.                            emergency vehicle is on the side of the
 8. Seventeen fires occurred                        I wanted to let my friends know about              road, if you are able, you are to move into
before, during and immedi-                        the move over law. A police car (turned              the far lane. The cost of the ticket was
ately after the gas cap was                       out it was 2 police cars) were on the side           $754, with 3 points on your license and a
removed and before fueling                        of the road giving a ticket to someone               mandatory court appearance.
again.                                            else.                                                 It is true (see details at the following
 Mr. Rekes stresses to                              My son slowed down to pass but did not             web site). It states that except for two
NEVER get back into your                          move into the other lane. The second po-             states (NY & Maryland), all the other US
vehicle while filling it with                     lice car immediately pulled him over and             states (even Canada) enacted similar
gas.                                              gave him a ticket. My son and I had                  kind of law.
 If you absolutely HAVE to                        never heard of the law.                     
get in your vehicle while the                                                                                                         E-mail, CWW
gas is pumping, make sure
                                                  JURY DUTY SCAM                              warrant. Give out any of this information
you get out, close the door
TOUCHING THE METAL,                                 Just FYI. It appears to be true, too. I‟m and bingo, your identity was just stolen.
before you ever pull the noz-                     forwarding this just as a reminder that      The fraud has been reported so far in 11
zle out. This way the static                      identity thieves are always trying new      stats, including Oklahoma, Illinois, and
from your body will be dis-                       methods to separate us from our private, Colorado. This swindle is particularly
charged before you ever re-                       personal data. We can‟t be too careful in   insidious because they use intimidation
move the nozzle.                                  this technology age!                        over the phone to try to bully people into
 As I mentioned earlier, The                        This has been verified by the FBI (their giving information by pretending they
Petroleum Equipment Insti-                        link is also included below). It is spread- are with the court system.
tute, along with several                          ing fast so be prepared should you get       The FBI and the federal court system
other companies now, are                          this call. Most of us take those sum-       have issued nationwide alerts on their
really trying to make the                         monses for jury duty seriously, but         web sites, warning consumers about the
public aware of this danger.                      enough people skip out on their civic duty fraud.
You can find out more infor-                      that a new and ominous kind of fraud has Check it out:
mation by going to                                surfaced.                          Once there,                           The caller claims to be a jury coordina-  206.htm
click in the center of the                        tor. If you protest that you never received And here:
screen where it says ‟Stop                        a summons for jury duty, the scammer
Static‟.                                          asks you for your Social Security number p
                    E-mail, JG                    and date of birth so he or she can verify                                E-mail, CWW
                                                  the information and cancel the arrest
                                                 T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

WILL ROGERS                              tric fence and find out for them-          way. I‟ve traveled a long way, and
  Simply but brilliant and full of       selves.                                    some of the roads weren‟t paved.
truths!! Enjoy!                            9. Good judgment comes from ex-           4. When you are dissatisfied and
 Will Rogers, who died in a 1935         perience, and a lot of that comes          would like to go back to youth,
plane crash with his best friend,        from bad judgment.                         think of Algebra.
Wylie Post, was probably the great-        10. If you‟re ridin‟ ahead of the         5. You know you are getting old
est political sage this country ever     herd, take a look back every now           when everything either dries up or
has known.                               and then to make sure it‟s still           leaks.
 Enjoy the following:                    there.                                      6. I don‟t know how I got over the
 1. Never slap a man who‟s chewing         11. Lettin‟ the cat outta the bag is     hill without getting to the top.
tobacco.                                 a whole lot easier‟n putting‟ it back.      7. One of the many things no one
 2. Never kick a cow chip on a hot         12. After eating an entire bull, a       tells you about aging is that it is
day.                                     mountain lion felt so good he              such a nice change from being
 3. There are two theories to arguing started roaring. He kept it up until          young.
with a woman . . . Neither works.        a hunter came along and shot him.           8. One must wait until evening to
 4. Never miss a good chance to shut Moral: When you‟re full of bull, keep          see how splendid the day has been.
up.                                      your mouth shut.                            9. Being young is beautiful, but
 5. Always drink upstream from the         About Growing Older . . . .              being old is comfortable.
herd.                                      1. Eventually you will reach a            10. Long ago, when men cursed
 6. If you find yourself in a hole, stop point when you stop lying about            and beat the ground with sticks, it
digging.                                 your age and start bragging about          was called witchcraft. Today it‟s
 7. The quickest way to double your it.                                             called golf.
money is to fold it and put it back        2. The older we get, the fewer            11. If you don‟t learn to laugh at
into your pocket.                        things seem worth waiting in line          trouble, you won‟t have anything to
 8. There are three kinds of men:        for.                                       laugh at when you are old.
The ones that learn by reading. The        3. Some people try to turn back
few who learn by observation. The        their odometers. Not me; I want
rest of them have to pee on the elec-                                                                         E-mail, DL
                                         people to know „why‟ I look this

according                                                    Dan was a single guy living at home with his father and
to Maxine                                                  working in the family business.
  So you‟re a                                               When he found out he was going to inherit a fortune when
senior citizen                                             his sickly father died, he decided he needed to find a wife
and the gov-                                               with whom to share his fortune.
ernment says                                                One evening, at an investment meeting, he spotted the
NO health                                                  most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her natural beauty
care for you,                                              took his breath away.
what do you                                                 “I may look just like an ordinary guy,” he said to her, “but
do?                                                        in just a few years, my father will die and I will inherit $200
 Our plan gives anyone 65 years or older a gun and         million.”
4 bullets. You‟re allowed to shoot 2 senators and 2         Impressed, the woman asked for his business card and
representatives.                                           three days later, she became his stepmother.
 Of course, this means you will be sent to prison.          Women are so much better at financial planning than men.
There you will get 3 meals a day, a roof over your
head, free cable TV, and all the health care you
need! New teeth, no problem Need glasses, great.                                                           FINANCIAL
New hip, knees, kidney, lungs, heart? All covered.                                                         PLANNING
 And who will be paying for all of this? The same
government that just told you that you are too old
                                                                                                           Long Term:
for health care.
                                                                                                            The car is
 Plus, because you are a prisoner, you don‟t have to
pay income taxes anymore.

