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Anna Howells                                     Maintaining our position as an Ofqual-accredited awarding body requires continual
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                                                 our procedures and, therefore, the quality of the services CIEH provides to centres and
Mick Sharp                                       trainers. The results of our Ofqual post-accreditation monitoring audit, which took
Art Editor                                       place last year, are due to be published soon and we have just submitted our self-
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                                                 assessment return for this year. We are expecting formal approval of our position as a                                 Component Awarding Body to be given in the summer and this will further add to our
Designers                                        status as one of the leading awarding bodies for vocationally-related qualifications.
Rhona Green
Jon Heal
                                                    As well as working hard to maintain and develop our position as an awarding body
Zoë Simek                                        we have been continuing to develop qualifications – see page 15 for information on
Rebecca Waite                                    the new Level 2 Award in Cleaning in Food Premises.
                                                    We understand the pressures that impact on centres and trainers and the tensions
Tracy Beardwell                                  that can exist in the dual role many of you perform as educators and business
Samuel Blake                                     managers. It is always a challenge to reconcile competing demands, perhaps even
Christine Clark
Stella Collins
                                                 more so in a recession, but we believe, as Heather Harwell argues on page 3, that
Simon Gannon                                     excellence in training helps trainers to develop good reputations and, thereby,
Kitty Gould                                      maintain and develop business.
Helen Hartropp
Heather Hartwell
                                                    To support you in developing your training skills, the Events Team (see pages 10–11)
Pauline Joyce                                    are planning a series of events designed to encourage learners to participate actively
Valerie de Kergorlay                             in the learning process. To find out more about ‘brain friendly’ learning or accelerated
Nikki Pearson
                                                 learning and our new DVD see pages 13–14.
                                                    Simon Gannon offers some marketing tips to steal a march on your competitors
                                                 (see page 17) and WebWatch identifies a useful book and website to help good
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                                                                                                                  Spring 2009 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | 1
               Trainers’ news

               CAMPAIGNS                                                                                                       DIPLOMAS

               Food Safety Week –                                                                                              Becoming a
               focus on Listeria                                                                                               Awarding
                                                                                                                               Following the launch of the new
                                                                                                                               14–19 Diplomas CIEH submitted
                                                                                                                               to QCA to become approved as a
                                                                                                                               Component Awarding Body (CAB).
                                                                                                                                  Initial approval was awarded in
                                                                                                                               November 2007 and full approval
                                                                                                                               will be given in the summer
                                                                                                                               following a number of technical
                                                                                                                               updates to our exam processing
                                                                                                                               systems. These changes are being
                                                                                                                               made so we can communicate
                                                                                                                               effectively with the Diploma
                                                                                                                               Aggregation Service – the service
                                                                                                                               that confirms the award of a
                                                                                                                                  CAB status will enable us to
                                                                                                                               add CIEH qualifications to the

                                                                                                                               Additional and Specialist Learning
                                                                                                                               (ASL) catalogues for each relevant
               This year’s Food Safety Week ,        poisoning have been decreasing,     temperature                              This will mean that Diploma
               organised by the Food Standards       Listeria cases have doubled since   ● follow storage instructions on      candidates can choose to take one
               Agency and supported by CIEH,         2001.                               the label                             or more CIEH qualification and
               runs from 15 to 21 June.                 Although the numbers are         ● don’t eat food past its ‘use by’    put the credit gained towards their
                  The focus is on food hygiene       relatively low, the death rate is   date.                                 overall Diploma.
               advice for the over 60s, due to the   higher than from Salmonella and
               increasing incidence of Listeria in   E. Coli O157 combined.              Further information can be            For further information please
               this age group.                          The key messages are:            found on the FSA website              visit
                  While many other types of food     ● keep fridges at the right
                                                                                                                               Ofqual self-
               Ofqual post accreditation                                                                                       assessment
               monitoring audit report                                                                                         As part of our regulatory
               At the time of writing we are still   trainers – that is, candidate ID.   body, all must put measures in        monitoring we are required to
               awaiting the final report on our         PLEASE NOTE – this is a          place to confirm and record the       submit a self-assessment return
               post accreditation monitoring         requirement of ALL awarding         identification of candidates before   each year, which has just been
               audit that took place last year.      bodies and so, contrary to the      they take examinations. (See p. 16    submitted.
                  It has, however, now been          claims of one new awarding          for further information.)                Part of our annual self-
               checked for factual accuracy and                                                                                assessment is to review various
               further discussions have taken                                                                                  types of feedback from our centres
               place to agree the final outcome.     Your view counts                                                          and trainers, from comments
                  It appears that the final report                                                                             about the registration process
               will contain seven (fortunately       Do you have something to say        you. We want to make Trainers’        through to feedback on exam
               very minor) conditions that we        about Trainers’ Exchange?           Exchange work for you.                questions.
               will need to address through an         Do you have any ideas for           Do please email your                   We actively encourage you,
               agreed action plan.                   articles that you would like to     comments and/or suggestions           therefore, to provide us with
                  One of these conditions relates    appear in a future issue?           to the Editor, Anna Howells:          regular comment, both good and
               to an issue that has prompted a         If so, we’d love to hear from                    bad, on all aspects of our service
               lot of feedback from centres and                                                                                and products.

               2 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | Spring 2009
                                                                                          Access TX at
              Trainers’ news

                                                                                                           Examination and assessment
              An end to bad                                                                                Heather Hartwell

              hand days
                                                                                                          Being a trainer – rewards
                                                                                                          and challenges
                                                                                                          Many trainers have dual roles: as educators and as
                                                                                                          business managers. Sometimes the concerns of the
                                                                                                          former are overtaken by the concerns of the latter.
                                                                                                          It is, of course, important that trainers are able to
                                                                                                          maintain and develop their business, but efforts to
                                                                                                          do so should be considered in tandem with efforts

                                                                                                          to achieve high standards in training.
                                                                                                             Learners differ in terms of their intellectual
                                                                                                          abilities and motivation and this variation brings
              Non-latex gloves can reduce hairdressers’ risk of skin conditions                           challenges. Good training depends on a good
                                                                                                          relationship between trainer and learner – there
              A trial commissioned by the            partnership with Local Authorities                   should be respect on both sides.
              Health and Safety Executive (HSE)      and Habia (the government                               As trainers we take on the role of mentoring in
              has shown that hairdressers can        appointed standards setting body                     the short term, responsible for the development
              reduce the risks of developing         of the hair and beauty industry).                    of each learner’s capabilities. Mentoring requires
              dermatitis and other skin                 The campaign encourages                           trainers to guide and nurture learners while
              conditions by wearing non-latex        more hairdressers to wear non-                       simultaneously exercising discipline. Although
              gloves during their work.              latex gloves.                                        the trainer’s role can be seen to parallel that
                 The glove trials were carried out                                                        of a manager there are some significant
              in 750 hair salons across 38 local     For further information about                        differences. The learner is more autonomous and

              authorities. They were organised       the glove trial and the Bad                          less dependent (monetarily) than an employee
              on the back of HSE’s well-known        Hand Day campaign see                   We           and the trainer has less formal authority than
              ‘Bad Hand Day’ campaign and in         must be         a manager. Skill is required to achieve the right
                                                                                                          balance in the learner/trainer relationship.
              QUALIFICATIONS                                                              flexible           Research shows that HR professionals place a
                                                                                          and             high value on training staff whatever the economic
              European Qualifications                                                     dynamic
                                                                                                          situation, which is extremely encouraging. In
                                                                                                          times of economic uncertainty and increased
              Framework                                                                                   competition it is essential to have a competent,
                                                                                                          skilled workforce. What is worrying, however, is that
              CIEH was invited to consult on         countries. This, in turn, will                       training budgets are often the first to be cut when
              the proposed plans to cross            make the attainment of a CIEH                        streamlining a business operation. Our clients will
              reference the new QCF levels           qualification even more valuable                     be looking for efficiency and effectiveness from
              with the European Qualifications       to the individual if they are                        staff training. We must therefore be flexible and
              Framework (EQF).                       normally a resident of another EU                    dynamic in our approach to training delivery (see
                 As soon as this work is             country or a UK resident planning                    the box on the left).
              completed it will add value to         to work in Europe.                                      In summary, the success of training depends
              the CIEH qualifications you offer                                                           on a trainer who has the necessary experience
              by supporting recognition of the       For further information please                       and resources to facilitate, encourage and support
              qualifications across European         visit                                 learners whatever level of skills and abilities they
                                                                                                          have, providing the individuals are willing to
                                                                                                          participate in the learning process. Each training
              The effective trainer                  The ineffective trainer                              session will bring something new.
              Large experience base                  Small experience base                                   Excellence in training practice helps learners to
              Encouraging                            No encouragement given                               fulfil their potential and helps trainers to develop
              Facilitator of learning                Uncertain of role                                    good reputations and, thereby, maintain and
              Resourceful                            Not resourceful                                      develop business.
              Committed to the candidate             No interest in the candidate                            For further information see ‘Staff training
              Multi-disciplinary                     Expert in a narrow field                             during an economic downturn – opportunities and
              Directed by candidate’s needs          Driven by self-needs                                 threats’
              Highly organised                       Highly disorganised                                  center/research-reports/
              Intelligent                            Ill-equipped
              Supportive                             Judgemental                                          Heather Hartwell is Chief External Examiner

