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                                              The   Utah Public
                                                   Employee                              October

                          Retirement Board Adopts Pension
Inside                    Contribution Rate Increases
this issue                    The Utah Retirement Systems has adopted a contribution rate increase
  Volume 52, No. 5        for the pension system, as recommended by the URS independent actuary.
                              The state funds the rate increases through the General Fund based on
President's Message   2   URS recommendations. URS attributes the increases to several factors:

Salt Lake Count &         •   A decline in active URS members in the past two years has spread fund
Local Gov't Update            losses over fewer participants
UPEA-CNS Flu Shot         •   Investment gains and losses are spread over a five year period and the
                      5       2008 loss continues to roll over into contribution rates
  Clinic Schedule
                          •   Participants are living longer, and draw more pension funds
Steps to Becoming a
                              The contribution rate increases are slowed by the state’s lack of
 PEHP Introduces          employee salary raises, which lessens the overall benefits that employees
  New Director            collect at retirement.
2nd VP and CAPE               Employees who were hired before July 1, 2011 will not be directly
Vacancy Deadlines         impacted by the rate increase; however, the increases factor into the 2012
PEHP State Reserves       budget for employees’ total compensation.
                    10        Employees who were hired after July 1, 2011, and chose the Tier II
   Audit Update
                          Hybrid plan will see a decrease in their 401(k) contribution rate to offset
UPEA Talking Points 16    the pension contribution rate increase. The current 401(k) contribution is

                          2.41% of an employee’s yearly salary. The rate will go down to 1.59% of
                          an employees’ yearly salary.

     See Page 5
     The Utah Public Employee                                             October 2011

            President's Message                                                           Who’s Who at
                                             remind individuals that UPEA held a
                                             rally in 2010 to preserve the retirement
                                             system for all public employees. They
                                             would like individuals to know about
                                             the merit system that is so integral to
                                                                                         UPEA Elected Officers
                                             your career.
                                                 UPEA staff needs your help. UPEA        Marsha Bentley, President
                                             tries to reach every public employee,       Dennis Sorensen, First Vice
                                             but needs you to carry the message          President
                                             forward. We need you to show non-
                                                                                         Dennis Kay, Second Vice President
   The Utah Public Employees’ As-            members the historical background be-
                                                                                         Ron Velasquez, Past President
sociation staff and volunteers have been     hind UPEA. We need you to stay up on
working hard while having fun at Public      the issues and let non-members know
Employee Appreciation Days (PEADs),          what is at stake. We need you to help          UPEA State Board
which are held at work sites throughout      communicate how much more effective         Sharlene Thomas, Higher
the state.                                   and louder our voices will be heard if      Education
   The events provide UPEA staff an          everyone participated in UPEA and the       Jerry Pope, Law Enforcement
opportunity to recruit members, update       political process.
                                                                                         Barry Vincent, Retirees District
individuals on UPEA’s efforts and, most          One of the greatest assets UPEA
                                                                                         Norman Rentschler,
importantly, show appreciation for the       members have is information. I en-
                                             courage you to carry the information        Mountainlands District
great services you provide.
   While attending one of these PEADs,       forward and help UPEA find members          Alene Stringham, Ogden Valley
I overheard a conversation between a         who are willing to give up their daily      District
member and a non-member that went            soda for added job security, respect, and   Mark Murray, Transportation
like this:                                   a voice with policy makers.                 Deb McBride, Wasatch Multi-
   UPEA Member: “You should join                 Your UPEA staff will continue to
the Association. 2012 is going to be a       make opportunities for you to learn
tough Legislative session and UPEA is        more about the issues and, hopefully,
                                             find those non-members who have
                                                                                                  UPEA Staff
the only voice that lobbies for you.”
   Non UPEA Member: “I’ll join just          been in the dark. Please look forward       Audry Wood, Executive Director
as soon as I see the Association doing       to attending upcoming Q&A sessions                Employee Relations
something for me.”                           and delegate trainings with UPEA staff.             Representatives
   Your UPEA staff knows the issues          These are great opportunities for you to
                                                                                                  Todd Losser
very well and would like to show             get involved.
                                                 Finally, I would like to extend a                Todd Sutton
every employee how UPEA preserved
                                             warm thanks to the UPEA volunteers                 Christy Cushing
employees’ sick leave benefits during
the 2011 session. They would like to         who made this year’s PEADs very suc-               Christine House
                                             cessful.                                              Kory Cox
Advertising herein and mention of organizations, individuals, products, etc., does
not constitute an endorsement. The Utah Public Employee (ISSN 1052-2719) is pub-         Susan Beauregard, Field Services
lished bi-monthly by the Utah Public Employees’ Association,
1000 W. Bellwood Lane, Murray, UT 84123-4494. Phone: 264-8732 or
(800) 224-8732 Fax: 264-8879 Internet:
Postmaster: Send address changes to: Utah Public Employees’ Association, 1000            Lon Child, CPA
W. Bellwood Lane, Murray, UT 84123-4494. Subscription rates are $6 per year.
Periodical Postage Paid at Salt Lake City, UT 84199

