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					                                       Because Our History Matters

                    Prairie Gazette
                  The Official Publication of the Lakewood Historical Society
                                       November - December, 2007

“The Big One”                                                                     Lakewood
The story behind Lakewood Library’s giant tree.                                   Library’s
By Hayden Mackley                                                                 Checkered
     Somewhere out in the forest
near Packwood, at the base of Mt                                                  History
Rainier, there remains the stump of
the largest Douglas fir tree ever                                                 By Hayden Mackley
logged. In the hot summer of 1946,                                                     When the community icon now
three men worked for the better part                                              known as Lakewood Library first
of two days to fell the 12-foot-wide                                              opened its doors in 1963, the
giant, with not much more than a                                                  Suburban Times ran a story titled
standard 8-foot power                                                             “Lakewood’s Library a Dream Come
saw. They had to                                                                  True.” The article described the
notch in 3 feet on four                                                           history of efforts to obtain a separate
sides with their axes                                                             building for a Lakewood branch
before they could                                                                 library as “one of disappointing
move in with their                                      opened on the             struggle and bitter frustration.” And
saw. The loggers                                        corner of Wildaire        yet, the struggle for library service in
named the tree simply                                   Road and Gravelly         Lakewood did not end there.
“The Big One.”                                          Lake Drive. The                The roots of the Lakewood
     The massive cut                                    Northwest Door            Library story begin in 1944, when
stump of the tree                                       Company also              residents of Pierce County approved
quickly became a                                        donated its tree          a measure to establish a rural library
minor celebrity in the                                  cross-section to the      district in the unincorporated areas
area, as it was trucked                                 library, which was        of the county. A two-mill levy on
to the Northwest Door                                   installed beside the      property tax was authorized to
Company plant at                        library’s doors in July 1965.             finance the district, with the law
1203 East D Street in Tacoma. The                                                 stipulating that county taxes could
                                                  The log continues to
company’s president, Herman E.                                                    cover only books and staff, not
                                        impress library-goers to this day,
Tenzler, decided that something of                                                library housing.
                                        standing as a testimonial to the
                                                                                       Through the cooperation of the
the tree should be on display to the    history of the area. The rings of
                                                                                  Lakewood Community Club and
public, and so a cross section was      the trunk tell the tree’s life story,
                                                                                  PTA, the first Lakewood Library was
cut. With great fanfare, it was         recording bitter winters, summer
                                                                                  opened in 1947, but it took some
unveiled to the public, complete        droughts, fires and lightning             time before it had a permanent
with signs showing the age of the       strikes. Close inspection of tree’s       home. Over the years, it moved
tree and famous events during its       rings reveal that it was 586 years        from one location to another, from
lifetime.                               old when felled, first breaking           hobby shop to gift shop to the
     In the early 1960’s Tenzler,       through the forest floor as a             basement of Park Lodge School.
through the Tenzler Foundation,         seedling in the year 1359. It was              The struggle for housing
became the principal donor for a        already a large tree in the early 16th    pursued the Lakewood Library until
new building for the Lakewood           century when a forest fire ravaged        the Friends of the Lakes District
Library, which had previously           the woods. The scars show that the        Library was incorporated as a
existed in temporary shop-spaces        tree was injured but lived on, while      nonprofit organization in 1960 for
and basements. In 1963, the Flora B.    a neighboring tree collapsed against      the purpose of raising funds for a
Tenzler Memorial Library, named in      it, presumably during the fire.           building and purchasing land. The
memory of Tenzler’s late wife,                    Please see “Big One on Page 3              Please see Library on Page 4
                                                                           President’s Message
                                                                      I hope everyone has been enjoying our beautiful fall colors
                                                              this year. I can’t believe that the holidays are upon us, where
                                                              did the summer go?