                                                                                                                      Spring 2009 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | 3

    In Arabic, in the gym and in
    the health service – find out
  more about who is investing in
  health and safety training and
                                                       Investing in
    how CIEH qualifications are
                  being delivered
                                                       health and
Say ‘Salamaa’ to
health and safety
training in Arabic
Chartered Institute of
Environmental Health launches

first qualification in Arabic

         n December last year the CIEH
         announced a partnership with Safety
         Training and Consultancy Services
         Limited (STCS) to offer the CIEH Level
         2 Award in Health and Safety in the
         Workplace entirely in Arabic. The
partnership has been forged due to strong
demand for health and safety training from
Britain’s 500,000-plus Arabic speakers, as
well as Middle Eastern businesses keen to

                                                       ‘                                                     Ensuring a
adopt the CIEH’s internationally-recognised
qualifications.                                           The availability of CIEH
    STCS Health and Safety Trainer, Mabrouk
                                                       qualifications in Arabic is an                        safe workout

Shtewi, who successfully trained the first group
of Arabic speaking professionals said: ‘The            exciting development
availability of CIEH qualifications in Arabic is                                                                          he Training Co. has been working
an exciting development for all Arabic-speaking                                                                           with Servicesport, a Bolton-
people in the UK and across the Middle East as         available in Arabic for caterers and food retailers                based company which services,
they can gain recognised CIEH qualifications           and manufacturers across the UK to assist                          repairs and supplies leisure sports
in their own language. This ensures a full             in compliance with food safety law and in                          equipment.
understanding in the area is achieved and it           protecting consumers from the risks associated                         Colin Marriott, Managing
will help businesses to succeed in the long            with the contamination of food.                       Director of Servicesport, has taken the business
term.’                                                    Kris Murali, Managing Director of the CIEH         from an idea back in 1996 to a company
    The CIEH Level 2 Award in Health and Safety        said: ‘I am delighted and proud that the CIEH is      that services leisure equipment from John
in the Workplace is designed to ensure front line,     working with STCS to ensure our qualifications        O’Groats to Land’s End employing 30 staff
shopfloor and production employees understand          are available to as many in the workforce as          plus other associate workers. Colin understands
and champion compliance with UK health and             possible.                                             the benefits of keeping people safe and is
safety law, as well as helping them understand            We have a clear commitment to improving            concerned to maintain the company’s own
the main areas of risk to themselves and others.       standards of health and safety and food safety        health and safety arrangements:
    The CIEH is already experiencing strong            and by offering a wider choice of languages in           ‘Leisure equipment takes a real pounding
demand for its qualifications from Middle Eastern      which the qualifications can be completed, we         from those keeping in shape. As my company
firms in construction and tourism looking to           are helping businesses to ensure all employees        grew, I recognised the need to keep the
abide by international best practice in health and     reach a good level of understanding of key safety     workforce in shape and safe and therefore
safety.                                                issues.’                                              selected a training company to help. The CIEH
    In addition to health and safety qualifications,      STCS is part of the SHEilds Group and has          Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in the
CIEH food safety qualifications are also               offices in Hull, Dubai and Doha.                      Workplace has helped structure our training

4 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | Spring 2009
                                                                                                          Waltham Forest Primary Care Trust is
   I recognised the need to                                                                          responsible for working in partnership with
                                                                                                     the London Borough of Waltham Forest and
keep the workforce in shape                                                                          the voluntary sector to ensure that the health
and safe                                                                                             needs of Waltham Forest residents are met.
                                                                                                     The Primary Care Trust serves 257,431 people
                                                                                                     registered with GP practices in the area.
                                                                                                          Altogether, 12 line managers within the
                                                                                                     organisation participated in the training, with
                                                                                                     18 more booked on a second course.
                                                                                                          Other qualifications, such as the recently
                                                                                                     updated CIEH Level 2 Award in the Principles
                                                                                                     of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
                                                                                                     and the CIEH Level 2 Award in Principles of Risk
                                                                                                     Assessment, are also due to be delivered.
                                                  Geoff Smith said: ‘The CIEH Level 1 in Health           The training was carried out by SureTeam, a
                                                  and Safety in the Workplace course provided        health and safety consultancy based in Tetbury,
                                                  a suitable introduction to health and safety       Gloucestershire. It was delivered as a bespoke
                                                  for all our staff, from engineer to director. We   course, tailored to the specific learner needs and
                                                  hope that improving our own health and safety      environment of Waltham Forest Primary Care
                                                  arrangements will help us to secure larger         Trust.
                                                  contracts in the future.’                               The qualification, which is aimed at
                                                     The Training Co. has continued to work          supervisors, business owners, team leaders or
                                                  closely with Geoff to ensure key points            managers responsible for health and safety, is
                                                  of health and safety are embedded in all           particularly relevant for people working within
                                                  Servicesports’ work processes and procedures       the health sector.
                                                  to minimise the risks and, therefore, costs             It is an ideal course for organisations wishing
                                                  associated with poor health and safety             to uphold the moral and legal obligations to
                                                  standards.                                         look after the health and safety of employees.
                                                                                                     The qualification, as well as the others offered
                                                                                                     by the CIEH, aims to reduce the
Above: All Servicesport’s full-time staff                                                            34 million days lost overall due to work-related
have passed the CIEH Level 1 Award in             Waltham Forest                                     ill health and workplace injury in the UK last
Health and Safety in the Workplace.                                                                  year.
Above right: SureTeam’s Barry Robinson            PCT puts health                                         Barry Robinson, Operations Director at
(left) and Peter Hodgson
                                                  and safety first                                   SureTeam, said: ‘We are delighted to have been

                                                                                                     working with Waltham Forest Primary Care Trust
                                                                                                     to provide CIEH health and safety training to
by giving us a base to work from. All full-time               mployees at Waltham Forest             the line managers.
employees have now passed the exam and                        Primary Care Trust have been                The supervisory role that they will now play
we are putting supervisors through the Level 2                furthering their commitment to the     is very important in ensuring that employees
Award. Because The Training Co. was able to                   health and safety of themselves        at the organisation stay healthy while at work.
run two courses on one day I saved money on                   and those they care for by             The Primary Care Trust does an admirable job
the training costs and reduced the number of                  completing the CIEH Level 3            of meeting the health needs of local residents,
staff hours and, therefore, business lost.’       Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace        and it is important that its employees are also
   Servicesport’s Health and Safety, Manager,     qualification.                                     looked after.’

                                                                                                            Spring 2009 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | 5

Educating children on the nutritional value of good food has long-lasting
benefits, writes Christine Clark of Merseyside Workplace Training


