Roof Tile Installation by liwenting

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In Jmudy, 1937,d€ Roof lile Conmit@ ol the FRSA,NI RMA Ms comisioned to developand *rite
consensN{andarG lor rlc insallation ol conderedd clry nof iileq. Reently, the Naiion.l l]lc Rodn4
MeNfactorcis AssocidlionNTnL{) chmged ik nameio Rool Elc Instinne. The consnsus docunenr
pn.e$ includedmeetinssover r p€iod of ren (10) ycds, tude LF of mofing conftcios, manufacsrcs.
supplien, madeniq mofing corsulrdr. dd ensinees.

Thcsc$mddds$derpprovedbtaconsensusvoreof        pdicipadnsmmten.lneseianda'ds eupdahd
or Hnimed by ihe samr proce$ at intenzls not exceediry three(3) yea6.

These nmd,rds wfle developedto sumdize for the desi$er. applicnor or.teretoper good oofing
pmcri€ and indu<'! standddslor lne insbrlation ol ihe meclDnically{er lnd moitu/ adhesive{ertiles,
which I'aveben dlvelopen overa periodofiime ton aduil rrde practicemd rheftqtrnenenh ol vtrioB
brilding code lgencies. rhese stu&rds nay nor be applicr6le in ,lt geogaphic,l a€as. It is rhe
Esponsibi!ry of ilrosc individuls who re reledng ro dresestlrdads to indepcndendyre$tuch dd
detemide which i3 brs for rheirpdicular pojot.
This docunent iierponbs   by Eltrnce the fbllowin8 spoficarions dd ndd.rds:

                  Constructiondd lndusbi,l Pllvood
                  Srandtd Tei Methodfof Weight(Msg ol Co ins on Imn and Sbel Aricles siLlr
                  zinc or zinc Alloy Coa.ings
                  Shnturd Spscificationfor Genenl RequiLemenrs Srel Shet, Zinc Corled
                  (Gfim;ed) by iie Hor.Dip ?ioces
                  sbdrm Specinedon fdZinc Coared       (calvanized) CarbotrShcl wn.
                  Slandrd Spe.incationrbr MsoNy Cemcnt
                  stmd,rd Speciicltion for Aggftgate lbr Maso.ry Motu
                  Sl!tuLad Speificrtion for Podmd Cffint
                  Shnded Specifimtion for Motu fbr Unit Masonry
ASTMC 332         StmdadSp{itcatior fortiEhtwcigbtA8grdgdesforlNnlatingC.ncEt
                  srandardSpaincadon lor Clay Roof nles
                  Stmdtud Sp*ificdior lor Concret RoofTiles                                    :
AS'IM D 226       srandardSlecification lor Asph 'Srrrated Olgmic Felt Usd in Roofin8 a|]l

ASTM D 2,19       Srandrd Speciticador rof AsFhaltRoIl RmtnA (OrgMic Fe]r) wirh Minemr

                  Siatrddd SFeificarion lor Arthalt Usedin Roonng
AS'IM D 1056      Srbdrd specificalion lor Flexible Celluld Mdenals Sponge E4aded Rutber
                  siand(d Te$ M.rhod for CompEssheltope ies ofRigid cellular Pla$ics
                  Shnddd Te$ Merhodfor Appr€nr Densityot Rigid Celular Pllsics
ASTM D ] 623      Stmdrd Te* Method lor Tcnsile md Te$ile Adhesionhopenies of Rigid Cellular

                  Srmddd Te{ Merhodlor ResF0sc ol Ri8id Cdlluld Pldics to Themrtrl Dd

                  Stmdtrd Te( Merhodfor Wftr AbsoQtion of Ri8i,l Celular Ptasrics
                  Shndrd Speciicrrion lbrAsphllt-Satu€tcd and Orgmic F€lr Basesheet

ASTMD2356         studard TestMcthod foi Opencell of Rieid Celhlar Ph$i.s by ths Air

                  Sbrhd Specin.dion for Lp CementU$d $idi I+hrli Roll Roofin8
                  Shndrrd Specificationfor Adhesives Field,CluinCPlyrood to Lnnbei Frhins

                  sbdrd Specincdion tdAsphdt Roofcemeni Asbe$os FEe
                  Standed Spscfication rirr 5BS Polyesrer Ghs Fibcr Reinforcement
                                                         md                       Mar
                  Srdd?rd Sp{incation foL SBS{ith GIN Fiber Reirfaftement Mat
                  srandad Sp{incadon lor Polye$er ReinfoftemcntMat
                  SkMaid lor Surfrce Bmins Chaacdndcs or auilding Marerlals
ASTME 96          Standi Te* Me&ods fnr \{arer Vapoi Tresni$ion ol Mnerids
ASTME IO3         shnda' d ror Firc Teds of Roof Coveinss
                  Stdddd for Lmber. TiDber Bri4e'Ecs and Mine Ties - PreseflativeTreahent

ES.AA L           FedeLal         for   krd
                       SpEcificdion Sheet
_    The$ mechmtdly{et and iondadlrsive{et         flsGned tite iniztarion iandads m a consbls
     dmtrnent derclopcd by a joinr T6k Force of L\e Florida Roo6ng, Shet Meral, .nd Air condirionins
     ContractoisArs iation (FRSA) and the Floidr chsprei ot tbc Nariond Tne Rooring MaNtotuies
v    Arlocidion (NIIMA). Ir is inponmt b rc.gntr rhat rhae iecolmefft2tiors ae nenher whrnrieq
r    explic or nnllci! nor Epresentnive of rhc only nerhod by wtuch a mochmicdly,ser md mord
     adhcsive{ermof tile synem canbe jsr.led.

              PARTICIPATTNC               TE
                          ROOFTILE INSTITT MEMBERS:

                                         coltr{ casr coR".

                                          DO\{ CTIENITCAL

                                   LUDOWiCTROOr TILE, INC,

                                      MCA CLAY ROOI' TILE


                  E{NSON ROOFTILE p.ei,6b             PIONEERCONCRnTETILE

                                   POLYFOAMPRODUCTq INC.

                                      QUTKDRII.E USA,TNC.

                                       RTNKERCEMENT CO.

                                            U.S.TILE CO.

                               VANDEHEY . RALEIGII MTG., INC.

                                 WESTILE ROOT'TNG
lne FRSA,^{TRMA ackno{ledges L\e devoredefforts of tbe joinr ForcBof rb€ FRSAATRMA.
Tlrk eroup tu compnsedof mofirg contioiosj nbufacrurenj supplies, mademir, roofi4 consulrdr,
add dgreen. This nmml {as pre!tued thmush rhecoose$ls sh&rd prcce$. Tbop individhls who
sened on i\e T6* Forc. loi the Thnd Ediriotr ml


                        CL\DD DEN\\G         - WR GRACE& CO.


                       TOM GANS. TCG ROOFTNSPtrCTIONS
                         F.EESEMOODY - MONIERI,IFETII,E
                     RICIARD FEPIN - RAY ROOFINGCO.,INC.
                    4r sl^cLfloN       . At\4N J, STNCL[TON,

                         DOUC TAII . PROTECTOWR{P CO.
                       CARY VOGT - GULFSIDESL'PPLY,
                    DA\"IDWD I IA\tS - C LNa ra{M ORj(s, [\(
                        CAROL YOI'MANS . DOW CHENIICAI-

                        JOE ZAMBRUSKI. DOW CIIEMTCAI-
                      MARK ZIRZOW - CALDWELL ROOFING
                               TA}LE OF CONTENTS

Utueden or $?led mdedaymenisystem!s E gclomcd moFl flasbingsqirh ed3cduns.
Tiles re appliedover the ntrdedarned with mechdDicdfNene6 to tne deck wnn or siL\otrt


              PART I. GENEIUL
              1-01 RelakdWo* ElsesheE

               I-04                 Srorisehd Hudtns

              PART tr. PRODUCTS

              2.02                  Roonng
                      AspbultSaruated    UderllynEnts

              2.06            Adhesirc
                      Asphaliic                                                         5

              PART Itr. EruCUIION

              3.02    UndedaynentApplication                                            3
              3 05    Valleys (un& dynenl)
              3.06    V.lley TeminaronontoRoofPlure
              3.07    Fl8lriDs ud Cou u Ilshlngs !t WaUAbuhent
              3,03    He!'land  Apon Flashing
              3.09    Sbdrd cub MoDbd skl,tishb.chimeyq Eb.
              3.10    Pipes,Tubines.Venrs,!tc.

              3,13 Fhl Loq md HiEh       nle

              3.15 HipStrr
              1.16 Hip md RidgcIistalhrion
              3.17   Hip dd Ridge Nailer Bordt

              1.19   Woll Abutments(Tile)

              1.23   MiscclmeoNR*omnendations                            17

Se,led lnde ryn.nt syslen using $arddd netul flashiDss.
                                                      Tiles ar applied   13
vi$ nshoical fNreneis dnct b wabpmofed deck or on cou cr barens.


              I 0l   Relatcdwdk Elsewhere                                20

              1.04   ProductDelivery, Sronge ad Hadling                  20

              PART . PRODUCTS

              102    Aspb,ltSaturtedRooing Undedaymenrs
              206    AsphalticA{thcsivc


              PART Itr . EXECUTTON

              1.02   UnderlaymentApplicarion                             23
              3.0s   Fl6hirg aM CounterFlashinlsdtWill Abuhenb
              3.06   Skidard Crb Momcd Sbliehb. Chimneys,  EE.           23
              3.07   Pipes,Tu$ines.Ve,rs,
                                        !tc.                             :3
              3.08   CounrerBaltm In$aldion                              29
              3.1U Fhq bw andHiehPome Tile
              3.13   Hip md tudseh$ l.rion                   32
              3.14   Hip and RidgeNiiler Bords



              3,21   MiscelldeousRecomendnions

Sealedunde aynent rysbm usitrg$lndrd neral flashinss.
lnes de appli.d wift mond dncd b vderpmorbd decrr


              PART T. GENERAL
              l.0l Rclacd ( Elsesher

              1.04   tuoduct
                           Dcliveri Sronsemd Ha'ltling

              PART TI " PRODUCT

              2 02   Aph.h SatuabdRoofingUDdedalnenb         33

              2.06   A+h,lric Adhesive                       t9



             P.AI{TITT. LXECIIIION

             3.02    UndedayDentApplicarion

             3.05 Fr$hi,8 aIldcounrer hinssat wdl Aburnens
             3 06 SEndadCrb MounbdSlqiliehts, Chimneys,Er.
             3.07 lipes,Tlrbin.s,
             3.09    Fladl-o*. Mediun andHlgh PmmeTile
             3.10    Valleys
             3.11    Eip Srder
             3.12    Hip md RideeInshllation
             3.13    HD andRl4e NailerBo,ids
             314     Rale/Gable                                            50
             3.15    WolAtrben6                                            5t
             3 16    Plumbing  Sracls                                      51
             3.17    Coatings
             3-lB    rile Repl@nen.                                        5l
             3.19    Clon-Dp                                               52
             3_20    MisceltmeousRecomendrtions

Sysr€m "N'      Unsled or seded underlalment sy*en usingpdbmed mer.l       5l
        *iL\ edseErms. liles m applied
flashings                                overrheunderlaynent rh adhsive
ro rhedect nirh or rhoutlortrnral baflm.
Syst€n'ts" - Se.lcduddlaymnr sysen usingsrandad                    Tiles
                                                     netd flashings.
de applensih Ddhesive dned to nqtq?loofeddeck.

             DTI-$TON 7

              1.01   Relded Worl Spdined Elsesheft

              1.04   ?mdnct Dalivery. Srorage Handlng

             2.02    Asphlt Sabred Rooling Un,lerlaynenls


             2,06    AslhalticAdhesive
             2,07    Roof'ItleAdhesive

             2.09    PobrEdmeadhesi!.s
     QIJTCKREFERXNCE                       OFTION ''A"
                    CIIART. TJNDERLAI']IIENT                  53

     3.02 Unde aJhentApptication

     3.06                                    onroRool ptane
              Vslreyorwail nashinls Teminarion
     3 07     nNhlng hd comrer Flshin8s * aI Abuhenrs         6l
     3.03     Head& Apon Flashine
     3.o9     Sbndlrd CulbMoDbd SlJ'lighb.Chim.eys,!tc.
     3,10          Turbines,
              Pipes.        venb,Eb.


     3.02 Unde ryment

     3.05 E.shing con0krFlasbing.r Abubenb
     3.06 Siandard
                 CurbMounted          Chimets. Etc.
     3.07 Pipes,
               Tunin6, Vmb, Et.                               '71


     4.03     |lat / L.w, Medim md High ProiileTile
     ,1.0,1   TwoPiece   Bmel Tile
     ,1.05    Villels
     4.06     Hip md ?idg. NailerBords

     4.03     Hip andRid8eInshllation


     4.15 Mirellmeousrecomendadons                            7a

10   GLOSARYOT TERI]IS                                        102
FRSArRoofTrniiruE Mode s



                MechanicallyFastened Specifrcation

Unsealedor sealedunderlayment systemusing preformed
metal flashingswith edgereturns. Tiles are applied oyer the
underlalrlent with mechanicalfasteners the de4k with or
without horizontal battens.

 This mechanicalyf.$ened iile specincadon a conseDsus
                                           is              dacuneni devetoped . ioinr Trst Fore
 of thc Eodda R.onns, SheetMeul md Ai condirioning conradd Alsocidion (rRsA) rnd ihc
 Fldida Chapierol rle Na.ionalTile RoofingManutacsffi A$ociation Oi-rRMA). Ii is nnpomnt to
 ccognize ihtrt tboss recomnendaiionsue .eithcr {mries,       *plicii or implicii, nd rep€scnrative
 or the only neflod by which a m{haniclrly fa$ene{ lnd s}$en cd be insr!Uc'1.      Rdhei, lney by to
 sunnffi& for rhe dsigneq applicatoror developer    sood roofire lracti.e and some of rhe indusry
 studrds ibr de insr,lhtion of the tuechdically{er til.s slncb hde heendeveloped     over r period of
 tine hon actusl lmdc Facrice Dd rlre fquirenenr of vdioN building cod. agencies.These
 specidcationsmy not be applicablc in aI geosnphicrl mas It b rhe EsDosittllry of rhose
 individMls sho N ftfe.riDg to dresespeciffotioN io initependendt Fsenh dd detemtue
 shich ft bc!1 lor lh€ir paftiohr   prqimt.

                   MechanicallyFastened Specification
NOT[:    Therouo ngkblEprovidesthecontactdsiththochoicesarailablelorunderlayhentsydems.
         Thcsesystms cd onlt bEused pitches
                                   m               in   tablehelorv:
                                          desisnated Lrre

                        Sl4le ply No. 43 or 90#orsdic Crp
                        Sheet Modinod    CapSheet
                        Hot Mop No. 30d No. ,13,90+OEmic

                        ColdPDces No. 30 or No. 43/90#
                        Orgdic or ModifiedCry Sheel



 NOIE:    Sohe pmdu.ts ,ru not desiened be il(llld
                                        io         on this systen.It
          chek vilh the mof Iile n.n acnNr ior $e appmv€dpmltle,
          from 4:t2 np to and indding 7:12slopa

This guide spe.ification cove6 Fhr, hw md High profile Roof Tile, uring a minimuh 3" tile hoadlap,
or r {iesisnedlinired headhp. on ninintrn 15/32' solid d{king nded in complimce nith wind load

0 100 rlin8le. o'd PootuBTiF

        Mechdicrly Fa*med nh specilicdion


l.0l   Relded $4Ik sp€cified ElsevheE
       A. Rougb Caryenty Secriotr06l00
       B Roo ud De I ro ,oor SFfuo-0 u
       C. Flashin8and Dcck Insulation - S@don0?600.
       D. RoofAcce$ones Seciion    07700.

           l. crnGte RoofTile . In mFlmcc sith thephysial lsr Equiemenb or urebdldiry code
           ?. Cl.y Rooll-ne h cdnpnmce *nn ASTM S(ddtuid C 1167.

       A. Smples - tile qpe ud color r selected.
       ! Mm icruers libnture - ircltrdirg product descdption! md rcomEnded            insrlarior

       C. Iile C.mplimce Repofr,

 .0r   PoJui Drlnfl). cro'dce:ndHrdlinp
       A. Distibute $acks of d€ unilomny, nor in concenbrtedtoa&.
       B. \\hen conditions*dran! insEll bnponry bdbns to thcilhb mofloadins.
       C Cdc shal be talcn to poled rhe mderlayMt duiiq the ti]e loading and stlcting p' oce$.

       A Do nd inshll ude ryment on *et surfaces
       B. Ensur€orhertades m Na' e or pHauiions Equird uhen lording md $rking of tile, md
          $cn Esponsibiliq for pro@rion ol rilc loading dd srackitrgis conplebd
       C. Ant pDncturs d ters in LIreudeirymmt lvhich dccui duda8 rhe loadlng and sEcti4 of
          tile shall be inmediarely repaftd vi$ like natefirrs.

       A. Materi,ls - manuthcttrErslinited wamnty agdn* delsb in rcoftile for       yem
          (NOIE: FII in appropriaG   nunbd of ycm)
                              pdFsdoi        200r


       A, TileMorlaclusr:

2.02   AsphaltSahritedRoofing    Unde aymeob
       A. ogmic. 9?e n. comnorly called 30or 30#,coiJoning to ASTMStod(d D 226,rype
          II orgdic satlratn
       B. A$hrlr sduDtedmd coed oryenic base   feu    5heer,como y collat No. 43 or 43+,per
          mn, conrbminglo ASTMD 2626.
       C. Min.rol slrfacc roll roofris minimum?4 + per mll comnonlycalled90*, confomins b
       D. Moditiedbitunensingle trnbrane, nininM 4{ nih.
       E. Sclf -adbmd nenbrmq nininom 40nils.
       F. Gmulr su'1;r€SBSDodinedbilumen                nlninu 40 mlls,at tbe sclvagc
                                                menbiane,                            edge.

       A. Orgmic Asphzh inpEenatedcortonnembBnq oinimum4" wide.
       B lnoryani.- Asphalt        nbsrgldsncnbrdq nininnn 4" Nidc.

          r. Naih , comsionEsisrmtn;dry AsrM A 64| crr$ l Md/orconasio,Esisiln.e equal
             I'monling to ASIM B 117)of suftcionrldgrh to penehtc a ninimnd 3/4' i o or
             rhrcugh thiclne$ of thedeL or baten.whichever les. ie (coated,
                                                           is                 eldbo salvmizd.
             mcbricd gaivmized, dil'led ealEnize4 dumiNm, copp€r srainlcs $ecl).
                                    hoi                                  in,t
             & RingshrnkDails         be
                                 shaU 10dring shdl comsiodftshtu. seel nails13inches
                 long,       inch
                       0.233 flathead    dimerei0.l2l inchshank  dimecr)
             b. Smoorh screw
                          or      stut ndls be 10dcorosionresishnt sbel (3 inches lone,0 23
                 imh iar ha'l dimctcr, 0.123          or
                                             inchscrcw 0.131  inchsnoolhsbdt dideret.
          2. Scres Fdtend comsion Histmt neetineASTM A 641 Clas I and/orcoro5ion
             resishce equrl (accodingto ASTM B 117)ol suificient le4th to leMate i nininun
             3/4" into ot thooehthickne$of tnedeckor bahen,           is
                                                            whichevBr les. ie Goacd,elech
             salveized, nechDic,l sdwted, hot dipped gslvaizd. rlunintra copperand

             e Mininum musclbrod.
          3. Stom clipsbd tum clip ftutends relerio sp*fic ndufacrwr
       B. UndedrymentFasienem
                                                  lengrhto prope y penehte
          1. Nlils or capnaik shill beof sufficient

             r Minintrn+l gauge
          2. Td ta8s- norle$ tbd 1 5/3'nor cruter dm t' in dimerd md a minimm 32sawe

              e   MiriDnm #'32         nekl.
FRSA/Roof r,sddb Moddr sp{ificiion - June
        Tile         rrc                 2001

       A. Flashi4 shal bd ninimm 26 ga.. C 90 comsion Eshrdt mdil confomins to ASTM A
          525 rnd ASTM A 90, or oihqr neEl or conposilion pomc mateiialsaslitud ln drebuilding

       B. Lead for soil dack sh0l be nininum 2.5 # per sq. ft. For leadcoucr nasbins ftqnnmenb

2.06   Asph.llicAdheiive
       A. Asphall plstic oof cemetrt- confoming to ASTM D 4536, type tr, non asbestos,  non
          runni.g, heavybody mderi:l composed asphilt and oder mineftl inEitdienb.
       B. Cold pmces nodfied bihmen monng nasdc - conlbming to ASTM D 3{19. 9Te Ijl
       C. knhali - confoming to ASTM D 312, qlc m or IV Olote slopere4uiEmcns in rhebuilding

       A. shc.ui.l bonding
                         ddhese'conlbming roASIM rr           9N

          L C€mentshall coofom b ASTM C 9l Iypo M.
          2. A$EEaGs
             a. Smd sh:I meetASTM c 1,!4.unifonny Erdedi clem md lie from o$aic mrbi,ls.
             b Lightweieht qggag e sh{lt neet ASTM C 332.

          1. StuJ/cemmt nnes, job mixed or pFrixed, sh,ll neer ASTM C 270 rcqtrnenent lor
             TyF M mon (2.?5ro2.5:Ismd b
          2. Lilhreeighl assesrE/cenent motr nN be pEmired md bassed.

       A ltefabricaen EPDM slnL\etic nbber conlomins to asTM D 1056.
       B P,erJbi d ed TeEt e
       C, Preflbricltd concsc or clay eaveclosurt

       A. Paint- olor coordinated lor paindng dc, Idhing bd/or accasones (optional).
       B. Sealer for poinr up notur (opiiomt),
       C, nntS€l colorcoordinited                       tile
                                      sealerfors*ining oi a.ce$ois asreqri€d.

2II    Sbeadins Macri:l sh,ll conlbm to APA rded shenhing
       N(tIE:   Refef lo buildin8 code*bd load €qunencft
       A. Mlnnnun spm nred 32/16115/32" dicl A?A mEJ shs.rhin!.
                                        ''b n'pr..      rdH,n.omplres         AnTa,/o bne
           1. Bltt.ns sh l not be boned or tqiscd.
           2. Eo.izontal bauensshol be mnin'l l ' x 2'.
       c Nrile. Bords - MqErhl to be doay resistanr orpE$ure reated in complioce wiftA PI C2

          r. Nairer bords shorrd not be bo{ed or tqisted.
          2. Nlner botudsshal be a nonii 2 inch$ x GufilcienthciShr b sa.isfy conditiont.
FRSArRoof rNriuE Modd Tits sp


l.0t   Inspection
       A. Veriry !\ar sndrces to E@ive underlayicns e hifd@ smoon'r.     cleanud dry.
       a. Pmpa rentilation ls Ecomddsd on dll rile applications.
                                                               Verill' rc ila.ion requirenenb tr
           $ ronh in rhe building code.
3.02   Und6laymenrApplicaiion     Chooseoneof  tbefollowing:
       NOTE: o. cap sheet dt nshmourhrDd s$l dd comprtible itashing cen€nt and Dedbrm
                shee @plicable.
       NOTE: A No.15, No 30 or No.43 can bc usedas I dry in pior ro insbtling lhe nntledalren.

