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REF      1         Dictionaries
REF      1.1       English Language
REF      1.2       Foreign Languages
REF      1.3       Specialized Fields
REF      2         Directories, Guides and Indexes
REF      2.1       Books
REF      2.2       Periodicals
REF      2.3       Federal Data Sources
REF      2.4       Specialized Fields, Data Sources
REF      2.5       Libraries and Information Centers
REF      2.6       State Directories
REF      2.7       Local Government Directories
REF      4         Statistical Volumes
REF      4.1       City Data Books
REF      4.2       County Data Books
REF      4.3       State Data Books
REF      4.4       U.S.
REF      4.5       World
REG      EC        Economics
REG      EC.11     Business
REG      EC.22     Economic Growth and Trends
REG      EC.33     Economic Indicators & Statistics
REG      EC.44     Economic Theory
REG      EC.55     Urban Economics
REG      EC.66     State and local economies other than New York
REG      EC.77     National Economy
REG      EC.88     New York State and New York City Economy
REG      EC.99     Miscellaneous
REG      ED        Education
REG      ED.00     Administration
REG      ED.11     Finance
REG      ED.22     Issues/Legislation
REG      ED.33     Statistical Data
REG      ED.44     Elementary/Secondary Education
REG      ED.55     Higher Education
REG      ED.66
REG      ED.77
REG      ED.88     New York State and Cities
REG      ED.99     Miscellaneous
REG      GA        Government Affairs
REG      GA.00     Administration and Structure
REG      GA.00,1   Federal Government
REG      GA.00,2   State governments
REG      GA.00,3   County governments
REG      GA.00,4   Municipal governments
REG      GA.00,5   Foreign governments (all levels)
REG      GA.00,6   New York City
REG      GA.11     Budget/Finances/Taxation
REG      GA.11,1   Federal Government
REG      GA.11,2   State governments
REG      GA.11,3   County governments
REG   GA.11,4   Municipal governments
REG   GA.11,5   Foreign governments (all levels)
REG   GA.11,6   New York City
REG   GA.33     Intergovernmental Affairs
REG   GA.33,1   Federal Government
REG   GA.33,2   State Government
REG   GA.33,3   County Government
REG   GA.33,4   Municipal Government, U.S.A.
REG   GA.33,5   Foreign Government (all levels)
REG   GA.33,6   New York (City and State)
REG   GA.44     Quasi-governmental Organizations
REG   GA.44,1   Federal Government
REG   GA.44,2   Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
REG   GA.44,3   County Government
REG   GA.44,4   Municipal Government, U.S.A.
REG   GA.44,5   Foreign Government (all levels)
REG   GA.44,6   New York (City and State)
REG   GA.55     Statistical Data
REG   GA.55,1   Federal Government
REG   GA.55,2   State Government
REG   GA.55,3   County Government
REG   GA.55,4   Municipal Government, U.S.A.
REG   GA.55,5   Foreign Government (all levels)
REG   GA.55,6   New York (City and State)
REG   GA.66     Capital Plant/Infrastructure
REG   GA.66,1   Federal Government
REG   GA.66,2   State Government
REG   GA.66,3   County Government
REG   GA.66,4   Municipal Government, U.S.A.
REG   GA.66,5   Foreign Government (all levels)
REG   GA.66,6   New York (City and State)
REG   GA.77     Elections and Politics
REG   GA.77,1   Federal Government
REG   GA.77,2   State Government
REG   GA.77,3   County Government
REG   GA.77,4   Municipal Government, U.S.A.
REG   GA.77,5   Foreign Government (all levels)
REG   GA.77,6   New York (City and State)
REG   GA.88     (Open class)
REG   GA.88,1   Federal Government
REG   GA.88,2   State Government
REG   GA.88,3   County Government
REG   GA.88,4   Municipal Government, U.S.A.
REG   GA.88,5   Foreign Government (all levels)
REG   GA.88,6   New York (City and State)
REG   GA.99     Miscellaneous
REG   GA.99,1   Federal Government
REG   GA.99,2   State Government
REG   GA.99,3   County Government
REG   GA.99,4   Municipal Government, U.S.A.
REG   GA.99,5   Foreign Government (all levels)
REG   GA.99,6   New York (City and State)
REG   GS        Government Services
REG   GS.00     General Government Services
REG   GS.11     Police Services
REG   GS.22     Fire Services
REG   GS.33     Sanitation Services
REG   GS.44     Publicly Assisted Housing; Homeless
REG   GS.55     Social Services
REG   GS.66     Service Contracts
REG   GS.77     Sewerage & Water Supply
REG   GS.88     Privatization
REG   GS.99     Miscellaneous
REG   HC        Health Care
REG   HC.00     Health and Vital Statistics
REG   HC.11     Costs, Finance and Health Insurance
REG   HC.11,1   Pre-paid / Managed Care (MCOs / HMOs)
REG   HC.11,2   Health Insurance incl uninsured & underinsured
REG   HC.11,3   DRGs/Hospital Rates general
REG   HC.22     Health Issues/Government Activities
REG   HC.22,1   Liability/Malpractice
REG   HC.22,2   Business Coalitions
REG   HC.22,3   HIV/AIDS
REG   HC.33     Health Provider Organizations/Asso of Health Providers
REG   HC.33,1   American Hospital Association
REG   HC.33,3   United Hospital Fund
REG   HC.33,4   GHI
REG   HC.33,5   HIP
REG   HC.33,6   GHAA
REG   HC.33,7   Bigel Institute
REG   HC.44     Health Services
REG   HC.44,1   Risk Management
REG   HC.44,2   Capital Management
REG   HC.44,3   Utilization Review
REG   HC.44,4   Quality Assurance
REG   HC.44,5   Patient Satisfaction
REG   HC.44,6   Health Promotions/Wellness
REG   HC.44,7   Health Education
REG   HC.55     Health Technology
REG   HC.66     Hospitals/Hospices/Nursing Homes/Associations
REG   HC.77     Physicians/Dentists
REG   HC.77,1   Graduate Medical Education
REG   HC.88     Planning
REG   HC.99     Miscellaneous
REG   I         Insurance (other than health insurance)
REG   I.00      Accounting
REG   I.11      Insurance Plans/Companies
REG   I.22      Issues/Analysis
REG   I.33      Legislation
REG   I.66      Statistical Data
REG   I.77
REG   I.88
REG   I.99      Miscellaneous
REG   L         Labor
REG   L.00       Collective Bargaining, Labor Relations, & Unions
REG   L.00,1     Public Sector, NYC (non NYC docs)
REG   L.00,3     Private Sector
REG   L.01,3     Private Sector, NYC
REG   L.05       Arbitrations
REG   L.05,1     Public Sector, NYC (non-NYC documents)
REG   L.05,2     Public Sector, other US
REG   L.05,3     Private Sector
REG   L.08       Laws/Court Decisions
REG   L.08,1     Public Sector, NYS (other than NYC documents)
REG   L.08,2     Public Sector, other US
REG   L.08,3     Private Sector
REG   L.11       Compensation/Wage Schedules
REG   L.11,1     Public Sector, NYC (other than NYC documents)
REG   L.11,2     Public Sector, other US
REG   L.11,3     Private Sector
REG   L.33       Conditions of Employment and Job Safety
