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					Offices offering Federal Work Study positions:
Budget positions listed below
              Department                                             Supervisor                             Contact time      Students Needed   Hrs/week

Academic Discovery Program        Bob Miedel                                                      8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday           3             10

Adult Enrollment                  Valerie Green: or 215-951-5149               8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday         1 to 2        10 to 15
Alumni Relations                  Valerie Kenner:                              Anytime: Monday-Friday              2          5 to 10

Art Museum                        Michele Mesisca:                            Anytime: Monday-Friday             2           5 to 10

Athletics                         Kevin Bonner:                                Prior to September 10            4 to 6        5 to 15

Athletics                         Kevin Bonner:                                TBA                               10              10
Athletics                         Dave Stever (ext. 1727) or                   September 5 or after               1           15 to 20

Communication                     Sid Mac Leod                                                    9:30-4:30, Monday-Friday         5 to 8        8 to 15
Communication- La Salle TV        Tonya Ellis                                                     10:00-4:00, Monday-Friday        5 to 6        10 to 15

Community Development             John Coyle and Carolyn Lemongelli                               8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday           3            5 to 8
Development                       Allison Taylor (ext. 1881) or Sue Ferrara (ext. 3595)           9:00-4:00, Monday-Friday           2           10 to 15

Finance & Administration          Regina Costello:                           8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday           1              10
Food Services                     Catherine O'Gorman/Diana Wilson:   9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday           3           5 to 10
Food Services                     Catherine O'Gorman/Diana Wilson:   9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday           1           5 to 10
Food Services                     Catherine O'Gorman/Diana Wilson:   9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday           2           5 to 10
Food Services                     Catherine O'Gorman/Diana Wilson:   9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday           2           5 to 10

Graduate Communication Program    Cara Schiavo (ext. 1155)                                        8:30-5:30, Monday-Friday           1           10 to 12

Greater Philadelphia Initiative   Heather McGee: Olney Hall 110                                   9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday         2 to 3          20
Information Technology             Lewis Hale:                         8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday            3            20+
Integrative Studies                Marjorie Allen:                    Anytime                          2 to 3           6

Mathematics and Computer Science   Marianne Farley                                      9:00-3:00, Monday-Friday           2              6

Multimedia Services                Anthony Machamer                                     8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday            3             10
Office of Student Affairs          Maureen Doyle (ext. 1017)                            8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday         3 to 4        10 to 15

Public Health                      Holly Harner:                     Anytime via email                1 to 2          10

Speech-Language-Hearing Science    Dr. Barbara Amster                                   8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday           1               7
Student & Accounts Receivable      Debra Wake:                       9:00-4:00, Monday-Friday           1              10
Student Financial Services         Tara Musial                                          8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday           3           10 to 20

The Explorer Connection            Julianna Gwiszcz                                     9:30-5:30, Monday-Friday           1           6 to 10

The Explorer Connection            Julianna Gwiszcz                                     9:30-5:30, Monday-Friday           1           6 to 10

Tutoring Services                  Kathleen Kaar                                        9:30-4:30, Monday-Friday           1            4 to 6

Undergraduate Communication        Loretta Deeble                                       8:00-3:30, Monday-Friday           2            4 to 5

University Communications          Greg Fala (ext. 1907) or Jason Roeckle (ext. 3656)   10:00-5:00, Monday-Friday          1           Flexible

Offices offering Budget positions:
                Department                                           Supervisor                   Contact time      Students Needed   Hrs/ week

Academic Discovery Program         Jodi Woods                                           8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday        Up to 25        5 to 8
Advancement         Bethany Stanbrough:                      Anytime                    15 to 20   6 to 12

Arts and Sciences   Robert Mack:                                   1:00-4:00 Thursdays           1          3

Audio Visual        Jason Yinger or James Matson (ext. 1296)                        8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday    4 to 6     Varies
Food Services       Catherine O'Gorman/Diana Wilson:   9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday       2      10 to 15
Food Services       Catherine O'Gorman/Diana Wilson:   9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday       5      10 to 15
Food Services       Catherine O'Gorman/Diana Wilson:   9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday       5      10 to 15
Food Services       Catherine O'Gorman/Diana Wilson:   9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday       5      10 to 15

