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					  Rocky Mountain Chapter – BMW CCA   April 2007


      Registration Now Open –
      Details Page 18
          Good Things Come To Those Who....
                                        a BMW

                       The Best Is Yet To Come In 2007

          Ralph Schomp Automotive is proud to announce the opening of their exclusive
                new BMW showroom at C-470 and Lucent Boulevard in Littleton.
                  The #1 BMW dealer in sales in the Rocky Mountain region is
                   expanding to become the largest BMW dealer in this city.
                  Twelve acres of pure BMW, the ultimate driving machine and
                        well worth the wait. Stay tuned for more details.


                    Coming in 2007 at Lucent Boulevard and C-470 in Littleton
Visit Ralph Schomp BMW at 5700 So. Broadway in Littleton • 303/798-1500 •
    Rocky Mountain Chapter                                                                           MSR
                                            Rocky Mountain Chapter Newsletter                                                                Volume 32 - Number 4
         BMW CCA Officers
      Merl Volk 303.683.7619
           Vice President
     Jim Bartlett 720.468.3225
   David Jobusch 970.207.0867
     Mark Doran 303.758.4200
 MSR Editor/Advertising Manager
  Darlene Doran 303.758.4200
        Circulation Manager
                                                                                                GRID LINEUP
                                            Rocky Mountain Line ....................................................................................................... 4
   Leslie Jenkins 303.671.6131              Ponderings by the Editor .................................................................................................. 5               Believe My Words ........................................................................................................6-7
                                            Mini Korner ............................................................................................................... 8-10
ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER STAFF                Motorsport around the World.....................................................................................12-13
         Web Master                         New Member Profile ...................................................................................................... 14
  Doug Bartlett 970.226.2364                Rearview Mirror........................................................................................................ 24-25                  News from National..................................................................................................26-28
                                            The Two-Wheel BMW ................................................................................................ 30-33
           Membership                       Bimmer Bearings .......................................................................................................... 41
    Alan Warner 303.333.9387                Welcome ..................................................................................................................... 42
                                            Classifieds...............................................................................................................43-44                RMC Happenings .......................................................................................................... 46
       Driving School Chair
  Andrew Jordan 303.426.6800
                                                                                         UPCOMING EVENTS
         Autocross Chair
                                                                                        APRIL BUSINESS MEETING
   Dan Goodman 720.530.3018                                                            Doug Bartlett’s, 970-226-2364                                                             Wednesday, April 4, 2007
          Business Advisor                                         DETAILERS PARADISE TECH SESSION / OPEN HOUSE
     Mark Doran 303.758.4200                                              1745 South Broadway, Denver, Colorado                                                Saturday, April 7, 2007- Details Page 15
         President Emeritus                                             ROCKY MOUNTAIN AUTOCROSS POINT SERIES
    Dave Walker 303.499.7416                                              Coors Field - Lot B - Autocross Committee                                             Saturday, April 14, 2007 - Details Page 16
        South Central Region                                     BIMMER HAUS PERFORMANCE BRAKE TECH SESSION
            Vice President                                             7233 West 116th Place, Broomfield, CO
     Fred Iacino 303.478.8490                                         Saturday, April 28, 2007 - Details Page 17

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April                                                                                                                             3
                                     rocky mountain line
                                                     by Mike Beyer

                                 A new job and an early departure…

                        very so often, life presents opportunities well with me. Especially as we try to guide the club through
                        to us that should not be ignored. Such     a difficult period where we need to decide how the club sup-
                        was the case for me recently when the      ports the motorsports community and provides those activi-
                 company I work for offered me a long term         ties for our own RMC members in this region.
                 assignment at our corporate headquarters in            But the club is in good hands with Merl Volk taking over
                 Basel, Switzerland. As you can imagine, this      as President. Merl’s experience as past President and her
                 is not a decision that Denise and I would take    passion for the RMC means she has the tools to represent
                 lightly. There are many things to consider, not   the clubs best interests. In addition, there is a good group of
the least of which involves family and friends. But at the end     elected and appointed Board members with the same pas-
of the day, we felt it was an opportunity                                                  sion and combination of business and
we could not pass up. Besides, the “Every decision has consequences, practical expertise to keep the club
world is a smaller place these days,             both positive and negative.”              financially sound and at the same time
and staying in contact with those close                                                    provide activities for everyone to enjoy.
to us is no longer difficult. So, in May we are off to Basel to     Furthermore, we are fortunate to have two elected national
start a new chapter in our own book of life.                       BMW CCA officials in our club to provide leadership from a
     Every decision has consequences, both positive and neg-       national organization perspective. There is a lot to look for-
ative. While we have much to look forward to, there are some       ward to in the RMC, and you have this collection of Board
disadvantages as well. I’ve already mentioned the situation        members to thank for that.
around family and friends. Another important aspect is that             I too, would like to thank each of them for their support
I will leave the Rocky Mountain Chapter as President several       and guidance during my time on the Board. Each has their
months before my term is complete. The job as President is         own style and strengths which made working with them both
not one that I’ve taken lightly, and leaving early does not sit    enjoyable and productive. Thanks to Merl for stepping in, Jim
                                                                   Bartlett for taking on the position of Vice President and to
                                                                   Mark and Darlene Doran, who live, breathe and bleed the
                                                                   BMW Motorsport colors; to Doug Bartlett for his tireless
                                                                   work on the RMC website and his calm and business-like
                                                                   approach to difficult subjects; to Dave Jobusch, new to the
                                                                   Board, but I can tell he’ll be a great addition in the Secretary
     Specializing in Premium Products And Accessories
                                                                   position; to Alan Warner, Leslie Jenkins, Andrew Jordan,
                    For Your Car and Garage                        Dan Goodman, and Dave Walker for all of their significant
                                                                   contributions over the years. But most of all, I want to thank
     Why drive when The Best Care for your car is a
                                                                   my lovely wife Denise who has supported me and allowed
                       mouse click away                            me the time to spend on my own passion, my love of BMW’s
            • Exclusive Online Retailer of Premium Car             and the RMC, and for keeping me grounded and connected to
                                                                   what really is important in life – our family and friends.
               Care Products & Accessories for your:
                                                                        It’s been a great run with the RMC for these past 15 or so
                        • Auto                                     years. We may be on temporary hold, but we will be back, and
                        • Boat/RV                                  we’ll look forward to renewing old friendships and starting new
                        • Motorcycle                               ones – those things that the RMC is so famous for.
            • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee                                         So for now, auf Wiedersehen und Glück… Mike

                  Castle Rock, Colorado
                     (303) 948-5296
                   RMC BMW CCA Member                     4/07                                                               3/08

      4                                                          MSR                                                     April
                              Ponderings by the Editor
                                                   by Darlene Doran
              Thanks to all of you!                                Special Thanks
                   My genuine appreciation to these members            Winslow BMW for sponsoring our Late Spring Perfor-
              who wrote articles and took photographs for the      mance Drivng School again this year. We really appreciate
              April issue of the MSR: Tod Courtney for his         you! Autoworks Colorado, Bimmer Haus Performance,
              “It’s All Her Fault” article and photos; Jens Ker-   Co’s BMW Center, Mondino Imports, Poudre Sports Car
              sting for his “New Member Profile” and photo;         and Winslow BMW for providing driving school tech inspec-
              Heather Martinez for coordinating the “Detail-       tions at no charge.
ers Paradise Tech Session and Open House” and her article;
                                                                   Happy Birthday / Happy Anniversary
Dan Goodman for his “Autocross” article; Jim Flint for coor-
                                                                       Best wishes to all members who have birthdays
dinating our “Sonic Bimmer Burger Night” and his article;
                                                                   or anniversaries this month!
Darlene Doran for coordinating two “Street Survival Schools”
this year and her article; Brian Bowden for coordinating the       Email addresses in Classified Advertising!
“Spring Car Control Clinic” and his article; Gary Odehnal              All email address will be formatted as indicated (msredi-
and Brian Bowden for coordinating the “RMC Annual Spring           tor at rmcbmwcca dot org) as this will make cultivating
Drive” and Their article; Dave Stackhouse and Dee Raisl            more difficult.
for coordinating the “Annual CP Concours” and their article;           I would like to bring to your attention that if you place a
Andrew Jordan for the “Believe My Words” column; Vaughn            classified advertisement in the MSR, your classified will auto-
Toland for his “CPO or Bust” article; Bruce Leggett for his        matically be placed on the Rocky Mountain Chapter website.
“How Can I Help Out at Driving School” article; and Mike           Email addresses will also be included on the website and in
Beyer for his “rocky mountain line.” A BIG thanks to every-        the MSR, unless specifically requested otherwise.
one for helping make such a great newsletter once again!
                                                                   Thank You Advertisers!!
Thank You and We will Miss You                                          We thank Edgewater Jewelers and Poudre Sports Car
    I want to say “thank you” to Mike Beyer for all he has         for renewing their ad for another year. Remember to thank our
done for the Rocky Mountain Chapter. You and Denise will be        advertisers for their support in helping with the costs of the
missed by all.                                                    MotorSport Report. They often give our members discounts
                                                                   on service, parts, etc. Thank you for sponsoring us in this way!
                                                                   We appreciate all that you do for the Club!
                                                                   BMW Continues to have Great News!
                                                                   Rewards Program Extended
                                                                       Looking to purchase a new BMW? You’re in luck. BMW
                                                                   CCA has extended the Rewards Program through December
                                                                   31, 2007; all vehicles qualify except the Z8. Check it out
                                                                   in your monthly Roundel or the BMW CCA website at http://
                                                          The basic guidelines
                                                                   remain the same – one must be a member in good stand-
                                                                   ing of the BMW CCA for at least one year continuously
                                                                   prior to purchasing your vehicle (please do not contact
                                                                   BMW CCA about back dating memberships, they will not
                                                                   wavier on this issue), and one must file the documentation
                                                                   within 60 days of taking delivery of the vehicle. We have not
                                                                   received the updated forms yet, but understand that BMW NA
                                                                   has also included the Z4 in the program. Anyone purchasing
                                                                   a Z4 after January 1, 2007—and fulfilling the other program
                                                                   requirements—can apply for the rebate.

                                                                                           Dealer Liaisons
                                                                                CO’S – Brian Bowden 970.223.0693
                                                                              GEBHARDT – Bruce Leggett 303.920.7462
                                                                               MURRAY – Paul Schultz 303.690.1943
                                                                              SCHOMP – Darlene Doran 303.758.4200
                                                           4/07               WINSLOW – Arnie Coleman 719.598.4133

  April                                                                                  5
                                               Believe My Words
                                                                   by Andrew Jordan

                                                              “Aggressive Drivers”

    oe Soap is a figment of my imagination, He, in no way,         a train of following vehicles. The officers could enforce the
    reflects the driving habits of anyone in my family, or         law, which says travel in the right lane and pass in the left
    anyone in the Rocky Mountain Chapter. He is a slippery        lane, but they do not. Can you imagine how many lives could
character. You will see why if you read on.                       be saved if law enforcement would occasionally put away their
     Sometimes Joe is in his “passive aggressive” mood. He        radar guns, and spend that time ticketing the slow drivers in
ambles along in the fast lane of a double lane highway at the     the fast lane? This is not speculation, this is true!
speed limit. He never varies from that speed, neither up, nor          In Europe it’s different. Drivers are taught to drive in the
down. He is well aware of the speed limit for any section of      correct lane. A license is a privilege, not a right. Try camp-
road that he might be on. When his passenger cannot bear it       ing in the fast lane on the Autobahn and see what happens.
anymore and confronts him about his driving habits, Joe then      Domestically it’s so bad that often the “slow” lane is the
replies, “I’m doing the speed limit. Those other drivers are      faster lane. I always smile cynically to myself when I see a
breaking the law.” Joe is acting the part of law enforcement.     car entering the highway from an on ramp and proceed to cut
This is an extremely dangerous situation. All it takes is a “pro- an acute angle across all the lanes in order to quickly stake
active aggressive driver to approach Joe from                                    their rightful place in the fast lane. Then they
behind. The second driver moves closer and “This is an extremely entrench themselves there, oblivious, some-
closer to Joe’s rear bumper, when Joe continues dangerous situation.” times not, to the needs of other motorists.
to hog the fast lane. Well, we all know what Joe                                      Now let’s take a look at Joe in his most
does then. He brakes hard, so as to warn the tailgater that       annoying mood. He makes a safe enough, but a little bit
he means business. The second driver then normally looses         cheeky, right turn from a stop sign or a red light. He has three
his composure, passes Joe anyway he can, cuts in front of         lanes to choose from, but he always chooses the lane that
Joe and guess what? He brakes hard, very hard. At this stage      you are in, even though you are the only car approaching him.
anything could happen. Cars could collide, fingers could be        It doesn’t matter which of the three lanes you are traveling in,
waived, and person’s lives could be in danger.                    that is the lane Joe wants, and that is the lane he takes. As
     The passive aggressive driver is a big menace to our         you change lanes to pass him, he speeds up, of course. He
highways. For all intensive purposes, they are doing noth-        will box you in behind other traffic if he can. Then he slows
ing wrong. But they are. They cause accidents, lots of them.      down to match the speed of the other traffic so as to keep
They are the catalysts in numerous road rage incidents. And       you boxed in. In most situations this ends up with an unsafe
they invariably get away with it, because the second driver is    lane change. Be careful, because you will be at fault and you
assigned the blame. His actions are even more extreme than        will get the ticket if your lane change goes bad on you. Joe,
Joe’s. He deserves his ticket. But Joe gets away with it. In fact naturally, is unscathed and continues on his merry way, leav-
situations like this only encourage Joe to continue his selfish,   ing you to sort out the mess he caused.
annoying ways.                                                         Then there is the Joe Soap who is actually a fairly good
     What can the average driver do about it? Not much.           driver, but he’s just plain mean. The young, inexperienced
     Best solution is just to wait patiently in one of the two    driver in the noisy rice burner next to Joe thinks that Joe wants
lanes for a passing opportunity, and then make a safe pass        his lane. Joe does not, but he plays along with it, making all
and be on your way. Do not circum to temptation. Leave Joe        the right moves for an intended cheeky lane change in front
alone. If you react to him, then you will invariably find yourself of the youngster. Then an opportunity arises. Joe notices that
on the wrong side of the law, and that will only exasperate       the cars in the adjacent lane are slowing down because he
your frustration.                                                 sees brake lights a few cars ahead. His lane continues to
     What does Colorado law enforcement do about passive          move at the same speed. So he puts his indicator on and
aggressive drivers? Not much.                                     starts to move over, as if to change lanes. The driver in the
     I have never seen an officer pull over the leading car from   rice burner will have nothing to do with that, and closes the

 _____________________________________ ���              � � � BAILEY
                                                      SAETVEIT & Co., P.C.
                                                      Certified Public Accountants

  Auditing � Tax Planning & Preparation � Estate Planning � IRS Audit
   Representation � QuickBooks & Peachtree Consulting � Business
         Valuations � Retirement Plan Set-Up & Administration

                          BMW CCA member since 1981

                    � Bean-counters with personality �
                                                                              12/07                                           12/07

      6                                                                              MSR                                April
                                      Believe My Words
gap – just as the traffic ahead of him is slowing. Joe aborts    You should not take the Joe Soap aggression pill if:
his lane change at the very last moment and eagerly waits       • You consume alcohol
for the thud of a suckered driver creaming the car in front     • You are a bad tempered driver to begin with
of him—perhaps, perhaps not. Either way it gets the other       • You have never been to a BMW driving school
driver’s adrenaline going. Joe smirks inwardly and proceeds     • You drive a car that is worth more than $2000.00
down the road.                                                  • You are legally blind, or you can not find your glasses, and
Now for the antidote.                                           • Even the family dog refuses to drive with you.
    If you suffer from a STD, that is Slow Timid Driving, and
you lack confidence, then you should try the Joe Soap aggres-
sion pill. You will immediately:                                        The Rocky Mountain Chapter
• Start driving faster                                                        is talkin’ online!
• Change lanes more frequently                                   Join the RMC email discussion forum. You’ll be in touch
• Arrive home much earlier than expected (please warn your       with more than three hundred of your closest Bimmerphile
  spouse)                                                        friends. You can keep up with the latest chapter news,
• Feel more confident about your driving.                         and impromptu events, like the Bimmer Burger Nights
Side effects are very mild, and include:                         and quickly organized drives in the mountains; argue over
• Severe physical damage to vehicles                             tires, wax, leather treatment, and Formula One results;
• Divorce (from arriving home too soon)                          and receive automatic reminders of official events on the
• Decreased gas mileage                                          Chapter calendar.
• Worn tires                                                     For all the discussions, send an email message to
• Injuries, including death                            
• Restless right foot syndrome (you foot will not leave the
  gas pedal)                                                     If you’d rather see only the official event announcements
• Other drivers making signs that basically mean go forth and    and calendar reminders, instead, send an email message
  multiply                                                       to

                                                        TEST DRIVE A CAR DEALERSHIP THAT’LL
                                                            TAKE YOU BEYOND THE EXPECTED.

        Now Introducing Our Extraordinary, Brand New,
        BMW Service Center and Parts & Accessories Boutique.

