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					 December 2010 &
   January 2011
Volume 2, Issue 2 & 3      Positive Voices of Philadelphia, Inc.
                                               “Let Your Voice Be Heard!”
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FREE HIV Testing 7
days a week
                                         Happy New Year 2011!
                            Happy New Year P.V.               take that first baby step to   February 2, 2011—Peer
HIV/AIDS/STI-               family and As-Salaamu             make change.                   Educator Training
Trainings &                 Alaikum to our Brothers           Michael Jackson (may his       Program. Applications are
Presentations               and Sisters! Allāh (God)                                         still being accepted.
                                                              soul rest in peace) had a
                            has allowed us to see             song called ―Man in the        Please call or email for
Re-Entry Program-for        another year—Al-hamdu                                            more information as to
individuals formally                                          Mirror.‖ That song says
                            lillah! (All Praise is due                                       days and times.
incarcerated or recently                                      “If you want to make the
                            to Allāh)! So with a New                                         March 1, 2011—Re-
released                                                      world a better place take
                            Year comes new things,                                           Entry Program will begin.
                                                              a look at yourself and
                            people and places.
GED Classes                                                   then make that change.”        We apologize for the
                            Whatever you did in 2010          So along with change           delay with this but we had
Parenting Classes           that didn‘t work for you                                         some things we needed to
                                                              Positive Voices of
                            probably will not work            Philadelphia, Inc. is          work out and Insha‘Allah
HEP C Support Group
                            for you in 2011. With             trying its best to keep on     they are all worked out
(men & women)
                            each New Year comes               changing and adding on         for our program to begin
Women‟s Support Group       change. We (people) must          to some of the things we       on time. Also March
                            be able to accept change.         do. Our change will            issue of P.V. will be
                            Step outside the box,             always be for the better       dedicated to and for
Inside This Issue:          think outside the box, live                                      children. We are looking
                                                              Insha‘Allah (God
Pg. 2—Front Cover Story     outside the box.                  willing).                      for children who want to
continued & Editor‘s        We (Positive Voices of                                           tell a story. Some of
Note                                                          Here are some programs         Joshua‘s (our son) poetry
                            Philadelphia, Inc.) have          that are starting this year
                            come to find that people                                         will also be included in
Pg. 3—Bed Bug Safety                                          with Positive Voices of
                            are comfortable in their                                         this issue. Please contact
                                                              Philadelphia, Inc.             me or have parents
                            comfort zones. That is
                            why there are so many             February 1, 2011—              contact me that want
                            children who only know            Positive Voices of             more information on this
                            their neighborhood and            Philadelphia, Inc. will        special edition. We are
                            Center City. So many              begin a newsletter strictly    collecting stories, poems,
                            adults who only know              for the Muslim                 etc. now for March.
                            North Philly,                     Community. Also on this        GED Classes and
                            Germantown, or South              date our website will be       Parenting Classes are
                            Philly because that is            updated to a 10-page site.     still taking applications.
                            where they grew up and            This will allow for us to      We have formed
                            that is their comfort zone.       put a tab for the Muslims,     relationships with various
                                                              Calendar of Events,            places that will help with
                            In order to accept change         Fundraisers, etc.
                            within yourself you must                                         these two classes until we
                                                                                             are able to do these within

our own Staff. Please call     We will also begin a             clothes for men, women        So with this New Year
or email us for more           Support Group for                and children. We are also     are new changes. And we
information on these.          Women. Both Support              looking for school            pray that you all make the
                               Groups will be taking            supplies (including book      appropriate changes to
April 16, 2011-We will         place in the next few            bags) and toys for            your lives so that this
be holding our first fund-     months. Please call or           children of all ages (some    upcoming year will be
raiser. It is a live stage     email us to find out more        educational). Please call     filled with blessings and
play titled “HIV Says I        information.                     us for more information       success.
Love You!” We are                                               and on days and times for
accepting donations of all     We also have our own             drop-offs or pick-ups.        So again Happy New
kinds, selling sponsorship     office phone number now                                        Year P.V. Family and As-
packages, and                  which is 215-381-9224!           Positive Voices of            Salaamu Alaikum to our
                               You will still be able to        Philadelphia, Inc. is still   Brothers and Sisters.
advertisement spaces in
                               reach Mrs. Dawna                 looking for articles and
our playbill. Please call or   Edwards-Watson on her            advertisements for our               Sincerely,
contact us for more            cell phone at 215-391-           newsletter.                      Positive Voices of
information on our             9356.                                                          Philadelphia, Inc. & Staff
upcoming fund-raiser.                                           We would really like to
                               Positive Voices of               have some brothers and
Positive Voices of
                               Philadelphia, Inc. is also       sisters who are
Philadelphia, Inc. will
                               holding a clothing drive.        incarcerated to submit
also be holding HEP C          This clothing drive is           stories for our newsletter.
Support Groups for men         year round. We are               It is very important to us
& women.                       looking for new or used          that everyone has a voice.
                               (in good condition)

