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                        We a r e … F l o w e r M o u n d
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        Town of

  Flower Mound
  Annual Report
    “The American city should be a collection of communities
            where every member has a right to belong.
          It should be a place where every man feels safe
           on his streets and in the house of his friends.
It should be a place where each individual’s dignity and self-respect
   is strengthened by the respect and affection of his neighbors.
           It should be a place where each of us can find
          the satisfaction and warmth which comes from
            being a member of the community of man.
       This is what man sought at the dawn of civilization.
                     It is what we seek today.”

                           —Lyndon B. Johnson
                                   We a re … F o r w a rd T h i n k i n g
                                           2      0      0      7
                     During the    Community Character                       the potential of attracting mixed-use       Dog Park Studies Underway
                                   Preservation                              developments to the appropriate locations
                                                                                                                         Flower Mound staff members are
    2006 Visioning Retreat,                                                  in Flower Mound. A combination of
                                                                                                                         scheduled to begin the initial stages
                                   Incorporating a significant amount         office, retail, and residential space,
                                                                                                                         of identifying an ideal location and
   the Flower Mound Town           of resident involvement through           mixed-use developments provide an
                                                                                                                         designing a dog park for Flower
                                   committees and public meetings, the       array of benefits for the residents as
     Council and Town staff        Town Council and staff will continue      well as the community as a whole.
                                                                                                                         Mound’s four-legged residents
                                   to review and update several of the                                                   to enjoy. The park is currently
           established a unified    Town’s governing doctrines to ensure                                                  scheduled to be opened by 2010.
                                   they reflect community sentiment
  direction and set of goals                                                 Employee Compensation
                                   and priorities. Specific documents and
                                   programs scheduled for review or          Program                                     New Economic Development
             that will guide the   update include the Town Charter,          Understanding the competitive nature        Projects, Ground Breakings,
      Town’s growth during         the SMARTGrowth program, the              of the employment marketplace and           and Ribbon Cuttings
                                   Code of Ordinances, the Tree              recognizing the benefits of retaining        Flower Mound’s economic development
          the next year and into   Preservation Ordinance, and the           quality employees to serve our              will continue to thrive, adding the
                                   Oil and Gas Ordinance.                    community, the Flower Mound Town            first tenant to the Corporate Ridge
                the near future.                                             Council established improving the           development, participating in several
                                                                             Employee Compensation Program as a          grand openings and ground breaking
                                   Master Plan Update                        priority. Specific goals include ensuring    ceremonies including JC Penney and Belk,
                                   Implementation                            the Town’s compensation pay plans,          as well as a renewed partnership with the
                                   Town staff will begin to implement        retirement packages, and insurance          Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce.
                                   several of the measures included in the   programs are competitive with those
                                   update proposal provided by the Master    of other municipalities.
                                   Plan Steering Committee and adopted
                                                                                                                         Safer Roads and
                                   by the Town Council in 2006. Prior                                                    Improved Commutes
                                   to implementation, all initiatives will   Lakeside Resort and
                                                                                                                         Supporting the goal of making our roads
                                   undergo a thorough public review          Residences                                  safer and improving our commute, Town
                                   process and consideration by the          Flower Mound will soon welcome its          staff will continue to improve existing
                                   applicable board or commission and        first hotel to the Town—the Lakeside         roads and construct new thoroughfares.
                                   the Town Council.                         Resort and Residences. The 18-story,        Design, right-of-way acquisition,
                                                                             460,000-square-foot luxury hotel            construction, or safety improvements
                                                                             will include 289 rooms, 64 private          will begin, continue, or be completed
                                   Mixed-Use Development                     residences, two restaurants, a lounge       on Chinn Chapel Road, FM 1171,
                                   During the 2006 Visioning Retreat, the    and bar, a 7,000-square-foot spa, and       FM 2499, Garden Ridge Boulevard,
                                   Town Council directed staff to explore    25,000-square-feet of meeting space.        Kirkpatrick Lane, and Spinks Road.
Page 16                                                                                                                               Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report
                        We a re … B u i l d i n g U n i t y i n t h e C o m m u n i t y
                                   2006 was a monumental year in Flower              projects throughout Flower Mound.                The standard of progress we established
                                   Mound as the Town continued to grow               Signs of Flower Mound’s thriving                 in 2006 shows no signs of slowing in
                                   and develop as one of North Texas’                economic development environment                 2007. While development in the
                                   finest communities. Public safety,                 were evident in the Lakeside Business            Denton Creek District is just getting
                                   infrastructure improvements,                      District, the FM 2499 Corridor, and              underway, the Lakeside Business
                                   economic development, and fiscal                   other locations throughout Town.                 District continues to receive
                                   responsibility topped the list of our             Addressing the final priority of fiscal            recognition as one of the Metroplex’s
                                   community priorities, and recent                  responsibility, the balanced 2005–2006           premier business locations.
                                   budgets have been designed to let these           budget preserved Flower Mound’s                  Community services will remain
                                   four key issues take precedence, while            reserve fund at a higher level than
                                                                                                                                      a priority as construction on the
                                   also allowing the Town Council and                required by the Town Charter.
