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					Christopher Almeida                                                                      5955 Bellflower Blvd                                                                           Lakewood, CA 90713
                                                                                         (562) 866-3624


I am a motivated and energetic individual seeking to use my diverse experience and at the same time to be constantly challenged to
learn more. I have a solid understanding of networking and system administration on a small to medium scale.

                                                Permanent Work Experience

Alexander Fleming Middle School – Harbor City, CA
System Administrator
        Volunteered to administrate the middle school’s Macintosh network of 75+ Power PCs. Installed many applications and
performed routine hardware and software maintenance when required.

Gardena City Hall – Gardena, CA
Network Engineering / Data Processing                                                             1998 - 1999
         Assisted in preparation for network multicast routing implementation. General machine room experience with various
server types, including Alpha/OSF and Windows NT.

Maverick Networks – Lakewood, CA
Senior System Administrator, Network Administrator & CEO                                           1998 - present
               Managed all services including dedicated connections (frame & point-to-point), ADSL, SDSL, Cable, co-location,
dialup radius (Radiator), DNS, mail services (sendmail and cucipop), basic web services (Apache), and mySQL backend for 2000
customer basis. Installed and configured Cisco AGS, 2500, 2600, 7200 series routes and 2900 series switches. Configured general
IOS, VLAN/trunking, ATM (DS3 and OC3), SONET, channelized controllers, and Serial (DS3/T1) connections. Worked directly
with the ILEC installing and debugging dedicated connections. Worked directly with customers (top-tier support) in
troubleshooting problems and installing new services. Designed and implemented several specialty Internet solutions for
customers. Assisted in the design and implementation of a complete 3-tier network re-design from a 2-router switched backbone.
Brought online new POP and DS3 for additional Internet egress. Helped design and plan extranet web-based software for customer
administration. Developed scripts to automate day-to-day system admin tasks. Developed and implemented intelligent proxy to
allow secure remote access to company accounting information. Installed and configured application hosting server with extensive
security model.

Source Coders – Lakewood, CA
Senior System Administrator, Marketing Director, Programmer & CEO                                2001 – present
        Managed all marketing and service aspects of the company. Designed many interfaces for the many clients. Organized a
network family of 30+ programmers to handle the client load.

                                                   Consulting Experience

Maverick Consulting – Lakewood, CA                                                              1998 - present
          Work on IBM PCs and compatibles, and Macintosh computers at houses of a 30+ local customer group. Provided support
for hardware and software problems, designed and installed upgrade solutions, installed software and hardware, and provided
training on various software packages and operating systems.

        Multimedia Magic, Inc. – San Antonio, TX                                                        2001
                Installed and configured custom RedHat Linux installation. Worked closely with client to develop a specific
        configuration so they could test their products, which included IPX integration. Also secured company server.

        Source Coders – Lakewood, CA                                                                2001
                Installed and configured custom FreeBSD installation. Installed various server daemons needed for web hosting
        ( FreeBSD, Linux, Apache, mySQL OpenSSL, ProFTPD, Qmail, vpopmail ).
                                              Programming Experience

        Oxygenshell Internet – Albany, NH                                                      2001
                 Designed and programmed a php/mySQL based interface for customer information storage and a trouble ticket
        system for customer support.

        Source Coders – Lakewood, CA                                                        2001
                 Worked on marketing and web development. Developed a client management interface to handle the many
        inquiries that were received a day.

        Light1 Internet Services, Inc. – Cooper City, FL                                  2001
                 Designed and programmed a php/mySQL based interface for customer information storage, billing, web
        administration, and trouble ticket system for customer support.


1999            Cisco Systems – CCNA Certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate) – Long Beach, CA
2002            Somerset High School – Graduated with honors – Bellflower, CA
2002            DeVry University - 1 yr towards a B.S. in Telecommunications Management – Long Beach, CA


Programming languages: Java, Perl, ASP, TCL, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and various types of shell scripting including bash.
Operating systems: DOS, Windows NT, Windows 3.x/95/98/ME/2000, Cisco switch and router IOS, and various UNIX flavors
including Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris.
Network types: Novell, Microsoft Network, and TCP/IP.
Network protocols and daemons: ATM, BGP, OSPF, BIND, sendmail, postfix, qmail, and Apache extensions.
Applications: Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and etc..

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