                                                            Editor’s Note
                               getting some questions           Now before we go any          We also would like to
                               concerning why we did            further I want to thank my    thank all of our
                               not come out with an             husband Mr. Larry ‗Ali‘       contributors, supporters,
                               issue last month.                Watson. You are my            donors, etc.
 Mr. Larry „Ali‟ Watson &                                       every thing. You support
Mrs. Dawna Edwards-Watson
                               First and foremost let me        me and uplift me in ways      To all the Brothers up at
Hello P.V. Community           give you a sincere and           that you would never          USP Allenwood thank
and As-Salaamu Alaikum         humble apology. This is          know. Your love, passion,     you for your continued
to our Islamic                 not something that we            intelligence, and amazing     support. We know that
Community.                     normally do. Last month          smile is always a             you look forward to these
                               Positive Voices of               welcome to me. Thank          issues every month and
Well it is another year        Philadelphia, Inc. was           you for not giving up on      we thank you. We also
that Allāh has blessed us      going through a lot of           me and my dream of            give a special thanks to
with. Insha‘Allah (God         technical problems. And          Positive Voices of            those of you who
willing) we will all be        our system had went              Philadelphia, Inc. I look     submitted articles. And a
able to leave the mistakes     down.                            forward to many more          very special thank you to
and past where it is and                                        issues, days, months,         Frank-you know what this
look forward to the            With my very busy                years, and seconds with       is for
future.                        schedule it was a little         you. I love you!
                               hard to coordinate and get                                     To our favorite DJ‘s at
We at Positive Voices of       things resolved. However,        We would also like to         WRLC 91.7 (The
Philadelphia, Inc. pray for    we did get things up and         take this time to thank all   Thunder) in Williamsport.
the best health, success,      running again and at that        of our readers for making     Steve Mendez, Brother
family, and life for you       point decided it would be        Positive Voices of            Ken, Magic Man, and Ice
all!                           best for us to just              Philadelphia, Inc. a well     Man. Without you all
                               combine December Issue           read and well known           weekends would be
Now, we have been              with January Issue.              newsletter.                   lonely and long. We
                                                                                              thank you for your

continued support and for          So, we pray that you will        Again we thank you from               Peace and
helping us stay in touch           continue to support us and       the bottom of our hearts.        As-Salaamu Alaikum
with the ones we love              our programs as well as          And we look forward to
through the great music            introduce us to your             sharing many more issues              Sincerely,
you play.                          family, friends, co-             of Positive Voices of           Mr. Larry „Ali‟ Watson
                                   workers, etc.                    Philadelphia, Inc. with         Mrs. Dawna Edwards-
                                                                    you all.                               Watson

                                     Stop Bed Bugs Safely
                                The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