  The Utah Public Employee                                      October 2011

Salt Lake County and Local Government Update
                                      last two years.” He added, “Every     employees' benefits without their
 Salt Lake County $17 Million         household in this economy is          input.
       Budget Shortfall               impacted, but cutting employees          The Association’s recent
                                      who provide the necessary services    recruitment drive at has centered
    The Utah Public Employees’        for economic recovery does not        on unifying employees to
Association is actively involved      solve our problems.”                  affect the outcome of the city’s
in the Salt Lake County budget            The Association has proposed      municipal elections. UPEA relies
process throughout the summer and     a money-saving plan that would        on members to participate in
into November.                        allow employees more retirement       local government offices. The
    The County Council recently       options when they cash out their      UPEA Citizen Action by Public
instituted a county-wide hiring       vacation and sick leave. The          Employees Committee endorses
freeze that affects non-temporary     Association is also vetting another   candidates based on the local PAC
positions. County departments         buy-out for employees who have        interviews.
were also asked to cut 6% out of      30 or more years of service.             UPEA is the state’s largest
their budgets in the wake of a $17                                          public employee advocate. The
million projected shortfall for the     UPEA Encouraging West               Association is effective in local
2012 Fiscal Year.                       Jordan City Employees to            governments because its members
    UPEA Employee                                 Unify                     are politically active on the
Representative, Todd Sutton,                                                municipal level as well as the state
said, “We want the Council and           The Utah Public Employees’         level.
Mayor’s office to make decisions      Association is recruiting members
that won’t undercut employees         in West Jordan City after the
who have sacrificed much in the       City Council moved to change

Public Employee Appreciation Days Coming to an End
By Christine House                                        season kicks off and we start to gear up for the
                                                          upcoming legislative session. Public Employee
     UPEA staff and volunteers have fed thousands of      Appreciation Days will continue through September.
employees since the Public Employee Appreciation          Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to
Days (PEADs) kicked off in June.                          come and help and also thank you to the employees
     The PEADs provide a great opportunity for            who came outside and ate lunch with us.
employees to enjoy each others company, the beautiful
weather, and good food. These events give UPEA
staff the opportunity to speak to public employees
one-on-one to hear their concerns about things that are
working well and the things that need improvement.
     UPEA provides lunch for over 26 agencies
thoughout the summer. Members and non members
speak with our exclusive vendors which include; Utah
Educational Savings Plan, Republic Mortgage, AAA,
AFLAC, Financial Educational Systems, Costco, Jed
Miner & Associates, and Mountain America Credit
     These events are a nice interlude before campaign
The Utah Public Employee                                                           October 2011

                  Not getting a
           flu immunization this year?
                         What’s your excuse?

I got the flu vaccine once and still got sick.                     I heard you can get the flu from
Even if you got a flu vaccine, there are still reasons why you
might have felt flu-like symptoms:
                                                                   getting a flu immunization.

                                                                   I got a flu shot last year, I don’t need
I’m healthy and don’t need a flu vaccine.                          another one this year.
                                                                   Previous flu vaccines will not protect you from getting the flu this

  The Utah Public Employee                                              October 2011

          2011 UPEA-CNS Flu Shot Clinics
UPEA, 1000 W Bellwood                     Workforce Services, 140 E 300 S          Comm. & Economic Dev., 324 S
Conference Room                           Room 101 South                           State
Sept 26, 11-2                             Oct 3, 10-2                              5th Floor Conference Room 501
                                                                                   Oct 11, 10-1
Recovery Services, 515 E 100 S            Health, 288 North 1460 W
9th Floor Conference Room                 Conference 114                           Tax Commission, 210 N 1950 W
Sept 27, 10-2                             Oct 4, 9-1                               1026 – Conference Room
                                                                                   Oct 12, 9-2
Logan Human Services, 115 Golf            Heber Wells Bldg, 160 E 300 S
Course Rd                                 North Conference Room                    SLC Human Services, 195 N
Large Conference                          Oct 5, 10-2                              1950 W
Sept 28, 9-12                                                                      1020C
                                          Ogden Regional Center, 2540              Oct 13, 10-2
Education, 250 E 500 S                    Washington
North Board Room                          Large Conference
Sept 29, 10-1                             Oct 6, 9-1

                                                                                                 By Steve Mascaro
                                                                                                September, 2011