       A. Slnglc ply No.43 or 90+ OEuic CapSheetar Modifred CapSheet (S€ Davins 1)
          A single ply No.43 undedaymenrrpplicarion sh,ll te io*slled under nandatory usc ot
          bafiem, A 90+ o4anic cap sheet or modnied cap slreet unddlalne        .pplicarion c be
          idstrlled eith riles applied dirci to rhe cap sheet.kior ro apdyi4 rie No.43, 90# or
          nodiied cap shet, arracha 36' wi& stip of sme underlayment,       (sv€t shee, doqn the
          cente. or the valley. Sec0ientr the edgeof the lelt 24 on cen@rAplly . No.43 or 90# or
          dodified cap sheetpeQendicultr lo the slope of rhe tuol md mechuicslly rhached ro rhe
          rood d{k wiih nails andtin crps, mund capnails or otberlirsbnss spaced on @nt6 ncd
          the top ed8eoffelr. Us a minimm 4'r headlap and 6" sidelaps. EiEnd Mde 4ment sheet
          up venicar strdlres r ni.inum 4'. Overlaphip dd ddses a ninirum ot 6 ,, Secure   ncar de
          e4e ol reit I2' on cdrtr a. ovdtaps md sidelaps of the un'ldlalnenr

                                         DRA''IINC I

       B. HorMop No.30or N0.43/ 90#Orsdic or ModinedClp Sheer Drawing2)
          A Mo ply rcofalplicrtion colmonlj' called HotMop'synd. Theroofcover teminared
                                                   a                        is
          ar netal nahines.A No.30or No.43b$e ply shEr rhil1 he n*hanicary anached lhe
   {ood dEck with mils md tin clps, rcund cap nails or orier lstenes spred in r 12" gdd
   shssered in Mo $ss in $e nel4 ud 6" on centerat tbc laps.Exend bascply a ninin0n of
   4" up Enical surlaccs BasEply sidelapr shdl he a nininum ol 6" and heedlaps sbrll be a
   dinifln  of 2". Ov* and instlled b6e dy sheet,rydy ! hyer of orgldc cap shoctin I foll
   2s +Aq. a 15%rnoruiDgof asphalL   Asphahshall be .pplied unilomly. Side laps shall be a
   niniNm of 6"r headlaps shall be a nininun of 3 ' md backnailed 12 on cenrer

C. Cold Prcces No 30 or No.43,90#Orgdic or Modlned Cap Shcet{SceDrNing 2)
   A two ply oof lpplcdior comody crled a Cold Proce$'lynem. The mol cover is
   ledisred d netal fiashinss.A No.30or No,43 bde ply sheetsbaU nccbui.aly a.dched
   to dre vood deck wit]) naik and .in (ips, round cap naik or orherhnene.s sprcedin a 12"
   grid sbggc€d in so Iws in de field, md 6" on ce er ar the rlps Extendbrse ply shet a
   Dinimmof,f'upw          ical rulbces. Baseply sidelapsshaU a nidDum of 6" ard head
   llps shrll be r nirinum of 2". Over isrrlled bse sh€t, ipply a c.p rheet rccordins ro
   underlayrenradherlve nbufrctdrar EconDendarionr. cap sheer side h!5 shalr be a
   ninidn     of 6"r headlaps shlu b€ a nininum of 3" ud back nailed 12" on center

NOTE:    For Cotd Proce$ Sy*em, in windy condilion!, ii my 6e necesEy to spot nail cap
         r h e f l, p s , o l n I i n : r ' o D r N r

                                 DRAWINC 2

D. Two |ly No. 30 or No.43UNtcdaynon.
   This udedlyment ipplicaiion is ind,lled under Lrrenmdarory use of batbns A 19" wide
   ider stip of a No. 30 or No 43 ude' lrymenhhall be lpplied }orDoibDy at $e eaves.    A
   full 16r ridth sheetshall bc rypled corcrin8 rhe sder sheer.The etu     sheerbd each
   succ.odhg ful *idth shet of lelt snJl he mechdically atmhed to ln€ {ood deck{i{r nlils
   hd lin caps,round capnails o! oL\erfo$eneis spoed 24" or ceNei 1 ' Aom thc top odeeof
          lilt and 12 oD cenhr at the laps. Slcceding sheebshil be lapped19r (r 7 *p.sue) over
          rhe!14edin8 shBeb.lxreod baseply shees a mi.intrn of 4' up vetical tufaccs. Siddlapr

       E. Ser-Adhcred Underl4ment AppriedDirect to woo,l Deck,
          A srgle ply underlalTerl syslemltil]zin3 self-adheredunde ryment. Arply one layer of
          self complidce {ith the self adheed lndentrynat nsrihcrureN'

          No 30/Selr-A'lhe€d Unddlaynenr
          A two ply rdof applicarion tiijzing a sef-idhored undedaymenLNo30 lelr shill be
          nechnically aslched to tne wood deck unh nails dd tio caps, roud cap nails or other
          fa$enas sprcedin d lt' grid shsseEd in so mws in Lhefield, and 6 on.enter at thc
          lxrend bre ply sheer nlnnntrn or 4' up verticatsurtaces.
                              a                                   BascFly sh@t sidelDs sh|lt be
          rmininunof6     ud headlals shall be a nininm of 2' . Ovd bae p\ sheer,apply one later
          of s€lf:adhere'l underlaynenr in conpliance wiih the self adhered udedaynent
          nmutdcrues rsomnenddion,

       C. Altemative Men&mes
          Ary pmducr consistingof one or morewarcrlhcddlng layss apptiedio a slopedmof pior io
          rheallplicarionol a pltpded oof coverinshavingben re$ed in conpriarce ylth the buildinS
          code.Thc pnbfy poryoseoran underlaynentis dennd s 0v er sbeddinet.yei b function
          in conbination sith a lrepeed rool coverin8.

3.03                   -
       Drip EdgeMeral Cboose of rhefolodng: (Foranti-ponding
                               one                                netll, seSarion 312 C.2.c)
       A. Single ply underlayne.t syiens
           L D.ip ed8enctut shdl be in$dled al rhe eave,over the sheaftng. fte ncrat shall be
              fasrsned 6' on center wi0r 12 ga. comsion reskrmr roofing ndls or fa$enes of
              cmprtible metals. join6 6hallbelappeda mininm of 2". Al1 metolrrps shsl be Eared.
          2. Appl, unde aymenb a per s{tion 3.02A or E ro. ringre pty underlaytrnB.

       B. 2 p1ymdedaynent sysrems
          l. Dri! edgen.tal shall be ind.lled overbaseply shet, fasiened6 on center sith t2ga.
             cMosion Esindi mof nalk or fast!tre$. All joinrs shal be ]appedi mininum of 2 '

3,04   Gobleftahsdt - Chooseone of rhefolasing:
       d. U de In en qsop"o gdore .hoo"e oocor -hetotro!in8
       N(ITE: Not roomenden lor flush nd!h. R,le tiles mut be insElled.
           1. Extcnd nnderlarmentbeyond rat€/gible end. Fold doqn onro fascia or brlge bord.
              ssue wiL\ rrir and tin tae, ound .D iait or 6" on cenrel

          2. Tiin underlaFenr arfasciaor hrge bord Insr,rl I per md $ick undtrlaynent cxEnding
             uodeilalmed beyo.d nk€/Cableend.Fold dom add sealonrofasciaor buse bord.

          1. Drip edgemeril sh,ll be insbl led at i\e Cable,
                                                           ovortnc nnishedunderlaynent. The netal
             shall be fstened 6" od cemersiL\ 12 ga conosionEsisht mfing naiL or liisbnss of
             cmpdibie nerlls. Conrinuefron eNe up Hle/gahle in samen$ner, ensuilrg w*er
             sb€ddinscrpabnitiesol 3rr netll raps.lte caF shcet shal be bon&d ro lne nekl {irh
              DRAIVING3                                                DRAWING4

3.05   Vtileyr Chooseole of $e folosin3:
       NOTE: Wne€ specialconditions*ist, n maji be naesdji to incEap the width of rbc valley.
       NOTE: Closedviller metrl stsjl be eiuro a minlmun wldrh o116" (24" sftrch otrt) wiL\ a
               minimm 2 V2" high cenEr divdd and a ninintrn l netd edgeEturns or a ribbed
               d$i8n sith l ' cmrer diyenu. a nininum fou (4) 3/3 , ribs sp&ed 3 t/2,, wirh 3 3/,1,

       a. lnsta]r plebnned clGed valtey nerrl. hp ill joinb a mininun of 6 , md app]y a co!ti08 or
          se!.otor sheer comsionftsisrmce
                         lor                    (See DEwirg 3)

       B. rnsr'rr pErormed opm v.ley si(h a minnnun or 16 (24,skrt h out) nidr ! fininum 1,.
          high rvin cc er divener md Dri0nnnB1" m.tal cd8s re.ums. L.p joins a ninimnm 6" md
          arplt a ooatinsor seFraror shst for comsion Esistuce (SeeDn ns 4)_

          1. Securewid clips fabncaGd hom sinilE or compallblen.Edal. Clip l' tuh1 edse
             dllm ro eirherdrk or battensrip sllh roofng nait Lhr gh neial rtrat,
          2 ftim meral at all u]]e!/ddse junctions, ensudre water sheddiq capabitiriesonb lnB

          3. Iniall leadsoakeia. all vrlley/ridgejunctions. Tm letrdup a nininun   of l"locEarea
             s.rer divener,ensurinsvder sheddingc4abilities onto lhe valey.

J . O o \ , l e . o ' $ J , , J - n ' n B , f l m i o r r i o d o oR o u p t m e
                                          r                      o
        A. \\rnen vrlley temlnaos onto rool plme insLdl in mcodame snh s@ndlrd v bt nuhing

          I  Apply e leadsoikcr/skii undenath tn€ eaveend of vdley or Ml iashing to c.ffy w.ter
             otr ths vrlley or w tushins back onio rhe field tile (SeeDnwin3 5).
          2. If lerd sknr G noi used,cxrendtd8lh of vatey nerll to cuy $arer ofi rhe $lley back
             onb dr. neld ritc
                               p..ific ion - June2001

3.07   Fl^hins md Counrerflashings WaI Abudenls (Sa Dnwins 6)
       A h$all prefortrdnetal w.l ray 5 vefrical flrnge,6" baseflangervi.h t" mehl edseEM
          lush ro bre of vrlh over underlaymenr. Std at loner ponion dd vort up b eisure
          v enieht lpplc ion
       B. SecuEnirh clipsfabdcabd&on comprtible       maGnat  24'on cc cr Clip 1'turr1edse
          ieiun to deck or brten sbip wirh mnng nail rhrougha der.l sbap.
       C. Nd rdric,l nebl flangenee ouhide edAe.S*E d necesary ro neer job conditions. Lrp
          joins a nininm ol4' dd app! idhing cenent lor corcsion rcsistance.
       D. Or bloct wdli serl 3lotreentis cdgr of vedicd nehl fldge, covednsdl nnil penebdions
          wirh tashing ccnen. and membrme.
       E. On frme walls, inizl vlpor bEier over tldhlng.
       F. $rten insLdringoptionalcoufcrflNhina.lap ropflMge ofbse fl$hin8 a Dlntnum of 2 t/2,,.
          Nail meEl ned the ourside       a
                                    en-se ninimun or 6" otr cenleru s.! ndal imo €gte6 and s$l
          rborouehly.Llp joinb a mininum of 3" md apdy n Nhin! cenent or sealDt beseen L\elaps.


       NOTE:    Wbft spsiel conditionsoxtut, il na] be nece$aD to incftase the widtb of &e pan
                flashire.In      flashins shill bedesisned adequablydiEct rater back onio rhc
                            cases,                        to

3.03 Head& AprcnFlashing    Dflwi4s 7, 3 & 9)
     A InsEI apmnlhshingr ninimuin 4 onlile $rfoc. Nail venicalflanee nasbins
                                                                     of      widin l
       of neral edge secuEN nc@sary.lap med 6 ' seallapsnith flrshing cenenr.

3,09 SGndadCrb Mounred    Sbnehb. Chinneys, (SecDra*i4 10)
     A. Cubs shrl beI nininun 2' x 6" md a ninintrn I 1/2' above heisht,
     B. lnsbll r nininun 12' {idrh le.d at eave of each h
                                              end      cu'
       C. Se.rc wirhldrener 6 otr cctur, iisuni! ftsEner sill becoveEdby rkylighthood rHi flrse.
       D. Continue fith flexible or dgid nrhing on 6oL,rsidesof rhe cub rod{iie up lowa'd d(l8e.
          Tnn a necesay to ensureRater shcddlngonroneld dte
       E Securcqiln oof6g ldtenes 6' on center
       P lnia]l fleib]e or ngid aashing of sniicent widtb lt ri4e end ol cu6,
       C. Seil rl fasenes pen.tfationsj s*yligbt or hood venLjoint wirh edhL
       NOIE: For seu curbine or prtfabncated sktLsh6, iniillation shall meet Section 3.09 rbove
                 and skylisht mmufrftr's    insLdlrtion i.strctions

      DRAWING 7                     DRAWING8                      DRAWING9

                                       DRAWINC 10

3.10 Pipes,ftrbines, Venh,Erc.{seeDanings I I, l2 & l3)
     A. Serlemd penemtion      niih ttstic cerent.
     B. Apply skntflasling oler IN lield rile cut pftviouslyinidlled eihnding uder rhecouneof
        rile $ove rhepenetririon.               is
                                Insue flashins of sunicient   nidLhto rdned the*rb rwaylion

             fllsNn:8to rile snh seddt .s needed.
       C. Seal
       NOTE: }}dfrle $ecilic rcniilatom should be nstilled 6 per manulacoels nNdlarion
          DRAWING 11                     DRA'IIING 12                 DRAWTNG1]

3.11   Baten Insblldtion (SeeDmving 14)
       Horizonbl baneDs  stril be r maiinun of4 in lc4rh whsn utilizins t&ens, pElomed met
       fiahing wirh mebr edgeretof,s du$ be nsdd.
       A IrBtaI top c4e ofhorizonral baten to hodzontd litre. EorizodEl barcis my be i mininum

       B, F6tetr aDdsccu€ naxinum 24' on cenrtr si6 hsbnen of suflicient leneft lo pcnerarc lhe
          shedding a nininm of l/4 '.
       C. rearc l/2 ' spme berqpn bartd endr Md teNeen haten md nd,l edseEtuns.


  rz o'1.

       A. Lryod Hoizonral
          l. Chalk horimnral ljna besimin-s one lire tength fton eNe les desired or€rhan!.
             Oveihd! rhall be 3/l to 2", detending on nb type- use of guter, or oder fmctional

          2. For barcn in$dldion onh chilt line I ,/..' hom idg€.
FRSA/RooT rnsdrubMonelfte s

         L Chalk succceiinglines lor r nininum 3 headlapunles re$dcted by lroducr d$ign
         4. Inftae headlapshen mc.s!ry lor squl cou6e sprcins, or as neded for lnNu,l
            appliliion coddilions.
      B. Layout - Vetical ' Chooseone ol L\e rollowine:
         l Sragsere{rcmst.diitebstllarion (Rccomendcdfdnard]e)
            r. Grble en,l oof
                 i. Chalt venic.l lines onetull tile ind one hr.lf tile widtb plN ] " ro 2 ' fom $ding
                     gabreto rcomod!@ mke tite.
                 ji. chalk ddirional lines,if necess:q: to nainrain slignment

                  i. Ch,lk venical line 90 degrees  fmm eaveline.
                  ii. second tne prallel b tust io ecomodla soggercd/cros bondedtile.
                  in. Chrlk addiriotrd lines,il necessary, dignment.

                    bondlile i.sdlation (NotEcomended lbr in iile)
          2. SrLaignt
             a. Gableend rcof
                r. Chalkvenical  lineonefn ritewidL\plusl'to2"]ion*di.geable,
                ii. Chalt additionalline\. if necessrry. maiftoin dignncnt.

                  i. Cb k venicrl lines, if neceszry, to minhin ,lignnenl
                  ii. Chalk ddiriond if necessiry,ro naintah .tigmc      .

          I Srrk iile ro lacilirars inrilldion Dd minimize rire noremenr,
          2. llve rsatmdt Chooseon. ol {re lollosing:
             1. fte*'bicoted RubborE$c closure - Inndl closre srip along enve.Frten sirh a
                 Dinnnuh 3 lNeoen pu 36" sbip (SeeDr$ing 15) o':
             h Melal E8ve clostrre - Instlll closure srip alone care. Ianen a ninintrm 13" on
                 cenb'i ff melal clo$re is inclLsiveof nte drip edset{bn 6 on caler (SeeDraqing

             d. RaisedF6ci,nvoo'l s@r srdp - (when usins r 3/4" ni$d fscia, I nonin,l 2 x
                 2 wood $der $rip mus be insblled behind lirscia)- The Ne or errc cl$ure is
                 nqui€d in a raird fasciaslsbn when using I mediun or high ptunlc tilc.
                 i. Iostol hscia tosrd spproxinately I /," aboveroot dock or a noninrl 2' x z'
                      wood s.ser stip ar roof edgd(SeeDRwins l7l. chooseone ofrhe follsvln3:
                 n Inslal 3' rape'.d crnr $dp ar eale b€hindtdci! md/or s.n.r srip ro strppoft
                      nebl flshin3 shcn usin! dip edEe. Tapned cmr sbip is optioml wben using
                      mriponding netal o!
                 iii. Insb]l tr minimtrm 3 side lnripondlng ncbt n.shing r. en$LE posiiive
                      dnina8e orcr fascit$dter stip. Nd top edseolnase onto oot
                 iy Apply un&nrymmt u per section 3.02.
             d. Pr'sfabdcared   condereor clay eoE cl$uie, Apliod per neufacrur€ls specificarionr.
          3. Stom Clips Se DLawings13, 19, and 20 Stom clipr ffi opriooal bded on fsbnine
             F$ieDena. Refer to finenins hbles in rheAppendix
rPstuRoorrkInsrirFModet es

                                          DRAWING16                    DRAWING 17

3 13   Flar, L.w rd High Piofl. Tile
       A, Insrau ftr$ cou6e or dh, makins cefuiD d tile ovedrmgsdrip edgeevenly .long enfte fiJs

       B. Src€rleq$ s -fl ',arr.ciLc'rr,.
       C. CuitEak tile for propd iagserins ol lire couses vhen lsing ihe se$ered/crcs bond
          mdrhodof insJlarion,
          staiehr bo.d neL\od.
       E. hy succeeding  couNs or field rilc ir sme 'fud.
       n securedle with fastcncisGe fiNenins chd).
       G. Cut,brcakncld dle ro fom sbaisht edeear ceni.! of hip/ridge.
       NOTE: Tile shil be rr@hed t Esisr ihe aeodynthic moment debmined wten using rhe
                designpssures for tnehuilding md lhe naing mlctrldions setibr$ in the bundbe codc.

3.14   V,Ieys Chooseone of fte folosing:
       NOTE: (S@ dflving 2l & 22) Ouie.edgeofthe vallcynot sball overlapd€ck nmse ofdrip
                edse r ninimum ol 1 '. Centerol valley n ^hing shdl *cnd a ninimum of 2" belond
                ddl dg.
       NOTE: Ir is dol recomended to ini.l] rin iire in laleys. It nay bc nccc$.ry 10rtmove ihe
                Iugs fron rhe fierd iire and/oi in$al bancnexrendes d sdl dd vdley dashi'ss for
                Foper positioning cu.lie dds md rofacilihb mrerrlq.
       A. PElomed Metal Wirh r" Retums
           l. Closedvalley Milu tile ro fom sraishr border on eidrer dde of sarer diveftr (See
           2 OpenVilley Mirer tile to form sl$i8hl borderor eilnd sideol rwo nabr d ene6 (see
              Dmsing 22).

                                        DRAWINC 18
               D(Alt'INc 19                                      DRA\4INC 2O
                       TO    DECK                                 CUP       TO
                                                          AE$ STORM Ti'GIENED BATTEN

               DRAWING2T                                         DR{WINC 22

3.15 HipShicr - Choos one of the followingl

          l.   Mibr tile d lrip $atur io ndch eavelines

      B . Use ddd?id hip iiles as narter

3.16 Hipand Rid8e In$rllation Chaoseone of d€ fotowing:
          Set hip md idge tile in r continuousbed of nond, hlpine dle a dinidnh 1". Ensurebed
          or ndlat doeslot lro t0dE in cmter df hip or ndse jnndion, App,oxinat€ly f of neld tile
          shal dtend belond bed or nodnr, Poiot montr to fDtuh (S@Doqings 23 and 24).

          Me.h.nicolly                            bord (SeeSecrion3.lTEq!ftdabov.?:12
                      fa*enhip md ndsetilesronailer

          and Ridge Nailtr Bodds - (SeeDnwing 25)
          Arbch hip dd idca .airer blad lccoding to Table 17

      B . Chooseone oI rhefollowing:
          L    Ser adheredMenbrme
               a Insrll self-!'lheEd Mbrme orer n.ild bddd md sdalro tile surnre pd mnbme
                  mmufaclrEt reommdaiioD.
lRsvRtulrik lisntoaModelThs

              b. Inda]l hip dd ridee liles, lappii! rhe tiler a nininun ol t" md fosrmed wirh naits
                 or scrensol sufficient lengtb ro penebrtea nhinu      of 3/1" inro nailer bmrd,
              c. Use adhestue or.lips al ovedaps

              a. Sct hip dd ndge rile iD a continuoN bedof motu, lappins tile I mininun 1 ,. Insure
                 bed or nor& doN noLprohde in cencr of bjp or ri+e jurction. Approxiuely t
                 of neld rile sbrl *tend beyond bed of mond. Iand              d nails or scrrys of
                 sufficient lensL\ to p.nerratea nlnifln of 3/4" inro nailer boad
              b. ?oid monar and nnish ro natch tile surfre (see DiNinSs 23 & 24).

               DRAWING23                                           DRAWINC 24

                                                 r /3' w6BFho€ nnoushmodorn €vq wcier .ou6e

                                        DRAWINC 25

3.13   Roke/Cabl€ - Choo$ oneof$e fbllowi0g:
       A. Rate/GrbG Ine
          1. rnsLdr fiEt ralc rjte ro exDosedle4ih of tus couse oI 6eld tile vidl leiory nnishol
             rake dE rowrds the eave.
          2. labn Erie tile snh. minimm rso 10D mik and/or ol sc€rs sumcih( lensih ro
             pelelnte the Limins a minimun or 3/4".
          3. Abut erh succeedins     $l{e iile lo the nosc of de neld lile above Dairiatu I consml
          r. Indzl] pEfabdcrbd gltre merar$ith r " waterEortr.
         2. Fsten by clipplng 24" on centel
       NOIE: Ralc rile .pplicarion at nnishing end may needspecialconsiderriior io trlide   l'o!tr
               rl, '.se e -h B o' r                        .
                                            n' m.r b" need4.

       A. Cut dle to fit rpgoxinarelyl/2'tob6eorRalk.
       NOrE: ]i nay be nece$dy to rsdovd rhe lugs tioh de ndd dLe md/or ii$all bden
                                               ings ror proper posnioning of dt neld tiies and ro
               lacililate w er flow

3 20   Coatings (optionzl)
       A. Seder mry h€ 4pried to exposcdnone
       B. Color coonlinaredpaint my bd xpplied to ill 6etil ll^hn$.

          1. Bre,t out md rprace duaged roof tire. Do not dtuorb uderraymenL Repairundeday,
             rent tr nece$dy.
          ?. Alply adheaive adhesiremorufetu'Eas reconmendalioos,
          3. La'nedirtelt set eplaccrcd rilc in nosirion .suring praper .ondcl

       B. SfraI Valleymd Hip Cub
          1. Elev& noseend or tile ir couiseabole snall cut tile. AFply adhesive adhcsirc
             rooulacoEf s r@omendations.
          2. lEnedidtely$t iile in coure aborein losiiion whrchasuEs properconkct
       NmE: Forhip.uts    oDroolslopes  >7:12,nehanical   bseie fraybeistuiEd.

       A. Rende rrl l' okentile, dcbris cxce$riteilon root

3.23   MiscelmcoNrecomendations
       A, Insl$ciions shaU givenro I padiesinvolrcd caulioning
                          be                                       t
                                                             against Ific ot anykind on
          nnish€d mof. Dmase ronof tilesDd/or strbmof my EsnL


              Mechanicalll Fastetred Speciffcation

Sealedunderlalrnent systemusing standard metal flashings.
Tiles are applied with mechanical fasteners direct to water-
proofed deck, or on counter battens.

Note: Resistance Valuesfor counterbatten systems
      beenestablished"Counter             musthavestatic
                             battel syst€n$
      uplift test data to substantiate mean roof height


 Thi s mechmically fast nedtil e speci crrion is r consensus
                                     6                     document developed ajoinr TaskForce
 ol lhe Flond. Roofins, SheetMeril md Air Conditionin- Conftcroc Asociarion (FRSA) md se
 Flonda Chapterof lne Naiionrl Tile Rooting Manuiadtr€N Asociation OITRMA), X h importlnr
                     drese rronnerdaliors         are nenhcr rmanties, expllcl or inplicit, nor
 rpEsnbtnr     ol tu only nerhod by which a ncchanical]y fastcnd tilc syst.n ce be in$allen.
 RatlEr, Ureylry to sulllmizc fd de designer.applicrd d devdldpd good mofing pncdk md
 sode of lhe indDsty shdrds for rh€ in{draiion ol the mechanic,lryset tiles which have ben
 d*eloped over a period ol time fLor acod tldc proiicc md thc requncDenlsof various liuilding
 code qemies, ThcsDstocificatiois mry no( be ryplicrble ir all geogrDhicd e . It tu lhe
 EsDomibility of those iniliridurh $ho ft t th$e speciEufiors t        independendJ
 €drch md d€t rnine shi.h h bd lor ficir p timl'r pmjcct


                    M€chanically FastenedTil€ Speciffcation
NOIE:   The foltosins rableprcrid.s th. conhcror wii\ the choicesavrilahlefor lnde.hyn€nt syiens.
        Tlresesysrems only be usedotr pithe! desigDrcd in lne rablebelow:

                          SingleFly 90* OganjcClp Sheet

                          Hot Mop Na 3oor No.43 90+Oqanic

                          cold PNes No.30or No.43/ 90+

                          selfAdherd underrayme - AFptie,l

                          N. io/SeuAdbeEd

 Nole    ,lll sppli@tions slop$ uder 3112
                        on               shdllbe$pli€d orcr rcniol qndhoriantd b tens,
 Note    Aborc 7:U |lotrem aE rcquied ules rest ided by prcduct dejgn.
 Note    Refer to mderranent Danufochlrer,s FconnendalioN
FRSA/RmfIiel$liruE Moder s

    euidespecinc ion .ovs^ H.t, L.w md Hish Prcfle RoofTile, usinsr minimm 3" tile hea{lp, or
r destned linirdl beadlap, nininum l5a2'sorid dechne
                         on                              nliredin comprimesith qind lo.d

0t300 - Shinglcs Roofing
               dd       Tils



            Worl Specided
1.01 Re.lared             Eheqhere
     A. Rorgh Cfipeniry- Scc.ion 06100
     a. Rool ed DeckInsulation Section 0?220
                md                 -
     c. FtashinE Decktnsrnation section076m
     D RoorAccesories Sedion07700

           I   Gnmte RoofTile - In conprimce vi& L\e physical test 'equiEnentu oflhe buitdin8

           2. Clay Rool Tilc - In conpLih.e lvirh ASTM Strud?rdC 1167.

        A. Samplos- rile lype ind color d selected.
        B. Mandactul!      libmture - including product deseriptionsand EconEnded   instllarior

        C. Tilc Conpli.n€ Repdn.

r0d     P , n d. r D r : r r s . o - g c r ' J H r n J e
        A. Distih& sbcks of rile unifornly. not in concenhbd lords.
        B. When coaditionsvmml insLdrrenpouy bdreN io flcirirare roor r.ading.
        c cm sh,ll be rrlrer ro proEd lhc uddlaynent duri4 rbEtile lo.din8 md eacking pb.e$.