REG   L.33,1     Public Sector, NYC (other than NYC documents)
REG   L.33,3     Private Sector
REG   L.44       Work Stoppages and Labor Disputes
REG   L.44,1     Public Sector, NYC (other than NYC documents)
REG   L.44,2     Public Sector, other US
REG   L.44,3     Private Sector
REG   L.55       Productivity & Gain Sharing
REG   L.55,1     Public Sector, NYC (other than NYC documents)
REG   L.55,2     Public Sector, other US
REG   L.55,3     Private Sector
REG   L.66       Statistical Surveys and Bibliography
REG   L.66,1     Public Sector, NYC (other than NYC documents)
REG   L.66,2     Public Sector, other US
REG   L.66,3     Private Sector
REG   L.88       Employee Benefits
REG   L.88,1     Health Benefits
REG   L.88,1-1   Public Sector, NYC (other than NYC documents)
REG   L.88,1-2   Public Sector, other US
REG   L.88,2     Pension Benefits
REG   L.88,2-1   Public Sector, NYC (other than NYC documents)
REG   L.88,2-2   Public Sector, other US local governments
REG   L.99       Miscellaneous
REG   L.99,1     Personnel Policies/Performance Appraisal
REG   L.99,2     Older Workers
REG   L.99,3     Family Leave
REG   R.11       Actuarial Valuations
REG   R.22       Retirement Legislation including Taxation of Benefits
REG   R.33       Retirement Planning/Income
REG   R.55       Retirement System Financing
REG   R.66
REG   R.77       Social Security (other than fed docs)
REG   R.88       IRA's, 401(k)'s, annuity plans,
REG   R.99       Miscellaneous
REG   T          Transportation
REG   T.00       Administration/Planning/Systems Analysis
REG   T.11     Financing
REG   T.22     Issues and Legislation
REG   T.33     Environmental Impact
REG   T.44     Auto Transit/Roadways
REG   T.55     Inter City Railways
REG   T.77     Public Transit
REG   U        Urban Planning/Studies/Affairs
REG   U.00     Architecture and Design
REG   U.22     Demography
REG   U.33     Housing
REG   U.44     Commercial Real Estate Development
REG   U.55     Urban Planning
REG   U.66     Urban Profiles
REG   U.77     Urban Studies and Research
REG   U.88
REG   U.99     Environmental Impact Statements
      NYC      New York City Government Documents
      NYS      New York State Government Documents
      REG      General Collection
      REF      Reference Collection
      US       United States Government Documents
NYC   C        Office of the Comptroller
NYC   C.1      NYC Comptroller
NYC   C.2      Bureau of Accountancy
NYC   C.3      Bureau of Administration
NYC   C.4      Bureau of Audit and Control
NYC   C.5      Bureau of Engineering
NYC   C.6      Bureau of Finance
NYC   C.7      Bureau of Financial Analysis
NYC   C.8      Bureau of Human Resources Audit
NYC   C.9      Bureau of Information Systems
NYC   C.10     Bureau of Investments
NYC   C.11     Bureau of Law and Adjustment
NYC   C.12     Bureau of Management Services
NYC   C.13     Bureau of Performance Analysis
NYC   C.14     Office of Research and Liaison
NYC   C.15     Audit Implementation Unit
NYC   C.16     Office of Board of Estimate Research
NYC   C.17     Office of Policy Management
NYC   C.18     Office of Risk and Claims Analysis
NYC   C.19     Bureau of Financial Audit
NYC   DF       Finance, Department of
NYC   DF.1     Commissioner of Finance
NYC   DF.2     Deputy Commissioner of Finance
NYC   DF.3     Office of Tax Policy
NYC   DF.7     Real Property Assessment Bureau
NYC   DF.8     Tax Collection Department
NYC   DH       Health, Department of
NYC   DH.1     Department Reports
NYC   DH.1,1   Annuals
NYC   DH.1,2   Statistics
NYC   DH.1,3   Subjects + Special
NYC   DH.2     AIDS Bureau
NYC   DHPD     Housing Preservation and Development, Department of
NYC   DHPD.1   Commissioner's Office
NYC   DHPD.2   Administration
NYC   DHPD.3   Development
NYC   DHPD.4   Property Management
NYC   DHPD.5   Rent and Housing Maintenance
NYC   DS       Sanitation, Department of
NYC   DS.1     Commissioner's Office
NYC   DS.1,1   Public Affairs Office
NYC   DS.1,2   Public Affairs and Education
NYC   DS.1,3   Community Services
NYC   DS.1,4   Financial Management and Administration
NYC   DS.1,5   Real Estate
NYC   DS.1,6   Resource Recovery and Waste Disposal Planning
NYC   DS.1,7   Support Services
NYC   DS.1,8   Trials
NYC   DS.2     Administration
NYC   DS.3     Building Management Bureau
NYC   DS.4     Cleaning and Collection Bureau
NYC   DS.5     Community Servies
NYC   DS.6     Engineering Bureau
NYC   DS.7     Medical Services
NYC   DS.8     Motor Equipment Bureau
NYC   DS.9     Operations
NYC   DS.10    Resource Recovery
NYC   DS.11    Safety and Training
NYC   DS.12    Sanitation Police
NYC   DS.13    Waste Disposal Bureau
NYC   DT       Transportation, Department of
NYC   DT.1     Office of the Commissioner
NYC   DT.2     Engineering Management Bureau
NYC   DT.3     Highway Operations Bureau
NYC   DT.4     Parking Violations Bureau
NYC   DT.5     Traffice Operations Bureau
NYC   DT.6     Transportation Planning and Research Bureau
NYC   EB       Board of Education
NYC   EB.1     Office of the Chancellor
NYC   EB.1,1   Board of Examiners
NYC   EB.1,2   Personnel Board
NYC   EB.2     Business and Administration Division
NYC   EB.3     Curriculum and Instruction Division
NYC   EB.4     High Schools Division
NYC   EB.5     Auditor General, Office of the
NYC   EB.6     Inspector General, Office of the
NYC   EB.7     Budget Operations and Review Office
NYC   EB.8     Community School District Affairs Office
NYC   EB.9     Educational Research, Evaluation, & Assessment Office
NYC   EB.10    Educational Research Office
NYC   EB.11    Funded Programs Office
NYC   EB.12    Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining Office
NYC   EB.13    Legal Services Office
NYC   EB.14     Pupil Personnel Servies Office
NYC   EB.15     Pupil Transportation Office
NYC   EB.16     School Food Services Office
NYC   EB.17     Bureau of Supplies
NYC   EB.18     Community School Board Districts
NYC   HRA       Human Resources Administration
NYC   HRA.1     Office of the Commissioner
NYC   HRA.2     Office of Management Planning
NYC   HRA.3     Agency for Child Development
NYC   HRA.4     Community Development Agency
NYC   HRA.5     Department of Employment
NYC   HRA.6     New York City Employment and Training Planning Council
NYC   HRA.7     Department of Social Services
NYC   HRA.8     Department of Social Services Advisory Board
NYC   HRA.9     General Social Services
NYC   HRA.10    Office of Policy and Program Development
NYC   M         Office of the Mayor
NYC   M.1       Executive Office
NYC   M.2       Action Center
NYC   M.3       Community Liaison Unit
NYC   M.4       Construction Office
NYC   M.7       Environment Council
NYC   M.8       Office for the Handicapped
