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CP99960C_Stainless_Steel.xls - Agilent - Agilent Technologies


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									                                                                                                     Custom Column Request for Quotation
               Please provide the following *Customer Contact Information.
               First Name
               Last Name
               Address line 1
               Address line 2
               Zip/Postal Code
                                                                        CP99960C Stainless Steel Packed Column
                                                                                                                                 Select specifications from a drop down list of
              An asterisk *denotes required entry
                                                                                                                               values -OR- Specify a value manually as indicated
               *Specify Quantity of columns
               *Select Column Diameter
               *Column Length, Specify up to 15.00 meters
               *Column Stationary Liquid Phase? Select *YES or *NO
                                  IF Stationary Phase = *NO, at least Support 1 must be selected. Zero load [no load] Supports are identified in the Support descriptions.
                                                               The total Percentage selected for Supports 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 MUST = 100 Percent.
               *Select Support 1
               *Specify Percentage for Support 1
               Select Support 2
               Specify Percentage for Support 2
               Select Support 3
               Specify Percentage for Support 3
               Select Support 4
               Specify Percentage for Support 4
                       IF Stationary Phase = *YES, Support 1 and at least Liquid Phase 1 must be selected and Support 1 Percentage is assumed to be 100% (don't specify Percentage).
                          The total Percentage of Liquid Phase must be less than or equal to the maximum load of Support 1. Zero load Supports cannot be used with Liquid Phase.
                   If the total Percentage specified for Phase 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 is greater than the load allowed for the Supports selected, you will be contacted by an Agilent Representative.
               *Select Liquid Phase 1
               *Specify Percentage for Phase 1
               Select Liquid Phase 2
               Specify Percentage for Phase 2
               Select Liquid Phase 3
               Specify Percentage for Phase 3
               Select Liquid Phase 4
               Specify Percentage for Phase 4
                                                                                                                                   Select YES from the drop down list for each
               Column Options                                                                              Opt. #
                                                                                                                                   Column Option to be included in the quote
               PYE GC, 1 Extension                                                                          012
               Bend SS column to specifications (required for model 1041)                                   013
               Carlo Erba Fittings                                                                          014
               Two Graphite Ferrules (replaces std brass nuts and ferrules)                                 015
               Preconditioning and Pretesting (pretested with test factory sample)                          017
               Preconditioning (25 degrees C below the max temp for 16hrs, 325 C max)                       018
               Process Stainless Steel Fittings                                                             020
               Two Stainless Steel Nuts and Ferrules (replaces std brass ferrules)                          021
               Two Vespel Ferrules (replaces std brass ferrules)                                            022

               Comments (if comments pertain to
               specifications, a custom special column
               may be quoted)

               To get HELP with filling out this Form, send an Email to Agilent @ mbgconfig-column@agilent.com
              Now that you have COMPLETED your column configuration, please follow these last steps (depending on your version of Excel) to submit your RFQ.
               With the Form open, (for Excel 2007/2010 versions) do the following:                       With the Form open, (for Excel 2003 & prior versions) do the following:
              1.      Click on the Microsoft ICON in the upper most left hand corner of this page.        1. With the Form still open: Click on File.
              2. Click on Send.                                                                           2. Click on Send To.
              3. Click on E-mail (this creates the E-mail with the RFQ Form attached).                    3. Click on Mail Recipient (this creates the E-mail with the RFQ Form attached).
              4. Return to the Agilent WebSite page (where you found the link to this Form) and copy      4. Return to the Agilent WebSite page (where you found the link to this Form) and
              the appropriate Agilent E-mail address.                                                     copy the appropriate Agilent E-mail address.
              5. Paste the E-mail address into the TO section of the E-mail.                              5. Paste the E-mail address into the TO section of the E-mail.
              6. Send the E-mail.                                                                         6. Send the E-mail.

              The value choices and ranges included in the form are not restricted to only compatible choices. Some configuration rules have been incorporated in the Form but not all.

              Agilent Technologies will thoroughly evaluate every quotation request. If the product can be configured, a quotation will be created and sent in a timely manner. In the event
              that the product requested cannot be configured with the specifications that you have provided, an Agilent Representative will contact you to further discuss alternative
              solutions to accommodate your needs.
              Submission of this Form constitutes a custom quotation. It does 'NOT' constitute an Order.

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