        A. Do not install undsdayment tiles on wer surfrces.
        B. En$E oder tades a€ a*m of prcantions rquned when loading sd siacking or tilc, dd
           rheirresponsibirly ror porec.ion of ritc afrd lo.didg dd shcki4 is cdplern.
        C AnJ' punctuEs or tcds in rhe unddlaynenr shich occu dndng tb
           rile shal bc imeniaGly Epaird with like marerials.

        A. Mderids ' ndnfacturers limited $aranry 3glinsidefecs ir rmftile ibr   y4F
        (NOIE: Fill in apprclrhE nDnbd of ycm)
rr{sA oofTircrnsdrtrb


       A. Tile Manufrctuftr

2.02   Aspb,lt Satuated RoonnCUnddaynenr
       A Organic,D'pctr, comonry crlted No. 30 or 30+,confomins to ASTM Sh&rd D 226, typc
          II orldic saiuabd.
       l. Asph,lt strtumr.dand coakdorgmicFeltB'se shet, conno0ly caled No.,13 or43#, per
          roll confomin8 ro ASTM D 2626
       C. Minedl sudacerol1 miing relt ninimun 7,1lbr. p* m1l commontycatled 90+. codomins
          r oA s r v D 9
       D Modilied bilrhen insle ply nembrm. mlnimufr 40 mrs.
       lm Sef adbeEdnemL)Iirc ninindn 40 mils
       F. Cnnutd surfaceSBSmodifiedbihmen membEne,dnldun 40 nik. at rhe selvaseedB..

       A. Olgmic , Asphaltinpesnared cobn membrarc,minimun 4, wide.
       B tnor8anic - Aslb,lt inpregmred nbergl.$ nehbrane, mininnm 4" wide

          1. Nails - co' rosionrsisrer nptins ASTM A 641 chs 1 and/orcoftsion Esisrdce equd
             (aeordin! 10ASTM B ll7) ol sufiicient lensrh ro penerrr€ r nininum 3/4, inro or
             L\srgh ihicknes ol ihe deck or barenj whicheveris tes ie (soatedjelcctro ealvhted,
             'ndhanicd Salvmird, hat dippedszlvsizd. aluminum,coppd ed $ainle$ sbel).
             a. tung shanknails shzl be 10d drg sbant conosionEsindr ieel naits (3 irrhes
                 long, 0.233inh nat headdlmerer, 0.12r inch shd* dianeiet.
             h smooth or sw{ $inl ndls be I 0d corusioo resistint sEel (l jncher tang,0 23
                 jlchfldlbeaddimelel0.l23inchscrcwor0.13] inchsmooL\sbMldianebt
          2. ScEw Fasreoes, corosion €sisht metins ASTM A 64t CIa$ 1 and/or eftsion
             Esislance equd (dccodins to ASTM B I t?) of suficicnt leng& ro !.nehre a mir iDun
             3/.1 inro or throusn mickre$ ol tbsdectorb     en, rhichever n ks. ie (co od. elecrro
             galvmized, nahdic.l       galvdned, hoi diNed galvulzc4 dunimm, coppff dd
             !. Mininon *3 cou6e lherd.
          3 Srm clips and sionn cli! f.$ene6 , refer to sp{fic nutrhcruref s Ecoftncndarions.
       B. Underlalmenttasenen
          1. Ndk or cap mik stdl be of sufllcicnr lengrh ro ploperly penehe 3/4 tuo or thrcu8h
             dnk'es or d4k.
             a. Mldnud #1 gauge.
          2. Tn rJgs not le$ ihan 1-5/3' nor greacr rhu 2 ' in dim€ra ud a nininun 32 e.n8e

              &   Midiftrm ll32 sangesbeetmeral.
       A. Fl*hins rhrll be nininum 26 gr.. G-90 conosion rcsistdt net.l conlomins ro ASTM A
          525 md ASTM A 90, or othsr nerrl dr comFositionprofile nftriak 6 [sred ib the blitding

       B. fd son srcks shall b. ninlnun 2.5 + psr For leadcountu flrhing Equncmenu
          In uw -zdA o.:.aonr.lommlndrion

2.06   Asphallh Adhesirc
       A Aspbalt plastic '@f ceDcIn - odoming ro ASTM D ;1s36,4ipe n, non 6b€$os. no0-
          runnl.g, heavybodt nateri,l compoEd of tr hsli md odrr ninsnl ingftdienB.
       B Cdld processnodined bismcn rconi8 na c , confomins ro ASTM D 3019. qpe lr
       c. Arpbdt confornin!ToASTMD3r2, q?c lllorrv OoreslopuEqnirma$ in rhebuilding

       A. S!uctuEl bondi4 adhesive confbmi|g ro ASTM D 3,193.

            L Cmenr shanconforn lo ASTM c 9l the M.
            2. Agcre8ares
               r Smd shdl neet ASTM C 114, Dnilomly Efuded; clean md ftee ftom orsmic

                b   LighNeiSht assEgaiesh,l meetASTM c 332

            I   Sad/ceneni mkes, job ni\cd d preniied. shdl neet AsT ,r c 270 EquiEine       for
                Typ. M ndtr {2.25 to 2.5:I sdd to c.inent otiol.
            2   tt! !e- |, 'E g8w .r "n mo'Lr duro-p e .e, ia D:ps-d

       A.   PEfrhncaGd EPDM synthericrubbd confodinA roASTM D 1056.
       B.   Pretrbricaredmetll elvc closre.
       c    P' etubricared        or
                         concrere clay eaveclo r,
       D.   Mond Golor oprional)on gr!trulai surfica mdcrl.tfrents only.

       a. Paint color coodi.ated pai[ td painring i e, ndhing bd/or rccessone\(oprio'al).
       B ssler - ror poincup ndd {oprion,r).
       C. Tlnt Se.l colorcoodinaredseoleLsbiningrilEorrcesories ft requiEd.

                MareLialshall confbm io APA ntcd shedhing.
       NOIE: Reler b building codcWind rord rqdrmen$.
       A Minimm spD nbd 32/ 16: 15/12" rickAIA rden shearhing.
       B Brtbns - raleri.l (o be dd.ry EsiMnt or pre$nrc nelted i! .om])]ianccvith AWPI C2 or

            I Baft's shdl ootbob.een or nvis€d
            2. vctrical bdeN shrl be a nininun noninar r " x 4 . HoriTontar          bc
                                                                          batEns shaU ndin.l

       A. Venfy that sudaces rtceive uMediyncnr hd roof iile m unirbn, smmth, cteanaid dry.
       B. Pmper rcnbladon h Eco'lllMdsd on ?n rile appticotions.
                                                               VerS vDntihrtonftrruiEmcnb s
          setro.d' in thc building oode.

3.02   Underl:rlnent Applicliion - choose one of the followiDc
       NOTE: Or cap sheet,cur fishmourhsrnd seal with tashing cendr Dd nen$rane wheG
       NOTE: A No.r 5, No.30 d No.43 can be usedas o dry d prior to insdlins rhe unddaymenr
                 wlln this sysen (excepton 3,02Dl.

       A. Sinsre 90#o4ani. clp sheetorModified sheet (seeDnrvi4l)
          A 90+ orgmic capsheer nodined clp sheer                               can
                                                       undertaymr appticadon be innalredwnh
          liles eplied dncci ro rhecop sleer. ?dor o app\ing de 90# o. modified .!! sheet,arhch I
          36'vldesbiDolsaruunde 4Ten! (swe shet)donn rhecsnErol rhefalley.secuener
          lhe cGc olrhe lelt 24 on centei Apply a 90#ar modifiedcapsheetFerpendiculub the slope
          of ine mof andrnshadically dached ro rhe*ood dect witn iaih rid iii caps,roundc.p nailr
          or otherfas@ns^   spred 12 oncenrerresrthetopedCDoffelr.Useahftimon4'headtat
          hd 6'' sidelaps.Oveiap hip atulri4cs I dilinun of 6 '. Seatall lapssith .omparibteptNic


       !.   Hoi Mop No,30or No.43/ 90+Orsdic or ModiliedCapSheet  {SceDrawin! 2)
            A tuo tly rool rpplicationcomonly called EorMop'syren. Theiool covefis bnninate{t
            .t ned nashinss. l\ro.30or No.43bnse       shi11 mdhanicatlrabched to ihc rood
                                                   shEer   be
   dnk ai6 nails andtin crys. oud cal)nails or odrcrldEneis spacc,lin a 12" grid sb$cred
   in No mqs in tbefield,a.d 6'on ceoter thelaps.Ixtendbase           r
                                                               sheet minimtrm     of4 up
   vericnl surfaces.aasc sheet siderrps nrdl be s minintrn ol6'mdlead r+s shal be a
   mininun of 2" over in$dled base shEt, apply rhe cap shc4 in a ftll 25 +/sq. r 15%
   mopping of asphalt Asphit sh.l bd dppten unifdn!. side laps shrl be a ninimun ot 6'!
   hca{lLDs sh.l te a nininrun ot 3

C, Cold Proce$ N0.30 or No.,13/90# OEmic or Modified Cap Sheet(SF Draring 2)
   A 1*o ply tuof applicationcolmo ymlleda cold Pmces'syiem fte mol.over is
   teminared arnerd urshin8s.A No.lo or N0.43 bNe ply sheer  sbal be mccbmicaly arrachcd
   to the rood dcct th nxilx xnd tin crps, iound capndls or orherfaime.s spaceJin a 12"
   gndskgse6dinsorpsirdreneld,!trd6            on center $e h!s. hiend bsc ply sheor
                                                       st                             a
   rnLnnnum 4" u! leiicil surfacss.
             of                       B.sclly sidelips rhallbe r ninimm ol6" andherd
   Ills shlu bE a niiimum of 2'. Over iostalted bre sheet,apply a cap shet rccoding ro
   undenrymen/adhestuemmulictuar Econmendadons. crD shedi side rr!\ rha]l be a
        rmDrb       em dp ,l'Jllbe..tunm.D ; -na*.i ai.l r- oo"io.".

NOIE:   For Cold Fmca$ Sy$ems. whdy conditiotrs, nry tie Ncess!ryto spotnail cap
        sh.etll1)s aoffrixinu,n 3'


D Sc[A{therd unde rynent, AppliedDiiectto wood Deck.
                                                                Alply onelayd ot
  A sjtrgl. Fly unddlaynenrsyeen dilizins self dheEd undeiayment.
  selJ h*ed underlalment complilFe niih theseltudheEdundedaymeni
                          in                                        nanuficturcn'

E. No.3o/Self Adnerd Underlrymeni
   A 610 p1ymof applicatior                                  A
                            uliliziq a seltadbftd underlayment. No30lclt shaUbe
           nechmicilly atrached the soDd dect wiur naih atrd tin caps,rornd cap mils or oder
           ti'sbnen spaced a 12 ' Crid stn$cren in No mw! in (hefield, and 6. on centertrt ihe lrys.
           E{cnd bassply r ninimun of 4 ul venical sudees. A0chor shocrside llps shJl be r
           mn'mun or 6" andheqd   lrys shlll bc. nininun df 2". Overin$lkd bre pb, applyone
           lryer of ser-dhered underkyment in complimce *id lne selhdterd           undedqment
           rmuldureft ' Ecommendation.

       n   Aitemaiive Me'nbnnes
           Ary productcodisrins of one or more{ater sheddinelaye$ appliedto ! sloled rcoI pdor ro
           n'reappliation of 0 pEplL.d ioof.overing bNins beenkscd in compliDc nith de buildins
           co,te.Thc primdy purpose r underhymeotis dennedasa Mbr sheddi.g laler rorNc.ion
           in combimtion wirh r prpred mof coveri.g.

3 03   Drip EdgeMeral - Chooseone of rhefolrowins:
       (Ior anti-pondin! mt?1. seesedion 3,09C.2.c)
       A. sinsl€ ply undedrymenisysErs
           1. Ddp edge nshl shdl be ins,lled rt Lte erve. over de shedhing 11r nerar sharl b€
               tuiened 6' or cenre'with 12 g!. co'rosionGsistant        roolng nalls or f.$enel of
               conparible merals All jolnts sbill bo lappedr nininun ol2'. The mer,r sharrrrecoared
               airh a bon ol trahilg cement,
           2. Apply underlaymeD6ter sec.ior
                                      as                            ply
                                                    3.02A lor single undenrymenG.
           3 ConiiDucfton eaveup rike/srble in sme mmq cnsuins Mbnheddi.C crpabilidesor
               dl neal laps. On gable,drc nerd md underlrymen$ sheer      shdl bejoine,l sith a bcd ol
               lnshios r 4' $riD or asphalr   sarDrarstcorlon or nbcrgtassf$nc rtd fabnc
               sh'rr be firrry embc,ldcdin lhe n$hing cenenr.

       3. 2 pry nnderlalmeDlsysi.nN
          L Edgc mcral shdl be in*rlled overthe mchor shcetd dl pedmerer l3{cned 6i on scnier
              wirh 12 ga.comsionhistur 'oor'rih or orhcrfasrenes. joinG shill belappdd
                                                                      All                      I
              minintrn of 2". Co$iiue iion $ ike/ldbte in
              vrteshedding capabilitiesof ,ll n*,1 laps. The mp sh€t slDll he bondcd to rhc nehl

           2, DIit edecmohl shill be iniilled at the eaveover ds finishedcapsheet lhe mebl shall
              b€ futenBd 6 on cend sith !2 ge.omsion Eshront roonng naits, or othci fasenes
              All ioinh sl*ll be lappcda dinldun or 2". lld net.l dd crp sheer       shall bejoi.ed with
              a ted of fldhing €Denr dd a 4    ' strip or asph,lt
                                                                  srturded conotror nbeelN fibdc. The
              Iabnc shdl be turry embedded the flNhii8 cEinenl.

3.04   vall.F ' Choose ofthe follosing:(See
                          one                     &r ngsl.4&s)
       NOTE: Prelbmed valey mctrr sh:rr be eirherr nininum sidrh of t6 (24" srdch ouo {nh a
                  minimun 2 l/2' high ceDErdnrncr dd 1' e4e retrhs or a dtbed dsisn sith I '
                  3etrhr divctro, . dinimun lou (1) 3/3' ribs sFred 3 1,2 wirh 3 3/4"
       A. Two Ply Stren Chooseone of n\e folosirg:
           L Sbd4d Roll Msral - nininum 16" side, shall be placedover the dchor sbeerin LIre
              !.lloy md shall be faieDed 6" on cenrer th 12gaugecorosio' rsistlDr rconrg nails,
              or oder hienen orconpatible nctals ncd rhc oubide sdgo ol ihd valey ned. r',l
              j oinrs shall be lappoda dinihDn df 6- in a ben of nashins cenent. The crp sl]et shrll
              be bordcd (o lne netd siL\ asphaiticadhesive (SeeDro{ing 6).
        Il! ] \|ld!   \' ic Ti e s

          2   PRrb'med nEtli Mthou. rctuds nininud 16 ' lvide. sh.I be Dlrdl orer lnd dchdr
              shccl in tbe ydley md sh insbred 6' o. cerrer rith !2 sause corcsion resniant
              molins rails, or othcLlNteNn ol connatible netik ned the ou6ide edgeol rhe vdley
              1dd. All joii6 shall be lappeda minimnm of 6" in r bed of flashinc cenent. The cap
              sheelshdl be b.nded b ihe rerri win rsphaliic sdhesive(see Dnsines 7)

         DRAWING 3                           DRA\TING;I                   DR\II'ING 5
                                 PRETORIVIED   VAIIEY MEIAI

              iltt_-                     a*N*i,/t

       B Over Cap Sheer Chooseoft ofthe tbnowi"8,
         I srandld Roll Metal - ninimm 16" sido sh.I be pla.ed orcr rheca! sheerin tbd valley
            md sh.I be lddDed 6" on cenrtr rith l2 sr+e corcsion Esnhni Nonng ndh, of odrer
            lsrener orcompliiblc mct s nerr rhe oubid. EdgE rhe vallry mltil. Alljoinr shall
            b. Ialpodi hiiinum ol 6" in a bedof nasbing    cement.   The crp sheer shal bejoined
            with a bedof nrshing cenenr andr 4" srip ot asphalisrh':red coton or ljbe'€hs fhb' i3.
            The fabic shall be rully enbeddedh rhc flmhine emen

          2. Prefotuad Merll Mdrout Retums minimuD L6 wi{te slrall be placed ov.r the archoi
             sheet ihe vrlley d shallbe lisenod 6' on cemer                      coiiosio. resisht
                                                                    silh 12 EatrEe
             ooflng n.ih, or othertutcnes of compatiblemebls ner L\e ouBide edse of de v:lley
             mrd. Allioinbshdrher4pEdrminimumof 6"inrledof flashingcement.                 Thecap
             slrei sl,dl be jojned dth x bod of fldhlng cenenr Md a ,1' srip or asph.h sdtr red
             conon d l:tbic. The fabd c sh,ll be tully eDbedded dreflashine cemenr

                            DR{WING                                 DRAWING7

           DR4WING 8                                              DRAWING9

3.05           ad
       F_lashios CounterFl$hin8s a(WaI Abuhenh
       A. Slrgle?ly Sys(cn(Ses Dra$ins3 d9)
           1. lndzll .l" x 5 'L'flshltrg flush to bascol eills wirh.l'fldge on sinslc p1y
              undeLhyDcn. id mil near rhe md:ls edge. Llp joinb 4 md rppl] lhshinS .emeni
              beLseenlur. Sld at loqer ponion md wo'& trp to ensurcnlter ri8hrde$ Nril6' on

              cin lrlock wds, sealalone ro! engeof vdricil nm-!e, covedngall nail Fnehiions wiUr
              flashlrg ccncnt md nenbmne rhere required,
              Wheninstllins opiiotrdcounrcr                                         a
                                              flshiig,lap lop llinge olb e nashins minimunol
              2 /,', Nlil nehl nEr the oucide edser mininun ol6" on cend or set nebl inro €gles
              andse thoroughly.    Lapioinhan,inimtrm
              of {i md rpply nad,ing cenenr or sc mt bErseenthe lrps.
              olr rEne wals, i tdl vrpor bnier over flohins.
          5 . AI hod/aprdn n$hing shall be instrlled on rop ol !D shgd (SEeDriwing 9). EnstrElne
              dsk flmge coffoms b n\. dch ol tho mul md exrendminimum 4 onlo decL sed
              along e(l8eqirh flishins cemenlad menbme.

       B Tso Pty s)dem - (Choose or2)(SccD sinls6dd7orl0md
                                  I                                        l1).
         I I'$all 4" x 5' L' !.shing fl ushro bas. or sarls wiih 4' fl onBeon ibc chor sheer
            ntn ftr fte nErah edge. Lrp joins 4' md ipply fl$hing cementbetweenlur. Sfr rt
            l@erporionandrvorktrproenstrEwrrertighhe$.         Fascned ' on center
                                                                         6         neu L\eedge
            of the rehl. The capsheetshdl he bondedt the meralw ith Nphaltic adhes e.

          2. lmrall,1'x 5" .L" nasbing rhecapshet rnd hsen 6" o. cenrer 12ga.codosim
                                     on                               wllh
              Esisrdt roof .rils. .r orhe' lsreren of conp{ible nools ner rhe oursideedgeor llE
              meral AII jojnls s[.ll be].Fpdn a nininum of 4 and aruly plbtic cemcntbcfwccnla!s.
              cap shcc(shdl bejoi'ed ro dE T- fllshing qith flashingceinonrmd I +' sn p ol asph,lt
              sduuted coton of fibel3lss fabnc. Tbe liLbncshdl be fully embed&d in lne ltahing

          3 . Scd ilons rop edgeof rcdiml lbnee. coveringall idl penenalons(irh flNhing cderl
              Td rb r" q fle 'e9. eo.
              wh    instaUineoprion.l comb nashins. lap lo! flrn3e ol baseflashnB minnnun 4".
     net.l ner ihe outsideede. ! mlniinun oI 6' on .enrer or ser inb resler Gecured
              pmpflly) lud rboioughly c.ulk. Lu joinb minimun l" md 4ply llshine cenc

3.06   Studrd Curb Mounbd Skyligha. Chltuey8, Elc (See3.05)
       A lnsbll in compLancc
                           {nh reguh nnhing nNallatior FoceduLes.
       NOTE: Fd se]Jctrdi.g or trcfibdc cd slqlighb, ftfer 10s*ylishl minllachEas insia]lrdon

'.u- DD.-Jbs-..ver. ,,s"eD..N t:.t. t&r..
     A Apply flshifg cancnt dotrnd 6de of pmimion rnd or the botiom sidc ol rnctul flaigcs
        scaline unir baseflashins to dtrk.
     B. Ndlrds{!EallsidesolbNeflNhiignerrrheedge.            M*e cenaj.bre i! nushto dtrk
     NOTE Sr: If plEq venB m d/or luliines re ini,lled dicr iinished crp !hee! hrs beenopplic,l
                follo* in$ructions in 1.0?A & B Crp shet and Dctal naogeshal bcjoincd $iln I
                bed of fi$hi'e cener and . sdp ot asphaltsarurared
                                                                 .oron or nbs-sta$ fah c, The
                lnbiic shal be ldly emhedded dre1]arhingcenelt
     NOIE+2: l]rdrile specific venril os should bE iisalled d per mmufrcbrcls ind,llation
         DRAWTNG1.I                                       DRAWING 13

                                                                   DRAWING 15
                          DRAWING T4

                                                               1                 i

                                                 bo!6 orppe wlrr osprro odhe5!e

I03   CountrBitrln In{JhLion
      Bod venical md hodzontaltaneN dc rc.tuird lor rcof slopesof 2: I 2 io 3:12. and as oprionlt
      up to md lncludi.e 7: I 2 slopc. Theredter 4' horizonht b tensar. rcquircd mtess Enncied by
      pmduci desi8r. \tlcaudizins ho:izonbl blrens onlt prclomed metul fl^hing *id meraledge
      reruds due be used(Refer to SysGinNo. l)
      A. Onroorslo!.stor2:1210<3,12.nonindl'x4"venicllbaficnsshalbdappliedd{spacins
          no. gEder rhm 24 on cenbr Secureal mxinnn spr.ins of 24" on cerrer niih nails or
          screwsor s|llisient lenerh lo pendtrab de deck sheailriDS r ni0nnun or 3/4,. verricil
          brtb.t shall bc place,l over ihe rot cord of thc rcof ruses. Venical bdreos may vry in
          lcrcth. wheD vefricalbaftN ..0 nor bs ir$Jled over ropcod of ft$es. vdisrl bsre$ slml
          bdin{dled vidr rniriND #3 di.nelercomsionEsisht s.,ewusoE^.
      B. Insbll top e+c ol horizonhl brneDb hoizonrar riie. Honzo0ill banm mry he nininum
          nomioal l ' x 4' or 2" x 2 '.
      C. F^ten md secur. ma{inu 24'on ceDierrbroushrcnical balretrsvirh nails or scEws of
          suflickni letrgtl ro peretate the vefrical brnetr and shedhins I mi.imum of 3/4".
      D. On cNnrdr baten sysrem,      nNhI a bdron prrllsl to the oubide edseof &e varrey.

A. Layour- HorizonEr
   1. Ctralf, hdizonrd lines beginningone tire rengrhftoD eare res desiredov.Lhmg,
      orerl'ms shrll b. 3/4" to 2'. dcplndin8on tile !ype,us of gunoror olhErfundionrl
   2. lor b teninsallatiotr                   line
                            on\, chdk honzonLrl t"to I'/." fronridge
   3. Chah succeeding lbr a ni.intrn 3" l*drap drre$ rc{, icredhy l]' oductdesicr.
   4 Imrasc hedlap *hen recssdy lor cqualcon$o spacin!.or as needed unusuallor
                     Choose ofthc followinS:
   L bondlile in$rlhrion {Reconmended ihrlN profile iile)
      r. Gable                one
                 .nd Choose ot rhefbll.wi.e:
          i drlk velticallinesorefull   lilca onc lilc siddrplusl ' ro2' aod sddng
               g$lD to ecomodde       e tile.

           ii, Chdk ve.icd lires onctull dlc md onoh l tile widthplus l/4" lom *dtiig
                                      -uL .l-.
                !-bt 'ut"on modr.-         l
           iii. chrlk rddidonalIines.i r'nmcs!!$l ro Dointdnari3.,nenL
       b   q'p'r'
           i. Ch.1l t€nicd line 90desEes     Imn earehq
           ii. Chalksecond ttrallcl io tu* r. a4onmodde shg8erd/cros bonded
                            lin.                                                {ile.
           lii. Chalk                if necessary,
                      additionnllines.            romrintainalisnment.

   2. Sbrightbondtile inshllltion - o{ot ' eomnendedror llarlow p'lnle .ile)
       a  G,ble eid
          i. chdt r€rical line one tuI tile sido prN r" io T fron $rfrin€ 8able,
          ii, Chalk dditional Ines, if rc.sssrry ro niinhin ali8nnenr.
       b. Hip rcof
          i. cbolk verical line 90 de8Eer n on elve rne.
          ii Clillk second Inc praucl 6 nre ia$dcd/cro$ bondedd€.
          iii. Chilt addidoml linei if neceslaJ}! nnntain alienment.