NYC   M.9       Intergovernmental Relations Office
NYC   M.10      Committee on the Judiciary
NYC   M.11      Office of Medicaid Managed Care
NYC   M.12      Office of Management and Budget
NYC   M.13      Midtown Enforcement Project
NYC   M.14      Office of Labor Relations
NYC   M.15      Office of Operations - Management - Budget
NYC   M.16      Committee on Pensions
NYC   M.17      Single Room Occupancy Housing Office
NYC   M.20      Voluntary Action Center
NYC   M.21      Mayoral Commissions
NYC   M.22      New York City Youth Board
NYC   M.23      Temporary Commission on City Finances
NYC   TC        Tax Commission
NYS   DAC       Office of the State Comptroller
NYS   DAC.1     Office of the Comptroller
NYS   DAC.2     Office of Fiscal Research and Policy Analysis
NYS   DAC.3     Administration Division
NYS   DAC.4     Management Audit & Financial Reporting
NYS   DAC.4,1   Bureau of Accounting Operations
NYS   DAC.6     Legal Services Division
NYS   DAC.7     Municipal Affairs Division
NYS   DAC.8     Employees' Retirement System
NYS   DAC.9     Police & Firemens' Retirement System
NYS   DAC.10    Social Security Agency
NYS   DAC.11    Welfare Inspector General
NYS   DAC.12    Deputy Comptroller for the City of New York
NYS   DED       Economic Development Department
NYS   DED.1     Office of Economic Development
NYS   DED.2     Policy & Research Division
NYS   DED.2,1   Economic & Demographic Information Bureau
NYS   DED.3     Regional Economic Development Division
NYS   DED.4     Advertising & Marketing Division
NYS   DED.5     International Commerce Division
NYS   DED.6     Minority & Women's Business Division
NYS   DED.2,2   Economic Research & Statistics Division
NYS   DED.8     International Commerce Division
NYS   DED.7     Tourism Division
NYS   DCS       Civil Service, Department of
NYS   DCS.1     Civil Service Commission
NYS   DCS.2     Office of the President
NYS   DCS.3     Administration
NYS   DCS.4     Career Opportunities
NYS   DCS.5     Classification and Compensation
NYS   DCS.6     Examinations and Staffing Services
NYS   DCS.7     Information
NYS   DCS.8     Municipal Service
NYS   DCS.9     Personnel Services and Development
NYS   DE        Education, Department of
NYS   DE.1      Commissioner of Education
NYS   DE.2      Chancellor of the Board of Regents
NYS   DE.3      Administrative Services Office
NYS   DE.4      Counsel, Office of the
NYS   DE.5      Elementary, Secondary and Continuing Education
NYS   DE.6      Higher and Professional Education
NYS   DE.7      Professions, State Boards for the
NYS   DE.8      Program Planning & Evaluation Office
NYS   DE.9      Vocational Rehabilitation Office
NYS   DE.10     Information Center on Education
NYS   DH        Health, Department of
NYS   DH.1      Executive Offices and Administration
NYS   DH.2      Child Health Division
NYS   DH.3      Environmental Health Division
NYS   DH.4      Epidemiology Division
NYS   DH.5      Planning, Policy and Resource Development Division
NYS   DH.6      Information Systems & Health Statistics Group
NYS   DH.7      Health and Medical Care Standards Group
NYS   DH.8      Health Care Financing Division
NYS   DH.9      Health Care Resource Management Division
NYS   DH.10     Health Facilities Standards and Control Division
NYS   DH.12     Health Planning Commission
NYS   DH.13     Health Research, Inc.
NYS   DH.14     Health Research Council
NYS   DH.15     Health Systems Management Office
NYS   DH.17     Local Health Management Division
NYS   DH.18     New York City Public Health Affairs Office
NYS   DH.19     Professional Medical Conduct Board
NYS   DH.20     Public Health Office
NYS   DH.21     Public Health Council
NYS   DH.22     Public Affairs Group
NYS   DH.23     State Hospital Review and Planning Council
NYS   DH.24    Advisory Committee on Physician Recredentialing
NYS   DH.25    Office of Mental Health
NYS   DH.26    Office of Health Facility Planning
NYS   DI       Insurance, Department of
NYS   DI.1     Superintendent of Insurance, Executive Office
NYS   DI.2     Actuarial Bureau
NYS   DI.4     Examinations Bureau Cooperative Fire Section
NYS   DI.5     Finance Office
NYS   DI.6     Office of General Counsel
NYS   DI.7     Health Insurance Bureau
NYS   DI.8     Licensing Services Section
NYS   DI.10    Statistical Bureau
NYS   DL       Labor, New York State Department of
NYS   DL.1     Office of Public Information
NYS   DL.4     Business Administration Bureau
NYS   DL.5     Employment and Unemployment Insurance Council
NYS   DL.6     Employment Service
NYS   DL.7     Industrial Board of Appeals
NYS   DL.8     Insurance Fund
NYS   DL.10    Labor-Management Advisory Panel
NYS   DL.11    Labor-Management Improper Practices Council
NYS   DL.12    Labor Relations Board
NYS   DL.13    Labor Standards Division
NYS   DL.14    Management Analysis and Improvement Office
NYS   DL.15    Mediation Board
NYS   DL.16    Occupational Safety and Health Division
NYS   DL.17    Public Work Bureau
NYS   DL.18    Research and Statistics Division
NYS   DL.19    Self-Insurance
NYS   DL.20    Unemployment Insurance Division
NYS   DL.21    Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board
NYS   DL.22    Workers' Compensation Board
NYS   DLW      Law, Department of
NYS   DLW.1    Executive Offices
NYS   DLW.2    Employment Security Bureau
NYS   DLW.3    Finance Office
NYS   DLW.4    General Laws Bureau
NYS   DLW.5    Legislative Bureau
NYS   DLW.7    Nursing Homes, Health and Social Services
NYS   DLW.8    Planning Office
NYS   DLW.9    Real Property Bureau
NYS   DLW.10   Organized Crime Task Force
NYS   DLW.11   Water & Air Resources
NYS   DSS      Social Services, Department of (Superceded by DFA)
NYS   DSS.1    Office of the Commissioner
NYS   DSS.2    Office of the Deputy Commissioner for Administration
NYS   DSS.3    Adult Residential Care Division
NYS   DSS.4    Audit and Quality Control Office
NYS   DSS.5    Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped
NYS   DSS.6    Child Support Office
NYS   DSS.7    Income Maintenance Division
NYS   DSS.8    Legal Affairs Office
NYS   DSS.9     Manpower Management Office
NYS   DSS.10    Manpower Development Office
NYS   DSS.11    Medical Assistance Division
NYS   DSS.12    Program Planning Office
NYS   DSS.13    Public Information Office
NYS   DSS.14    Rural and Community Affairs Office
NYS   DSS.15    Services Division
NYS   DT        Transportation, Department of
NYS   DT.1      Office of the Commissioner
NYS   DT.2      Administrative Services Division
NYS   DT.3      Construction Subdivision
NYS   DT.4      Design and Construction Division
NYS   DT.5      Development Division
NYS   DT.6      Equipment Management Subdivision