         Lakewood                                                  Not only is this the time to reflect on our accomplishments
      Historical Society                                      made this past year, as stated in the “Highlights of the Annual
                    President                                 Meeting” elsewhere in this newsletter, but it also the time to set
                                                              new goals for next year. We can be especially proud of what we
   Becky Huber • 253-582-8682
                                                              have accomplished with our Museum and we couldn’t have done
                                                              it without the loyalty and support of our members
               Vice President
                                                                   I am excited about having such highly qualified Board
 Natalie Humphrey • 253-584-0419
                                                              members who will ensure our success in pursuing our endeavors.
                                                              None of our goals can be accomplished without the support and
        Sue Scott • 253-588-6354
                                                              generosity of our members. Please take the time to renew your
                                                              membership with the form enclosed so that you can continue to
      Gary Fowler • 253-584-3958
                                                              be kept informed of our progress.
                Past President
                                                                   I’d like to give a big round of applause to Hayden Mackley
      Glen Spieth • 253-584-3930
                                                              and Ed Kane for producing a newsletter that we all can be proud
                    Directors                                 of. Because this is our main avenue of communication with all of
   Doug Babbitt • Kris Kauffman                               our members, they have made sure that the content and layout
  Sandra Glasse • Shannon Krueger
                                                              are interesting and informative. Positive first impressions of our
   Brad MacGowan • Walter Neary
                                                              Society are made by citizens of our community and potential
  John Simpson • Johnny Williams
                                                              donors when they read the newsletter. I wish Hayden well in his
           Directors Emeritus                                 new job and I know that Ed will not be too far away. Dave Sclair,
               Cyrus Happy III                                our new Editor, will carry on in his own unique way and we look
              Elizabeth Pointsett                             forward to seeing his contributions in the next issue.
           Executive Director                                      Not only are we celebrating the first anniversary of our
    Janda Volkmer • 253-222-7941                              Museum it is also the first year of my presidency. There are so
   E-mail:                               many things I have learned and accomplished but I am most
                                                              grateful for the new friends I have made and the support I have
            Prairie Gazette                                   received from you. This is what will keep me going in the rough
   Prairie Gazette is the official publication of the Lake-
wood Historical Society. The newsletter is published          spots in the road ahead.
six times a year. Distribution is directly to members              So in closing, I wish you and yours Happy Holidays. May
and available at the Lakewood History Museum at the
address listed below.
                                                              they be full of joy and happiness and be thankful for the small
   The staff of Prairie Gazette actively encourages in-       blessings we receive.
put from the Society’s members as well as the general                                                                  Becky Huber
public regarding story ideas or any other aspects of
this newsletter, and the Lakewood Historical Society.                                                               President, LHS
   Content of this publication is copyright protected
by the Society and/or the authors and artists

The Lakewood Historical Society formed in 1998
to preserve and share Lakewood’s rich history
through programs, displays and publications. The                                      Lakewood History Museum
Society offers frequent programs on topics of
historical interest. Most programs are free and
                                                                                             6211 Mount Tacoma Drive SW
open to the public. Visit our website for
information on events and activities.
  Hayden Mackley • 253-584-5518                                                                      Museum Hours:
      Designer/Photographer                                                              12 to 4 pm, Wednesday through Saturday
       Ed Kane • 253-588-6637                                      Group tours arranged by appointment
Page 2
The Big One, from page 1
     Over the next 70 years the tree
                                          History of the “Big                     Local Author
compensated for its leaning
companion by adding fat rings to          Species: Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga       Donates Books
one side of its trunk and narrower        menziesii)
ones to the other. In this manner         Age: 586 years when felled in 1946
                                          Size: Largest Douglas Fir tree ever
                                                                                  for LHS Re-
the tree straightened and grew
vertically once more.