                    ith knowledge, enthusiasm          that combined the CIEH Level 3 Award in             food they eat.
                    and confidence, school             Implementing Food Safety Management                    During the training programme, staff
                    caterers can inspire and           Procedures with the Level 3 Award in Supervising    participated in a range of activities designed
                    educate children to make           Food Safety in Catering.                            to boost confidence and develop knowledge
                    better food choices.                  The introduction of new nutritional standards    in key areas – for example, practical solutions
                    Everyone has something to          for school meals means school meals are now         for dealing with food allergies/intolerances or
say about school meals. Some people reminisce          subject to menu planning with nutritional           special dietary requirements. Fresh Direct, a
fondly about jam roly-poly pudding, others cringe      content carefully calculated. All ingredients are   DNS supplier, generously donated fresh fruit
at the memory of lumpy custard, but in recent          locally sourced, purchased and cooked daily.        and vegetables used as visual prompts in some
years school dinners have become a focus for              To continue the professional development         activities and edible prizes in the quiz.
national debate – more so than at any other            of the DNS’s cooks and assistant cooks, they
time in the 100-year history of the service.           have all now completed the CIEH Level 2
                                                                      ompleted                               Nutrition mentoring
                                                       Award in Healthier Foods and Special
                                                                      thier                                                  programme
                                                                                                                The training programm took place
Making a difference                                                  ard
                                                       Diets. This award has helped staff                         over a five-day period in Christ the
Although the spotlight has sometimes been              to understand how to retain                                  King Centre for Lea
                                                                                                                                     Learning, a flagship
challenging to those who work hard to                  the nutritional value of food,                                learning centre, wwhich is part of
provide school meals, it has illustrated just          from purchasing ingredients
                                                                     ng                                                            schools
                                                                                                                     the ‘Building scho for the future’
how important quality food is to physical and          through to service and to provide
                                                                      vice                                                           Such
                                                                                                                       programme. Suc schools are
mental development and how the health and                              ls
                                                       balanced meals that appeal to                                   expected to dedeliver learning
wellbeing of children impacts on their future          children.                                                                       and
                                                                                                                       opportunities a to supply
health and wellbeing.                                     School catering staff have
                                                                        ring                                                    facilities
                                                                                                                       catering facilitie and nutrition
    After decades of deskilling, school caterers are   a key motivational and
                                                                       onal                                           mentoring to the community
being given the opportunity to develop their skills                   e
                                                       mentoring role to play in:                                                 school
                                                                                                                      beyond the scho gates.
base to demonstrate the positive contribution          ● creating innovative ways to
                                                                     novative                                                        an
                                                                                                                         The cooks and assistant
the schools meals service can have on the diets        present foods                                                              plenty
                                                                                                                       cooks had plent of excellent
of children and young people.                          ● engaging with children                                                suggestions to encourage
    Knowsley Council’s Directorate of                                  r
                                                       to make better food                                                       children
                                                                                                                                 childr to try new food
Neighbourhood Services (DNS) has embarked              choices                                                                     and all agreed they
on a programme of training to underpin the             ● educating                                                                  derived an enormous
inspirational plans they have for catering services    children on thee                                                              se
                                                                                                                                     sense of satisfaction
in their schools.                                      positive healthh                                                              wh
                                                                                                                                     when they achieved
    In 2007 every cook and assistant cook (90          benefits of thee                                                              th
                                                                                                                                     this aim.
in total) took part in a training programme            nutrients in thee                                                                 Many parents have
                                                                                                                                   been inspired to buy

                                                                                                                                   and to try different
   The training programme took                                                                                                      foo
                                                                                                                                    food at the request of
place over a five-day period at one of                                                                                              the
                                                                                                                                    their children, which
                                                                                                                                    has been positive for

Knowsley’s flagship learning centres                                                                                               the wider community.

6 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | Spring 2009

                                                    In-house training pays off for one restaurant group

                                                    Recipe for
             he Proto Restaurant Group always       proud when they pass an exam and receive a         to present the certificates, which was a real
             stays ahead of the game and            nationally-accredited certificate such as the      honour for me because it is great for Worthing
             this time has gone the extra           CIEH Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering.’    to have businesses that are leading the way in
             mile by being ready for the new           The result of all this training means the       staff development.’
             Scores on the Doors inspection         two Worthing restaurants are true examples            After the presentation the staff were treated
             and point system from Worthing         of commitment to staff development, setting        to a reception banquet.
Borough Council. After dedicating last year to      high standards for the rest of the country to         The effort the Proto Restaurant Group has
the piloting of a scheme aimed at improving         follow.                                            put into training and investing in its staff has
the levels of professionalism and safety in the        Andrew Sparsis is committed to having one       already paid off, to the great satisfaction of
catering trade, the Proto Restaurant Group,         of the best-trained and committed teams in         Andrew Sparsis: ‘Our customers tell us they are
owners of two of Worthing’s top restaurants,        the country:                                       impressed with how well our staff look after
Food and The Fish Factory, is now running its          ‘In the current climate customers want even     them and how knowledgeable and courteous
own in-house training school for restaurant         greater value for money and only those who         they are. Because they keep coming back the
staff.                                              deliver will survive.                              business keeps improving.’
                                                       We believe with a trained team we can offer
Professional trainers                               a cleaner, safer and more efficient service. We    Thrilled to win
The curriculum includes food hygiene, health        understand customer loyalty is built on trust,     In addition to the highly valuable customer
and safety in the workplace, lifesaving and first   and with our extensive training our customers      satisfaction, the group has also won three
aid, fire evacuation and management training.                                                          Worthing Business Awards. Food was awarded

    All courses are delivered by independent                                                           Restaurant of the Year, while the group as a
consultants such as Chichester Safety Solutions,        The two Worthing                               whole received the Business in the Community
a CIEH-registered training centre.                                                                     Award and the much-deserved Education and
   As Andrew Sparsis, Managing Director for         restaurants are true                               Training Development Award.
Proto Restaurant Group explains: ‘We only use       examples of commitment                                Andrew Sparsis commented: ‘We were
professional trainers such as Chichester Safety                                                        thrilled to win the awards and it is all down to
Solutions, who can offer accredited CIEH            to staff development,                              our staff.’
awards in food safety and health and safety,        setting high standards                                Louise James added: ‘Since we won the
and the staff who gain the qualifications are                                                          awards we have had a significant increase
very proud of their success – and rightly so!’      can feel confident every effort has been made      in the public becoming members of our
   All 50 employees at the two restaurants          for their dining experience.’                      restaurant club. This clearly shows that
have passed the examinations for their chosen          Such is the commitment of the Proto             investment in staff training really does
subjects, an achievement made all the more          Restaurant Group that Andrew Sparsis went          increase business.’
remarkable by the fact that 13 different            a step further and arranged a certificate             All in all, in the restaurant industry, the
nationalities are represented within the group.     ceremony to show his team how proud he was         secret of a successful cocktail is as easy as a
   Louise James, Food Restaurant Manager,           of their achievements.                             shot of staff training mixed with a dash of
said: ‘Our staff really appreciate the training        Worthing Town Centre Manager, Sharon            management investment and a zest of team
and investment we make. Many do not have            Clarke, attended to present the certificates and   commitment – the whole topped with CIEH-
English as their first language and are very        prizes to the employees. She said: ‘I was asked    accredited qualifications. Enjoy!

                                                                                                             Spring 2009 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | 7

Far away from her homeland of France, Valerie de Kergorlay casts a Gallic eye over…

Talking Tra
               ecember 2008, Marble Arch.          (unless they involve shoes, rugby or CIEH           a weak link as I thought as our team, Santa’s
               Winter has definitely settled       qualifications…).                                   Elves, win the quiz. We collect the highly valued
               over London and, far away from          The games kick off with the ever-popular        prizes, including a series of food safety and
               home, in my head I am singing,      TV quiz and its many trick questions and even       health and safety books, brand new activity-
               ‘I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien,   trickier answers. It goes right over my head, but   based workbooks and a particularly popular tin
               I am a French girl in London…’      since I’ve decided to settle in the UK, I make a    of sweets, which is very swiftly emptied.
Walking from Regent Street and its famous          mental note to watch more TV so I might fit in
Christmas decorations, I know the CIEH events      better at future social events.                     Busy day to come
team will be buzzing with excitement. It is            The main course is served, promptly followed    Dinner is coming to an end with the raffle,
my first time at Talking Training! and, having     by a celebrity impersonation challenge              sponsored by British Egg Information Services
worked for months on the promotion of this         revealing the hitherto hidden talents of some       with profits going to the charity Water for
event, I am looking forward to seeing everyone     colleagues to impersonate Spider-Man and            Kids. The lucky winners leave with champagne,
in action.                                         Margaret Thatcher, to name just two.                scented candles and boxes of chocolates
                                                                                                       while Water for Kids will receive a donation
Elegant and spacious