NYS   DT.7      Facilities Design Subdivision
NYS   DT.8      Hearing Division
NYS   DT.9      Highway Maintenance Division
NYS   DT.10     Legal Affairs Office
NYS   DT.11     Management and Finance Office
NYS   DT.12     Manpower and Employee Relations
NYS   DT.13     Planning and Development Office
NYS   DT.14     Planning Division
NYS   DT.15     Program Planning and Management Group
NYS   DT.16     Public Affairs Office
NYS   DT.17     Rail Division
NYS   DT.18     Real Estate Division
NYS   DT.19     Structures Design and Construction Subdivision
NYS   DT.20     Technical Services Subdivision
NYS   DT.21     Traffic and Safety Division
NYS   DT.22     Transportation Financil Review Division
NYS   DT.23     Transportation Maintenance Division
NYS   DT.24     Transportation Operations Office
NYS   DT.25     Transportation Regulatory Affairs Office
NYS   DT.26     Waterways Maintenenace Subdivision
NYS   DT.27     Transit Division
NYS   DTF       Taxation and Finance, Department of
NYS   DTF.1     Executive Bureau
NYS   DTF.3     Audit Division
NYS   DTF.2     Tax Appeals Bureau
NYS   DTF.4     Treasury
NYS   DTF.4,1   Tax Enforcement Office
NYS   G         Office of the Governor
NYS   G.1       Executive Chamber
NYS   G.2       Office for the Aging
NYS   G.3       New York State Council on the Arts
NYS   G.7       Division of the Budget
NYS   G.8       Correction Commission
NYS   G.9       Criminal Justice Services Division
NYS   G.11      Economic Development
NYS   G.11A     Development Planning Office
NYS   G.12      State Board of Equalization and Assessment
NYS   G.13      General Services Office
NYS   G.14      Housing & Community Renewal Division
NYS   G.16      New York State Racing and Wagering Board
NYS   G.17      State Board of Social Welfare
NYS   G.18      Division for Youth
NYS   G.28      Miscellaneous
NYS   L         Legislature
NYS   L.1       Senate
NYS   L.1,1     Senate Finance Committee
NYS   L.2       Assembly
NYS   L.2,1     Assembly Ways and Means Committee
NYS   L.3       Joint Committees
NYS   I.17      Temp Comm to Make a Study of the Governmental Ops of CofNY
NYS   MTA       Metropolitan Transportation Authority
NYS   MTA.1     MTA Board
NYS   MTA.1,1   Committee on Operations of MTA NYCTransit
NYS   MTA.1,2   Committee on Operations of MTA LIRR and LIBuses
NYS   MTA.1,3   Stewart Airport Operations Committee
NYS   MTA.1,4   Committee on MTA Bridges and Tunnels
NYS   MTA.1,6   Finance Committee
NYS   MTA.1,7   Real Estate Committee
NYS   MTA.8     MTA Long Island Railroad
NYS   MTA.9     MTA Long Island Bus
NYS   MTA.10    MTA NYC Transit
NYS   MTA.11    Purchasing Department
NYS   MTA.13    MTA Metro-North Commuter Railroad
NYS   MTA.14    MTA Bridges and Tunnels (formerly TBTA)
NYS   MTA.15    Office of the Inspector General
NYS   PERB      Public Employment Relations Board
NYS   PERB.1    Executive Board
NYS   PERB.2    Administration Section
NYS   PERB.3    Conciliation Section
NYS   PERB.4    Information Section
NYS   PERB.5    Legal Section
NYS   PERB.6    Representation Section
NYS   PERB.7    Research Section
US    C1        House of Representatives
US    C1.2      Appropriations
US    C1.3      National Security (old Armed Services)
US    C1.4      Banking and Financial Services (old B, F, & UA)
US    C1.5      Budget
US    C1.9,1    District of Columbia
US    C1.7      Economic and Educational Opportunities (old Ed & Labor)
US    C1.6      Commerce (old Energy & Com)
US    C1.8      International Relations (old Foreign Affairs)
US    C1.9      Government Reform & Oversight (old Gov Ops)
US    C1.10     House Oversight
US    C1.14     Judiciary
US    C1.9,2    Civil Service
US    C1.17     Transportation & Infrastructure (old Pub Wks & Transp)
US    C1.18     Rules
US    C1.19     Science (old Sci & Tech)
US   C1.20    Small Business
US   C1.21    Standards of Official Conduct
US   C1.22    Veterans Affairs
US   C1.23    Ways and Means
US   C1.24    Democratic Steering and Policy Committee
US   C1.26    National Republican Congressional Committee
US   C1.27    Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
US   C1.28    Republican Policy Committee
US   C1.29    Select Committee on Aging
US   C1.30    Select Committee on Committees
US   C1.31    Select Committee on Congressional Operations
US   C1.32    Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control
US   C1.34    Select Committee on Population
US   C1.35    Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families
US   C2.2     Appropriations
US   C2.3     Armed Services
US   C2.4     Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
US   C2.5     Budget
US   C2.6     Commerce, Science and Transportation
US   C2.6A    District of Columbia
US   C2.7     Energy and Natural Resources
US   C2.8     Environment and Public Works
US   C2.9     Finance
US   C2.10    Foreign Relations
US   C2.10A   Government Operations
US   C2.11    Governmental Affairs
US   C2.12    Judiciary
US   C2.13    Labor and Human Resources
US   C2.14    Rules and Administration
US   C2.16    Democratic Policy Committee
US   C2.17    Legislative Review Committee
US   C2.19    National Republican Senatorial Committee
US   C2.20    Republican Conference of the Senate
US   C2.21    Republican Policy Committee
US   C2.22    Select Committee on Ethics
US   C2.25    Select Committee on Small Business
US   C2.26    Special Committee on Aging
US   C3       Joint Committees
US   C3.1     Joint Committee on the Library
US   C3.2     Joint Committee on Printing
US   C3.3     Joint Committee on Taxation
US   C3.4     Joint Economic Committee
US   C6       Congressional Commissions and Boards
US   C5       Congressional Offices
US   C5.1     Congressional Budget Office
US   C5.2     General Accounting Office
US   C5.3     Government Printing Office
US   C5.4     Library of Congress
US   C5.4,4   Congressional Research Service
US   C5.4,7   Copyright Office
US   C5.5     Office of Technology Assessment
US   C4       Legislation
US    C4.1       Bills, House of Representatives
US    C4.2       Bills, Senate
US    C4.3       Bills, Executive Proposals
US    C4.4       Public Laws
US    C4.5       Compilation of Laws
US    E1         Executive Office of the President
US    E1.1       Central Intelligence Agency
US    E1.2       Council of Economic Advisors
US    E1.3       Council on Environmental Quality
US    E1.4       Council on Wage and Price Stability
US    E1.5       National Security Council
US    E1.6       Office of Administration
US    E1.7       Office of Management and Budget
US    E1.8       Office of Science and Technology Policy
US    E1.9       Special Representative for Trade Negotiations