                                                 T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

                                                    List of Winners                                      NUMBRIX
                                                                                    Complete 1-81 so the numbers follow a horizontal or vertical
     An Irish Friendship Wish                                                               path. (NO diagonals.) Answers Page 21

                                                    N.E.R.A.                        45 44 37 36                1      8      9    12 13
           May there always be work       Naval Enlisted Reserve Assoc.             46                                                  14
             for your hands to do;           Susquehanna Chapter
            May your purse always                                                   47                                                  15
                                             Drawing held January 30th
               hold a coin or two.                                                  48                                                  20
                                                      1st Prize                     49                                                  21
May the sun always shine                  Mike Paulhamos, Picture Rocks
 on your windowpane;                                                                54                                                  24
                                                      2nd Prize
May a rainbow be certain                   Scott Chrismer, New Columbia             55                                                  25
  to follow each rain.                                3rd Prize                     60                                                  74
                                           Tom Gonow, So. Williamsport
             May the hand of a friend                                               61 62 63 64 79 78 77 76 75
                                                      4th Prize
               always be near you;        Ron Organtono, So. Williamsport
             May God fill your heart                  5th Prize                     51           57           61            81          75
              with gladness to cheer      William Ashton, So. Williamsport
                you.                                  6th Prize                     49                                                  73
                                                   YBC - Tom P.
                                                      7th Prize
                                                   Garrett Bowes                    43                                                  33
                                                      8th Prize
                                                Gary Byers, Danville
                                                      9th Prize                      3                                                  23
                                                Joe Stutz, Kulpmont
                                                                                     5            7           13            17          21

ST. PATRICKS DAY                             Patrick was about sixty years old when he
                                                                                                          UP & DOWN WORDS
   The festive holiday has everyone wear- arrived in Ireland and it is said he had a
ing green and chatting of four leaf clovers, winning personality that helped him with               Clues:                (answer on page 21

shamrocks, lucky leprechauns, and kiss-      converts. He used the shamrock, which                  1. _____ Fitzgerald ________
ing some big rock called a blarney stone.    resembles a three-leafed clover, to help
  Did you know that Saint Patrick‟s name explain the concept of the Trinity (father,                2. Home to performing arts in
at birth was Maewyn Succat? He was           son, holy spirit).
born somewhere near the end of the             Patrick was arrested several times, but              3. Hockey rink‟s middle
fourth century and took on the name Pat-     escaped each time. He traveled through-
                                                                                                    4. ______ _______ parlor
rick or Patricus, after he became a priest, out Ireland, establishing monasteries and
much later in his life. At the age of six-   setting up schools and churches to aid in              5. Sweet carbonated beverage
teen Maewyn was kidnapped from the           converting the Irish country to Christian-
                                             ity.                                                   6. Soft drink
native land of Britain, by a band of pi-
rates, and sold into slavery in Ireland.       Legend has it that Saint Patrick drove               7. Madonna‟s genre
Maewyn worked as a shepherd and              all the snakes out of Ireland. Evidently,
turned to religion for solace. After six     they all went into the sea and drowned.                1. JOHN
long years of slavery he escaped to the      The snake is a pagan symbol and perhaps
northern coast of Gaul.                      this is a figurative tale explaining that he           2.
  In Gaul, Maewyn became Patrick (a          drove paganism out of Ireland.
more Christian name) and studied in the        Patrick‟s mission in Ireland lasted for
monastery under St. Germain, bishop of       thirty years. He then retired to County
Auxerre for twelve years. He came to be-     Down and dies on March 17 in 461 A.D.
lieve it was his calling to convert the pa-  That day has been commemorated as St.                  5.
gans of Ireland to Christianity.             Patrick‟s Day ever since. The first year it
  St. Palladius was appointed to go to Ire- was celebrated in this country was 1737                 6.
land first but transferred to Scotland two in Boston where “Everybody is Irish!”
years later, opening the door for Patrick.                                                          7.                           MUSIC

                                                           T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

WHO 2?                                during his lifetime. His books were                          One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue
Dr. Seuss Biography                   famous for their funny thymes and                            Fish (1960). His story How the
  Perhaps the 20th century‟s most     whimsical characters; among Seuss‟s                          Grinch Stole Christmas (1957) was
famous author for children, Dr.       most famous titles are The Cat in the                        made into 1966 animated TV special
Seuss wrote and illustrated nearly 50 Hat (1957), Green Eggs and Ham                               and a 2000 feature film. Dr. Seuss
books of quirky children‟s verse      (1960), Horton’s a Who (1954) and                            was awarded a special Pulitzer Prize
                                                                                                   in 1984.
                                                                                                    Name at Birth: Theodor Geisel
                              M A R C H          2 0 1 0                                            Birth: March 2, 1904
 Special message from Shirley Hite, Montgomery Post 251, with remaining letters.                    Birthplace: Springfield, Mass.
                                                                                                    Death: September 24, 1991
           BAGPIPES                FOUR LEAFED                    POTATOES