                                                                                                       of £133.
This year’s event is once again up to the CIEH’s      An informative, action-                              The evening is slowly winding down and
high standards. A beautifully refurbished venue,                                                       guests and organisers start making their way
the Victory Services Club, offers a relaxed yet    packed day with good                                out, with thoughts on the busy day to come.
functional setting. The elegant and spacious       opportunities to network                                In the morning, after a swift cup of tea, we
theatre-style conference hall helps delegates                                                          all join CIEH Director of Product Development
to focus on the main presentations while the       with other trainers                                 & Delivery, Marianne Phillips, for her welcoming
lovely decorated dining room, with its own bar                                                         speech and short introduction to the rest of
and round tables, brings a joyful Christmas            The evening mixes food and fun, wine and        the day.
spirit to the social evening.                      games, the mood is light and the laughter               Having seen the master networker and all-
   The latter is starting with welcome drinks      loud and I can’t help but wonder what state         round socialite in action the previous night, I
while everyone mingles, exchanging news            everyone will be in the morning.                    learn very quickly that Marianne’s professional
about their training experiences and the               The ultimate team game of the evening           and friendly touch has become a defining
bargains to be had on Oxford Street. Only the      is the much-feared ‘Against the clock’ round.       feature of Talking Training! and I can see
call to dinner seems a good enough reason for      Tension reaches a peak when each team               why.
the conversations to p            porarily.
                        pause temporarily.         chooses a representative to face Paul and               The first plenary session of the day relates
   Sitting down to dinner, before I know it, I     his dreaded watch. Mouths are dry, tongues          to the ‘Success for All’ targets and their impact
am part of a team. Professional entertainer,       tangled, words jumbled up. The human brain          on the training and teaching sectors. Following
Paul Farris, announces the programme for           works in mysterious ways under pressure as          an overview of the current situation in the
the evening – each table is to participate in a    evidenced by some unusual answers. But hey –        UK, Rebecca Rhodes outlines the challenges
series of games. I instantly feel sorry for the    that’s the point, isn’t it?                         to overcome and the objectives set for 2020.
guests at my table since I am useless at quizzes       As it turns out, I haven’t been as much of      There is a lot of ground to be covered but the

                             i    009
10 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | Spring 2009
aining 2008
 opportunities presented are clear for delegates
 to consider and discuss during the refreshment
                                                    as addressing a variety of learning styles.
                                                       Over lunch, feedback from delegates on the
                                                                                                          friendly or accelerated learning, this session
                                                                                                          has been much awaited. I begin to realise
 break.                                             morning presentations is positive although,           that training requires more than just extensive
    I mingle and meet trainers who are always       with such an exciting programme, the main             subject knowledge: excellent people and
 happy to chat, gathering valuable feedback.        regret is not being able to attend all the            communication skills are, in fact, what makes a
 Everyone I talk to confirms my impression – the    sessions on offer.                                    good trainer great.
 event has started off really well. Everyone has       On, then, to the afternoon sessions…                   And then the conference is over, delegates
 their own objectives when attending Talking           David Denton and his colleagues from               are on their way back home all over the country
 Training! and most have already selected           the CIEH Business Development team talk us            and, in the hall, the set is being removed and
 their next session from the two to choose          through the latest developments in e-learning         made ready for the next event.
 from.                                              and its future possibilities for trainers.                I am getting ready to leave as well. It has
    I am curious to see which of the food safety       Jooli Atkins entertains us with a highly           been a long day, but Talking Training! 2008
 and health and safety updates sessions will win    interactive session. Being put in the shoes of a      presented a fantastic opportunity to find out
 the popularity contest. Once both sessions have    learner helps us all to see training in a different   more about training and, more importantly,
 started I note that the spread is quite even so    light.                                                about CIEH trainers, their expectations, their
 neither Jenny Morris from CIEH or Geoffrey                                                               needs and their requirements.
 Podger from the HSE win over the other, but        Warm reception                                            It was a truly memorable experience and
 both certainly win over their audiences.           Marianne Phillips presents new CIEH                   I am very much looking forward to Talking
    Forty minutes later a very enthusiastic,        qualification and product development, which          Training! 2009 – by when my specialist subject
 updated group of trainers is enjoying another      receives a warm reception from the audience.          will be ‘The history of British Television 1953 to
 refreshment break. Talk is dominated by               Neal Stone introduces the concept of               the present day’!
 speculation about the meaning of ‘social           Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), covering
 marketing’. I think this session is going to be    three pressing issues: environmental protection,      Talking Training! 2009 will be held on
 very popular and, having met Ken and Sue           globalisation and business and social                 Tuesday 1 December at The Lowry Hotel
 Peattie from Cardiff University earlier on, I am   standards.                                            in Manchester.
 really looking forward to it, too.                    The day finishes with Stella Collins and her       The social evening will take place on
    After a comprehensive overview of the           valuable training tips. Centred around brain-         Monday 30 November.
 fundamentals of social marketing, it is much
                         pp y        aining.
 clearer to see how to apply it to training.
    Jane Farrell from Equality Works
 demonstrates how equality and diversity issues
 extend beyond legal compliance and human
 resource management and can impact on all
 areas of an organisation. Jane presents a range
 of training materials and methods to provide
 interest, involvement, pace and texture as well

                                                                                                                 Spring 2009 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | 9

             he events team develops and           provide legislative updates and professional       Singapore working both on stage and behind
             deliver more than 70 conferences      development courses for both the CIEH trainers     the scenes as a stage manager.
             and workshops a year for CIEH         and EHPs to ensure both these audiences
             trainers and CIEH Environmental       remain at the forefront of their professions.      Dislikes:
             Health Practitioner (EHP) members.                                                       irresponsible behaviour, intolerance of others,
             The majority of these events are      Likes:                                             and grey squirrels.
aimed at providing trainers with essential tools   good food – whether its eating in or out and
to deliver CIEH qualifications and provide         growing her own vegetables                         Tinssae Yirtaw
opportunities for trainers to expand their         travelling and diving in sunny climates.           Events Administrator
qualification portfolios.                                                                             After travelling and living abroad in cities such
   The team works closely with the CIEH            Dislikes:                                          as Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Washington DC,
policy department and alongside the                airport check-in queues (any queues really) and    Tinssae finally settled in London. After working
product development team to make sure              low-flying pigeons.                                in the events division of Cancer Research UK,
the events programme covers key issues and                                                            Tinssae discovered her passion for the fast-
delegates’ needs are met. All the conferences      Emelie Bratt                                       paced environment of events.
and workshops offer essential Continuous           Events Organiser                                      Tinssae joined the CIEH events team
Professional Development (CPD) points on           Emelie joined the CIEH events team in January      six months ago and provides the essential
topic areas as diverse as food safety, conflict    2008 and quickly immersed herself in her           administrative support for all the events the
resolution and manual handling as well as          role as the Events Organiser. Most of her          CIEH produces. From processing booking forms,
for the annual conference for trainers, Talking    professional life has been dedicated to the        to ensuring delegates get all the necessary
Training!                                          events industry, having most recently worked       information including badges and handouts,
                                                   as a conference producer for London Business       Tinssae is also responsible for making sure all
Nikki Pearson                                      Conferences, producing public sector events.       delegates receive refreshments and as well as
Events Manager                                        Emelie’s responsibilities at the CIEH include   their delicious lunch.
Nikki joined the CIEH events team in 2005          developing original programmes to reach new
after setting up and managing the events           audiences as well as producing conferences         Likes:
team at Campden Publishing Ltd, specialising       and workshops tailored to best meet the needs      travelling, going to the gym, Audi TT coupe
in conferences and exhibitions for the Practice    of the CIEH trainers and CIEH EHPs.                and Ethiopian food.
Nurse community.
   As well as being responsible for the smooth     Likes:                                             Dislikes:
running of the events team, Nikki develops         exploring the wilderness, mountain ranges,         rude people, the Victoria line tube during rush
new event ideas and looks for opportunities to     forests, dancing – especially enjoyed time in      hour, spiders.

Meet the talented trio who make up our Events team. Photograph Andy Butterton

10 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | Spring 2009
       ALL ARE
      MORE AND
     BOOK ONLINE                  ‘We are a small and efficient
                                 team which continually strives
                                to produce informative, relevant
                                                                     ‘I love my job in pa
                                 and engaging events to ensure                            rt because
                                                                    of the great team I
                                    our trainers are provided                             work with,
                                                                    but also I really enjo
                                   with essential professional                            y meeting
                                                                   delegates who com
                                 development opportunities and                           e from such
                                   at the same time best value            varied backgrounds.
                                            for money.’                         Tinssae
   ‘Since joining the CIEH te
     I have not only been give
    the opportunity to build on
   wide range of well-establish
   events, but also to develop
      events in such a variety of
             topic areas.’