   L Slek.ile to f.cilirdB inirllation md minimize rile novement.
   2. larc ftaheDt choose on. ol rle lorlosing:
   NOTE: wl'er usnre 6urer barlcn sy$etr spaial considdtiod nn$ be g er lo dave

       a. Prerab.icdedRubbu Eavc Closure - ln$a[ c]osuE srip along Eive. Fasen rirh
          minimuB thfte fa$enempu 36' stip (SeeDnwing 16).

       b   MetalErveoosu'e - Ir*all slo\trEsrripdong eave.      F3sb. miniDum13"oncenter
           Ir meralclosurei s inclNivc ol lhc ddp cdgc lsrcn 6 ' on ccnlcr (SecDra n! 17).

       c. RaisedF6cb vood Stder Stii! - {when usi,:3 a 3/4" rd scdfNcia, r noninal 2" a
          2'wood $der irip mui be i.sralledbehi'd fblcia).The u\e of eaveclosnftis
          requiEd in a nisd hscia sj'$en rhen Ning a mediumor high pmlile tile
          i. In{dl fiscia boml appronmatcly 1 /," aboveroof dcck or a noninal2" i 2"
             w.od edidr stip ar rcol edge(SeeDnwin! 17). Chooseone of de folowins:
      ii. Insl,ll 3' rap.Led $ p d eavcbchindfNcia ud/or sde. sr'ip io suppo.
          netal flashlng whcnuljng drip edge,

      iii. Insidl r ininimum wide dd pondios
                               3'                 ne$i Ishing ro ensureposirivE
           didDise overfascitidrer sbip Tapered $dp is oplionrl shdn $ins anti
           pondins mer,l. Nrir rol edge fla4c onroroot
      in Appl) u.derraynent perSectid 3.02.

  d   Prelbncried concrcale clry cNo dosuE (uply ps mmufmtuel.s inshdionE

DR{WING                  DR{WING17                   DRAWING 18




  e. ModdApplicarion - I'sell nord ro clcvareeaydddge.
     i A0plymo(d.longbeerveedse,applyin8enouehmo1f{iodcvlrcrhoeaveeid
          of thc de to be on plrn. nnh dre rcnaining nof rils.
     n roini md snmnr ftfnh flush io eN. line.
     iii. A ninimum3/3" wesplDle                                sball
                                     lush wilh rhemof underlayment be lDmed rt
          rhc sprin! oI .ot les thanone rcephole per dle.
3,10   Flat Ld andHiBhPonlo Tils
       A. Shningalloyerleficomer(frcingdo*nmof)insbllir"couneoltil.M.kecetuinaltite
          ovelhmgs dip edgeeredy alongcnris frq 6u$e.
       B. SauE lilc {ith lNends rblo(gh plastic mof cenenr appliedto nndedayEnt
       C. Ctrrb..t& de for pmper sheeeiine ol tile coubes shen using $UaeEd/cro$ bond nsrhod

       D, S. ll. in sepped coune f hion or in a horizonial md/or venical lbshion when udDing
          $ruishr bond method.
       E rry succeeding  couFesof neld rllc in smc nimer
       F. CulAsat ndd dld ro ldm imight edse n ftds or hip/ridse.
       NOIE: nb shrll be rtrched to resisr rhc acLodynanicsonen. dstcrnined when usin! the
                dcsign pre$urer lor the bdldins md L\e fixins cab'nations set fbdh in tbe locd

       vrlleys - choose one ol dE lollo nS
       NOIE: It is notM.)meDded to inndl bi tile in rhevalleys. Jrmaybe necessary Hnove the  i.
                  Itrssljnn rheneld iilc at ndls atrdralley fltuhing for pspor posnionin! of cdt freldliles.
       A. SraMaid     Roll Villet (See Dnwing 21)
            1. ClosedV,lley Mird tile ro meeiet cenre' orvrlley
            2 op€n vrley - ChrU{a Ine nnrinun t' on both sidesv.Iey ente Pltue bed ol mond
               alo4 onbidee4d dfchalhline\. Mibr nle b rom shisht boder andpoirn ronof to nnish.

       B, PEfom.d MeEl widroot Retums
          L ClosodMlley - Mirer tile to fom sftight horder on enner sid€ of sabr divetur (see

           2   Openvalley - Mild tllc m fom shigrht boddr on dider side of rhd rwo *dd divde6.

        DRAWTNG21                          DRAWING22                          DRAWTNG23

           Shner ' Chooseone of lne follo*iDs:

           1. Mner dlc N lrip sdd      ro d(ch earelines

           Use shDdlLdlth tilcs as s.ner

           dd Mdse rn$rladon , Choos. one or rherollo$ifg:
           Sethip rnd 'idgetil. in a co inuorsbcdof nond, Lauingtilc r niniDum 1'.
           ol morkr docsnot lrottrde in cdnierof hip or ridse j mctidn. AFpmiimt€ly l "
           shdl drend betondbedormotu, Pointmoi@tofin6h. (Se.Dl?wiICs and        24
B. M{hdic,lly faslen md iid8erilesb miler board(SeeSectionS.ltEqdrdaboveT:12

NmE:     Tne shall b. lttlchul ro Esisl dc adodymic nonenr deienrined shen using th.
         desien prc$ures for the boildins and dre nxine calcuhtions sct fodh rhe locd

                 DR{''VING 24                             DRA\{ING 25

      'i.Iae r resmaybe used)


   md Rldge Ndler Borns - (SeeDrawins 26)                                                  :'
   A[rh hip rnd ndgcnailerbord rcodiig to Table17

B . Clrooseonc ol the followinsl
    r. self rdheredMembmne
       L Install sslf-.dheredmembrmeovermiler ho,rd dd serl ro tile surfacepermemb'ane

       b. rni,ll tip and'i4e tilcs.lappi4lhc ril6. ninimun ol1" md faiened rh.aih
          o' $' e*s ol suftcicnr lensd to penetate a ninimun of r/4" into n riler botrd,
       c. Usc adhEsive dips ri or€drps.
               a  Sethip mdndgetile in r.o iiuousb€dof mdnr. lippingtile r ninimum 1' Ensue
                  bedof notu does pmhde ir cenbrof hin or ri4e.inndion.App'oximbly 1"
                  or field rile shal *rcnd bcyond bcd of f,dd     Fa$d wnh nails or scrcqs ol
                  $ficient lengrhio pe.ebrte a nininum oi 3/4 into noi1er
               b. Point Doror md nDishto nach .ile sudrce (SeeDrNin$ 24 & 25).

3.15 - Chooseone ol rhefollosins:
       A. kle/Gable Tile
           I hsbn fift mke tlle the dposed ldg(h of frs co0$e ol neu dle {irtr facrory finish ol
              r.kc tilc tosdds L'reear€.
           2. F sen raketile {ith a ninimm Mo LoDidts andor of sufficicnrleigth ro p ernG rhE
              11 ninganininumof3/4.
           3 Alut erch succeedins   nle d1eto the noseof the tield tile abovemd mdnhin r conshi

           r, Plre moltffbed ongroot cd3e.
           2. Pointsnoorhro r n.nght edge

       A. Cut . le to flt approriueLy 1/2' b b8e of vdls. roinr up nrond is oprionrl.
       NOTf,: ft try be naessary to renove luBsfiom ihe neld tile aM/or i$trll batteDqiendes qt
                 wall fl dhin8 fof [op.r positiodingol cu! neld ti]cs. For tilcs irNdlled at headndh, rile
                 sb bc nNtdlld {ith tuof 1ik adhsive.

       A ctrt dle ro lit clo$ to plumbing sract. iI void wirh dortr md loidr ro Intuh

3.13   Conlinls (opdon?l)
       A. searer Dry be apltied ro .xposednotur
       B. Color coodindsd painr mry be appliedio ,ll metalnashin-qs.

          L Brelk out dd Epl.ce ddased rool ri1e. Do nol di$u$ ftdedayment. Repair
             mded4Tent ir neces(t,
          2. Aruly dlcsive pEi adhEsive           frmulrtuE        ccomme.datons.
          I    m m e l i : t s |e. ' e p L , - n e ' d - p o ' D o ' n u " n g p ' o p 4 . o o r '
       B. Sm,t1 V,ltey md HiP Ctr$
          L Elevlte Doseend of rile in .ouise above sndl cu rile. Apply .dhesive per ihesive
             fl    facturei s uomendations.
          2. lnmdirrery setrire in cotrse lbove nr Fsitior vftch r$ures Eqer co0i@t,
          NOTE: Foroof slopDs 7"12 ' or hip cuh onl),me!.hanicd
                                         >                                            li*enins maybe requiEd.

       A Rende all b'*ei       rile, ,leliris .d cxcc$ rllc lod mot
3.21   MiscolmmusRo.omdndnions
       A. lnstrctions shall be Biretr to all pdi.s iNohcd cautioDirg lgain$ tLaf8c ol any tind on
          nnish.d rcot DaDlge to rcaf tiles rnd/or sub{oof mry EstrlL
-   ""r"   -tt".              Tile
                   ",".re Model sp.ciri.didi Junez00r



                         Mortar SetTile ApplicationsOnly

    Sealedunderlayment systemusing standard metal flashings.
    Tiles are applied with mortar direct to waterproofed rleck.

                                                                    developed ljoinr Tlsk Forceof
      Tbis notu serlixtened lile specificrrioi h s corsenrN documetrt       by
      tu l"lorid! Roonig, SheetMesl and Air Condirioning Contrclos Asociadon (FiSA) and rhe
      Horida Chaptd of thc N.lion.] Tile RoonnsManuladuren Assminion 6rrRNIA). n is impotui to
      r4ogde Gd (hese    raomendations re neidref   wmoniei extlicir of implicii,nor repi?senhtive
      df rhe dnly merhodby whi.h a nod set til. systeBcu be i$trlled, Rother rhey rry to sumrnadp
      fo.ihe desisner.applLcatorordev.lopci goodrconrgp d sorE olfto ndu$ry shndrrds lor
       rcnNi l*ion olnDLhrse.liles\yhich e been          over
                                                developed apBnod      oftime lram acrurlhde
      pracrice rnd rhe requnemenG vdous building code asencics.nrcse specfications my not be
      applicablein :l geoguphic,l seas. It h the resl)onsibility or those indii.tuals sho are rerefting
      ro rhesespecificatioG lo idepcndendt resorch and dclermine *hich is besl for lheir p.ficnltu

                            Mortar Set Tile Sp€cification
NmE:     The follosins tablepmvidesdrec.nhctor vith the choiccsaviilablc for nnddlaynenr yiems.
         'Ir'ese sisens crr
                            otrly bc uscd on pirchd ddsi9ared in rhetuble belos:

                        1.Hot MopN0.30or No.,13 90#Orsanic

                        2 CotdPoccs No.30d No.43/ 9aB
                          Orldi. or ModiiiedCapShet

 NOTE:    Altemat€ nnderhyDenrs Dry be Bed b,sed on lftor,lorJ or deld t6ting.
 NOTE:    Addilionol inlerplics nal bc usedprio. to hstalling oll sheet,
          FRSA/R&1nle uEModcr S
                    rnd     Tirc

          This euidospecifr.dioncovenF!at1!N, MediumandHiCh?.ofile Roof Tile, usine. ninlsm 2" dle
          headhp, a designed  linibd headkp, mifimun 15/32"
                                           on             sollddecking        in
                                                                      nailed complimce     wiL\vind

          07300 shn+ks andRoonngTiles
                 - Motu Sd TneSpecilicrtion

          ?AXT I . GENERAI

          l.0l   Rel edwork Specifrsd ElsewheE
                 A. Rough   Caryenty Secdon06l00
                 B. l{oof fld DecLlnsularion Section
                 C Flasl'inga0dDeckInsul.lion Sectioro76n0.
                 D. RodlAcce$ories   Sectioo 07?00,

                    l. conc€h RoolTilc In conpliuce rhphy$cariert EquiFnEnL\ofihe bnilditrgcode,
                    2. ClayRoofTne rnco pliance ASTMSBodardC
                                                sith               1167.

.-,   ,   I.03   Snbmihh
                 A. Sinples ' tilB type md color as sekcbd.
J                B. MuDJehErrs litcrNre - hclu(ling pod&        de$dplions bd reom€nded       innalhion
J                   p'ocedurcs.
                       e c . m p l : n r e P e Dr

          1.04   Produ.t D!I!.ry, Sbrlge and Hm{ilins
                 A. Disribub nacks of tile milomry. noi in concennared
                 B When conditionsw!'mtrt, iNsI tcnpdr1/ barers 1otrciliuie rcoI lo.dins.
                 C. Cn. sllu be talcn ro psrec( 1neudeiryment du'ing rhe iil. Ioadingaod srrking 1)1occ$.

                 A D on d i n r , l l u 'd r l . l
                 B lnsr€ on'rertrades@ asde ol pr@rutlonsr.4iEd when loadin8 md stuhns of rile. md
                   ihen Espoisibi!ry fd For4tidn of tile afier toadingmd sacknrs n conpler.d,
                 C Any puctues d rem in dre nnderhymentwhich occur during tnDlording and d&kins of
                   tile sb l be innredinely ftlaned wirh llke rlEriak.

                 A. Mabdds mrnuiidu'eas linired rhmry l8aidt defeclsin rool tile for        ted.
                    (NOIT: Iill in appiopriare
                                             nunber of yart


2.02   Asph,lt Srtunbd RoofingUddlaytunrs
       A Organic,ttlc tr, comonly carred No, 30 o13rl4,.onlomins ro ASTM shddd D 226, rJiIE
          tr o4mic vhnred.
       B. Aphrx Sabnied and CoatedOrsdic Feh Bas€shee! commontyc![ul No.43 or43*, ps
          roll, €DJonning b ASTM D 2626.
       C. Mineril surfacenl $ofing relr mininur 74 lbs. pd rol connonly calted 9ll# corJoming
          to ASTM D 249.

       A, Olgonic Asph .inpresnated    cotun nemhrne, n ninun4" *idc
       B. Inoeanic - Asphilt inpr€.ared fibe4la$ IMbrtuq nininun 4' i ide.

          1 Nrils corosion       rcsishnrmceting  ASTMA 641Clas I r /or.orcsionresisrdcoeq0a1
              {accoding    b ASTM B I l7l ol strflici.nt letrerh io ptuctfuc a dininun r/.1" or
              rhtuughthiches ol &e dect or b.ttcr, whicheveris les. ie (coare4etectio g utrizod,
              trchmical calvaniad, ho1dippedsaluniTedj rluminuD, coppel md slainles neel).
              a. Rirg $bl ndk shall be lod rire shmk coftosion resisrmt $eel mils (l inch.s
                   long, 0,231 irch fld held dianerei 0 121 inch shmk diameter)
              b. Smooihor screwshankmns & lod coLosion fskEnt,$eel (3 incnesbns, 0.23
                   inch fld headdimerfl. 0.123 inch scres d 0.131inch hood stmk diameret.
          2. Scren Fa$enes corcsion isisrdr naling ASTM A 641 cl6s I arvor conosion
              rcntmce equal(accddin! roASTM B I 17) ol suflicienr leneth ro penerare I minimm
              3/4" iato d L5ftush ihickE$ of thc deck or bi en, {hichever is les. ie (corbd, elccbr
              lrlvmize4 mecbMical galeanized, hot dipped gzlvanized. dtrminun, coppcr md
              r Minimun #3 couse rhEd.
          L Srom clips rnd $om clip fdtends Efer to specjficmanutactorert ftconmendations.
       B. Underlrynetrt Fascnds
          I . Naiis or cap ndls shall be ol s!filcic0t lengrh b prcperly penehre 3/4 ' into or nhou8h
              lbrcknessof deck,
              a Minnnun gtuse.
          2. Tii bss - nor le$ L\an r,5/3 ' nor grearo rhm 2" in dianeter fld r nininuD 12 gNgc
             a. MininLh *32 gau-qe    sh.ei meiol.
          3. Cap Nails l '@nd 11 3au3e of strfficient lensL\ to pe.etrrre 3/4l, inro or through
             thiche$ ofdeck.
       A. flrhing shal be nininuD 26 ga., G-90 cotroslonEsistlDr nctal - coiJoming ro ASYM A
          525 an'l ASTM A 90- or orhernelrl or conposition profile mareriak as listed in ihe buildirS

       B. Lead tbr roil shcks shaU nlninuh 2.5 * per sq. ft. lor leadcounb fladrins rtquiEmenb
          follo{LcldAso.irtion Ecomne.dation.

2.06   AsphzlticA{ihesive
       A. Arphalt plastic rool .eMt   confomin-q to ASTM D 4536, qpe II. mn asbestos,    noo
          nming. hedt body marerialcompose,l lsphal. md otnq mlnord tueEdionr.
       B. Cold lrocss nodincd bitunsn roofins mdic ' conlbmins to ASTM D 3019. BTe m.
       C. Asphdt - confoming roASTM D r r2. q?e n or Iv O.lotesloperquirenenls in rhebuildin8

2.07   Adhesires/ Sulants
       A. Sttrcru.l bondins adhesireconlorDiDsio ASTM D 3493.

            L Cenrenr shal conlm ro ASTM C 9l I\Te M.
            2. Aggresdes
               a, Sa0dshqunst ASTM C 1,1.1,  unifomly srrded:clem ud ftr ton orgmic mabri:ls.
               b. Lightwei8ht lgEEgate sh:I1mesrASTM C 112.

            l  sdd/cem€nl mix.s, job mixed or lrcnixcd, shal n@l ASIM C 2t0 re{Lirthert fu
               Type M Mdtd (2.25 ro 2.jl sandto cementntiol.
            2. lightweiehr agsEede/cemetrtroltar Dust bc premixodand biggcd.

       A.   PEfahdcabd IPDM syniheticI ubberconfoining roASTM D 1056
       B    ! r b n f f d - - d le r c ! l o $ ' e .
       C.                            or
            PElabricatcd concrete clay eaveclosure.
       D.   Mdr    (color optioral) on CLanuhr       $doe u0dcrllyincnb only.

       A. Paint color coordinaredDaintfor pahri4 rile, nashine md/d aec$ories (oprion.r).
       B. Sealer- roLpoint-u! dond (oprion.l).
       C. Tid S..l cotdr coordined seolerfor $lining tile or acsodcs ($ Lcquired).

2,11   Slrelthing Mlbrhl shall co.fom roAlA mredshearhins.
       NOIE: ?ei"ob. d s.odew dloJdFq r en
       A. Mininu spd rared3:7r 6i 15,/32 thick A?A nred shearhinS


       A. Verify drat sndnce! ro rtceive undenaymer! arc udfod!, smoorb,
                                                                       clc!tr md dry.
       B Prcper ventilaiion k EcomEdcd or .11rile applicado$. Vdrfy vendl ion iequnflenrs as
          set foah iI $c building ode.
rRsA^mfnb rnd uEModer s

3.02 UnderlaynenrAppticatior Chooseo'eofthefoltowin8:
     NOTE: On crp sheei cut nshnourhs    ind seil wiL\ flasbingcenent and nenbrdc wheft
     NOTE: Anchorsbeet  lrsrening                                I
                                 shal bcin iccoiddce *iih Ta6les io 5C
     NOTE: Anchorrheer  shal beir I nininum 2 plysin theveuey.

      A. Ho{ Mop No.30 or No.43/ 9l# Orgmic C@ Sheet(SeeDmwing l)
         A rwo ply 'oof rlllica.ion commonlyc,lled r iltot Mop sysbm. Ihe roof covtr is lcminared
         s ndnl n$hines. A No.30or No 43 mchor sheer       shall bc nechanjc.lly dachen b rhe sood
         deck sith nails md rin aps, mund cn! mils or oL6er  fanenerspaced    accordinsto bbtes I ro
         5C neu ire top ed8o ol le1t. Extend anchorshet a mlninun ol4" Dp vedicd sudmes.
         Anchd shat sidelapsslraube e nlninun of 6" dd hed llps shzll bea nininun of z'. Over
         plopaly i.{aled oDchor     sheet,ippb a layer of orsdic crp slEt in I full 25 # rt. a t5%
         motpine of mphalr.Asphalt shrl be applieduniromly. Side laps shal bc . dininun of 6 '!
         headlaps shJl be a minimun ol3 ard back nailcd 12" on csnre. Cortinue in sane m4nei

                                         DRAI\INC T

      B. Cold Proce$ No.30 or No.43/9ll#Orgmic (SecDtuwing I )
         A two ply nor rptlicltion comhonly cilled a 'Cold Pmces' sy{em Tre oofcovtr is
         bnninatd oi neill flashinss.A No.lo or No.4l b'se pry sbeer shanbc nehdicauy d&bed
         io the sood dcck wiln mils dd dn clps, Lou.d cap n.ils or orhd fasene$ spncen
         b mchor sheetfaiening Tabls I .o 5C nd lnd bp edgeof fe1t.Exbnd archof sh@t I
         mininun of 4" trpvenical  srfacer. Anchd sheetsidelapsshl|beannihumof6,aid
         hed laps shal be a nininm of 7 . Ove. iNtrlled bdc shcor,alply a cip sheetaccodins to
         undeihytud/adhesive nmufaturcr roonmendations. Cap shset side laps shrll he a
         ninimnm of 6": hold laps shjll be a mininun of 3' andb3ct iqilEd 12 on cente.
      NOm:     For Cold PGes Sysbms, in sindy corditions, it may bc ncce$ry ro spdt nail cap
               sheet atrof mxinum 3 onccnor
FRSA/Roof rrsrirur Modelnlg s

3.03   D DE4e Metll - choose   oncol thc fol1oNi4r (For Dti pddingnetal, lee S€ction3.03 C.2.c)
       A. Edgdbdral sh,ll be innalhd orerthe rnchor sheeiri aUlerineteN ldtened 6 oncent rwilh
           L2Cc codGionrssisrant nailsd otheriNtene* of cohpatible
                                  ool                                    nehls. All joinb shdl be
          lappeda minimum of2". ConrinueAom eaveup nte/sable in sme mzmei ensuing ward
          sheddins crpabnitis of dl mebl laps. The caD sheet shdl be bonded 10 rle meral wirh
          sphrui. 3dhsive.

       B. Dnp €dgenetal sh:ll be in$dled!tlhe e$e or.rihe nnislEdcatsheel.The neralslrau     be
          shrll be lrped a minimn of 2". ft merzl md undedalnent sheersba! be joined th a
          bed oJ drshing ccnerl lrd a 4" stip ol lsphalt satuFred otton or nbe.glas rabric. The
          f-hn. ,hdu bc f UJ c 0b?dlrJ r $-          Jme '

3,04   Vrlleys Choose   oneofthcfollowi0e:     (S.eDn*ings 2,3 & 4)
       NOIE: Pelomcd valluy      nelal rhil beeitherI minimum     vidrh ofl6'(24'sftkho0    $ith a
                 minimtrm 2 1,2' high center dietur or a ibhed design th 1" center divetui a
                 minintrm fouf (4) 3/3 ' blbs spaced 1,2' rilh a I 3/4" nar8e.
       A. Stmdrd rol net.l, 16" lvidq sh.l he placenovd rhe dcbr shee{ ]ne lalley md shall be
           t'sbNd 6' on cenief vith 12 eL cotrosjoD Esisl!trt &of nalk. or other fasienes ol
           compltiblc mcralspltuEd ner d! oursidcedgdoI rhe vdl ey nsr.l. All joinh sh l be hpped
           aminimtrmof6'inabedofnasbngcemeni. capsheet fte                          ro
                                                                     shr]lbBbonded theneLrlvnn
           spbaltic rdnsNe

       DRAWING2                              DR{WING 3                               DR{WING 4

                                ?REFONMED        METAI

             ;;;;f;"{                         *,";#,fi-,.,1'_

          FEfdmed neid*nhourrchnn,I6          wi{te. rhall he plmed ovef L\e mchor sheetnr the valley
          md 5hall be fstene{t 6" on cend vith t2 gi. conosionrcstuht rool naih, or otbcr loscneN
          of conD.rible ne{als placedner the oubide edge of the ulle} merrl. AUjoints sh'I be
          lappeda minimm of 6" in r bed of tlshine cement. flr cap sheeishsl te tonded ro rbe
          metd w r asphaucrdherive.

          lEfomed delrl *irhout retoms 16" de, rhall b€ innaled on top ofo.tDsheetandplacedin
          rhe valley and fasiened6'- on cutor nith 12 g& cotrosio0 rcs$!trt oof nails, or oiher
          listde$ of.ofrpatitle metals.   Alljoinbsh,llbelappedrminimumof6"md4plyplastic
          cement beseen hps Tlle cap \hecr shrll be joi.ed     th r bed ol nashing ccmenrmd a 4'
          sn p of asthalt sanritcd co(ionor nbcrglns fabric. Thc fabric shall be fulLy cnbcddedin rhe
          lashin! ccmdnl An oDti   onal swst sheetmay be aDplied  pnor b Lie irotdlarion of the vrlley
1.05   Flashing Coumer
               .nd                                  -
                          FlNhingsarwrn Al)ulments (Choose or B)
       A Iniil]4"r5'    L flashhSflnshrobdeofwalhsith4,n 3eonthedcbor sheet nail    md
          near outide engs of nElal. !!p joints4" anddpplyil rllins cemeot
              $e                                                          beiseenl!ps. Srarr
            loweipofrionandRolk Dpto ei suE*der ti ghhes. Nail 6, oncenter rhcousideedge
          of dre Detd. Ihe nineral sudace sheer
                                          cap       sr.ll be bondcd the mtat wnh asphaltic
          a{th.sivc(SeeD.Ninss 5 & 6)

       B. ln*rllr,4'x5'1-"flNhjn8dnrheropplyandfstened6,,oncemerwirht2sacomsion
          Esistdt oof mil$ or ode. f6teDes ol conpdible mBrJsner rheoubideedge rle metal
          All jdirts shtrllbehppcd. nininum of 4" md applyplasdc
                                                               cement betwen The.ap
          sheetshaubcjoinedrorhe"L'ndhingwi&abedotflashi4cenentbdI4'sbiporsptr          i
          srlumed          or
                    coron hbeEh$fnbric. f$nc ih betu1lyemh€ddedinthcflashing.eme'r
          ( S e e D an g s T 3 ) .
       c Serl rlo.g topslgeolvenicar flmse. covering naitpenerations flasbinscnenr and

       D. when insirilir8 otiional counter         lap
                                         flashins. iop umge or blse flashing. nininrd df 3,..
          Ndl D.t nearthe oubideedseof nebl a mininnd ol 6" on cenrer.r serinto Egle$
          GecuredFopedy)dd thorcuchly      caulk. Lapjoinrsnininum S rnd applyflNhing cement

3.06   Srbddd culb M.ufted skyligha,chimeys. Etc.(se 1.05$o\r)
       A. INrall in .omplidce witn Esrna flrshin8insrllratiorproccduEs.
       NOIE: For selfcurbin-or ged$'icaredsb/[ghs. referro stylisht mmufacturers
                                                                               i$t tarion

                  DRAWING5                                       DRAWING 6

                   DRATIINC 7                                      DRAWTNE8


307    Pips, Tu.bines, Venb,Erc.(See  Dnwinss9. 10& l1)
       A. Appl, fl$hing cene.t ound blse of prctusjoD ard on the borroD,side of mehl nanEes
          sealifg ndr bascnashing (o dchor shedr.
       B. Ndl rd s{nE a1l   $d.s of b6e fl6hir3, Mar- cenairb6e is flnshb deck.
       NOTE +1: If !Des, vcn$ and/or ludines fte inddled I lEr fii hhed ca! sheethasbesn eplicd
                  tollowin$ ctio.sin 3.0t A &l. &en de capsheer metrl1]mseshall         bejoined
                  nith a bed of ltshing cemeni md r sbip ol sptdr srtomted cotron or fibelglas
                  t'bic ]he rhbdc       be              lr
                                   shall tully enbedded thensshing      cemerr.
       NOTE+2: Pronb spefic venrildos shodd be insdldd as pd mhrLcrrEls              ils.lldlion

         DR{WINC 9                    DRAWING 10                     DRAWING 11

       A. Lryod Honzonbl,
          l. Chtrlk hotzon6l linls                     lenlrh ior eavolc$ dosiied overhan8.
             Orcrhai! sh l be 3/4"                     tile qpe, useof sutrer,m olher tunction:l
          r,,Lrucirul! Ti e s

                           lincs (o x.comodfte a ninimum 2,hcadlap u*les Esricredhy
         2. Cftrh succe.dinc

         3, Increde beadlry qhen ntre$q' for equrl cour* \paci'rg.
      a. hyour - Voiicrl ' Chooseooe of rne rolloring:
         I SlasseEdhms tond tire insElarion - cReomended lor Ftartrow trcnle titel
            r. c$re end - choosc de ol 6e followins.
                   j. Chilt vdicrl lines one tuU tile od one hall Lils width plns l ' to 2, nom
                        sding grble io @onnodde.rke tile.