                                                                                                                                      Community Activity Center begins,
                                   staff to continue providing quality               Community involvement was a corner-              the Library enhances programs, and
                                   services for Flower Mound.                        stone in the Town’s 2006 development.            the Police and Fire Departments
                                   The emphasis on improving public                  The Master Plan Update, the Oil and              continually work to partner with
             Jody Smith
                                   safety was demonstrated with new                  Natural Gas Ordinance, and the Charter           residents in ensuring Flower Mound
             Mayor                 positions, equipment upgrades, and                review process were all built around
                                                                                                                                      remains safe.
                                   increased compensation funding for                resident input and feedback. In addition,
                                   the Police and Fire Departments,                  Flower Mound’s boards, commissions,              Together as a community, we can be
                                   as well as our civilian employees.                and committees spent countless hours             proud of the accomplishments we
                                   The Capital Improvement Program                   reviewing and deliberating public proj-          made in 2006 and look forward with
                                   included more than $24 million in                 ects and issues that will play a vital role      excitement to the progress that 2007
                                   proposed funding for infrastructure               in our Town’s evolution.                         will bring.

                                   Joel Lindsey                 Paul Stone                    Tim Trotter                  Laurie Long                  Jeff Tasker
                                   Flower Mound Town Council,   Flower Mound Town Council,    Flower Mound Town Council,   Flower Mound Town Council,   Flower Mound Town Council,
                                   Mayor Pro Tem                Place Two                     Place Three                  Place Four                   Deputy Mayor Pro Tem
                                   Place One                                                                                                            Place Five

Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report                                                                                                                                            Page 1
  We a re … P re s e r v i n g O u r U n i q u e C o u n t r y A t m o s p h e re
                                            2      0      0      6                                                               2       0       0       7
 Preserving Flower Mound’s         Oil and Gas                                  Town Visioning Retreat                   CTCDD Infrastructure
                                   Ordinance Update                             Identifies Long Term Goals                Committee
               unique country
                                   Recognizing a need to update the             The Town Council and Town staff held     In conjunction with the 2006 Master
   atmosphere was a priority       Town’s Oil and Gas Ordinance to reflect       a Visioning Retreat to generate open     Plan Update proposal, the steering
                                   current development trends, Flower           communication and clearly define          committee also recommended the
          for the Town in 2006.    Mound created an independent                 Flower Mound’s long-term goals           establishment of an independent Blue
                                   committee of landowners, residents,          and objectives. The two-day event        Ribbon Cross Timbers Conservation
   Numerous measures were          and representatives from the business        culminated in a visioning plan for the   Development District Infrastructure
                                   community to review the current              community regarding development,
     initiated with the goal of    ordinance and propose revisions. Town        service, and budgeting priorities.
                                                                                                                         Committee to review the district’s
                                                                                                                         current development status and
                                   staff is projected to review the revisions
          ensuring that Flower     and present a final update proposal                                                    make recommendations on a variety
                                   to the Town Council for consideration        Charter Review Committee                 of related topics including water,
  Mound continues to evolve        in 2007.                                                                              wastewater, and thoroughfare updates.
                                                                                The Charter Review Committee
    with quality development                                                    reviewed the Town’s governing
                                                                                document, held a series of public        SMARTGrowth Update
          that reflects our high                                                 meetings, and is projected to present
                                                                                                                         Adopted in 2001, Flower Mound’s
                                                                                update proposals to the Town Council
         community standards.                                                                                            SMARTGrowth (Strategically Managed
                                                                                in 2007. Once reviewed and accepted,
                                                                                                                         and Responsible Town Growth)
         While preserving open     Accolades, Awards,                           the Charter Update proposals could be
                                                                                                                         program is scheduled for a review
                                   and Recognitions                             presented to Flower Mound voters in
         space and incentifying                                                 an upcoming election.                    and update that will reflect past
                                   Flower Mound received an array                                                        development as well as the
   low-density developments        of regional, state, and national                                                      community’s goals for future growth.
                                   recognitions including a Texas               Master Plan
    remained priorities, other     Association of Telecommunications
                                                                                Steering Committee
                                   Officers and Advisors cable TV                                                         Design Guideline
         activities ranged from    programming trophy, an “America’s            In 2007, Town staff will begin to
                                   Top Digital Cities” designation,             develop and bring forward for approval
          focused initiatives to   Certificate of Excellence in Financial        several of the Master Plan updates       Town staff will begin to develop
                                   Reporting, and a distinguished               included in the steering committee’s     architectural, engineering, and
 long-term planning events.        budgeting award. Of particular               2006 proposal. Specific areas            construction design guidelines for
                                   note was recognition by Frommers             considered will include water,           Flower Mound’s most rural areas
                                   as a top five “Best Place to Raise            wastewater, and transportation           including the Cross Timbers
                                   your Family.”                                thoroughfare updates.                    Conservation Development District.
Page 2                                                                                                                               Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report
         2       0      0         7
                                          Improved Park and                          Corporate Sponsorship
                                          Trail Connectivity                         Opportunities
                                          Flower Mound Parks and Recreation          In an effort to continue providing a
                                          officials will initiate a new program       high level of service and constructing
                                          designed to improve park and trail         quality recreational facilities, the Town
                                          connectivity throughout the Town.
