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									Developing Others

      Region XV
        I’m so happy for you..?

   You’re going to have a baby?
   You got a promotion?
   Your significant other got a great job
    opportunity and you’re moving?

Well that’s just great!
    What typically happens next?

   While staff are attending baby showers
    and farewell get-togethers…managers are
    huddled together making organizational
    decisions in the span of a few hours or
    days that end up impacting the
    organization for years.
     Another option..deliberate and
    focused ongoing development of

   “The growth and development of people is
    the highest calling of leadership” Harvey S. Firestone
           Growing Your Staff

   Create the climate – think BIG
   Look for Leadership Qualities at every
   Give up your most precious resource (your
   Visualize your Dream Team
   Do Big Things – the things accomplished by an
    agency are contingent upon the vision
    established by its leader. If the vision is small,
    small results will follow.
   Spend More Effort on the “Farm Team”
    than recruiting Special Agents – allowing the
    underdeveloped members to be coached and
    grow within the organization whenever possible.
   Have the difficult conversations
Identify Leadership Qualities
Character            Influence
Positive Attitude    Excellent People Skills
Proven Track Record         Confidence
Self-Discipline Discontent w/Status Quo

Evident Gifts – Who will never be, could be,
 should be and MUST BE developed to a
 higher level.
Giving Your Most Precious Resource
            (Your Time)

      Nurture             Equip
        6 Levels of Development
   Level 1 – Some Growth
   Level 2 – Growth That Makes Them Capable In Their Job
   Level 3 – Growth that Makes Them Able to Reproduce
    Themselves In Their Job
   Level 4 – Growth That Takes Them to a Higher Level Job
   Level 5 – Growth That Allows Them to Take Others
   Level 6 – Growth That Allows Them to Handle Any Job

      Be personally secure enough to confront lack of growth
     Visualize Your Dream Team
             (some of my desired qualities are below)

   Trust is fostered                Team Members Place
   Team Members Know                 Their Individual
    What’s Important                  Values Beneath the
   Team Member’s                     Best Interest of the
    Communicate With                  Work.
    Each Other.                      The Team Knows
   Team Members Are                  Exactly Where the
    Not Afraid to Learn               Agency Stands At All
    Together                          Times.
   Reference, Developing the Leaders Around
    You, John C. Maxwell

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