                        ii. Chilt veticrl I inesonelnll til e and onchall rila {idLLl fton *ding gabtero
                             aconmodarc flush finish.
                        in. dnioDal     li.e\, irmcesslq. ro maintain    rligtunent.
      NOIE:        Fhsh linirh sable beahetrt cananly be rsed when urilizing r siosle ply peetmd {icL
                   unde'layreni or ! No-ply .sphaltic adhesireDderhymenr sldem.

                         i.   Cbalk vddczl line 90 degEesi{d ovc line
                         ii   chrrk secondtinc pM]lel io 6^r ro acconmodob naegeLedcro$ bondEd

                         ni. chalk ddiiio0ll lines, ifnecessary,ro mrinhin ,ligmenl

         2. Staight bond tile io*riladon (Not 'oommelded forFhrA.wFrofile tile))
            a. Gableend choosc one of rhefoilo$ins.
                    i ChlI! vdical line one full tile width plu 1' to 2" fros sh{ing lable to

                         ii. Chalk venicil line one fnll rile widrh Imm $anir! gable (o iccoModde
                             nush 6nish
                         in. Chrlk addirional!nes, lf ne.ds?ry, to nainhi| aliBnmeDl.

                         i. ch,lk veiticd Ine 90 deg@s l6m ervB line.
                         ii. Chqlk secondline parrllel to fint to a.comodare {rygered./co$ bondd

                         iii Ch,ll addiiionarliner. ir ioessdy, to minrain .tig@nr.

         I Skck d1e tucilit eiD$ atiod ninimizelile movelEr.
         z, Eaverennent - choose one of the folowiog.
            !. Mehl ENeClsm        i$r,l closure p alongeave.Frscn a ninif,um oI 13' on ftntel
               It mebl crosm ir inclusiveof thc ddp edle frlm 6, on cenbr (seeDrwirS I 3),

              b. P'efabrlc.rsd RtrbberEaveCrosure i$t     .tosurc srip atong eavc. F^te. wiln a
                 IfuUn     3 t'sbnes ler 36 ' skip. (SseDnwingl2l

              ..     RaisedFr$i/Wood Stdcr srip, (Se.Dnwjn3 1,1
                     NOIdE*1: Th. useof eavcclosw is Eqrifd in I d*d          tusciasysr.D nhen lsirg
                     a mediumdligh prdfie rile.
FRSAnoolTilErnshbb Mode|ne sp

                   i. lnsl.I frscia bdarnapDoximiely r ,/r" abovercol {iecl or r lonin,r 2" x 2"
                       st&ter stdp d rcol c+c.
                   Chooseone of (ne folloringl
                   n. hizll rapeEd3mt srip 3t eavebehi rascir ind /or {arrer srrip io sulpor
                       meratflashi4 and cnsurcpositivc drain.Sc whcn using dri! edEc.

                   in. hidl a nininun 3' wide mli pondiDemerd flashirB to ensureposit e
                       dninlge over fAci./stud srip. Nail top edseof flabee onb oot Tapered
                       c.n1 ship is option,l nhen lsins rti poodins netal.
                   in Apply underrrymenr pfl smrion 3.02

            d. PEf$ncaGd concreteor clay eave closur           (Applied per mandachfeas
            e. Monff Applicarioi ' inrall nond to elevareeaveedge.
                  i. Apply notu olong rheeNe edse.lpp\'ins enoushnonr b elcvtrb Lie eare
                      endor&e rirerobeon tra.e wi$ $e,emaining     rooftires.
                  ii. Point and snooth tuth flLNhto eNe line
                  in. A nininum 3/3" sephole aush widr the mof underlayment drespsing of
                      Dotles m onc neephotcper tile.

          DRAWNG 12                                             1]
FRXA]Roofnb risriiub ModEt s

          DRAWING14                                          DRA''IINC 15

                                                Mode Pl.ceMr for Flatl-os Pmnre Tile
'00   ns rnu vedi. d..0JHiL
      NOTE: Moitu sei tire shaubc lpplied rl an incline up ro md including 6,:t2,. ro' pirches
                above6-112' up b and includins ?" 12" faren erery dre in dr nd ousc and every
                tbinl tilo in every nin coNe in rddition to notu. !d pnchs above7':l2" tasien
                Everyrile in addition to nonar Gor tqo piece bdel tile seeSecrior 3.09C,) Apply
                n, hingff-"A o c..aU rr e pe -hr nn
      NOTtr: Tlle shal bs .ftched io resist ihe aerodynmic nofrent dere.mioedvhen lsing the
                de\isn pE$urs for thc buildiig and fixins c,lculations set lonh ir rhe buildile codc
                Mo$r 'tum.ities and placement  deremine the toral Esisranccvalues.Co$utr si$ the
                spccific motu nmulbch' e' for .mounls md $ecinc rtsi{dce v,lEs, Vdus mly bc
                suppliedrhro+h iMependcdrl$omory ie*ins or field resting,
      A. Moia Applicdiotr:FlarA.v, Mediun md High Prcfile Tilc (SaeDla{inss 15, I6, & t7)
      B lnstlll tBr come of tile. n,tins cenr oUtile overhangs     drip edgeevedy dong entir 6at

         I. Sei t e in r ben of nond. Apply 10ii niDinun re'gth roset ot none rcrdc.lly bdd
            p.n. Ior llatLow tile place morar vfttically adjacdr rd rhe ovdlmk of rhe tile being
            iELdred. Do not apply ndd hder heklus of tile, or oDiofte uMedock of.djrent tile
            shich my crote a tilbd or cockedtile,
         2. trse hilr ider/ri'isher tilc nhen providcd or cutbftat tile for gaper srygefing of rile
            coses shetr nsing the sagleErvcm$ bondneLlrodor insbllnion.
         3. set tite nr scpped coune ftrhioo or in a horizonhl rashion{hcn urilj?in! sraighr hond

         4. Lay succeedine couse of neu dle in sme Dmer
         5. Cn/b' *k neld tile ro fom $aishl e+. at centerof hip/ridgo.
IRS{/Ruufrirerrdr!k ModetTlte

                   Mone Phcebdnr for Do6le Ro11Medim hofile nle

                          Motur Placehent HighPmfrleTile
FRrA]Rod Insrl'lFModc c sp$irtrrh
                    T                  iure100l

     C. Motur appliolion. Two PieceBmt Tile (See  Dnvins 13)
     NOTE: Forpnches    $ove 6:12upto md including                 pm
                                                  7:12,tasencvery rile in ntrerirsi couse
             andevery6ih couN theEaftcrin .ddjtion ro nonr. For tiiches lbove 7:t2 tfften
             every tile in addition Donr
     NOTE: Tlle shallbc .kched io Esist the rrcdynanic nomenrdeteminedrben uring dre
             &str lre$Es rbr ihe buildingandfrxi'! calculatio$serlbrLrr $e buildingcode.
             Motu qunitis md pl.cemenr            L\e
                                          deremine bral Eshrance           Cansutsin\ L\e
             sFclnc nonr manufactuer anounis spoinc Esistdce vlnes. vatues
                                                 and                               nay b.
             strpplied      independent
                      through          labddory tesins or fieldresri|9,
        1f Applyl0 tosel ofnonr venically    overchalk and
                                                      litre under.enk oleach Rnh pm
           rarow cndtacinsdoM not
        2. Ptrceted  ofmo$rdonSinside   edeesofpm mdsetcoveE      wirh dcmd hing doM

        3. Poin.fronr b fon acceprabre               nntuh
                                         strai8hr-edEc ensuinscond rtotree4es.
        4. by succeeding cousesol field rile in sme mmnel
        5. Cur6r€d{freldrile to fotu sraishred8e center hip/ridge.
                                                 at     of

                                  DR{WING 13
                        Monr Placenent TwoPise Baml Tile

FRSArRoofTIe                       -
          b$irtrb ModdfiLsSpEinclnon hne ?001

3.10   valeys chmse oneot dreronoqing:
       Nmo: (seedrawlrg19& 20) ourd edseof rhevall€ymerrlshailoveiapdeckamge of ddp
                 €dse anininrm ofI". Cenrer  ofvllleylashing  shallsxEnd.nininun of 2" beyond
       NOTE: lr maybenecesa4 to rmore Lrre iirr Lhe          iield tile ai rrlls md $iley irshing!
                 lbr pmFr posidoning cft neldtiles.
       a \LndadP4 vsler rs4D rwI 2 ,
           1. CloscdViley Mira tile ro meetat cenrer uller.
          2. openvalley Chdk! lio. nininum2'on botb        sides valley.entc.           bed
                                                                                 Placc of motu
              alo0goutside edgeof cht k lines. Mner dle to form staisht boder ed point ro march
              tile sdn€.
          3 vriley viL\ tim rlle - Chalka linc downccnr6 of v.lley. C0r/brcak    neu d]c nft cdtei
                                             bed                                   iile
              lire. Sctdm rilc in t continuons ol nonr oniile $dace. lapping a nininm ot
              f'. V e$ shal1  Emainurobsrruted.   ?oint monaL nnish.!.Nre mep hoteai endof

       B. PrelomedMet,l Wnnout   Retoms
          I closedvrlley - Mirer tile ro lon sraightborde oncirhcrsidcol sald divcrld
             (SP Draqing l9).
          2. opmvdley Mirertile to lorn stilighiboideronoithersideof hro wlbr dilcrt 6 (S.c
             Dir:,g 0.

       HipSrd{         one
                choose oLrlreronowing:
       A Prerlbdcared srarrei

           1. Mlter tdc ro nieh eavelines.

3.12   Hip md Ridse Iniallriio. - cboose orc ol rhefoDodre:
       A. Setbip aM ri4c tilc ir a conriluors bed of notu, lappingrile nininun     l''. ?oint motu ro

       B, Mdha caUtf6cn hi! dd ddle rilesronrdler                   bord (See*ction3.l3)
       NmE:   Proper venrilaiion is iecomeDded on all tile trpplications. veily            rcntilrtion
              ' e q , F r a L 5 . t ' ' l b n hi i l r b . I C g . o d e .

        DR{WING 19                     DRAWING 20                         DR{WING 21
                   DRAWING22                                           DRAWNG,2J

       (Bai€Lrdse'is maybeced)

313    HipandRi4cNaildBodds        (S@Dra 4 241
          Atach hiD md ridge nailer boald accordinsto Table 17

       B . Chooseone of L\Bfouoningl
           I   s€Frdhfled Menb'ane - (sec Drx nc 2a)
               a. h$all plJ{dLcrcd ncmbonc o!tr nailer boaid atrdsealto tile surftce pe' merbrre
                  mm|f .ctdrs' recolmmdxrion.
               b. In$all hip and .idge tiles, ltrppins ihe riles a minimm of 1" rod fa$eneJ si6 tuils
                  or ol suflcien.Ion8rh ro penctab ! nininuN of3/.1" i o nliler board,

               !   SethipDdndgerileinaconriruousbedof        nodr,Iappinsd1eaninimun1' EnsuE
                   bed of molor doesnot proNdc in cenhr of lit or ridee jnncrion, Alpmxinely    l'
                   ol neld tilc sh.ll extend beyo.d bed of noM.        F$bn qiih nails or $rews ol
                   sufficient lengih to penetate a nininum of 3/,l inro nailer board.
                                                                                '& ,t)
               b   P o mm o t u r J r ' n   o rr.h e u re\iFDor             s.

3.14   Rrte/Cahte Choos one of rhe followirs:
       A. Rrkercabh file
                                          lengrhof 6at come df lield rile sith facbry nnisb ol nli.
           I lnsdl firs rake tile ro exDose

          2. Fa{en ' akerile sith a riiioum No 10D nlih ard/.r or strrficientlen8lh to penetrrE rne
             f.aming a niainud of 3/4'.
          3. Abut erh succeeding    nlke tile to the noseof the neld lne abovcand minkin a consa

           L Plsce 'noftr bed alongrool edge.
           2. loiar sdoolh ro r shigti ddgeinish
      A, Currilo to nr ryproximarely ' to taseor Nns. Point-up
                                    l/2                         notrd is oFrion.l.
      NOIE, lt Bal be nece$(y to move tbe hgs adn fie 6eld tile al r,ll flashingtor Drop.r
               posilioni4 of c( neld dles,ForrilesinsElledat leadwals,nh shal be in$dled wirh
              roof tile adhesive.

      A. Curtile b fit closeroplunbing*mt. nrl voidRirhnotur lIld pol to nnlsh.

3.1? Coarin$ (Optional)
     A Sede.tuy te applied eipo*d ndd
     B, Colorcoodimhd ldnt nry beapplied rI mebl tushinss.
                - .olor coodimtedse,ld tbr nainingtile, mo@ or acesones asrquisd.
     C. Tlnt Seal

                                      DRA''IING 24


         l. BEal{oulodEpl@edafrrg€drooftile       Donotdishr]nmd*la}nenr.Reprirundedaymenr
         2. Apply mof til€ rdhesiveper rdhesivema0ulotuffik reco'lmndationc.
         3 Immediatelysct icpla@trnr iile in position r$lnng pmper conraci.
      B. SDaIVaIey md Hip cnls
         l. El€ve nose end ol tile in come ibove smill cut tile. Apply adhsive per a{hesive
            nnnulactorels recomendations.
         2. Inmediately set tile in soune abovein position{hich dsuEs proper 6nracr.
FRSA/Roor rnnihF Moder e s
        Tire         T

       A. Remr-,     b o k e n' l c , d " b' . L d e \ e   defor'@l

3.20   MiscelldeousRsonnetrdarions
       A lnstrucrions shal be given to al1 pdies iNo|led cautioningagaids hlnc   of ary lind on
          finlshql root Drmse ro roof tiles and/orsub-oof may rsulr.
fisA/Rod.Tre rnshbreModetTil. s



                      AdhesiYe SetTfle Specilication


Unsealedor sealedunderlayment systemusing preformed
rnetalflashingswith edgereturns. Tiles are applied over the
underlayment   with adhesive the deck nith or without
horizontal battens.

Sealed underlalment systemusingstandardmetal flashings.
Tiles are applied with adlesive direct to waterproofeddeck.

 'flris rdhsive{€t
                   ulc spdcfication is a consenlusd@umentdeveloped a joi.t task fore ot rhd
 Florida Roofing, sheet Meid md Air conditioning lsociarion (FRSA) ard the lbndr chDrd of
 Ihc Nationd Tile RoonnSMmuftutmn Asocidion (NTRMA). It is idponmr b €cosnir rh4
 theseftco menddions e neider sdaties. explicit or inplcn, ndr EpreseniatiE ot the only
 neihod by yhich u dhesive set tile slsen can be insIaled. Ra(hei rheyby ro summlrize for rhe
 desigrci applicabr or developereood rootlu pr.ctice dd sone of rhe indus!1, $mdtrds for rhe
 ii$dlariooofrhe rih€sive st tils xhich hNe beend*doFd over0 period of.ine from acrualftde
 pmctice md lne tEquiEncns ol vdious brildinC co,le agencies. Ihese specificatio$ mal, not be
 rpplicrble in an Cmgaphicd ffiai Ir is the r€sponsilrtlily of th6e indi dtr,h vh{ aE referribA
 to th6e ro|mendanoN         b independen y Mnh           md detemine shicl ic ber for rboir
                           Adhesive- S€tTile Speciffcstions

      Ecomnendsnonscoler llatlo*, Medium. High and tho PieceB:re1 honle Root Tile, using a
2 ond 3' rile he.dlap or a designedlimlEd hqdle, on miniDnn 15/32, solid dakin-! nailed in
conpliance *ith viod load requircncnls.

07300-Shlnglcs Roofing Tiles

         Mcchlnically FaieoedTneRecosncndados
        -Adhestue SetTile ReomEnd.rions

1.01    Relatedwaft specilied Else*bft
        A. Rou8hCaQenrry S*tion06100
        B. Roof dd Dak Insdation - Secrion07220.
        C. Fl$hing rnd Dok Insulation Secdon0?600.
        D. RoofAcce$ories Section0?700.

             L ConcrereRoo|Ile      In comptiance wnn ASTM C 1492
             2. Cray Root Tno - In comptidce *irh ASTM c I 167

        A. smpres - lite q'pemd color6 selecied,
        B. Mmulacotu liremture- inctudin! productdesdipdonsand EcolrrlMdcd israldtion

        c.    'leComp..r.cRepod.

1.04 PrcdudDeliveq,,Siomge Handlas
     A. Dnribure slack ol de uifomly, notiDconcenhred         loads.
     B. wlor st.ckingrile on rcof rop prior to ind,llation, ini,ll bacns under
                                                                             noscof tile eacks

              shallb€ taken ForectLhe
        C, Ca1€            ro                                      and
                                    uMerlayMt duing rherile loading stlcking!ioce$.

        A. Do noi instll undenryment riresonwet surfaces.
        B. lnsue orbd ddes m Nare ofpr@aurioNEquiEd whenlordine md sEcki08of rile,md
           lnenEsporsibi[ty lol prorction of rile duing md uponloading stacki4 cdnpletio..
        C. Any punctores km in de underlayment
                          or                          {hich occLrdDdnsrheloadingandsrlc*jngof
           rile $all beilmeniftry repan.d{irh like turials,

        A. Marri,]s Ef;! io slecinc nanufactut    linired *mury


'.0-   A l \ 3 ) ' s : t u o e dR o o h r g U n d e ' m e 1 .
       A. O4adic, lype II, Co'mody czlled No 30 or 30+.confbroing ro ASTM Srandfll D 226, ryDe
            n olgaic sdmred
       a Aspklt -saturated and sheer, comoDly carled No. 43 or 43 +, pef rcll.
            erJdning to ASTM D :626,
       C. Minetul strnrce roll roonDe- Typc l,ntuinun 74 + pei 100 sq i.., .ohhonly c.llBd 90 #.
            'orjdmitrg DAsTv D 2ao.
       D. Modined bituen singleply nenbruq 'ninimum 40 nils.
       E. serr idnered nenbaq ninintrn 40 nits
       F. Crduld s0rfaceSBSnodified bitumennemhane, nininum 4{ mik it {E sehages4e.

       A. Oreinic - Asphrlt inpEgnared coton nenbmne. minimtrn 4" side.
       B. Inorgmic Aspbrrt impcensbd nberglds ne$bnne, nininun 4" Mde.

          l.   Nlils - comsion resisht meedng   ASTM A 641 Clas I md/or conosion mistuce equal
               (accod'ne ro ASTM B i 1l or sui cierr leqth io pener,nre nininnd 3/4" into d
               rhmqh driskne$ of thc dcck or baten. shichevs is le$. ie (coaten,e]ecto s,lvmize4
               mechanical   gahmnEd, hol dippedgalvmize4 alu,ninq. qoppermd srair e$ $eel).
               a. Rins shmk naih shtrrrbe ]od ring shrll]l comsioD reststm. sEel raik 13inchss
                    jong,0.233  inchflli Leaddime@r,0.121   inchshdk dianeGr)
               b. Smootnor s.res shmk nails be 10d conolion €snrdt sbel (3 inches 1on3. 23  0
                    inch nar held dimetea 0.123 inch scrw or 0.13t inch snoorh shart dimclct.
          2    scEw FNene6 - c(msion resistmt neetins ASTM A 641 Chss r rdor cono5ion
               resison@e!u.l (rccodins to ASTM B I I ?) of sufficjent lenCthio lenen.te a mininun
               3/4' into or drorgh ihicknos ol tne deck or baten- whicheveris less. ie Goared,elech
               Brlvetze4 nechdicd saNmized, hot dipped g:hdizd.             alumin@ copper md
               a. Mininun+3 couAe rhred

          l.   Nails or cap ndls shrll be of sumcienrlengrh to prcpert lenel]?te 3/4 tuo or thrcqh
               6icl]es of deck.
             * \tni, u n {l r,rce
                    '               nor
          2. lin tuEs nor1es6a 1-5/3" gr*br ftan 2' ir diameter a midnun 32EauBc
               L   Mjninud #32 g.uge sheetnet,l.
       A. Flasbng sh,ll he ninimun 26 ga , G-90 conosion ieilrdr netul confomine ro ASTM A
          525 and AS IM A 90, or oder neial or coq)osition lrofile naterials a lisred in rhe building

       B, Lrad for son $.cks shall be minimun 2.5 + per sq. ft. For lerd counterltshing reqdrnenlr
          followloadAsocirtion ftcomendrtion.

2.06   AsphrlticAdbesive
       A. Aslhllt plaiic tuof oment conloming ro ASTM D 4536, i}!e n, nod-61{$oi non-
          nm'ng, heavyhody natedd composed asphdt dd otherminerd insedienb.
       B, Coldfloces modinEd              nastic codoming bASTM D 3019.rypcn
       c. Asphalt - confomins ta ASTM D 3r2, type m and Iv (Nore slopc rcqunencrb in lne

2.07   RoofTilcAdh$ivd Confoming ro scti.n 2.09 b€lN.
       A. OneConponent
       B. Tno ConponEn!

            Motu (w'en UsedForTrinTlles        Closdre y)
                                     OrAsAnErves     O

            I   cenenls shallconfom to ASTM C 91 lype M.

                Lsandsh l meetASTMc 1,14, unilb'dy gllded.crm md fteeiion organic
                                   shdr net ASTMC 332.

            l. tuldcmcnl nires, job nixed or premixe4shaumet ASTNIC 270 reqliEredt for
               Tlpe M no'tq (2.25to 2.5:I sandrocenentnrio).
            2, Lighnr€igh.aggftgne/cement  notu nui beprnixed md bagged.

2.09 lolyxren5dedhesives
     A. Polyudnaneadhcsive omins to thefollNins spsificdio,nr.
         L Dcnslryconf(mins to ASTM D 1622.
         :. conpEsive srEngftconlominSroASTM D I621.
         3, Tensile*iength confomins1o ASTMD 1623.
         ,1. Warerabsorptionconlbmineto ASTM D 2342.
         5. Moisbre vapor rmmission confoding roASTM E 96.
         6. Dinenslont $$iliry .onfoming to ASTMD 2126,
         7. Crlosed conbDlconfoml4 to ASTM D 2356.
         3, S{rrre buming  chdaccn$i.s codomins roASTME 34.
         9, Flrc EsGof bof coveinssconfominsto ASTME 103.

       A    PErabricatedIPDMsl,lthetic bberconfominsro ASTMD r056.
       B.   Itef$ricared netal eavecloNre,
       c.   PEfrbricaEdconcsieor ct.y eave ctosde.
       D.   MoGr    (coloroptionar) emula sudre udfllatnenB only
       A. Paint coloi coordinacdpaintfor painrin8 nashi4 md/d aee$ori* (optional).
       B. Serlr for poinrupnond (oprioD.l).
       c. Tnt seal- colorcoordindred      for
                                   searer $lilirg .ile or ecsories $ EquiEd.

