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Financial Aid
  2011 - 2012
Table of Contents
UNCG Financial Aid Office                           2
Websites and Abbreviations                        3
Financial Aid Checklist                           4
Interaction with the Financial Aid Office           5
UNCGenie                                          5

The Application Process
Filing the FAFSA and FAFSA Information            6
Quality Assurance Program and Verification         7

The Award Process
Award notification                                 8
Accepting/Declining Awards                        8
Loan Information                                  9

The Payment Process
Financial Aid and your bill                       10
Return of Funds policy                            11

Financial Aid Programs
Federal, State and Institutional need-based aid   12
Merit Awards program                              13
Work Study Program                                13

Enrollment Status and Eligibility
Credit hour requirements                          14
Graduate Students                                 14
Second Degree Students                            14
Transfer Students                                 14

Determining Need Based Eligibility
Cost of Attendance                                15
Expected Family Contribution                      15

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy       16-17

Financial Aid for Summer or Study Abroad
Summer Financial Aid                              18
Study Abroad                                      18

Calendar                                          19
UNCG Financial Aid Office
The UNCG Financial Aid Office (FAO) staff is here to
assist you with the aid application process. We have
a professional staff ready to help with all of your
financial aid inquiries. Our office is located on the
UNCG campus at the corner of Spring Garden Street
and Kenilworth Street.

                                                                   Contact Information

                                                                               Office Location
                                                                            723 Kenilworth Street,
            The Financial Aid Office Staff:                                    Greensboro, NC, 27402
            Deborah Tollefson, Director of Financial Aid
                                                                              Mailing Address
       Bruce Cabiness, Associate Director of Financial Aid for
                                 Operations                                  Financial Aid Office
   Bill Zahn, Associate Director of Financial Aid for Compliance               P.O. Box 26170
     Lisa Benatti, Assistant Director of Financial Aid for Loans         Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
         Amy Berrier, Assistant Director of Financial Aid for
                                 Operations                               Telephone: (336) 334-5702
   John Lucas, Assistant Director of Financial Aid for EDE/QAP                Fax: (336) 334-3010
      Yolanda McLean, Assistant Director of Financial Aid for              email: finaid@uncg.edu
                                Scholarships                                  http://fia.uncg.edu
   Sarah Shearer, Assistant Director of Financial Aid for Grants
         Debra Slade, Assistant Director of Financial Aid for                   Office Hours:
                              Public Relations                        M,T,W,F 8am-5pm, TH 8am-4pm
         Dana Banker, Financial Aid Verification Counselor
                Eddie Drew, Financial Aid Counselor                          Counseling Hours:
              Cathryn Garrett, Financial Aid Counselor             M,T,W,F 8am-4:30pm, TH 8am-3:30pm
          Kelli Hand, Financial Aid Scholarship Counselor                      Summer Hours:
               Aminah Harris, Financial Aid Counselor                           M-F 10 am-5pm
               Chrystal Lewis, Financial Aid Counselor
         Roberta McDevitt, Senior Financial Aid Counselor
                Chris Ratliff , Financial Aid Counselor
                                                                   Other UNCG Contact Numbers
              Cathy McGuire, Administrative Assistant              Cashiers &
                  Valerie White, Loan Coordinator                  Students Accounts Office..... 336-334-5831

                                                                   Admissions........................... 336-334-5243

                                                                   Graduate School.................. 336-334-5596

                                                                   University Registrar’s Office. 336-334-5946

                                                                   Housing & Residence Life..... 336-334-5636

                                                                   Dining Services..................... 336-334-5976

                                                                           UNCG Federal School

Useful Websites and Common Abbreviations

http://fia.uncg.edu - The UNCG Financial Aid Office Home Page contains scholarship information, Federal Work-Study
information, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy information, and links to everything in this handbook.
www.fafsa.gov - The FAFSA on the Web site allows you to file a FAFSA on-line.
www.studentaid.ed.gov - The U.S. Department of Education Office of Post-secondary Education’s Web Site offers useful
information for students. Here you will find an online version of The Student Guide, federal school codes, information on
tax incentives, and more.
www.ftc.gov - The Federal Trade Commission Web site contains information regarding scholarship scams to avoid and
how to recognize them.
www.irs.gov - The IRS site provides valuable tax information for students, including descriptions of tax incentives for
higher education expenses, such as the Hope Scholarship and the Lifetime Learning Credit.
www.students.gov - This web site is the student gateway to the U.S. government. It offers information on planning and
paying for college.
www.dl.ed.gov/borrower - This is the website for Federal Student Direct Loan information and application.