     BLARNEY STONE                      GREEN                          RAIN
                                                                                                                        The Lost
           CABBAGE                      HOPE                          RIVER                                            DR. SEUSS
           CASTLE                      IRELAND                        SAINT                                              Poem
            CELT                        IRISH                   SEVENTEENTH
                                                                                                                    I love my job, I love
           CHICAGO                     IRISHJIG                  SHAMROCK
                                                                                                                           the pay!
            CORK                        KILTS                   SHILLELAGH                                            I love it more and
       CORN BEEF                         KISS                    SHOEMAKER                                              more each day.
                                                                                                                    I love my boss, he is
            DRUMS                  LEGENDARY                         SHYNESS
                                                                                                                           the best!
           DUBLIN                  LEPRECHAUN                  SPRING BEGINS                                       I love his boss and all
             ELF                        MONK                         SPRITE                                                the rest.
     ERIN GO BRAUGH                     MUSIC                         STEW
                                                                                                                 I love my office and its
            EYES                   PALM SUNDAY                 ST PATRICKS DAY                                           location,
            FAIRY                      PARADE                        THREE                                        I hate to have to go on
           FLOWERS                     PASSOVER                       UNITY
                                                                                                I love my furniture, drab and grey,
F     A      I   R   Y    A    D   S     K   C    I   R    T     A     P     T     S     P     And piles of paper that grow each day!
L     O     D    H   A    P    H   G     A   L    E   L    L     I    H      S     A     A
O     C     U    E   D    A    R   A     P   N    P   E    Y     S     I     S     I     L           I think my job is really swell,
                                                                                                  There‟s nothing else I love so well.
W     O     B    R    S   F    A   I    U    N    N   T   H      K     S     E     N     M
                                                                                                    I love to work among my peers,
E     R      L   R    L   N    I   A     R   O    P   Y    A     O     L     V     T     S     I love their leers, and jeers, and sneers.
R     N      I   E   G    E    H   Y     T   I    N   U    V     E     S     E     T     U
                                                                                                 I love my computer and its software;
S     B     N    V   R    C    A   S     R   E    I   E   G      N    B     N      C     N
                                                                                                   I hug it often though it won‟t care.
C     E     K    I   E    S    Y   F     S   S    R   E    I     K    A      T     D     D         I love each program and every file,
A     E     A    R   E    E    Y   S     E   A    N   G    R    W     G      E     N     A    I‟d love them more if they worked a while.
S      F     P   D   N    M    D   O     E   D    E   O    E     E     P     E     R     Y
                                                                                                   I‟m happy to be here. I am. I am.
T     E     N    R   U    R    T   O     A   B    C   P    J     T     I    N      E     O
                                                                                              I‟m the happiest slave of the Firm, I am.
L     Y     A    S   U    A    G   R     G   S    O   L    T     S     P     T     K     H       I love this work, I love these chores.
E      L     I   M    T   A    Y   N     P   H    K   N   O     M     E     H      A     K      I love the meetings with deadly bores.
B     C      S   O   C    T    I   R     E   L    A   N   D      V     S     E    M       I
                                                                                                    I love my job - I‟ll say it again -
S      S     P   I    L   R    I   R     I   S    H   J    I     G    E      P     E     L
                                                                                                    I even love those friendly men.
E     R     H    E    P   T    I   N     E   G    A   B    B     A    C      R     O     T     Those friendly men who‟ve come today,
Y     C     C    S   E    E    E   R    H    T    K   C   O      R    M      A     H     S     In clean white coats to take me away !!!
E     R      I   N   G    O    B   R     A   U    G   H   G      I    R      I     S     H
                                                     T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

                                                                                        TXTPERT                  Theme:      JOBS

                     BUTTERY             CRANBERRY BROWN                                   1           2            3           4

                      BROWN               SUGAR COOKIES

                     COOKIES                2 cups dark brown sugar                                                 6

                                              1 cup softened butter
               1 cup butter                            2 eggs                                          7

          3/4 cup sugar, divided               1/2 cup sour cream
          1/2 dark brown sugar                    3 1/2 cups flour
                    1 egg                       1 tsp. baking soda

               1 tsp. vanilla                        1 tsp. salt
                2 cups flour                     1 tsp. cinnamon
      1/2 cup finely ground pecans               1/2 tsp. nutmeg
                 1 tsp. salt                  1/4 tsp. ground cloves                              9

           1/2 tsp. baking soda        1 cup dried cranberries or cherries
                                               1 cup golden raisins
                                                                                        Use the phone keys to decode the clues. For example
 Cream butter with 1/2 cup sugar                                                        2 could be A, B or C…. And 5678 could be LOST
and the dark brown sugar. Beat in          Heat oven to 400* f. Lightly
 egg and vanilla. Combine dry in-       grease cookie sheets. Beat butter                  Across          Down
gredients in a separate bowl then      and sugar till light and fluffy. Add
                                       eggs and sour cream and beat till                3. 2433        1. 2265983
stir into creamed mixture. Cover
 and refrigerate for 20 minutes or      creamy. Stir together flour, bak-               5. 2665        2. 269269
        until easy to handle.           ing soda, salt and spices. Gradu-
                                                                                        7. 266543      4. 36446337
  Roll into 1-inch balls and roll in   ally add to sugar mixture, beating
  remaining sugar; place 2 inches      till well mixed. Stir in cranberries             8. 86962537    6. 668279
apart on ungreased baking sheet.       and raisins. Drop by rounded tea-                               Answer on page 21
                                                                                        9. 529937
 Flatten with the bottom of a flat       spoonfuls onto prepared sheets.
   bottom glass, dipped in sugar.       Bake 8 to 10 minutes till lightly
Bake at 350* for 10 to 12 minutes       browned. Remove from sheets to
                                             racks to cool completely.                   Can you draw two straight lines across the
     or until edges are slightly
                                                                                                                    face of the clock
 browned. Cool brown sugar cook-                                                                                    to make three
         ies on a wire rake.                                                                                        groups of four
        Makes about 5 dozen.                                                                                        numbers on the
                                                                                                                    dial that add up
                                                                                                                    to 26?
                    THANK               WHO DAT, WHO DAT, WHO                                                        Here‟s an exam-
                                                                                                                    ple of a line with
                                         DAT SAY GONNA BEAT
                      YOU                                                                                           six numbers.
                                           DEM SAINTS ???
                                                                                                                           Answer on
       To all the volunteers and                  NO ONE
                                                                                                                            page 21
     patrons for your contributions
                                         Thank you to all who made the
     and support for the following:
                                              Superbowl Party‟s                                        SPECIAL THANK YOU
                                              fun and exciting at
       American Legion Riders                                                                                 TO ALL WHO
              Post 251
                                            American Legion Riders                                         VOLUNTEERED,
         Sweetheart Dance
                                             Post 251, Montgomery
       Muncy American Legion
                                                             Muncy Legion
              Post 268                                                                     AND PARTICIPATED IN THE
                                                               Post 268
       Valentine‟s Day Dance
                                                                                                  BARB SEESE BENEFIT
                                                               40/8 SOL
        Muncy VFW Post 3428                                                               AT MUNCY LEGION POST 268
        Valentines Day Dinner
                                           T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