Security & Safety   Dennis Graeber:                             Anytime via email             4       5 to 10
Job Description

Print letters and labels using appropriate mail-merge functions in Microsoft Office; Complete duplicating forms and drop off and pick up duplicating
from the Mail Room; Distribute mail and reports; Receive telephone calls in a courteous manner and politely greet office visitors and students; Take
messages and respond to routine inquires and requests. Applicants should be punctual and responsible with strong communication skills.
The student will be filing, use excel for multiple functions, picking up the mail, delivering files, assisting in Open Houses, back up to answer main
phone line, and other duties as assigned.
Filing, answering phone calls, light office work, Microsoft Office/Excel, running errands to main campus, other tasks as assigned.
In addition to the guarding and care of the art museum, responsibilities of the student worker include greeting visitors, daily cleaning tasks, mail,
answering telephone, creating and posting flyers and posters, data entry, assisting with framing and handling art work under the direction of full time
Do you have an interest in sports? The athletic communications and promotion offices have openings for work study students to help work games,
shoot video, run promotions and work occasional office hours as needed.

The Athletics Department is looking for top-notch, professional, college students to join our promotional Rally Team. The Rally Team is responsible
for promoting the Athletics Department and individual sport teams on campus and at sporting events. The Rally Team will be specifically, but not
limited to, assisting the Promotions Team at men’s and women’s basketball games to select in-game promotions contestants, perform promotions
during the game and work to maintain an entertaining atmosphere. Some office work also included.
Duties include stat keeping, scorekeeping and videotaping during practice. Possible travel to away games as well.
Assist Building Manager in keeping building secure. Open and close video, audio, and film facilities. Greet visitors, answer phone. Check out, and in,
audio and video equipment. Chief Qualifications: reliability, initiative, ease with technical equipment, pleasant manner. Day and evening hours
Assit with cable TV station. Must be detail oriented. Office duties along with programming & production needs.

Answer and direct phone calls using a multi-line phone. Greet students, staff, and visitors that enter the office and offer them assistance. Handle
duplicating requests by photocopying or completing the appropriate paperwork. Computer work including data entry and word processing. File
paperwork, organize and maintain paper and electronic files. Mail pickup, office cleanliness and organization, run errands.
General office duties, must have knowledge of Microsoft Office
Assist the various departments within the Division of Finance & Administration in basic office duties, including, but not limited to: answering phones,
greeting customers, organizing storage rooms, filing, shredding, scanning, faxing and copying of documents.
Data entry, answering and transferring phone calls, taking photos of students and faculty, filing.
Data entry, answering and transferring phone calls, filing.
Data entry, answering and transferring phone calls, filing.
Data entry, answering and transferring phone calls, filing.

The Graduate Program in Communication is seeking 1 communication major (preferable freshman or sophomore) to assist in office duties. Student
Administrative Assistants are employed to assist the program secretary, director, and faculty with such tasks, but not limited to: folding letters &
stuffing envelopes, photocopying, answering telephones and taking messages, delivering mail and running errands to various campus offices,
retrieving and delivering mail to campus mail room, word processing documents, including some correspondence, creating PDF files for classroom
use, scanning word documents for faculty, etc. Applicant is required to possess word processing skills, as well as be dependable & punctual.

Student work will assist with three campus initiatives (Greater Philadelphia Initiative, Explorer Connection, and Service Learning). Main duties will
include: conducting internet research, updating social networking sites, data entry, photocopying and distributing flyers.
Student workers will provide support in the Information technology department on campus by helping students with software or hardware problems.
They also will assist with keeping the equipment clean and maintained and assist with print/copy jobs. We are looking for individuals with computer
skills, as well as basic office skills. Experience with Microsoft Office products Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Office skills that include faxing, copying,
printing and answering the phone. Applicants must have good customer service skills, and understand and follow directions.
Clerical position--use of Microsoft Word required
general office duties; collect and distribute mail; help with mailings to students and alumni; check supplies and maintain classrooms; post notices on
bulletin boards

Multimedia Services Student Workers will, under general supervision, handle day-to-day operations in Multimedia Services (Olney 119) and the
Center for New Media (Olney 117). Reporting duties will be to the discretion of the Operations Manager of Multimedia Services. Training for all job
responsibilities will be offered from the Multimedia Services Operations Manager, Center for New Media Coordinator and Student Managers.
General office duties and other tasks as assigned
The Director of the MPH Program is looking for help working on a women’s health research project involving incarcerated women. Students will help
enter data, perform literature searches, and write manuscripts. Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to apply.