                                                                                       Murray BMW

                                                                                                            The Ultimate
  / 900 SOUTH COLORADO BLVD / 303.759.4646               303.759.4646       Driving Machine®

  April                                                                                7
                                                                 MINI all the way: special illumination
                                                                 in your favourite color within the interior
                                                                      New ambient illumina-
                                                                 tion creates particular style
                                                                 and flair within the interior
                                                                 of the new MINI. Acting as
                                                                 discreet “waterfall illumina-
                                                                 tion” from above and as
                                                                 indirect illumination of the
                                                                 roof lining, door panels and
                                                                 door handle recesses, this
                                                                 ambient illumination gives
                                                                 the interior of the car a truly
                                                                 unique atmosphere. And
                                                                 again in typical MINI style,
                                                                 the color of the light may be changed at any time in five
Features and Equipment - Premium in the Compact
                                                                 stages from warm orange to sporting blue, depending on the
Class                                                            driver’s and passengers’ personal mood and preference.
    Apart from various levels of standard equipment depend-           Adding color is also the name of the game with optional
ing on the model, the range of optionally available equipment    Color Line allowing very individual and personal styling and
features includes everything from Chromeline on the body to      flair in the cockpit of the new MINI. Color highlights on the
advanced entertainment and navigation systems as well as         lower elements of the dashboard extend attractively all the
top-class leather seats all the way to a sports suspension and   way to the door panels, allowing a particularly appealing and
special light-alloy wheels.                                      effective combination with the trim materials offered.
                                                                      Color Line is available in the five color schemes Dark
                                                                 Grey, Cream White, Pacific Blue, Rooster Red, and Mellow
                                                                 Yellow. The trim surfaces, in turn, come not only in the stan-
                                                                 dard configurations, but also with a choice of four exclusive
                                                                 variants: glossy black piano paint, dark brown grain oakwood,
                                                                 brushed aluminium and an extra-fine gloss surface shining
                                                                 resembling liquid metal at first sight. The authentic premium
                                                                 character of the new MINI is also borne out by the use of
                                                                 natural wood and massive aluminium, and as a further option
                                                                 a fully closing storage box or a CD changer may be integrated
                                                                 in the trim surface on the front passenger’s side.

                                                                 Navigation system
                                                                      Cutting-edge entertain-
                                                                 ment and navigation systems
Hand-sewn leather for that unique touch of class                 also underline the high stan-
     In creating the interior of the MINI, the designers have    dard of the new MINI. The
given particular attention to all the details and refinements     6.5-inch TFT color display
a car of this caliber deserves. Hence, the customer has all      featured with the optional
kinds of options in personalizing the new MINI. A                             navigation sys-
set of 16 chrome surrounds for the air vents, cup
                                                     “…designers have tem is housed
holders and instruments – for example, serves to       given particular within the cen-
make the interior even more elegant and sophis- attention to all the ter speedome-
ticated.                                                                      ter, where again
                                                          details …”          the      design-
     Moving on to the leather upholstery, the cus-
tomer has the choice of Punch leather in Carbon Black and        ers of the new MINI prove
Gravity leather in Tuscan Beige. Lounge leather seats finished    their imaginativeness and
in classical hand-sewn style and available in two color vari-    sense of surprising details:
ants as an option ensure the touch of class the new MINI         The corners on the monitor
obviously owes to its British heritage. Indeed, these exclusive  have been rounded off and
seats combine the traditional values of the brand with the       thus adjusted to the circular
most advanced design language, with this exclusive piped         shape of the center speedometer.
leather being hand-sewn for a perfect feeling of quality and          TFT monitor technology offers the big advantage that the
flair appealing to virtually all your senses.                     display remains easy-to-read and free of dazzle even in bright
     8                                                      MSR                                                      April
sunlight, especially as display brightness may be controlled      per, chrome surrounds on the positioning lights and foglamps
individually according to the driver’s personal wishes.           as well as the rear fog warning light (MINI Cooper) and,
     In the dark, background illumination ensures optimum         respectively, the air outlet in the rear air dam (MINI Cooper S)
clarity and readability. And the presentation of navigation       as well as the handle on the rear lid (MINI Cooper S).
graphics also reflects the individual style of the new MINI in          The aficionado seeking to really highlight the sporting
both its configuration and color scheme.                           character of his or her MINI, also has the choice of a sports
     The navigation and audio system comes complete with          suspension with stiffer springs, dampers and anti-roll bars on
a CD player positioned above the removable control panel          both the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S. And to provide the
housing the actual drive system for the navigation DVD. A joy-    final touch, the sports suspension may be supplemented by
stick control unit on the center console developed especially     16-inch or, respectively, 17-inch wheels in various designs.
for the new MINI enables the driver to easily and conveniently
                                                                  Accessories - Unique Features for the Individualist
call up the functions presented in the Display. The Navigation,
                                                                       Supplementing the car’s standard equipment as well as
Communication, Entertainment and Set-Up functions are all
                                                                  the options offered by the factory, the new MINI may be fur-
presented directly on the display itself, requiring the driver to
                                                                  ther personalized from a wide range of Genuine MINI Acces-
merely move the joystick to the function required. Then, by
                                                                  sories. All of these items provide a perfect match for the new
inclining, turning and pressing the joystick,
                                                                                     MINI and naturally fulfill the high quality and
the driver is able to call up, say, an address “The joystick also enables
                                                                                     safety standards of the BMW Group.
or a point of interest saved within the sys-
tem as his destination.                          the driver to directly select Sporting highlights from John Cooper
     The joystick also enables the driver to           a destination …”              Works Tuning
directly select a destination on the map                                                  Featuring outstanding components from
presented in the Display. All the driver has to do in this case   John Cooper Works, the new MINI once again offers classic
is move a cursor on the map by means of the joystick to the       motorsport technology on the road. The wide range of Works
destination chosen and confirm his entry by pressing the           Accessories named after the legendary MINI tuner comprises
joystick.                                                                                                        continued next page
     External music systems such as an MP3 player are easy
to connect to the audio system in the new MINI, allowing the
driver and passengers to enjoy their personal music archives
in the MINI at any time. And an AUX connection provided as
standard offers the further opportunity to play back music
from an MP3 player via the car’s audio system. An adapter
for an Apple iPod is furthermore available as an accessory,
ensuring convenient and easy control of the player at any time
via the MINI’s entertainment system.

Chrome surrounds and 17-inch light-alloy rims
setting additional highlights
     Both the MINI Cooper and the MINI Cooper S may be
highlighted in particular style by optionally available Chrome-
line comprising chrome-plated surrounds on the instruments

and a cross bracket for the lower air intake on the MINI Coo-
  April                                                                                   9
enhancements such as cross-                                      iPod interface, illuminated door entry strips
drilled brake discs measur-                                           Portable music recorders are becoming increasingly
ing 11.57” in diameter on                                        significant in our day and age. The new MINI supports this
the front wheels of the MINI                                     trend by offering an interface to integrate the digital iPod
Cooper S. To match these                                         cult player from Apple into the car’s sophisticated radio and
larger brakes, John Cooper                                       navigation systems. The MP3 unit is controlled either via the
Works offers 18-inch double-                                     MINI joystick, the multifunction steering wheel or the radio
spoke light-alloy wheels, the                                    buttons, while the interface itself is accommodated in the
largest wheels approved for                                      glove compartment.
MINI (7J x 18), running on
205/40/18 low-profile tires
(and featuring runflat tech-
nology as an option). Another
highlight offered by John Coo-
per Works is a roof spoiler with a carbon surface approved for
both the MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper.

  “…18-inch double-spoke light-alloy wheels,
   the largest wheels approved for MINI…”
     An alternative option is the single-piece roof spoiler
finished on request in body color. Both roof spoilers can be
supplemented by the Aerodynamics Package from the MINI’s
accessories range that comes with front and rear air dams as
well as side sills. Made of high-class plastic, the components
in the Aerodynamics Package may also be painted, giving
the new MINI a particularly youthful and sporting look further
enhanced by 17-inch light-alloy wheels in multi-spoke design.
And to provide the final touch, the 7J x 17 multi-spoke cast
wheels approved for both the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper
S come on wide 205/45/17 tires.                                  Useful features for everyday motoring
Roof graphics and exterior components made of                         To protect the interior of the new MINI from exceptionally
carbon-fibre                                                      heavy use, the wide range of Genuine MINI Accessories include
     By tradition, special roof graphics and mirror caps play    high-class textile footmats, as well as a number of components
a particularly important role                                    raising the functionality of the new MINI to an even higher
in customising the MINI.                                         standard. Apart from an aluminium rear rack for bicycles, skis
So now, launching the new                                        or snowboards, these components include a basic roof carrier
MINI, the already very popu-                                     system (compatible with ski and bicycle holders as well as roof
lar Union Jack and Che-                                          boxes), theft-security bolts for the car’s light-alloy wheels, and
quered Flag motives are                                          additional high-beam headlights combining the most advanced
being supplemented other                                         clear glass technology with a truly traditional look reminiscent
new roof graphics such as                                        of the additional headlights on the Mini Cooper, three time win-
a graphic with the letters                                       ner of the Monte Carlo Rally.
     Mirror caps and door
handle trim with the Union
Jack and Chequered Flag
motives clearly highlight the
British heritage and sport-
ing DNA of the MINI. And to
add to this particular char-
acter, the new MINI is also
available with attractive exterior components from the John
Cooper Works Tuning Range made by hand from carbon-fibre-
reinforced plastic. These include panels made of this very
special high-tech Formula 1 material for the front air scoop,
the exterior mirrors, and the grab handle on the tailgate.                                                                   10/07

     10                                                     MSR                                                         April
                    Motorsports Around The World

                        New Home for Panoz Factory Effort In 2007

       anta has delivered Panoz fans a unique gift for 2007          Multimatic’s unique DSSV dampers will again be used.
       with the announcement today that three of the biggest    The state-of-the-art damping technology enjoyed another
       names in North American sportscar racing – Panoz,        highly successful season in 2006 – winning the GT2 class in
Multimatic and Team PTG – will jointly launch an assault on     the ALMS and the FIA GT Championship, the P2 class in the
the 2007 American Le Mans Series.                               European-based Le Mans Series and taking top honors in the
     Virginia-based Team PTG                                                                    Champ Car World Series for
will take over the day-to-day           “Our team is extremely excited at this                  the third year in succession.
running of the two-car entry in opportunity and we look forward to challenging                      “The competition in GT2 is
the American Le Mans Series               strong for the GT2 championship.”                     becoming extremely fierce and
with Multimatic continuing to                                                                   despite the Esperante winning
provide engineering support from its Toronto base.              both the Twelve Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Le
     PTG drivers Bill Auberlen and Joey Hand will drive one of  Mans in 2006 we believe the pooling of the resources of PTG,
the two entries in 2007 with 2006 Le Mans 24 Hour GT2 win-      Multimatic and Panoz will provide us with our best chance of
ner Tom Kimber-Smith joining the driver line-up for the Mobil   success in 2007,” PTG owner, Tom Milner said.
1 Twelve Hours of Sebring.                                           “Our team is extremely excited at this opportunity and we
     Drivers for the second PTG Panoz entry are yet to be       look forward to challenging strong for the GT2 championship.”
determined.                                                          In the past 11 years, Team PTG has won a total of 53
     Auberlen is no stranger to the Panoz marque, having        races in both sprint and endurance racing events and has won
driven for Panoz Motorsport aboard the Esperante in 2005        14 North American sports car championships including four
and the LMP1 prototype car in 2002.                             manufacturer’s titles.
     PTG will continue its long and successful association with      Some of the biggest names in world motorsport have
Yokohama and PFC Brakes with the new Panoz program while        competed for the team including Hans Stuck, Dieter Quester,
Elan Power Products will continue to provide horsepower for     Al Unser Jr, Bobby Rahal, Arie Luyendyk, Paul Newman and
the campaign.                                                   Boris Said. The Panoz Esperante is a high performance hand
                                                                crafted limited production sports car manufactured in Brasel-
                                                                ton, Georgia by Panoz Auto Development Company (PADC).
                                                                     The racing version of the car, known as the GTLM, has
                                                                been developed for FIA/ACO GT2 competition by EMT with
                                                                chassis engineering and manufacturing support from Multi-
                                                                matic. The car is available to customers through EMT and, in
                                                                addition to the factory ALMS effort, will again be campaigned
                                                                by Team LNT in Europe.
                                                                     Multimatic has provided extensive support to the Panoz
                                                                factory program over the past five years, including running the
                                                                race team from its Toronto base in 2006.
                                                                     Multimatic’s motorsport engineering expertise is in high
                                                                demand across the globe with customers competing in For-
                                                                mula 1, GP2, World Rally Championship, Champ Car World
                                                                Series, IRL IndyCar Championship, American Le Mans Series,
                                                                FIA GT Championship, World Touring Car Championship, Le
                                                                Mans Series, Australian V8 Supercar Championship, British
                                                                Touring Car Championship, British Formula 3 Championship
                                                                and Champ Car Atlantic Championship.


     12                                                         MSR                                                 April
                               Motorsports Around The World

                       Interesting facts surrounding the BMW Sauber F1 Team

     he kick-off of the                                                             • For flyaway Grand Prix, the team transports around 32
     2007 Formula                                                                     tons of air freight. This includes four chassis (three plus
     One World Cham-                                                                  one spare), six engines, three to five sets of spare parts,
pionship is drawing                                                                   wheel rims, tools, computers, radio sets, headphones and
ever closer. Here,                                                                    pit garage equipment. Everything is packed onto three
we have assembled                                                                     ten-foot pallets and four vast packing containers known as
a collection of excit-                                                                “igloos”.
ing facts and figures                                                                • The transport fleet for the European Grand Prix comprises
surrounding the BMW                                                                   five trucks from Hinwil and one engine truck from Munich.
Sauber F1 Team.                                                                     • Seven trucks transport the team’s hospitality facilities, four
• The 2007 Formula One calendar has 17 Grand Prixs lined                              of them constituting an integral part of the smart construc-
  up. The last time the same number of races was staged                               tion.
  was in 2002. The record is held by the 2005 season with                           • Average food consumption per GP weekend in 2006
  19 GPs.                                                                             amounted to 120 kilos of meat, 70 kilos of fish, 60 kilos of
• For the first time since 1975, there is no country hosting                           pasta and 1,600 bread rolls • among other items.
  two GPs.                                                                          • On a GP weekend, a team consumes up to 1,200 liters
• On a Grand Prix weekend the entire crew, including the                              of fuel, 60 to 80 liters of engine oil and up to 30 liters of
  logistics, marketing, press and catering staff, is around 80-                       transmission oil.
  strong.                                                                           • On average, a Formula One driver sheds two kilograms in
• When the takeover was announced in summer 2005, the                                 weight per Grand Prix.
  workforce in Hinwil numbered 275. By the end of 2006 this                         • The cockpit temperature averages 50°C.
  had risen to 400 and is scheduled to reach 430 at the end                              In the future we will bring you some more facts from the
  of 2007. Staff numbers in Munich remain unchanged at                              fascinating world of Formula One.
  just under 300.

                                    We’re here to help you.
                                                (No... we’re not from the IRS.)
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  April                                                                                                       13
       New Member Profile
     Name: Jens Kersting
     Make of BMW: 325i, M3 Modified
     How many BMWs you have owned, past and present: 4
     Event you would most like to participate in: Any
     What do you enjoy most about your car: Solid, firm and powerful
     Hobbies other than your BMW: Weightlifting and outside activities
     Your first memory of a BMW: Got my engineering degree from BMW
     Things you need to know about Jens: His generosity and commitment to BMW has earned
     him the name of “The Pied Piper of the E23 Brigades”. Satch Carlson’s article in the June 2003
     Roundel shares with us why we are so lucky to have Jens join us as our newest RMC BMW CCA
     Welcome Jens!!

14                              MSR                                                      April
                                        Upcoming Events
                                                  Detailers Paradise
                        Annual Detailing Tech Session & Open House
                                          by Heather Martinez, Coordinator

        etailers Paradise is pleased to invite the Rocky Moun-
        tain BMW Club to a Detailing Tech Session and Open
        House on Saturday, April 7, 2007 from 10:00 a.m.
to 2:00 p.m. This fun and educational event will be held at
our retail store and training center at 1745 South Broadway
in Denver (located just a few blocks north of Evans and just
1 mile south of I-25).
     The Detailing Tech Session will focus on paint care and
machine polishing. It will begin promptly at 10:15 AM and
will be 95% hands-on. Learn about the pros and cons of the
super-soft BMW paint and how to take proper care of it. We
will also be available throughout the entire event to help you
find solutions to your toughest detailing problems…. paint
imperfections, leather conditioning, convertible top care, tire
& wheel cleaning, metal polishing and more.
     We will offer special sale prices on several popular         run constantly in the entertainment area of our store for your
products and tools, including a BMW CCA member-only               viewing enjoyment. Have a DVD you’d like to share with the
discount on select Piloti driving shoes! ( - for
                                          club? Bring it along and we’ll play it too. Free and safe park-
more info on Piloti driving shoes). Food and beverages will       ing is always available in our large parking lot. Please join us
be available for Club members throughout the day. Stop by         for this fun event!
to learn, shop, and socialize! Racing and other car DVDs will          For more information and/or to register for the Detailing
                                                                  Tech Session, please contact Heather Martinez at 303-722-
                                                                  5107 or at
                                                                       Pre-registration is requested for the tech session por-
           YOUR SMILE IS                                          tion of the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

             WORTH A
          ….NOT DOLLARS
                  Family Dentistry
           Friendly and attentive services
                        �   Cleaning
                        �   X-rays
                        �   Fillings / Crowns
                        �   Extractions
         Academy of General Dentistry Member                                      FIRST EVER!
                    BMW CCA member                                           CALENDARS FOR CHARITY
                                                                    Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW CCA Calendars
          Joshua D. Wyte, D.D.S.                                    19-month full color 11x17” calendars June 2006 through
                                                                    December 2007, includes stunning photos of members
           New Location coming                                      BMWs and events scheduled. Limited quantities avail-
                                                                    able for $12.00 each. All profits will be donated to char-
                June 2007                                           ity. Order on line at or mail your
                                                                    $12.00 check for each calendar you wish to purchase
          Cherry Creek / DTC Area                                   to Darlene Doran, 1777 South Harrison Street, Suite 70,
                                                       12/07        Denver, Colorado 80210.