                                                                                     Council, Park Board, and Town staff
                                          The improved trail system will be
                                                                                     are scheduled to explore additional
                                          designed and expanded with a goal of
                                          connecting existing parks and trails to    funding mechanisms through corporate
The Community                             central gathering places, key locations,   sponsorship opportunities in relation
Activity Center                           and the trails of our neighboring          to Flower Mound’s sports facilities and
                                          communities.                               recreational programs.
With a scheduled spring 2008 opening,
work will continue on Flower Mound’s
Community Activity Center throughout
2007. The Town initiated a new
informational campaign that included
a dedicated E-Town Bulletin, webpage,
and webcam to ensure residents
remained informed about the project
throughout the building process.

Green Acres Farm
and Memorial Park
The Town Council-appointed Green
Acres Park Master Plan Steering
Committee is scheduled to gather
public input regarding the property
and potential uses and make a
recommendation to the Town Council.
Potential uses could include equestrian
facilities, meeting rooms, and a
community park.
Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report                                                                                                  Page15
                                        We a re … E n r i c h i n g L i v e s
                                               2      0       0      6
              2006 proved to be a     Bakersfield Park Phases I & II                 Gerault Park &                                Seniors In Motion Program
                                      Flower Mound officials completed work          Bakersfield Park Connection                    In its second year and setting
            monumental year for       on Bakersfield Park providing a new                                                          the standard across the
                                                                                    With the goal of providing an all-inclusive
                                      facility for athletes of all ages. Approved                                                 Metroplex for senior
   recreational opportunities         by voters in the 2002 Bond Election,
                                                                                    and seamless recreational location for
                                                                                                                                  initiatives, Flower Mound’s Seniors In
                                                                                    all Flower Mound residents, the Town
                                      Bakersfield Park includes 11 baseball/                                                       Motion program continued a tradition
               in Flower Mound.                                                     acquired approximately 50 acres of
                                                                                                                                  of travel, social events, and educational
                                      softball fields, nine soccer fields, a
                                                                                    property located between Gerault Park
   Recognizing that leisurely         concession facility, and a pavilion.                                                        and fitness opportunities as our most
                                                                                    and Bakersfield Park. Unique in               tenured residents also remained some
                                                                                    topography and geographical features,         of our most active.
     pursuits enrich our daily                                                      the new park land will allow residents
                                      Chinn Chapel
             lives, Flower Mound      Soccer Complex                                to travel between the ball fields of
                                                                                    Bakersfield Park and the new                  Youth Action Council
                                      For those who are more passionate
           staff maintained more      about sports involving a net, the
                                                                                    Community Activity Center at Gerault          Fostering the development of
                                                                                    Park while interacting with nature and        tomorrow’s leaders, Flower Mound’s
                                      completion of the Chinn Chapel Soccer
                than 540 acres of     Complex was a long-awaited event.
                                                                                    enjoying a variety of new recreational        Youth Action Council actively
                                                                                    and athletic opportunities. A Blue            participated in an array of community
            parkland and worked       Also included in the 2002 Bond
                                                                                    Ribbon Steering Committee is scheduled        service, educational, and government
                                      Election, the new facility includes five
                                                                                    to gather public input regarding the          interaction activities.
            to create a variety of    soccer fields, a concession building, a
                                                                                    park and make recommendations to
                                      pavilion, and a playground.
            new athletic, artistic,                                                 the Park Board and the Town Council           The Flower Mound Library
                                                                                    in 2007.
                                      Community Activity Center                                                                   Embracing new technology and
     intellectual, educational,                                                                                                   continually striving to provide an
                                      Ground Breaking
                                                                                    Park Improvement Program                      increased level of service, the Flower
          recreational, and social    The Town Council broke ground on                                                            Mound Library experienced an
                                      the Flower Mound Community Activity           In a continued effort to update and
 opportunities for residents.                                                                                                     unprecedented increase in visitors,
                                      Center, the final 2002 Bond Election           develop the Town’s parks, Flower              new cardholders, and material
                                      project, this year. Designed to include       Mound’s Park Improvement Program              checkouts. Programs designed
                                      a recreational facility, an indoor and        conducted facility maintenance                to engage youth and adult readers,
                                      an outdoor pool, and skatepark, the           activities and installed new equipment        combined with several new online
                                      new center will be centrally located          at existing facilities including drainage     services, provided residents with a
                                      to provide residents with a place to          and irrigation equipment and a new            variety of opportunities to use their
                                      gather, play, and relax.                      fountain in the pond at Rheudasil Park.       public library.
Page 14                                                                                                                                      Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report
                                             We a re … G o o d N e i g h b o r s
          2      0       0        6
Proactive Code                                                                      Median and Roadway                         Flower Mound’s
Enforcement Initiative                                                              Beautification Program
                                                                                                                               community pride and
A reinvigorated code enforcement                                                    With the goal of bringing the flowers
initiative responded to community                                                   back to Flower Mound, the Town             commitment to preserving
sentiment by launching an educational                                               Council and Town staff will kick off a
and code implementation program                                                     Median and Roadway Beautification           our neighborhoods are two
designed to proactively inform the                                                  Program. Funded through a variety of
community about the benefits of code        Keep Flower Mound Beautiful              means, including a Texas Department        characteristics that set the
compliance, including property value                                                of Transportation grant, the initiative
preservation and neighborhood safety.      Keep Flower Mound Beautiful, the
                                                                                    will focus on the Town’s main
                                                                                                                               standard for the Town’s
                                           Town’s non-profit service organization,
                                                                                    thoroughfares and common areas.