     After several hundred years
                                          Diameter: 12’9", Circumference: 40’
                                                                                  search Library
more, the Douglas Fir had outgrown        Height: 238’. Height to the first            Cecelia Svinth Carpenter
all of its neighbors. Such height         limb: 98’                               recently donated five titles of her
provided abundant sunlight, but           Weight of the log section displayed:    popular books for the Museum’s
also made the tree vulnerable to          9¼ tons.                                research library. This was an
lightning. It was struck by a bolt                                                unexpected and welcomed gift and
when it was about 420 years old, the      1359: Birth of tree.                    will be put to good use. The books
same time as the Revolutionary War                                                are: “Remembering Medicine Creek:
was being waged on the east coast. A      1492: Columbus crossed the Atlantic.    The Story of the First Treaty Signed
large top section, at least 40 feet,            Tree Age:133 years.               in Washington” written with Maria
broke off as a result of the lightning                                            Pascualy; Fort Nisqually, A
strike and the massive electrical         1535: Bible first printed in English.   documented History of Indian and
charge burned through the inside of             Tree Age: 176 years.              British Interaction;” “They Walked
                                                                                  Before, Indians of Washington
the bark to the ground. The tree
                                          1620: Pilgrims land at Plymouth         State;” Leschi, Last Chief of the
grew no taller than that, but
                                                Rock.                             Nisquallies;” and The Nisqually, My
continued to live and widen its base
                                                Tree Age: 261 years.              People.”
for another century and a half before
                                                                                       Cecelia was born in 1924 and
it was logged.
                                          1776: Declaration of Independence.      raised on the family farm near Harts
     According to news reports of the                                             Lake. Her Nisqually heritage is
                                                Tree Age: 417 years.
tree’s logging at the time, it was                                                matrilineal; her father was an
harvested because it was damaged          1805: Lewis and Clark Expedition.       ordained Lutheran pastor. She is an
and already beginning to rot. While             Tree Age: 446 years.              actively enrolled member of the
the logging of old growth forests                                                 Nisqually Indian Tribe.
nowadays is a more controversial          1833: Fort Nisqually established.            Cecelia earned her B.A. and
issue than in 1946, the Northwest               Tree Age: 502 years.              M.A. in Education at Pacific
Door Company used the display                                                     Lutheran University and spent her
outside its plant to promote “wise        1889: Washington became 42nd            teaching career in the Tacoma Public
forest management” and published a              state.                            Schools teaching Washington State
leaflet to tell the tree’s story in the         Tree Age: 530 years.              History. Her serious writing career
first person. The company went to                                                 began in 1971 with her Masters’
great lengths to assure the public                                                Thesis. Since her retirement from
that this is how the tree would have      Other large Douglas Firs?
                                              • At the time of logging in
                                                                                  teaching, she has worked full time as
wanted to go: “In my 586th year…                                                  an Indian historian, researcher and
as the song of the saw and the shouts          1946, two larger trees had
                                               been sighted in Washington
                                                                                  writer. She owns and operates the
of the logging crew grew closer, I                                                Tahoma Research Service.
knew my destiny was to be                      and Oregon, but were left to
                                               die a natural death.
                                                                                       It is the small donations such as
fulfilled… Because of [forest                                                     this that will eventually fill the
                                              • Today, the tallest Douglas
management] provisions, I leave my                                                bookshelves to create a fine working
                                               Fir is thought to be one 329
forest friends with no regrets. Under                                             library for the History Museum. It is
                                               feet tall near Coquille,
the guiding hand of man, there will                                               an honor to receive this gift directly
                                               Oregon, estimated to weigh
be many others to take my place. It                                               from the author. Thank you, Cecelia.
                                               more than a fully-loaded 747.
is my destiny that I go into a new
                                              • A Douglas Fir in the
and varied service. I am about to be
                                               Olympic National Park is only
                                                                                     Note: The Lakewood
fashioned into a thousand useful
                                               205 feet tall with a broken top,    History Museum will be
items.”                                        but has a circumference of          closed Thanksgiving day,
                                               45½ feet.                                 November 22
                                                                                                               Page 3
Library, from page 1                        The Mole Patrol
     Friends group collected annual              Go into Lakewood Library on any given day and you’ll find a quiet buzz of
pledges from citizens, with the             activity with patrons browsing the shelves and scouring the internet. What you
average pledge being around $12.            might not guess however, is what goes on under ground at the library. A giant
The Lakes District Improvement              basement, packed with shelves and trolleys full of many thousands of donated
Council and the Tenzler Foundation          books, is home to faithful group of library volunteers fondly known as the
also provided funding to purchase a         “mole patrol”, otherwise known as the Friends of Lakewood Library.