US    E1.10      White House Office
US    E2         Department of Agriculture
US    E3         Commerce Department
US    E3.1       Administration, Office of the Assistant Secretary for
US    E3.3       Economic and Statistics Administration
US    E3.4       Congressional Relations Staff
US    E3.5       Domestic Business Development, Bureau of
US    E3.7       Economic Anaysis Bureau
US    E3.8       Economic Development Administration
US    E3.10      Field Operations, Bureau of
US    E3.11      Fire Administration, US
US    E3.12A     Industrial Economics, Bureau of
US    E3.12B     International Trade Administration
US    E3.17      Product Standards, Office of
US    E3.18      Public Affairs, Office of
US    E3.19      Regional Commissions
US    E3.20      Standards, National Bureau of
US    E3.21      National Technical Information Service
US    E3.22      Telecommunications & Information Administration, National
US    E3.23      Trade Regulation Bureau
NYS   MTA.10,1   NYCT
US    E4         Defense Department
US    E5         Education Department
US    E5.1       Office of the Secretary
US    E5.2       Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education
US    E5.3       Federal Interagency Committee on Education
US    E5.4       Inspector General
US    E5.6       Management
US    E5.7       Planning and Budget
US    E5.8       Congressional Relations
US    E5.9       Public Affairs
US    E5.10      Private Education
US    E5.12      Elementary and Secondary Education
US    E5.13      Educational Research and Improvement
US    E5.14      Vocational and Adult Education
US    E5.15      Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
US    E5.17      Postsecondary Education
US   E6         Energy, Department of
US   E6.1       Office of the Secretary of Energy
US   E6.2       Committees and Boards
US   E6.3       Economic Regulatory Administration
US   E6.4       Energy Information Administration
US   E6.5       Energy Regulatory Commission, Federal
US   E6.6       Energy Research, Office of
US   E6.7       Environment
US   E6.8       Inspector General
US   E6.9       Policy and Evaluation
US   E6.10      Procurement and Contracts Management
US   E7         Health and Human Services, Department of
US   E7.1       Administration on Aging
US   E7.2       Administration for Children & Families
US   E7.2,1     Children, Youth & Families Administration
US   E7.2,2     Office of Family Assistance
US   E7.2,3     Child Support Enforcement Office
US   E7.4       Public Health Service
US   E7.4,1     Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Agency
US   E7.4,2     Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
US   E7.4,3     Food and Drug Administration
US   E7.3       Health Care Financing Administration
US   E7.4,5     National Institutes of Health
US   E7.4,5-0   Cancer Institute, National
US   E7.4,5-1   Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, National
US   E7.4,5-2   Library of Medicine, National
US   E7.4,6     Health Care Policy & Research Agency
US   E7.4,7     Health Resources Administration
US   E7.4,7-0   Health Facilities Financing, Compliance and Conversion
US   E7.4,7-1   Health Manpower, Bureau of
US   E7.4,7-2   Health Planning, Bureau of
US   E7.4,7-3   Office of Health Maintenance Organizations
US   E7.4,8     Health Services Administration
US   E7.4,8-1   Community Health Services, Division of
US   E7.4,8-2   Emergency Medical Services, Division of
US   E7.4,8-3   Federal Employee Health, Division of
US   E7.4,8-4   Hospitals and Clinics, Division of
US   E7.4,9     Indian Health Service
US   E7.4,8-6   Medical Services, Bureau of
US   E7.4,8-7   Prisons Medical Program, Bureau of
US   E7.4,8-8   Workers' Compensation, Office of
US   E7.5       Social Security Administration
US   E7.5,0     Fact Booklets/Statistics/General
US   E7.6       Office of the Inspector General
US   E8         Housing and Urban Development, Department of
US   E8.1       Office of the Secretary
US   E8.2       Administration
US   E8.3       Community Planning and Development
US   E8.4       Consumer Affairs and Regulatory Functions
US   E8.7       Federal Housing Commissioner
US   E8.8       Federal Insurance Administration
US   E8.11      HUD Field Offices
US   E8.12     Inspector General
US   E8.13     Legislative Affairs
US   E8.14     New Community Development Corporation
US   E8.15     Policy Development and Research
US   E9        Justice, Department of
US   E9.1      Offices
US   E9.1,1    Attorney General
US   E9.1,6    Legislative Affairs
US   E9.1,7    Office of Legal Policy
US   E9.1,2    Justice Management Division
US   E9.2      Divisions
US   E9.2,1    Antitrust Division
US   E9.2,2    Civil Division
US   E9.2,3    Civil Rights Division
US   E9.2,4    Criminal Division
US   E9.2,5    Land and Natural Resources Division
US   E9.2,6    Tax Division
US   E9.3      Bureaus
US   E9.3,1    Federal Bureau of Investigation
US   E9.3,2    Bureau of Prisons
US   E9.3,3    US Marshals Service
US   E9.3,4    Immigration and Naturalization Service
US   E9.3,5    Drug Enforcement Administration
US   E9.13     National Institute of Justice
US   E10       Labor, Department of
US   E10.1     Administration and Management, Office of the Assistant Sec
US   E10.2     Employee and Training Administration
US   E10.3     Employment Standards Administration
US   E10.4     International Labor Affairs, Bureau of
US   E10.5     Labor-Management Service Administration
US   E10.5,1   Office of the Assistant Secretary
US   E10.5,2   Administration and Management Office
US   E10.5,3   Labor-Management Policy Development Office
US   E10.5,4   Labor-Management Relations Service Office
US   E10.5,5   Labor-Management Standards Enforcement Office
US   E10.5,6   Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration
US   E10.5,7   Planning, Evaluation and Systems Office
US   E10.5,8   Veterans' Employment Rights Office
US   E10.6     Bureau of Labor Statistics
US   E10.7     Mine Safety and Health, Assistant Secretary for
US   E10.8     Occupational Safety and Health Administration
US   E10.9     Regional Offices
US   E10.10    Secretary, Office of the
US   E10.11    Solicitor, Office of the
US   E10.12    Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration
US   E10.13    Office of Inspector General
US   E11       State, Department of
US   E12       Transportation, Department of
US   E12.1     Office of the Secretary
US   E12.3     Federal Aviation Administration
US   E12.4     Federal Highway Administration
US   E12.5     Federal Railroad Administration
US    E12.6       National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
US    E12.7       Urban Mass Transportation Administration