Scholarship Searches:

FAO            Financial Aid Office

FAFSA          Free Application for
               Federal Student Aid

EFC            Expected Family Contribution

COA            Cost of Attendance

DRN            Data Release Number

FWS            Federal Work Study

LRF            Loan Request Form

MAP            Merit Awards Program

MPN            Master Promissory Note

PLUS           Parent Loan for Undergraduates

QAP            Quality Assurance Program

SAP            Satisfactory Academic Progress

SAR            Student Aid Report

Financial Aid Checklist
  Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
     • Visit www.fafsa.gov to start the process. The FAFSA is available January 1st
for the upcoming academic year. UNCG’s Priority Deadline is March 1st.
  Complete any outstanding financial aid requirements
    • All incomplete requirements can be viewed via UNCGenie. If you have
been selected for Verification, please make clear copies of all requested documents
and turn them in to the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. Make sure all tax
returns and other forms are signed.
  Receive Award Letter Email Notification                                                Please Note:
     • Once the FAFSA is received and all awarding requirements are met, you will
receive an award letter email notification. Your official award letter can be viewed
via UNCGenie.                                                                            All forms* can be printed
  Review Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP) and locked hours
                                                                                            from our website at
                                                                                         http://fia.uncg.edu under
    • The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is a federal policy that can                 "Important Forms"
prevent students from receiving financial aid due to sub-standard academic                * The Master Promissory
progress. Your SAP status is based on your hours of enrollment at the end of            Note is not available through
Drop/Add (usually the first week of classes).                                              the UNCG website. It is
                                                                                         available through the U.S.
New Students                                                                             Department of Education.
  Complete Immunization Requirements
    • Immunization requirements must be completed and cleared with Student Health Services prior to the
payment deadline in order to use financial aid to reduce the student bill. Contact Student Health Services at
(336) 334-5340 to complete this requirement.
  Complete the Financial Aid Response Form if Necessary
    • Use this form to report less than full-time enrollment as well as changes in full year enrollment. The
Financial Aid Response Form is also used to decline or reduce awards.
  Complete Loan Entrance Counseling (Only required for first time borrowers)
   • All new or transfer students must complete loan entrance counseling. You can satisfy this requirement by
completing the entrance interview module at www.studentloans.gov.
  Complete and submit the Master Promissory Note (MPN)
     • If you are receiving a Federal Student Loan and/or a PLUS Loan, you must complete the MPN in order for
the funds to disburse to UNCG. The MPN can be completed at www.studentloans.gov.
    • PLUS Loan funds will not defer the student bill until our office receives confirmation of a completed Master
Promissory Note and the loan has been approved.

All Students

  Go online to accept awards
    • All students must go online via UNCGenie, read and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions, and accept their
awards, including federal student loans. You may accept full or partial amounts of the student loan as well as decline
loans via UNCGenie. See Page 8 for instructions.