property at Gravelly Lake Drive and              Every Thursday, 15-20 ‘moles’ work tirelessly at cataloguing and shelving
Wildaire Road.                              the latest donations, in
     In 1963 the library opened its         preparation for their
doors as the Flora B. Tenzler               twice-yearly sales in
Memorial Library, named in                  March and October.
memory of the wife of Herman E.             Those sales not only
Tenzler, local lumber magnate and           attract many hundreds
primary backer of the building. The         of locals in search of a
final cost of the 8,000 sq.ft. building     bargain, but also book
was $400,000. Lakewood locals               dealers from as far
loved their new library and swarmed         away as Vancouver          Millie Hamilton (L) and Nancy Catton are among those
in to borrow 74,763 books in its            B.C. and Portland          whose chosen volunteer task for the library is to categorize
                                                                       and shelve the thousands of used books donated by the
first year.                                 hunting for rarities.      public for the twice annual book sale. Catton focuses her
     The funding arrangements of            Members of the             efforts in the historical category, here in the Northwest
the new library were a delicate                                                                   longest serving volunteer “mole,”
                                            society, including those section. Hamilton is the1985, after retiring as a Clover Park
                                                                       with service starting in
balancing act, with the Friends             eagle-eyed book            school teacher. This year’s final sale, organized by the
group responsible for building              dealers, get the first     Friends of the Lakewood Library, earned $14,000.
maintenance and repairs, and Pierce         chance at the bargains
County Library (PCL) providing the          the night before the sale, when the basement turns into a stampede. Money
books, staff and service. Within a          raised from the sales, as well as the Friends’ year-round ‘Book Nook’ go towards
few years, it became apparent that          funding extra library services not covered by the Pierce County Library System,
the library’s popularity was                such as the bookmobile. The Friends group also hosts special events, as well as
overwhelming for its size, and an           rotating art exhibits in the Friends Gallery.
expansion was needed. While the
Friends group raised funds, a bond
issue put on the ballot for the library   fund future repairs as needed. Mr.                  When it was found in 1989
district failed to pass. Mr. Tenzler      Tenzler then gradually dissolved his           that there was a considerable
came to the rescue again, providing       foundation, and asked that the                 amount of asbestos in the ceiling
the major funds for an addition           Tenzler name be quietly removed in             that would need to be removed in
completed in 1975, almost                 1982, as with other Tenzler-named              any remodeling work, at a cost of
quadrupling the floor space, and          projects, in an effort to avoid                $100,000, the issue was brought to
adding an AV center, public meeting       receiving unsolicited requests for             a head. Funds that the Friends had
rooms, a 16mm film service                funds. A similar request was made to           available for remodeling could not
distribution center and the county        the University of Puget Sound, with            extend that far, while the PCL had
library’s reference center. While the     ‘Tenzler Hall’ becoming ‘University            some funds but could not by law
possibility of giving the title of the    Hall’.                                         spend any of their money on
building to the library district was           While the Friends and the PCL             property they did not own. After
considered, Mr. Tenzler preferred to      managed to coexist as joint                    consultation with attorneys and a
leave it in the hands of the volunteer    stakeholders in the newly-named                favorable vote by members of the
operating board.                          Lakewood Library, the relationship             Friends’ corporation, the library
     The library prospered, however       had its problems. The Friends, with            property and $300,000 remaining
the building’s roof did not. Each         members numbering around 300 and               from the 1982 Tenzler donation
year as the Washington rain set in,       an often-changing board, found their           were transferred to the PCL
the roof leaked continuously and the      activities oriented around facilities          District.