                                                                               7       8             3       6
      AMERICAN                                    AMERICAN                             5             4       7     1
       LEGION                                      LEGION
                                                                                                 2   6
       POST 268                                    POST 251
        MUNCY                                    MONTGOMERY                            3             7   2   8             4
                               HAM                                                                   9
     MARCH 20TH                                       MARCH 27TH
                              RAFFLES                                          6             8   3   5             7
      7PM - 10PM                                       6PM - 8PM
                                                                                                     8   3
                                                                                       2     3       1             6
                                MUNCY AMERICAN LEGION                                        1       2             5       7
                                    S.A.L. sponsored
                                                                                   S       A             1   5         3
                                  POOL TOURNAMENT                                  U       S                 4
                                “DOUBLE ELIMINATION”                               D       e                 3     4
                                                                                   O                 3   5
                 (All) LEGION MEMBERS ONLY                                                 Pg
                                                                                   K                     6
                At Muncy American Legion Post 268                                  U             2       4   6
                     March 6th - 11:30 am
                    Registration: 11:00-11:45am                                            WORD ROUNDUP
                          $10 per person
                                                                              D P I G H X S C R A N E
    1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Prizes                                             V E Z C A O E H E Z T M
  (payout depending on number of                                              W Z E R A F R L E Y W A
              registries)                                                     O M B R F M L S E E O E
 League rules without ball in hand.
     Contact David Neary (570) 971-1745                                       C E I A Z E E K E Z P R
                                                                              Z K R L Z K N L S E A C

       on the                                                                 Z I X A K O B U T T E R
        WEB                                                                   G J G J D Y O G U R T B
      the Veterans Gazette                SPRINT CUP                                       Find and Circle . . .                    SERIES                            Ten animals
                                            Schedule                           with hooves
       How many of my                                                         Four dairy products
      LOYAL READERS                                                           Bird that sounds like a machine
     noticed the changes to        March 7th                Atlanta
                                                                              North, Irish, Black, Dead or
         The Veterans
          Gazette ????                                                         Baltic
                                   March 21st                Bristol
                                                                              The square root of four
       Front Page design           March 28th           Martinsville
       Print throughout

                                                  T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

On the Lighter Side . . . . . . .         At 48 - She tells you a story to avoid     Meet Marvin
                                        going to bed.
 * A 6 year old and a 4 year old are      At. 58 - You stay in bed to avoid her
upstairs in their bedroom. The 6 year story.
old asks, “You know what? I think         At 68 - If you take her to bed, that‟ll
it‟s about time we start cussing.” The be a story.
4 year old nods his head in approval.
                                          At 78 - What story? What bed? Who
The 6 year old continues, “When we
                                        the hell are you?
go downstairs for breakfast, I‟m
gonna say something with hell and
you say something with ass.”             * I was shopping at the local super-
                                        market where I selected:
  The 4 year old agrees with enthusi-
asm.                                      A half-gallon of 2% milk
  When the mother walks into the          A carton of eggs
kitchen and asks the 6 year old what      A quart of orange juice                     My wife asked me if a certain
he wants for breakfast, he replies,       A head of lettuce                          dress made her butt look big.
“Aw, hell, Mom, I guess I‟ll have         A 2 lb. can of coffee                       I told her not as much as the
some Cheerios.”                           A 1 lb. package of bacon                   dress she wore yesterday.
  WHACK! He flies out of his chair,       As I was unloading my items on the          And then the fight started . . . .
tumbles across the kitchen floor, gets conveyor belt to check out, a drunk
up, and runs upstairs crying his eyes standing behind me watched as I
out, with his mother in hot pursuit,    placed the items in front of the cash-       counter and gave it to Donald.
slapping his rear with every step. His ier. While the cashier was ringing up          The clerk asked, “Would you like
mom locks him in his room and           the purchases, the drunk calmly              me to put them on your bill?”
shouts, “You can stay there until I let stated, “You must be single.”                 “No!” Donald quacked, “I‟ll thuffo-
you out!”                                 I was a bit startled by this procla-       cate!”
  She then comes back downstairs,       mation, but I was intrigued by the
looks at the 4 year old and asks with derelict‟s intuition, since I indeed
                                                                                      * Last year I replaced all the win-
a stern voice, “And what do YOU         had never found Mr. Right.
                                                                                     dows in my house with that expen-
want for breakfast, young man?”           I looked at the six items on the belt      sive double-pane energy efficient
  “I don‟t know,” he blubbers, “but     and saw nothing particularly un-             kind, and today, I got a call from the
you can bet your fat ass it won‟t be    usual about my selections that could         contractor who installed them.
Cheerios!”                              have tipped off the drunk to my
                                                                                       He was complaining that the work
                                        marital status . . .
                                                                                     had been completed a whole year ago
 * Taking a woman to bed - What is        Curiosity getting the better of me, I      and I still hadn‟t paid for them.
the difference between girls/women      said, “Yes, you are correct. But how
                                                                                       Hellloooo, . . . . . . . Just because I’m
aged 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68 and 78? on earth did you know that?”                  blonde doesn‟t mean that I am auto-
  At 8 - You take her to bed and tell     The drunk replied, “Cause your             matically stupid.
her a story.                            ugly.”
                                                                                       So, I told him just what his fast
  At 18 - You tell her a story and take                                              talking sales guy had told me last
her to bed.                              * Donald Duck and Daisy Duck were           year, that in ONE YEAR these win-
  At 28 - You don‟t need to tell her a  spending the night together in a ho-         dows would pay for themselves!
story to take her to bed.               tel room and Donald wanted to have             Helllooooo? It‟s been a year! I told
  At 38 - She tells you a story and     sex with Daisy.                              him.
takes you to bed.                         The first thing Daisy asked was,             There was a silence at the other end
                                        “Do you have a condom?”
                            LIFE                                                     of the line, so I finally just hung up.
                                          Donald frowned and said, “No.”
                       THOUGHTS                                                        He never called back. I bet he felt
                              of          Daisy told Donald that if he didn‟t        like an idiot.
                                        get a condom, they couldn‟t get to-
                                        gether intimately.
                                                                                      * An Irish woman of advanced age
                                          “Maybe they sell them at the front         visited her physician to ask his ad-
                           I have
                                        desk,” she suggested. So Donald went         vice in reviving her husbands libido.
                                        down to the lobby and asked the ho-
                     But when it gets tel clerk if they had condoms.                   “What about Viagra?” asked the
                         bad, I take                                                 doctor.
                     something for it. “Yes, we do,” the clerk said and
                                        pulled a box out from under the                                      (Continued on page 19)