                                           hosted numerous community improve-                                                  Environmental Services
                                                                                    In addition, Flower Mound’s primary
Vibrant Sustainable                        ment events including the annual
Neighborhood Program                       Trash Bash, holiday cooking oil and      entryways will also receive additional     and Neighborhood Services
                                           Christmas tree recycling, and            beautification, including a new
A focused Vibrant Sustainable              Household Hazardous Waste, E-Waste,      monument sign on FM 2499 welcoming         Divisions. Town staff
Neighborhood program partnered             and Document Shredding events. In        residents home and visitors to our town.
residents with Town staff in ensuring
                                           addition, the organization’s Adopt-A-
                                                                                                                               began a series of
that Flower Mound’s mature
                                           Spot program enlisted volunteers to                                                 programs and initiatives
neighborhoods remained communities
                                           clean up Flower Mound’s parks,
that families were proud to call home.
Three subdivisions worked closely with
                                           streams, and rights-of-ways.                                                        in 2006 designed to build
staff and community volunteers in litter                                                                                       upon this foundation
abatement, code enforcement, and safety            2      0     0      7
project implementation.
                                           Fence and Wall                                                                      and ensure that future
                                           Beautification Program                    Code Modification
                                                                                    and Update
                                                                                                                               generations of residents
Neighborwoods                              In an additional effort to maintain
Flower Mound’s Neighborwoods               property values and enhance the          Flower Mound’s Code of Ordinances          are proud to call
program was created with the goal of       community’s overall appearance,          will undergo an update to reflect
reforesting the Town’s neighborhoods.      Flower Mound’s Community Services        community priorities, recent growth        Flower Mound home.
Funded by grants from the Texas            Division will work with Homeowner’s      and development, and evolving
Forest Service, the program planted        Associations and neighborhoods to        enforcement standards. The update will
167 trees in more than 16 neighbor-        improve fences and walls visible         involve resident participation, as well
hoods throughout the community.            along main thoroughfares.                as staff and Town Council guidance.
Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report                                                                                                                           Page 3
                                    We a re … F i n a n c i a l l y S o u n d
                                             2      0       0      6
         Flower Mound’s budget      Conservative Leadership                    Balanced Budget                                   Laser Utility Bills
                                    and Financial Policies                     The Town Council approved a                       We continually strive to provide
         process is committed to                                               $73,385,576 budget for Fiscal Year                services to our residents in the most
                                    The Town’s sound financial policies and
    setting community goals,        conservative leadership ensure that        2005-2006 that focused on public                  cost-effective, efficient manner
                                    Flower Mound provides high-quality         safety, infrastructure, economic                  including the implementation of new
performance measures, and           services and programs for our residents    development, and fiscal responsibility.            laser utility bills. Utility bills are now
                                    while maintaining one of the lowest tax    In response to community sentiment,               mailed in an envelope, providing for
     priorities through strong                                                 the budget provides for a greater                 additional privacy. The new laser
                                    rates in the Metroplex. We are proud to
  leadership and community          be the recipient of the Distinguished      commitment in these areas while                   utility billing system also provides for
                                    Budget Presentation Award as well as       maintaining Flower Mound’s reserves               the inclusion of monthly newsletters
    involvement. As part of a       the Certificate of Achievement for         at a higher level than is required by             and updates at a reduced cost.
                                    Excellence in Financial Reporting          the Town Charter.
         community-wide effort,     from the Government Finance
                                                                                                       Organization of the Total Budget
     including resident input,      Officers Association.
              the Citizen Budget
                                    TIRZ #1                                                                    Utility Debt Service
    Partners, Town staff, and       During its inaugural year, the
                                                                                          General Debt Service
          the Town Council, the     Town’s first Tax Increment                                 $6,078,340
                                    Reinvestment Zone, generally
          2005-2006 Fiscal Year     located along the FM 2499                  Special Revenue Funds
                                    corridor, will receive approximately            $1,405,053
             Budget was created     $454,000 in property tax revenue

   to ensure our community          to fund a number of projects to           Internal Service Funds
                                                                                                                                  General Fund
                                    spur economic development.                      $7,551,995
               priorities are met                                                     10.3%

               through a fiscally
                                                                                                            Enterprise Funds
         conservative approach.                                                                               $22,028,831

Page 4                                                                                                                                       Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report
         2       0      0         7
Chamber of Commerce                       Transportation
Agreement                                 Advisory Committee
The Town’s partnership with the           The Town Council will recommend the
Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce          creation of a Transportation Advisory
was strengthened with the approval        Committee in 2007. Comprised of
                                          Flower Mound residents, the committee
of a Funding and Services Agreement
                                          will consider meeting quarterly to
which will provide business development
                                          review unique transportation issues
and retention programs, an expanded
                                          and concerns and study regulatory
Shop Flower Mound Program, a
                                          traffic control, neighborhood traffic
signature community event, a major
                                          management, changes to the
employer recognition program, and a       Thoroughfare Plan, and prioritization
Community Unity program. The Town         of transportation projects.