NTS                                                                 Spring 2009 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | 11
                                                                    Spri g
                                                                    Spring 2009 TRAINERS’ EX
                                                                                        RS EXCHANGE
                   COVER FEATURE

                             A lesson in learning
                      – passive
                      or active
                      Stella Collins
                      and Kitty
                      Gould explain

                                 s a CIEH registered trainer, how     the essence of brain-friendly learning (a        Visual (seeing and reading)
                                 did you learn what you teach to      development from accelerated learning) – a       Auditory (listening and speaking)
                                 other people? I expect most of       system designed to help people to learn and      Kinaesthetic (touching and doing)
                                 it wasn’t from lectures or ‘death    retain more by using the whole of the brain.        The theory is that most people have a
                                 by PowerPoint’. Those who help          Much research has been conducted into how     dominant or preferred learning style and, when
                                 others learn often say teaching is   people learn and what supports and inhibits      these are identified, it is possible to design
                   the quickest way to learn something, because       this process. VAK theory is popular in the       learning methods and experiences that match
                   it requires you to process information actively    accelerated learning community. The acronym      their preferences. So for example:
                   to produce an output – knowledge. This is          describes three ways of receiving information:   Visual learners will be engaged by the use of

                   12 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | Spring 2009
flipcharts, demonstrations, films, etc.               learners appear ‘turned off’, disengaged or
Auditory learners will be engaged by                  ‘difficult’.
discussions, sounds, noises, etc.                        The benefits of adopting brain-friendly
Kinaesthetic learners will be engaged by              learning are simply the reverse:
practical hands-on experiences.                       ● learners adopt an active role so learning
    In practice, most of us use a combination of      takes place at a deep level and is retained
the three learning styles to learn.                   ● trainers and learners are engaged and
    Brain-friendly learning emphasises the active     inspired
processing of information rather than passive         ● learners are ready to tackle any topic – so
absorption. In its simplest form it is about:         you attract more custom for your training
● creating a learner-centred environment –            programmes and your courses are full
physical and psychological                            ● learners are energised and willing to engage
● applying knowledge of brain functions               ● trainers develop confidence in their abilities     Food Safety Shorts DVD
● using a well-honed learning design and              as learners are demonstrably satisfied.
                                                                                                           This DVD provides you with six short films
delivery process
● inspiring innovation and participation in           Training aids                                        and animations to insert into your training
learning.                                             So brain-friendly learning can do wonders for        programmes. Designed for flexible use in a
                                                      learning, but delivering training based on this      variety of contexts and developed to aid all
Professional development                              approach may not come naturally to everyone.         types of learner, each film consolidates key
The Brain Friendly Learning Group is a                The thought of trying out alternative means          points of food safety.
professional development group with a mission         of delivery can seem daunting when faced                                                  DVD ONLY
to transform training, particularly if it is tough,   with the relentless pressures of preparing a
technical or tortuous. We recently compared           variety of learners of all abilities for an exam                                           £39
                                                                                                                                                (excl. VAT)
the outcomes of a technical training session          in a short space of time. The main barrier to
for trainers based on a conventional didactic         implementing brain-friendly learning often lies

                                                                                                           New DVD
approach with a brain-friendly learning               in the trainer’s confidence in his/her own ability
approach. What we found surprised even the            to create interesting, relevant and practical
experienced trainers who took part.                   ways to engage learners.

   While sitting and listening, even though
interested and taking notes, the trainers
reported slipping into passive mode, accepting           Learners are ready to                                       SIMPLY CLICK AND PLAY
what they heard and asking few questions.
When tested, the trainers recalled most of the
                                                      tackle any topic – so you
                                                                                                           Six bite-sized films and animations:
information, but weren’t confident they would         attract more custom for                              • Hand washing
remember the information in the long term, or
that they could apply it in practice. The trainers
                                                      your training programmes                             • Clean as you go
realised this is how many of their learners                                                                • The six stages of
probably experience ‘learning’.                          For this reason, the CIEH has been                  wet cleaning
   In the brain-friendly learning sessions, the       developing a set of new training aids and            • Binary fission
trainers actively and physically explored the         events to support trainers in encouraging active     • Danger zone
same technical information and, this time,            participation in the learning process.
                                                                                                           • Fridge loading
reported feeling motivated, inspired and eager            The training aids being developed include
to discover more.                                     activity-based workbooks, DVDs and card              Instructional and
   The quantity and quality of questions              games. The training aids offer a means of            entertaining, CIEH
increased dramatically, demonstrating that the        developing a more interactive, learner-centred       Food Safety Shorts
trainers were applying the learning to their own      delivery. The items can be used in conjunction       provides high
situations. They were so involved in learning         with each other or independently to support          quality content
they realised they’d had little time to reflect on    learner’s needs.                                     and sound that is
how they’d learnt, but were far more confident           The range takes into account the fact that        compatible with most DVD formats.
they would remember what they’d learnt,               CIEH trainers have to impart vast amounts of
and had multiple ideas about how it could be          detailed, technical knowledge in a short space       To order this DVD call 020 7827 5900
applied.                                              of time and that groups can include learners
                                                      from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a
Brain-friendly learning                               wide range of abilities.
So, what are the benefits of introducing
brain-friendly learning into your training            To purchase CIEH training aids visit the             RECRUITMENT
programmes? Let’s start by looking at some            shop at CIEH. The CIEH events team is
of the consequences of not adopting brain-            working with the Brain Friendly Learning
friendly learning – these are:                        Group to create bespoke events for CIEH              CIEH Level 3 Award in Preparing to
● learners adopt a passive role so learning           trainers. This series of one-day training
takes place at a superficial level and is rapidly     seminars will unravel brain-friendly learning
                                                                                                           Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
forgotten                                             concepts and equip you with the essential            Moderators and second markers
● trainers and learners can get bored and feel        tools to use to reinvigorate your training.          The CIEH needs to recruit moderators
                                                                                                           and second markers for the assignments
● learners continue to regard topics as too           If you would like further information about
difficult – so you fail to attract customers for      these events, or would like to register your         to be submitted as part of the new
your training programmes and ‘no shows’ and           interest in these events, please contact             CIEH PTLLS award.
cancellations are more common               
● learners are either apathetic or challenging,                                                                 To request further information
particularly when courses are mandatory               To find out more about brain friendly                     about either role, please email
● trainers lose confidence in their abilities as      learning visit                Gavin Herrington

                                                                                                                 Spring 2009 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | 13
Profiles Jooli Atkins & David Bryant

Meet Jooli, who has a unique approach to training trainers and consultant David, whose experience
and expertise has made him an influential figure in the world of health and safety
                        Jooli Atkins      trainer training programme,                                  David            awarded a MA in Health and
                        will become a     Excellent Learning Facilitation,                             Bryant is an     Safety Law and Environmental
                        familiar face     which incorporates the best of                               independent      Law. Much of his career has
                        to health and     accelerated learning techniques                              occupational     been dedicated to the continued
                        safety trainers   in a structure that allows                                   health           development of various tools to
                        this year as      performance to be enhanced                                   and safety       assist in delivery of health and
                        she will be       whilst learning is made enjoyable                            consultant       safety courses. The latest project
                        co-delivering     and effective. Excellent Learning                            having spent     David is producing is an online,
our series of ‘Health and safety:         Facilitation techniques have           over 25 years working in health,       interactive health, safety and
inspiration through interaction’          been used to great effect in a         safety and well-being in local and     well-being learning tool for the
workshops. With more than 25              wide range of organisations from       central government and the private     new vocational Diplomas.
years of experience under her belt        Dubai Ports in Southampton to          sector.                                   When it comes to health and
working as a trainer, the last 10         Yahoo! in London transforming the         He has established himself as a     safety David is widely recognised
being focused on training trainers,       way training is delivered in ‘dry’     trusted advisor for many reputable     as an influential figure as well
Jooli is the founder and                  subjects, such as IT and health        organisations including the CIEH,      as a highly-skilled trainer who
MD of Matrix FortyTwo Ltd.                and safety to any audience.            NEBOSH, Edexcel and others in          has worked throughout the UK,
   Jooli’s passion for developing            Those of you who attended           developing their training courses.     delivering a wide range of bespoke
trainers culminated in the                Jooli’s session at Talking Training!   David has specialised for the past     training.
development and delivery of               2008 will, no doubt, recall how her    15 years in education, training           He has a particular interest in
Matrix FortyTwo’s innovative              creative flare added to the delivery   and learning. In 2004 David was        the effectiveness and impact of
                                          and learning process. Her training                                            training and methods to achieve

‘                                                                                ‘
                                          style is based on ‘structured                                                 the best results. Attendees at
    Her training style                    pragmativity’, a unique blend of          David has a                         this year’s CIEH ‘Health and
is a unique blend                         pragmatism and creativity within       particular interest in                 safety: inspiration through
                                          a structured event, which forms                                               interaction’ workshops will have
of pragmatism                             the basis of this year’s CIEH
                                                                                 the effectiveness and                  the opportunity to learn from his
and creativity                            health and safety workshops.           impact of training                     experiences and expertise.