                                                    T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

(Continued from page 18)                   almost had an affair with another
                                           woman.”                                                                   Is it
  “Not a chance.” she said. “He won‟t       The priest said, “What do you mean                                 true that you
even take an aspirin.”                     almost?”                                                             never really
  “Not a problem,” replied the doctor.       The Irishman said, “Well, we got                                     learn to
“Give him an „Irish Viagra‟. It‟s when     undressed and rubbed together, but                                      swear
you drop the Viagra into his coffee.       then I stopped.”                                                         until
He won‟t even taste it. Give it a try        The priest said, “Rubbing together                                       you
and call me in a week to let me know       is the same as putting it in. You‟re                                     learn
how things went.”                          not to see that woman again. For                                      to drive?
  It wasn‟t a week later when she          your penance, say five Hail Mary‟s
called the doctor, who directly in-        and put $50 in the poor box.”
quired as to her progress. The poor          The Irishman left the confessional,
dear exclaimed “Oh, faith, bejaysus        and then walked over to the poor box.
and begorrah! T‟was horrid! Just ter-      He paused for a moment and then           * A man wakes up one morning to
rible, doctor!”                            started to leave.                        find a bear on his roof. So he looks in
  “Really?” What happened?” asked                                                   the yellow pages and sure enough,
                                             The priest, who was watching,
the doctor.                                                                         there‟s an ad for “Bear Removers.”
                                           quickly ran over to him saying, “I
  “Well, I did as you advised and          saw that. You didn‟t put any money         He calls the number, and the bear
slipped it into his coffee and the ef-     in the poor box!”                        remover says he‟ll be over in 30 min-
fect was almost immediate. He                                                       utes. The bear remover arrives, and
                                             The Irishman replied, “Yeah, but I
jumped straight up, with a twinkle in                                               gets out of his van. He‟s got a ladder,
                                           rubbed the $50 on the box, and ac-
his eye and with his pants a bulging                                                a baseball bat, a shotgun and a mean
                                           cording to you, that‟s the same as
fiercely! With one swoop of his arm,                                                old pit bull.
                                           putting it in!”
he sent me cups and tablecloth fly-                                                   “What are you going to do?” the
ing, ripped me clothes to tatters and                                               homeowner asks?
                                            * A couple made a deal that whoever
took me then and there passionately        died first would come back and in-         “I‟m going to put this ladder up
on the tabletop! It was a nightmare, I     form the other of the afterlife… Their   against the roof, then I‟m going to go
tell you, an absolute nightmare!”                                                   up there and knock the bear off the
                                           biggest fear was that there was no
  “What . . Why was it so terrible . .                                              roof with this baseball bat. When the
                                           after life at all.
Was it not good?” asked the doctor.                                                 bear falls off, the pit bull is trained to
                                             After a long time together, the hus-
  “Holy jaysus, t‟was the best time                                                 grab his testicles and not let go. The
                                           band was the first to die. True to his
I‟ve had in 25 years! But sure as I‟m                                               bear will then be subdued enough for
                                           word, he made the first contact,
sitting here, I‟ll never be able to show                                            me to put him in the cage in the back
me face in Starbucks again!”                                                        of the van.”
                                             “Is that you, Joe?”
                                                                                      He hands the shotgun to the home-
                                             “Yes, I‟ve come back like we
 * A married Irishman went into the                                                 owner.
confessional and said to his priest, “I                                               “What‟s the shotgun for?” asks the
                                             “That‟s wonderful! What‟s it like?”    homeowner.
                                             “Well, I get up in the morning. I
                                                                                      “If the bear knocks me off the roof,
                                           have sex. I have breakfast and then
                                                                                    shout the dog!”
                                           it‟s off to the golf course . . . I have
                                           sex again, bathe in the warm sun . .
                                                                                     * In a recent survey requested by
                                           .and then have sex a couple of more
                                                                                    President Obama, African Americans
                                           times. Then I have lunch (you‟d be
                                           proud, lots of greens) another romp      have proven to be the most likely to
                                           around the golf course . . . Then        have had sex in the shower.
                                           pretty much have sex the rest of the       In the survey, carried out for him,
                                           afternoon. After supper, it‟s back to    by a leading toiletries firm, a huge
                Little Johnny
                                           the golf course again. . . Then it‟s     majority, 86% of African Americans,
                                           more sex until late at night. I catch    said that they have enjoyed sex in
         Little Johnny, what do you                                                 the shower.
call a person who keeps on talking         some much needed sleep and then
                                           the next day it starts all over again.”    The other 14% said they hadn‟t
when people are no longer inter-
                                             “Oh, Joe are you in Heaven?”           been to prison yet.
 Little Johnny:                              “No . . . I‟m a rabbit in Arizona.”
         A teacher

