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Taking auTo insurance To The nexT LeveL
Dell Crisis Management & Alerting Services help Esurance manage through crises, enabling the organization to provide its associates with information and its customers with the best possible service—even during a disaster.


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Country: San Francisco, CA (USA) Industry: Insurance Founded: 1998 number oF employees: 5,000 Web Address: www.esurance.com

Esurance needs to stay in constant contact with its associates during emergency drills and real-life disasters.

Implemented Dell Crisis Management & Alerting services: Emergency Notification and the Incident Collaboration Center (ICC) for crisis notification and collaboration to manage through incidents and accelerate recovery.

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•	 Reach anyone, virtually anywhere during a crisis •	 Near-zero maintenance •	 Predictable monthly costs
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In December 1999, Esurance launched its Web site to harness the power of the Internet and revolutionize the way people purchase insurance. The company leverages the latest technology available to provide a hassle-free experience for its customers. Esurance is a leader in bringing innovation to the personal lines insurance industry. The company, which offers coverage in 28 states, always strives to exceed its customers’ expectations by providing competitively priced insurance products and high quality service. Esurance customers may need assistance online or over the phone at any time, day or night. Therefore, the company must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any query or provide a quote. The organization’s reputation and ability to provide an excellent customer experience depends on being able to communicate with employees, even if a disaster strikes and normal lines of communication fail.

•	 Contact thousands in minutes •	 Distribute and collect critical information in real time •	 Enable collaboration with web-based tools
Grow It smarter

•	 Easily scalable to meet growing needs •	 Help ensure safety of employees •	 Help ensure the continuity of your business

“Through iTs crisis noTiFicaTion and coLLaBoraTion FeaTures, The icc rePresenTs a new kind oF soLuTion ThaT enaBLes our recovery Team To reacT quickLy To a disasTer, and geT Back To Business as usuaL.”
Chris Henn, chief operating officer, Esurance in a crisis The onLy known is ThaT There wiLL Be unknowns In the event of a crisis, the safety of all Esurance associates is of the utmost importance, which is why the company prioritizes immediate and timely associate communication. Esurance also strives to maintain business operations to meet its customers’ needs. Esurance knew it needed to adopt a crisis notification and collaboration solution that would enable the company to be in constant contact with its associates, regardless of what happened to the organization’s communications infrastructure. After evaluating multiple solutions and reviewing its options, Esurance chose Dell’s Crisis Management & Alerting services. Now, when an emergency happens, Esurance uses the Crisis Management & Alerting services to send email and two-way SMS messages, as well as make voice calls to locate its employees. By using a two-way crisis notification and collaboration solution, Esurance can contact the impacted employees, gather status and implement a plan to help make sure that any and all customer inquiries are dealt with immediately. Notifications can be sent to all staff or any of the sub-groups that Esurance has established. Having a tool to send out office-specific or company-wide alerts was an important feature for Esurance, since it has nationwide agents that will be impacted even by local events. “It is easy for any of our administrators to send out an alert from anywhere to any office,” said Tottie Moncada, disaster recovery engineer for Esurance. “Recently, we had a blizzard that impacted our Madison office. Rather than sending out a corporate email which wouldn’t have reached many employees or routing our associates through a time-consuming call tree, we sent a notification to make sure our employees were safe and gave them instructions on how to proceed.” TesT, TesT, and TesT again Esurance feels that preparedness comes from continual testing. Each quarter, the company picks an emergency situation and assigns it to a randomly selected office to refine its corporate disaster recovery process. Through the Emergency Notification module, notifications are sent to let employees know the details for disaster drills. Once the notification is received, Esurance works through the specific disaster recovery plan that relates to the nature of the drill. In order to increase its ability to respond to disaster drills and real-life emergencies, in December 2007, Esurance deployed the service’s newest module, the Incident Collaboration Center (ICC). By combining Emergency Notification with the ICC, Esurance can securely share information over the web, track status with real-time incident logs, assign tasks and interactively track progress, and maintain clear communication. By utilizing a centralized web-based portal for crisis notification and collaboration, Esurance can keep core workflow functioning through disasters. In addition, since the ICC is a web-based application, it does not require end-user training. When the ICC is activated, Esurance’s management team and agents can get online and immediately begin collaborating. “Through its crisis notification and collaboration features, the ICC represents a new kind of solution that enables our recovery team to react quickly to a disaster, and get back to business as usual,” said Chris Henn, the chief operating officer at Esurance.

how iT works

•	 Dell Crisis Management & Alerting Services

crisis managemenT & aLerTing services: uP and running in jusT a Few hours “When we originally looked for a crisis notification and collaboration solution, we thought about building something in-house,” said Moncada. “After seeing the capabilities that the Crisis Management and Alerting services (fka, AlertFind) offered and evaluating the cost to build our own, we decided the best solution for us was to tap Dell (fka, MessageOne).” Since the Emergency Notification service with the ICC is delivered as a software-as-a-service, the costs for deploying and operating are known upfront with little or no initial hardware or software investment required. Dell Emergency Notification with the ICC can easily protect any number of contacts without adding additional maintenance work for Esurance’s IT staff. With its predictable monthly pricing, Emergency Notification with the ICC provides a powerful crisis notification and collaboration system for a very low cost. “One of the biggest benefits in going with Dell (fka, MessageOne) was the ease of deployment,” said Moncada. “We had Crisis Management and Alerting services (fka, AlertFind) up and running in half a day. In addition, the solution was easily able to import contact information which helped us to start using the tool immediately.” For more information on this case study or to read additional case studies, go to dell.Com/Casestudies.

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