is committed to working with the
Chamber to ensure the success of our
                                          Denton County Days
current businesses and to attract and
retain new commercial development.        Town staff and elected officials will
                                          participate in Denton County Days
                                          with our neighboring communities
                                          and local Chambers of Commerce.          Signature Community
                                          This event, held in Austin during the    Event with Chamber
                                          legislative session, promotes the
                                                                                   of Commerce
                                          advantages of living and working in
                                          Denton County. We are proud to be        Partnering with the Chamber of
                                          an active participant with the county,   Commerce, the Town will begin the
                                          our neighboring communities, and         early planning stages for an annual
                                          Chambers of Commerce in highlighting     family-friendly signature event that
                                          all that Flower Mound and Denton         will place Flower Mound on the map
                                          County have to offer.                    as an entertainment destination.
Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report                                                                                           Page13
                                We a re … R e g i o n a l l y C o n n e c t e d
                                             2      0      0     6
          The Town is committed      Concerned Members                       Texas Department of
                                     for Accountability                      Transportation (TxDOT)
             to building regional
                                     To address the current and future       Precinct Meetings
          partnerships benefiting     water needs of our respective           Flower Mound partners with Denton
                                     communities, Flower Mound joined        County, the Texas Department of
              Flower Mound and
                                     forces with the municipalities of       Transportation, and the cities of
               all of North Texas.   Copper Canyon, Double Oak, and          Highland Village and Lewisville, at
                                     Krum to form the Concerned Members      monthly meetings to discuss state       Metroplex Mayors
                Working with the     for Accountability (CMA). The CMA                                               Association
                                                                             roadway projects. These meetings are
          Chamber of Commerce,       was originally created to review the    hosted by Precinct 3 Denton County      Mayor Jody Smith and Town Manager
                                     management practices of our regional    Commissioner Bobbie Mitchell and        Harlan Jefferson participated in the
                 our neighboring     water supplier, the Upper Trinity       Precinct 4 Denton County Commissioner   Metroplex Mayors Association, an
               communities, and      Regional Water District, to ensure      Andy Eads to provide an open dialogue   organization of Dallas-Fort Worth
                                     reasonable water rates for our          with TxDOT concerning state roadway     mayors and city managers, and
          county, state, and local   customers for years to come.            projects that directly impact our       addressed issues that have a
                                                                             residents and the traveling public.     region-wide impact such as
                 elected officials,
                                     Washington Fly-In
                Flower Mound is
                                     Local elected officials and members
                                                                             Regional Legislative
     positioned to be a leader       of the Flower Mound and Denton          Workshop                                Medical Center of Lewisville
                   on issues that    Chambers of Commerce traveled to        The Town partnered with the cities      Community Advisory Board
                                     Washington D.C. in September to         of Lewisville, Denton, and Highland     Mayor Jody Smith served as an active
          impact our community       attend the Denton County Chamber        Village to co-host the Denton County    member of the Medical Center of
                                     of Commerce “Washington D.C. Fly-In”    Legislative Workshop. The Workshop      Lewisville’s Community Advisory Board,
                  and the region.
                                     at the invitation of U.S. Congressman   provided an opportunity for open        representing Flower Mound to ensure
                                     Michael Burgess. The Fly-In provided    dialogue with our legislators and       residents have access to the best medical
                                     an opportunity for Flower Mound         allowed for each municipality to        facilities and doctors in the area. The
                                     representatives to share concerns       convey their legislative priorities     Medical Center of Lewisville has
                                     and viewpoints on federal issues        and concerns for the 80th Session       several 2007 goals that involve building
                                     that impact our community.              of the Texas Legislature.               new facilities in Flower Mound.
Page 12                                                                                                                         Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report
                                                                                                                         2           0    0   7
Grants Received                                       • U.S. Department of Housing and                       Revenue Options
                                                        Urban Development—$219,708 to
In addition to the $2,054,725 in grants                                                                      Committee
                                                        help subsidize the Town’s community-
carried over from 2005, Flower Mound                                                                         The Town Council appointed a
                                                        wide transportation service for elderly
received $584,886 in new grants from
                                                        and disabled and to provide first-time                Revenue Options Committee to
nine different funding sources. The
                                                        fire protection water and sewer service               explore revenue generating options
top five grants the Town received in
                                                        and street improvements to the                       and potential uses such as crime
2006 were:
                                                        Sunrise Circle Estates neighborhood.                 control, fire protection, streets, and
• U.S. Department of Homeland
                                                      • Texas Department of Transportation                   park improvements. The committee
  Security—$235,606 to purchase a
                                                        — $15,000 to be used to pay for                      will meet throughout the spring to
  life safety robot, exhaust ventilation
                                                        off-duty Flower Mound Police                         obtain input and research information.
  systems for Town fire stations,
                                                        Officers to provide additional speed                  It is anticipated recommendations
  and other equipment for our
                                                        and occupant restraint enforcement,                  will be brought forward to the Town
  Fire Department, and to help
                                                        surveys, education, and media activity               Council for consideration in the
  fund three additional firefighters
                                                        during selected holiday periods.
  over a five-year period.                                                                                   summer.