Practice makes perfect – transforming the
delivery of manual handling qualifications
New one-day workshop                      covered in the programme include       principles and the challenges          – Principles and Practice and is
                                          how to lift, carry, pull and push      involved. The majority of the day      therefore ideally placed to deliver
was a big success say                     objects safely – designed to help      is spent identifying and correcting    the training workshops. Matthew
those who attended                        prevent workplace injuries and         poor handling practice and             Trigg, a senior ergonomist
                                          deliver good practice guidance to      acquiring the methods needed           with over 17 years of practical
                                          your clients.                          to teach practical techniques          experience designing and
In autumn 2008 the CIEH                      Due to the new practical            effectively. The training pack         implementing manual handling
launched a new qualification, the         training and assessment elements       for the CIEH Level 2 Award in          solutions, works alongside Orla to
CIEH Level 2 Award in Manual              we acknowledged that our CIEH          Manual Handling – Principles and       ensure delegates receive as much
Handling – Principles and Practice.       trainers might require training        Practice is used throughout the        practical experience as possible on
This full-day programme allows            on the additional skills needed in     day as delegates work through          the day.
learners to get to grips with the         order to qualify to deliver the new    the assessment activities, ensuring
theory and then to be taught and          qualification. Working together,       that they can leave the workshop       ‘A dynamic team presentation
tested on the practical elements of       the product development and            with all the essential knowledge       where the trainers clearly
manual handling.                          event teams researched and             and skills required to train for the   conveyed the practicalities of
                                          produced a series of workshops         award.                                 manual handling techniques.’
‘Thank you very much. I                   especially designed to support                                                Jan 09 delegate
have learned a lot more than              trainers.                              Who are our trainers?
expected. I really enjoyed the                                                   Orla O’Reilly is an experienced        Demand for these workshops has
day and it was one of the best            ‘The course is exactly what is         and accomplished trainer who           been so great, we have added
courses I have been on.’                  being requested by our clients.’       has developed and delivered            more dates later in the year
March 09 delegate                         Jan 09 delegate                        various handling sessions for          (see
                                                                                 a wide variety of sectors. She
The major change to the                   By attending a one-day workshop        was also heavily involved in the       If you have any ideas for
qualification is the practical            delegates start off by refreshing      development of the new CIEH            events, please email Nikki
element – for example, techniques         their knowledge on safer handling      Level 2 Award in Manual Handling       Pearson

14 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | Spring 2009
New cleaning qualification
We are proud to announce the            contamination.                                                                risk of cross-contamination and
launch of the new CIEH Level               Of the 4Cs, cooking and chilling                                           the incidence of food poisoning
2 Award in Cleaning in Food             are more within the control of                                                (particularly that caused by
Premises.                               food handlers, but cleaners in                                                Campylobacter, Norovirus and E.
   Under Regulation (EC) No.            food premises can contribute                                                  coli O157, all of which have low
852/2004 on the hygiene of food         significantly to controlling food                                             infective doses). As evidenced
stuffs Annex II, food business          safety hazards and risks associated                                           in ‘The Public Inquiry into the
operators are required to:              with cross-contamination and                                                  September 2005 Outbreak of E.
● keep food premises clean and          cleaning.                                                                     coli O157 in South Wales’ (http://
maintained in good repair and              Cross-contamination is one                                       ,
condition                               of the most common risk factors                                               effective cleaning is essential to get
● ensure that any articles, fittings    reported in outbreaks of food                                                 rid of harmful bacteria and stop
and equipment that come into            poisoning. Recent research has                                                them spreading to food.
contact with food are effectively       shown that cleaning in food                                                       The CIEH Level 2 Award in
cleaned and, where necessary,           premises often fails to meet                                                  Cleaning in Food Premises is
disinfected with sufficient             acceptable standards and poor                                                 designed for anyone whose job it is
frequency to avoid any risk of          cleaning is linked to an increased                                            to clean food premises. It is based
                                                                                                                      on a one-day training programme
                                                                                                                      covering the following topics:
                                                                                                                      ● the importance of cleaning in
                                                                                                                      food premises
                                                                                                                      ● preparation for cleaning
                                                                                                                      ● cleaning methods and
Fre que ntly asked que stio ns                                                                                        processes
                                                                                                                      ● cleaning standards and
How do I find out if I am              various foreign languages. If          Centres may retain stock                    Candidates will be assessed by
qualified to register as a             you require multiple choice            securely of all CIEH                    a 30-MCQ exam paper and the
CIEH trainer?                          exam papers in a language              examination materials                   award has been Ofqual accredited.
Trainers need to register              we do not currently offer,             except Level 4 examination              There is a training pack and course
with us for each subject               you can take advantage                 papers, which are changed               booklet to support training delivery.
they wish to deliver, in order         of our on-demand foreign               at intervals to preserve the
to ensure that all trainers            language service. For a                integrity of the qualification.         To find out more about this
meet the same criteria for             minimum order of 100 papers                                                    new award contact Customer
CIEH qualifications. Details           we will translate any Level            How should results                      Services on 020 7827 5800
of our trainer registration            1 or Level 2 multiple choice           be submitted?                           or visit our website
requirements and the                   examination papers into any            All Answer Information        
trainer registration form are          language you require. For              Sheets or Candidate
available at              Level 3 the minimum order is          Assessment Records should                                    INSIDE ‡
customerservices.                       200 exam papers.                      be sent by registered post to
   To register, simply send               If you would like to place          the CIEH together with the               P16 QA
 us a completed registration            an order or require any               relevant summary/results                 P17 MARKETING
                                        more information on foreign           sheets. Mark the envelope
 form, any copies of relevant
                                                                              ‘Examinations Results’.
                                                                                                                       P18 NOTICEBOARD
 certificates and the                   papers, please call Sales on
 applicable registration fees.          020 7827 5900 or check our               Please photocopy all                  P18 WEBWATCH
                                        website on              examination support                      P19 EVENTS
 Do you offer examination               languagepapers                        documents before sending                 P20 TRAINER’S LIFE
 papers in foreign languages?                                                 to the CIEH and keep these
 The CIEH offers many                  Can I hold stocks of CIEH              until the results have been
 examination papers in                 examination materials?                  received.
                                                                                                                Spring 2009 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | 15
                                                                                                                Sp n
Quality assurance Helen Hartropp

Is someone who they say they are? Your questions answered on this ‘hot’ topic

Candidate identification
The requirement for trainers/                                                                                                     ● foreign identification card
centres to confirm and record the                                                                                                 ● work identification
identification of candidates before                                                                                               ● rail card
they take examinations was first                                                                                                  ● student union card
communicated in TX 18 (3) and                                                                                                     ● EU card
has generated much discussion                                                                                                     ● proof of age card
and many queries since. I hope                                                                                                    ● disability card.
this article will clarify how trainers/
centres can best comply with this                                                                                                 How should the invigilator
requirement.                                                                                                                      record the ID?
                                                                                                                                  Centres can decide how they
The requirement                                                                                                                   wish to record the candidate ID
Trainers/centres must take the                                                                                                    presented and should provide a
necessary action to be able to                                                                                                    form for the invigilator to record
confirm to the awarding body                                                                                                      this information. It is not required
that the candidate being awarded                                                                                                  to keep a copy or particular
a qualification and receiving a                                                                                                   details from the photographic ID
certificate as proof of this award,                                                                                               presented, but invigilators should