Your Interaction with the UNCG Financial Aid Office
Our professional staff is available to help you with
the financial aid process. To make your visit with a
counselor productive, complete any required forms
before your visit and bring all other required
documentation along with a picture ID.
Contacting Us By Phone
You can reach us by phone at (336) 334-5702.
We are happy to assist you with any financial
aid questions you may have. In order to discuss
your confidential financial aid information (award
amounts, your SAP status, etc.) you must enter your
Student ID number and UNCG PIN when prompted.          The Magic of UNCGenie
Without the ID and PIN the information that we
can give you is limited. During summer months and
at the beginning of each semester, our phones are         UNCG has an electronic network called UNCGenie.
                                                          UNCGenie can be accessed and printed by going to the
especially busy. UNCGenie will have much of the
                                                          UNCG Home Page at www.uncg.edu. You will need
information that you need. The FAO keeps students         your Student ID Number and UNCG PIN to access your
informed via email while handling as many calls as        account.
                                                          With UNCGenie you can check:
The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974       1) Financial aid award information
(FERPA), also known as the Buckley Amendment,
                                                          2) Active messages you may have from the Financial Aid
prohibits the release of a student’s educational          Office by going to the Overall Status link
records (including award information) to parents,
spouses, or other parties without the written             3) Outstanding financial aid requirements by going to
permission of the student (or Student ID & UNCG           the Eligibility link
PIN authentication if calling on the phone). If
students wish to release their records to another         4) Locked hours for Satisfactory Academic Progress and
party, they can submit a notarized Information            your current SAP standing
Release form to the FAO. This form must be                5) Student account through the UNCGenie Student
reviewed and approved before any information is           Account Center including financial aid that has been
released. The student’s authorization to release          applied to your account and/or your balance due
their information must be submitted on a yearly
basis, and may be revoked by the student at any           You can also use UNCGenie to:
time. The Information Release Forms are available         • Change your mailing and permanent addresses
at the FAO.                                               • Check your registration and enrollment
Some Helpful Hints                                        If you have been admitted, you can go to
Your Name and Student ID Number                           accounts.uncg.edu to activate your email and other
                                                          computer accounts.
Make sure that these two items are on every
document submitted to the FAO on your behalf.
Update Your Mailing and Email Addresses
Your UNCG email is the primary means by which the FAO will communicate news and information. Check it
often so that you receive important financial aid information. You can update this information via UNCGenie.

Respond to Requests for Information Promptly
The sooner you send us required information, the sooner we can continue processing your financial aid
application. If you do not send us requested information in a timely manner, your aid may be canceled or its
disbursement delayed. Do not wait until the beginning of the semester to take care of financial aid paperwork
and questions.

Step One: Apply for Aid
To apply for most types of aid, students must complete a
2011-2012 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This
application must be completed every academic year and can be
done electronically at www.fafsa.gov. The priority filing date for
the FAFSA is March 1st.