  April                                                                                15
                                         Upcoming Events

                                                                      Annual RMC Spring Drive/Lunch
                                                                    Gary Odehnal & Brian Bowden, Coordinators

                                                                           K, this is the annual spring event we have all been
                                                                           waiting for. That’s right; it’s our Annual Spring Drive,
                                                                           Saturday, May 12, 2007. Dust off your M3, vintage
                                                                   2002 or any other form of Bavarian iron and let’s get out on
                                                                   the kind of roads all that expensive machinery was designed
                                                                   for. As promised, this will be another tour with lots of grins and
                                                                   great Northern Colorado Beauty. Plan on spending the entire
                                                                   day away from home. Your return to Denver should be before
                                                                   5pm, weather and machinery permitting.
   Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW CCA                                        This drive is exactly the same route we have enjoyed on
        2007 Autocross Series                                      other Northern Colorado Spring drives but I never get tired of

                                                                   it. To my knowledge nobody has ever complained about the
     he 2007 Autocross Points Series kicks off this April at
                                                                   open roads or varied and outstanding mountain beauty of
     the Coors Field east parking lot B. 2007 will sure to be
                                                                   the North Park area. The tour will begin with a trip to Laramie
     another great year for RMC BMW CCA Autocrossing and           Wyoming, and continue South to Walden for Lunch and a
this is a great opportunity to come out and experience your        Buffet feast at the World Famous “River Rock Café” in Beau-
BMW at its limits. Don’t feel like you must participate from       tiful downtown Walden. The River Rock is known for its great
the beginning of the season or in all events – help and advice     eats and the massive hand-hewn logs in its rustic interior,
are always available at any event.                                 it’s a Northern Colorado favorite. Then it’s back on the Road
     Autocross events are open to all BMW CCA members.             to Rand Colorado on Highway 125, my “personal favorite”
Beginners, convertibles and roadsters are welcome. See             Colorado road. This little jewel of asphalt is a Bimmer Driver’s
our website for sign up, car classification, and season num-        dream come true. Think long sweeping turns, high mountain
ber information at          forest and open meadows with snow capped peaks highlight
Plan to arrive prior to 7:30 a.m. to ensure adequate time for      this outstanding mountain route over Willow Creek Pass. After
registration and tech inspection.                                  coming back down to earth at Highway 40 we turn back east
DETAILS…                                                           and on to Winter Park for a quick stop at the local Safeway
                                                                   and some afternoon Ice Cream treats. I can’t decide if I’m in
Dates: Saturday, April 14 and May 5.                               for the drive or all the Good Food! Come for both and you will
Location: Coors Field – east parking lots – 2001 Blake             be impressed by all the above and the wonderful spring scen-
Street, Lot B, Denver, Colorado                                    ery and open roads that have made this ride a club favorite.
Directions: From I-25 North or South, take exit #212 20th
Street (eastbound) or Park Avenue exit 213 (eastbound).
1 Block east of Coors Field is Market Street. Make a left
(northeast) on Market Street. Stay on Market Street (which
becomes Walnut Street) until you get to 27th Street. Make
another left on 27th Street and enter “Lot B”. This is the ONLY
entrance you can use to the event.
Cost: $49.00 per driver (CCA members) – includes lunch.
Additional lunches for $8.00
Schedule: Plan to arrive prior to 7:30 AM to ensure adequate
time for registration and tech inspection.                                “…this will be another tour with lots
6:00 AM           Gates open.
7:00-8:30 AM Check-in/tech inspection & rookie walk                                    of grins…”
                  (Check-in closes 8:30 Sharp).                        So clear the board of “Honey Dews” because you really
9:00 AM           Driver’s meeting.                                don’t want to miss this drive. The drive will start at the New
9:30 AM           First car off!!!                                 Co’s BMW Center in Loveland. That’s right off I-25 for all of
                                                                   you who have not been there yet. The Denver group will be
For additional information please feel free to give us a call at
                                                                   gathering at the RTD Park and Ride lot on 120th Avenue at
303-979-8030. Please come prepared with your own drink-
                                                                   8:45am. We “lucky” Northern Colorado Homeboys will be
ing water, plenty of sunscreen and prepared for any weather.
                                                                   meeting the Denver contingent at 10am, sharp at Co’s BMW
Autocross Registration:                                            Center. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to
    You may signup on the web at http://www.rmcbmwcca.             be the Denver brigade commander call me at 970-219-9821
org/autocross.htm to secure your seat now.
org/autocross.htm,                                                 or email me at
     16                                                       MSR                                                         April
                                      Upcoming Events

       You WON’T Want To Miss This                                    Bimmer Haus Performance
                                                                         Brake Tech Session

                                                                      n Saturday, April 28 from 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Bimmer
                                                                      Haus Performance in Broomfield will open their doors
                       presents a                                     to driving enthusiasts who want to learn more about
         BBQ and Show n’ Shine                                 proper brake maintenance and get their cars ready for the
                                                               rigors of track use.
   for the Rocky Mountain Chapter Quarterly                         Bimmer       Haus
                                                               technicians will give
       General Membership Get Together                         instructions on chang-
                Saturday, June 23, 2007                        ing pads and rotors as
                 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM                            well as brake systems

                                                               blushing and bleed-
      et your car cleaned up and bring out for display (no     ing. Then participants
      judging just looking) at Co’s BMW Center.This BBQ        tackle their own brake
      and Show n’ Shine, Saturday, June 23, 2007 is the        system maintenance
Rocky Mountain Chapter‘s second quarterly general mem-         supervised by the
bership get-together. Join us for great fun, camaraderie and   Bimmer Haus staff.
a complimentary BBQ.Co’s BMW Center – 4150 Byrd Drive,
                       Co’s                                         Registration is free, but space is limited so call (720-
Loveland, Colorado 866-890-6947.                               566-0521) or email ( early
    Directions          to guarantee your spot. Priority will be given to Spring Driving                                        School participants and those who have not attended a free
    Get your reservation in now - PLEASE RSVP to Darlene       Brake Tech Session at Bimmer Haus before.
Doran 303-758-4200 or

  Your Northern Connection for BMW Performance

  5806 S. College Ave.                                                                              (970)229-0990

    Fort Collins CO                                                        

       At Poudre Sports Car, we have been providing sales and service of fine European
      automobiles to Northern Colorado since 1972, meeting our customers service needs
                 from scheduled maintenance to complete engine overhauls.
                                       10% Discount to CCA members
                              BMW-Porsche-Mercedes Benz-Audi-Exotics

  April                                                                             17
                                         by Darlene Doran, Coordinator

                     Want to Make Your Teen a Safer, Smarter Driver?
                            Give Them Street Survival™ Skills!
Street Survival™ Program Guide
     The goals of the Street Survival program are to teach
students some of the basics of car control, to enhance their
enjoyment of driving and to improve their competence as driv-
ers. We want the students to understand how their actions
govern a car’s responses, and as a result to become safer,
more effective drivers on the road.
     The students will become more observant of the traffic
situation they find themselves in. They will learn to look far
enough ahead to anticipate unwise actions of other drivers.
As the students master the application of physics to drive their
cars, they will make fewer unwise driving actions themselves.       “…to enhance their enjoyment of driving and
They will understand why they should always wear their own           to improve their competence as drivers.”
seatbelts, and why they should insist that their passengers
wear seatbelts, too.
     Students will learn how to properly use their own cars        Where: Arapahoe Park Racetrack, 26000 East Quincy
based on the physics of car control. They will learn how their     Avenue, Aurora, CO (1.9 miles east of E-470 on Quincy).
cars feel and sound just before and as they exceed the limits
of tire adhesion in a controlled situation, helping them to        When: Saturday, May 19, 2007 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
avoid accidents in actual everyday driving situations where
they might experience problems.                                    Cost: $60.00 includes event
                                           During the event,       fee, lunch, and a one-year
                                      students will maneu-         membership to the BMW Car
                                      ver their cars through       Club.
                                      exercises laid out using     Register: www.streetsurvival.
                                      orange traffic safety         org or call 1.877.BMW.CC02
                                      cones in a closed park-      for more information.
                                      ing lot. They will expe-     Why:
                                      rience each exercise         • According to Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD) 36.4%
                                      element several times,         of all teen accidents are alcohol-related. Street Survival’s
in order to learn from their mistakes and to improve their           mission is to reduce the other 63.6% of teen accidents
skills. A trained driving coach will accompany each driver           caused by driver error.
to provide real-time feedback while performing maneuvers.          • Street Survival™ goes beyond drivers ed to teach teens to
There is no stopwatch, nor head-to-head competition with             avoid accidents before they happen.
other cars. The students are here to improve their skills, not     • Street Survival™ is a unique hands-on driving experience
to compare themselves with someone else.                             that puts each student behind the wheel of his or her car
     The exercise elements are laid out in advance by the            with a trained instructor one-on-one, all day.
event chairman and are designed to be fun, safe, challeng-         • The instruction takes place on a closed, wet-down parking
ing and educational. Each element will teach the students a          lot, so teens can experience emergency driving situations
specific skill or group of skills.                                    in a controlled environment. We teach skid control, ABS
     Safety is our prime concern.                                    braking, accident avoidance, and emergency lane changes
What: Street Survival is a safe teen driving and car control         among many other good driving skills and habits.
program for drivers 16 to 19- years old. Older students are            Parents are welcome to watch – or even better, to help
welcome too!                                                      run the event!
Who: Presented by the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA)                Further information, and registration for both students
Foundation, a 501c (3) public charitable Foundation, in part-      and volunteers, will be online at
nership with the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the BMW CCA.            (look for the Street Survival logo). This event will be publicized
     You don’t have to be a member or own a BMW. However,          and open to non-Club members also. Since we can handle
all students must have a valid driver’s license and/or valid       only forty students, keep an eye on the website and sign up
driver’s permit. Sorry, no exceptions.                             as soon as possible.
     18                                                       MSR                                                         April
                                         Upcoming Events

       Sonic Bimmer Burger Night
               by Jim Flint, Coordinator

        hat is a BBN you may ask? It’s an informal get together
        to share food, car talk and camaraderie. When Bim-
        merphiles converge, the evening is special indeed.
Date: Thursday, April 19, 2007
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Who: Any and all BMW enthusiasts (including non-BMW CCA                               Car Control Clinic
members, vegetarians and meat-lovers alike)                                          Sunday, May 20, 2007

Where: Golden Sonic Drive-In                                             he Rocky Mountain Chapter is having a Car Control
       17191 South Golden Road                                           Clinic Sunday, May 20th, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at
       Golden, CO 80401-2857                                             Arapahoe Park Racetrack, 26000 East Quincy Avenue,
       303-279-2859                                                 Aurora, CO (1.9 miles east of E-470 on Quincy)
    As a promotion, Sonic is offering us a dinner special for our
event, which makes the evening very inexpensive. When you                If you are planning to drive in the Rocky Mountain
order, identify yourself as being with the BMW CCA, which will      Chapter Late Spring Performance Driving School, and
qualify you for one of the following special meals, at the prices   this would be your first driving school, this is a highly rec-
shown: Hamburger, regular fries/tots, & regular drink - $2.99;      ommended event and is included in your driving school
Cheeseburger, regular fries/tots, & regular drink -$3.49            registration fee.
    If you know of Bimmerphiles who don’t receive the MSR                 “…will be your FIRST driving school,
and are not signed up on the Yahoo Groups site, please invite
them!                                                                     the CCC is a highly recommended…”
                                                                         Clinic exercises are designed to familiarize students with
                                                                    the handling and braking fundamentals of their cars. Exercises
                                                                    planned include slalom, braking and skid pad. Anyone with a
                                                                    valid driver’s license is invited to attend the Car Control Clinic,
                                                                    even if you don’t want to attend Driving School. A helmet is
                                                                    not required. Convertible drivers are welcome!
                                                                         If you are registering for the Car Control Clinic only, the
                                                                    cost is $40 for members; $85 per driver for non-members
                                                                    (includes a 1-year membership to BMW CCA). Walk-ups will
                                                                    NO longer be permitted. All registration and payments will
                                                                    be done online at: Click on the RMC
                                                                    BMW CCA Car Control Link to register and review the impor-
                                                                    tant details on waivers, location, etc.
                                                                         Registration for the Car Control Clinic will open Sun-
                                                                    day, April 1, 2007 at noon and will close May 12 at
            Time is Running OUT!                                    6:00 p.m. on the Rocky Mountain Chapter website: www.
                                                           Click on Rocky Mountain Chapter Car
           New Helmets For 2007                                     Control Clinic Questions can be emailed to Brian Bowden

       nyone who has been using a Snell 1995 rated helmet
       will need a new helmet for 2007. The newest Snell
       rated helmet is 2005. All helmets are inspected, so
 Snell 2000 or 2005 rated helmets will be acceptable. This
 would be a great gift for your special someone.                                                                                  6/07

  April                                                                                     19
                                             Driving School
                                  Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW CCA
                   Late Spring Performance Driving School 2007

                                                  Sponsored by Winslow BMW

     he Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW CCA is pleased to invite              After the school is over on Saturday, June 16th, we will
     you to attend the Late Spring Performance Driving              have a Dinner Buffet at the track for Driving School partici-
     School sponsored by Winslow BMW (www.winslowbmw.               pants, instructors and workers, as well as all other Chapter
com) at Pueblo Motorsports Park, on Saturday, June 16th             members. The cost will be $15 per person. All registration
and Sunday, June 17th, 2007. Pueblo Motorsports Park is                           
                                                                    will be done online at Click on the RMC
an excellent track for teaching. It is safe and demanding, yet      BMW Late Spring Driving School link. DINNER ONLY reserva-
fun and visible from the grandstand.                                tions will be done online also (more details page 42).
     Our purpose is to give you the opportunity to drive your            While there will be mostly BMWs at the track, other
car at speed and to experience                                                                      makes are welcome. If you’re
more of the potential of the                                                                        considering something other
unique combination of car and                       Come and Help Out                               than a coupe or sedan, please
driver. Our High Performance           Volunteers really make a difference! call the Driving School Coordi-
Driving Schools are real schools                                                                    nator—sorry, but NO convert-

for anyone 18 or over (with                n event like this takes a lot of volunteer effort to ibles, cars with removable
a valid driver’s license). You             put on. If you, a member of your family, or a friend tops, trucks, pickups, vans
will alternate between class-              would be interested in volunteering, please send or SUVs other than the BMW
room sessions and time on an email message to We need X5/X3 or Porsche Cayenne
the track with your instructor. corner workers, pit & grid, runners, gate workers and are permitted at the Driving
Safety, learning and fun are more. Driving school students are particularly encouraged School.
our priorities—and that is the to volunteer on a day they are not in school. It provides                 A technical inspection
order, safety first—but you will a very different perspective and really completes the is required of all cars, and
have fun.                             experience.                                                   must be completed prior to the
     A Car Control Clinic will be                                                                   school. This will verify the safe
held on May 20th at Arapahoe Park. If this is your first driving     condition of your vehicle, especially the parts that will be criti-
school, it’s highly recommended you attend, and the cost is         cal for an event like this. Tech inspection forms can be down-
included with your driving school registration fee. This            loaded from the Chapter web site. All safety equipment will be
provides braking, slalom and skid-pad exercises that are excel-     checked: tires, brakes, brake fluid, battery hold-downs, seat
lent preparation for the school. It also provides good training     belts and more. If there is any doubt about the condition of
even if you can only attend the Car Control Clinic. If you’ve       your equipment, have it replaced (new tires are not required or
been to one or ten driving schools, it’s still a great warm-up,     necessarily recommended). The inspection can be completed
and particularly informative if the car is new to you.              by your mechanic (expect a charge). There will be several

                   RMC BMW CCA                                                          RMC BMW CCA
              Late Spring Driving School                                           Late Spring Driving School
                 Tech Inspection                                                       Tech Inspection
              Colorado Springs Area                                                 Colorado Springs Area
           There will be no cost for the inspection                             There will be no cost for the inspection
       Please email in advance to reserve time, or call                     Please email in advance to reserve time, or call
                        Tim Roghair                                                          Steve Calhoun
                      Winslow BMW                                                          Mondino Imports
                   730 North Circle Drive                                                  305 Juanita Street
             Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909                                          Colorado Springs, Colorado
                      719-473-1373                                                           719-385-0953
     20                                                        MSR                                                          April
                                            Driving School

FREE technical inspections courtesy of Winslow BMW, Co’s                                                    1st
                                                                   Clinic ONLY registration will open April 1 at noon and
BMW Center, Poudre Sports Car, Bimmer Haus, Mondino                           12th
                                                                   close May 12 at 6:00 p.m.
Imports and Autoworks Colorado (see individual inserts for             On May 9th, you will receive an email letting you know
details). DO NOT PUT THIS OFF! Be sure to give yourself time       your CCC time slot.
in case something is found that must be fixed.                          Cancellations received after May 12th will be refunded
     Hotels nearest the track are located just off of I-25 along   $25 VIA CHECK. Call or email the registrar to cancel.
Hwy 50. We have contacted Days Inn Pueblo at 4201 N.
                                                                   Driving School Information
Elizabeth, Pueblo, Colorado for a BMW Club discount. For res-
                                                                   Cost/Registration: Cost is $175 per driver per day for BMW
ervations call 1-719-543-8031 and mention BMW Car Club
                                                                   CCA members or $220 per driver per day for non-members
for your discount. A simple continental breakfast is included.
                                                                   (includes a 1-year membership to BMW CCA). Remember,
     Pueblo Motorsports Park — go to
                                                                   this fee includes Car Control Clinic, so there is no need for directions. There will be air
                                                                   to register for the CCC separately. There is a late regis-
and water at the track. A food concession will be available
                                                                   tration fee of $25 per driver per day after May 20, 2007.
with such things as coffee,
                                                                   You must use the Chapter website to register and pay — go
rolls, and juice for break-
                                                                   to and click on the Late Spring Driving
fast, and hamburgers, hot-
                                                                   School link. Driving School registration will open April 1st
dogs and pop for lunch. No
                                                                   at noon and will close June 10th at 6:00 p.m.
glass beverage containers
                                                                        In the last two years our basic track rental fees has
are permitted at any time.
                                                                   increased by 67%, however we are trying to absorb as much
No alcoholic beverages are
                                                                   of the increased cost as possible, and must increase our fees
permitted on the premises
                                                                   by 17%.
while cars are on the track.
                                                                        On May 9th, you will receive an email letting you know
     Instructors — individu-
                                                                   your CCC time slot. On June 3rd, you will be sent an email
alized instruction is a key to
                                                                   with your Driving School registration number, run day and run
this program that has been
                                                                   group. Maps, schedules, inspection forms and other details
developed over decades,
                                                                   will be available for download on the Chapter web site.
and compares very favorably
                                                                        Cancellations received by May 20th will be refunded
with commercial schools
                                                                   $150 VIA CHECK. NO REFUNDS for cancellations after May
costing many times more.
                                                                   20th. Call or email the registrar to cancel.
Our experienced instruc-
                                                                        We reserve the right to refuse entry and participation
tors have come from racing,
                                                                   to anyone for any reason. For registration questions, call
autocrossing and BMW CCA
                                                                   our Registrar, Leslie Jenkins, at 303-671-6131 or email:
schools and can help you develop your potential.
                                                          For all other questions call Andrew
Car Control Clinic ONLY information                                Jordan, Driving School Coordinator, at 303-426-6800 or
Cost/Registration: If you are only planning to participate in      email:
the Car Control Clinic, the fee is $40 per driver for BMW CCA
members or $85 per driver for non-members (includes a 1-
year membership to BMW CCA). You must use the Chapter               Assume you are enrolled in the school
website to register and pay — go to                   unless otherwise notified.
and click on Late Spring Car Control Clinic. The Car Control