What are Bed Bugs?                 also travel between              dark droppings in              their eggs.
Bed bugs are small                 apartments through small         bedroom furniture. Or use      --Vacuum mattresses, bed
insects that feed on               crevices and cracks in           a hot hair dryer, a thin          frames, nearby furnit-
human blood. They are              walls and floors.                knife, an old subway card         ure, floors and carpets.
usually active at night                                             or a playing card to force        Pay special attention to
when people are sleeping.          How do I know if my              them out of hiding spaces         cracks and open spaces
Adult bed bugs have flat           home is infested with bed        and cracks. Check:                Immediately after vacc-
rusty-red-colored oval             bugs?                                                              uming, put the vacuum
bodies. Adult bed bugs             The best way to get rid of       --Behind the headboard            cleaner bag in a sealed
are about the size of an           bed bugs is to clean,            --In the seams and tufts of       plastic bag, and dispose
apple seed, they are big           disinfect and eliminate             your mattress and inside       of it in an outdoor cont-
enough to be easily seen,          their hiding places. Since          the box spring                 ainer.
but often hide in cracks in        young bed bugs (nymphs)          --Along bedroom base-          --If you find bed bugs on
furniture, floors, or walls.       can live for several                board cracks                  a mattress, cover it with
When bed bugs feed, their          months without feeding           --In and around night-           a water-proof, zippered
bodies swell and become            and the adults for more            stands                         mattress cover labeled
brighter red. They can             than a year, the pest            --Other bedroom items,           ―allergen rated,‖ or ―for
live for several months            control company may use             including window and          dust mites.‖ Keep the
without feeding on a host.         a pesticide. Talk with the          door casings, pictures,       cover on for at least
                                   professional about safe             moldings, nearby              one year.
What does a bed bug bite           use of pesticides and               furniture, loose wall-      --If your box spring is in-
feel and look like?                make sure he/she:                  paper, cracks in plaster       fested, seal it inside a
Most bed bug bites are                                                and partitions, and            vinyl box spring cover
initially painless, but later      --Uses the least toxic             clutter.                       for at least one year. If
turn into large, itchy skin           pesticide                                                      no cover is available,
welts. These welts do not          --Follows instructions and       Clean areas where bed            throw the box spring
have a red spot in the               warnings on product            bugs are likely to hide.         away.
center as do the bites                labels                        --Clean bedding, linens,       --Dispose of infested
from fleas.                        --Advises you about                curtains, rugs, carpets,       items that cannot be
                                     staying out of treated           and clothes. To kill bed       cleaned and get rid of
Are bed bugs dangerous?              rooms and when it is             bugs, wash items in hot        clutter. Seal tightly in
Although bed bugs and                safe to re-enter                 water and dry them on          a plastic garbage bag
their bites are a nuisance,        --Treats mattresses and            the highest dryer setting      and discard in an out-
they are not known to                sofas by applying small          Soak delicate clothes in       side container.
spread diseases.                     amounts of pesticides            warm water with lots of      --Repair cracks in plaster
                                     on seams only.                   laundry soap for several       and repair or remove
How does a home                      Pesticides should never          hours before rinsing.          wallpaper.
become infested with bed             be sprayed on top of             Wool items, plush toys,
bugs?                                mattresses or sofas.             shoes, and many other        Be very cautious about
In most cases, people                                                 items can be placed into     using pesticides yourself.
carry bed bugs into their          How can I get rid of bed           a hot dryer for 30 min-
homes unknowingly, in              bugs?                              utes to get rid of bed       Pesticides can be
infested luggage,                  Find out where bed bugs            bugs.                        hazardous to people and
furniture, bedding, or             are hiding in your home.         --Scrub mattress seams         pets. If you choose to use
clothing. Bed bugs may             Use a bright flashlight to         with a stiff brush to dis-   a pesticide, or a licensed
                                   look for bed bugs or their         lodge bed bugs and           pest control professional

suggests you use one,          --Never purchase or use          out of my home?                someone else‟s home?
follow these precautions:        a product without a            --Wash clothing and            --Never resell or donate
--Only use pesticides            manufacturer‘s label              inspect luggage imme-         infested furniture or
  clearly labeled for bed        and never buy pestic-             diately after returning       clothing
  bug extermination.             ides from street ven-             from a trip.                --If you throw infested
  Never use a cockroach          dors.                          --Inspect used furniture         furniture away, make it
  spray, or any other          --Avoid using ―insect-             for bed bugs before            undesirable to others by
  pesticide that does not        icide bombs‖ and                 bringing it into your          cutting or poking holes
  list bed bugs on the           ―foggers‖ in your home.          home.                        in its upholstery or
  label.                         These products can             --Never bring discarded        making it unusable. Tape
--Follow label instruct-         spread hazardous che-             bed frames, mattresses,     a sign to it that says,
  ions exactly                   micles throughout your            box springs, or             ―Infested with Bed Bugs.‖
--Never spray pesticides         home, and are not likely          upholstered furniture
  on top of mattresses or        to be effective against           into your home.
  sofas, or in areas where       bed bugs.
  children or pets are                                          How can I keep my
   present.                    How can I keep bed bugs          furniture from infesting