is who they say they are. Trainers/                                                                                               record the name of the candidate
centres need to make a record             assured of this.                       What actions should centres                      and type of photographic ID seen
of how they have done this for               Here are some frequently            take?                                            (e.g. passport) or make a record of
each candidate/course. These              answered questions about the           All centres should:                              the name and status of the person
records need to be retained for a         candidate ID requirement:              ● revise joining instructions to                 who identified the candidate.
minimum of three years.                                                          make clear the requirement for                       The invigilator must make
                                          Why do CIEH have a candidate           candidate ID and to state if this                a record of the means of
How to comply                             ID requirement?                        is not supplied, the candidate will              identification on the day of the
Trainers/centres need to ask how          It is an Ofqual requirement            not be able to sit the examination               examination, not before or after,
they can ensure that candidates           imposed on all Ofqual accredited       ● inform invigilators of their                   and sign to confirm that the
are who they say they are.                awarding bodies regardless of          responsibilities                                 candidate’s ID has been checked.
    If the trainer has never met the      claims of some awarding bodies to      ● provide forms to record the                    It is the invigilator’s responsibility
candidate before, he/she will have        the contrary.                          identification seen                              to guard against the possibility of
to provide photo identification.                                                 ● store records for a minimum of                 identity theft or examination by
    If the candidate is, however,         Where is the CIEH procedure for        three years.                                     proxy.
personally known to the trainer, the      this requirement?                          Evidence of these actions now                    Please note: the CIEH is planning
trainer can confirm the candidate’s       The new measures came into             form part of the audit process.                  to provide space for candidate
identity for the record – for example     effect in October 2008 and are in                                                       ID information to be included on
as ‘candidate’s ID confirmed by           two of the procedures in the CIEH      What is the responsibility of the                answer information sheets and
the trainer’. If the candidate is         Procedures Manual (a copy can be       invigilator?                                     candidate assessment records.
not known by the trainer but is           downloaded from         We require that identity of
introduced to the trainer personally                                             candidates can be checked on the                 What happens if candidate
by a client – for example the             Procedure for Training Delivery        day of the examination by the                    identification cannot be
candidate’s employer, school, etc. –      4.2.2                                  invigilator referring either to some             confirmed?
then the trainer can choose to take       Candidates should be informed          form of photographic ID, or a                    The procedure for candidate ID is
the word of the ‘client’ and confirm      that proof of identity (for example    ‘person in charge’ (trainer or client)           designed to be flexible while at the
the identity of the candidate             a passport or full UK driving          who vouches for the candidate’s                  same time ensuring invigilators
for the record – for example as           license) is required to take the       identity.                                        have taken all reasonable steps to
‘candidate’s ID confirmed by the          examination.                              The identification must be                    ensure candidates are who they
client’.                                                                         made in person on the day of the                 say they are on the day of the
    Ultimately, the trainer/centre        Procedure for Examination and          examination. The invigilator should              examination.
remains responsible for confirming        Assessment 3.2.1                       make a contemporaneous record of                    If it is not possible to confirm
the candidate’s identity and must         Prior to the start of examination/     the means of identification.                     candidate ID on the day of the
take all reasonable steps to be           assessment invigilators must                                                            examination the candidate cannot
                                          ensure that they carry out             What types of photographic ID                    be permitted to sit the exam.

                                          adequate checks to confirm the         can be accepted?
   The identification                     identity of all candidates (a record   Some examples of the types                       Answer any further queries?
must be made in                           of the proof of identity provided      of acceptable photographic                       If you have any further queries
                                          by each candidate for each             identification are as follows:                   about candidate identification,
person on the day                         examination must be kept for           ● passport – UK or EU or other                   please email customerservices@
of the examination                        three years).                          ● driving license                      

16 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | Spring 2008
        Promoting success Simon Gannon

        The CIEH’s strategic marketing manager with advice on marketing in challenging times

        How to market in a recession
                                                                                                                              to the recession by reinforcing
                                                                                                                              elements of their brand like trust,
                                                                                                                              tradition and a personal touch to
                                                                                                                              reassure customers who might be
                                                                                                                              losing faith with large companies.
                                                                                                                                 Businesses that rely on face-
                                                                                                                              to-face contact (like training
                                                                                                                              organisations) have a great
                                                                                                                              opportunity to reinforce trust, too.
                                                                                                                                 Remind customers of the
                                                                                                                              quality of your services with
                                                                                                                              testimonials, show them you can
                                                                                                                              adapt to changing circumstances
                                                                                                                              to demonstrate your flexibility and
                                                                                                                              explain what value you can bring to
                                                                                                                              their business.

                                                                                                                              Follow the money
                                                                                                                              Getting paid on time is always
                                                                                                                              important, but never more so
                                                                                                                              than in a downturn. It may seem
                                                                                                                              harsh to consider not selling to
                                                                                                                              customers who don’t pay, but in
                                                                                                                              the long run this could save your
                                                                                                                              business. If your business can offer

                                                                                                                              improved credit terms, this might
                                                                                                                              help certain customers to continue
        In an economic downturn, some         will concentrate efforts on                                                     buying from you in the short term
        will batten down the hatches to
        ride out the storm, but others
        will take the opportunity to be
        commercially bold in response
        to the challenge. Whatever your
        approach, here are some tips.
                                              customer retention rather than
                                              on gaining new customers. This
                                              less risky strategy will also result in
                                              greater efficiencies in your spend.
                                              It has been well documented that
                                              customer acquisition typically
                                              costs five times more than
                                                                                        ‘  Don’t carry
                                                                                        on as usual – the
                                                                                        recession demands
                                                                                        your attention
                                                                                                                              and engender long-term loyalty.

                                                                                                                              Above all, stay positive
                                                                                                                              When asked what he thought of
                                                                                                                              a previous recession, Walmart’s
                                                                                                                              founder Sam Walton said: ‘I
                                                                                                                              thought about it and decided not
        Don’t stop marketing                  maintaining an existing customer          Keep talking                          to participate’.
        The London Business School            base. Another factor to remember          Buyers are taking longer to make
        have proved that companies            is that the higher your retention         decisions about their purchases       Dos and don’ts
        that cut promotional spend in         rate, the less you have to spend on       at the moment. This might be          ● Do draw up a detailed
        the short term end up losing          acquiring customers.                      because they are exercising more      marketing plan based on lower
        out in the long run. Evidence         With an 80% retention rate,               caution, finding it more difficult    budgets
        suggests that organisations that      your customer base needs to be            to get approval from senior           ● Do word your plan so that it
        maintain marketing spend during       replaced every five years and             management or they are just           makes financial sense
        a recession increase market share     with a 90% retention rate new             waiting for a better deal. Get on     ● Do cut out vanity projects that
        at the expense of those that cut      customers only need to be found           the phone, set up a meeting or        have no perceptible return
        spend. Maximise the potential         every ten years.                          even send an e-mail – anything to     ● Do negotiate for a better deal
        that a downturn offers by using                                                 keep you and your services in the     ● Do calculate what delivers the
        more responsive marketing             Take careful aim                          front of their minds. When you do     best return. Focus your efforts on it
        techniques such as e-mail, direct     As well as focusing on existing           speak to the buyer, find out how      ● Don’t panic or get angry
        mail and the web so you can           clients, you should also consider         business is going, what constraints   ● Don’t forget why commercial
        monitor the results of your spend     targeting your best customers.            they are under and whether            marketing exists – to make money
        and then justify investing more       You can define ‘best’ by most             company policy is changing.           ● Don’t carry on as usual – the
        (or less) with some conviction. The   loyal, most profitable, those with        If you can, adapt your offer to       recession demands your attention
        costs of these methods are easier     the most potential or simply              meet these new expectations and       ● Don’t base success on how
        to control, allowing you to switch    those that spend the most money           reinforce the value you were able     well your campaign is received in
        tactics accordingly.                  with you annually. Reward these           to offer when times were good.        media circles
                                              customers with bespoke discounts                                                ● Don’t flog dead horses – be
        Refocus your marketing                that the rest of your customers           Stay friendly                         prepared to change quickly if
        In a recession, many organisations    don’t get.                                Big consumer brands are reacting      you’re not getting the right results.

                                                                                                                       Spring 2009 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | 17
Trainers’ noticeboard Tracy Beardwell

Our Customer Services staff are                                                                                         0207 827 5900 is the best way
keen to provide you with the                                                                                            to place your order and arrange a
support, information and advice                                                                                         delivery date and time in one go.
that you need to deliver training                                                                                       You will also find out about the
for CIEH qualifications. Here are                                                                                       latest money-saving deals that are
some points to note.                                                                                                    on offer.
                                                                                                                           Faxed orders often fail to come
eXchange                                                                                                                through clearly enough, so please
eXchange e-newsletter provides                                                                                          orders by phone.
you with relevant and topical
stories, to help you in your                                                                                            Photocopied assessment
business as well as in the training                                                                                     documents
room, and important CIEH                                                                                                Photocopied assessment
updates. eXchange is e-mailed                                                                                           documents are prohibited except
out twice a month – one issue                                                                                           where prior authorisation has
focusing on food safety and the          Here to help: the sales team can advise on the best deals available            been granted and confirmed in
other on health and safety.                                                                                             writing. Authorisation is subject
   To subscribe (free of charge) visit   certificates for this qualification     £5 (saving £15 per delivery)           to approval and will not be given           after 31 July 2009.                     +14 business days                      to accommodate short-notice
                                                                                 FREE                                   courses or to allow for additional
Old-style manual handling                Credit crunch                                                                  candidates. A copy of the written
papers                                   We are pleased to announce that         New payment terms                      authorisation, quoting the
A reminder that CIEH no longer           we have reduced the price of all        We now offer CIEH registered           authorisation number, must be
supplies the old-style, trainer-         UK deliveries of CIEH training          trainers and centres 60 days           submitted with results.
marked 20-MCQ exam papers,               materials as follows:                   (rather than 30) to settle invoices.      The CIEH reserves the right
for the CIEH Principles of Manual        1–3 business days                                                              to not process photocopied
Handling Certificate and will stop       £10 (saving £30 per delivery)           Placing an order                       assessment documents submitted
processing results and issuing           4–14 business days                      Calling the CIEH Sales team on         without authorisation.