                             QUESTION: Do you believe                      Your UPEA Leadership has teams of people
                             you have Legislators in the         working to get information to you to help train and
 Utah State Legislature that are committed to protect the        inform you on how to be effective at Mass Meetings.
 benefits you have been promised? Do you believe those           And by being effective, we are talking about getting as
 Legislators will protect your earned retirement benefits?       many of you elected as DELEGATES AS POSSIBLE.
 Do you believe your employment interests are well               This is how you can get Legislators elected that will
 represented in the Legislature by Legislators?                  represent your interests.
 ANSWER: If you answer “NO” to any of these                                The Neighborhood Caucus Meetings are only
 questions, here is another question, “Can you do                six months away. Start talking to every friend, neighbor,
 anything about it?” I know this answer…YES!!!                   relative or anyone else that will listen, and tell them to
          Every Legislator in the Utah State Legislature         plan to get involved in the March 2012 Neighborhood
 got to be a Legislator because DELEGATES from their             Caucus Meeting. UPEA will help provide training,
 precincts put them in a position to get elected. Six            communication and contact information. But YOU need
 months from now, DELEGATES will be elected at                   to start recruiting people to attend these Caucus
 Neighborhood Caucus Meetings. Those DELEGATES                   Meetings now. You can do something about your
 will select who the next Legislative candidates will be to      representation in the Legislature. You just need to do it.
 represent you . Now the most important question, “ Are          If you don’t , I think you know the results, “I’m Just
 you going to attend that Neighborhood Caucus                    Sayin.”
 Meeting and become a DELEGATE?” You have to
 answer YES!

 Steve Mascaro, served in the Utah State Legislature for nine years. Currently he is the Executive Director of Utah Works,
 a non-profit that helps people with disabilities find employment.

  The Utah Public Employee                                          October 2011

 Steps to Becoming a Delegate
Every other year, Republicans and Democrats meet together with others in their precinct to elect delegates to
represent their precinct at the county and state conventions. These meetings are referred to as precinct caucuses
or mass meetings. These meetings are the key grassroots event of both the Republican and Democratic Parties
in Utah.
1. Sign up for your free Becoming a
   Delegate kit.                                                 What is a delegate?
                                                            Individuals selected by voters at a political party caucus
                                                           or mass meeting in their voting precinct to represent
                                                           them at the County and State party conventions.
                                                           Delegates are asked to do the following:
2. Find your voting precinct.                              • Attend County and State Conventions of each
                                                               political party.
                                                           • Vote for candidates to serve in key party leadership
                                                           • Vote on party platform.
                                                           • Vote for candidates to be the party’s nominee in
                                                               contested county and state races.
3. Find your caucus meeting locations.                     • Examine the credentials and electability of
                                                           • Select the candidate most likely to understand and
                                                               remain sympathetic to the needs of Utah’s public

                                                                   Questions about the process?
                                                                 Call Kory at 801-264-8732 Ext. 218

4. Bring 10 or 20 people from within
   your precinct to the caucus who will                    Why become a delegate?
   vote for you.
                                                           •   Influence on issues.
                                                                  Dave Hansen, the current state GOP chair, states
5. Attend your March 2012 caucus
                                                                  that “The delegates get to know you. They get to
   meeting. Arrive 10 minutes early.                              meet with you personally and ask you questions.”
                                                                  You have the candidate’s attention, because you
6. Have one of your people nominate                               ultimately could make or break their candidacy.
                                                                  A public employee delegate can influence how a
   you at the meeting.                                            candidate feels about public employee issues.

7. Be prepared to briefly introduce                        •   Elect candidates at the party conventions, to
   yourself and state your willingness                         potentially avoid a primary election.
                                                                  A candidate, if facing competition within their
   to represent your precinct at                                  political party, can avoid a primary election if
   the county and/or state party                                  they receive 60% of the votes at convention.
   conventions in 2011 and 2012.

  The Utah Public Employee                                                  October 2011

PEHP Introduces                                                 PEHP.”
                                                                    Chet received his bachelor’s degree, master’s
                                                                degree in public administration, and law degree, with

New Director                                                    honors, from BYU. He has been the Director of Public
                                                                Policy for Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah,
                                                                Vice-President and General Counsel for the Utah
                                                                Medical Association, and a Shareholder with the Law
    PEHP welcomes R. Chet Loftis as Group                       Firm of Kirton & McConkie.
Insurance Director. Chet brings a wealth of experience              Chet will be responsible for all operations within
in health care, government, and the private sector              PEHP, with a focus on positioning PEHP to adjust to
together with a broad skill set in law, public policy,          the changing market that health care reform requires.
and management. He has worked for all three                         “My focus and the focus of PEHP will be squarely
branches of state government.                                   on reducing costs while maintaining the very best in
    “Chet is a problem solver with 20 years of                  service, “ Chet said.
experience who understands the challenges in health
care and the importance of making the system better,”
Utah Retirement Systems Executive Director Robert
Newman said. “I’m confident he’s the right leader for

                           UPEA Standing Committees
                     Reviews the UPEA Articles of Incorporation and       10/13/2011 6:30 PM        11/10/2011 6:30 PM
   Articles and      Bylaws and makes recommended changes, which are      01/12/2012 6:30 PM        02/09/2012 6:30 PM
     Bylaws          then voted upon during General Council.