                               us, and what he wished
           Inspiring Words     for others will some day
                               come to pass for all the
                                                                      Books of the Month
―My brother need not be        world. As he said many                 Black Betty                       Book 2
idealized, or enlarged in      times, in many parts of             By: Walter Mosley            Closer Than a Garment-
death beyond what he was       this nation, to those he                                            Marital Intimacy
in life; to be remembered      touched and who sought              My Sister‟s Keeper            According to the Pure
simply as a good and           to touch him: ‗Some men              By: Jodi Picoult                    Sunnah
decent man, who saw            see things as they are and
wrong and tried to right it,   say why. I dream things          The Fragile Vessel Series               Book 3
saw suffering and tried o      that never were and say                                          Rights and Obligations
heal it, saw war and tried     why not.‖                                Book 1                  Between the Spouse in
to stop it. Those of us        --June 1968, Robert                The Quest for Love &                   Islam
who loved him and who          Kennedy, eulogizing his           Mercy—Regulations for
take him to his rest today,    Brother                           Marriage & Wedding in
pray that what he was to                                                 Islam

                                                  Recipe of the Month
   Grilled Salmon              1/3 cup soy sauce                sugar, water, and              --Lightly oil grill grate.
                               1/3 cup brown sugar              vegetable oil until sugar is   Place salmon on the pre-
Prep Time: 15 minutes          1/3 cup water                    dissolved.                     heated grill, and discard
Cook Time: 16 minutes          ¼ cup vegetable oil              --Place fish in a large re-    marinade.
Servings:   6                                                   sealable plastic bag with      --Cook salmon for 6 to 8
                               Directions:                      the soy sauce mixture,         minutes per side, or until
Ingredients:                   --Season salmon fillets          seal, and turn to coat.        the fish flakes easily with
1 ½ pounds salmon fillets      with lemon pepper, garlic        Refrigerate for at least 2     a fork. Enjoy!
Lemon Pepper                   powder, and salt                 hours.
Garlic Powder                  --In a small bowl, stir          --Preheat grill for medium
Salt                           together soy sauce, brown        heat

