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					    Curriculum Vitae

Personal details
Surname                   Emam
First name                Ibrahim
Address [Egypt]           16 El Salam Street El
                          Maadi Cairo Egypt

                         002022 9815614
Address [Saudi Arabia]   Post box no: 940
                         Dhahran 31932
                         El hadar compound
                         Villa 49
Telephone                00966554254968
                          038204400 ext:149
e-mail                    ibrahim7502010@gmail.com
Date of birth             13 April 1960
Place of birth            Cairo
Nationality               Egyptian
Marital state             Married and has three
Present position         Registrar Cardiac surgery
                         in King Fahd Military
                         Medical complex [KFMMC]

                                    In Saudi Arabia in
                                    October 2002 until now

University                                 El Azhar university
Degree                                     M.B.B.CH
Date of qualification:                     December 1985
Post Graduate
University                               Ain Shames
Degree                                   Master in general
Date of qualification                     May 1995
Fellow of Egyptian Board in cardiac surgery November 2008
Work experience
- April 1986 to April 1987 I worked as House Officer in El
Hussein university hospital.
- April 1987 to December 1990 I worked as a resident of
General Surgery in Military and Private hospitals.
- January 1991 to November 1995 I worked as a resident of
cardiothoracic surgery in National Heart Institute[N.H.I]in
Egypt, during this period I assisted in all adult and pediatric
cases I operated many cases under supervision of senior staff.
Also I worked in the surgical intensive care unite.
- November 1995 to June 2002, I worked as a registrar of
cardiac surgery, during this period I was first and second
assistance in all types of cardiac operations, opening,
cannulating, harvested LIMA, radial arteries and saphenous
vein and I operated many cases ,under supervision [PDA, ASD
closure, aortic, mitral valve replacement repair, and
anastomoses of CABG].
- October-2002 until now I worked as a registrar in cardiac
surgery, in KFMMC in Saudi Arabia. During this period I
worked as first and second assistance in adult cardiac patients
(CABG) Valve operations, including repair and replacement in
aorta, mitral and tricuspid, simple congenital like closure of ASD,
and PDA) both elective and emergency, I also did most of the
cannulations, harvesting LIMA, radial arteries, some cases under
supervision my experience during this period including 650 cases,
beside that, working in CICU, insertion of IABC, chest tube and
Besides my working in Cardiac, I worked also in vascular surgery
I assisted in repair of abdominal aneurysms ,carotid
endarterectomy, femropoplitial bypass, A-V access for
haemodialysis, striping of varicose veins ,amputation and
embolectomy , I operated some cases assisted by the consultant.
Cardiac procedures I operated under supervision
Valves:      MV Repair                    6
             MVR                         45
             AVR                         35
             AVR&MVR&TVR                 10
             MVR&TVR                     11

CABG                                     10
Repair of ASD                            12
Closed mitral valvotomy                   3
PDA ligation                              3

Every year since 1991 I have been attending the annual
cardiac conferences in Egypt and recent in Saudi
Basic Disaster Training course in King Fahd Military
Medical Complex. 2005
BLS in Saudi Arabia 2009
CPR,BLS ,ATLS in Egypt July 2006

1- Our experience of controlling diabetes in the
   peri-operative period of patients who underwent
   cardiac surgery accepted by diabetes research
   and clinical practic journal and published by
   Elsevier, April 2010
2- The effect of uncontrolled diabetes, on cell mediated
   immunity and when the patients regain, their
   immunological status after glucose control,
   On going research
3- Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, PPT, accepted
  and published by slidworld, USA
4- Mitral valve repair, PPT, accepted and published
   by slidworld USA
5- Introduction to adult congenital heart disease,
   PPT, accepted and published by slidworld USA
6- Aortic valve sparing operation,
I am responsible for new protocol for tight control of diabetes
pre-intra-post.op.open heart surgery which is applied now in

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  1. Dr. Ibrahim Abdelmeguid, Consultant Cardiac
     Surgery and Chief of Cardiac Surgery.
     Email: imeguid @hotmail.com.
     Tel: 00966532032496
  2. Dr. Khalid Eskander, Consultant Cardiac Surgery
     Email: keskander@hotmail.com
     Tel: 00966506747970
  3. Dr: Nasser El Zahrani, Consultant Cardiac
     Surgery in KFMMC.
     Email: Nasser_cardsurg@hotmail.com.
     Tel: 00966506360049
  4. Dr. Mark Adkin, Consultant Cardiac Surgery in
     Email: markadkinsmd@hotmail.com
     Tel: 00966567522210
  5. Dr. Andrew Allan FRCC
    Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon
    Tel: 00966546621346
  6. Dr. - Mohamed Ahmed Nasr, Consultant of
     Cardiac Surgery. National Heart Institute
     Tel: +20122188388

7. Dr. Samah Morsey, Consultant Cardiac Surgery.
   National Heart Institute, Cairo, Egypt.
  Program Director, of the Egyptian Fellowship, for
  Cardiothoracic Surgery.
  Email: samehmorsy@hotmail.com
 Tel +20101413339
8. Dr. Yahia Ashgan, Consultant Vascular surgery
   and the Chief of General Surgery in
   [KFMMC]Saudi Arabia         Email:
   yashgan@yahoo.com Tel: 00966505875561
9. Dr. Ossama El Sayed ,Consultant Cardiac Surgery.
   National Heart Institute


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