2.12   Slolning Mateiar shdl confom roAIIA ftbd sherinins.
       NOTE: Referto buildingcodewindtod Equirnenrs.
       A, Mininun spdn nted 32116rl5l32" UrickAPAdcd shedhing.
       B. Banem mabd,r to be decay   rosisrdror pftsue ftated in conptiece nirh AW?I C2 or

          1. Ba@ns shdl notbeboqedor twiscd.
          2. Hodzontdbatbnsshrll bea nonin,l l" x 2'.
       C, NallerBodds - naterialb be decay
                                         Eshllnr oi prssus roed in conplimE wi$ Aw?l

          1. Nailerboards
                        shal lot bobosedor rwGred.
          2 Nailerboardssh.I b€a noninal2 x (sfftcieni hoth. to sarisfyconditiont.

                          Adhesive-SetTile Specification
                           Underlaj.ment Option'1"
NmE:     Tte lbllowins trble p@vides @ntactor with rhecholccsavail.ble fd udddlaynent syem.
         Thesesy$etr cad oily be nsedon pnchesdesisnared rhe table belowl

                         Singl.'ply 90+Orgdic Ca! Sheet

                       2 Hot Mop No.30or No.43/ 90* O4dic

                         ColdPmes No.30or No.43/90*
                         olgmic or or Modiied cap snet

                                   Uaddlaynenr Applied
                         Ser-Adhered                                                3


 NOTE:    All opplicaliom nboven*t usepftform.d tlshings with netd edeertnm        md , 3r'
          tile hedlrp mles rcshicted o. didted by p.oduct d6ign.
 NOIE:    Not EI til6 arc dEigned to be €ngag€dore. battfls. Chek sith rcof lile
rRsA/RmrTirernsdftbNlodcr s

                           System - System
                                 #4       Option .rA"
10    U d"!yr en ApD'c,bo L oo{ odco ' . oto p
      NmE:    Otr cap shee! cut tuhmonins and ftat wiur conpanbb flashinEcemdt Dd De'nbrare
      NOT& Atrchd shet fdteniDe shall be in rcordmce *iln Tables
      NOIE: Ancbor shfri shall be a hinimm 2 plys in rhe valtey.
      NOIE: A No.l5, No.30 or No.43 cm be usedN a dry i, pnor b in$ailine rhe lnderllymcnr
              {ith this sysbm (excepton 3.02D)

      A. single'ply 9ll# Orgmic Cap Sheetor Modified Cap Sheer (SeeDnwingA-tl
         A 90* orgmic caFslEt or nodified capsheetundedrynent appticatio! ce bd itutated with
         tiles alpl ied diEct ro rbe capsheet Pliar ro spplylng rhe 90# or hodified cap she.t arieh a
         36 wide silp ol sme undeiayment.Gsear shee0doh (hecenie.ofAe vdley. SeuE ner
         the edgeof thefelr 24 on center Apply a 90* or modifiedcrp sheet    lcrpendicular to rhedope
         of the mof ad mechanically    .tuched ro dre*ood dcck sith nnils md tin cap!, mund crp nlih
         or onherfa$encis ao.ordin8to the Anchor SheerFaieoins Tables1 ro 5C neft the lop enge
         of letr use I mnrimnm.1"headlip md 6 ' sidetlps Ext.nd .rchor sh4t u! veiical sffres
         a minnnun 4". ovdlllp bip Dd ndgesI ninimun ol 6ii. s4Lft nu rhe edse ol fejt 12,,on
         orbratove apsmd sid€lapsof thc Dnderlavneni.

                                        DR{Ii'ING A.I

     B, Eot Mop No.30 or No.,rl / 9ll# Organicor Modified Crp she.t (SB Drosing A-2)
        A two ply mof rppticarioncomo y cdled r 'Hot Mop, sys@n.The roofcover is remimbd
        at meEl flashitrgs. No.30 or No.rt3erchor shsershall be mechdicrty dbcned ro the wood
        deck wnh aans Dd rin Bps, ound clp nails or orherfinenen spEed accordinero Anchor
        SbEdt F^teni.g Tibles I ro 5C ner de top ed8eor relr. Extendmchor sheetI minimnm of
        4' up rmcd surfices Anchor sbeei\ ide I apssball be a mlninun of 6 ' and herd topsshatl
        be ! nbinuft ol 1'. Ors pmpflly insElln e.hor sheet appty a l ryer of oganic c.! sheet
   in a lull 25 */sq r 15% nopping ol asph,lt.Asphalt shall be spplied ur irouny. Si,lelapsshal
   beaminimumol6 jheadlaps        sbalbcrninidrnol3"ddbackndiled 1l'oncencr

C. cold Proces N0,30 or No.43,90f Orgmic or Modined Crp Shee.(SecDr.wing A-2)
   A No ply oof alpli.atioi comnonl) called a 'Cold lroces' synem. Tft rcof cover is
   bminarEd at merrl flashinss.A No.30 or No 43 mcbor sneetsb:lr he nechmicsly arhhed
   to the 'ood deck sidi nails md dn caps,Fund capnaits or orhertsteners spaced@cording
   to Anchor SheetFNEning Tables1 ro 5C. Extendmhor sbeer nininum of 4' up venicd
   surf.ces Anchds rb€i sidehps shill be anininuD of6 qd held laps shall be a mininum
   of 2 . Over i$raued adchorsheet,alply a cap sbesrin a continuousl.jq of cold proces
   adhesiveat the de of 1.5 galhq. or acmrdins to Ddfflalren/adhesire nmufmtues'
   Ecomendation. Capstuei sidehps shall be a mirimun of 6 ';head lats shaU a mininum
   o I mdb& na;led onrnu 12
   NOTE: lor Cold S,$ens, in windy conditions,il ma] be necesrJ io spoi ndl
              crp sh*t n a of muimum 3' or @nter

                                  DL{\IINC A.2

D, Self AdheEdUndcrlaynenr AppliedDner b Wood  Deck.
                        syscmudlizingself a{ihaedunderla}ftnr. Apply onclayerof
   A sineledy unde ayment
   self,adheredmderhymeDt in complimce widr tn. sllladhfled unddla)meft nanufmhE^

E. No.3o/Sef AdheEd UnderlatTent
   A ttro ply rcol ltplication utilzii8 a selladhe€d undenatnent. No.30 feit sbdl be
   nechaic.Iy drrhed io the nood deck sii\ mils md tin caps. mud {lp mns or oLrrer
   fasbnen lpacd accordineto Anchor SheetFdtedfg Tlbres I ro 5C. lxl.nd anchorshecra
   ninimun or 4" up !trucal suLes Anchor sheer  sids lapsshal be a dinimun of 6" a hdad shal be a ninimh of 2' . Over insidkn Dchor shet, apply one ]aJer ol elJ rdherd
   nnde.laytrrt    in compriance wirh rhe self adhered uderraymeDt manulrtures
       F. Atematire Membran*
          Ary Fodud consistingol one or n@ warershendinslayen appliedro a slopsd oof prior ro
          the applicrtian of ! pEpded mdf coveringh4i03 beenidted in compliancewiLLr building
          code lhe prindy pupose or ar uderlayscnt is deliftd asa MGr sheddinslayer ro runction
          in cmbin.don vnh a pf!.red oof covering.

3.m    Dnp E{tgeMetd - Choo* one of rhefollowi.g: Gor dri-Fording ietal, se s*tion 4.02 B.31,
       A, Sin8le ply underhymentsysteos
          1. Drip edge neral sball be indalled at the eNq der rtre sheithing. The meril $z1l be
              ra*eEd 6" m cenrer sith 12 g!, corosion resisrmt rcofing naiL or tbsb.e6 of
              conparible meiah. AI j oins shdl be lappedr minimun of 2'. irle netat
              si$ a bed ol flashins cemeni.
          2, Alply trDderlaynenbas per Ection 3.02A d B for sinsle p\ nnderlaymenE,

       B. 2 p1yuDderlalnenr sy$etr
          L Drip edecneml slDil be i0$rued ovcr lnchor sheet,tuscned 6, otr cenrer widr 12 g!.
             cmsion EsnbDi rcof n.ils or ftuten ofconFtibte mebls Atl joirh shal bc lapled

           2    C.ntinue iion eaveup , ake/eable sm Bmd.
                                                in              ensdng mler streddilu catabihies

           l.   The caFsbsersh.l he bondedto the ocht     rh .sphrtric adhesivc.

3 04   Gabletetuent {hoos one of rhe fouowins:
       NOTE| Flr No-dy underlayment     slsbms sees{non 3.03B
       A U dc Ly. -n' q ,ppropsoe. Choose ot -hetu uwinE
       NOIE: Not Paconnended for ltush finish. RzI. tils Nst be ins6led.
          I Extend unde 4hent beyoDdrott/elble end. Fold dosn onio fascia or bdge boanl.
              Securewirh noil aod .id EE, 6und cap nail or otherhsbner 6 on cent r

           2. Trim underlalmertritiEch orbege boaid Idldl a pel and stickundedarme0t  *@iding
              underlrynentb€yoi,l raf,./eablee'd. Forddsn andsal o0rqtd.ia or bdge board.

           L Drjp edsenetrl sh.U bc inseled rlhe gable,over rhefinnhed undertaynent lhc tural
              shdl be fast ned 6' on centerwirh 12 ga. comsion rsistdt roonng n.i1s or fanene$ ot
              cmprtible neLrls. Continue l,!n uve up ildgable in sane namen insudq {aGr
              sheddinsc4ahiliries of iI neul laps.
3.05   Vzleys - Ctoose onc of rhefoltowirel
       NOTE: rfiheF sp(iar cotrditions  sxtu! il nay beoecssoryto imrede rbevidth of.bc valey ftral.
       NOTE: Isiarr prefomed closedvilley minimm with or 16" (24" sretch ou{) wirn a ninimm
                2 I/2" high .encr divetur md l 'edge rcrufls or . ribbed &s*n si6 l" cenierdivener.
                . mininum of fou (4) 3/3" rlbs spaccd r,2" *nn 3 3/4 ' fimge,
       A. Innzl plefomed ctGed valcl hp atl          joinis a nininum ot 6, md apply I codins or
          sepqator shpt lor comsion Eistmce (ScoDia{ing A,3)

       B. rn{,I pEtorned openvaley wiL,ra mininnm ot t6" (24" sborch,oD0wiih a mininm f
          Iign Nii centerdieftr dd nininum 1" neral edgererhs. Lapjoints a nininum 6,md
          rpply a coatins or seFEror shceL coroion Esisbce (see DFsing A- 4).

           I    Sau€ Rith clips fatic ed nom sinilar oi conpatible mareri,l CIip r' n€trl edge
                Etuns to either deck or b*ren srip witn mfing nail rhmuehnehl strap.
               Trin nebl at all uUey/idge junctions, edsudngwaer sheddiry cap$ilities onto the

          l.   InsLrI lead so'ler rt all val ey/ridgejuncrioN. Tum lcad up a nidDud   ol f io crare a
               wabr divedtr, emuridg s.rcr sheddingceabilitiei onto rhe edley.


         {^' -q-1,,/(l;,!.,'!                                           ---

                                                                    !-si -

3.06   Valleyor wall Flashnrgs Ternbationonb RoofPlane
       A. wlen valley or {all flashinscmimier ontomof plme inizll in rccodmce virh vdley
          fltrhing pmcedues section 05 and/or
                                       3         3.07Especivery.
           1. Apply a ldd soakerhkjn  undcmeh de ave endof!.Iey or sallnashi4 rocn! ward
               off lnelaley/wd]l nashingbrk ontothefieldlile (SE DBnjng A 5).
                                                                                laley back
          2. ff leadskifr is not use4 exEndle4th ol lalley nshl ro cairy wa@r nbe
               oNo ihe neu tilc.



3,07   Fl6hire md Coutuer|lshln€s at IAbuhnents (SceDraqin8 ,4-6)
       A. Insul plefomEd metn wall tay 5 ' rcdicjl flmse, 6" bse flange vid l ' mehl edgeretun
          nush ro bre of Mls over undedsymenr stM st loser podion dd woi{ up to ensur
           wrErieht lpplic.tioD.
       B. Secnrcrith clips fibdcated lion compdtiblebar*i.124'd        os er Clip 1'netal enge
          Erm to dsk or badenfip wiL\ m
       C. Nril renical mei flrtrecnetroutsideodge. Secured noce$aryto neetjob condilions, Lat
          joins a mininun of 4' md rpply nashine cemenrfor corosion rcshrance.
       D. Oo black wzlls. se,l rlore entue edgeof rcticd metsl dmge. corcdns zn nait penetdioDs
           wiln flashing cementlnd ncnbrdc.
       f On6meu, ..s.L-llv:po' brifl o!e'
       F. \llren inslauing oriioml cound flasbing, lry rot fleee of baseflEbnrC a ni0inum of 4 ,
          Nail 6ehl nearths outide edsea minimun of 6" on cenb or set fre6l inb reBleEand seal
           rhomughly. Lap joiDb a nininm of 3 dd rpply fishing cementor sealmt beseen rhe

       NOTE:    Wnft spaial conditionsdtut, it nay bc nccs&y to increaseUre€id$ of ihe ulley
                ner.l and/orpan flahing.

rRs4rqoo rri{iurvorl
       T                    i. \p-.6 -'o'     1,ftr00

3.03   Head& Agon E$hing (SeeD€win8sA-7,A,3 9)      &A
       A. Insla[ apronnashinsa minnnun 4" on tile sndee, Nail verticd flmge offla$nre witlin 1"
          of Beral e(l8eand seore as naesiry. Le nebl 6". Seallaps wiL\ flrhing cemeot.

3.09   Shdrd Cub MounredsLyli8lis. Chimnels, Elc. (SeeDEwing A'l0)
       A. CuI}s sh3ll be a minimun 2" x 6', add. f,inlf,un of 1-1,4".bove rhe iile height.
       B. Install a nininM 12" si&n lead d ave end of eachcuh.
       C. S*ft win5fasbnen 6 oDcentei iNlrbg n.ils sil be covered s*ylghr,hoodleDtflaige.
       D, Conlinu vlth flenbh or rigid flashins on bod $des of the culb No.kins up towardridse.
          Trim ds necesiry ro ensue vder shed,lingonb neld rile.
       E. Sam NiL\ rooting rdteneb 6" on center
       F. Instaf flcnb]c or rigid nashing on ddse end of cub.
       G. Se.lJ ndn penefttions, at skylight or hood ventjoints wilh sdant
       N(nEr For self cudine or gofrbdcated skylighE iefer to 3kyligh{nmuf.cturer's in{dctions.

       DRAWINC4.7                  DLAWING A.8                         A.9



                                            / ,

          ftrbin$, Vcn6,ltc.
3.10 Plpcs,
     A. TopFldhingonlile (see    Draqings   A-11. A-12&A'13).
        1. Sealdound    penet tion with fltrhing cement.
        2 Apply skifrfldhins orfl ld 6eldtile curpreviouslyinsLrledexbndinglnder de couse
            of rile atovepeneharion                 is
                                    rnsrE aashinS afsufficienrwidrhta redirdt thewatcrlsay
            ii.n n're penehtion.
        3 Scalnashi4 to tile wid sedbb d neened
        NOTE:                                    be
                  Iro6le sD*ific ventilatonshould innJled asDermdtrf&ud   sisrdlation insmcdons

          DRAWINGA-II                 DRATVINGA-I2                   DLAWTNCA.lJ

].I L   Baftnrn*   larion (seeDranins A l4l
        NOTE: HoizonEl barcns shall be r ninimum of 4 iD tengi\. \llren lhlizins baneru,
                 pEfomed Beril nashing th netd edgefttums nu{ be usedin ddi.ion to ! 3 ' .ile
                 herd lrp (mle$ rsnided by pEdmi dBi8n). Baiens m not alowed below a ,1':1t'
                 lopc rodrcopbonJfo lopc              r'$.
        A. Irsau rop edseofhoizo'ral baten ro hoizonbl line. Hdizont l b.(s dy bc a dlnintrn

        B Fanen andsecuEmrimum 24'on center rh nails or s.rewsolsuflciedleneihto l)etrenie
             de steatlins r nininln of l/4".
        c.   reave 1/2 ' sp@ebetwpn banenendsmd beNeen bften ad neLrl edseretu.

                         Adhesive'Set Speciffcation
                          Und€rlalrrent Option'ts"
NOm:   Ihe followin8 hble plovide! rheconnactorqiln rhechoie availablcfd uddhynenr   ryiem.
       Theses}'$emscm only be usd an in rhe bble belos:

                     L Eot Mop No.30 or No.43/90+Oemic or

                     2. Cold Pmce$ No.30 0r No.43,90#
                        Orgdic d Modined Cap Sheet

                     3, Sell Adhe€d Underlaynent ' Applied                           3

                       No.l0/Self-Adhded Undcrlayhent

                                                                                     l 02E

 NOTE. Reie. ro utrd*lqment nmufacruer's nconnendltioE.
                           System - System
                                 #4       Option 'ts"
3.02   UnderhyrentApplicaliod Choosdone of tne fdldwing:
       NOIE: On cap chee! cul6shmouL\s md se,l wirh conFiible fl6hing cementand nembrane
               wheE applicable,
       NOIE: AFhor shee.latening shall be in accorddce nith Anchor Sheet larenins TablesI ro
       NOTE: Anctor shdt shll be a minisum 2-plys in the valley.
       NOIE: A, No 30 or No 43 cb 6e usenxs a dr! in pdor to in$.ling ihe mderlaymmt
               wirh rhis sy$en (exceplon 1,02C),

       A Hot Mop No.30 or No.43 / 90+ Olgmic or Modfied Crp Sbeet(SeeDrNing B 1)
         A No ply rcof rpplicarioncomm.nry cr edI ,Hoi Mop sysren. The roof coler & tem inated
         ai nBrsr fldhings. A No.30 oi No.43 mchor shcd sbaltbc dcharicaly atEchento thc wood
         dak wiih tails and tin caps,romd caF naitu or other fdnenes sprced rcordins ro Anchor
         sheersFtuteninsTablesI ro 5C. hiend anchorsheeta minimum ol4 !p veticd $dees. slteetsidelrys shal be r finin0n of 6" andheadlapsshall be a nininum ol2 '. Oeer
         innrll€dhchor sheer.        6e
                               apply capsheetin   rnrn 25* q.!15%moppingofaphrlr.Asphrlt
         sn b. appledunirormly. laDs lbeaninimumol6'iheadlapssh.[beanidnm
                                    Side     sh
         ol 3-' .nd back nlled 12" on cenr{.

       B, Cold Poce$ No,30 or No.43/90* Orgmic oi Modited Cap Sbee.(S@DrNing A-1)
          A No dy rcol applicrtion connonly cilled a Cold lmces' synem. The rcof cover is
          teminred at metd flashinss.A No.30 or No.43 mchor sheetsh,lL be mecbmi3sly !ftched
          to n'rewmd dect wi$ .aih and th eps, Fund op nails or olher lNteren spaced      lccording
          to Ancld Sbccs Leming TablesI ro 5C. Eitend mchor sheetd nininm of 4" up venicd
          sudices. Anchos shet sidelrys 5haube a mininur of 6" ud headlrps shall Li€a ninimu
          ol 2". OEr irslUod anchorshuE! ipply the .ap rheer in d conrinuousldler of cold proces
          dhesirc d rhe rrte of t.i szllsq. or accoding to nnderlqrenddhesive nmuflctues
          Ecomendadon. cap sheet     sidellps shall be a mjlimun 016"; headlapsshall be a nininu
          o l- r  db3 L n-:led12 d.cdo
          NOIE: For Cold lro€$ Sy$ens. in windy conditions,it nay be neces,ry to rpot nail cap
                   $*t ar laps r or naximnm ot 3 on ceDlei

       C. Sell^dhered Unde ayment Applied Diftct to wood Dect.
          A single ply underlrynHr systemutillzin:3 er-adhsed undtrlalment. Alply one layer of
          scu-adheEdudddl.ynent in .dplidce *idr the self adbden unde arlrHr lfunfa.tFs'

       D , No.30/Sclf-Adheredunde ayment
          A two pl] rcof application udlizing r selJa{thfled nnderhynent. No.lo1eli sball te
          mechdicdl) rtmhed io dre wood dect rirh naik !!d iin epi rourd cap naik or other
          fasreneFspaccdaccordingto Anchor Sh&t Fdming Table! 1 ro 5C. EKend ecbor sh€t
          a ninintrn of {' up vertical sdses. Anchof sheetside laps shill be a minintrm ol 6" rtrd
          lreadh$ sholl bc a nininnn of 2". Over inshlled .nchor sh@t,apply ore lryer of r sclf-
          dheed unde ayment in conplimce wiL\ the self rdnered undedarrent lrmufrcrrec'

          Any pioduct cmisd4 of one or moE Mter sheddins     layes appliedro a slopenrcof pior ro
          the arpli.tidn ol a plepaed rmr cde'iry laving beentesbd in compliance{iih drebuildjng
FRSA/RoofTe rosrihreModer SE ilicrdh
                        Tile                 rlDe200l

           ode. The pnn,ry purpose anunderldyment definedr a sarer sfuddin8 layer to tuncrion
                                    of              is
           nr combhation siili a pEpmd rmf coverine.

3.03    laveDnp Mebl ofthefolowlng: (Fordri rEnding meral,*e Striion 4.02 B.3).
        A. DIip edge merar shal bc i$rillsd over dchor sh*t, fErened 6,otr cenrer wi.h 12 ga.
            comsi on resistm. roof ndns or lisbres ol coDpariblcneds. All j oinb shi ll be lappeda
            ninimu of l'. Contirue fron eaveup ntsr'gable in sme mmnu. ensuing warershedding
            capabiliries of all nebl laps The cap sbeet stdl be bonded to $€ neral sith asphaldc

                                        DRAIIING B.I

        B. Ddp edge meral shal be infa]len ar eaveover the fiDishedcat sheei. fte neral shall be
           fast€ned6' on .enrer wftn 12 gr, coiiosion reskhn. nof ndls or ldtenas of conparible
           tutdls. A1l joints sh l be lappsd , mininm of 2 . The netsl mii u errsymentshal be
           joined wilh r bed of ldhine cementdd r 4" snip of asphaltsatumred  cotor or fLbdslds
           fabric. The fabdc st'l be tnrry enb€ddedin $c nashing cdent.

3.0,1   Vrleys - Chooseone ol ths folowins: (s* Dra{ines a 2j B-3! B-.1)
            NOIE: Pr'efomed valley meral shlll be either a ninintrn widd of ]6'' (24 sretch out
                      *ih a minimlf 2 1/2'' hjgh cenrer divener or a ibbed desGn wnn l cenrer
                      diverter, a mininnm for (4) 3/3'bibs sprced3 1/2 rjrh a 3 3/4'flang€
        A. Tholty Sy$en Choos one of rhefolowlng:
            1. Sradrd Roll Met l - ninii0n 16" wide, sMll be ptacedover fte anchorshcct in rhe
                valleyaddsh 1befdtened6 on ceDtervith gauge.odosion
                                                            12               rcsisht mofingmnq
                or drherlltrteneN ot conpa.ibte nerdts ner Lheouhide edgeof rhe !,1]e) neid. AII
               joirrs shall bc lapp€da nininum of 6" in r ted ol dshing enenl. fte cap sh@tshal
               be bondedro rheneLrl rh rpldit       adhesivc (SeeDrawing B-5).
            2. Pretomed nebl wilhout eFrns - nidnum 16" nide, shill bc placed over lne anchor
               sheet nr ths vllley hd shdl fanened 6" on center wiLh 12 sause comsion resistmt
               dofiig nails, or odd hsbnen ol conpriible neids rear $e ourside€dge ol the laDey
               trtrr  An ioinl\ shall be hpped a nininun ol 6' in a bed ol nashidg csddt. The cD
               slret shaDbe bondsdro |!e netdl *nn rphrlic adbestue   (see Drwings B 6).

       !.   over cap sheei choose one ol rhc folosing:
            L St{dtrd Roll Mstal - ninimum 16 wide sh,I be placedover the capshet in rhevrley
               ind shall be frtened 6 oDcenbr witn 12gatrgecorLosi.n   resi\iant ooling naih, or otber
               irtends of conparible nerak ned tbc ouBidc cdgc ol rhEvalcy ftral All jolnb sh.I
               be lappcd n nininh     of 6" in r bed ol flahirs cenenr. The cap shei shall be joiDed
               *nn a bed ofaashiDgcement0!d a 4" stip of apbdt saNrdedcotion or nb€rglas fabdc.
               The fabric sh l be fully enbeddedin the flashins cement.

            2. PEfomed M€trl wirhout Rehns -nirinum 16" side slEll b€ pl@ed over rhe archor
               shee(in &e vaney dd shal be fancncd 6" an cenrer{irh 12 eNge.omsion resishr
               roon4 flils, or oder faimen of conparible neLrls ner rhe oubide €dge of nhevrlley
               Etal. An joinis sh3ll be lQted r nnninun ol 6' in r bed of flashing cemenL The cap
               sheetshall be joiied rirh a bed of nashing cementmd a 4 sbip of asph,lt saturted
               coton or nberslN hbric. The ribric sn bu lurly embedded $e flal]i'8 cenent.