For questions about the FAFSA and your application status
contact the FAFSA processor at 1-800-433-3243.
FAFSA on the Web Application
The FAFSA should be completed online at www.fafsa.gov. The              Tips for Filing the FAFSA
student (and a dependent student's parent) must sign the FAFSA
electronically with a PIN, or the student can print, sign, and mail a
signature page. A student or parent without a PIN has the option
                                                                        • File your FAFSA by March 1st.
to apply for a PIN, receive it instantly, and immediately use it to
sign the FAFSA.                                                         This is UNCG's priority deadline and gives you
                                                                        first consideration for the aid programs that are
NOTE: To complete a paper FAFSA a student must request a copy           awarded on a first come first serve basis.
from the Department of Education by calling 1-800-433-3243 or
                                                                        Please note: The federal processor must receive
by printing a copy from http://www.FederalStudentAid.ed.gov             the FAFSA by March 1st.
and mailing the paper copy to the Federal Processor.
                                                                        • Dependent vs Independent Student Status:
If you have questions about the FAFSA call 1-800-433-3243. If you
have a hearing disability call the TDD number at 1-800-730-8913.        Your answers in Step 3 of the FAFSA determine if
                                                                        you are dependent or independent for purposes
                                                                        of financial aid. If you answer "no" to all of these
FAFSA Renewal                                                           questions you are a dependent student and must
You must file a FAFSA for each academic year in order to be              provide parental information, even if your
considered for federal, state & institutional aid. January 1st is the   parents do not claim you on their tax return
earliest you can begin filing the FAFSA for the upcoming academic        and/or you do not live with them. If you answer
year. March 1st is the UNCG priority deadline for filing the FAFSA       "yes" to at least one of these questions you are
for maximum aid consideration, however, you can still file the           considered independent and do not have to
                                                                        provide parent information.
FAFSA after this date.
                                                                        • Reporting Income:
Student Aid Report (SAR)                                                You may estimate your tax information in order
The Student Aid Report provides a copy of all the information you       to file the FAFSA by March 1st. You are required
                                                                        to update the FAFSA information after filing your
provided on the FAFSA. If you submit an application or correction       (or parent) tax return. Pay special attention to
and do not receive a SAR, you should contact the federal processor      the tax line numbers given for certain questions.
at 1-800-433-3243 to check on the status.                               These will guide you to the correct figures from
Once you receive or are able to view your SAR, review all the           your tax forms to use when completing those
information to make sure your application has been processed and        questions.
that all information is accurate and complete. If you need to make      • FAFSA Signatures:
corrections, you must submit them yourself at www.fafsa.gov. If you     Be sure you submit signatures with the FAFSA.
have difficulty while processing your corrections, contact the            Without appropriate signatures your application
Federal Processor at 1-800-433-3243.                                    will be rejected. If you are a dependent student
Check the Information Release section of your SAR to be sure UNCG       (see above) you must submit a parent signature.
(school ID number 002976) is listed as a school to receive your         • UNCG School code: 002976.
information. If UNCG does not receive your FAFSA information, we
cannot award you financial aid. We receive an electronic record          Be sure to include the UNCG school code when
of your SAR automatically, if you listed UNCG on the FAFSA. To add      you complete the FAFSA so that we can receive
                                                                        the information.
UNCG as a recipient of your information, contact the Department
of Education at 1-800-433-3243. You will need to know the Data          • Housing status:
Release Number (DRN) located on the front of your SAR to do so.
                                                                        Be sure you enter the correct housing code.
Remember that your FAFSA is a snapshot of your status as of the         Otherwise, your financial aid award may be
date you complete the application. If you make a mistake you can        incorrect and have to be recalculated.
correct the error but cannot update or add new information.


Step Two: Complete Your File
After filing a FAFSA, you must complete your file with the UNCG
Financial Aid Office. There are a variety of documents that you may be
required to submit. Until we have all required documents, we cannot
award you financial aid. All requests for information will be sent via
e-mail. If necessary, we will correct your financial aid application based
on this documentation.
Quality Assurance Program (QAP) and the                                     Tips for the Verification Process
Verification Process
UNCG participates in the Quality Assurance Program (QAP). Through           The UNCG FAO will notify you if you are
QAP we review student information and ask them to provide                   selected for the QAP/Verification process.
documentation of their financial status. QAP allows the Department           If selected you must submit additional
of Education and the UNCG FAO to ensure the accuracy of information         documentation. To prevent delays in
used in filing for Federal Title IV funds. The FAO will notify you if you    processing your financial aid PLEASE NOTE:
have been selected for this program. If selected, you must provide the
required information to receive financial aid. If this process reveals       1) Dependent students must submit parent
errors in the data used to determine your eligibility for financial aid,     information as well as student information.
the U.S. Dept of Education requires UNCG to recalculate and/or              2) Independent students must submit
resubmit your information for reprocessing. If you fail to provide          spousal information if married as well as
information necessary to complete QAP/Verification we cannot award           student information.
you financial aid. If you already received an award we may be required       3) Copies of the tax returns must be signed
to cancel your federal and need-based aid for the award year. You will      (even if filed electronically).
be responsible for the repayment of those funds, due upon notifica-
tion. Do not provide documentation unless it is requested by UNCG.          4) Copies of the tax returns should include all
                                                                            forms and schedules used to complete the
QAP/Verification Documentation                                               return.
QAP document requirements may include, but are not limited to:              5) Turn in all W2's/1099's used to complete
                                                                            the return including social security benefits
(1) A UNCG Verification Worksheet; (2) A signed, complete copy of            and pension and annuity distributions.
Federal income tax forms for student, parent, and/or spouse (including
all schedules, worksheets and additional forms filed); (3) W-2 and 1099      6) Do Not leave blanks on the Verification
                                                                            Worksheet. Enter zero or NA if it doesn't
forms for student, parent, and/or spouse; (4) Documentation of asset        apply.
information, untaxed income, and Social Security benefits; (5) A copy
of birth certificate or driver’s license; (6) Documentation of a house-      7) Amounts reported on the Verification
hold member’s enrollment status at another post-secondary school.           Worksheet for Savings/Checking and for
                                                                            Asset/Investment net worth should be as of
Social Security Number (SSN) Documentation                                  the date you filed the FAFSA, NOT current
If you file your FAFSA listing the wrong SSN, you must correct this on
your application and submit these corrections to the Federal Processor. If you have changed your legal name, you must
update your Social Security record and apply for a new card from the Social Security Administration. You must then send a
copy of the new card to the FAO before you can be awarded. Make sure that you also give UNCG your correct name when
you apply for admission.
Other Documentation Requirements
Please be aware that sometimes the need for additional documentation arises in the midst of the financial aid process.
We cannot continue processing your application until we have all the information we need. As we review information, the
status of your file may change and you may be asked to provide such documentation as, but not limited to: (1) A copy of
marriage certificate or separation documents; (2) A copy of your Social Security Card; (3) United States Citizenship and
Immigration Services (USCIS) documentation; (4) Proof of Selective Service Registration; (5) Death certificates.
Special Circumstances
In some instances, the UNCG FAO can consider highly unusual circumstances that are not reflected by information provided
on the FAFSA. However, the UNCG FAO is very conservative and adheres to all federal guidelines. We can sometimes make
allowances for the death of a parent or spouse, separation of parents, separation of a student and spouse, job loss, or similar
situations. If you wish to report a special circumstance, contact the FAO for the appropriate Professional Judgment forms.
Extensive supporting documentation will be required before your situation is reviewed. Do not send any information
regarding special circumstances to the federal processor. They will not respond to personal letters nor forward the
information to the Financial Aid Office.