                  RMC BMW CCA
             Late Spring Driving School                                              RMC BMW CCA
                                                                                Late Spring Driving School
                   Tech Inspection
                    Loveland Area                                                    Tech Inspection
           There will be no cost for the inspection                                   Littleton Area
       Please email in advance to reserve time, or call                      There will be no cost for the inspection
                   Service Department                                    Please email in advance to reserve time, or call
                    Co’s BMW Center                                                   Autoworks Colorado
                      4150 Byrd Drive                                             8110 Shaffer Parkway, #100
                 Loveland, Colorado 80538                                          Littleton, Colorado 80127
                      866-890-6947                                                        303-932-9990
  April                                                                               21
                                              Driving School

                              How Can I Help Out at Driving Schools?
                                                        by Bruce Leggett

      eing a driving school student is a lot of fun, but there       go on-track, but it’s more than that. Since students can be
      are also many rewarding opportunities to get involved          nervous and forgetful when preparing to go on track, Pit &
      as a volunteer at our club schools. All in all there’s a lot   Grid checks to be sure all windows are down, sunroofs closed,
to do! In fact, it takes about one volunteer for each driver to      loose articles are removed, and hoods and trunks are fully
put on these events. There are three main areas in which to          closed. This group is watchful for tech issues with the cars
help: Corner Working, Pit & Grid and General.                        and they help with re-torqueing wheels before cars go on
Corner Working: This is the largest group of volunteers              track in the morning session. And, most importantly, as the
needed. Corner workers are the drivers’ best friend – warning        day gets hot they’re watching for signs of heat exhaustion
them of situations unfolding ahead (they’ll owe you!). Corner        — passing out water to drivers and instructors. Pit & Grid also
working can be the most fun and improve your understanding           helps with critiquing cars for awards as they get to see them
about driving the track since you are right next to the action.      up close and personal.
On station, corner workers will                                                               General: Help is needed in the
stand shoulder to shoulder with             Volunteers really make a                          morning with registration. Pit &
radio and flags ready. The idea                                                                Grid needs help first thing in the
is to have one person view                         difference!                                morning when all the cars are

the entrance to the turn and                ant to find out more about driving school? getting ready to go on-track for
the other person view the exit              Coming to the school with your spouse or sig- the first time. Invariably, we find
and down track. By listening to             nificant other and want to do more than just several cars that need atten-
“school control” and reporting sit around? Want to help others have the same, great tion. Help is needed getting
situations around their corner, experiences you’ve had in the past? Please contact us at corner workers and equipment
corner workers help keep every-
                                                               to each turn station, getting
one aware of what is happening                                                                refreshments to corner workers
on track. Corner workers will critique the driver and the car.  and, finally, we need help in the afternoon picking up corner
They will discuss a driver that is coming in hot or off-line in workers and equipment from their stations.
some way. Viewed during the entire day, it is easy to see            Please consider stepping up to help your club run a safe,
which drivers progress the most. You can hear the engines       smooth and successful event. If you’ve driven in a school, or
revving higher each session and also see the front of the car   plan to do so in a future school, it’s good karma to volunteer!
dive more under braking as confidence builds. You’ll be able     For insurance reasons, all volunteers in the “hot” parts of the
to tell when a driver is hitting the apex. Overall, you’ll know track/pits must be 18 or older.
almost as much about a driver as the instructor. We also have        For more information, or sign up to help, contact Chief
corner workers help us with critiquing drivers for awards such  of Safety Bruce Leggett at or Driving
as “Most Improved Driver” and “Car of the Day” which is the     School Coordinator Andrew Jordan at:
car we would all like to drive the most.               or send an e-mail to
Pit & Grid: This is where the cars are organized before they

                                                                                       RMC BMW CCA
                   RMC BMW CCA                                                    Late Spring Driving School
              Late Spring Driving School
                                                                                       Tech Inspection
                   Tech Inspection
                                                                                       Broomfield Area
                   Fort Collins Area
                                                                               There will be no cost for the inspection,
           There will be no cost for the inspection                               ONLY if you register by phone or
      Please email in advance to reserve a spot, or call                          through the email address below
              When: Wednesday, June 6, 2007                               Please email in advance to reserve a spot, or call
                        5:00 p.m.                                      When: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 and May 16, 2007
              Where: Poudre Sports Car                                                     5:30 p.m.
                5806 S. College Avenue                                         Where: Bimmer Haus Performance
                   Fort Collins, CO                                             7233 West 116th Place, Suite A
       970-229-0990 or                                          Broomfield, CO
     22                                                         MSR                                                      April
                             24 Years of Community &
                              Charitable Contributions
                                              Our Star is RISING!!!!
                                 by Dave Stackhouse and Dee Raisl, Coordinators

      he Rocky Mountain Chapter of the BMW Car Club is rising      ful sports, classic and exotic automobiles, ranging from early
      in stature at the Exotic Sports Car Show and Concours        classics to vintage, plus rare, current models.
      d’Elegance. As chairs of the event, we now lead the effort        We hope you’ll join us for this special event. It’s sched-
to raise even more money for this most worthwhile cause.           uled for Sunday, June 10, 2007, (a week later than in the
With our partners, we are closing in on $600,000 in earnings       past) at our usual location, Arapahoe Community College at
for Cerebral Palsy of Colorado’s children’s programs. We hope      5900 South Santa Fe Drive, in Littleton, Colorado. The show
to continue this great tradition and add $100,000 to that          hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with the awards pre-
figure this year, with BMW leading the way!                         sented at 2:00. To view the fabulous array of cars will cost
     The money raised provides early intervention, preschool       you $10, with children under age 12 admitted free. And this
and early care, and education programs to 800 children and         year we hope to add a variety of musical entertainment as
their families. Proceeds from the Concours d’Elegance will         the event is supported by Martini on the Rockies, radio sta-
also help Cerebral Palsy provide                                                              tion 101.5.
nutrition programs for these chil-                                                                  But why not share your special
dren, health and dental screenings,                                                           BMW with us? For any $30 car
social worker support and a vari-                                                             registration processed through the
ety of therapies, plus their parents                                                          chapter’s web-site www.rmcbmw-
benefit from employment services,                                                     before May 23rd you will
grassroots support groups and a                                                               receive two free gate passes, plus
statewide system of information,                                                              two lunch vouchers courtesy of our
referral and education. All together,                                                         club. You can clean your car up,
these services help the families                                                              registering it for judging, or bring it
achieve their fullest potential in an                                                         for display as is. All judging will be
integrated and diverse environment                                                            done above the chassis, no wheel
that honors their ethnicities and                                                             wells or under carriage scoring,
abilities. As you can see, the funds we raise support family       and is structured to help first-time exhibitors learn about car
responsibility and growth, causes we all support.                  preparation for future concours. So register now…. and get
     To reach our goal we will again partner with The Porsche      your friends to join us too. If you dawdle until after May 23rd,
Club of America-Rocky Mountain Region, Rocky Moun-                 we can’t guarantee you’ll get the lunch tickets, your car will
tain Jaguar Club, Ferrari Club of America-Rocky Moun-              not be mentioned in the official program, and the registration
tain Region, Mercedes-Benz Club of America Mile-High               fee will rise to $50.
Section, Looking Glass Corvette Association, Rocky                      Won’t you help us reach or exceed our goal and make
Mountain 356 Porsche Club, NSX Club of America,                    this 24th Year and the first one lead by our club, the best one
Southwest Region, Z Car Club of Colorado, Mile High                yet? Show your car, or join us at the tent hosted by the club,
Chapter of S2KCA, Classic Car Club of America-Colorado             and enjoy the wonderful variety of elegant automobiles. For
Region, Rocky Mountain Saab Club of Colorado, Audi Car             additional information contact either of the event chairs, Dave
Club North America Rocky Mountain Chapter, and the                 Stackhouse at 720-272-3953 or Dee Raisl at 303-722-0922.
RX-7 Club of Colorado to put on this great event. Together,        Then head to the chapter web-site to
we hope to bring you over 350 of the best and most beauti-         register today…. and come share in all the fun!

                                                           9/07     10/07

  April                                                                                   23
                        1987                       REARVIEW MIRROR

The year is 1987; the Rearview Mirror is a look back at the Rocky
Mountain Chapter and the happenings of our nation. This column will
give newer members and veterans a chance to see or remember the goings-
on 20 years ago. Ronald Regan was president. Edmonton Oilers defeat
Philadelphia Flyers to capture the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup.
Al Unser, Sr. wins his 4th Indianapolis 500. Famous Birthdays – Singer/
Actress Debbie Reynolds – 1932, Actress Jane Powell – 1929, Actress Ali
McGraw – 1938, “Camp David” namesake David Eisenhower – 1947, and
Actor Lon Chaney – 1883.

                                           Have a classified you want to
                                         advertise? Send the details to our
                                                    MSR Editor.

                                                                                Don’t miss the 24th year of our CP
                                                                              Concours d’Elegance – details page 23

24                                                        MSR                                                   April
                        1987     REARVIEW MIRROR

                                                    Our Chapter
                                                   Congress this
                                                   year is being
                                                   held in Valley
                                                     Forge, PA

Our 2nd quarter Membership
Get Together will be held at
     Co’s BMW Center –
      details page 17

April                          25
                                   News From National
                                       Wynne Smith, Executive Director

Membership Stats as of 2/20/2007                                        Try to get there Friday afternoon — you won’t want to
             Full        Associate             Total                miss the Delaware Valley Chapter’s Friday evening reception.
             66068       9850                  75918                    To register for the congress please visit: http://www.
Last month   66193       9857                  76050      
Last Year    65835       9365                  75200                    No need to call the hotel - rooms will be reserved in your
                                                                    names based on the registrations.
     454 members have referred 467 new members to the               ZF PUBLIC SERVICE AWARDS/CHARITY MATCHING
club since the Membership Drive began. Sadly, we still lost         FUNDS
members this month…                                                      Good workeveryone! We have received applications
     Need apps? Send an email to jennifer.skatzes@
                                   jennifer.skatzes@bmwcca.         from the following chapters: Golden Gate; Peachtree; Buck-
org Have questions? Want an electronic version of the rules?
org.                                                                eye; Puget Sound; Blue Ridge; Patroon; Sin City; Connecticut
Email me at
                                   Valley; First Coast; Windy City; Rocky Mountain; Genesee
     Over 3,000 members renewed this month – and our ongo-          Valley; Bluegrass Bimmers; Delaware Valley; Iowa Chapter;
ing Member Satisfaction Survey can be viewed by visiting: http://   Tejas; San Diego; Boston; National Capital; Central California;                      Sunbelt; New Jersey; Everglades; Bayou; Northern Ohio; Los
                                                                    Angeles Chapter; Florida Suncoast.
     Join Griot’s Garage on Friday, March 23 and Saturday,          FORMS
March 24 for onsite car car tech sessions at their corporate             As the Operations Manual indicates: BMW CCA exists
headquarters. Join Roundel Technical Editor Mike Miller for         to provide services to its members and chapters. Providing
“Real Time Tech Talk.”                                              timely, responsive service to members and chapters requires
     Friday and Saturday Griot’s Garage will be hosting car         timely, accurate information from members and chapters.
care tech sessions at their corporate headquarters in Fife,         Much of the information needed for club administration is
Washington. It’s a great opportunity to see live product dem-       provided by chapters and individuals on standardized forms.
onstrations and have any questions answered about the inte-         Chapter forms are all available on the
rior and exterior care of your car. For the first hour, they have    website – if you have difficulty downloading, or filling them out
pre-selected cars that they we will be performing demonstra-        and need hard copies, contact me. The following forms are due
tions ranging from proper washing techniques and tips, to the       March 30, 2007:
safest and easiest way to remove swirl marks and scratches          • Printing & Postage Reimbursement Requests
from your paint surface, without hiding them.                       • Chapter Financials
     Confirmed Technical Presentations and Vendors to                • Chapter Officer Questionnaires
date: BBS of America, BMW CCA Foundation, BMW Mobile                     We have emailed the forms to you and the packet is also
Tradition/Maximillian Importing Company, BMW Performance            available under CHAPTER FORMS on the club’s website.
Driving School, Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tires,              If you have not already filed your Chapter Label Request
LLC, Eco-Lube Systems, Fikse Wheels, Griot’s Garage, Haury’s        and Chapter Comp Requests, you’re late. If no updated
Lake City Collision, Dave Mason, Ireland Engineering, KMS-          requests are filed we will continue to follow the directions
Koala Motorsport/Performance Gearing, Jonathan Spira and            provided in the last request submitted.
Dr. Bernardo Lopez-Alvaredo, M-Cars, Mike Miller, Jim Millet,            The sooner you can provide the Chapter Officer Ques-
Mike Self, TC Kline Racing, Wisenberg/Acordia Motorsports           tionnaires (due March 30, 2007) the better – we use the
Liability, Yokohama Tire and several BMW TSAs.                      Chapter Officer Questionnaires to update the database, ser-
     We are proud to announce that Csaba Csere, editor-             vice officer list, website and mailings and email blasts. As long
in-chief at CAR AND DRIVER is coming to TechFest 2007 as            as we haven’t a current Chapter Officer Questionnaire then
the keynote speaker for the Saturday banquet. http://www.           your old Board remains the contact point for this office.
                                                                    SPRINT ANNOUNCES NEW DISCOUNTS AND FREE BMW
CHAPTER CONGRESS APRIL 20 – 22, 2007                                CCA MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITY
     We have lined up some terrific speakers – we have an                 Thanks to everyone who participated in the Sprint Sur-
Intuit expert on hand for our Treasurers, especially those of       vey last month. BMW CCA and Sprint/Nextel are working
you who’d like to use Quickbooks or expand your knowledge of        together to bring huge savings to BMW CCA members. Sprint
Quickbooks – in fact if you don’t already have QB – we’re going     has increased the monthly service discount to 15% and has
to provide it for you – just send me an email in the next ten       added several new promotions to provide members with addi-
days and we’ll have the program to you in no time. We have a        tional benefits.
Chapter Toolbox in production on the BMW CCA website; you’ll        • A free accessory pack, including leather case or holster,
all be receiving updated Operations Manuals loaded with addi-          vehicle adapter and ear-bud for each new phone activation
tional information such as how to prevent fraud, why we need        • Sprint will sponsor a 1-year BMW CCA membership (new
D & O coverage, Crisis Communications, to much to list. This is        membership or renewal) for any new order placed via
going to be a fun event, and one that will provide lots of useful      the web site or toll-free number listed below.
information to help you in your volunteer positions.                     Don’t miss this opportunity! New website and contact
     26                                                        MSR                                                       April
                                      News From National

number: Toll Free: 866-385-                  them “get to a place” where they understand this. We still seem to
8891                                                                     have students showing up at track events thinking that if their policy
                                                                         doesn’t cover them when they bend their car ours will and this is
INSURANCE RATES FOR 2007                                                 NOT the case.
   Enclosed is the GL Summary – it also resides within the                    Now about the liability, yes it is true that nothing keeps you from
Chapter Info section of the club’s website. The rates for insur-         being used, BUT if a suit is brought against you from an incident
ance remain the same as they were for 2006:                              on the track and the entire waiver procedures have been followed
COSTS FOR INSURANCE per event 2/1/07-1/31/08                             (more on that in a minute) this policy WILL protect you. If you are an
Club Race                     $1,800                                     instructor in the car and you have a student that wrecks his car and
Club Race/Driving School      $1,610                                     he sues you, you are protected. If you are driving your car and have
Driving School                $1,500                                     an incident and your passenger sues you, you are protected. If you
Autocrosses/ Safety Schools $ 280                                        are driving and go off track and a participant in the stands is hurt, as
Rebatable Events                $ 150                                    long as that participant has signed the waiver you are protected.
     For those of you not subscribed to the BMW CCA Driving                   So much like a realtor says Location, Location, Location, we
Events Coordinators digest, here’s information provided by               need to have in our head Waiver, Waiver, Waiver.
Driving Events Committee Chair, Bill Wade that all chapter                    A properly filled out waiver is what protects you. What I mean by
                                                                         a properly filled out waiver is that it’s dated correctly at the top of the
officers should know:
                                                                         page, EVERY page. If you have a 3 day event and your waiver only
     Our liability policy covers everybody at the event that signs our
                                                                         has the 1st date on the page and something happens on the 3rd
waiver. Students, Instructors, Event Staff, Friends and Family. This
                                                                         day…. That’s a problem. The signature and title of the event person
doesn’t cover the track or its employees, they are covered under their
                                                                         at the bottom is signed and dated. Both sides of every page. Hassle?
own policy and you are paying them for the use of their facility.
                                                                         You bet, but anything not done 100% correctly opens the door for a
     The reason that I emphasized the word liability is because that’s
                                                                         defense attorney to get a foothold on you/us. That is not to say that
all this policy covers. It doesn’t, has not or will not protect your
                                                                         the suit will be won but the settlement will be much much higher.
personal property, i.e. car. In my research I have not seen a per-
                                                                         Enough high settlements and our rates either go way up or in the
sonal auto policy that will now cover you on the race track. PLEASE
                                                                         worst case, game over, nobody will insure this little activity of ours.
PLEASE PLEASE have your members look at their policies and have
                                                                              We all understand that what we are doing is educational and
                                                                         not racing but how many of you have had problems convincing
                                                                         people that know you that what you do is not racing or some kind of
                                                                         competitive thing. How many times do you stop correcting someone
                                                                         when they ask Monday after a weekend at the track if you “won”?
                                                                         Now think of a jury of 12 “typical” Americas who get their news from
                                                                         the National Enquirer / Fox News and are more concerned about
                                                                         Brittany’s hair cut, and who’s going to make it on Idol that night than
                                                                         what’s going on in Washington??? Do you think they’ll understand
                                                                         that this is an educational event and not just a bunch of “rich guys in
                                                                         expensive cars racing and playing and somebody should pay”?
                                                                              Now, if your car slides on something and gets bent … well to me
                                                                         that’s part of the cost of playing. Feel free to have a discussion with
                                                                         the driver who dropped the oil or whatever but that is not something
                                                                         that our insurance covers.
                                                                              It is often asked “what if an instructor bends a student’s
                                                                         car?” My answer is “it’s the same as if an instructor drives another
                                                                         instructor’s car and something happens… The driver is responsible
                                                                         for any incident that he is behind the wheel for. If you’re not com-
                                                                                                                              continued next page