The ideas that have helped the world’s biggest companies could help you too

Five principles to turn good to great
As well as surfing the net for                                                       The website’s laboratory section   the larger goal of building a great
information WebWatch also likes                                                  explores the five key principles of    company.
to read books. Recently WebWatch                                                 Collins’ theory:                          To help you get a deeper
bought a copy of Good to Great                                                       Building a vision – a core         understanding of the principles
by Jim Collins. This book explores                                               ideology that stimulates change.       outlined you can download a
why some companies make the                                                      It is an understanding of the          three-page guide. From there, if
leap to greatness and consistently                                               difference between what should         you like what you see and think
outperform their competitors and                                                 never change and what should be        you can start to apply some of the
why others don’t. The book and its                                               open for change.                       ideas to your company, you can
author have such a following in the                                                  Your hedgehog concept –            use a diagnostic tool to analyse
business world there is a dedicated                                              gaining an understanding of the        your current business position and
website to the title which will                                                  one thing you can be the best at       work out how to start implementing
give you valuable insights into                                                  ‘The fox knows many things, but        the principles that will help you
what these companies do that is                                                  the hedgehog knows one big thing.’     generate more revenue.
different and how you can apply                                                      Confronting the brutal facts          The book and the principles
them to your business.                                                           – facing head-on the hard truths       were the product of many years’
   The website is                                                 about your business, and finding a     research conducted at Stanford
nicely laid out and you can easily                                               way to prevail.                        University. The sheer thoroughness
assess the free articles, sections       Collins shares business secrets             First who then what – get rid      and fact-based content makes
from the book and audio clips                                                    of the wrong people, find the right    this one of the best business
of lectures, making it a fantastic       your training business. Well, the       ones and then use them to figure       guides around. The website has
resource for all businesses.             principles laid out from the research   out the best path.                     some really interesting and useful
   You may wonder what massive           can be applied to the smallest              Level 5 leadership – Level 5       information you can easily apply to
corporations such as Gillette and        company or even on a personal           leaders channel their ego needs        yourself and your business.
Pitney Bowes have got to do with         level.                                  away from themselves and into             Log on and have a look.

18 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | Spring 2009
Trainers’ Events                                                                                                    for up-to-date details of all events
                                                                                                                    Contact: Pauline Joyce,

Trainers’ forums
Herts & Beds                          Eastern                                    North East
16 October                            12 November                                15 October
Welwyn Garden City                    Norwich City College                       Gateshead CC                               YOUR
Contact: Sue Foster
                                      Contact: Simon Johnson-Cook
                                                                                 Contact: Amanda Cable
                                                                                 uk                                        FORUM
West Yorks
 21 October
                                      North/East Yorks
                                      28 May                                     North West
Middleton Railway, Hunslet            East Riding College                        27 October                                 YOU
Contact: Cedric Wood                  Contact: Jaqui Graham                      Mere Hall, Bolton
cfs@furniturestore.freeserve.         Jaqui.graham@                              Contact: Sarah Keating                                 
enter wyforum in subject line
                                      East Midlands                              London                             New interactive web page
South East                            18 November                                9 December                         If you are interested in working
11 November                           Nottingham                                 London South Bank                  with CIEH to organise a regional
Kings Hill, West Malling              Contact: Kevin Ward                        University                         event, please visit the new
Contact: Linda Deppe                            Contact: Alison Jones              interactive web page for trainers’                                                                forums at
or Jane Heeley                        South Wales               18 June & 23 October                                                          A change to forum notification
                                      Valleys Innovation Centre,                                                    From July 2009 programmes for
Northern Ireland                      Rhondda Cynon Taf                                                             forums will be sent by email and
3 November                            Contact: Ann Williams                                                         not by post.
Prison Service College,               Ann.williams@rhondda-cynon-
                                                                                 Exhibition                            Please ensure that we have your
Co. Down                                                    9 June                             email address so that you do not
Contact David Mulholland              Or Geoff Tookey                            Safety Health & Environment        miss out the opportunity to attend
david.mulholland@nio.x.gsi.           Geoff.tookey@                              Hilton Hotel Blackpool             these free events. Visit www.cieh.                                                                             org/forums for full details.

       Practical and essential updates for your candidates
           It is recommended that all candidates who have
           taken the CIEH Level 2 Awards in Food Safety
           (catering, manufacturing or retail) should take a
           refresher course three years after completion. The
           new CIEH Level 2 Awards in Food Safety Refresher
           enable all candidates to update their food safety
           knowledge quickly and easily.

       The new CIEH Level 2 Awards in Food Safety Refresher can be
       delivered in two ways. Visit                           to find out how
       you can deliver this qualification to best suit your candidates’ needs.

   Visit                            or call the CIEH Customer Services team on                            to learn more about the qualifications.

                                                                                                              Spring 2009 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | 19
Trainer’s life Barry Robinson

He likes a challenge, that’s why Barry has got his sights set on America’s finest

‘I want a slice of The Big Apple!’

                                                                                                                            and sport are particular interests
                                                                                                                            of mine!

                                                                                                                            Who (real or fictional) would
                                                                                                                            you most like to have in a
                                                                                                                            training session, and why?
                                                                                                                            Gordon Ramsay or one of the
                                                                                                                            Dragons from Dragons’ Den.
                                                                                                                            I do like a challenge!

                                                                                                                            Who would you least like to
                                                                                                                            have attending a training
                                                                                                                            session, and why?
                                                                                                                            My mother in law. It would be
                                                                                                                            difficult to teach her anything new
                                                                                                                            as she knows it all (obviously this is
                                                                                                                            said in jest – she’s great really).

                                                                                                                            What is the most amusing
                                                                                                                            thing that has ever happened
                                                                                                                            in a training session?
                                                                                                                            It was one of my first courses.
                                                                                                                            I was talking through the
                                                                                                                            importance of keeping work areas

                                                                                                                            tidy to prevent slips, trips and falls
One of Barry’s ambitions is to work with the world’s largest store, Macy’s in New York                                      when I actually tripped over. After
                                                                                                                            a few seconds – it seemed like
Barry Robinson is the Operations         What’s the biggest challenge         European markets and to continue              minutes – some of the candidates
Director of Sureteam Limited, a          facing professional trainers at      working with our corporate                    were saying, ‘Come on you can
health and safety and training           the moment?                          clients, to maintain an ongoing               get up now’. I couldn’t actually
consultancy based in Tetbury,            I think in the current downturn      relationship, to help them make               get up as I had twisted my ankle.
Gloucestershire. As a health and         clients cutting back on spending     their businesses more efficient.              I felt a bit of a fool, although it
safety professional, Barry offers        money for staff training, although                                                 proved a point and at least it was
practical advice and support. Barry      for some reason we are currently     How do you find new                           at the end of the day.
has been a registered CIEH trainer       experiencing an increased            customers?
for seven years and very much            demand for training.                 Through repeat business, by cross-            Tell us one thing (person
enjoys his interactions with learners,                                        selling courses and by our current            product or service) you like
from whom he learns a lot.               What’s the biggest opportunity       clients recommending us to their              about the CIEH?
                                         in the next couple of years?         clients – an ideal way of finding             I think the customer services team
What’s the most overused word            I think it will be to exploit the    new customers.                                provide a very efficient service,
in training?                                                                                                                answering any enquiries you have
The typical responses I receive                                               Do you have a ‘dream                          very promptly.
from learners when training are:
‘it’s common sense’, ‘it’s not
rocket science’ and ‘Why me?’ but
their mindset changes when they
realise why they are actually on
the course.
                                         ‘  Customer services
                                         provide an efficient
                                         service, answering
                                         queries very promptly
                                                                              I think working with some of the
                                                                              large retailers (such as Harrods or
                                                                              Macy’s) or sporting establishments
                                                                              (such as football stadia) would
                                                                              be a great experience – shopping
                                                                                                                            Finally, what is the one thing
                                                                                                                            you wish you’d known when
                                                                                                                            you started?
                                                                                                                            That time spent preparing a
                                                                                                                            course is time well spent.

20 | TRAINERS’ EXCHANGE | Spring 2009

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