       DRAWING8.2                             DT{{WING B-3                 DRAWINGB-;l

3.05   nashin8 and CounEr Flashingat willAbutuenb       chooseone ol dre follo*ins:
       A. T{o Ply Syeen
          l. lnstdl 4 x 5" 'r' flahing nulh to b eotftllsrirh,1'nmgeontnemchorsbed.
          2. Fdten 6' on center*id r 2 sr comsion Esisrantnails or ol conparible
              mLrls ner rheoursideedgs ot meral
          3. Lap joints 4" dd apply lbshing cment bers*n laps.
          4. ?tre cip rheei sh,ll be bondedto Uremelll wiUr sllaltic ldhesive. (SecDawiDCsB-5 &

       B. OverC.p Sheet
          1. Insrzll,l"x5" "r'll6hirg flushto bde ol {als      th4'flanee on top ofcap shect.
          2. Fasten 6" on cdrer Nnh D !a. comsion rsi siDt naituor oL\d fr$eDe6 ol conparible
             h', 6 -u rheo r.ide edee ormeul
          3. Lnp.joi s 4' md .pply flashing  cementberyeen   laps.
          4. Cap shet shall bejoined to 6e 'f'nashng *irh flrshinE cemeDt r ninintrD.l srip
             ol asphilt stuared corbn or nberyrss fabiic. fte fabic shall be tully embe,lde,l rhc
             flBhine cenent. See
                              {     Dra dgB-?&B3).
       C. Sdl €lone top dge ol venicrl ltDse. coveringall nail penetationsrvnn 0ffhing cemnl md
PrrArRoof eI'sntu eMod. T'l€s

       D. Whenl rallingo!'tionalcounrer       lap
                                      flashine, ropflDgeofbasell$hing  ninimum4' Nail
          me&l netr the ouhideedgea minimun ol 6' on cetuer setrto rcsLeh(secDE
                                                          or                   properry)
          andthorclgtly caul. LapjoinE ninidun 3 ' md apdy nahing cenenrbeNeenl8l)s.

                    DRAWNG B-5                                  DRA\IING 8.6

                    DRAI\ INC 8.7                               DR{WING 8.8


3.06   Siindint CurbMonted Slf,liebb, Chinneyi Etc.( See3.05above)
       A. Io$dl in conptm€ vim rccultr flashi4 idstalarion
       NOIE: For self curbing prefibndied rkylights.cfer io stslight maDutacorets
                             oi                                                 inshlarioo

3.07 Pipes,ftrbines, ve.h. Eb. - choose oltrrefollo r!.
     A. lvo-Ply Syecn ( Ses  ltawinss B 9, B 10,& B ll)
         l. Apply dnshinscement    arcuDd bN. of piotruion andon thc boso6 sideol fte neral
             flong.s scdingds unil b6e flAhins 1oanchor sheer.
        2. Nail ands{uE ill sides bre fahing. Ma}e ceriain        G
                                                               base fush b dect

          I bstal unil basenNhing oter capsheet.
          2. Nail and s{uE all si.hs ol bNe flsling. Maks ccnanrbascis flush b deck.
          3. Me.d flango shall be joined to cap sheerwnn a bed of flashins ceneni md a stip of
             aphaltsarmtedcorbnofEbelglassrhbic fte libdc shanbe inny enried in dreflashing

      C. Pmme speclncvendldon
         | ( h J l b e$ , r e d , . p . r r , n , s

       DRAWING 8.9                            DRAWTNGB-10               DRAWTNG8.11


      NOm:    when utilizing ! siDgle-ply nechldcal fastencrl underlaymentd rvhen utilizing
              bascns,a 3" d]s hdadl4 nu$ be lsed { mless Esticted hy prddud dsisn).
      A. Lryoui Hoizonbr (3" tile headlals or b.nen nNouaiion)
         l. Chalk horlzonhl lines be8innin! o.e lile lenglh lom eave lE$ desi€d ovelhm!.
            Ovcdang shall be 3/4' to 2', depending the tile qpe, u* of snuei or orhertunctionzl
      NOTE: For brnen insblldiotr only, chalk Une I U2" non ri+e.
         2 Chalk succccning                fdr
                                    Linds a ninin(m 3" headlrp ude$ Eiticrdd by Foduct desisn.
         1 I n c F t u - \ - d d L p s h " n . e . e - ! 4 I o ^ r t u , lo . ' c p ! : r g
      NOTE: whc0 utilizine r single-plypeel md $ick underhynent or r two-ply trphdtic adhesive
              undedayment         sysbm, r ninnnum 2" terd lap ma] be usedlnles or dictned
              by prcdu.r dsien.
B. Layont Hodzonral 2" lroad  lap)
      C\al| 'o to b] line. beg,T onc r le .e0g| hon ove lcs de*ed ovedang.
      Ovedms stul be 3/4' to 2", dependin! til€ rrTe.useol gutef. or ourerturc.ioid

    : . c b J , u L c r e d s ' n e . . - , o r m o o r . c a m n . n : r J "headlap ules Esticbd by

                  lap         for
    3. ImreBe head whennece$ary eq!,l counespring.
C. layou. - Venicil chooseone ol Lhe   folo{ing:
    r. stasgerd/cm$ bon,l tile inial].dd Eeomended for flavlon poite tilc)
       a. Cabtecnd ioof
           i. chalk rtical lines one lull tile rd oneh,lf tile sidd plus f' ro 2" hom stanl.g
              gabls b accomnodate    nle rile.

         ii. Cb,lL Edical lincs onc full bd one hrlf iile width iom stdire Cabtcto
              scconnodatc flnsh 6nisn.
         iji. Chalk ditional lines. ilnecessary tonainhh dignne .
NOTE: Flush nnish gablenemed.d           only be lsBd *hen utilitne a single,pty peet5rd snck
       underlaynent or a rwo pty asph,ltic rdhesiveunderlayment     sysrem.
     b. Hip rcol
         i. Chalt vedical line 90 desr*s nom eaverue.
         n. Chi* smd rine paraltetto nist lo rcconnodde shsgeEd/cms boodedd1e.
         in. chark a.tditiond lines, il necessfy, to nainrain ,ligmenr.

   2. SrGighrbond tile iniillation (Not Ecomnendedfor fl.t rile)
      a. Gableend rcof
         i chalk lsric.l line one fdl rile width ptus t , to 2, trom sradin, gabte.
         n. ChJf, addilional tines,it neccssary, f,ri ain ilignment.
      b. Hip roof
         i Chalk venicil lines. ifnecesay, ro maiDtlin atiEmcIn
         ii. Chalk lddidond lirs, il ftccssdt ro ndnrain .lisnmmt.

A. Stackrilc ro lacilirare iniartatior aDdnlninize ritc nu!e!er.
B. Eavereahnent choose one of the follodns:
   1. ?€fabricared Rnbber Earc Closur. - Instltl ctosure drb alo4 eavc. Faren *ith a
      mininnn 3 faieneE per 36" sriip (SeeDrasing 4.01)

   2. MqalENeClosue        INtaU closuE srip alons Bave. FasGnrnininun l3' on cenbr If
      netal closurEis inclusiveof the dnp edgefaien 6 ' on cenrer(SeeDrawiq 4.02)

   3. Raised Fr$ialwoodSrdrerStip,\\hen usidg 3/4'r.i*d fNcia,a?'r l yood sbte!
      stipnuibe in{anedbeLbdfiscjr Tneuseofave closuEis rqnircdin!nis.dtascir
      sysbn slren using a tudium or high trcfile tile
      r Insal facia board !,psnmaiely I l/2' abovercof deck or a 2' x 2' vood shrter
          $rip L@foQe (SeeDaning4.03).Choose ol rhefoll.wing:
          i. Inndl 3 ' trpeftd cmt sbip at eavebehhd fascia dd/or sma sbip to iupport
              meLdflshi.g and cnsureposirived in4e rhen usins.lip edee.
                 ii. hsal r ninimun S wide a i-ponding nerrl fldshins ro ensur positive
                      drainage  over fmci.,/sher stip. Nail iop edgeof nange onto toot TaFeEdcdr
                      *n! N opdotr,r when using anti,po0dingne$l.
             b. ADply unddlayment asper undeilaydmt syim A or B sections 3.02.
             Prefahiclb'l coracte or clay eaveclo$E. (Apply l)fl raNfsturer's inshdions )
             Mod!. Applicadon In$dl mofr$ro elevah e e cdgc ofritc
             a. Apply notu along the erve ed8e,applyingenouEh         motu to elevaterheeaveend ol
                 the tile to be on pralile wirh rheftnaining mol tils
             b. Point .nd smood 6nish nrb to eNe
             c. Apply a nininum 3/3" sccp hole flush wirh L\e undedalmenl !t the spacingol not
                 le$ than onc seep hole Fer iile.

      DRAWINC 4.OT                      DRAWING4.02                      DRAWING 4,03


a0,   r'1 ror v"o ndoHJhPaEet't-
      NOTE: Adhcsive ser tile shdl be appliod !t I pirh dl4":12'          d hiEher for nechmtuly
             atrhed siDgle-dy undedaynenrsFhms (Undeialrent Opiion A" ), aDdat a slopc
             ol 2 '12" ind hisher for self-adheEdpeellid stick uddaynenr sydms or t*o ply
             rsph.ltic rdhesiveu.derhynert systms (Unddlaymnr Oprion B ).
      NmE:   For slopesablvc 6"11?' up to Md inctuding 7": 12' fasreneverytite in .he fi6r couse
             and cvery third tile ot dreniih couNc in addirionro rhe tile dhesive. For slopesrtove
             7":l2" irsb, every tite in ddirion to rhe tite dhesive. Apply compdible flshlng
             ceme.t io sd lll fisener penehtions wheF required hen uulizing b.ncns md ril4
             sith barGnluEsaddidonarfssbninE is not €qune,l.
      NOTE: Tile sbal be aftched ro resis ho aerodynmic noment dermined wher lsing the
             dBig. pre$uEs for rhe btrildins and fixing calqlltions set loah in the building code.
             AdhesiveqMntilies and ploencnt dsrsmine l]1ebd ftsirtmce v:luas. ConsutrwiLh
             specilic odhesivc  nmuf.crfer for innzlldion inshcdons lnsblldions shall be ba$d
             on @sedfrerhods6 indicftd in the .onpliance repon, or productapFovil, listing the
             mounh, te$ed paddylhcenent and specincoresFonding Esiidce valnes.
         Srding at rbeeNe, instaU cou$eof tile accodinsro L\etireandodhesive
                                l^1                                           hmutac.urcas
         instriioN. Makecdrain d1tile ove.h esdip ede. eventy  alonecftire nd coune
         Install andseLh dl sucaedjreneld, pcdnorermd cornerrile accordiDs rheadhesive
         metrfddrefs iNtrudions.
      C, Cuitreok tile lor prcper shsgenry of iile couses she! usinE tne saggercd/m$ bond

      D . Set tile in $eDp.d cobe fdhion or in a horizonhl and/or rrtical fbhion shen utilizing

      E. Cu/bftdr field tile ro lorn $iaight edgeat cenru of hip/ddse dd vrlreys
                                 psmcsdo! Juic 200r

4.04   Two Pieceaadel Tile (SeeDnvins 4.04)
       NOTE: For rlopes ,nove 6'l}       up to tud includin-q7":t2' fkteD fl.ry lan .ile in rhe fisl
               cou6e dd cvery 5rh couse rherca11er addition b the rite adhesive. stopesahove
                                                     in                            tor
               l':12" laem every pe in ddi.ion b rhe rile adhesive. m altemadve,tempoiary
               struEment ol rile nay be ftilized uniil d\e rdhesive has curcd. Apply conp ible
               flashing cenent to s$l ,ll fabner penetrations rhtre r.quiEd.
       NmE:    Tile shdl be anrched to Eshi Ureaendyranic tunenr detenined when usiDethe
               desisn plesurcs lor thc buildi4 md firins calcularions fodh nr rhc building code.
               Adhesivequmtirids md plrenen1 deierminethe tohl Esistuce values.Consutrvnn
               specinc adhesirc m ulactoftls in$ructions. Itrstollationssh,ll be basedor tested
               nethods asindi.ated in die complimce rpon. or productappov.l, tisdn8 lne domrq
               rssed paddyplmementmd sFcinc coftslondi4 Esjddce eltres.
       A Srdins at L\e eaves. iNaI tue couse of tile accordine 10 ihe iite abd adheive
          mmufacturers insrucrians. strpFofr of erves tu tile if neco$a41unril rhe dhesn€ hr r
          chanceto cuc. Male cetuin all iile overhmgsdrip ed8eevenlyalons enriE fint couse.
       B Ini.l1 bd secureatr succeeding    neld, perimeterad cond de accodinA ro the adhesive
          DanufactuErk iNhcrions.
       C. Cu.6@aI field de ro fom rtraight edgeat cenierof hip/ddge bd vJeys.

                                        DRAIVING 4.04
                                                   dddrtu            Fdsroldi!tu&.ftd
                                                   lb4cdEorHh        {Nhiqdd)

4.05   vaUeys Choose of lne foloringl
       NOTE: It G notr{ommended bsra]l rtd
              rugsrrom $e tctd dld d{Vor in$zll
              rmpd porftioning cntield tilcs.

          L    ClosedValley - Mlter lile to fln   straignt bordtr on either side or water divds   (Se

          2, OpenVoiley Miter tile 10lorn snoight bo(ter on eftherside oltso vater divetux (sd

      B. Stmdrd RoI Vrley (see Dmwiq 4.o7) Chmse one ol Lhe     foloning:
         1. ClosedVallet - Miter ule to neet the cenEr ofv.Iey.

          2. OFnVall.y Chalk alitre mninus 2" on both sidesofElley canbi
             along oubide of chalk lines. Mner dle 10fom stai8br border and poidt to match rile

       DRAWING 4.05                         DRAWING4.06                     DR{WING 4.{'

      Hip mdRidse NailerBoddr (option,l)     (seeftNings,l.10 & a.l l)
      A. Attoh hip .M ri'lge nailtr botrd aeddin:8 to Table 17

      Hip Sft   chooie ooe ol the follownrg:
      \ P'.I'b'.atdh.p.l4r
          L MiGr tile aship sfrer ro natch eavelines.

      B. Use stlrdlrd hip riles as stader

      fiiI and Rid8e Insllllehon ' Chmse one ol the follonbg:

          l.   Set hip md idge tile in r continmus bed ol moia. lapping tile r ninimm 1". EnsuE
               bed or moaar 'los not pronade in centerol hip or Li4e junction Ap?roimftLy l ' ol
               ficid rile shall exicnd beyondbedof ndre Point dond md nnish to ratch lile surlee
               (Sde  DrNins 4.03& 4.09).

mM6r     rh b5ritub ModelTitc sptrificarion rune2001

                   DRA1VING4.08                                      DR{WING 4.{D
       (Bare rrdqariss mayba Nd)

       B. Mahhicdly     risren hip md ddse tiles to nder toad (SeeSectior 4.06 Hi! & Ridse Naiter

       NOIE:     Wlen mechmicd! ratening hip md ndge rite ro a neiler bo&d a trearherblock mus
                 be used Chooseone of de folloyinel
          I    SeIf adheredMenbrane (SeeDnqing ,1.10)
               .. ln$all self adbcredBedbme ovfl nanerboud andseatto rllc surfacdper DmbrDe
                   mmufe.urcas inshcrions.
               b. lnshll hip dd ridge tiles snb m s or $Ews ol sufficienr lengih ro penerrire a
                   mininum or 3/4' bto n.ild bo,rd.
               c. Usesdhesive clips dt overlaps,



         2. PollaErhitrcFoanAdhes e (See
                                       Dnvings 4.1l)
            ! Inshll pobmrhme dhsive io scalrhe tildnailer bordjuncrion per manuteltrEts

               b. F$bn hip andrjdg€ tiles wiL\ polFLeibm. adhosive.
               c. use addition.l nails in ddition b lob{rerhde dhesive when necesff} ro hotd rbc
                  des in place until thc adh4ive hascued.
          r6drF r4oddnh sn4 harion luie:001


4.09   Ralc/Gable Tile Choose  one ot rhe lbllovt,gl
       A. R*ecabk nh
           L ltsEl nn. raketile to expo*d lengrhof fist couse of field tile wi6 fstory ffnish ol mte
              tile towrds de erve.
          2 Fsten rakelile with niniiud rso 10D nans or scftws ot sDmcisnrlensd ro penebe
             th€ AMlng r nininnn ol 3/4 '.
          3. Alut eachsucc.edingnte tile to th. noseol tbe neld tile aboveand mi.hin a con$mr

          l. lnshn tE&bricared gablc tur.l sith 1" sarer rdrun.
         2 F.$cn by clippins 2f on cente.
       NOIE: Raketile arulication * nnishing end day needspecialconsidenrion to pmvide ploptr
               doinage, i.e. flashins or s$lmt my be neede.

       NOTE: Canbe rsed snh unddlaynenr option "B" o
         1. Pl..e dond bed alons mof e+q
         2. Point snooft to i $iaighr finish.

       A. Cut are io lit approxid.tely l/2" 10bNe of *ilt.
       NOIE: lr ddy be necesary ro removethe ln8sfton rhefield tile oDd/or      nNidl blsen exrendes
                at wall md $lley flrshine for goper positioningof cut fietd til$ and to facilibk warer
FRSARooI rns.itub
      Tile          T
                Moder e s

       N(tIEr                       usinsUnderlaFent Oprion A ', seeSecrion
               For tile install.tions                                     3.10ol tbarsation
                for Plmbing ShckinsbuctioN.lor tilc isr.Iario usinsUndedalTent         ,,B,
                                                                                OprioD .
       A. Cuttire io nt dosc roplunbing $ack.
       B PiIvoid ift mo d rdpo.1.o I rsh.

;r.12 coarings (optionat)
               ndy        to
      A. Sealer heapplied exposdmond
      B. nay bellDlied ro all med n6hine.

          L Acak out md replace dmsged rool rilc. Do not didub unddlalnenr. Repair
             uiderh) meDtil ncesary.
          2. AFply adnesilel€r ftnfacruers iromciion lor Epl$ement of boken .ile.
          3. Ilmediltely serEplacementtle in positioba$uilig ptuper conhct.
       A. sm.M      e\ BnoH.f cur.
          l, llaate nose end of tile in muse rbove snal cut tile. Apply adhesivdpd adhesive
             frtuuf&tufl\   insbuclions.
          2. Imediarety set rile in coure dbovein position asrdng proter conracr
       NOTE: For oof slopesabove7 : 12 . on hip oB only, m@hanicdl    fddenins nay be reqnftd

       A. Renoye all bmken tile, debd! md *Gs     rile iilm oot

4.15   Miscelldeousrconmendations
       A. InstructioN shal be givenro all plries involvedcaurionin!.edost bafEc of dy kjnd,llowed
          on nnisbed rcol Damageto roof tiles dd/or subjoof ntry Esnlt


        Itrk ModetTnesp€ificrrion June?001





                      BASIC$'INDSPLLD\I AP

          A I L O W A A L L P II } I R L s | T A \ C | I O R I F f


                                       FOR TEE

                                       TABLES 4 TO 5C

RfeuIRED{LRoDy\a\||c LrpLIl. MoML\ r tAiLLs aslai cTtoNs

                               VAII]trS TABLES8 TO 11


                                            TABLD 1'
FRSA mTTile rnsritubModclTirs s'eificdion - Juns2001

                    Anchor SheetFssteninsTsbleInstructiotrs
The neai mof height liniirtions for dmhing m anchorsh@tto a rood surfacesubsrde re basedon
mDy wir6les. The nail spming, q'pe of nait, thicknes of the sheading, ry!€ of mchor iheer, hd the
slope or ur. oor a€ rhe varlablcswe rool inro accomr ro deremine rhe mem nof heish InnidioN in

Table I is to te u*d when using a sin3le-ply unddlaynent sy$en md eplying liles dnd b de ddk
without battens. Table 2ls lo be usedwhm Ning a single ply mderlryment sysiemandqrplying tiles vith
bitens. Table3 is ro be lsed rhen u iog i No-ply hot or cold proces undedaynen.sysen Thesetubles
showrhe f6telntr8 panen nr tho neld, d de l apsud if rpplicable my bachrri]ins ftqunmenh for t Lrr
snoorh or delomed shmk naik.

lbbl6 ,t 4A. 48. 4C. 5. 5,{. sB. & sc

T$les 4. 1A. 48. & 4C a€ the c'tuned udorlrynent design p€sures basedon Eiposnr B, wiL\
buildires having u inpoidnce faclor of 1.00. Tabler 5, 5A, 54, & 5C m rhe rEquiredundedaynenr
dcsign pre$ues based on E4o!!E B, wid buildings having a. inporance fac!.r of 1.15. Gcc
cl[sfi$tion of buitdings on paca?3)


L Deternine{re re,tunedunderlrynentdesisnple$c           lion Tables4 rhrcugh5C

       A. hponmce Fmtor: detemincfron the Cjasincadonof buildings oL\d
          exposurecatc8dies li$ed on page7l and 74.
       B. SlopeofRoof: acqnne   fton job siie
       c. Meer R@l Heighr acquift ftom job site
       D. Aasic Wind S!@d: detemire fron Bsic wind speedmapmd Lml bdding codeon page75

       c.      Med RoofHeight .40lbei
               BEic wind Speed: 130 nph
R6niEd Ubderl$btur dddotrp'€sr€ = 63.1psf
        Tile         1re
FRSA/Roof rnshtubModer S!

Det€.nining lhe r,slenine Palrern

2, The lsEning pakd needsro neet or a{ced the u.derlaymert desig0 presres as deEmined in
   sectionI rbow. Ine ,lrow$re uprif. Esisknce valuesdc deredined by de fotoving pljfueien:
   A. Debmine rypropriatercfercn€ hbls jion Tabls I rhrcugh3 by die Dderlayment sysEmro be
      used!t rhejob siE .
      i. Table 1 is for Single Plt Unded.ymeni Sys@m                wi.hour the useof Baflens.
      ii. Table 2 is for Snrgle-PlyUnderlayment              Syeemvnn de useof Bdtns.
      iii. T.ble 3 h for tso ply hot moppedor cold rpplied cap sheet.
   B. Deb' F$" bcr"-o                  .ne,bam0Chod-h!Job.i'e.
   C D e c r : r e ' h eq p c o f ; . e . ' ' u b r - . - d o d e o b r e .
   D. Find the allouable up1ift p,$sre fros $e apgopria@bble dat neets or excaedslne requiEd
      designpresuE as deteminod tron secrionI above.
   E. Underhyn nt nu( be ach ro rhe subsfrre accodinE to $e rquird lhstening panem rhlt
      conesponds     wiL\ secrion2d aborc

       30 / 90 hoi Dop syslcm- UseTable3
       19/32" plywood(5/3') Use19/32"    colunns
       Rin-! Shzn! mns - usc Detomed' colum undcr rie t9B2 ' ootum

Using the exmple in *ction I above.lse a raiening parEn ft.t meeisor *ceeds 63.1lst Ths nininun

L   TVo iows 3 ' on center in L\e neld 6' at L\e lap! @d backnail the cap sh@t 12" otr ccdcr This
    fa$eningpft€n rchievesa 7l .5 pst
2   Thr€ rc$s 1?' oD cenisr in rhe freld 6" ar iie laps and backDril the cap sheet 12' on cente. Thk
    f.scdng pdtem ?lso happens achi{e a 7l.5 pst
                Classification Buildings and Other Structures
                 for Flood,Wind, Snowand EarthquakeLoad

Buildings atr'l othd st0ctus dd EpHenr a low hsird io hmm lifc in rhe event                   I
ot failLE includin-s,but not lnnited !o:
    . Agncuhrml f.cilties
    . Cetuin tenporary facilities
    . Minor $omc€ trirides

AI buildingshd orhs shfrrs      excelt tho* Iscd in caGEoriesI, m md Iv

Buildines md otbd smcN@s rhatrepEseotr sntimtisr huard ro humanliL                            m
in the evonlof tuiltrE includins bur not riniied to:
     . Buildings md oLrre, ucrurcs
                             sb        rbft noft thd 3m peoplecongresare one aEi
     . Bulldings and orbr srtrcrres wiih day{m f@ltiiies vith capaci.ygroEr rhd 150
     . luildincs dd oLrrer   stnctures wirh elenemd] or secondry schoolfacilities wnn caprci9

   .   Buildiigs ed oL\tr shcturs rnh a cap@iq'3reard thd 5m for coleg€s d adult eduution

   .   Herlrh cm racilitics Mth . d@acnyof 50 or moreftsideN pliien& but not having s0rgeryor
       energcncy tortunr fa.nities
   .   Jansdd dentirionfuililies
   .   ?ower 8en€ratingsta.ionsdnd otherpubtc utiliq ln3ilitie\ noi includedin CategoryW

Buildines md on\{ shcrurs containingsuilcidr qtrdrities of toxic, explosiveor odrerhsardoN
strbshnces be dangmus ro rhepublic if Eleasedincluditrg , bu. nor linited ro:
    . ?ebchemicdfacilities
    ' Fuer sbrase tucilitics
    . Mulfacuin8 or sbtuge facilities for burdotrs chemicah
    . Manufaddrinc or domge hcilities rof explosives

Buildines and orhq str0ctues Lbar equipped*ith secondiry conFinncnt of roxic,
                                  e                                                        IV
cxplosiveor oder hu rdous snbshmes(including,bur not limited to doublevall tanlc dite of
snlncientsizrroco a r slil or otherneur io contrinrspil, ablstwidrin d,eprp€ny
bou aiy ol the frciliry md pBeot Elerse ol lormtul quantiricsof conrminnls ro Ine xi soil,
sroundwrer d sudrre wdfl) or dmosphcs (wnereappropiare)shrt be eli-sihleior
clNsifcaiion as I caregory tr sr$ctus.