                                                                6/07      12/07

  April                                                                                               27
                                       News From National

fortable about this, don’t drive anyone else’s car. You should never       was caused by the negligence of the instructor or BMWCCA. Now
be driving beyond your limit of control, even in your own car so just      the insurance carrier is going to defend against the student’s claim
because you are driving the student’s Fastorrinni (because you’ve          through the release and waiver and the doctrine of assumption of
always wanted to drive one)… you have to think: ‘hmmmmm, can               risk, but my point is that the instructor, BMWCCA, and “participant”
I afford to fix/replace this?’ If not, don’t get yourself in a situation    is covered by the GL policy for such third party claims.
where this becomes an issue — don’t even turn the key on”. This                  Second, the track (and its employees) are also covered (as
is still a Gentleman’s Sport and I expect everybody I enjoy this with,     additional insured’s) for such third party property damage i.e. dam-
to act like accordingly. Think about somebody getting out of your car      age to a participant’s vehicles and, of course, for any bodily injury
after bending it and pitching the keys back and saying “Wow, sucks         claim that might be brought by a participant.
being you!”                                                                      Finally, as Bill notes, the participant assumes ALL risks of dam-
                                                                           age to his/her vehicle while participating in a DE event. As I’ve said
    Be watching for more of these insurance issues in the
                                                                           in other e-mails, I’m looking for a market to provide such first-party
Roundel and at TechFest and other National gatherings….
                                                                           “on-track” physical damage coverage, but it is not a very desirable
    I’m tired of that 800 lb. Gorilla sitting in the corner freak-
                                                                           product for insurers to offer and such programs when offered have
ing everybody out. I’m waking him up and telling him to move
                                                                           been short-lived and often not properly backed by insurance.
on…. If this means we loose some students, sorry, but what
we really lose is the potential for something much worse.                  BMW CCA Election Results may be viewed at http://www.
    Pete Lyon, BMW CCA Risk Manager followed up with:             Thanks to everyone who ran for
     First, you need to differentiate between third party and first party   office, and everyone who voted!
coverage. The BMWCCA GL policy does NOT, as Bill notes, provide                               And as always, best regards,
first party physical damage coverage i.e. no collision/comprehensive                           Wynne
coverage for claim brought by the vehicles owner for damage to that
vehicle. It DOES provide liability coverage for property damage to a
third party vehicle. i.e. a student sues BMWCCA and/or an instruc-
tor for damage to the student’s vehicle that the student alleges



     28                                                               MSR                                                             April
                                      The Two-Wheel BMW
                                              The New BMW R 1200 R

  ntroducing the new R 1200 R, BMW Motorrad is continuing
  a long tradition in the production of roadster motorcycles
  and is proudly presenting a worthy successor to the very
successful R 1150 R.
    With sales of the R 1150 R and R 850 R amounting to
almost 60,000 units since 2001, there is obviously great
demand for a motorcycle in classic design combining unique
character with timeless elegance.

    “…outstanding all-round qualities of the
     Roadster have contributed to the great
      success of this type of motorcycle…”
      It is equally obvious that the outstanding all-round quali-
ties of the Roadster have contributed to the great success of
this type of motorcycle in the market and will be borne out
even more significantly in future by the R 1200 R. Indeed, this
new Roadster takes up the general trend towards enhanced
dynamics without neglecting the strengths of the basic concept,
combining a significantly higher standard of agility with excellent
all-round touring qualities.                                               Nm/85 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm.
      The 1,200-cc power unit develops 80 kW/109 hp and thus               BMS-K electronic engine management with dual ignition,
exceeds the output of the former engine by almost 28%. This                anti-knock control, oxygen sensor, and fully controlled
flat-twin power unit comes with the same level of development               three-way catalytic converter.
already boasted in the R 1200 RT, with the oil cooler on the new           Light and stable, two-piece tubular steel frame.
Roadster now fitted behind the wheel fork.                                  Stiff Telelever with sensitive response and a high standard
      The rear section of the tubular space frame has been spe-            of steering precision.
cially developed for the Roadster, helping to give the entire rear         Excellent handling, supreme directional stability.
end a light and nimble appearance and reducing the overall                 EVO Paralever with light drive shaft.
weight of the machine. Dry weight of BMW Motorrad’s new R                  ESA Electronic Suspension Adjustment as an option.
1200 R all-rounder is therefore just 198 kg or 437 lb. In road             Dry weight 198 kg/437 lb, overall weight with full tank in
trim and with a full tank, in turn, the new machine also remains           road trim 223 kg/492lb.
very light at just 223 kg or 492 lb, much lighter than other four-         High-performance brake system.
cylinders in this market segment.                                          New BMW Motorrad Integral ABS with automatic stability
      Benefiting from the most advanced technologies, the Road-             control ASC (both available as option).
ster sets new standards in the market, once again underlining              Dynamic, modern but timeless design.
BMW’s claim to leadership in road safety. And for the first time        •   Particularly wide range of accessories.

       “…again underlining BMW’s claim to                              Technical Features and Design
           leadership in road safety.”                                 The power unit – powerful and refined
                                                                           The power unit is based on the two-cylinder with balance
the new model features the new generation of BMW Motorrad              shaft featured for the first time in the BMW R 1200 GS and
Integral ABS, which may be combined as an option with ASC              corresponds in the present version to the engine already to
anti-spin control from 2007. TPC tyre pressure control warning         be admired in the BMW R 1200 RT. The technical features
the rider of a loss of pressure also while riding is currently being   and details of the engine and its overall configuration are pre-
developed as a further feature for superior safety.                    sented in the R 1200 GS and R 1200 RT press kits.
     Last but certainly not least, the particularly wide range of          Compared with the R 1150 R, the new Roadster offers
optional extras and special equipment allows the customer to           almost 28% more power at a higher engine speed and approxi-
personalise the design and features of this classic all-rounder.
                                                                       “…the new Roadster offers almost 28% more
The most significant features of the new R 1200 R at a
                                                                           power at a higher engine speed…”
• Excellent all-round qualities.                                       mately 17% more torque. And at the same time the engine is
• Air-cooled flat-twin 1,170-cc power unit with balance                 7% lighter than its predecessor and particularly smooth and
  shaft.                                                               sophisticated, reducing vibrations to a minimum.
  Maximum output up almost 28% over the former model to                    The latest generation of electronic CAN-bus engine manage-
  80 kW/109 hp at 7,500 rpm.                                           ment makes this modern power unit even more comfortable and
  Maximum torque up almost 17% over the R 1150 R to 115                smoother on the road. In particular, this superiority is ensured by
     30                                                           MSR                                                          April
                                     The Two-Wheel BMW
                                    automatic idle speed control,     also featured on the two-piston floating calliper acting on the
                                    automatic choke, and anti-        rear wheel brake discs measuring 265 millimetres or 10.4”
                                    knock control allowing the        in diameter.
                                    use of lower-grade fuel. To            A special feature available straight from the factory is the
                                    develop its maximum output        latest generation of BMW Motorrad Integral ABS, which may
                                    of 80 kW/109 hp at 7,500          even be combined as an option with ASC Automatic Stability
                                    rpm and peak torque of 115        Control from 2007. For further information on the functions,
                                    Nm/85 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm,         structure and operation of this latest generation of ABS brake
                                    the flat-twin requires 98 RON      technology, please see the separate press kit dedicated to
                                    premium plus fuel. Running        this subject.
                                    on 95 RON premium fuel, in
                                    turn, engine output is slightly
                                                                           The combination of
                                                                      instruments on the new R
                                         The six-speed gearbox
                                                                      1200 R is again typical of
                                    with helical gears featured
                                                                      a genuine Roadster: Two
                                    in the R 1200 R also comes
                                                                      analogue circular dials posi-
                                    from the RT, combining a
                                                                      tioned above one another,
                                    snug and gentle gear mesh
                                                                      as well as a digital LCD
with superior running smoothness. Contrary to the touring
                                                                      display, inform the rider at
model, the drive shaft on the R 1200 R features a shorter sec-
                                                                      a glance on his current road
ondary transmission ratio of 2.75:1 (RT: 2.62:1), meaning that
                                                                      speed, engine speed, overall
sixth gear is an active riding gear and does not serve merely as
                                                                      mileage, trip mileage, gear in mesh, and the time. And as an
a kind of overdrive or economy gear.
                                                                      option the instrument cluster may be further enhanced by
Suspension technology of the highest standard                         an on-board computer offering additional information. Again,
      Like its RT and ST counterparts, the BMW R 1200 R fea-          further details in this context are provided in the section on
tures a two-piece frame integrating the engine as a load-bear-        Optional Extras and Special Equipment.
ing element. While the front half of the frame comes from the
                                                                      Single-Wire-System (SWS) with CAN-bus technology
RT, both the steering head angle and wheel castor have been
                                                                           As on the other models in BMW Motorrad’s current R- and
specifically modified to meet the demands made of the new
                                                                      K-Series, the electrical and electronic components on the R
Roadster. A brand-new feature is the rear tubular space frame
                                                                      1200 R communicate with one another via a modern data bus
structure lighter in weight than comparable components and
                                                                      network, with digital information being transmitted through one
helping to give the rear section of the machine its light and
                                                                      single wire.
nimble appearance.
                                                                           Introduction of the Single-Wire-System has dramati-
      The wheels run on the
                                                                      cally simplified the entire structure and configuration of
latest-generation Telelever
                                                                      the on-board electrics,
and Paralever suspension
                                                                      reducing the number of
units carried over from
                                                                      cables and connections
BMW’s other Boxers. Mak-
                                                                      and significantly lowering
ing an important contribu-
                                                                      the weight of the entire
tion to the Roadster’s stable
                                                                      electrical system. A fur-
riding behaviour and smooth
                                                                      ther point is that only this
handling, this superior sus-
                                                                      technology allows reli-
pension gives the R 1200
                                                                      able, comprehensive and
R even greater agility on winding roads than on the former
                                                                      rapid troubleshooting and
model and at the same time meets all the expectations of
                                                                      diagnostic functions. It
the touring rider in terms of motoring comfort and smooth
                                                                      also enables the service
                                                                      technician to read data
      The rider often taking along various loads and thus
                                                                      and/or re-define existing
subjecting his machine to different weight conditions will be
                                                                      parameters. And last but
thrilled by the optional ESA Electronic Suspension System
                                                                      not least, the Single-Wire-
enabling him – or her – to conveniently adjust spring and
                                                                      System allows simple and
damper rates electronically at the touch of a button.
                                                                      straightforward adapta-
High-performance brake system and new generation of                   tion of special electronic
Integral ABS                                                          equipment enhancing
     Featuring two floating brake discs measuring 320 mil-             the motorcycle’s wide
limetres or 12.6” in diameter as well as two four-piston fixed         range of functions.
                                                                           Yet another major

callipers on the front wheel, the BMW R 1200 R is perfectly
suited for powerful deceleration whenever required. Pressure          advantage this modern
is built up via slender, high-quality flexible-steel brake lines                                                    continued next page
  April                                                                                     31
                                    The Two-Wheel BMW

technology offers the customer is the option to retrieve all         relaxed knee angle compared with the previous model. This
kinds of information quickly and conveniently via the instru-        also applies to the passenger, who again enjoys the high stan-
ment cluster in the cockpit.

Electronic immobiliser
                                                                                           “…measured via the inner length
     To make sure that the new R 1200 R remains in the                                         of the rider’s legs…”
hands of its rightful owner at all times, an electronic immo-
biliser comes as standard on the new Roadster and is fully           dard of seating comfort so typical of a BMW.
integrated in the data bus network described above. Like on               The standard seat is 800 millimetres or 31.5” in height,
a modern car, the ignition key incorporates a coded data chip        step arch length is 1,800 millimetres or 70.9”. And to cater
communicating via a ring aerial in the ignition lock with the        for significantly smaller or taller riders, the new R 1200 R is
electronic engine management. Verifying the data exchanged           available as an option with a low (seat height 770 mm/30.3”)
in this way, the system clears the ignition and fuel supply          or high (seat height 830 mm/32.7”) double seat as an
for instant use once the data has been confirmed and then             optional extra.
allows the rightful rider to start the engine.                       Design and colour concept
Ergonomics and step arch length                                           The new BMW R 1200 R is a truly timeless, classic Road-
     To ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement,              ster with excellent all-round qualities and unique character
BMW Motorrad’s designers and engineers have focused con-             now further enhanced by the machine’s even higher level of
sistently on the so-called step arch length in the configura-         dynamic performance. So it is only natural to reflect these
tion of the seat. This figure defines the distance between the         superior features clearly and convincingly in the design of the
rider’s two footprints on the ground – measured via the inner        motorcycle.
length of the rider’s legs – and also takes the shape and width           Compact in its overall proportions, the new R 1200 R
of the seat into account.                                            consciously features body components reduced in terms of
     Being particularly slender at the front, the seat ensures       their form and style in order to highlight the technical features
excellent ground contact and gives the rider a much more             of the drive train and, in particular, of the power unit.

       Specializing in Scheduled Maintenance

       Dedicated to the diagnosis,
       personalized service & repair
                                                                                                303 932 9990
       of all Audi, BMW, Mercedes
       and Porsche automobiles
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                                                                    er Pk




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            8110 Shaffer Parkway #100
                Littleton CO 80127
  Proud Member of Tom Martino’s Troubleshooter Network                                                               C470

     32                                                      MSR                                                            April
                                   The Two-Wheel BMW

                                                                   R are dominated by the Paralever as another feature so typi-
                                                                   cal and characteristic of BMW.
                                                                        The optical “lightness” of the new R 1200 R also comes
                                                                   out clearly from the rider’s perspective: With the radiator at
                                                                   the side having been dropped, the entire tank area is now
                                                                   a lot more compact and slender. And being made of sheet
                                                                   metal in genuine BMW tradition, the fuel tank also highlights
                                                                   the classic design and style of the entire machine.
                                                                        Last but certainly not least, the colour concept again
                                                                   accentuates the character of the new BMW R 1200 R, the
                                                                   three colour variants available as an option interpreting the
                                                                   classic roadster theme in a very different, distinctive manner.
                                                                        Paintwork in Night Black non-metallic highlights the straight-
                                                                   forward character and honesty of the new Roadster. And the
                                                                   discerning rider opting for double decal line finish painted in
                                                                   white by a skilled hand as an optional extra can be sure to
                                                                   receive a truly classic BMW in its looks and appearance.
    In its high-class look, the headlight also pays tribute to          Crystal Grey metallic is an innovative colour scheme
classic motorcycle design then carried forward to the most         changing consistently in its look as a function of the angle of
modern and advanced technology through the free-form               light, and thus emanating a particularly sophisticated, elegant
reflectors. Indeed, close integration of the headlight into the     and modern touch at all times.
overall line of the motorcycle creates an almost “bullish” front        As a more “technical” colour, Granite Grey metallic
end harmonising smoothly with the slender proportions of the       highlights in particular the shapes and lines of the Roadster.
rear section. Even the elegant case support available as an        Undisturbed by reflections and unwanted light effects, this
optional extra blends smoothly with this formal and design         highly attractive colour guides the eye of the observer to the
language. From the rear, finally, the looks of the BMW R 1200       essential: to a purist and modern all-round machine.