repair job was estimated at               maintenance, rather than programs                   The remodeling finally came in
$100,000. Herman Tenzler came to          and support of artwork in the                  1993, closing the library for ten
the aid of the library again, by          building. In turn, the PCL often               months, with a small branch
funding the repairs and leaving the       found it difficult operating in a              operating out of the old Park Lodge
Friends group a major gift to help        building that they didn’t own.                 school building. When the
Page 4
Special Lakewood Museum Exhibit                                                         Winter 2007 – Spring 2008
                                                                                   Exhibit Plans
When Washington was Oregon:                                                             New exhibits underway for this
                                                                                   winter include a 1930s-1940s post
1843-1853, Empire and Colony in the Northwest                                      office, ongoing development of our
                                                                                   early Lakewood business scene and
     Before the United States             effects on the Native people and the     additions to the prairie cabin.
Congress created the Washington           settlers that made Washington a          Exhibits being planned for 2008
Territory in 1853, the newly formed       territory.                               include a new traveling display
Oregon Provisional Government                  Reproductions of fascinating        from the Washington State
established eight pioneering counties     maps and images of rare                  Historical Society on the Northwest
north of the Columbia River. As           documents and artifacts illustrate       Treaty Trail: 1854-1856, and a
Americans rushed into Oregon              this explosive period of                 spring display on early schools of
Country, Great Britain’s influence        Washington history. This exhibit,        the region. Later in the year, we will
gradually diminished. This exhibit        presented by the Washington State        see an exhibit featuring our South
tells the story of clashing empires       Historical Society, was part of the      Sound natural history and the
struggling to dominate a rich and         Washington State 2003 Territorial        history of our Inland Salish Indian
fertile region. It looks at the lasting   Sesquicentennial commemoration.          peoples.

“Faces of Lakewood” will document
Lakewood’s cultural richness                                                           Donations
     Lakewood History Museum has been awarded a $7,500 grant from
Humanities Washington for a Multicultural Exhibit and Programs.
                                                                                      of Artifacts
     The Faces of Lakewood: Our Cultural Crossroads will explore
historical and cultural successes and challenges of Lakewood’s large multi-           Appreciated
cultural population through an interpretive exhibit and video in the
Lakewood History Museum; living history performances with a public
forum; and several community book reading-discussions. Project partners              The Lakewood
are Pierce College, Ft. Steilacoom and Lakewood-Pierce County Library.               Historical Society
     The Lakewood Historical Society is honored to have been chosen as one
of the Humanities Washington grant recipients. We look forward to our                is a nonprofit
partnership with Pierce College, Ft. Steilacoom, Lakewood-Pierce County              501(c) (3) organi-
Library, and with the diverse cultural, ethnic and racial communities in
Lakewood. We welcome and encourage broad participation in this project.              zation; gifts are
Stay tuned for future announcements.
     To learn more or to become involved, please call Janda Volkmer,
                                                                                     tax-deductable to
253.222.7941 or email                                           the extent allow-
                                                                                     able by law.
    Lakewood Library reopened in          guarantee that library service could
1994, the Friends were given a            continue uninterrupted, and the
larger space on the main floor for        ‘no’ side advocating more time to
ongoing sales and continued to have       decide the issue. The vote was
use of the basement for storing           5,991 ‘yes’ and 1,373 ‘no’, thus
donated books and magazines.              ensuring that Pierce County Library
    The prospect of incorporation         District would continue to operate
of Lakewood, or even annexation by        the Lakewood Library.
Tacoma called the library’s future             The latest chapter in the history
into doubt. After incorporation           of Lakewood’s Library ends with its
eventuated in 1995, the question          remodeling during 2006. The
arose whether library services would      Library reopened its doors in
be provided by the new city, or           December with new self-service
whether the library would be              check-out, a teen center and a Wi-Fi
‘annexed’ by the existing operator,       hotspot, allowing wireless Internet
PCL District. The issue went to a         access for personal laptops, adapting
vote in 1996, with the ‘pro’ side         the library yet again to the needs of
arguing that annexation would             the latest generation.