                                                       T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

                                                    MONTHLY MEETINGS

          MUNCY POST 268                           MONTGOMERY POST 251                           MONTOURSVILLE POST 104

           1st Monday @ 7:00 pm                       1st Wednesday @ 6:30 pm                      1st & 3rd Wednesday @ 8:00 pm
            Active, BOD, Social                               Active                                           Active

          2nd Monday @ 7:00 pm                         1st Thursday @ 7:00 pm                           2nd Wednesday @ 7:30 pm
                 SAL                                            SAL                                             SAL

          Last Monday @ 7:00 pm                       2nd Wednesday @ 6:30 pm                          1st Thursday @ 7:00 pm
                Auxiliary                                    Auxiliary                                        Auxiliary
                                                                                                   (not January, February or July)

        MUNCY VFW POST 3428                                40 / 8 SOL Club                             2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 8:00 pm

         1st Wednesday @ 8:00 pm                      2nd Wednesday @ 7:00 pm                               Board of Directors
                 Active                                       Active

         2nd Wednesday @ 7:30 pm                               Same for the                            MONTGOMERY POST 251
             Board of Directors                                  Cabana                                   LEGION RIDERS

                                                                                                         2nd Sunday @ 5:00 pm
          3rd Monday @ 7:00 pm                      GET INVOLVED                                       JERSEY SHORE POST 36
                Auxiliary                         ATTEND MEETIMGS                                         LEGION RIDERS

                                                                                                         3rd Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Veterans Organization
      Meetings        American Legion 16th District May 22 (more info to follow)
                                              May 1                        16th District Testimonial        Lycoming County Veterans
                                    6pm Dinner, 7pm Meeting                       Dinner for                      March 23rd
 American Legion Lycoming
                                   Potter Post 192, Coudersport            16th District Commander           Montoursville American
                                                                               Carl Olschefskie                  Legion Post 104
       March 18th
                                             June 19th                      American Legion Post 1
                                        Tioga Post 235, Tioga                    Williamsport
  American Legion Post 36


        March                     2nd                                   T H A N K   Y O U
     Montgomery              PLAY                                          Jim Devine &
       Legion                OFFS                                        The Jersey Shore
                                                                         American Legion
     Muncy Legion           BEGIN
                                                                          Post 36 Riders
                                                                        for your donation,
      Muncy VFW                                                     it is greatly appreciated.

                                             WOMEN„S POOL LEAGUE

        March                     1st                  8th                          15th               22nd                      29th

     Muncy Legion           Away at                  Away at                     Away at           Home vs.               Home vs.
                           Muncy VFW                  Tivoli                    Log Cabin          Womers             Hughesville Legion

     Muncy VFW             Home vs.                 Home vs.                     Home vs.         Away at                   Away at
                          Muncy Legion              Log Cabin                     Tivoli      Hughesville Legion             Angus

                                                               T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

                                                                                                        AMERICAN LEGION POST 104
                  AMERICAN LEGION POST 104                                                                  MONTOURSVILLE

                       AIR RIFLE TEAM

                                                                                                     To host a BUS
                                                                                                        TRIP to
                                                 November 2, 2009                                   WASHINGTON,
                                                  until April 2010,                                       DC
                                               accepting new shooters

                  Children 12 to 18 years of age
                                                                                                                    APRIL 2010
                         male or female.                                                                      Tentatively 2nd Saturday
                                                                                                                   $55 per person
            The program is FREE.                                                                                Contact Bob Snauffer
           We supply everything.                                                                                    570-368-8739
                 Shooting at
         Consolidated Sportsmen of                                                                  7    8     9   5   3     1       6       4       2
             Lycoming County,
     every Monday and Tuesday, 6pm to                                                               2    5     6   8   4     9       7       1       3
                         8pm.                                                                       3    1     4   2   6     7       9       8       5
               Come one or both days.
                                                                                                    1    3     5   6   7     2       8       9       4
              Bruce Mathieu at 570-435-0686 or                                                      4    7     2   1   9     8       5       3       6
             Mike Speacht at cell 570-916-5390 or
                       570-368-1656.                                                                6    9     8   3   5     4       2       7       1

                                                                                                    5    6     7   4   8     3       1       2       9
4    7   2    8   9       1   6   3   5          UP & DOWN WORDS
                                                                                                    9    2     3   7   1     5       4       6       8
5    3   8    6   7       2   1   4   9       1. JOHN                 Kennedy                       8    4     1   9   2     6       3       5       7
9    6   1    4   3       5   2   8   7       2. Kennedy              Center
                                                                                          WORD ROUNDUP                                   6       4       1       5       2   3
8    4   9    5   2       3   7   1   6       3. Center               Ice                 Camel Giraffe Butter
                                                                                                                                         5       2       3       4       1   6
7    2   5    1   6       4   8   9   3
                                              4. Ice                  Cream               Cow           Horse      Cream
3    1   6    9   8       7   4   5   2                                                                                                  1       6       2       3       4   5
                                                                                          Deer          Pig        Milk
                                              5. Cream                Soda                                                               4       3       5       1       6   2
2    5   7    3   1       8   9   6   4                                                   Donkey        Sheep      Yogurt
                                              6. Soda                 Pop                                                                3       1       6       2       5   4
6    8   4    7   5       9   3   2   1                                                   Gazelle       Zebra
1    9   3    2   4       6   5   7   8       7. Pop                 MUSIC                                                               2       5       4       6       3   1
                                                                                          Crane         Sea        Two