                                                                            BMW Service
                                                                                                We have the Autologic OEM
                                                                                                 level diagnostic scanner,
                                                                                                  with the ability to code,
                                                                                                  set car key memory and
                                                                                                      program BMW’s

                                                                       2860 South Elati Street, Englewood Colorado 80110

                                                                           30 3.761.7355
                                                                      Over 29 Years          Member of Bimmer Tech
                                                                        Servicing              Group & BIMRS
                                                                      BMW’s in the          BMW Independent Maintenance
                                                                      Denver Area              and Repair Specialists

  April                                                                                   33
                                            2007 E90 335i
                                                  “It’s All Her Fault”
                                                        by Tod Courtney

   have been a BMW driver for about 13 years now. My first              Thankfully, the rumors I based my waiting on were con-
   experience driving a BMW came thanks to my future wife        firmed a couple of months later. It was a long wait, but was
   when she purchased a used 1986 325i, a car I helped her       beginning to look like the right one as the first journalists
find after a nasty accident in her CRX. Soon after making her     started test driving the new 335i coupes. Great power, same
my wife, my car at the time, a 1984 Pontiac Fiero, broke a       smooth BMW engine with little turbo lag, and soon to be
timing gear and was sent packing. Getting my wife a new car      placed into the car that I fell in love with a year before.
sent the BMW into my possession and I have driven BMW’s                As I mentioned, I had been researching this a lot. I had a
ever since.                                                      list of things I wanted at this point and those I could do with-
     After a few years, better jobs and a little convincing, I   out, but then I found out my favorite color was discontinued
moved up to a used 1995 E36 325iC                                                         for the 2007 models. I was planning
(convertible) and a couple years after “…this would be the first time that on getting Mystic Blue Metallic with
that a used 1998 M3/4. As some of I was going to get a “new” car.” Grey interior and Burl Walnut trim, but
you have seen at the autocrosses and                                                      now more research was needed. I had
driving schools I’ve attended, I loved driving both the 1995     to see the new blue, Montego, to make sure it was what I
and 1998 E36’s, but in 2005 I got an itch after I test drove a   wanted. After a couple trips to dealers in different light and
330i sedan. Yes, it lacked a bit of the punch my M3 had, but I   usually seeing it on Z4’s, I finally got to see the color on an
really loved the combination of driving and comfort it provided  E90. Unfortunately, I did not like it as much as the Mystic it
compared to my M3, especially considering it was my daily        replaced. My desire for a blue car did not change and after
driver. So to get the ball rolling towards my goal, I put the M3 quite a bit of looking at different E90’s, I decided Monaco
up for sale in the fall of 2005.                                 Blue was the color for my 335i.
     Amazingly enough, and a bit to my surprise, my M3 sold                                                          The exterior
rather quickly. At that point I really started researching my                                                   color change actu-
future car. I went on multiple BMW forums looking for informa-                                                  ally ended up being
tion. At almost 40 years old, this would be the first time that                                                  a bit of a blessing
I was going to get a “new” car. All the rest were pre-owned,                                                    in disguise. During
and while good transportation in most cases, and excellent in                                                   my research I had
others, they were not shiny and new. While in my search for                                                     really fallen for an
information, which was going on a couple of months now, I                                                       interior that was
found something that made me hesitate. Rumor had it that a                                                      not originally avail-
335i was just around the corner.                                                                                able in the U.S.,
     This information had me a bit perplexed. Spring was on its                                                 but was now avail-
way and I had no car to autocross with, only my Ford Ranger                                                     able as a priority 1
pickup and wife’s X5. While quite a bit slower, the X5 did       option for 2007. The “Lemon” interior was really stunning in
seem like an acceptable alternative to me, but my wife put an    pictures and seemed to go best with dark exterior colors. Now
end to that thought instantly. Although it was only a rumor at   that I had switched to the much darker Monaco Blue, I knew
the time, with no specific details and not even a sure thing,     that Lemon was the interior for me.
I told my wife I was going to wait. The one thing I really liked       So, on November 8th the time had come, I headed down
about my M3 that was missing from the 330i was the punch,        to the dealer and struck my deal. My first new car ever would
so the wait was on.                                              be a 2007 E90 335i with Monaco Blue Metallic, Lemon
                                                                 leather, Burl Walnut, 6 speed stick, sport package, premium
                                                                 package, comfort access, folding rear seats, heated seats
                                                                 and satellite radio.
                                                                       I will start off my delivery story by saying that the period
                                                                 from November 8th to December 30th, was possibly the long-
                                                                 est 7½ weeks of my life. Did you know that you can call a
                                                                 phone number to find out the status of your BMW’s produc-
                                                                 tion? Did you know that on the web you can track the ship
                                                                 your car is on through the ports of Europe, the Panama Canal
                                                                 and along the west coast? I did thanks to a year of research,
                                                                 and have pictures of the boat my car was transported on in
                                                                 several locations along the route. Let’s just say I got a little
                                                                 obsessed with it, along with about 10 other people on a web
                                                                 forum that knew their cars were on the ship too. Kind of fun,
                                                                 but it sure seems to make the delivery take longer.
                the lemon interior is quite stunning                   As you all know, the weather at the end of December
     34                                                       MSR                                                         April
                                          2007 E90 335i

                                                   Tod’s 2007 335i Twin Turbo

                                  in Colorado was a bit on
                                  the snowy side. So when I
                                  got the call from my dealer
                                  that the car was here on
                                  December 28th, I was a lit-
                                  tle annoyed. With the cur-
                                  rent level of snow on my
                                  street, there was no way I
                                  was going to be able to get
                                  the car home and a second
                                  big storm was coming. Gra-
                                  ciously, the dealer offered
                                  to bring it down on a truck,
                                  but I really wanted to drive
                                  it off the lot myself, so I
                                      Thankfully the second                           Leather short shift knob
                                  snow, about 8” deep at our      gets my blood going every time I see it. The ride is very
                                  house, was not as bad as        good, even with the snow tires and rims that were sitting in
expected, and cleared off by Saturday morning. Amazingly          the garage awaiting its arrival. The power, which I have only
the city also got down our street for the first time since the     experienced with the soft snow tires on, is incredible. I can
big storm and cleared the snow enough that I could give it        only imagine the grin on my face when I get to really light it
a shot. I called the dealer and told him I was coming. The        up at the track.
weather for my delivery was                                                                          Already the first mod has
perfect, the sun lighting up the                                                                been put into place, a BMW
Monaco Blue to its full glory.                                                                  leather short shift knob now
The Lemon interior, which the                                                                   sits atop the stick. The second
dealer and I had never seen in                                                                  is on order and should be here
person, but was exactly what I                                                                  in February, a pair of replica CF
was hoping for, and contrasts                                                                   front splitters painted to match
with the Black and Burl Walnut                                                                  the car.
to give it a very classy look. I                                                                     As for the future, look for
took some pictures right away,                                                                  me and my car at an autocross
knowing that the second I drove                                                                 or driving school. I’ll be the one
it, the snow melt would turn it a                                                               smiling when those twin turbos
dirty brown.                                                                                    forget that we are at high alti-
      The car, 6 weeks and 2000                                                                 tude and push me hard into my
miles old as I write this, still                                                                seat.

  April                                                                                35
                                BMW NA to the Rescue
                                                      CPO or Bust!
                                                       by Vaughn Toland

   would like to share an experience which I feel is important      But they were dealing with the wrong guy!
   for other BMW CCA members to know that I had recently                 At this point, I decided to write a letter to the owner of the
   involving a BMW dealership and BMW of North America. I           dealership to explain the situation and see what options were
purchased a used 2003 Topaz Blue 330Ci in July 2006 from            available. I received a phone call in response to my letter, but
a BMW dealership in Colorado (which shall remain anony-             even the owner of the dealership would do nothing to remedy
mous for the purposes of this article). The car was in excellent    the situation, obviously demonstrating that they were unwill-
condition both inside and out, had low miles (23,500), and          ing to stand behind their cars or their customers.
was a great price. I was informed before I purchased the car             After sharing my experience with a fellow BMW CCA
that the previous owner had slid into a curb and numerous           member, he recommended I send a copy of my letter to Larry
suspension components had been replaced on the driver’s             Koch at BMW NA. Shortly after doing this, I received a call
side of the vehicle. Because of this accident, the dealership       from Keith Cassa (not sure the exact spelling of his last name)
would not certify the car. Although I was concerned about the       at BMW NA, inquiring about my situation and experience with
previous accident and the fact that the car wasn’t certified,        the dealership. He was kind and understanding, agreeing to
it felt fine during two test drives, and I was assured by the        assist me in any way possible. I told him that because of my
dealer that the car had been repaired to BMW standards by a         complete dissatisfaction with the car, which had been com-
reputable frame shop. It also had approximately eight months        pounded by the treatment I have received from the dealer-
left on the factory warranty, so I thought that if something        ship, that I no longer wanted the vehicle.
were wrong with the car, I could get it fixed without aggrava-            Several weeks later, I received another call from Keith,
tion or extra cost.                                                 informing me that his marketing team and the dealership had
     I decided to buy the car, and quickly realized what a mis-     decided to repurchase my 330Ci. I was ecstatic! Finally, after
take that was! After driving it for a few days, I could tell that   spending countless hours writing letters, making phone calls,
the car wasn’t right. For instance, it pulled hard to the right     and feeling frustrated and hopeless, I had a resolution to my
on a smooth highway and the steering wheel vibrated when            situation.
braking. Among other problems, there was also an obnoxious               I am not writing this letter to simply bash a bad dealer-
rattle in the headliner whenever I hit a bump. In the first two      ship, instead I thought it was critical to share with fellow club
months, I had to take it in four times to the BMW Dealer,           members several important lessons I learned through this
have the aforementioned problems as well as several others          experience: first, look for a car that has been certified (CPO),
fixed. Unfortunately, the major issues, such as the vibration        and never buy a car that has been in an accident; second,
in the steering wheel and the car pulling to the right were not     trust your instincts and if the deal sounds too good to be true,
resolved, even after having the brake rotors replaced twice         it probably is; third, don’t let the dealership push you around
and the alignment checked by a BMW technician.                      and don’t give up no matter how hopeless the situation may
     By mid-September, I was frustrated with the car, and con-      seem; and fourth, BMW does stand behind their cars and
tacted the dealership to see what we could do to rectify the        more importantly, their loyal customers (prior to this car, I had
situation. The General Sales Manager and his staff were less        purchased two new BMWs in the past 10 years).
than empathetic with my situation, giving me the run around              Because of the intervention of Keith and BMW NA in this
for several weeks, providing me with misinformation, neglect-       situation, my passion for BMWs remain intact, evident by
ing to return my phone calls, and even on one occasion,             the fact that I am now the proud owner of a 2007 Montego
hanging up on me. I even offered to purchase a brand new            Blue 335i Coupe (purchased from a different dealership of
car if they would take back my current vehicle. Rather than         course). Next time you are shopping for a used car, I hope you
dealing with the situation, the dealership decided to treat me      remember my story and buy CPO! If you have any questions I
rudely and avoid me in the hopes that I would simply go away.       can be contacted at

                                                           10/07                                                                  7/07

     36                                                        MSR                                                          April
                                              BMW News

                              BMW Supports Launch of Newest
                          Hydrogen Fueling Station In United States
                                 Latest Step Toward Hydrogen Infrastructure
                                   Underscores BMW CleanEnergy Strategy;
                             Station to Dispense Liquid Hydrogen In Late 2007—
                                         As Used In BMW Hydrogen 7
IRVINE, CA – February 27, 2007… With BMW as a project            for individual mobility independent of fossil fuels. With BMW
collaborator, the country’s newest hydrogen filling station       EfficientDynamics, the company enhances fuel economy with
officially opened today at the University of California, Irvine.  every new product while still offering the customer the best in
Launched by Air Products (NYSE: APD), the station marks the      class performance.
latest milestone in establishing a solid hydrogen infrastructure      With recycling-optimized product design and life cycle
in the United States—a core goal of BMW’s CleanEnergy            assessment, BMW is helping to reduce the impact on the
strategy.                                                                                   environment. The use of benchmark
     “BMW is proud to be a member            “BMW is proud to be a member                   technologies in its clean production
of this project team, which is another                                                      program significantly reduces the
milestone on the way to sustainable                of this project team…”                   consumption of water and energy
mobility and wide acceptance of                                                             during the production process. There
alternative fuels”, said Tom Purves, Chairman and CEO of         are many examples of the advantages of adhering to BMW’s
BMW of North America and Chairman of the Alliance of Auto-       mantra, “Sustainability. It can be done.” The benefits are
mobile Manufacturers. “We at BMW believe that hydrogen will      enjoyed not only by the company and its associates, but also
replace petroleum in the long-term. To accomplish this we        the environment and, most importantly, the customer. To
must begin to take steps now, in order to ensure a smooth        learn more about BMW Group and sustainability, please visit
transition to a hydrogen-based economy in the future. The
technology at Air Products’ newest fueling station is proof that
this shift has begun, and BMW will continue to develop and
support initaitives that help foster our CleanEnergy goals.”
     Last year, BMW underscored its commitment to hydro-
gen-drive technologies with the debut of the BMW Hydro-
gen 7—the world’s first hydrogen-drive luxury performance
automobile—to help stimulate demand for a viable hydrogen
infrastructure in the long term. The car comes equipped with
an internal combustion engine capable of running on either
liquid hydrogen or gasoline. Since the start of research and
development in alternative fuel sources, BMW has focused
on liquid hydrogen as the appropriate source of energy for
the automobile.
     The new station is the first hydrogen fueling station in
California and the United States with the ability to dispense
hydrogen at varied and advanced pressures, and the first
hydrogen fueling station to be sited at a location with wider
accessibility for vehicle fueling demonstrations. The new fuel-
ing station will offer hydrogen in gas form from the onset and
planning is underway for the addition of liquid hydrogen dis-
pensing in late 2007 —the form of hydrogen used to power
the BMW Hydrogen 7.
     The new hydrogen fueling station at the University of
California, Irvine was launched in partnership with the U.S.
Department of Energy and California’s South Coast Air Quality
Management District, and is supported by BMW and other
automobile manufacturers with hydrogen-powered vehicles.
     BMW Group: “Sustainability. It can be done.”
     Sustainable action and corporate success belong together.
With this clear commitment, the BMW Group has integrated
sustainability as part of its corporate strategy. The BMW
CleanEnergy strategy aims to create a sustainable future                                                                   7/07

  April                                                                               37
                                             BMW News
             BMW Group (Worldwide) Sets New Sales Record In 2006
                                 3.5 percent growth over previous year
                       Worldwide market leadership of premium segment defended
DETROIT/MUNICH. The BMW Group increased its sales in            about the prospects for BMW Group sales in the future. “We
2006 by 3.5%. Throughout the world, 1,373,926 automo-           want to continue the BMW Group’s success story in 2007.
biles were delivered to customers (previous year: 1,327,992).   That is to say, we intend to achieve new sales records for
Sales of the BMW brand, at 1,185,049 vehicles, outstripped      every brand.”
the previous year’s figure (1,126,768) by 5.2%. Sales of the          The top selling BMW Group model series by far is still the
MINI brand fell by 6.2% to 188,072 deliveries (previous year:   BMW 3 Series, in its four variants – sedan, touring, coupe
200,428). As already stated, this is due to the building mea-   and convertible. In the year under review, sales of the BMW
sures in the MINI plant in Oxford aimed at expanding produc-    3 Series rose by 17.1% to 508,498 units (previous year:
tion capacity and the change-                                                                 434,342). This means that this
over of production to the second “The top selling BMW Group model series by best-seller accounts for 43% of
generation of MINI. Rolls-Royce             far is still the BMW 3 Series…”                   sales of the BMW brand. Sec-
Motor Cars handed over 805                                                                    ond place, in terms of volume,
Phantoms to customers (previous year: 796/+1.1%). This          is taken by the BMW 5 Series, with an increase in sales to
means that, since the market launch of the Rolls-Royce brand    232,162 automobiles (previous year: 228,389/+1.7%).
under the umbrella of the BMW Group in 2003, sales have         The 1 Series comes in third place, with 151,914 deliver-
risen for the fourth time in a row.                             ies to customers (previous year: 149,493/+1.6%), followed
     Dr. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Manage-    by the BMW X3 with 113,997 deliveries (previous year:
ment of BMW AG, said today, at the BMW Group’s press            110,719/+3.0%). Because of the end of the model cycle
conference at the North American International Auto Show        of the first generation, sales of the BMW X5 in 2006 fell
(NAIAS), “These outstanding sales results mean that each of     by 25.8% to 75,356 units (previous year: 101,537). In the
our three brands – BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce – is the mar-      years before this, the BMW X5 and the X3 had each come
ket leader in its own segment.” Dr. Reithofer was also positive right at the top of their segment.


    38                                                     MSR                                                      April
                                              BMW News
     The BMW 7 Series once again confirmed its strong posi-
tion in the upper automobile category, with 50,199 cars deliv-    BMW Group Sales Year-to-Date Dec. 2006 at a glance
ered (previous year: 50,062/+0.3%). With sales of 30,974            Dec. 2006       Dec. 2005   Year-to-Date    Year-to-Date
vehicles (previous year: 28,874), the Z4 is 7.3% over the                                          2006            2005
level of the previous year. 21,942 of the BMW 6 Series were       BMW Group Automobiles
delivered to customers (previous year: 23,340/-6.0%).
     In a monthly comparison, sales of the BMW brand in              129,149        + 10.5%     1,373,926           + 3.5%
December 2006 shot up by 7.8% compared with the same              BMW
month last year to reach 114,995 cars delivered (previous            114,995         + 7.8%     1,185,049           + 5.2%
year: 106,675).
New MINI causes sales to leap in December
                                                                     13,991         + 39.6%      188,072            - 6.2%
     For the reasons described above, the lack of availability
of the MINI caused a fall in sales seen over the year. The sec-   Rolls-Royce
ond generation of the MINI has been available in European                163         - 7.4%        805              + 1.1%
markets since November 18, 2006. With the ramping up of
production, it will now be much easier to meet the continuing     BMW Motorcycles
high level of demand for the new MINI too. This has already              7,419      + 36.8%      100,064            + 2.7%
led to a 39.6% increase in sales to 13,991 units (previous
year: 10,020).
     2006 was also a great year for BMW motorcycles, with                      NOW AVAILABLE
sales reaching 100,064 vehicles. 2.7% more BMW motor-
cycles were delivered to customers than in the previous year
                                                                      RMC full color static cling window decal
(97,474). In December, 7,419 BMW motorcycles were deliv-          FREE TO MEMBERS (limit 2). To receive you window
ered to customers (previous year: 5,425/+36.8%).                  decals please send a self addressed stamped envelope
                                                                  to Darlene Doran, 1777 South Harrison Street, Suite 70,
                                                                  Denver, Colorado 80210


  April                                                                             39
                                                Upcoming Events
         2007 Trieben Schnell                                                      Fort Worth, Texas here we come
     (Fast Impulses) Driver School                                                          Oktoberfest 2007
                                                                                      September 30 – October 5, 2007
              REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!!!