                     Coordinates and plans the annual General Council     11/09/2011 6:30 PM        01/18/2011 6:30 PM
 General Council     meeting.                                             02/08/2011 6:30 PM

                     Reviews employee grievances where the employee is    12/06/2011 6:30 PM        02/07/2011 6:30 PM
Grievance Appeal
                 requesting representation by UPEA in the grievance
& Representation and appeal procedure.
                     Tracks changes made to Human Resource rules          Dates/Times To Be Determined
 Human Resource      and regulations proposed by Human Resources and
  Policy & Rules     reviews all Human Resource rules pertaining to
                     government agencies.
                     Reviews and monitors insurance and retirement        10/20/11 6:30 PM**        11/16/2011 6:30 PM**
   Insurance &       issues.                                              02/15/2012 6:30 PM**      **Tentative Date

                     Determines the UPEA legislative platform for         10/07/2011 12:30 p.m.
    Legislative      upcoming years. They also monitor upcoming issues
                     being discussed in interim committees.
                     Reviews UPEA member benefits and works to
                     enhance these opportunities. They also explore
Services & Public    options to improve public relations and bolster
    Relations        membership.
                     Looks at ways to enhance working conditions in all   02/08/2012 6:30 PM
 Workplace Issues
                     areas where public employees are affected.

                  Call 1-800-224-8732 to find out how you can participate
  The Utah Public Employee                                       October 2011

                            Rules Corner: COMP OR OVERTIME
                            Do you have a choice?
W      hen asked to work in excess of a normal 40
       hour workweek many employees simply accept
compensation for the time worked in whatever form
                                                             of their employees regarding compensation for
                                                             statutory overtime hours. The exemption provided
                                                             by this subsection authorizes a public agency
the agency elects to use; i.e., comp or overtime.            which is a State, political subdivision of a State,
Few employees realize that they have a choice in             or an interstate governmental agency, to provide
determining how he/she will be compensated under the         compensatory time off (with certain limitations, as
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).                             provided in 553.21) in lieu of monetary overtime
   If you work for the State of Utah, your election          compensation that would otherwise be required
came at the time you were hired--unless you fall in one      under section 7.”
of a limited number of exemptions. Utah Code 67-19-
6.7(g) provides:                                          Part 553.23 states:

   “FLSA Agreement means the agreement authorized            “(a) General (1) As a condition for use of
   by the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1978, 29               compensatory time in lieu of overtime payment
   U.S.C., Section 201 et seq., by which a nonexempt         in cash, section 7(o)(2)(A) of the Act requires
   employee elects the form of compensation the              an agreement or understanding reached
   nonexempt employee will receive for overtime.”            prior to the performance of work. This can be
                                                             accomplished pursuant to a collective bargaining
If you do not work for the State, but work in the            agreement, a memorandum of understanding
public sector, you may not be classified in one of the       or any other agreement between the public
limited exemptions. If you are non-exempt, your              agency and representatives of the employees.
right to participate in the decision regarding how you       If the employees do not have a representative,
will be compensated is established in the Code of            compensatory time may be used in lieu of cash
Federal Regulations which pertains to state and local        overtime compensation only if such an agreement
governments. Specifically, Part 553 of the Code is           or understanding has been arrived at between the
entitled “Application of the Fair Labor Standards Act        public agency and the individual employee before
to Employees of State and Local Governments.”                the performance of work. (Emphasis supplied)

Part 553.20 states:                                       As you might well surmise, this article is intended to
                                                          cover only this narrow section of the Act. Should you
   “This Section of the FLSA requires that covered,       have any questions regarding this or any other topic
   nonexempt employees receive not less than one          associated with the FLSA please contact your district
   and one-half times their regular rates of pay for      representative.
   hours worked in excess of the applicable maximum
   hours standards. However, section 7(o) of the Act      Know your rules and the laws that affect your
   provides an element of flexibility to State and        employment – it is important!
   local government employers and an element of
   choice to their employees or the representatives

