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					      THE ROUTE

Start                        Railway Station in Calalzo di Cadore
Arrival                      Centre of Cortina – Station Area
Length                       37.2km
Gradient                     -460 m
Surface                      85% tarmac, 15% dirt
Notes                        2km of main road after the village of Peaio

The start is at the Calalzo Railway Station at 765m a.s.l.
The bike rental service is at the nearby “Ostello della Gioventù (Youth Hostel).
The first part of the route is well signed and runs along the main road with a beautiful view of the Central Cadore Lake on the left.
After passing through a few tunnels, there is the old Pieve di Cadore railway station surrounded by trees and meadows (4.8km).
It is a good idea to visit the historical town centre and see Titian’s birthplace and the Glasses Museum in Pieve.
Further on, there is a bridge over the main road SS51 and then Tai di Cadore with a small ice-rink surrounded by a green meadow. The ICE BAR
with its café and children’s playground is the first rental and reconsignment point.
The bus stop is 100m further down in the big square.
Continue pedalling through the woods on the left of the main road and at 6.9km there is the first road crossing where you need to take great care.
After a short distance, there is the village of Valle di Cadore (9.00km). The reconsignment, rental and assistance point DYNAMIC LINE is in the
centre (the bus stop is nearby).
The route continues through a number of short illuminated tunnels. Shortly after a subway, it goes back on to the left of the main road SS51 until
reaching the centre of Venas (12.9km, 870m.a.s.l.). Further on, there is the crossroads with the road SP347 for Forcella Cibiana.
Attention, after a short distance the cycle path passes on to the main road from the La Chiusa locality at 14.8km to the bridge over the Torrente
Rudan (Peaio, 900a.s.l.). The clearly signed return to the tarmac cycle path is on the left.
At 17.4km, there is another road crossing to pass the main road SS51. Be very careful because it is quite dangerous.
At the beginning of Vodo (18.3km, 925m.a.s.l.) there is the next reconsignment point at the FALEGNAMERIA FRENNER (the bus stop is 100m
below on the main road.
Those who continue or start from here ride between the main road SS51 and a thick wood until the first houses of Cancia come into sight.
Turning left at the crossroads with the road that goes up to the “Le Corti” Tourist Village and after 100m, there is another reconsignment point at the
DISTRIBUTORE AGIP (petrol station) and a bus stop.
Below the AGIP petrol station, there is HAPPY PARK, an assistance and rental point with refreshments and a children’s playground.
After Borca (21.7km, 975m.a.s.l.) and the PIO X Social Tourist Centre (22.9km, 990m.a.s.l.), there are some splendid views of the Antelao and
Pelmo Mountains.
After going through the centre of San Vito (12.5km, 1020m.a.s.l.) on a spacious cycle path, the route finishes and cyclists must go down to the main
square to find another reconsignment point and a bus stop at the pizzeria STUZZICA LA VOGLIA (12.2km).
The rental and assistance point at San Vito is at PICCIN SPORT on the left of the main road just before the town hall.
Once past the main square, there is a steep path on the right that leads to the cycle path again. It is asphalted as far as Chiapuzza and then is dirt
track for the rest of the way to Cortina.
Soon after, there is a subway under the main road near a gravel quarry (27.3km) and the track is characterised by gentle ups and downs that pass
through Dogana Vecchia (29.1km, 1120m.a.s.l., a refreshment point: Bar Dogana Vecchia) and Acquabona di Sotto (31.8km) where there is another
refreshment point: Bar Titoto.
At the crossing with the road that leads to the artisan area of Pian da Lago, there are two possibilities: the first is to go straight up to the right to the
local road and cross the main road so as to rejoin the cycle path – ex railway track on the left, the second is to go down to the left on the dirt track
that runs along the bank of the River Boite as far as the Socus locality and there, after crossing the local road to Campo, go up to Zuel (34km) and
rejoin the ex railway track.
We advise the first solution, which has a splendid view of the “Italia” Ski-Jump built for the 1956 Winter Olympic Games in Cortina. It is easy to
reach the base of this ski-jump with a brief detour.
The part of the route that crosses Cortina has tarmac but it is important to be careful, as there are a number of crossings with local roads open to
traffic and pedestrians also use it.
Be very careful when crossing the main road SS51 to the right in the La Riva locality at 35.4km, near a bend.
The centre of Cortina is reached after crossing the big arched bridge over the Torrente Bigontina and passing a large car park where there is the bus
station and the end of our journey (37.2, 1225a.s.l.).
The SNOW SERVICE office with its reconsignment, assistance and rental services, is in Via Marconi 14, in front of the bus station.
Rental and information points
Location        Name           Contact                      Opening time for bike service       Opening Time    Closing Days       Services
Cortina         Snow Service   Via Marconi 14               From the 1st May to the 30th of     08.30-12.30                        Rental
                               Tel. e Fax 0436 862467       September                           14.00 – 18.00                      Assistance
San Vito        Piccin Sport   Corso Italia 5/d                                                 08.30 – 12.30                      Rental
                               Tel. 0436 890205                                                 15.30 – 19.30                      Assistance

Borca di        Happy Park     Via Garibaldi 1              From the 1st May to the 30th of     09.00 – 23.00   Tuesday            Rental
Cadore                         32040 Borca di Cadore        September
                               Tel. 0435 482563

Valle di        Dynamic Line   Via XX Settembre, 63         From the 1st May to the 4th of      08.00-13.00     Sunday             Rental
Cadore                         Tel. 0435 519260             September                           15.00–20.00                        Assistance
                                                            From the 15th of the 30th of
Tai di Cadore   Ice Bar        Via Manzago –                From the 1st May to the 30th of     08.30 – 20.00   Tuesday            Rental
                               Ice Dome on the cycle road   September                                           1 Week closes in
                               Tel. 346 0941137                                                                 June
Tai di Cadore   Racing Point   Via F. Coletti, 64           From the 1st of May to the 4th of   09.00-12.30     Sunday and         Assistance
                               Tel. 0435 31122              September                           15.30-19.30     Monday
                                                            From the 15th to the 30th of
Calalzo         Sportler       Via Stazione, 12                                                                                    Rental
                               Tel. 0435 501083                                                                                    Assistance

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