                  April 27 - 29, 2007                                              he BMW Car Club of America invites you to join us for
                                                                                   Oktoberfest, September 30-October 5, 2007 in down-
              at Motorsport Park Hastings                                          town Fort Worth, Texas. Bring the whole family. We guar-

     oin us at Motorsport Park Hastings April 28 & 29 for the                antee they’ll have a great time!
     Missouri Valley Chapter’s Triben Schnell Driver’s School.                    Hilton Fort Worth will be our host hotel, just across from
     We will be the first BMW club to have an event at this new               the Fort Worth Convention Center. Driving events will be held at
facility. MPH is an excellent venue with a great track and very              the Motorsports Ranch. Watch the Roundel for more details.
nice facilities. Be one of the first people to drive this exciting                 Fort Worth is filled with a unique mix of attractions for
new track. Visit our website for more information and to reg-                visitors — from cowboys to culture, from sports to shopping.
ister:                                                     Explore the legendary Fort Worth Stockyards, the world-class
                                                                             Cultural District, downtown’s dazzling Sundance Square, the
Costs –                                                                      top-ranked Fort Worth Zoo, and much, much more.
Driver’s School Saturday & Sunday, April 28 & 29                    $300          “A Moment in Time. A Place in History.” The Hilton Fort
Track Orientation Friday, April 27                                  $125     Worth is located in downtown Fort Worth across the street from
  Instructors & Advanced solo students only.                                 the Fort Worth Convention Center and steps away from famous
T-Shirts – A commemorative event t-shirt is available for pur-               Sundance Square, with great entertainment, shopping and din-
chase. This is a high quality long sleeved cotton t-shirt.                   ing. The Hilton Ft. Worth is the former Hotel Texas, where Presi-
Dinner – We are considering a Steak Dinner on Saturday                       dent Kennedy and the First Lady stayed November 21, 1963.
night. Please let us know if you are interested. A final decision             The next morning, after a speech in the Hotel’s ballroom, the
on the dinner will be made prior to the event and participants               President’s motorcade departed for Dallas, taking with it the
will be notified.                                                             final moments of a more innocent America.
     Last day to register is Wednesday, April 25th. Don’t delay.                  Check for updated information and
Space is limited. This is a brand new track with first class                  registration details.
facilities. We are also the FIRST BMW Club to have an event
at MPH. We anticipate attendees will be coming from Kansas,
Iowa, Missouri and Colorado. See you at the track.
        If you have any questions please contact:
 Bruce Rowen or Eric Wesolowski - Missouri Valley Chapter
              driving @

              MotorSport Report
        Display advertising information
 Advertising in the MSR provides you a larger opportunity to reach car en-
 thusiasts who tend to spend discretionary income on car-related products
 and activities. If you would like to advertise in the MSR please contact
 the Editor. Deadline for ad copy must be received by the 25th day of
 the month prior to the month of publication. Please Note: all clas-
 sifieds are published on our website unless specifically requested
 Editor/Advertising: Darlene Doran, 303-758-4200
 Graphic Artist:      Carol Rush/Graphic Results, 303-691-2164;
                      Fax: 303-758-7706; email:
 Club Member Advertising: Classified advertising is free to all current
 BMW CCA members. No free commercial ads. The deadline is the
 twenty-fifth of the month proceeding the publication month. Ad will run
 in (2) consecutive issues, unless otherwise advised. Non-member cost
 is $15 for 2 lines per issue and $5 per photo per issue. Commercial
 ads $45.00 per issue. (Membership is $40 per year and includes a
 subscription to our local newsletter, the MSR and the national magazine,
 the Roundel, and various club events.) To place a classified ad contact
 the Editor at 303-758-4200 or email fax

 303-758-1841, or send to RMC BMW CCA, PO Box 370128, Denver,
 CO 80237.

     40                                                                  MSR                                                       April
                                      Bimmer Bearings

                                           Winter Maintenance Tips

       ecause winter tires typically have very aggressive tread   sate for the slight suspension movement allowed by the rub-
       designs they are more susceptible to the irregular         ber bushings. The toe settings that should be used with winter
       wear that can be caused by suspension misalignment         tires are also the vehicle manufacturers’ preferred setting.
(or worn parts). Of the three normal alignment adjustments              As with most automotive adjustment specifications,
 caster,                toe)
(caster, camber and to the camber and toe settings are the        there are preferred settings along with their tolerances. When
most important while caster settings have little influence on      aligning for winter tires, only the vehicle’s preferred settings
tire wear.                                                                                     should be used. For example, if a
     Camber is important and is “….more susceptible to the irregular vehicle’s preferred toe setting calls
used to describe the vertical tilt of wear that can be caused by suspension for 1/8” in, and allows a tolerance
your tires. If the top of the tire tilts                                                       of ±1/16” and if the vehicle’s toe is
outward it is called positive camber,                   misalignment….”                        set at 3/16” in (the maximum toe-
and if it tilts inward it is called negative camber. The camber   in allowed) each front tire will be dragged towards the other
settings that should be used with winter tires are the vehicle    about 80 feet for every mile driven.
manufacturers’ preferred settings. Too much positive camber             It is best to have your vehicle’s alignment checked and
will wear the outside edges of your tires, while too much         corrected twice a year. Align it in the spring (using perfor-
negative camber will wear the inside edges.                       mance alignment settings) to prepare for summer, and in
     The toe setting is very important and it is used to describe the fall (with the vehicle’s preferred settings) to prepare for
if the tires on both ends of the same axle are aligned to drive   winter.
towards (toe-in) or away (toe-out) from each other. Most
                                                                  Winter Air Pressure...You Can’t Just Set It...And
vehicles have their suspension components connected to the
body through rubber bushings. When the vehicle is in motion,      Then Forget It
tire rolling resistance pulls back on the tires of a non-driven         See our complete selection of digital tire
axle, and driveline torque pulls forward on the tires of the                   gauges.
                                                                  pressure gauges
driven axle. The toe settings have been selected to compen-             Tires don’t really carry the weight of your vehicle...
                                                                  the air pressure inside them does. And maintaining
                                                                  the correct air pressure is a requirement for good
                                                                  handling, traction and durability. The tire pressure
                                                                  recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or on
                                                                  the tire information placard is a “cold” pressure, so
                                                                  it should be checked in the morning before you drive
                                                                  more than a few miles.
                                                                        The fall and early winter months are the most
                                                                  critical times to check your tire’s inflation pressures
                                                                  because air is a gas which contracts as the days get
                                                                  shorter and the temperatures get colder.
                                                                        For every 10 deg. Fahrenheit change in outside tempera-
                                                                  ture, your tire’s inflation pressure will change by about 1 psi
                                                                  (up with higher and down with lower temperatures)
                                                                        In most parts of the country the typical difference between
                                                                  average summer and winter temperatures is about -50 deg.
                                                                  F. That difference results in a loss of about 5 psi, which will
                                                                  sacrifice tire performance and treadwear!
                                                                        If you are fortunate enough to park in an attached or
                                                                  heated garage you will also “lose” pressure when you leave
                                                                  its warmth and venture into the real world outside. So add 1
                                                                  psi of “cold” tire pressure to compensate for each 10 deg.
                                                                  temperature difference.
                                                                        And finally, don’t forget to keep your valve caps on. If
                                                                  left off, moisture can freeze in the valve and allow the air to
                                                                  escape.                               Courtesy of

                                                                       ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER LIBRARY
                                                                     The Rocky Mountain Chapter has a complete library available to
                                                                     its members of Roundel and our MotorSport Report. If you would
                                                                     like to sign out specific issues, please contact Darlene Doran 303-
                                                                     758-4200 or

  April                                                                                      41
        Upcoming Event                                                                 Wilkommen
        DRIVING SCHOOL DINNER                                                  Welcome NEW Members!

              Saturday, June 16th, 2007                                      e would like to give a warm Rocky Mountain welcome
                                                                             to our new members this month. Remember our
    After the Driving School is over Saturday, June 16th,                    membership is the lifeline of our Club and we invite
       we will be having a Dinner Buffet at the track.              you to join us at our upcoming events and monthly Club meet-
                                                                    ings. Our membership is currently 1891 members, which
      All Driving School students, instructors, workers,
                                                                    includes our associate membership of 270 and we continue
           and ALL other Chapter Members invited!
                                                                    to grow. We hope to see you at our many events planned for
                  The cost is $15 per person.                       this year. We look forward to your ideas and participation.
    All reservations will be online at            NEW MEMBER                                                     REFERRED BY
     (See Driving School Registration, Page 20-21)                  Ahlborn George             Littleton
                                                                    Cappa Patricia / Steven    Marble        2002tii 1974
                                                                    Cuzzone Joseph             Littleton
                                                                    Dent      David            Centennial    Z4 2005
                                                                    Devin     Sean             Littleton     330xi 2006
  Things to bring to Driving School                                 Ewing     Wayne            Elizabeth     528e 1983 535i 1985

                                                                    Mason John                 Castle Rock   Z3 1997               Steve Callery
        ith the driving season in swing, it might be helpful to     Mitchell Leslie            Denver                              Rob Insinger
                                                                    Nguyen Scott               Denver        335i 2007
        review a checklist of things “I wish I would’ve brought     Patterson Gerald           Aspen         X3 2007
        to school.”                                                 Phillips Erik              Littleton     335i 2007
                                                                    Rogers Kevin               Elizabeth     Mini Cooper S 2004
Novice                          Intermediate                        Scobey John                Denver                              Jeff Joy
___ Tech Inspection Forms       ___ Spare Brake Pads                Tenze     Rich / Shannan   Northglenn    330cic 2002
___ Medical Forms               ___ Extra Brake Fluid
___ Camera/Film/Batteries       ___ White Shoe Polish
___ Rags/Diapers/Paper Towels ___ Duct Tape
___ Extra Oil
___ Sun Screen/Bug Spray
                                ___ Extra Wheels/Tires
                                ___ Torque Wrench
                                                                         ADDRESS / UPDATE CHANGES
                                                                      All address and telephone number changes must be made
___ Windex/RainX                ___ Air Canister
                                                                      through the National Office — NOT TO THE CHAPTER.
___ Map                         ___ Hydraulic Jack
                                                                      There are three ways written notice may be made:
___ Sweatshirt                  ___ Work Gloves
                                                                      • Web
___ Gloves/ Hat
                                                                      • Mail BMW CCA , 640 South Main Street, Suite 201
___ Cooler/Ice/Soft Drinks
                                                                               Greenville, SC 29601
___ Extra Pants/Shirt
                                                                      • Fax 864-250-0038
___ Money (Cash)                Advanced
___ Lawn Chairs                 ___ Tool Box
___ Tire Pressure Gauge         ___ Pyrometer
___ Plastic Bags/Tarp           ___ Spare Car
___ Deodorant
___ Car
___ Helmet (Snell 2000 or better HELMETS ARE REQUIRED)
    Also, be sure to clean out your car to remove all unneces-
sary items before you leave home as it must be completely
empty before going out on the track. It’s a pain to be constantly
loading and unloading floor mats, cassette tapes, garage door
openers, etc. One thing you sure won’t forget….
___ Have Fun!!!