  The Utah Public Employee                                      October 2011

                                                          Deadline for 2nd Vice
                                                          President Applications
                                                          is November 4th
                                                          UPEA office       than 2 persons run for office, a
                                                          of their          primary election shall be held,
                                                          intent to run     with balloting to commence on
                                                          by Friday,        December 15th and conclude
                                                          November          January 15th. All ballots shall
                                                          4, 2011, and      be counted on January 22nd.”
                                                          must submit       If 2 persons run for office, “the
                                                          a letter of       two candidates shall compete

                                                                            in a final election to commence
      f you thought all important    recommendation for their               on February 1st and conclude
      election decisions have        nomination from their respective       on March 1st. Ballots shall be
      been made, think again.        district by this date. Each Second     counted on March 7th. The
      UPEA members have              Vice Presidential nominee is also      candidate receiving the highest
another opportunity to shape         required to be nominated by an         number of valid votes cast shall
the outcomes of their careers by     Advisory Council member at the         be declared the winner and shall
electing the next UPEA Second        Advisory Council meeting on            be sworn in as Second Vice
Vice President. Each newly-          November 5, 2011 at 9:00 a.m.          President at General Council.
elected officer serves UPEA          Nominations for any individual            Subsequent to being sworn
for four years: one year each        who has served in the position         in, the new officer chairs the
as Second Vice President, First      of Immediate Past President of         UPEA Resolutions Committee
Vice President, President and        UPEA during the one (1) year           and officially represents the State
Immediate Past President.            prior to being nominated will be       Board as a voting member of the
   Individuals who are interested    refused.                               CAPE Administrative Committee.
in running for UPEA Second              As per Article VIII, Section 4
Vice President should notify the     of the UPEA Bylaws, “If more

CAPE Committee                                           activities for the association. To apply, submit a letter
                                                         of intent and resume to:

Vacancies                                                                        UPEA
                                                                              Attn: Susan
                                                                         1000 Bellwood Lane
   The UPEA State Board of Directors is accepting
                                                                         Murray, Utah 84123
applications for three vacancies on the CAPE (Citizen
                                                             or email your information to
Action by Public Employees) Committee. Qualified
UPEA members, who have served as district or
                                                             The deadline for submitting a letter of
chapter leaders for at least one year, are eligible to
                                                         intent and resume is Friday, December 2, 2011.
apply. The terms for these positions are for three
                                                         Interviews will be conducted by the UPEA State
years and will expire in December of 2014.
                                                         Board of Directors.
   CAPE Committee members make political
candidate endorsements and organize political
 The Utah Public Employee                                      October 2011

5 Reasons to Remain a UPEA
                                                                August 2011
Member When You Retire:                                        Retirees Social
                                                                                                       ith the
1.      UPEA Dues reduce to only $5.00 a month
and it comes out of your URS retirement check.
2.      As a retiree, your PEHP health insurance                                          hovering around 100
benefits are identical to current state employees.                                        degrees, the Retirees
Each Legislative Session, UPEA lobbies with PEHP,                                         District decided to
the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, and                                         hold their Fall Social
several legislators regarding PEHP’s annual health                                        at the UPEA Office.
benefits.                                                                                 About 60 people
                                                                                          crowded into the
3.      As a retiree, your dental coverage only
                                                                                          Conference Room
continues until age 65. Your UPEA membership
                                                                                          where they chowed
gives you access to Total Dental Administration,
which provides discounted dental insurance                                                down on pulled
available only for our retirees 65 and older.                                             pork, barbequed
   If you want information for the UPEA Total          Becky Jane Cluff, UPEA              ribs, baked beans,
Dental Administration dental insurance, contact        Retirees Scholarship Recipient potato salad, chips,
Susan at 801-264-8732 ext. 200 or      fresh veggies and cake. No one went home hungry.
                                                            During the evening, the Retirees Scholarship was
4.    You have access to UPEA’s Member                 awarded to Becky Jane (B.J.) Cluff, the daughter of
Advantage vendor discounts.
                                                       Don and Vonda Bahr. She is attending Utah Valley
                                                       University in Orem.
5.      You will have the opportunity to participate
in the UPEA Retirees District. The district holds           Jerry Buttars, District Chair, thanked everyone
monthly meetings to discuss issues about Social        for coming and reminded them that the September
Security, Medicare, health and wellness. The           meeting was to be held in Vernal at the Golden Cor-
Retirees also hold socials throughout the year         ral. Anyone interested in asked to notify Christy
around the state.                                      Cushing or Elaine Bonham of their plans to attend.