                  Answer: One line runs from a point between 2 and 3 to a point between 10 and 11.                                    Answers to all
                  Another line runs from a point between 4 and 5 to a point between 8 and 9. This
                  creates three groups of four numbers : 1 + 2 + 11 + 12 = 26; 3 + 4 + 9 + 10 = 26; 5
                                                                                                                                     puzzles on pages
                  + 6 + 7 + 8 = 26. (Ignore the dashed line in the answer clock to the left.)                                        12, 14, 16 & 17.

45 44 37 36           1       8   9   12 13            51 52 57 58 61 62 81 76 75                                  A             C               C           H       E       F

46 43 38 35           2       7   10 11 14             50 53 56 59 60 63 80 77 74                                  C   O         O       K                           N
47 42 39 34           3       6   17 16 15             49 54 55 66 65 64 79 78 73                                  O             W               N                   G
48 41 40 33           4       5   18 19 20             48 47 46 67 68 69 70 71 72
                                                                                                                   L             B       O       O           K       I       E
49 50 51 32 31 30 29 22 21                             43 44 45 38 37 36 35 34 33
                                                                                                                   Y             O               T                   N
54 53 52 67 68 69 28 23 24                             42 41 40 39 28 29 30 31 32
                                                                                                                   T   O         Y       M       A           K       E       R
55 56 57 66 81 70 27 26 25                             3   2     9     10 27 26 25 24 23
                                                                                                                   E                             R                   E
60 59 58 65 80 71 72 73 74                             4   1     8     11 14 15 18 19 22
61 62 63 64 79 78 77 76 75                             5   6     7     12 13 16 17 20 21                                 L       A       W       Y           E       R
                                            T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

     Williamsport 40/8 SOL               40/8 Highland Lake                            Muncy VFW

          SOL 40/8 Shirts
          Crewneck $14                   CLOSED MONDAY & TUESDAY                      MONDAY - FRIDAY
          With Collar $18
                                                                                                    Daily Lunch
              *****                         Conservation Committee                                   Specials
                                          Meets 2nd Sunday each month
          License Plates                             at 9am
       LYCOMING COUNTY                       ALL members welcome                              *****
          VOITURE 382
       WILLIAMSPORT, PA                                *****                          Every FRIDAY NIGHT
                                                       BREAKFAST BUFFET
                                                         EVERY SUNDAY               FREE
              *****                                        8am - noon                Pool

        KARAOKE                             WEDNESDAY NIGHTS
         MARCH                                  5pm - 9pm
          20th                               THIRSTY THURSDAY                               TWILIGHTERS
       9pm - midnight                                                                            Every
                                           FRIDAY NIGHT                                     THURSDAY NIGHT
                                              DINNER                                           6PM—9PM

               Montoursville                       SUNDAY                                     *****
                 Legion                       40 CENT W I N G S
                                                                               “F I R S T S U N D
                 Post 104                                         2                   A Y‟S”
               Post 104 Commander                                              Operation Enduring
                                                              3pm - 8pm
  R. Mike Speacht is proud to an-                                                  Freedom.
 nounce our partnership with the                                                Suggested items
  Old Navy Store at the Lycoming                       *****                             list at the club.
  Mall to raise money for the Wil-
                                       HAPPY HOUR WED - FRI 4pm - 6pm                NEED NAMES OF
liam & Cordell Page Family Fund.                                                 MEN & WOMEN DEPLOYED
  We will have donation collection                                               OR SERVING STATE SIDE
   jars set up in the Legion until                     *****
  March 5th. On March 6th, from            HIGHLAND LAKE MANOR                                *****
 12:00pm til 4:00pm, we will be at                 T-SHIRTS
  Old Navy in the Lycoming Mall                       $15                                        BAND
   hosting a bake sale and fund-              MOUNTAIN SHIRTS
 raiser. K&K Sound Systems will                         &
  be providing entertainment dur-               SWEATSHIRTS                                       March 21
             ing the event.                     Zip Up $35.00
                                                Pull Over $27.00                                  1pm - ????
We are asking out Loyal Members
                                             L O T S OF COLORS                                    Host Band
    for donations of baked goods
 which will be sold on March 6th,                                                                Back Rhoads
 also monetary donations are wel-                          TO ALL
come. Baked goods can be dropped                          SERVICE
  off at Post 104 on Friday, March                       MEMBERS                         #20 & #48
                  5th.                                  AT HOME OR                  would like to tell the
   The Commander and Post 104                            OVERSEAS                    world that LISA of
 would like to thank everyone who                                                   Post 104 is the most
 has & will help during this event.
    It is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!       THANK YOU                                 beautiful woman in
                                                                                        the universe.
                                                T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

           Muncy Legion                      Montgomery Legion                                Montoursville Legion