     42                                                        MSR                                                                    April
                                                                         C lassifieds
       Please note: all classifieds are published on our website unless specifically requested otherwise.
                                                                                                 BMW wheels and Continental tires and one set of sport 5 star 19” with Michelins). Every-
 Caution: it has been brought to our attention that there has been at least one attempt to
 scam a club member as a result of an ad placed here. If someone offers to send you a            thing is working perfect! Dealer serviced before the snow and garaged since, $25,000. Call
 cashier’s check for more than the purchase price of your advertised item, in exchange           Mike 303-915-9026 or mribelin at comcast dot net #356424 (7/07)
 for you sending them the item and a check for the price difference, immediately stop            2001 M5 VIN WBSDE93411BZ98826; Alpine White/Carmel full leather interior option, Dark
 all communications with that individual. This is becoming an all-to-common scam using           Burl Walnut wood trim, 32,700k miles, only owner, loaded with all options; available PDC;
 bogus cashier’s checks. Hopefully this warning will protect our members and steer scam          Ski Bag, Premium stereo package, Bra, Non-Smoker, Perfect Condition. All books and
 artists to go somewhere else!                                                                   records; Dealer serviced, $35,000. Call Mike days- 303-534-4344; eves 720-344-9613 or
                                                                                                 Michael dot Batzer at lucatechnologies dot com #279675 (7/07)
                              CARS FOR SALE                                                      2001 M3 Convertible, VIN# WBSBR-
                                                 2006 750Li, VIN#WBAHN83596-                     93471EX21172, Alpine White/Black, 6-
                                                 DT25285, Black/Black, 13,000 miles,             Speed, 22,000 miles, 19 inch wheels,
                                                 one owner, 4.8 DOHC, 32 valve V-8,              UUC SSK, I-Top one touch top, factory
                                                 a 6-speed STEPTRONIC automatic                  hardtop, xenon, CD with Harmon-Kar-
                                                 transmission, Ash trimmed dash,                 don sound system, park distance con-
                                                 heated leather steering wheel, heated           trol, Alpine 6 Disc CD/MP3 changer,
                                                 and ventilated fore and aft seats, park-        aluminum pedals, European center
                                                 ing distance sensors, ten-speaker               consol option, dual power seats with
audio system and automatic rear-cabin sunscreens, has Satellite radio system waiting for         Driver Memory, cold weather package which includes the amazing Rain-Sensing Wind-
activation, $68,000. Call Eric 303-706-1234 #101546 (7/07)                                       shield Wipers, BMW Alarm, BMW Strut Brace, BMW Windscreen, adult driven, Break in
                                                    2004 Z4 2.5, VIN# 4USBT33534-                Period observed and never raced, meticulously cared for and pampered, $39,000. Call Tim
                                                    LS52929 still under warranty! White/         303-972-8488 or MThreeCabrio at hotmail dot com #63605 (4/07)
                                                    Black, 5 speed automatic, 16,000             2000 M5 VIN#WBSDE9343YBZ97235, Alpine White/Black leather, 95K miles, one owner,
                                                    miles, power steering, brakes, locks,        rear PDC, rear window shades, clear bra, BBS wheels, pre-purchase inspection per-
                                                    and windows, CD player, trip odom-           formed, dealer serviced all books and records $24,900. Call Jim 970-988-9376 or jima at
                                                    eter, tachometer, AC, driver and pas-        mywdo dot com #146512 (7/07)
                                                    senger side air bags, bucket seats,                                                              2000 M5 VIN #WBSDE9344YBZ95932,
                                                    alloy wheels, rain sensor interval wip-                                                          LeMans Blue/Blue-Black leather, 6-
ers, rear defroster, winter wheels with Blizzak tires, $29,000. Call Tim 303-972-8488 or                                                             speed manual, 18k miles, DINAN S2
MThreeCabrio at hotmail dot com #63605 (4/07)                                                                                                        package + lots of upgrades - over 500
2004 330Ci VIN#WBABD53494PD95012 Silver Gray/Black leather, 34k miles, 6-speed                                                                       hp. Call Andrew 818-500-7663 #154
manual, sport & premium packages, heated seats, Bavarian Soundwerks speakers, Sirius                                                                 (4/07)
radio, xenon lights, tinted windows, clear bra, Dinan software, cold-air intake, throttle
body & exhaust, almost-new Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3s, one owner, all service records
$28,500. Call Andrew 303-572-2535; 303-761-4404; 303-524-7777 or satjr727 at aol dot                                                                    1999 540i VIN#WBADN5332XGC91303,
com #122809 (7/07)                                                                                                                                      Laguna Green/Black interior, dealer
2003 M3 Coupe VIN# WBSBL93463JR20306, Carbon Black/Black, 6 speed, 25,300                                                                               maintained, DSP Sound, 12-way sport
miles, one owner, premium package, xenons, park distance control, HK sound, all records                                                                 seats, all factory options, this car is a
available, best example of an M you will see, no smoke, always garaged, no winters, new                                                                 virtual M5: the first owner invested in
tires at 22,000 miles. Call Bryan 704-608-8328 or bryan dot walker at Medtronic dot com                                                                 over $30K of dealer-installed upgrades
#347383 (4/07)                                                                                                                                          including: M5 differential (cooled, lower
2003 Nissan 350Z Coupe VIN#JN1AZ34DX3T113422 Brickyard Red/Black, 34500 miles,                   gears, posi), M5 brakes, M5 body kit, stainless steel brake lines, Dinan brake ducts, Dinan
manual transmission, performance model, splash guards, mats, full clear bra, adjustable          Stage 3 suspension (sway bars, struts, 2” lowering springs, matched camber), Dinan strut
shocks, grounding kit, hi flo intake, upgrade speakers, excellent condition, gets 30mpg           brace, Dinan performance ECU, low drag M3 Mirrors, 18” M-parallel spokes with Michelin
cruising, 25 town, regular gas. Nonsmoker, garaged, stored winters, synthetic oil only,          Pilot Sport, rolled fenders for 285 rears, 245 fronts, ceramic coated intake, Racing Dynam-
great track car and an excellent touring vehicle for two. This car/color is already a classic,   ics stainless steel exhaust, short throw shift kit, white light kit and more! other adds: 15”
asking $20,995. Call Fred 719-495-0143 or Elcrinv at aol dot com #53137 (7/07)                   subwoofer and 1000W Sony mobile ES amp, custom rear sport light setup, 2 years and
                                                                                                 31K left on bumper-to-bumper $0 deductible fully transferable Heritage warranty; this car
                                                     2002 MINI Cooper S, VIN#WMWRE-              has never been out of warranty! All receipts, immaculate car $19,950. Call Ted 303-638-
                                                     33402TD52456, Yellow/Black, 4,700           0977 or Edward at Cetaruk dot com #377691 (7/07)
                                                     miles, Orciari body kit, 18” Kinesis
                                                     3 piece wheels, Hartge performance          1998 BMW 540i, 4.4Liter 290HP V8, 5 speed automatic, Burgundy/Tan leather, 75890
                                                     chip, K&N cold air intake, Nology spark     miles, car runs and drives great, rust free Colorado car, not winter driven, premium stereo
                                                     plug wires, sport seats, fog lamps, rear    sound system, power sunroof, lumbar and memory Seat, wood trim interior, cassette and
                                                     spoiler, xenon headlamps with power         6 CD changer, all maintenance performed by BMW asking $17,000. Call Dong 719-784-
                                                     wash, dual pane panoramic sunroof,          3489, 719-637-6889 or dp underscore nguyen at hotmail dot com #200801 (4/07)
                                                     $27,900. Call Eric 303-706-1234             1998 528ia, Alpine White/Light Grey leather, 45,200 miles, premium package, cold weather
                                                     #101546 (7/07)                              package, garaged, non-smoker, dealer maintained (Winslow BMW), complete mainte-
2002 325xi VIN#:WBAEU33452PF-                                                                    nance records, one owner, excellent condition, immaculate interior, $16,000 OBO. Call Gib
64330 Titanium Silver/Black leather,                                                             719-389-0305, or gib at weiskopf-law dot com #380471 (7/07)
40.5k miles, steptronic, wood trim,                                                              1998 M3 VIN: WBSCD9326WEE07783, rare 4 door sedan, Black/Gray, 5 speed manual,
premium & cold weather packages,                                                                 83,000 miles, sport package, sun roof, original M Contour alloy wheels, security system,
Harman/Kardon sound, moonroof, bi-                                                               very good condition, maintained by Bavarian Autohaus, $13,900. Call Dick 720-493-9498
xenon lights, winter & all-season tires,                                                         or chanson at ltgc dot com. #375346 (7/07)
Homelink, extended service warranty,                                                             1998 BMW 323is, VIN #WBABF7324-
no accidents, original owner, pet &                                                              WEH41888, Silver/Two Tone Gray
smoke-free, great condition, beautiful car! $19,900 obo, more photos on request. Call Joan       Leather Interior, 5 Speed, 142K, sun
303-791-1342 or silver dot bmw dot 325xi at gmal dot com #333437 (4/07)                          roof, garaged, well maintained, NON-
2001 740iL Sport VIN#WBAGH83421DP21125, Black /Beige, 42,000 miles, comfort sport                smoker, Dinan Carbon Fiber Cold Air
seats in perfect condition, upgraded navigation system to DVD based system, new front            Intake, stainless steel brake lines, new
brakes, new battery, two sets of tires and wheels (one winter with 200 miles on new 17”          tires, multiple Disc CD changer, AM/
   April                                                                                                                                       43
                                                                           C lassifieds
FM Radio, cassette, dash bulbs just replaced, $7100(OBO) Call Andy 303-947-9585, or                steering box, 25-40% posi-rearend, factory sway bar, gas shocks and rally lights under
asaetveit at gmail dot com #330110 (7/07)                                                          front bumper) in tact, all service records, garaged last 5 years, new battery and tires,
1998 323is coupe, VIN# WBABF7-324WEH42510, Silver/White leather, 5-speed, 85,500                   interior excellent condition, exterior original paint with rust in usual places, perfect for
miles, no mods , sunroof, ABS/ASC, Michelin Pilots (new), Harmon-Kardon 6 disc CD,                 restoration project or daily commuter $1,500 for immediate sale. Call Dave 720-341-2130
well maintained, Mobil every 5,000 miles, excellent condition, 2nd owner, garaged, $11,500         after 6 pm. #200707 (4/07)
OBO. Call Chuck 970-227-6487 or mjrdtn9105 at aol dot com #126517 (6/07)                           1973 BMW 2002 VIN 2589680, Sahara roundie with very nice saddle/black interior,
1996 328is, VIN WBABG1322TET01638, Silver/Black Leather, 5 speed manual, low miles                 Nardi steering wheel, strong stock engine with Weber 32/36 carb and new Crane XR700
83,000, sport package, very good mechanically and interior/exterior condition, heated              electronic ignition, just tuned and runs great, new battery, new tires on stock rims, boiled
seats, CD changer, brand new brakes and tires. water pump has been replaced, perfor-               and POR restored gas tank, re-cored radiator. Runs cool, good brakes, stops on a dime,
mance exhaust, sounds and run great, local Denver car, asking $9,500. Call 303-324-5741            original California car, straight body with solid shock towers, new badges, center grill, rain
or kmcknight at peakresources dot com #365306 (4/07)                                               gutter trim and license plate lights, $3250 OBO. Call Doug 970-453-6342 or dhlaidlaw at
                                                                                                   yahoo dot com, see: #368117 (4/07)
1995 540i Sport WBAHE5329SGA65308 Rare 6 speed, 4.0L, DOHC 32 valve V8 300+
HP, Dinan performance chip and sport suspension, Oxford Green w/ Parchment (dark tan)
interior, power everything, sunroof, sport seats, heated seats, 6 CD changer, M5 “Throwing
                                                                                                                                TIRES & WHEELS
                                                                                                   (4) Dunlop 245/40R 18” Runflats are $300 each at Tire Rack, your chance to pick them up
Star” wheels, good tires, paint and interior in excellent condition, tinted, clear bra, body in    for $225 each or $900 for the set, they are new car takeoffs from a 07 BMW 530xi. Call
excellent condition except dimpled left rear quarter, 159,000 miles. Fun to drive anywhere,        Mike 303-915-9026 or mribelin at comcast dot net #356424 (7/07)
especially mountain roads and Driving Events. O’fest Autocross winner. Asking $8,700.
Call Bruce 303-324-6541 or bhazard at webaccess dot net #5090 (6/07)                               (10) Hoosier A3S03 racing tires, R225/45 ZR 15, used but not used up, stored covered
                                                                                                   indoors, they put my car in a class that‘s not competitive for me. Want to trade for compa-
1995 BMW 325 IC, VIN# WBABJ5326SJC82125, Red/Black top and interior, 5 speed,                      rable-sized DOT autocross tires will also sell outright. Call Lewis 303-902-9122 or email
non-smoker, garaged, newer clutch and battery, heated seats, CD player and sharp                   dogfishcity at yahoo dot com #332330 (7/07)
17” aftermarket wheels. Rear window replaced November, 06’, regular oil changes and
maintenance. Most miles are highway miles to Tempe, AZ. Great car gets lots of attention,          (4) E36 M3 OEM 17x7.5 M Contour wheels style 23 off of a 1995 M3 with BF Goodrich
upgrading to a newer M3. Call Eddie 719-548-0449 or eddiearchuleta at yahoo dot com                G-Force TA KDW 225/45 ZR17 tires used only one summer $1200. Will throw in a set of 4
#165398 (4/07)                                                                                     Hoosier track tires 225/45 ZR17 that have many track days left in them, photos available.
                                                                                                   Call Bob 303-717-6351or bcrjharland at yahoo dot com #287901 (6/07)
1992 325iC VIN WBABB1310MEC04366, 68k true miles, very nice 325iC, many records,
T-belt (4th one), water pump, thermostat recently replaced, leather and top in very good           (5) 7.5 x 17 M Doublespoke II OEM wheels off ‘95 M3. Part #36112228150, as new, in origi-
shape, all original, always garaged, $9500 OBO. Call Jonathan 303-517-3561 or jonjon               nal boxes and packing from refinisher, never mounted, guaranteed true, set of 5 $1400, or
underscore 80027 at yahoo dot com #333108 (4/07)                                                   $300 each. Call Matt 970-882-7091 or alberpak at centurytel dot net #127742 (6/07)
1991 325ic VIN#WBABBB17MCC04414 Black/Tan Leather sport heated seats, 5-speed,                     (4) M3 OEM 19” wheels with Contisport tires 225/40/19 and 255/35/19. Great condition,
PS, PB, ABS, 137,00K, many new parts - including a new German cloth top, runs good,                lots of threads left on the tires, one small nick on one wheel, must see $1,500. ronnie dot
exterior and interior in good to excellent condition. Call Bill 719-291- 6126 or fastpitch123      renaldi at gmail dot com #277502 (6/07)
at msn dot com # 111393 (7/07)
1990 325iX(a) VIN WBAAB0312LEC95175, White/Tan 2 door, very clean car, new factory
                                                                                                   Mini Cooper performance parts: Schroth Rallye 4 Quick Harness, driver’s side, red, with
automatic transmission and muffler, recent factory transfer case, heated leather seats,
                                                                                                   all hardware, like new $150. Set of 4 Koni yellow rebound adjustable sport shocks $250.
sunroof, Bilstein and Hella lights,. All maintenance current with paperwork, Colorado Car
                                                                                                   Complete Milltek 2 ½” cat back exhaust system for Mini Cooper S, like new, $450. Call Tom
$5000.00. Call Jason 720-841-2076 or jjfee at aol dot com #186073 (4/07)
                                                                                                   303-425-5845 or tpora at ball dot com #350109 (6/07)
                                                       1988 535i VIN#WBADC8408J3261620,
                                                                                                   E36 Turbo Kit by MechTech, everything including intercooler, exhaust/cats, clutch, diverter
                                                       Cirrusblau/Tan Leather, auto, 164,988
                                                                                                   valve, more. Only 7,000 miles on system, over $7,000 retail value. This is a nice kit. The
                                                       miles, original condition (not repainted)
                                                                                                   transformation a turbo makes to your car is amazing, especially if you live at altitude, ask-
                                                       and has been lovingly maintained, a
                                                                                                   ing $4,000. Call Matt 970-882-7091 or alberpak at centurytel dot net. #127742 (6/07)
                                                       complete list of all the maintenance
                                                       and improvements including suspen-          E39 M5 OEM parts: headlight set with HID/xenon ballast and bulbs, (need xenon ballast
                                                       sion is available, everything works,        brackets) $300. ronnie dot renaldi at gmail dot com #277502 (6/07)
                                                       even the onboard computer and head
rests, 16” wheels with brand new Yoko tires, second set of 14” wheels with snow tires, there                                    MISCELLANEOUS
is a lot of life left in this BMW. It has been my daily driver for three years and is a delight    For Rent: a week at a condo in Orlando during January-mid April, 2008 or the last 2
to drive. I have replaced it with a 1994 - 525i asking $5500. Call Kevin 719-331-3350 or           weeks of December, 2008. Two bedrooms, 2 baths, sleeps 6. Beautifully and completely
kdifelice at comcast dot net #342939 (7/07)                                                        furnished—all you bring is food! Within 20 minutes of ALL major attractions. Think Daytona
                                                    1983 533i, VIN#WBADB7400D1045340,              500, Spring Break or Christmas vacation! $700. Call Leslie or Jim 303-671-6131 or colo-
                                                    Burgundy w/Llama leather, 5-speed,             rado924 at comcast dot net ASAP to get your first-choice week reserved!
                                                    142K, well maintained daily driver             For Rent: one car garagestall for vehicle storage located near DU. If interested - Call
                                                    (meticulous mathematician), over $15K          719-637-5534 #343590 (6/07)
                                                    in receipts, fully upgraded w/ 16” Mille       For Rent: Two bedroom, two bath ski condo in town of Winter Park, Colorado. 1.5 miles
                                                    Miglia wheels w/new Kumho Ecsta                from Winter Park resort. Condo is renovated with all amenities on paved road. On resort
                                                    ASX tires, Bilsteins, Eibach springs,          shuttle bus route and on weekends has a private shuttle to ski area. WiFi access, Club-
                                                    urethane suspension bushings, short-           house has indoor pool, three hot tubs, sauna and laundry room. Regular winter rate is
shift, 3.46 lsd diff, e32 front brakes, Euro headlights, AutoThority ECU, Bosal exhaust            $160.00 and high season is $235.00 each night. Call Steve 303-988-1562 or stevejfy at
w/o cat, new seat pads, driveshaft, clutch replaced, head reworked, paint resprayed, AC            msn dot com #165695 (4/07)
upgraded to R134a. Pioneer CD player, all electrics work, includes original first aid kit,
complete tool kit, factory repair manual. No rust. No accidents. Many other new parts,
Problems: windshield rough (remember CO daily driver), dash has usual e28 cracks. Wife
                                                                                                   WANTED (4) or preferably (5) winter tires (205/55-16) and/or wheels (16 x 7”) for my E46.
insisting I buy a Mini $5200. Photos or Call Jim 719-372-            I would prefer steel wheels but will consider alloys. Contact Dave amadem at hotmail dot
3833 or jdaly at uccs dot edu #167528 (7/07)                                                       com #343026 (7/07)
1983 633csi, VIN# WBAEB7404D6726267, Graphit Metallic / Red leather, 5-speed, 161k                 WANTED to buy 1984 – 1987 745 any condition acceptable, need engine but will buy
miles, sunroof, power locks, power windows, Dinan chip, K&N filter, A/C cold, paint fair,           entire car. Call Robert 303-296-6858. #175300 (4/07)
interior very clean, no dash cracks, 14” powder coated period correct BBS wheels (have
originals) well maintained car, 2nd owner (12 years), no winters, garaged $6,000.00 OBO.           Articles for the MSR. Fame, fortune, seeing your work in print and possible syndication in
Call Chuck 970-227-6487 or mjrdtn9105 at aol dot com #126517 (6/07)                                other newsletters will be your reward. Spelling and grammar will be corrected. Everyone
                                                                                                   has a story to tell. For a list of suggested topics, call Editor, Darlene Doran, 303-758-4200.
1979 320iS, 2.0 liter engine with fuel injection, Mustard/Black, high miles, no smoke, totally     Remember: this is YOUR newsletter. All disks and photos will be returned.
stock with rare “S” package options (includes - Recaro seats with Roundel, close-ratio
       44                                                                                    MSR                                                                                 April
Th at me ans war me r tempe rat ure s and
  more ch ance s to ge t o u t and dr i ve .

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                                                     RMC Happenings
                                                   Note: RMC BMW CCA activities in boldface type

                                    FOR MORE EVENT DETAILS SEE THE WEBSITE:

     1 Sun                Colorado Crush Hot Rod Show – 10 AM Pepsi Center - Jon Taylor 720-258-3480
     4 Wed              * Business Meeting, Bartlett’s, Fort Collins, 970-226-2364 for directions
     7 Sat                Detailers Paradise Tech Session & Open House, 1745 South Broadway, Denver
                          Heather Martinez, Coordinator – Details Page 15
     14 Sat               RMC Autocross Point Series– Coors Field, 2001 Blake Street, Lot B, Denver, CO
                          Autocross Committee – Details Page 16
     18 Wed               Driving School Tech Inspection, 5:30 PM – Details Page 22
                          Bimmer Haus Performance 7233 W. 116th Place, #A, Broomfield
     19 Thurs             Sonic Bimmer Burger Night – 17191 South Golden Road, Golden, CO
                          Jim Flint, Coordinator – 303-759-2222 – Details Page 19
     27-29                Trieben Schnell Driving School, Hastings, NE – Details Page 40
     28 Sat               Bimmer Haus Brake Tech Session, 7233 W. 116th Place, #A, Broomfield
                          Dave Stackhouse Coordinator 720-566-0521 – Details Page 17

     2 Wed              * Business Meeting, Warner’s Denver, Colorado, 303-333-9387 for directions
     5 Sat                RMC Autocross Point Series – Coors Field, 2001 Blake Street, Lot B, Denver, CO
                          Autocross Committee – Details Page 16
     12 Sat               Annual RMC Spring Drive, Gary Odehnal, Coordinator 970-219-9821 – Details Page 16
     16 Wed               Driving School Tech Inspection, 5:30 PM – Details Page 20
                          Bimmer Haus Performance 7233 W. 116th Place, #A, Broomfield
     19 Sat               RMC Street Survival Teen Driving School, Arapahoe Park Racetrack, Aurora, Colorado
                          Darlene Doran, Coordinator – Details Page 18
     20 Sun               Car Control Clinic, Arapahoe Park Racetrack, Aurora, Colorado
                          Brian Bowden, Coordinator – Details Page 19
     20 Sun               Late Spring Performance Driving School Tech Inspection, Arapahoe Park Racetrack
                          Dave Stackhouse, Coordinator – 720-566-0521

     6 Wed                Driving School Tech Inspection, 5:00 PM – Details Page 22
                          Poudre Sports Car – 5806 S College Avenue, Ft. Collins
     10 Sat               Concours d’Elegance Arapahoe Community College 5900 S Santa Fe Drive
                          Dave Stackhouse and Dee Raisl, Coordinators – Details Page 23
     16-17                RMC Late Spring Driving School, Pueblo Motorsports Park, 2 days
     Sat/Sun              Sponsored by Winslow BMW – Details Page 20-21
     16 Sat               Driving School Dinner Buffet, Pueblo Motorsports Park
                          Darlene Doran, Coordinator – Details Page 42
     23 Sat             * Quarterly General Membership BBQ Show ’n’ Shine – Co’s BMW Center – 4150 Byrd Drive,
                          Loveland, 866-890-6947 RSVP to Darlene Doran - 303-758-4200 – Details Page 17

     * All members are invited to attend the Business Meetings, the first Wednesday of each month (with some exceptions), dinner is
     included except when at a public restaurant, so please RSVP to the Meeting Host/Hostess to ensure enough food is available
     and in case of Cancellations or Changes. Dinner is served at 6:30 and meeting starts promptly at 7 p.m.
     RMC BMW CCA is not responsible or liable in any way for events that are not in bold print, we are printing these as a courtesy.

Legal Notice: The MotorSport Report is sole property of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER, BMW CCA, a Colorado Registered not-for-profit corporation for BMW enthusiasts.
Permission is granted for other BMW CCA chapters to copy any part of this newsletter, provided proper credit is given to the author and the Rocky Mountain Chapter UNLESS
OTHERWISE NOTED OR SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED. Ideas, opinions and suggestions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors and no authentication is implied by the
editor or the publisher. Unless otherwise noted, none of the information in this newsletter is “factory approved.” Modification within the warranty period of your BMW may void
the warranty. More than 1,900 newsletters are mailed to members monthly except for January. The chapter does not endorse any person, product or service.

      46                                                                          MSR                                                                           April
The 2007 BMW Spring Driving School
                                                                                            Winslow BMW
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                                                                              Winslow BMW
                                                                              730 N. Circle Drive
                                                                              Colorado Springs


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