US    E12.8       St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
US    E12.9       Bureau of Transportation Statistics
US    E12.10      Federal Transit Administration
US    E13         Treasury, Department of the
US    E13.1       Office of the Secretary
US    E13.2       Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
US    E13.3       Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
US    E13.4       Customs Service
US    E13.6       Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
US    E13.7       Fiscal Service/Bureau of Government Financial Operations
US    E13.8       Internal Revenue Service
US    E13.10      Bureau of Public Debt
NYS   I.10        Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
NYS   I.14        State Insurance Fund
NYS   I.15        State University of New York
NYS   RS.5        Teachers' Retirement Systems
US    IC.BCCHC    Bi-Partisan Commission on Comprehensive Health Care
US    IC.DCC      Defense Conversion Commission
US    I.FDIC      Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
US    IC.NCAIDS   National Commission on AIDS
US    IC.NLIHPC   National Low-Income Housing Preservation Commission
US    I.NYFEB     New York Federal Executive Board
US    I.OPM       Office of Personnel Management
US    I.PBGC      Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
US    IC.PPAC     Prospective Payment Assessment Commission
US    IC.PPRC     Physician Payment Review Commission
NYC   DCP         City Planning, Department of
NYC   DP          Personnel, Department of
NYC   COM.FCH     Future of Child Health
NYC   COM.HA      Housing Authority
NYC   COM.ATF     AIDS Task Force
NYC   COM.MMAB    Mayor's Management Advisory Board
NYC   M.24        Ad Hoc Committees, Task Forces & Special Counsels
REG   EC.00       Banking and Investment
REG   EN          Environment
REG   EN.00       Issues and Legislation
REG   EN.11       Energy Statistics
REG   EN.22       Environmental Planning and Conversion
REG   EN.33       Pollution
REG   EN.44       Solid Waste Collection and Disposal
REG   EN.55       Utilities
REG   EN.66
REG   EN.77
REG   EN.88       New York Area
REG   EN.99       Miscellaneous
REG   Z.00        General
REG   Z.10        Philosophy
REG   Z.20        Religion
REG   Z.30        Social Science
REG   Z.40      Language
REG   Z.60      Technology
REG   Z.80      Political Philosophy
REG   Z.90      History
NYS   I.5       Financial Control Board
REG   HC.44,8   Nursing
NYS   I.11      Permanent Comm on Public Employee Pension & Retirement Sys
NYS   I.6       Governor's Health Care Advisory Board
NYC   CB        Office of Collective Bargaining
NYC   BP        Borough Presidents
NYC   BP.01     Manhattan Borough President
NYC   BP.02     Bronx Borough President
NYC   BP.03     Brooklyn Borough President
NYC   BP.04     Queens Borough President
NYC   BP.05     Staten Island Borough President
NYC   RS        Retirement Systems
NYC   RS.01     Retirement Systems - Board of Education
NYC   RS.02     Retirement Systems - Teachers
NYC   RS.03     Retirement Systems - NYC Employees
NYC   RS.04     Retirement Systems - Fire
NYC   RS.05     Retirement Systems - Police
NYS   I         Independent Agencies
NYC   I.        Independent Agencies
NYC   I.PPB     Procurement Policy Board
US    I.FFC     Federal Trade Commission
US    I.        Independent Agencies
REG   U.66,6    New York City
NYS   I.2       Council on Graduate Medical Education
NYS   L.5       Senate-Assembly
NYS   I.13      Special Commission on Educational Structure, Policies & Pr
NYC   M.25      Finance and Economic Development
NYC   M.25,1    Economic Policy & Marketing Group
NYC   I.ECF     Educational Construction Fund
REG   U.44,6    New York City
REG   GS.88,1   General
REG   GS.88,6   New York City incl hospitals
REG   GS.88,9   Sanitation
NYC   PD        Police Department
NYC   CC        City Council
NYC   CC.3      Council Committees
NYC   CC.4      City Clerk of the Council
NYC   DCP.1     Strategic Planning
NYC   DCP.3     Needs Assessments/Indicators/Inventories
NYC   DF.11     Audit and Enforcement
NYC   DA        Aging, Department of
NYC   I.RSB     Rent Stabilization Board
NYS   I.4       Charter Revision Commission for NYC
NYS   I.8       Municipal Assistance Corp
NYC   I.SCA     School Construction Authority
NYC   DMH       Mental Health Dept
NYC   COM.CRC   Charter Revision
NYC   COM.      Temporary Commissions/Task Forces
NYS   DEC        Environmental Conservation Dept
REG   T.88       Miscellaneous
REG   T.99       Air Transportation
NYC   CC.5       Finance Division
NYS   I.1        Commission for Constitutional Revision (NYS)
US    E7.3,1     Medicaid Bureau
NYS   I.3        Council on Economic and Fiscal Priorities
NYC   DI         Investigation Dept
REG   U.55,6     New York City
REG   R.00,1     Private Employees
REG   R.00,2     Public Employees
REG   T.77,6     NYC
REG   U.22,6     New York City
REG   U.11,6     New York City
REG   U.33,6     New York City
NYC   BP.01,1    Task Forces
NYC   COM.RPTR   Real Property Tax Reform
NYS   I.7        Housing Finance Agency
NYS   I.12       Commission on Quality Care for the Mentally Disabled
NYS   DE.10,1    Fiscal Analysis and Services Unit
NYS   L.2,2      Assembly Health Committee
NYS   I.9        New York Power Authority
US    E1.11      Executive Councils
US    E7.4,2-1   National Center for Health Statistics
US    E7.4,2-2   National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
US    E7.4,2-3   cccc
US    E7.4,5-3   National Health Institutes - Other
US    E7.3,2     Medicare Bureau
US    E7.5,1     Social Security Administration Regional Offices
US    E10.6,1    BLS Regional Offices
US    E7.7       Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
REG   ED.22,6    New York City
REG   GS.88,8    Transit
NYS   L.1,2      Senate Committees
NYS   L.1,3      Senate Commissions
REG   GS.88,3    Federal services/functions
REG   GS.88,4    States
REG   GS.88,5    Cities and counties (other than NYC)
REG   GS.88,7    Uniformed Services (police, fire, correction, ems)
REG   GS.11,6    Police Services, NYC
REG   HC.11,4    Medicare
REG   T.88,6     NYC
NYS   RS         NYS Retirement Systems
US    E12.1,1    Consumer Affairs Office
US    E3.3,1     Bureau of the Census
REG   ED.33,1    National
REG   ED.33,2    States
REG   ED.33,3    City and Local
REG   R.22,1     Federal
REG   R.22,2     State
REG   R.22,6     New York (State and City)
REG   L.01,1-1   General Municipal & County
REG   L.01,1-3   Fire
REG   1.01,1-4   Police
REG   L.01,1-5   Higher education
REG   L.01,1-4   Elementary & Secondary education
REG   L.00,1-5   Higher education
REG   L.00,1-2   Police