                                                                                                                 Page 5
                 2007 YTD MUSEUM FUND CONTRIBUTORS (*New contributors since last issue )
                                        EXECUTIVE - $5,000 or more         ASSOCIATE - $100 to $249
                                        *Esther M. Grant                   Gene and Peggy Bal
                                                                           Ron and Christine Cronk
                                        PREMIER - $1,000 - $4,999          *Ann Davis
                                        Samuel Brown                       Joe and Carolyn Ghidarducci
                                        *Tal and Molly Edman               Jim and Wendy Griffin
                                        The Dimmer Family Foundation       George and Geneva Hamill
                                        Rebecca and John Huber             Cyrus Happy III
                                        J. S. Martinac                     Jo and Bill Harrison
                                                                           Charlie Hyde
 Lakewood History Museum                PATRON - $500 to $999              William Jackson
                                        Gary and Karen Fowler              Clyde and Jean Kalahan
 Thank You, Museum Fund                 Kris and Sylvia Kauffman           Verna Karlson
 Donors and Sponsors                    *Shannon Krueger                   Dr. James and Eileen Kelley
 Gifts: (5/15 - 10/31): $21,705         Brad and Liz MacGowan              Maria and Robert Kelly
 Goal: $100,000 by July 31, 2009        *W.H. “Howie” Meadowcroft          Mac and Bette Kirk
 for Operations, Education, Exhibits,   Glen and Marlene Spieth            Chauncey and Elizabeth Lufkin
 Programs and Community Outreach        Bob and Janda Volkmer              Helen McGovern
                                        Gregg and Stephanie Walsh          Clark and Sharon Montgomery
 City of Lakewood Lodging Tax           Jane Whitney                       L. T. Murray Jr.
 (funding for museum promotions)        Linn Larsen and Barbara Wyatt      Gene and Margaret Pankey
                                                                           William and Dorothy Phillip
 SPONSORS                               PARTNER - $250 to $499             Dorris Saunders
 Comcast                                Jack K. Gamble, MG USAF, Ret.      Ray and Pam Schuler
 Water Rights Inc.                      Larry and Natalie Humphrey         Claudia Thomas
 Freelance Graphics (In-Kind)           Bill and T.D. (Carol) Imholt       *Molly Tuohy
 Paktex, Inc (In-Kind)                  Walter Neary                       Donnie Weeks
 Robi’s Camera (In-Kind)                Jim and Nelly Pease                Thomas and Bonnie Wilson
 SIGNsations (In-Kind)                  Elizabeth Poinsett                 David M. and Barbara Young
 The Business Examiner (In-Kind)        Mike and Mary Tucci
 CONTRIBUTOR                            CONTRIBUTOR                        CONTRIBUTOR
 Charles Heberle                        Charles W. Anderson                M. Jean Sienko
 Ruth Henderson                         Robert F. Arndt                    Richard and Maria Rabisa
 John F. Hunt Jr.                       Jack Avril                         Jan Reeder
 *Lou and Joan Imhof                    Doris Beyl                         Carol J. Seeburger
 Dorothy I. James                       Mrs. Frederick W. Benson           MSG (Ret) Thomas & Colleen Silva
 Ann Johnson                            *Ernie and Becky Bianco            M. Jean Sienko
 Mary K. Johnson                        Stanley and Beverley Bills         Don and Jane Simpson
 Jerry and Beth Julian                  Micki Boyle                        Linda K. Smith
 *Robert and Joan Kovich                Edie Brewer                        Jim and Kathy Spencer
 Norv and Mary Latimer                  Scott and Kathy Buser              Irwin Sternberg
 Alan Liddle                            Patrice Cable                      *Dugald and Norita Stewart
 Bob and Janet Lordahl                  Stan and Gwen Carlson              *Darrel and Joanna Stutesman
 Nancy C. Mace                          Mrs. Joseph L. Carman III          Cindy Thompson
 Mayo E. Marsh                          Donna and Paul Casey               Bob and Candy Tingstad
 Valerie and Robert Martin II           Charles and Patricia Collier       Ron and Cheri VanDusen
 Irene R. Mazer                         Tom and Fae Crabill                Linda Van Dyk
 Jean and Sandy Mazzei                  Cynthia Diederich & Mike Zachary   Cordy and Judy Wagner
 Dave and Janet McDonald                Jim and Lila Early                 Richard and Joan Walston