                Health Care Services and Programs
1.  Updates on Insurance Options –The Insurance Department‘s Web site, offers information and
    updates on insurance options in Pennsylvania, including a list of licensed insurance companies. For updates on insurance
    options, click on the blue “Health Options” icon on the bottom right. For information on private insurance options, go to
    the orange “Resources for Consumers” box and click on “Find an Insurance Company” to view licensed companies in
    Pennsylvania. This information may also be requested by calling the Department‘s automated Consumer Hotline at 877-
2. Community Health Centers—There are approximately 170 community health centers across the state that offer free or
    low-cost care on an ability-to-pay basis. In some locations, a full range of services such as dental care and prescription
    drugs may be available. Services may be free or low-cost, based on your household income. To find the health centers
    nearest you, call the PA Association of Community Health Centers, Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm, at 866-944-
    CARE(2273), or go to for a list of health centers
3. Medical Assistance (MA)—If your circumstances change (for example, if you become disabled, turn 65, or become
    pregnant) or your income decreases while you are on the AdultBasic waiting list, you may qualify for MA. To find out
    more, go to and click on ―Screen for Benefits‖ to find out if you may be eligible for MA.
    Remember, you can always re-apply for MA
4. Children‟s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)—Pennsylvania offers high quality, comprehensive free or low-cost health
    care coverage for every child up to age 19, who is not eligible for Medical Assistance. There are three easy ways to apply:
    online at; over the phone by calling 800-986-KIDS(5437); or download a paper application at
5. COBRA Benefits—If you worked for a company that offered health insurance and you are now unemployed, you may be
    eligible for help from the federal government to pay for your and/or your family‘s health insurance. The COBRA program
    pays for 65% of the costs of your employer-based health insurance. Ask your employer if you can enter the COBRA
    program or go to (click on the blue ―Health Options‖ icon on the bottom right) for more
6. Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD)—MAWD is a health insurance program for working
    individuals with a disability. There is no set requirement for how many hours you must work or how much you must earn,
    but you must work and receive wages to qualify. For more information, call 800-692-7462 or go to,
    type in ―MAWD‖ in the Site Search box in the top right corner, then click on the first link to ―Medical Assistance for
    Workers with Disabilities.‖
7. SelectPlan for Women—Pennsylvania‘s SelectPlan for Women is a fee, confidential health care program for women
    between the ages of 18 and 44 that pays for family planning services and related preventive health screens provided by
    participating health care professionals. Family planning-related prescriptions are free at any participating pharmacy. For
    more information and to see if you are eligible, call 800-842-2020 or go to
8. Healthy Women Breast and Cervical Screening Program (HWP)—HWP offers breast and cervical exams at no cost for
    eligible women. These exams include mammograms, clinical breast exams, pelvic exams and Pap tests. You qualify if you
    are 40 to 64 years old (women under 40 and over 64 may also qualify); have no or limited insurance; and have low to
    moderate income. For more information and to find the HWP check-up site near you, call 800-215-7494 or go to
9. Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Program (BCCPT)—If you have been diagnosed with breast or
    cervical cancer or a pre-cancerous condition of the breast or cervix, you may be eligible for free care through BCCPT. The
    care covers your breast or cervical cancer treatment, as well as any other unrelated conditions while receiving your cancer
    treatment. You qualify if you are female; under age 65 meet the income requirements; and have no or limited insurance.
    For more information, call 800-842-2020 or go to, “Information for Families & Individuals”,
    “Health Care/Medical Assistance”, “Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Program”.
10. Pregnancy/High-Risk Pregnancy (Healthy Beginnings/Healthy Beginnings Plus)—If you are pregnant, you may be
    eligible for Healthy Beginnings or Healthy Beginnings Plus – free programs that provide comprehensive health care
    coverage to pregnant women and their babies for a full year. Call 800-842-2020 for more information on how to apply and
    for locations near you. You can also go to, “Information for Families & Individuals”, “Health
    Care/Medical Assistance”, “Healthy Beginnings Medical Assistance Program” or “Healthy Beginnings Plus
11. Pharmacy Assistance—Pennsylvania residents who do not participate in any other state or federally funded prescription
    program may be able to receive free or low-cost prescriptions. If you have a prescription discount card, you may still
    qualify. Call 800-955-0989 for the Pennsylvania Patient Assistance Program Clearinghouse or go to, “Prescription Assistance” and “Other Pharmaceutical Programs”. The Clearinghouse will help
    you apply for free or low-cost prescription medicines available from drug manufacturing companies and other sources.

    12. Special Pharmaceutical Benefits (HIV/AIDS and Schizophrenia)—If you have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS or
        Schizophrenia, this confidential program helps pay for specific drug therapies used in your treatment. Call 800-922-9384 or
        go to “Information for Families & Individuals, Health Care/Medical Assistance, AIDS Waiver
        Program, Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Program.”
    13. Dental Care—Free or low-cost dental care may be provided by a dentist or clinic in your area. For more information, go to and choose “Patients”.
    14. Mental Health Treatment/Drug or Alcohol Abuse Treatment—Individuals and families can receive mental health, drug or
        alcohol treatment at a location close to home. Services may be free to low-cost, depending on your household income. Call
        800-692-7462 or go to, “Information for Families & Individuals”, “Mental Health and Substance
        Abuse Services” to find a program near you.
    15. Children with Special Health Care Needs—If your child has a special health care need or a chronic condition, she/he may
        qualify for Medical Assistance and/or other services, regardless of your household income. Please call the Special Kids
        Network at 800-986-4550 or go to, “Information for Families & Individuals”, “Child Care and
        Early Education”, “Special Kids Network”.
    16. Financial Assistance with Hospital Bills—Most hospitals offer financial assistance, for uninsured patients who need
        treatment but cannot afford to pay their bills. Patients who qualify will have their bills reduced or eliminated. If you have
        hospital bills that you cannot afford to pay, call the hospital‘s billing department and ask how you may apply for financial