In bunicde proft rsions, buildines ard othsr shctores rbarcdnhin toxic, explosive,or orher
bdrdous subsrances do nol qualify as CategoryIV sftctues sb,ll be eligible tbr cla$ificdion
N C cgory tr $octu€s lor wind loadsif diesestuttrEs aE opented in accordarce    {irh
mmdato.y procedms rhrt de mcepEbleto rbc .nthonry hNins judsdiction dd shich efecrirly
dininish lne eflecrsol $lnd on dirical sdctuzl element5 which altetrDtivelv.rctld aoids
btunftl rcledes dudng dd after hudcanes.
B uil dings aod ollEr soctures desismtedrs esFntial lacilities including, hur not linned toI
     . Hospirils dd orherhealfi cdc faciliiies havins sureeryor eneBency relhenr t .itities
     . FiLe.' escuedd poncestutionsand ernergency     Ebicle Emges
     . Designred dtuibquale,hndicme, or orheremersency         shelten
     . comunicaiion cetrtcn and orherfacilities Equired ror energercy resp.rsc
     . Powef eentrlti0g shlioB rod orherpublt trtility facllities rcquisd ia D emdsency
     . Auxiliny srucrurer {inclDding, but not LimiEd ro c()rmnnicarion tqen, nrel siongc hrlts,
         coolng towen, el{bicd slbsErion rmcrftq fira wabr slorqe i!trks or o${ srtrdurcs housing
         or sulpoding *dcr d other fiE suppresion motcrial or equipment)requiftd for opemrior of
         Catc8dy lV shciures m qneigen.y
     . Aviahon conrol ioqcs, fi rriffic conhol cenbs. and energencj' ancraf.hangm
     . Walq sbn8e lacilities md punp srocsres a$iftd               ro ndntuin warer pres$E for nrc

   .   Buildinss ad odEr sliuctuEs hdins cntical nationatdefense

     sh€d Trbk lf,sdd0m

   For erch wind dnection considered, dposE caGsorytbat adequably reflectsrhe.h{lcErisics
   of sound sudaceir€gtrlariti$ sbal bEdereminedfbr $e sib a1sltch the building or $ructure h ro
   be constucted ld i snelocatedin the trnsition zonebeNeen caGgories, cat€goryrtsultins in
   tbe ldge$ {ind forcesshrll applt A.counl shdl bBr*en of uiations in groundsudace roughre$
   Lhalrise ftor Dmral topqraphy md veset on rs rell asrrom coNructed features For any givm
   snrd diEcrion, rhe exposm iD shich a specificbull,lina or orhersrLLcrure sited shall be a$e$ed
   , . be'nAoe lJ e blo. 1s.rreo ic :
           o o

1 ElTosur€A      trge.ny centeEwih at tcNr 50to of thebuildinss harins a heightin *ces ot ?0 ret
   Use ot rhis exposnr cdegory shill be limited to Lhoseder tbr *hich rerrin EpeeDladlc of
   ExposuEA lLevdls in the upsind dndion lbr r distuce or lea$ l/2 nile d ren rines tbe heisht
   of rhe buildins or oln{ shctor. whicheveris Srcaro. Po$ible chrtuLing or increased
   velocty pEsues due to tl'e buildi4 or srdure heing locaredir the mte of adjocnr buildtuesshall

2. E\posureB U$m       d suburbmmai vooded mrs or ourerre"ain rirh numerousclosely spacen
   obirudions hrving the size of singlejanily dwehEs or Llrger Use oI rhis *poslE cabgory strltl
   be linned to those ds lbr which rcdain repftsdhtive of ExposureB prmils in ure upwind
   dnectionIbL r disbce of d lcas r,500 feei or l0 rimer dre lEieht of tLe buildtug or oder shcrure_

3. trxposure OFn reddnvirh scaueftd
             C                           obshcdoDs havingbeighLsgenerally rhm30fce{.ftis
    clegory indudes fl{ opencounhtr,enslrnds a'd shdclncs in bunicm prondEsions

,I. E$osuE D - Flal unobslr0cred    ras exposed wind flosing orcr openraG6 (excludingshorctnes
     i0 hunicde   prone regiont lof a disranccol ar lea$ I nile ShoElinesin E{posm D include inland
     ra(Nrli    fie GEar Lak s, and .ho coi$il Grs of crlifonir, oEson. ,vahinEto' a'd Ahska. This
     exposue shdl l})tly only to rhosebuildinss md odrershcrures exposed rheqind coning overlnE
     wlter ExposDE D extendsirndd 1.500 nei or r0 rlmes the bclght of rhe bDnding or stuchE,
                    pdfierioi   Jurc 200r

                       State of Florida


      This         to          ft    nal
llole:j napk accunle thecaun\!. should be
           placernenlcilies mnebotdets.
used prccise
     for           ol     neat

   speeds based the
Wind     arc               Society
                 on Anetican    atcivil
Enginees      (ASCE 50.1Ct0 peak
       Stanttart   7-98)   yeat    gusE.

      ydsru . (ons Row in FFrd)

     ,3bm5 . {rk   Rows n Fbrdl

     ysbnr. (rhree
                 Rotr 'n FsrdJ
FPStRoolnh rtrribhllode T' e s


                                              r risFn n0 syde nr. (1,o Rok rh rhb)

              rd*: Batunsdsns vas bsed of 3

                                  onr-(rwoRon   in Fbrdi

                                  bm   lForRows In Fbrdl


Ao.bof sher Trblc lmdcdons


 or6                                             I
                ;    ^
                         g                       e -L
E g o           ;d;                              3EF
= ;       5                                  o   3 . s!
> i.      .'!   0 +I                         o
                !.t 5
                                 ==.:                                   &
6 g
                E i

                '=                               .g                 R       x
                d                l=
                                 =       g

                                                              9 "
                                 t 9


Archq lherTlbLe lismdions
                              rrs'Idror           Jb! roirl

                                              a                                I             $g

                         : : :

o,6         g
                                                   x               e
                         : . .                                     E   ^   g
'i !t   o                                                     (,
; E     *                         =
                                              d        I E         ;d^     3
                                                              g    3-'E
                                                               G   e;6
            Fi5; I                        s                   F    F3j             ==                  E
            5    b                                                 b   *
                                                                                   : :=-

            .g                        I                                            1..
            d            =:
                                              {                                                   {        R

                                                                                   =              RR

                     6                                                         l
rRsrRoor nrc risdrddModel s




                         g       :

EE                               -=:                 3Ei
            ".   ; ; :
- e                                             -g   d*"8
            :    E ; 9
 : !        F    eoEB5
                 e 6                            F             ?
                         €                           b    -

                 .g                        +s        .=


                                     = :


                                 P'                               9 N
                                 €e                           B
                             5                                l



                             s                   e
.:E         a ^                                                  i -,-
                                                 E   ^

      |r, eci;                               o                   : =
oE                                   l           P;;             ::

= 6   ;
6 :
      F     H6g             6h
                                                 b   -

            e                                    !                             fl


                                         +                             R   R        \

                                                                 H 9
                  6                                          j
               R€quiftd AemdynsmicUplift Moment TablesInstructions
      The req0nedrtrodrlnic     !p1i1t moneni valuesfd detemlning rhc fasenina tdem 10 dach clay and
      condete tiles ft bNd on naDy ldiablcs. The BDndingcategory.rnponance Factor Bnildirg Exlosue,
      Basicillnd Sped. Slopc of rhetuof. md a eeneic iire dimensiotr(rite f3cto, ot 1.407 are tho rdi$tes
      sc rook into a.coonr ro dereminesihe E,tuned q titt noment in Trbtes 6 rhrough?A.

      Tahles6 dd 6A re b b€ usedlor nm co.s.l conshction md cdesory n strildings only,
      Tables7 & 7A dc to be nsddfor coa{rl consl&ciion m.l Cdcgory 11Au dings only.

      L Detemine Buildins Categorl fiom page32. rbc ExposurcCaregory lipdarue
                                                                   dd                     Facrorfmm

      2. Detcroinc rhc nm mdf height and sloF of rcot
      3. seled the rppropnrb Fble bNsd on rhEinfomaiion srrhered&om nnbeE 1&2 abor€.
      4, folon aLo$ the bash yi.d speedmw b de rppropdab tasic wind speedibr $e prcject.'nEn
         lblloy down the colDm to rherppq)iar. Dcar mof bcieht to ddmine the reluiftd &tudynmic

      T.Us 3. 9. 10 & t1

J     l. SelotT$les 3.9, or ll bredon ds rhiclorss         ofrhe dsking$d iftiler qill be attached,liEcdy
. ,      the deck. oi Table 10 if tile\ wirl be artuche,l bdrcN
      2. sei4t a llrtening merhodrbdd tne WMr capacfty1rcn Tabler 3 rhoueh I I ir grater thau or equal
J        to c ReqnnedUplilt Vdue in Trble 6 th&lgh 7A.





                        i R&       s
;E *                           I
        i., a
       ! o
                                   E A E



                                                9 "
                    o                      -


      s                                   s
      ! { n                       x                   =!r
                                                      g d v
                      - : .                                   3
      .!!E                                            .:E*

      e                                               E


                  p                                                   p


                      9 "                                         9
                  E                                                       €9
              d                                                   -       ba
PRSA/Ro, e rn{ tuEModetTitc

                            TlleAtlachment        Valuas

                              15/32'DeG| D recl oDeck

                                   Docring, Bailens
                              r5/32"     Wiiri
                         1 - 10dsmoorh scr€w
                                     or     shank1c
                         1 10d    smoolrorScrewShank           1C
                         2 10d    smooih   orScrcwShank        1C
                         2 , 1 0 ds m o o ro , s c . e w s h a n k . l


                                           D    io
                                9/32'Deckins rect D€(k

                              l9/32"Dsc]in0,Dlectio De.k

F R S A / F m r Tr,ir er ! L e o d c r T S
                    s        M         e

                           5:*               3EE
                           ??3                                      !

P , q
i      : E
U          E
r         E



                                   ; F.9                 4= E
                           ; : r   ;=_         -'=
                                                         #g-                  e= f ;
                                                                        f E- F F E E - F g .

tuqu;edasodJnm! Trbc rn{rurdons



!   5                                                393
o   5



             -!€                                 E         ; T9
                   FEf 3 '
                     F            FC=                FC=      F!F
                                        6                                Ep t

                                            d ii6
                                                        P                flB.eE
                                                                         g ; !! i

E    Z
                                                        5                FC F ;6

                              6r:                                            e
I   e i                                             g
                    E                                                             -s
                    e                                                    3 Ei 5
              566       66€                                              : ; is C 5
                                                                         F . =:   x
d    d                                                                   ;;3* E
      E                         E
                                                                         : E E =R
                                            EE5                 ='€ _=   H ; € iE
                                                                         ' e e EC
                                                                         P::F E

                                                                         - ! = i E-
                                                                         E5.g f;
                                            Eq .
              :FC       ;F:                                       e
          9                         I
                                            FET             I     '

                                      6 a
                                      a n      6 F

       P     9

                   E          E E E
                  i5          e g 9            e 9
.:: ; o;                                       :ti
; 9 ? X
F d =
      t . d       3           >E>     ; a E    EB.g
                  6                   i ! 6

                                      E ; b    5 # 5
                                      R . eq   3 . qP

                   I o-9I 6 6 =

Hip !f,d R€ia
                                     psin.ldoi    Jdic 2001

                    Hip and RidgeBoardAttachmentInstr'uctions

L                                  (rp
     Deremirethe E4osm Caregory page33)
2.   Derminc se diic]n'es or &. ioot shcaihing.
3    Dere'ninethe basicwindsped.
4.   Iollow rherowsro rheight, 6ased lhe fomalio0 gadered
                                    otr                     lom NunbsB I , 2 & 3 nbove
     U.der theb6ic wind qEcd coluni, list thecenter cenrtrspminsbased eidrera l/4" or an
                                                  to                on
     I ' l/2'nidE 26lad8e sbap.

                                                 Table 7!
                 Hip and RidgeBoardAttachment
                                         Category Buildingsr


     1. Thesenensuremenhftre baed on rcrud cenrerio cenbr splcings.
        V J u m h " o - . o r o r q e d h i n g . o , Ut b c 2 .   53
     3. Sreclslnps dEll balc r niainDn tensilesftnerh (Fu ) ror coldiolled sreelof 42 ksi au.l !
        dinidud dcsignlield sft.gth (ay ) for cold{ollcd sol of 25 ksi conlomlng to o.e of the
        folrowins  sbd,ads:
        ASTM A 606.ASTM A 607,ASTM A 6 Ll, ASTM A 651,ASTM A r15. mdAST1!"IAT9z
     4. Minimuh thicknes of deel sbapsstrll he 26 eruee (0 0179 ) beroreapplicarionof comsion
        EsGIdce pmr{don.
     < , 3 q o o ds , - q r . e . o l o r f m o { ( v l       dlJ!<tB36l
     6. +3 vood scftwssh,l1bare rriDimumenddi$m.qan edge                        dturance.d n hininun dislnnce
        besen scress of 1/2 . The disbn.c is ro be me8red b tne cenrerof tne scre\e
     7. Trbls l0isforCitesorytrbuildinsssidirmewmroof heightof40 orle$.
     3. The buildins is not locabd on isorared          rrills. ddgcs, or esaipnenrs, coNdturina abrup{chbgds
        in seneml iopogrxphy,rhich crores {ind speedtrp etrecc.
The rems and de6nitionsheLeii arc usul in {hd coniexi ol co.crete aM Clay Tile Rooling. It sho'nd be
undenroodby Lre rrder d,ar sone of rhetems flrd dennnionsincludcd herein may :lso hare diilirnr
memines/i'terprelalioN trhen ured in cont*t sith orher rypes of Roof Consbmiions. Coverlngs,
Roofing Matddgsyeens.

AIRODINAMIC MOMENT A qumtity which *pEs6                    de cflar of a lorce alplied n ! Fricular
poin. in rehLionto a speciiic point or lns

INCHOR SmET         The list sheet applicd b i mof dech by mning. noppin8 or odF approved
*ncbment, otbn crrred tr b$c slFea.

ANTI-PONDING - A medod to en\trf pGnilc drainge over niled fasci0/$rfrer $d! { ei!e.

APA Amedcm PlywoodAseciation.

APRON ILASHTNC         A fl.xible or rigid nasbing ini,lted ai headot rilc o o a rdical $drce.

APPLICATIONR{TE          ftequ!!tiO'(nNs,voluneorthickne$)otn.dalalpthdperunirarea.

APPROVED ?RODUCTS lnclu{tesaUlrcduc6 rskd md *:lusbd                 for de rppnved applica or

ASCE American
            SocieqolCivil Ensineen.

ASPEALI - ,l\ bibminors mbrproofi4 .Senr appliedro roofire moterilk duiing rhe mruhctuins
pmces or in rhessemblt/cons ctim ofa roofcoveli0e.

ASPEALT IEI]T      An asphaltsatumred or m sptrrr sarbd felt.

ASPHALT ROOFING CEMENf - A mixturc ol asph.ltic mared,ls, slvents and gradednineml,
orgmic or inorernic fitlen.

ASPIL{LITYPEItr      Al$rcferedio s STEEP   ASPHALI' It G a snde of asph,lt derignedtor slopcd
roonnEapplic{ions rnd conplyir8 {irh ASTM SIECFTCATION D 3I 2. TYPE Itr.

ASPIIALTTY?E Mlso          Efened to N SPECL{L STEEP  ASPHALT .IT h a gode ot asph {designed
for slopedmofing applicaiionsconplyins widr ASTM D 312.TY?E rV

ASTM - Amcdcan Socidrylbr Te\tilg ud MaGnfi.

AWPA Americrn \{ood PreseivenA$ociarion

BACKNAILING The pnctice of n.iling m11roolins such lh rtrs nlih iie plced in tbe undedyine
mlins md are.orered by rhe ovenappingconse ot otl roofing.

BASE FLASHING Thqtponion of theltrhins rnachedro or E$ing on thc roof surfre or de.k to dircct
rhe tos ol saler onto the mof coverins.
j R s - o o f " " - d f u
.-          BASE SIIEET        The bottom or tu$ ply of a mof ryi€m assnbly over vhich subsequent
                                                                                                mofine plies

            BATTEN EXTENDER Pbdrcr desisnedto ca ilmr to centerof elley and/or mU ray, miled to
                         abonth'on8h mei desiened ctovaterits abole vdley and flahing.

            BATTENS - !.*ening           $dps installed to de underlarment or submof to wlich mol riles re $en

            BEDDING         Reicrs to rhd in$dlabon or Eor hles {ith Domr or poly@ihane lom pMdy md is

    ,.      BOND - The dhesive md cohesive                                  ir
                                          lbrcesholdine tso mofing componenB irrimare contacr.
-            (lAP SHtrET - ToI or nnal ply of .n Dnddlaymnr sy$en.

    -        CLOSEDVALLEY             {S!E VAILEYS).
             COLD PROCESSROOFI|IG A continuoussenl-flexilile metubmne    conshring of ples ol felts, n$
                          inatedon a roof Mth altcmde hyss of cold appliedbastic.
             CONCEALED ILAIL METHOD                      (SEEBACKNA]IING),

-            COURSE 'A rcw of til6 or rcll rcofing nnning pmrkl b dre eNe.
             COUNTER BATTENS - Any fa$cni4 srip ine.lled in a hodzonrrl diEotion over dd in donjudion
.'            rh vertic.l b.(ds.

            COUNmMLASEING         - A dgid or dexible mared,l scued on or into a wll. cud, pip€. roolbp uit
            or oder sdace ro covermd pmred dr€ trpperedgeof a baseflasbing aM its Nsociaredflstenes.

_            COIaRAGE - The surfacce. (i! qurc feei) to be conrinuoNly coveEdby a sp*itic miing maiefial,
              rh .IosmcE nnde fd a sp*ific lap.
--          CRICKET - A pe*ed sddle conshction lomted ar rhe back (high side) of a chiBney (or odra
    _,      appftnuce) ro deflect the dos of w ef amu0,l$e chinrcy.
        _    CROSSBONDMETEOD Anethodarinsbllingtilessrchrhdthesidelapsofthe tilesi€ stlgeered

            DECK - The surfice insdlled oEr i\e shctunl iimins nemten to which mofing is rpplied. Anoftd
.'          nme far rhearhinc.May t€ of rood toqrds, plyrood or orherlppnved d ateiial.

            DRIPEDGE A non condsir€ marerial(usuallyol galvaniad siel sheetmerat,stdnles sieel,copFr or
            aluni.nm) Ned ore {re oof perineter b alloq w.b ton'ofl 10 drip cld Df the mde ying
--          .onsruc.ion.

            FNF      f t " m ' z o n , l o w f le d s e r a " l o p . d o o .
                                                      o                '

' " ' " " . .
EAtrE CLOSURE- A prefabricared   EPDMnbbeq nebr, concrb or craynateriaior nord ro stevare
thefisr couneof tiles Dd b encrose clvily lorncd by rborilesarrle ove.

FABRIC - A wovcn cloth of orgDic or inor€anlcnlmcDs, rtuea& or yins. The pr€vailins qp* re
silnd coton or fib€rslas (also otrenFloftd ro N bedbrne').

FASCIA - An onanenkl bord usedto cover &e rlrer or h$         .nd at trreeave.

FEL1    A llexible of sen!flenblc sheer
                                      tuDfacrred     for use4 D underlatTent.

FISEMOUTH        A halrcyliMricd or hdf-conical openins fomed by m edse sndde in lelt or En

ILANGE      lfu pmjectins edgeof a nsid or seni ngid component,
                                                              suchs tr ner,l flGhi.c flancej
slgright rhnge, fl&shingboot flmgq etc.

ILASEINC       A ;gid or fleible frateriil used to pEvent nacr i.filhtion   d rcof pbjectians ud to
rdiroct wlEr fron salls, chimeys, r'dleys, etc

XLASIIINC C0MENT - A prcninn gradeof asph,lt roonng cement(SlE ASPHAIII ROO|ING

ILAT/LOW PROIIILE TILE ' Defined ff thoserires         rb lss rhm a r/2 inch rise

loAM    PADDY      A prpded poryurethaneloid adhdsivenixruB ukn b adb*e

                         SheeiMekl and Air ConditioningCortmtoB Asmirtion.

                         bimEtrlu seciio0ar lhe eld ol i pirchediodl odcupying16espacebeiweetrthe

GALVANIZED A zinc coarinsro psEni fts n$ing ol sGel or ftn.

EEAD LAP - 1. The dinension by rhich rheoverlapof the rose end or a tile coye6 the beadend ol de
in tne m* of rilesilmediably mder it. 2. Thc ,li6sion by rhich a 6use of rheundedalmenrovertals

EIGIIPROIII,E     TILE    Hieh pioile shapedriles aE definedas L\oseriles having a nse b widrh ratio

                        mglelbmed by thejnleGecron No slopi4 pldes of Lrre
HIP - Theinclinedexrernal                        ol                      mot

HIPAN'D/ORRIDGEBOAXD Wood neEl nameinslalled a hip or idge roprovide sffrce lor
                                   or      on                       I
indalla tion ol hip md rideetiles.

HOT MOP SYSTEM- Refen ror nuuipry subiool sysrm whcs oncor dorc ptidsde adhered m

INTERLOCKING TILE - Those ril$ $irb a sy$en of dbs d Emovesen$Ung de lnrd.l joining ol
.djacdt ritesin the sme hdizontd couR. *ith the orer lapping lock coverinsthe under lappinglock.



MEAN ROOF EEIGFI             The avdue elevationahovesmde heisht neasmd beseen de eav€and

MEDIUM PROFILE TILE            Mediun pmme drs ue detineda thosetiles hNins r iss b sidih miio


MINERAL SURFACED ROLL ROOXING - A pEpred orsMic felr with srinular surfrced finish,
mininun 7:1+ 100 squft feer,commonlyc,lled 90+ or No 9u

MODIIIED BITUMEN          ,AJeconposite sheersconsisting of a copollmer noditen bnmen oiien
Einforced and sonetines surfacedvidr v&ious q)es ol nbes, foik md Dr$,

MORTAR PADDY - A prepffid montr mixtre usedro adhere rcof tile ro the underlayment.


NON"NTERLOCKTNC TILE              Thosetiles wihout re$dctive r]bs, ercov.s or chaMels al tbe sidelaps.

NTRM-{     Natiooal Tile Roof MmDJmhEN Asminion.


OVERHANC        That pofrion or th. tile   nch *iends beyoDd eare,

PAN FLASHING SimilI in pm6le shapeio m L" itshing, tui siLrr a rtu              designedfahdcabd ro
dre o$ide loria.ral edge.Thh lvpe ol flashh8 is usedro cortah w.Er nos.

Pll-{SEDAITLICA                                                        ngeoorrnor
                       ON Tnei:Etollarionofaroolsysremorwoter?r@nrgsysbmdn

PITCE - The desEe of oof incLine*plesed as a nrio ol dreise, in feet ro rhespm, in feet.


PLY - Thc numbci ol layeis ol roofins, i e. on+ply- two-ply.

POINT"UI,    fte applicationotn                                    idesmd an8leso+ r rile noi which
                                 Plciricdiotr- June2001

R{FTER - The snpponinshming memberiimenraGly 6eneath deck, slopingflon the ndge to the

IL{KE - the ouaide edseof r sloled roof d L\e gable.

REGLET - A gmove in r *,lt or o&er surr@e adjoining . odf sudrce lor Lheuse of nNdli!              a

RIDCtr - TIreuppcmo$ honrcnral exleml atrElefomed bJ rheinreE{tion on rwo sloning ptanesof &e


SAITDLE - A sDall stucnrc rhat berps chaMcl rvder b I poinr or mmd            d obshction        (SEE

SATURATED IiELI - A roofing feli thd had been0anhlt satuared d rsphdr.

SEL\AGE Need De}]nition

SmATEtr\lG      Exbnor gmdesood bodrdsusedas a rcof deck mrre' ial.

SIDE LAP - The widrh of rhc $ciio. of a rlle coniainingde underllp.

SKIRT XL,{SIIINiG - A ngid or flerible flshing lsEd b redirectrder liom a plelbmed nashing onto

SLOPE     The dc3iee of mof inctne expE$ed as a iatio of lne nse in inchesto the o. id inches.

SLIPPAGE Pcr,tive rateiatmvenenr of mlt Dofing insElted on slopedroof often occminS duero not
 ^ 3 b . . r ' " e o' . c ' o l lr c o r "

soAxFI    ILASETNG      A rigid or nexibb nasbing used3t nrEsecrlng planes.

SOIL PIPE - A v€nt pipe dnt pe.etrarcslle plde of rhe root

STORIVICLPS - A d*ice atuched nearor on rhenoseend of r tile to inhibft L\e uplitr fd@s ot {ind.

STnAICHT BOI\-D IIETHOD A merhodof iNtllling ril6 $ch rhat n'reside laps ol lhe ti]es dc in
dnect line to rhs pEceding couse

SQUARX A unn of raormeasurc        to
                          equivalenr I00sque€t er.

swEAT SmET Ihe fi.$ ply of underhynenr
                                     in$'lled lnc tength ! valey prior ro rhe4plicarionof
s$se quent zontll plies

TAPERXDCAIIT SIRIP , A bcveknsdp usedfor sutton bchindI tuisedh$ia or $der sbip ro
nod. y dierrgle !t rheeare.
fiN ldc - A sDaI shectnetal dirc ftoush nhich a l4rener is ddveninio rlte $ io secure

UNDERLAIa{F,NT- Oneor mor *abr sheddine
                                      layeNof roonng      to        rool
                                                    applied a slopcd lrlor ro rhe

VALLI'Y - Theintedal anAle                                  roof planes
                         fomed by L\einrersection tso sloping


       CLOSED VALLEY - A nelhod of lNtallng mof liles wh*    dds ft cu( mitered and in$ailed

       O?ENVALLET A nelhod of ine.lling mol tiles rbeE tiles m ctrt, miGEd md inizlled such
       rhd a g!! or rou8h is cEded to assistin tha flow/&rimgc of Mbr nHii:

vENl   Any odei for at lut prorudcs rlrough the oof deck.

wEEP EOLE Ope nss i. lhe eav. clo$re atuVorccftin ri4s conditions dd ,llN       for moisbrc
droinaBe air Entihtion.
      (D    rhootMrbt and
noida Rooflngl
                            P0.Bd 4.337 Elgem0R97404

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