 Carl Moritz                            Betty Fulton                       Shirley Wax
 Leslie Ann Orband                      Dr. William and Andrea Gernon      Paul Webb
 * Dwight Orr, Jr.                      Kurt and Linda Graff               Kitti Wheeler
 Alice Peoples                          Grace Guis                         Harriett Wolverton
 The R. B. Peterson Family              Venette Hagen                      Bill and Gwen Young
 Pat and Dede Powell                    *Lee Halverson                     David and Barbara Young
 MSG (Ret) Thomas & Colleen Silva       Dr. Royce and Genny Hansen         Helen & H. Harold Young II
Page 6
                   FINANCIAL REPORT
            October and Ten (10) Months YTD 2007
                                                                      Highlights of 2007
                       October 31, 2007
                                                                      Annual Meeting
Cash on Hand                        9/30/2007        12/31/2006            On Oct 18th over 50 members of the Lakewood
  Checking                          $ 764.20         $ 5417.72        Historical Society met in Prairie Hall of Little Church on
  Money Market                      $9263.36         $ 1061.35        the Prairie to celebrate the First Anniversary of the Opening
  Certificate of Deposit            $    0.00        $10,701.60 (a)   of the Lakewood History Museum. After being served
  Total                             $10,027.56       $17,180.67       refreshments by the church Youth Club the group was
                                                                      entertained with a medley of songs by the Memorie Singers.
Income                              October 2007     10Months YTD
                                                                           The Annual Meeting was conducted with reports from
   Grants                           $   0.00         $37,966.95 (b)
   Memberships                      $ 170.00         $ 4630.00        Becky Huber, President; Janda Volkmer, Executive Director;
   Donations - Museum Fund          $1246.34         $21,101.39       Stephanie Walsh, Membership and Shannon Krueger,
   Sponsorships                     $   0.00         $ 1000.00        Programs. The highlights of the reports included the
   Special Fund Raisers             $ 44.00          $ 2710.00        revision of the “Prairie Gazette” newsletter, presentation of a
   Bank Interest                    $ 25.90          $ 369.00         wide breath of programs and reaching the goal of 200
   Other                            $   0.00         $ 190.26         members.
   Total Income                     $1486.24         $67,967.60            The Society has also launched several fund raising
                                                                      efforts including the Hawaii Raffle and the Annual Museum
                                                                      Fund Drive that has brought in over $21,000 that will be
  Operations & Administration       $ 338.67         $ 2417.30
  Web site                          $ 30.00          $ 345.00         applied to the operational expenses. Several grant requests
  Contract Services                 $   0.00         $42,363.00 (c)   were submitted by Janda this year for 2008 funding; one has
  Insurance                         $   0.00         $ 1927.00        been awarded and others are pending after a favorable
  Museum lease                      $2000.00         $19,600.00       review.
  Museum exhibits                   $ 188.22         $ 2137.84             Other accomplishments relating to the Museum include
  Postage, copies & printing        $ 142.71         $ 3016.48        training over 30 Docents that support expanded hours,
  Fund Raising                      $   0.00         $ 2275.00        obtaining used display cases, receiving new artifacts and
  Raffle (Airline Tickets)          $   0.00         $ 920.58         adding new exhibits.
  Marketing/Publicity               $ 50.00          $ 1222.50
                                                                           A slate of new Board members was presented by Walter
    Other                           $   0.00         $ 159.37
  Total Expenses                    $2749.60         $76,384.07       Neary, Nominating Committee Chairman and elected by
                                                                      the membership. The new members are Natalie Humphrey-
Closing Cash on Hand 10/31/2007                                       Vice President; Sue Scott-Secretary; Directors-Sandra
  Checking                    $1474.94               $ 1474.94        Glasse, Doug Babbitt, John Simpson and Johnnie Williams.