            FRIDAY NIGHT                        FRIDAY NIGHT                                                    CHEF
           DINNER SPECIALS                                                                                     Deb Bennett
               5pm - 8pm                    DINNER SPECIAL
                                               HADDOCK                                                         Welcomes You
                    March                     5pm — 8pm
 5th      Chicken & Biscuits
12th      Seafood Basket                                                                             Every
          (shrimp, crab cake,                              *****                                   TUESDAY
19th      Pork Chops                                          EVERY
                                                                                                    MUG DAY
26th      Ham Steak                                       SUNDAY MORNING
                                                            8am - 11:30am                                *****
                     *****                                                                           Kitchen open
                                                            *****                              Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
 FRIDAY NIGHT BAND SCHEDULE                                                                          Closed Sundays
          8pm—11pm                                 Every TUESDAY
                       March                    Pizza                                                   New Club hours
               5th     Custom Classics        5pm to 11pm                                           Sun - Thurs 11am-11pm
              12th     Stone Cold Country
                                                                                                     Fri & Sat  11-midnite
              19th     Top Shelf
              26th     Old School               Every WEDNESDAY
                                                                        FREE Pool
                  *****                                                  ALL day                   DAILY LUNCH SPECIALS
                                                                         & night
        March 14th                                                                                         *****
           $5 Day
                                                   TACO NITE                               Friday Night Specials
      GOOD TIMES                                    5 pm - 10 pm                                 March
                                                                                           5th   Ham Loaf
                                                 Every THURSDAY
                                                                                          12th   Meatloaf
                                                                                          19th   Spaghetti
                    *****                                                                 26th   Haddock
     Tuesday thru Friday Lunch Specials       Kitchen last order 9:45 pm
                                                  Closes at 10:00 pm                                       *****

                    *****                               MUNCY LEGION                               Saturday Lunch Specials
                                                          POST 268                                   March
                                                                                             6th     Vegetable Soup w/Grilled
                                                       SOCK HOP                                      Cheese
                       MUG DAY                         March 27th                         13th       Potato Soup w/Ham Spread
                                                   8pm - 11pm                             20th       Goulash w/Hot Dog
                                             DJ - Wolfman Ken (Lowe)                      27th        Chicken Noodle w/Pork BBQ

                                             AMERICAN                                                      AMERICAN
 SUNDAY MORNING                               LEGION                                                        LEGION
                                              POST 268                                                      POST 251
                                               MUNCY                                                      MONTGOMERY
                8am - 11am
                                             MARCH 20TH                            RAFFLES                  MARCH 27TH
                                              7PM - 10PM                                                     6PM - 8PM
                                                         T HE V E T E R A NS G A ZE T T E

         The Muncy,
      Montgomery and                                                                                                       The
  Montoursville Legions,                Note from Editor:                                                            American Legion
     Muncy VFW and the
40/8 SOL Club are excellent              I would like to thank the veteran organizations and some
                                                                                                                           National Headquarters
                                        readers for their contributions to the Veterans Gazette.
   locations for your next                                                                                              700 N. Pennsylvania Street
 catered and non-catered                                                                                                  Indianapolis, In. 46204
                                         Monetary Donations:                         Personal Donations:                       317-630-1200
 events, receptions, birth-              * Muncy Legion Post 268                     * Karen Herr
  day parties, picnics, etc.             * Muncy VFW Post 3428                       * Jim Divine &                     American Legion Family
Call for details and prices.             * Montoursville Legion Post 104               Jersey Shore Legion
                                         * Williamsport 40/8 SOL Club                  Riders Post 36                                     Auxiliary
                Muncy Legion                                                                                                           317-955-3845
                570-546-5210             Stories:                                                                        
                   Angie                 * Shirley Hite                                                                 
                                         * And the many readers who send me e-mails.
                                                        Thank you !!!
                                                                                Sue Lowe
     570-547-2039                                                                                                                   National American
         Mike                                                                                                                          Legion Riders
                                                                                                                                    Information Center
                                   Note from the Editor:                                                                
                                    If you have something you would like published, (stories, recipes,
                Montoursville      cartoons, jokes, puzzles, etc.) send to me at:                                               Montgomery
                  Legion                                                                                                     American Legion
                                                                                                                                  Post 251
                570-368-9000                        Sue Lowe
                    Lisa                            528 Ruben Kehrer Rd., #131
                                                    Muncy, Pa. 17756                                                           Jersey Shore
                                                                                                                             American Legion
     Muncy VFW                                      Or e-mail me at                                    Post 36
                                                    All submissions must be in writing.                          
         Lori                              Now can also be sent on the web-site‟s contact page,
                                                                                       The Veterans Gazette
                                                                                                                     Monthly Report
                 Williamsport             All articles, suggestions or comments will be published
                      40/8                              at the discretion of the editor.                            January issue
                 570-322-1670                      Thank you for your continued support.                            Printing           12     hrs
                      Bob                                                                                           Sorting & Stapling 1 3/4 hrs
                                                                              Editor . . . . . . . . . . Sue Lowe
                                                                                                                    Delivery            1 1/2 hrs
                                                                                                                             Total     15 1/4 hrs

                                                                                                                    February Issue
     DD-214‟s ACCESSIBLE ON-LINE                                           DEADLINE FOR THE
                                                                                                                    E-mails               8 1/4 hrs
                                                                           VETERANS GAZETTE
     National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) is making                      ARTICLES for                           Research Articles     4     hrs
      it easier for veterans with computers and internet                                                            Editing              20 1/2 hrs
                                                                                                                    Proof Reading         3     hrs
      access to obtain copies of their military documents.                       APRIL issue                                 Total       35 3/4 hrs
       Military veterans and the next of kin of deceased
                                                                                  March 20th
       military members may use a new online military
                                                                                                                    Total Hours          51      hrs
        personal records system to request documents,
                                                                               NO LATER THAN
                       including DD-214s.
                                                                                  March 26th                        Expenses
                                                                                                                    Printing            $119.63                                         Thank you to all my loyal
                                                                             ‟cub reporters‟.                       Donations           $ 135.00

                                                                   The Veterans Gazette            Easy to ENLARGE              The Veterans Gazette
                                                                         Web site                         print                     web-master
                                                                                                    COLOR pictures               MELISSA WALLIS
                                                                       NEVER MISS an issue
                                                                                                    Printable pages             The Calendar and any                                                                               added pages will not
                                                                                                                                appear on the web-site.


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