   The Retirees District Meetings are usually held
the first Tuesday of every month at the UPEA
office (1000 West Bellwood Lane, Murray) from
12-1pm. If you want to get involved and receive
a copy of the Retiree District Meeting schedule,
contact Christy Cushing at 801-264-8732 ext. 216

   If you have any questions, or would like to
contact a UPEA retiree member, please contact
Christy Cushing at 801-264-8732 ext. 216 or

The Utah Public Employee                          October 2011

The Member Advantage
                                  Member-Only Discounts
                            AFLAC                                       Utah Shakespearean
                     Provides member-only                                     Festival
                                                                         UPEA member discount
                           TDA Dental                                         June – Oct
                   Discounted dental plans
                   for UPEA retirees                                    Financial Education
                            Lagoon                                           Systems
                    Discounted tickets avail-
                   able during regular season       Education              Proud UPEA sponsor
                                                                        offers free retirement anal-
                      Salt Lake Bees                 Systems             ysis and implementation
                     Up to $2 off for UPEA                                  for UPEA members
                                                                         Mountain America
                     Energy Solutions                                      Credit Union
                                                                          Proud UPEA sponsor
                                                                         offers exclusive services
                    Exclusive deals for UPEA
                            members                                          National City
                       Utah Grizzlies                                      Exclusive credit score
                                                                           services, mortgages,
                     UPEA member specials                                refinancing, home equity
                                                                         loans and debt manage-
                    Megaplex Theatres                                              ment

                    Members receive vouch-                                Bassett Furniture
                      ers discounted $2                                        Direct
                     Miller Motorsports                                 25% discount when mem-
                                                                         bers present their UPEA
                            Park                                                  card
                     20% group discount for                              Costco Wholesale
                        UPEA members
                                                                         Proud UPEA sponsor.
                       Real Salt Lake                                    Visit

                    Games deals available to                                   Jiffy Lube
                       UPEA members
                                                                         UPEA Members save up
                                                                        to $7 off signature service
                    Seven Peaks Water                                       Noles Nursery
                          Park                       Noles
                      UPEA member-only
                                                    Nursery              10% off for UPEA mem-
                                                 Specializing in Home              bers
                       season passes                Grown Stock

The Utah Public Employee                              October 2011

                             Sprint                                           Rocky Mountain
                     UPEA members receive                                        Raceway
                     $25 Gift Card with sub-
                            scription                                       Specials available only to
                                                                                UPEA members
                    UPEA members save $17                                        Clear Touch
                     on a new AAA member-        Clear Touch                     Medical Spa

                    California Vacations
                                                 Medical Spa                 Up to 66% off Aesthetic

 Wild at            UPEA member discounts
                    for Sea World, Universal
                                                                                His Way Bass
                                                                                Fishing Guide

 Work               Studios, San Diego Zoo
                         and Six Flags
                                                                                20% Off for UPEA

                                                                                Safe at Home
                                                 SAFE AT                     Provides members gun
                    UPEA Member discounts
                                                  HOME                       safety and certification

                      Don Hatch River
                                                                                ID SafeChoice
                    10% UPEA member dis-         IDSafeChoice                 Currently employed
                                                                              UPEA members are
                           count                                            automatically enrolled for
                                                                               ID Theft Recovery
                       Enterprise Car
                           Rental                                                Jed Miner &
                    10% UPEA member dis-
                                                  Jed Miner &
                                                                                Offers numerous
                                                                              insurance providers
                     Homewood Suites             Insurance Services, INC.    available exclusively to
                                                                             UPEA members to meet
                    20% UPEA member dis-                                          all your needs
                                                                                Holiday Inn
                                                                              Express & Suites
                       Ogden Raptors
                                                                             Provides preferred rates
                                                                              for UPEA members at
                       $5 off any ticket for
                                                                              Hampton Inn &
                                                                              Suites Park City
                    The Polished Image
                     30% discount for UPEA                                   Provides preferred rates
                           members                                             for UPEA members

