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*** Please read this page completely ***


Thank you for purchasing PopUp Generator.

As you know you now have the complete rights
to set a site just like mine and you can start
selling PopUp Generator and keep 100% of
the profits you generate with it.

In the same directory where you found this
text file you are reading right now, you will
find three items:

1) popup.exe -- This is the actual software to
   create popups.

2) closewindow.exe -- This is the software to
   create close codes for your popups.

3) website folder -- This contains the website
   and graphics needed to sell the software.

Resell Rights Agreement and Instructions

* You own the resell rights to this software,
  this means that you can sell the software
  to as many people as you want and keep all
  the profits in your pocket.

* You can sell this report as low as $34.95 but
  never below that price. This will help us
  all by not making this report lose it's
  value... this is not a *free software program*.

  While I can't force you to do the above, I
  am asking you to respect it. If we all start
  giving the software away, it will lose all it's
  aparent value and that would hurt the sales
  and profits (both yours and mine).

* You may, however, include it as a bonuse item
  packaged with other products valued at $34.95
  or more.

* The website may be altered, but if you use the
  sales copy and website graphics, you must leave
  the copyright information at the bottom.
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How to contact me

If you have any questions about the resell
rights or about the software, please
don't hesitate to contact me at:

Armand Morin

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