                                                      • Office of the Governor—$95,500 to
• Texas State Library and Archives
                                                        purchase communications hardware
  Commission—$13,975 to purchase
                                                        and software for police cars.
  equipment and furniture for the
  Library, as well as DVDs, books                                                General Fund Expenditures
  and puppets.                                                                                         Human Resources
                            General Fund Revenue                                 Infrastructure Services
                                                                                                                     Financial Services


                                                                            Environmental                                  Police
                                                                               Services                                   Services
            Other Revenue 1.6%              Property Taxes                       3.8%                                      26.5%
        Intergovernmental                       57.1%
          Revenue 1.6%
          Interest & Rent 1.2%
      Fines & Forfeitures 4.6%                                                                  19.2%
      Licenses & Permits 4.5%
                                    Sales Tax                                                                          14.3%
Charges for Current Services .5%                   Utility
                                   Collections   Franchise
               Other Taxes .3%
                                     18.8%         Taxes                       Administrative Services
                                                  10.5%                                5.0%         Legislative   Development Services
                                                                                                      Services           5.4%

Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report                                                                                                                       Page 5
                                    We a re … S a f e a n d S e c u re
                                            2       0      0      6
    Public Safety remained a        Increased Funding,                          Special Events, Programs,
                                    New Personnel, and                          and Education
   priority for Flower Mound
                                    Equipment Upgrades                          With a goal of boosting public
          in 2006 with increased    Recognizing public safety as a top          safety awareness and strengthening
                                    budget priority, the Town Council           community relationships, the Fire and
             funding, additional    funded salary increases for the Police      Police Departments hosted numerous
                                    and Fire Departments in Fiscal Year         special events, programs, and educational
         personnel, and updated                                                 opportunities. With assistance from
                                    2006-2007. In addition, new personnel
            equipment allocated     and equipment upgrades including            grant funding, crime awareness and fire
                                    a Fire Department vehicle exhaust           prevention programs were also hosted
           to the Fire and Police   suppression system were also                including Operation Secure Car, the Fire
                                    authorized. Partially grant-funded,         Department Clown Troupe, and the
                   Departments.     the new Fire Department personnel           Fire Department Open House. In
                                    will provide an added level of Town-        addition, National Night Out continued
               Ranked as one of                                                 to increase in popularity as many           Citizen and
                                    wide fire protection and assist
                                                                                residents turned on their porch light,
         the safest communities     in ensuring that Flower Mound                                                           Youth Academies
                                    retains a level 2 ISO rating.               met the police officers and firefighters,
         in Texas, Flower Mound                                                 and competed for their Neighborhood         The Fire and Police Departments
                                                                                of the Year award.                          hosted several academies geared toward
            continues to explore    Emergency Alert E-Town                                                                  providing residents of all ages with an
         means of improving the     Bulletin / CodeRED                                                                      insider view of the gear and equipment,
                                    Flower Mound initiated the Emergency                                                    facilities, and policies and procedures
          public safety program     Alert E-Town Bulletin and the CodeRED                                                   utilized to protect our community. A
                                    phone system in direct response to resi-                                                combination of educational classroom
  through resident feedback,
                                    dent requests for notification                                                          information and hands-on activities
 neighborhood partnerships,         in the event of an emergency. The                                                       offer academy students the chance to
                                    electronic newsletter is emailed directly                                               experience life as a police officer or
   advanced technology, and         to those who request to be notified
                                                                                                                            firefighter. Members of the adult police
                                    when an emergency is occurring that
          high ethical standards.   has the potential to affect the entire                                                  and fire academies are eligible to join
                                    community including abductions,                                                         non-profit alumni associations, which
                                    on-going violent situations, and                                                        provide community support to both
                                    approaching inclement weather.                                                          the Fire and Police Departments.
Page 6                                                                                                                                Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report
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Lakeside Resort and                        Economic Development                        Disannexation
Residences Groundbreaking                  Advisory Committee                          Lawsuit Resolved
Town officials and Hines Development        As Flower Mound’s commercial                A disannexation lawsuit will be
will break ground on Flower Mound’s                                                    dismissed resolving outstanding
                                           presence has grown significantly and
first hotel, the Lakeside Resort and                                                    issues between residents in the western
                                           continually evolved over the past           part of Flower Mound, including the
Residences, on Valentine’s Day.            several years, the Town Council will        Denton Creek District, and the Town.
Projected to be a four-star resort         appoint an Economic Development             Dismissal of the lawsuit will resolve all
destination, the centrally-located hotel   Advisory Committee to review the            challenges to the 1999 annexation of
will include rooms, meeting facilities,    Town’s overall economic development         Western Flower Mound and promote
and high-end luxury condominiums                                                       continued development northward
                                           strategy and incentive program
that overlook the beautiful shores of                                                  along the I-35W corridor.
                                           and make updated recommendations
Lake Grapevine.
                                           if necessary.