            Health Workers Just Starting to Learn How
       HIV Impacts Blacks Differently, Nurse Practitioner Says
Article taken from The             (People with AIDS)                 encounter in the African-           Now we‘re starting to
Body –              support group. We have a           American community?                 look at that issue in depth.
                                   women‘s group that is                                                  We‘ve done most of our
Q&A with Bethsheba                 basically just teaching            There are a lot of myths            drug studies in the United
Johnson, Nurse                     empowerment, being able            about where HIV comes               States on white men. So
Practitioner at Chicago‘s          to say no, having safer            from. Mosquitoes, polio             now they‘re really trying
Luck Care Center                   sex.                               vaccines, the                       to increase the number of
                                                                      government—to kill all              races in clinical trials to
What do you focus on in            Where is the most                  African-Americans. I hear           look for pharmaco-
your own HIV/AIDS                  progress being made in             those things repeatedly. I          genomic (genetic-related
work?                              combating the epidemic             also hear HIVmedications            responses to drug
                                   in the black community?            just help you die quicker-          treatment) differences.
Knowledge is power, so             Where is the least                 that they cause more harm
when we look at trying to          progress being made?               than good.                          We‘re just starting to get
empower a patient, we                                                                                     a grip on that, knowing
look at teaching them              Unfortunately we have a            Some patients actually do           there are different drugs
about their disease so that        lot of indigent people. If         get sick from side effects          that are tolerated
they understand it better.         you don‘t have the basic           of the medications, but             differently by different
That understanding                 necessities in life, you‘re        that doesn‘t mean that the          races. And that‘s true not
usually helps bring about          not going to be worried            next patient will get those         just for HIV drugs but
a change in behavior.              about taking a pill. It            same symptoms. So I try             also, for example, blood-
                                   really is important to have        to say, ―These are                  pressure medications.
So we do prevention with           food to eat, a place to            potential side effects,
positives, we do the HIV           shelter. Those are the             ―potential‖ meaning that            I think there‘s a lot we
life cycle, we do                  basic needs of a human             you may not get it, but             still don‘t know. They‘re
pathophysiology (changes           being before we can even           it‘s possible‖.                     looking at differences
in bodily functions caused         talk about HIV                                                         between races, whether
by disease), and all these         medication, adherence              How is the HIV epidemic             the HIV infection is more
things at different                and other treatment                different in the black              aggressive in African-
intervals, depending on            issues.                            community than other                Americans that in others.
the patient. Either one-on-                                           communities?                        Many African-Americans
one, or in a treatment-            What are the top myths                                                 who are infected are
adherence of PWA                   about HIV that you                                                     living in poverty—the

differences may appear to      generation of African-           I have great fears for the     To read more about
be caused by race or race-    Americans as they face            children. I‘m a mother of      Bethsheba Johnson visit
related genetic difference,   the risks of HIV?                 three, and it saddens me
but it could, in fact, be                                       that things are in this
lifestyle conditions—         I have hope that more             state. I wonder what‘s
inequalitites—that make       people will start talking         going to happen to my
HIV appear to be more         especially women. That            youngest who‘s just three.
aggressive.                   we‘ll be more open to             Will there be continuing
                              talking about sexual risk         generations?
What are your hopes and       factors, so that
fears for the next            transmission is prevented.

