00. Prepare to install SPIP

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00. Prepare to install SPIP
Choose the platform for hosting your SPIP site

                                      What will I learn to do?
In this lesson you will learn how to choose the platform* on which you can install your SPIP site.

This platform will be suited for your needs:

- Required softwares
- Bandwidth* capacity
- RAM* capacity
- Memory storage
- Processor* capacity
- Mailing capacity
- Upload capacity
                                         Why would I do this?
Taking the time to choose your configuration for your SPIP site is extremely important.

First, you must make sure you are going to install SPIP in a place where all conditions for SPIP to work are

Second, don’t forget that editors are going to work on the platform you are going to set up, this space is
going to be nothing less than their workplace; it means a place where they are going to spend a lot of
time. If this one is slow, generates a lot of bugs, you are going to produce useless frustrations and loose

In the other hand if you choose a platform which is far too strong regarding your need you will spend
money for nothing.

                                 What are the basics I need?

During this entire lesson we are going to use the Dream Host [2] company like host provider to illustrate
our examples.

This host is very well known around the world and can provide a very big range of hosting solutions from
very small to very big need.

Of course many others provide excellent service as well. Especially if your country is out of Europe or USA
you should consider a more local provider.

Dream Host presentation

The first thing you need to check is:

MySQL* version 3 or greater, and the authorizations to create and access one database.

PHP* version 4 or greater, (SPIP 1.8 should work with PHP version 3 but we do not recommend that


Even if 15 Mo of disk capacity is enough to get started, you should go for 50 Mo of disk capacity.

The database grows slowly, because it stores only textual information, but the IMG folder of SPIP grows
much more quickly, because it stores a lot of images and documents (PDF files, movies and so on).

A minimum of 15 Mo of disk capacity.

Nearly all providers propose these features or more, as soon as you choose a package that includes PHP
and MySQL, but you must check that first.

                         Should I buy my own domain?

If you do not already have a website, you may not own a domain* either.

In this case your provider is going to build for you a sub-domain like "". Then your
visitors will be able to find your site using this url :

But if you want your visitors find your site with you’ll have to buy your own

The simplest way is to buy the domain and the hosting solution to the same provider (or ISP*).

The provider will configure the domain for you, so you won’t have to deal with Domain Name Service* and
virtual host*.

                           In a nutshell, what do I need?
- MySQL 3 or greater
- PHP 4 or greater
- 50 Mo of disk capacity
- A domain
That’s it!

                                     Beyond the basics
Here is a list of reasons that can let you state that your needs are no so basic:


As your site grows, you may consider hosting it on a dedicated server

This will free you from the constraints of a shared server* listed above.

On the other hand, you will have to administrate this dedicated server*, which requires advanced
technical skills.

- You want to have more than 4000 unique visit per day on our site.

- You will propose to download heavy document, like PDF books for instance.
- You will send a lot of mails, because you make an intensive use of forum or make a lot of newsletters.
All these cases are around bandwidth and RAM capacity, and it’s hard to give generic recommendations
without knowing accurately your constraints.

However what you should keep in mind is:

- Disk capacity is often cheap and increasing it is not a major issue.
- Bandwidth and RAM capacity are expansive; beside, if you use a shared server you don’t have real
control on this.
   I have bought a domain with a host solution, what is
Once you have bought the domain and the host solution that comes along, your provider is going to give
you very important information:

Your FTP account information, that you will use to upload all the needed files to your hosting account:

- FTP host
- FTP login
- FTP password
Your MySQL account information, that you will need during the install process:

- MySQL host
- MySQL login
- MySQL password

Some hosting packages do not include a database by default: you have to create your database yourself
using the back-office provided by your web host.

Your web host will give you the information to access this back-office in the mail you receive once your
new account is created.

Make sure your provider has created a database for you in the MySQL server.

Now you know how to prepare the installation of SPIP online.

You have learnt the basic needs to have SPIP working properly and a way to get them in an all in one



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