                                                                                       Prairie Vista District
New Lakeside Business                                                                  The Town will create a new Master
                                           Denton Creek District                       Plan district to accommodate
District Developments
                                           With construction beginning on a            development located between the Cross
and Tenants
                                           new pump station in Western Flower          Timbers Development District and the
Development in the Lakeside Business                                                   Denton Creek District. A transitional
                                           Mound, water, wastewater, and
District, Flower Mound’s premier                                                       area, the Prairie Vista District, is a
                                           thoroughfare infrastructure for the
commercial and corporate location,                                                     refinement of the 2001 Master Plan
                                           Denton Creek District will be well          that reflects past and future growth
will continue at a record pace as
                                           underway. The potential for                 and development.
facilities are completed and new
                                           commercial growth along the I-35
tenants move to Town. Fueled by the
construction of a new hotel, three new     corridor is undeniable and the Flower
                                                                                       FM 1171 & FM 2499
buildings in the Lakeside Commerce         Mound Town Council and staff are
                                           preparing the district to welcome an
Center, a projected Stryker expansion,
                                           array of new corporate, commercial,         Centrally located, the Northeast
and a prime location that is convenient
                                           and retail partners to Town. New            corner of the FM 1171 and FM 2499
to the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and                                                   intersection is projected to undergo
both Dallas and Forth Worth, the           projects will include a Denton County
                                                                                       a transition this year as developers
district will welcome new tenants like     Annex Facility and Canyon Falls, an         finalize plans to grow the property
Stacy Furniture and Home Depot             800-acre-project that will include          into 160 acres of retail, office, and
Supply in the upcoming months.             residential, commercial, and office space.   other mixed-use projects.
Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report                                                                                                    Page 11
                                     We a re … O p e n f o r B u s i n e s s
                                              2     0      0      6
          Economic Development                                                  FM 3040 Corridor                       FM 2499 Corridor and
                                                                                With the completion of the new         FM 407 Intersection
     remained a community-                                                      FM 3040 road improvements,             Developing as a key regional shopping
                                                                                development activity along this key    destination, the FM 2499 and FM 407
             wide priority for the                                              thoroughfare increased. New or         intersection and the adjacent properties
            Flower Mound Town                                                   completed projects included the        along the FM 2499 corridor remained
                                      Lakeside Business District                Pines development, the Morriss         Flower Mound’s most commercially
          Council and Town staff      Business was booming for the              Commons retail center, the new         active location. New developments
                                      Lakeside Business District with more      Flower Mound Market, and the           including Robertson’s Creek, with
    in 2006. While remaining          than two million-square-feet of           Wentwood Retail Center.                JC Penney, Belk, Dick’s Sporting
                                      development under construction.                                                  Goods, and Hobby Lobby, will continue
          focused on the evolving     While developers were breaking ground                                            to expand shopping opportunities for
                                                                                Denton Creek District                  Flower Mound residents well into the
                                      on several new projects within the area
  Lakeside Business District,                                                   Flower Mound’s diamond in the rough,   future. Additional office and retail
                                      including a new Silveron Office Center
                                                                                the Denton Creek District, is fast     projects developed in the Northwest
 Town officials also fostered          and Corporate Ridge, commercial
                                                                                gaining recognition as one of North
                                      partners like Gemmy, Home Depot                                                  Plaza, Windsor Professional Centre, and
    commercial development            Supply, and Stryker either announced      Texas’ up and coming economic          Corporate Ridge projects, while other
                                                                                development centers. Located in        service-oriented projects began serving
                                      they will move to the District, moved
      in a variety of other key       to Flower Mound, or expanded
                                                                                West Flower Mound along the I-35W      the community including Dickey’s
                                                                                corridor, the Denton Creek District    Barbecue and Win Kids. In 2007,
                                      their presence within the Lakeside
          corridors and began to      Business District.
                                                                                will be a key location for future      the corridor will be home to the
                                                                                campus commercial, office, and         construction of Calloway’s Nursery,
      prime the Denton Creek          Specific projects included construction    mixed-use retail development.          North Point Center, and Angel Vet.
                                      on three new campus industrial
  District for future projects.       projects in Lakeside Ranch, a
                                      large-scale Hillwood facility in the
                                      Lakeside Trade Center, three campus
                                      industrial buildings in Corporate
                                      Ridge, a new building in Cornerstone
                                      and tenant activity in the Lakeside
                                      Commerce Center and Silveron
                                      including relocations by Stryker
                                      and Ivie and Associates.
Page 10                                                                                                                           Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report
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Animal Services
Flower Mound’s Animal Services
Department had a successful year,
keeping residents safe from dangerous
wild animals and helping hundreds
of fuzzy faces find a home. The
department responded to 5,175 calls
for service and helped 620 dogs
and cats find new families through
the adoption process. Animal Services
also participated in special events to
raise money for the medical fund
and provided many educational
opportunities for residents including    Citizens on Patrol
                                                                             New Fire Station
facility tours, training DVDs, and
                                         Further strengthening the bond      In order to continue a tradition of
information regarding dental care,
heartworms, vaccination, and the         between police officers and the      providing superior fire protection
benefits of spaying or neutering a pet.   community, the Flower Mound         throughout the community, the Flower
                                         Police Department will create a     Mound Fire Department will move
                                                                             forward with exploring the planning
                                         Citizens on Patrol program
                                                                             and design of a new Fire Station.
                                         that will provide residents with    Positioned to service Southeast Flower
                                         the opportunity to actively         Mound, the new station will assist the
                                         participate in the protection of    department in maintaining minimal
                                                                             response times, and preventing the loss
                                         Flower Mound. Open to graduates
                                                                             of life or property in the event of a fire.