General Office work which includes copying, collecting and distributing the mail, assisting with mass mailings, graduations activities, etc.
The work-study student will file, answer phones, photocopy documents, etc. Student must sign a confidentiality agreement.
General office duties and other tasks as assigned

In need of one student with video capture and basic editing skills, preferably with experience in Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. This student will
work primarily on Wednesdays to video and edit content from the Explorer Cafes. Photo and Video capture transfer and editing, Asset Management
of video content and other media content, Equipment check and preparation, Must be able to work Wednesdays from 1:30-5:30, and one additional
day per week (preferably Tuesday afternoons). Hours aside from Wednesday are flexible.

In need of another student preferably with some graphic design skills (i.e. familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and/or publication programs, including
Word). This student will work with me primarily on publicity efforts for The Explorer Connection. This student will also carry out some additional
tasks as needed. Designing flyers and other publicity documents for special events, including the Explorer Café Occasional photography for programs
as needed, Photo editing and Media Asset Management. Other special projects such as slideshows and other media related presentations as needed.
2-3 hours on Monday, Thursday and/or Friday afternoons; 6-10 hours total.
assisting with data entry, tutor timesheet maintenance and compilation, photocopying, WORD and EXCEL docs and maybe some POWER POINT. The
student needs basic math skills and the aforementioned software literacy.
Various office duties for administration supervisor, director and faculty. Duties include but not limited to folding letters, stuffing envelopes,
photocopying, scanning, answering telephone and taking messages. Dependability and punctuality are a must.
Has a general knowledge of how Web sites function and is comfortable interacting with Web forms. Experience using the Adobe Suite
(Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc.) is preferred.

Job Description

The Academic Discovery Program (ADP) is looking for knowledgeable & sensitive sophomores, juniors & seniors to tutor ADP students in their 100
and 200 level courses. Tutors must have a 3.0 for their cumulative GPA and a 3.25 in the subject area in which they want to tutor. In addition to being
good students, tutors must be able to explain course material and study strategies to struggling students. Tutors will meet with each student they
tutor for one hour per week and provide summaries of meetings to the supervisor. Training will be provided.
La Salle’s Student Phonathon gives students an opportunity to network with alumni, develop better communication skills, earn bonuses, and set your
own schedule (must work a minimum of two nights a week, 6-9 p.m.). Students must be comfortable speaking with alumni on the telephone and
asking for donations for the Annual Fund

La Salle Autism and Developmental Disabilites Education Resources (LADDER) Family Center Office Assistant position includes occasional word
processing, scheduling of families for therapy and respite activities, photocopying and routine office duties, as required.

Work includes customer service at front desk, storage and retrieval of audio visual material using Library of Congress Classification system, computer
requirements include familiarization of “Innovative Millennium” cataloging system, and other duties as required by Digital Media Services Director.
Duties of SLAs (Serving Line Attendants) include making sandwiches and serving food to customers .
Duties of SLAs (Serving Line Attendants) include making sandwiches and serving food to customers .
Duties of SLAs (Serving Line Attendants) include making sandwiches and serving food to customers .
Concessions workers are at every basketball game throughout the year, selling food and drinks to fans.
Students will be driving a 15 passenger van along Olney Ave. from the Shoppes at La Salle to Broad St. via a dedicated loop three evenings per week
(Thurs- Fri-Sat) from 730pm until 1230am. The students will work in pairs for added safety and will be in radio contact w/ security. Must have a good
driving record. Training will be provided by Security.

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