    The Utah Public Employee                                         October 2011

        Follow-Up Audit: PEHP State of Utah Reserves
        By Christy Cushing

         The Legislative Audit Subcommittee met on           risk pool or use excess reserves to offset future premium
Tuesday, July 12th, to discuss the “Actuarial Study of       increases.”3
PEHP’s Contingency Reserves.” Legislators had                         Similarly, during the Audit Subcommittee,
requested this follow-up audit, as a result of the January   PEHP’s legal council Dan Anderson explained how the
2011 PEHP audit showing that PEHP does not                   legislature could make three choices in determining what
actuarially determine the level of number of days of         to do with the State of Utah’s excess premium reserves:
premium for their risk pools.1
         The billing and payment process for medical          1.    Refund the premiums back to the
bills typically has a lag time of 30-60 days from the time   employer/employees. However this option would also
of service. As a result, health insurance companies have     require the State to have to pay some money back to the
“emergency” reserves to pay out unpaid claims, when          IRS, as the State receives tax credits for offering health
unusual circumstances arise.                                 insurance.
         PEHP’s current reserve “benchmark” is 60 days       2.    Use the excess premium reserves to fund next
worth of premiums. The private health insurance sector       year’s or future year’s premium increases.
has a standard of 60 days worth of reserves. However,        3.    Do nothing and keep the money in the State of
there is no industry standard for self-funded plans, which   Utah risk pool reserves for unknown future occurrences,
led to this actuarial study.                                 where they could pay out excess claims.
         The legislative auditors worked with Milliman
to actuarially calculate the number of days necessary for
the State of Utah risk pool reserve funds. Milliman
concluded that between 50-90 days worth of premiums
is sufficient for the State of Utah risk pool. The Audit
Subcommittee recommended this audit the Retirement
and Independent Entities Interim/Appropriations
Committees, who will further discuss the appropriate
number of days they want to require PEHP to keep in the
State of Utah risk pool reserves.
         When the legislative auditors conducted the
January PEHP audit, as of 6/30/2010 PEHP’s State of
Utah risk pool reserves had nearly 90 days worth of
reserves. As of 3/31/2011 PEHP’s State of Utah risk
pool reserves equaled $82.3 million or 107 days.2 At the
end of this audit, the legislative auditors recommended
the legislature “require PEHP to implement at least a 50-
day reserve of annual premium for the state’s medical                 UPEA works closely with the Legislature and
risk pool,” and “consider requesting a refund from the       PEHP on your behalf. UPEA’s Insurance and Retirement
URS Board of Directors as much as $26 million (based
                                                             Committee members are meeting with key legislators,
on fiscal year 2010 reserves) from the state’s medical
                                                             legislative staff and URS/PEHP stakeholders. We will
                                                             keep you updated on this issue. If you have any
                                                             questions regarding PEHP or this audit, please call your
  Office of Legislative Auditor General, State of Utah. A    UPEA representative at 801-264-8732.
Performance Audit of PEHP’s Business Practices. January
2011. pg 39-40.                                               Office of Legislative Auditor General, State of Utah.
  Borer, John. Agency Response: Actuarial Study of PEHP’s    Actuarial Study of PEHP’s Contingency Reserves. July 2011.
Contingency Reserves. July 2011. pg 26.                      pg 6.
               The Utah Public Employee                                                         

              $20.00 reward for each new
               UPEA member you enroll
                        Newly recruited members will have immediate access to
                     the “Public Employee Advantage” with significant discounts
                             on regularly used commodities and services.

                Keep recruiting! We are all working together for a better Utah!

             UPEA Membership Agreement/Payroll Deduction Authorization
                                                            Deduction Authorization
       UPEA Membership Agreement/Payroll Bellwood Ln, Murray, UT 84123
        You may fax to: (801) 264 - 8879 or Mail to: 1000 W
      Social Security Number (Optional)                                      Last Name                        First Name                        Initial
 Last Name                                 First Name                       Personal E-Mail Address

    Employer (City, County, State, Higher Ed., etc.)                        Home Mailing Address                                             Home Phone
Employer (City, County, State, Higher Ed., etc.)                           Home Mailing Address                                        Home Phone

    Employer Address                                             Work Phone City                      State                             Zip
Employer Address                         Work Phone                        City                       State                               Zip

       City                      Zip              Work E-mail Address       Home E-mail Address                        Voting           Senate            House
                                                                                                                       Precinct         District          District
City                       Zip                  Work E-mail Address        Home E-mail Address                             Voting         Senate            House
                                                                                                                           Precinct       District          District

      I hereby voluntarily authorize and direct my employer to deduct $15.00 per month from my paycheck and pay the same to the Utah
      Public Employees’ Association (UPEA) as dues for to deduct $15.00 per month from my paycheck and pay the same to shall
 I hereby voluntarily authorize and direct my employer membership in that organization and agree that said payroll deductions the Utah Public
      continue until I revoke this authorization by giving written notice to UPEA. Authorization for withholding UPEA dues will remain in
 Employees’ Association (UPEA) as dues for membership in that organization and agree that said payroll deductions shall continue until
      effect even after retirement unless a member gives UPEA. Authorization for withholding this form authorizes the in effect even
 I revoke this authorization by giving written notice to written notice to UPEA. Upon retirement UPEA dues will remainUtah Retirementafter
      Systems to deduct $5.00 gives written notice to UPEA. Upon retirement this deduction authorization shall serve as Systems to deduct
 retirement unless a member per month from my retirement allowance. This payroll form authorizes the Utah Retirement my application
      for membership in my retirement allowance. This payroll deduction authorization all purposes provided by law.
 $5.00 per month fromUPEA and shall designate UPEA as my employee representative forshall serve as my application for membership in
                                                                                                   by law.
 UPEA and shall designate UPEA as my employee representative for all purposes provided Renewal Month for Auto Insurance
     X Signature                                                           Date
 X Signature                                                                Date
                         District Number               Chapter Number        Jurisdiction Number      Low Org./Dept. No.              Confirmed Date
        For Office
                     District Number              Chapter Number            Jurisdiction Number       Low Org./Dept. No.               Confirmed Date
        Use Only
For Office Use

                                        Membership agreements may be duplicated, but only
                                       original, signed copies may be accepted for processing.