REG   L.01,1-2   Police
REG   T.77,1     Bus
REG   T.77,2     Heavy rail
REG   HC.00,2    State Vital Statistics
REG   HC.00,9    Specialized Vital Statistics
REG   HC.00,6    NYC & NYS Vital Stats
REG   HC.00,1    National Vital Stats
REG   HC.00,3    Municipal Vital Stats
US    E12.11     -------------------------
REG   GS.66,2    State Government
REG   GS.66,4    Municipal Government
REG   L.01,4     Private Sector, NYS
REG   L.01,5     Private Sector, other US
REG   L.00,1-3   Fire
REF   2.8        Subject Bibliographies
REG   HC.22,4    Laws and Legislation
REG   HC.22,5    Litigation/Court Decisions
US    E7.3,3     Managed Care Office
NYS   DED.9      Small Business Division
REG   HC.22,6    Pharmaceuticals
NYS   L.5,1      Assembly Bills
NYS   L.5,2      Senate Bills
NYS   L.5,3      Acts
NYS   L.2,3      Assembly Committees
NYS   L.2,4      Assembly Commissions
NYS   G.4        Employee Relations Office
NYS   G.15       Inspector General
NYS   DTF.5      New York State Lottery
NYS   DLW.6      Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
US    E7.5,2     Office of Research, Evaluation and Statistics
US    E7.5,3     SSI
REG   GS.33,4    Recycling
US    IC.        Commissions
US    I.NLRB     National Labor Relations Board
US    E12.10,1   Technical Assistance & Safety Office
REG   HC.22,7    Health Care Reform
REG   L.00,1-4   Elementary & secondary education
NYS   G.19       Regulatory & Management Assistance Office
NYC   M.21,1     Giuliani Mayoralty 1994-
US    I.GSA      General Services Administration
NYS   G.5        Mental Health Office
US    I.RRB      Railroad Retirement Board
REG   L.88,1-6   Private Sector
NYC   M.12,1     Financial Plan
NYC   M.12,3     Executive Budget
NYC   M.12,4     Adopted Budget
REG   L.88,1-3     Public Sector, states
REG   L.88,2-3     Public Sector, states
REG   L.88,2-6     Private Sector
REG   R.00         Retirement Surveys
REG   R            Retirement, Pensions, Social Security
REG   R.44         Retirement Systems: Descriptions, Analyses
REG   R.44,1       Private systems
REG   R.44,2       Public systems
REG   R.44,2-2     Public systems, local governments
REG   R.44,2-3     Public systems, federal (other than fed docs)
REG   R.44,2-1     Public systems, states
NYS   MTA.10,1-1   Rapid
NYS   MTA.10,1-2   Buses
NYC   M.12,2       Forecast Documentation
NYS   DAC.12,1     Audit Reports
NYS   DAC.12,5     Financial Plan Reports
NYS   DAC.12,3     Technical Memos, NYC economy
NYS   DAC.12,4     Technical Memos, other than NYC economy
NYS   DAC.12,2     Follow-up Reports
REG   ED.88,1-3    New York State
REG   EC.88,1-2    New York City
REG   EC.88,1-1    New York state
REG   EC.88,1-3    New York City metro region
NYC   RS.06        Cultural Systems
NYC   RS.07        Nonactuarial systems
NYC   RS.09        Office of the Actuary
NYS   DAC.12,6     Letter Reports
NYS   DAC.12,7     Staff Studies
REG   HC.88,1-1    Health Systems Agency
REG   HC.88,1      Health Planning New York City
REG   HC.88,2      Interstudy
NYC   I.HA         Housing Authority
NYC   I.HHC        Health & Hospitals Corporation
US    E10.6,2      Office of the Commissioner
US    E10.6,3      Office of Compensation and Working Conditions
US    E7.5,4       Board of Trustees
REG   HC.33,8      Greater NY Hospital Association
US    I.ICC        Interstate Commerce Commission (now Surface Transp. Bd.)
REG   HC.11,5      Medicaid
US    I.NRPC       National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak)
NYC   M.12,6       Collective Bargaining
REG   T.55,1       Passenger Railways
REG   T.55,2       Freight Railways
REG   T.55,1-1     High-speed Pass Railways
NYS   I.5,1        Financial Plan Reviews
NYS   I.5,2        Financial Plan Modification Reviews
NYS   I.5,4        Fiscal Year Reviews
NYS   I.5,5        Review of Collective Bargaining Agreements
NYS   I.5,8        Reports on NYC Economy/Fiscal Indicators
NYS   I.5,9        Special Reports
NYC   C.1,1        Reports on Financial Plan/Operating Budget
NYC   C.1,5        Comprehensive Annual Reports
NYC   C.1,2       Reports on Capital Budget, debt service
NYC   C.1,3       Reports on Contract Budget
NYS   DAC.12,8    Miscellaneous Reports
REG   L.01        Labor Agreements
REG   L.01,1      Public Sector
REG   L.01,1-6    Sanitation
REG   L.00,2      Public Sector other than NYC
REG   L.00,1-1    General Employees
REG   L.00,1-6    Sanitation
REG   L.00,1-7    Transit
REG   L.01,1-7    Transit
US    E3.3,1-1    Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division
REG   GA.11,7     New York state
REG   GA.00,7     New York state
NYC   BE          Board of Estimate
NYC   PA          Public Advocate
NYC   CCP         Office of the President of the Council
NYC   CC.1        Speaker of the City Council
NYC   COM.MSCC    Medicaid Services and Cost Containment Task Force
US    E10.6,4     Office of Prices and Living Conditions
REG   L.00,2-1    Local government (municipal and county)
REG   L.00,2-2    School districts
REG   L.00,2-3    State government
REG   L.00,2-4    Higher education
REG   L.00,1-8    Correction
REG   L.01,1-8    Correction
REG   L.01,1-9    State government
REG   T.77,3      Light rail
NYC   CB.7        Interest Arbitration
NYC   CB.8        Grievance Arbitration
REG   HC.00,9-1   Children
US    E3.3,1-2    Business Division
NYC   C.1,4       Reports on City Economy
REF   2.9         Union Directories
NYS   I.5,0       Statements, Letters, etc. Control Board Members
NYC   DCP.2       Demographic studies
NYC   DCP.4       Land Use studies/Zoning
NYC   DCP.5       Capital plannning
NYC   DCP.1,1     Citywide
NYC   DCP.1,2     Neighborhood
NYC   DCP.7       Transportation planning
NYC   DCP.6       Housing
NYC   DCP.8       Economic Development
NYC   DCP.9       Borough Planning Offices
NYC   DCP.1,1-1   Waterfront studies
NYC   DCP.7,1     Westway
NYC   DCP.7,2     Public transit
NYC   M.12,1-1    Full Time Staffing Levels
NYC   M.12,3-1    Full Time Staffing Levels
NYC   M.12,4-1    Full Time Staffing Levels
NYC   M.12,5      Planned Headcount
NYC   M.12,1-3    Line Sorts
US    E10.6,5     Office of Productivity and Technology
NYS   MTA.1,5     Committee on Operations of MTA Metro-North RR
NYS   MTA.1,8     Information Systems, Technology & Planning Dept
US    E12.10,2    Office of Capital and Formula Assistance
US    E10.12,1    Office of Economic Research and Analysis
US    E10.6,6     Office of Employment and Unemployment Statistics
REG   T.77,7      San Francisco
REG   HC.22,8     Occupational Health/Safety
REG   HC.22,8-1   Sanitation
REG   HC.22,8-2   Transit
US    C1.9,3      Postal Service
US    C1.11       Resources (old Interior & Insular Affairs)
US    C1.12       Agriculture