  Money Market                $7289.26               $ 7289.26             Retiring Board members Jane Whitney-Vice President;
  Certificate of Deposit      $   0.00               $    0.00        TD Imholt-Secretary; and Stephanie Walsh and Barbara
  Total                       $8764.20               $ 8764.20        Wyatt. Directors were recognized for their service with
                                                                      Certificates of Appreciation.
(a)   $5756.57 transferred to Money Market account 2/13/07
      $5105.98 transferred to Money Market account 7/14/07                 Cy Happy and Elizabeth Poinsett were awarded the title
(b)   Includes $18,722.53 received from 2006 City of Lakewood Grant   of Director Emeritus for their dedication and service to the
(c)   Includes $28,077.00 paid for 2006 Contract Services             Society. Edie Brewer, Docent Coordinator was given special
                                                                      recognition for her work with the docents. Hayden
Prepared 11/03/2007
                                                                      Mackley, Newsletter Editor who is leaving at the end of the
                                                                      year, was thanked for his efforts.

                                  Lakewood Historical Society
                             New Members Since the Last Newsletter
              Flor Acuff                               George and Geneva Hamill                 H. W. “Howie” Meadowcroft
            Sally Atwood                                     Donald Hirte                         Gene and Margaret Pankey
       Douglas and Janet Babbit                           Margaret J. Johnson                          Ray Richardson
        Scott and Kathy Buser                           Clyde and Jean Kalahan                      Marc and Brenda Rix
      John and Marilyn Dimmer                           Dave and Lindy O’Keefe                          Adele Stevens
           Sandra R. Glasse                               Mac and Bette Kirk                           Linda Van Dyk
           Sandra Godfrey                                  Karen MacAnally                      Johnny and Lucinda Williams
           Esther M. Grant                                    Irene Mazer
                                                                                                                              Page 7
          NOTE: The Lakewood History Museum will be closed from
                  December 23, 2007 to January 8, 2008
   Upcoming Program Topics
   Thornewood Castle Revisited
   Tues, Nov 13th, 6-8p.m.
         No        6-8p.m.
   The members of the LHS have been invited by Wayne and Deanna Robinson for a personal tour of Thornewood
   Castle. Refreshments will be served after the tour. This premier estate home on American Lake was built in 1911
   by Chester Thorne for his wife Anna. The Robinsons are anxious for us to see their new acquisitions since our last
   visit in 2001. At that time the building was completely remodeled in its original style for the filming of Steven
   King’s movie “Rose Red.” The tour is limited to members and guests only. Because of limited parking, please
   carpool. For more information on Thornewood Castle please visit or Directions:
                              ections:Take exit “Thorne Lane” exit, # 123 off I-5, follow signs to the Castle, 8601 N
   Thorne Lane SW. Call Becky at 253-582-8682 for questions.
    Holiday Open House
    Sat, Dec. 15th, 1:30-4p.m, at the Lakewood History Museum
         Dec.       1:30-4p.m,                  istory
                                      Lakewood Histor Museum
    Come celebrate the holidays by joining us for refreshments, see new exhibits and sing
    Christmas carols.
    LHS Sponsors another Command Performance
    The performance of the “Sound of Music” on Sat, Jan 5th, 2008 at 2 PM at the Lakewood
    Playhouse has been chosen for a Command Performance sponsored by the Lakewood
    Historical Society. Tickets will be $20, proceeds going to the Museum Fund, and available for
    sale on Nov 13th and at the Museum. This is a perfect Christmas gift. We know this will be a
    sellout. Call Becky @253-582-8682 for questions.

                                           Lakewood Historical Society
  Help the Lakewood                        P.O. Box 98014
   Historical Society                      Lakewood, WA 98496
  Volunteers needed in many
  areas. Please call today:
  253.682.3480.        Your
  experience and willingness
  to help is needed

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