                        Fill out and send to: UPEA 1000 W. Bellwood Ln., Murray, UT 84123
                                       Phone: 264-UPEA or 1-800-224-UPEA.
                                   Download a copy of the form from

                         Recruiters, please list your name and phone number on every card.

The Utah Public Employee                                   October 2011

         Public Employee Salute
        Joanna                            Valentino “Bobo” Martinez
                                                    Utah Department of Transportation
        White                         Please congratulate Valentino “Bobo” Martinez for winning
     Utah State Office of
                                  this week’s Public Employee Salute. Bobo is the Supervisor
                                  of the Centerville Maintenance Station for the Department of
    Co-workers say Jo-
                                      Bobo is responsible for ensuring the very critical south Davis
 anna is always up to the
                                  sections of I-15 and the Legacy Parkway are always in good repair
 challenge for new things
                                  so commuter traffic can flow smoothly every day. Bobo works
 and willing to take on ad-
                                  both days and nights, to ensure that as many highway maintenance
 ditional responsibilities.
                                  activates are accomplished at a time when they do not conflict with
 Joanna talks with client’s
                                  commuter traffic. Bobo is on call 24 hours a day/ seven days a
 on the telephone and
 always keeps a level head
                                      When the majority of people are home asleep, Bobo and his
 no matter how difficult a
                                  crew are out patching potholes, repairing sections of the interstate,
 situation may be. Joanna
                                  and conducting other maintenance work that cannot be done during
 seems to add a touch of
                                   day light hours.
 “spice” to the office.

                                                                      Nicole Godfrey
                                                                  Utah Department of Transportation

          Marylyn Garcia                                           Nicole is an Accounting
            Salt Lake Community College                         Technician for the Utah Department
                                                                of Transportation and has been with
     Marylyn is a Scheduling Specialist for the                 the state for 3 years.
Salt Lake Community College. Marylyn has been                      Co-workers say Nicole is the
with SLCC for 39 years.                                         “go to” person for questions about
     Marylyn is responsible for scheduling                      accounting. Nicole is always willing
classrooms at 13 campuses and centers. Marylyn                  to help out whenever she is needed.
always has a pleasant and upbeat attitude. Co-                  Nicole recently filled in for another
workers say Marylyn’s institutional knowledge                   employee who was out. Nicole
makes her an asset to SLCC. Marylyn goes the                    performed this employees job duties
extra mile to be helpful, kind and courteous to                 of filling out paperwork and work
everyone.                                                       orders as well as her regular job

  The Utah Public Employee                                    October 2011

UPEA Talking Points
Compensation Committee                been a member for six months,
Update                                please contact your UPEA
                                      representative by calling 1-800-
The state's Compensation              224-8732.
Steering Team is waiting for
the results of a study which          UPEA Members Work to
compares state employee pay and       Nominate Public Employee
compensation. The Hay Group,          Friendly Candidates
the independent organization hired                                          PTO is an option for addressing
to evaluate compensation for the      UPEA will be calling on its           employees' total compensation--
state, is currently reviewing the     membership to participate in          although no formal proposals are
market survey results and will        caucus meetings during the month      on the table. UPEA encourages
be presenting those results on        of March, 2012. The Association       its members to maintain a dialog
September 29th.                       will provide extensive trainings at   about this issue and voice your
                                      work sites and an online training     concerns at district meetings.
UPEA Defends Employees in             will be available to members by       UPEA staff will update members of
Grievances                            September 23rd.                       upcoming proposals.

UPEA has been helping employees       Paid Time Off a Thorny Issue          UPEA Members Form Leave
who have been subject to unfair       for UPEA Members                      Task Force
labor practices by their employers.
UPEA is expert in finding equitable   UPEA is working with legislators      The UPEA Leave Task Force
solutions for employees who need      to find an equitable balance          will research and make
assistance in job related matters.    between salary and compensation.      recommendations for UPEA to take
If you need assistance and have       Lawmakers have indicated that         a proactive approach to potential
                                                                            leave legislation.

       Utah W We Do!

    1000 W. Bellwood Lane,
      Murray, UT 84123


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