                                         of the FMPD Police Academy, the
                                         Citizens on Patrol program will
                                         allow volunteers to tour specific
                                                                             New Police Beat
                                         beats within the Town and           The Flower Mound Police Department
                                                                             will explore the creation of a new police
                                         communicate directly with
                                                                             beat that would place more officers on
                                         the Police Department when          the street and provide additional crime
                                         suspicious activity is witnessed.   response and prevention resources.
Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report                                                                                           Page 7
                            We a re … B u i l d i n g t h e F o u n d a t i o n
                                            2      0      0       6
            Infrastructure is the   FM 1171 Safety
                  foundation of     The Town and Texas Department of
                                    Transportation partnered to address
                any community.
                                    safety concerns and make interim
               Flower Mound is      safety improvements to FM 1171 prior
                                    to the construction of the new road.
         committed to providing     Included in the enhancements were
                                    intersection improvements, separate
  the highest quality streets,      bays for turning vehicles, short lanes
                                    to maneuver around waiting vehicles,     FM 2499
                                                                                                                      Neighborhood Partnerships
           roads, and water and     increased traffic enforcement, signal     The Town of Flower Mound and
                                    and speed studies, and better signage.                                            Flower Mound prides itself on
                                                                             TxDOT began a 20-month long project
  wastewater services to our                                                 to improve FM 2499. The project
                                                                                                                      communication with residents and
                                                                                                                      working together to make the Town a
                                    FM 3040                                  will add two lanes to the existing
    residents. With continued                                                                                         great place to live. Examples of this
                                                                             center median of FM 2499, resulting in
                                    The Town of Flower Mound and                                                      commitment were demonstrated in the
  growth comes the need for         the City of Lewisville held a ribbon     a six-lane divided thoroughfare from     construction of the FM 3040 sound
                                    cutting ceremony in February             Spinks Road to FM 1171. Crews began      wall, the passing of an ordinance in
         new infrastructure, and    to celebrate the completion and          working at the southern end of the       which neighborhoods can request a
                                    opening of FM 3040. Upon its             project near Spinks Road and will        speed limit reduction or a traffic study,
          2006 was no exception     completion, FM 3040 became a             progress northward.                      and the recent neighborhood meetings
                                    major, six-lane thoroughfare
          as many construction      connecting Flower Mound with
                                                                                                                      to discuss options for a FM 2499
                                                                                                                      sound wall.
                                    the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.         Spinks Road
             projects began and
                                                                             A new section to Spinks Road was
                were completed.                                              recently completed from Gerault to       Garden Ridge
                                                                             Garden Ridge, and the Town will begin    Construction on Garden Ridge
                                                                             another section from Aberdeen to         Road was initiated this year.
                                                                             Gerault in 2007. Both sections are       Upon completion, this road will
                                                                             four-lane divided concrete sections      serve as a North-South connector
                                                                             and will provide enhanced traffic        between Flower Mound, Lewisville,
                                                                             improvements to the Town.                and Highland Village.
Page 8                                                                                                                           Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report
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FM 2499 and FM 1171
Construction Projects
The Town of Flower Mound will work
with TxDOT to improve its major
thoroughfares, FM 1171 and FM 2499.
Construction is scheduled to begin in
the fall on FM 1171, which will make it
a six-lane divided road and will improve
its capacity to handle higher traffic
volumes. Construction will continue        Fleet Maintenance Facility               Western Pump Station
on FM 2499, creating a six-lane divided                                             With the goal of expanding residences,
roadway from FM 1171 north to FM 407.      Flower Mound will begin construction
                                                                                    businesses, and offices to Western
                                           of a new fleet maintenance center to      Flower Mound and making this area a
                                           adequately maintain and service all      dynamic part of the Town, construction
FM 407                                     Town vehicles including Police, Fire,    will begin on a pump station located in
As the Town continues to grow and          and Street Services vehicles.            the Denton Creek District.
experience development in the
FM 407 area, the need for additional
                                           Chinn Chapel Road                        Trinity River Authority
infrastructure is essential. The
FM 407 project will improve the            With the opening of the Chinn Chapel
existing roadway to a four-lane                                                     Flower Mound recently entered into a
                                           Soccer Complex in 2006, comes the
divided thoroughfare from Briarhill                                                 sewer agreement with the Trinity River
                                           need to ensure adequate, safe access     Authority that will allow for construction
to FM 1830.                                is provided for residents and visitors   of the Denton Creek Wastewater
                                           utilizing the park. Anticipated to       Transportation System to begin. The
                                           be complete in the fall, the             four-party sewer agreement between
                                           improvements to Chinn Chapel             the Trinity River Authority, the Town
                                           Road will provide better access in       of Northlake, the Town of Argyle, and
                                                                                    the Town of Flower Mound, coupled
                                           and out of the complex and better
                                                                                    with the resolution of the recent
                                           road conditions, including improved      disannexation lawsuit, will further
                                           drainage to the area with the addition   promote continued development
                                           of a curb and gutter.                    northward along the I-35W corridor.
Flower Mound 2006 Annual Report                                                                                                  Page 9

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