                                     Ilm (Knowledge)
As-Salaamu Alaikum;           games which are                   a person goes to just          non-Muslims in any
Insha‘Allah the following     connected to their                observe their activities, or   manner specific to their
are two different articles    holidays. Nor to dress up         for something else, he is      celebrations; not food,
on Holidays.                  as if on a ‗special‘ day.         forbidden to do that due       clothing, ritual bathing,
                              This should be a normal           to the curse coming down       lighting candles (stringing
   The Correct Islamic        day for the Muslims just          on them at that time. So       lights), or taking a day off
   Ruling on Christian        like any other day.               what about the person          of regular habits, work,
        Holidays                                                who does the thing for         worship, etc. likewise it is
                              Also, if the Muslims              which Allāh curses them?       not permissible to hold a
From the Fatawa Al-           intend to celebrate on                                           banquet, exchange gifts,
Kubraa by Sheikh ul-          their holidays, it is                    Holidays of             or sell them products
Islam, Imam Ibn               disliked by the Salaf.                   Non-Muslims             which they use for these
Taymiyyah                     Some scholars went as far                                        celebrations. The
                              as to declare them                Holidays and Festivals of      Muslims are also not to
Q—He was asked about          disbelievers because it           Non-Muslims                    allow their children to
those Muslims who cook        has the appearance of                                            take part in their games or
food for the Christians in    holding dear the practices        Shaikhul Islam Ahmed           decorate. In general, they
their feasts, like (for);     of the Kuffar. It is said         ibn Abdul-Haleem ibn           should not practice any
Easter; Christmas; Good       that whoever slaughters a         Taymiyah (d. 728 H)            action which is specific to
Friday; Thanksgiving;         lamb in honor of their                                           the non-Muslim in their
etc. And whoever sells        festival, it is like              Shaikh ibn Taymiyah was        holidays treating these
them something to help        slaughtering a pig.               asked about the Muslims        days like any other
them in their feasts, is it                                     who cook Christian foods       normal day of the year
permissible for the           ‗Abudullah ibn ‗Umar ibn          on Nayrooz (the Persian        and if they do fall into
Muslims to do this? Or        Al-Aas said: ―Whoever             new year celeberation),        some of these acts
not?                          imitates the people of kufr       partake in the remaining       intentionally some of the
                              and celebrates their feasts       seasonal events such as        scholars, from both the
A—Praise be to Allāh! It      and their festivities and         Jesus‘ baptism, his            past and present, hold this
is not permissible for the    acts like them up to the          birthday (i.e. Christmas),     to be hated (meaning
Muslims to act like them      time he dies, then on the         Easter, Holy Saturday,         impermissible). As for the
in anything concerning        Day of Judgement he will          etc. and sell products         previously mentioned
their feasts, not in food,    be with them.‖                    which they use to              activities, there is no
not in dress, nor lighting                                      establish their                disagreement between the
candles, or to discontinue    ‗Umar ibn Al-Khattab              celebrations. Is it            scholars regarding their
any habits that are           said: ―Do not learn their         permissible for the            ruling. In fact some of the
normally done. Nor to         languages and do not              Muslims to do any of this      people of knowledge hold
give gifts, or to accept      enter their churches on           or not?                        the opinion that whoever
gifts and not to sell         their day of festival, for                                       takes part in such acts has
(them) anything to help       the curse (of Allāh)              All praise is for Allāh. It    fallen into (an act of)
them celebrate. Nor to let    comes down on them (at            is not permissible for the     disbelief due to them
the children play games       that time). And even if           Muslims to imitate the         glorifying the ceremonies