US    C1.17,1     Railroads
US    C1.17,2     Surface Transportation
US    C1.6,1      Health and Environment
US    C1.17,3     Aviation
US    C3.5        House/Senate Conference Committee(s) ad hoc
REG   HC.11,7     Long-Term Care
US    C5.2,1      Medicaid reports
US    C5.2,2      Medicare/Medigap reports
REG   HC.66,1     Publically owned
REG   EC.88,1-4   Upstate Regions
NYC   FD          Fire Department
REG   HC.88,3     Health Planning/Area Studies (other than NYC)
US    E3.3,1-3    Population Division
US    E1.7,1      Federal Budget
US    E10.6,7     Office of Employment Projections
US    E3.3,1-4    Governments Division
REG   HC.22,9     Substance Use/Abuse/Treatment
NYC   DHPD.6      Policy Analysis and Research
REG   I.55        Life Insurance
NYS   I.16        Sel Comm on the Future of the State-Local Mtl Hlth Sys
US    IC.PCSF     President's Commission on School Finance
US    I.NMB       National Mediation Board
REG   U.77,6      New York City
REG   GA.44,6-1   Citizens Budget Commission
REG   GA.44,6-2   Citizens Union
REG   GA.44,6-3   City Club
REG   R.55,1      Public Employee Retirement Systems
REG   GA.44,6-4   Community Trust
REG   R.55,2      Private Pensions
REG   R.55,2-1    Investments
US    IC.SEC      Securities and Exchange Commission
US    C5.2,7      Social Security/Disability/Workers' Comp/SSI reports
US    C5.2,8      Pensions (public & private) reports
NYS   I.18        Council on Health Care Financing
NYC   M.12,3-2    Message of the Mayor
NYC   M.12,3-3    Capital
REG   ED.44,1     Educational Reform
REG   EN.55,1     Electric
REG   EN.55,2     Gas
NYC   M.12,3-5     Agency Within Object
NYC   M.12,3-6     Object Within Agency
NYC   M.12,4-5     Agency Within Object
NYC   M.12,4-6     Object Within Agency
NYS   MTA.10,1-3   Operating Budget
NYS   MTA.10,1-4   Capital Budget
NYS   MTA.10,1-5   Strategic business plans
NYS   MTA.10,1-6   Environment reports
NYS   MTA.10,1-7   Personnel reports
NYS   MTA.10,1-8   Paratransit/special needs transit
NYC   I.RGB        Rent Guidelines Board
NYC   I.EDC        Economic Development Corporation
US    C5.2,9       Transportation reports
US    C5.2,3       Health Insurance/Employee Health Plan reports
US    C5.2,4       Health Care reports
US    C5.2,10      Housing (incl public housing) & Urban Developmnt reports
US    C5.2,11      Education
US    E10.10,1     Special Task Forces, Commissions, etc
US    E1.11,I      Council on Integrity and Efficiency
US    C5.2,12      Social Services/Welfare/AFDC/Job training reports
US    C5.2,5       Health Care Personnel incl Malpractice reports
REG   T.77,8       London
REG   T.66         Rail/Airport Connections/Access
US    E9.1,3       Office of Justice Programs
US    E9.1,3-1     Bureau of Justice Statistics
US    E10.6,8      Office of Safety, Health, and Working Conditions
REG   L.08,3-1     Railroads/Airlines
US    C5.2,13      Government Administration/Finances/Services reports
US    C5.2,14      Governmental Statistical Programs & Miscellaneous repts.
US    C2           Senate
US    C4.6         Federal Regulations
NYC   I.IBO        Independent Budget Office
NYC   COR          Corporation Counsel
NYC   COR.1        Corp Counsel reports
NYC   COM.CF       City Finances 1976
NYC   CB.1         Special Panels
NYC   DP.1         Reports
REG   GA.44,6-5    Economic Development Council of New York City
REG   PP           Program Planners, Inc.
REG   PP.1         Fiscal Crisis Reports
REG   PP.2         Municipal Labor Committee Reports
REG   GA.44,6-6    Community Service Society
US    E7.5,5       Advisory Council on Social Security
NYS   CS           Court System
NYS   CS.1         Court of Appeals Decisions
NYS   CS.2         Supreme Court Decisions
REG   PP.3         Memorandum/Correspondence
NYC   CB.2         Memorandum/Reports
NYS   I.19         Moreland Act Commission
US    I.FRB        Federal Reserve Board
NYS   AG           Attorney General
NYS   AG.1         News Releases
NYS   I.5,10      Review of Vender Contracts
NYC   I.IDA       Industrial Development Agency
NYS   DAC.12,9    Financial Control Board Reports
REG   U.15        Crime & Delinquency
REG   U.15,6      New York City
REG   Z.50        Cultural Studies
REG   Z.70        Arts & Sciences
NYC   COR.2       Corp Counsel Memoranda
NYC   RS.10       Retirement Systems - NYC (All Five Systems)
REG   HC.11,6     Medicare & Medicaid
NYC   I.PC        Productivity Council
NYC   DS.14       Independent Consultant/Commission Reports
NYC   M.26        Trade Waste Commission
NYS   RS.1        Independent Consultant/Commission Reports
NYC   CB.3        Opinion & Award or Decision
NYS   DFA         Family Assistance, Department of (Supersedes DSS)
NYS   DFA.1       Office of Children and Family Services
NYS   DFA.2       Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
US    IC.PACCPQ   President's Advisory Commission/Consumer Protection & Qual
REG   HC.66,2     GNYHA
REG   GA.44,6-7   Regional Plan Association
NYS   DH.27       Office of Managed Care
US    FI.         Federal Interagencies
US    FI.FCFS     Forum on Child and Family Statistics
REG   R.55,1-1    Investments
NYC   COM.SCR     State-City Relations
REF   2.10        Internet Directories
REG   CH          Correctional Health Care
REG   CH.00       Criminal Justice Institute
REG   CH.11       National Commission on Correctional Health Care
REG   CH.22       Monographs & Miscellany
US    C4.7        Joint Resolutions
NYS   DMH         Mental Hygiene
NYS   DMH.1       Office of Alcholism and Substance Abuse Services
REG   T.00,1      Safety
NYC   CC.3,1      Economic Development
NYC   CC.3,2      Finance
NYC   CC.3,6      Operations
NYC   CC.3,4      Health
NYC   CC.3,3      Government Operations
NYC   EB.19       User Support Services Office
US    IC.NCSSR    National Commission on Social Security Reform
US    C1.36       House Republican Staff
NYC   M.12,4-2    Geographic Report
NYC   M.12,4-3    Capital
US    E12.10,3    Office of Budget and Policy
US    E12.10,4    Office of Planning
US    I.NTSB      National Transportation Safety Board
US    C2.9,1      Advisory Commission
US    I.CSIS      Center for Strategic & International Studies
NYS   I.20        Temporary State Commission on the Powers of Local Governm
NYS   I.21        New York State Urban Development Corporation
NYC   I.JCI      Joint Commission on Integrity in the Public Schools
US    I.USCM     United States Conference of Mayors
NYC   M.12,1-2   Report on Economic Conditions in New York City
NYC   C.1,6      Official Statement, City Bonds
NYS   I.22       Special Task Force on Taxation
REG   PP.4       Oral History Project

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