of disbelief. Some of the       which the Prophet                (25:72) refers to the non-   Muslims to help the non-
scholars have said that         (sallallahu alayhi wa            Muslim‘s celebrations        Muslims with their
whoever slaughters a            salaam) said, ―for a vow         (and holidays). So if this   holidays (festivals and
sheep in the on-Muslim          to do an act of                  verse is referring to the    celebrations) by
celebrations is like the        disobedience to Allāh            one who is a witness of      exchanging gifts and
one who slaughters a            must not be fulfilled.‖ So       such events then what        selling them their needed
swine.                          if offering a ritual             about the one who takes      goods, saying, ―it is not
                                sacrifice in a place where       part in those activities     permissible for the
Abdullah ibn Amar Al-           there was a non-Muslim           which are characteristic     Muslims to sell anything
Aas said, ―whoever              festival or celebration          of their holidays?!          to the Christians which
imitates the non-Arab           observed is sinful, then                                      benefits their holidays be
countries (i.e. non-            what about taking part in        It has been authentically    it meat, blood, clothes,
Muslims at that time) and       the very same festival?!         reported in al-Musnad        etc. nor are they to loan
takes part in their             In fact Umar ibn al-             and as-Sunan that the        them transportation or aid
celebrations and festivals      Khattab, the companions          Prophet (sallallahu alayhi   them with anything from
imitating them until they       (Radiya ‗Llāhu ‗anhumā),         wa salaam) said,             their religion, because
die will be raised with         and the remaining                ―whoever imitates a          that is a form of
them on the day of              Muslim leaders made it a         people is from them‖ and     glorifying and supporting
resurrection.‖ In Sunan         condition upon the non-          in another wording,          their disbelief. It is also a
Abi Dawood, thabit ibn          Muslims that they were           ―whoever imitates others     must that the rulers
ad-Dahhak said, ―In the         not to publicly display          beside us (Muslims) is not   prohibit the Muslims
time of the Prophet             their celebrations in the        from us.‖ If this hadeeth    from doing so.‖ This is
(sallallahu alayhi wa           Muslim lands but could           and it‘s consequences are    because Allāh the Most
salaam) a man took a vow        partake in them privately        referring to imitating the   High said,
to slaughter a camel at         in their homes. So what          non-Muslims even in that     ―Help you one another in
Buwanah (a known                about the Muslims who            which could be               virtue, righteousness and
location at the time). He       publicly observe such            considered habit, custom,    piety; but do not help one
came to the Prophet             celebrations themselves?!        and manners, then what       another in sin and
(sallallahu alayhi wa           Umar ibn al-Khattab              about imitating them in      transgression. And fear
salaam) asked, ―Did the         (Radiya ‗Llāhu ‗anhu)            that which is could be       Allāh. Verily, Allāh is
place contain any idol          went so far as to say, ―do       considered habit, custom,    Severe in punishment.‖
worshipped in pre-Islamic       not learn their lingo nor        and manners, then what       (5:2)
times?‖ He said ―No.‖ He        enter the churches with          about imitating them in
(sallallahu alayhi wa           the non-Muslims on their         that which is greater in     it is also impermissible
salaam) said, ―Fulfill your     holidays because                 degree from that which       for the Muslims to assist
vow, for a vow to do an         (Allāh‘s) anger descends         the majority of the          the non-Muslims in
act of disobedience to          upon them.‖ So if the one        scholars have deemed to      drinking alcohol by
Allāh must not be               entering to take a peek or       be hated, either             making it for them, so
fulfilled nor a vow taken       something like that is           impermissible or             what about that which is
for that which the human        prohibited because               extremely disliked, such     from the rituals of
being has no control            (Allāh‘s) anger descends         as eating what they have     disbelief?! If it is not
over.‖ So the Prophet           upon them then what              slaughtered for their        permissible to help and
(sallallahu alayhi wa           about the one who does           holidays and festivals,      aid them, then what about
salaam) did not allow this      what Allāh is angry with         sacrificed for other than    the one who actually
man to fulfill his vow,         from their religious             Allāh, and what has been     takes part in such
with the fact that fulfilling   rituals?! More than one of       slaughtered on (an-          activities and behavior?!
a vow is obligatory, until      the scholars of the past         Nusub) stone alters?!        Allāh knows best.
he (the man) informed           has said that the verse,
him (the Prophet) that                                           Similarly the scholars       Translated by John ‗Eesa‘
there was no pre-Islamic        ―And those who do not            have deemed it               Starling.
festival observed there in      witness falsehood‖               impermissible for the
                                                                                              Found in: Al-Qawlul
                                                                                              Mufeed, December 2009

1. Bell           G B R A C O U D T U O B E L T
2. Block
3. Bout
4. Boxer          C P   R E F E R E        E T O O G B S
5. Challenger
6. Champ
7. Clinch         H S   S O N A T H G          I F X D R F
8. Corner
9. Count          A T E P U I N U M P O E U               I O
10. Decision
11. Fans
12. Feint         M H V P A N A S O O U R               J B Z
13. Fight
14. Gate
15. Gloves        P G O Z O R D R U K I             R   E G Y
16. Handler
17. Hook          A I   LR T R E S T           GC   L S T   P
18. Judge
19. Knockout
20. Match         R E   GN E L       L A H     CL   O   DE Y
21. Mouthpiece
22. Parry
23. Pros          R W U T D O C T          P   FE I     NT Q
24. Punch
25. Purse         Y O A N O O C          L I   NC   H OK G
26. Referee
27. Right Cross
28. Ring          C G A T      R R G H E       MA T CH U
29. Ropes
30. Rounds
31. Rules         B H S N      O I   S   I C   ED O     EK S
32. Seconds
33. Spar          KT    E S    W I   N G E     NL V     SO R
34. Stool
35. Swing
36. Trainer       QR S E       L U   R G Z     BU K     RO E
37. Weight
                  MV BZ C A          P J   J   HV P     PH Z

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