The Award Process

Step Three: Receive Your Award
After you have filed the FAFSA, have met the basic eligibility requirements, and have completed your file, you will receive
an award notification email at your UNCG email with instructions on how to view your award online via UNCGenie. When
you receive the award notification and go online to view your award you should verify the accuracy of:
a. Outside Resources: The award letter should include any outside scholarships or loans, ROTC scholarships, vocational
rehabilitation benefits, tuition waivers, merit awards, graduate scholarships or fellowships, etc.
b. Enrollment Status: If you are enrolled less than half-time, you may be ineligible for various grants, scholarships, and Fed-
eral loans. Your award may need to be revised. Complete the FInancial Aid Response form if you will enroll in less than
full time hours.
c. Residency Status: Make sure that you were awarded based on the correct residency status (in-state, out-of-state).
d. Housing Status: Make sure you were awarded with the correct housing status (on campus, with parents or relatives, or
off campus).
e. Semester / Term: Make sure that you were awarded based on the correct semesters (Fall and/or Spring). If you are
attending only one semester, your award should be based only on that semester.
f. Grade Level: Make sure you were awarded based on the grade level you will be in at the start of the academic year.
Note: Any discrepancies should be reported immediately to the FAO as it could potentially result in a change in your
Award Revisions: Your award may require revisions, often due to additional information, changes in hours of enrollment,
failure to maintain academic progress, withdrawal from classes or outside aid received. Any revised award overrides all
previous offers of aid. This sometimes means that you may have to repay funds already received. Contact the Cashiers
and Student Accounts Office for information on the Return of Funds Policy.

Step Four: Accepting and/or Declining Awards
Accepting and/or Declining Awards
To accept/decline your financial aid awards you must log in to
UNCGenie and accept the awards on-line:

1. Log in to UNCGenie using your University ID and PIN
2. Select "Financial Aid"
3. Select "My Award Information"
4. Select "Award by Aid Year"                                                 Award Revisions
5. Select 2011-2012 Academic Year from the drop down box
6. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions                                   You can also decline awards using the
                                                                              Financial Aid Response form.
7. Select tab Accept Award Offer
In order to accept the full loan amounts, select Accept from the drop
                                                                              Complete Section C: Declining Awards,
down box, then select Accept Full Amount All Awards                           sign the form and return it to the Finan-
                                                                              cial Aid Office.
In order to accept partial loan amounts, select Accept from the drop
down box, enter the partial amount you would like to accept in the Ac-        Note: Once funds are declined they may
cept Partial Amount box, then select Submit Decision                          not be available at a later date. Funds
                                                                              may be depleted or it may be determined
In order to DECLINE student loans, select Decline from the drop down
box, then select Submit Decision                                              that you are no longer eligible for a fund
                                                                              previously awarded to you. The FAO is
                                                                              not liable once you decline an award.

The Award Process
Federal Student Aid Loans:                                              So that we can
As of July 1, 2010, the U.S Department of Education became the          process your
sole lender for federal education loans. UNCG now awards and
process all Stafford and PLUS loans through the Direct Lending           Federal
                                                                        Student Loans
Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans
The Federal Direct Subsidized Loan is awarded according to dem-         be sure:
onstrated financial need. Subsidized loans do not accrue interest
during periods of deferment (while in school), or during the grace
period.                                                                 1) You have gone on-line via UNCGenie to
The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan is awarded regardless of a         accept your loans.
student's demonstrated need. Interest begins accruing from the          2) You have a Master Promissory Note (MPN)
date of disbursement. By making interest payments while in school,      on file with Direct Lending at
a student can avoid capitalization of the interest. When interest is    www.studentloans.gov. The MPN is a legal
capitalized, it is added to the principal amount of the loan upon       agreement the student must sign when bor-
which further interest charges are based.                               rowing an FSA loan. Parents and/or graduate
                                                                        students must also complete a MPN for a
                                                                        Federal PLUS loan as well.
Federal Direct PLUS Loans                                               3) You have completed a Loan Entrance Coun-
Federal Direct PLUS Loans are federally sponsored loans that par-       seling session at www.studentloans.gov. This
ents can obtain to help pay the cost of education for their depen-      is an online questionnaire that addresses your
dent undergraduate children. PLUS loans feature low interest rates      rights and responsibilities as a borrower. The
and long-term repayment options. While parents of all income            Financial Aid Office will be notified automati-
levels are eligible a credit-worthiness evaluation is required.         cally upon completion.
Parents may borrow up to the cost of attendance less any other
aid received by the student annually. In order to obtain a PLUS         Federal Student Aid Loan Borrower
loan at UNCG, the student must first complete the Free Applica-          Rights and Responsibilities:
tion for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Based on the student’s FASFA      Student borrowers should be aware of the
information, the Financial Aid Office will determine the maximum          following rights and responsibilities.
amount of PLUS loan eligibility. Parents may opt to borrow less
than the maximum amount awarded. To initiate the PLUS loan bor-         1) Loans must be repaid.
rowing process, a Federal Direct PLUS Loan Request form must be         2) Borrowers may be eligible to receive
submitted to the Financial Aid Office each academic year.
                                                                        multiple loans under one Master Promissory
Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans                                      Note.
Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans are federally sponsored loans        3) Loan money must be used for authorized
that are available to graduate students who have borrowed up            educational expenses.
to their annual or aggregate limit under the Federal Student loan
program. Graduate PLUS loans feature low interest rates and long-       4) An origination fee may apply to each loan
term repayment options. While graduate students of all income           under a MPN and will be deducted prior to
levels are eligible, a credit-worthiness evaluation is required.        each disbursement.
Graduate students may borrow up to the cost of attendance less          5) It is the borrowers responsibility to notify
any other aid received by the student annually. Students must           the Direct Loan Program of changes in per-
first apply for all Federal Student loan eligibility before a Graduate
                                                                        sonal information, such as name, address,
PLUS loan can be awarded. In order to obtain a Graduate PLUS loan
at UNCG, a student must first complete the Free Application for          etc.
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Upon request, the Financial Aid Office       6) Loan repayment begins after a 6 month
will then determine the maximum amount of a student’s Graduate          grace period. Borrowers will receive notifica-
PLUS loan eligibility. To initiate the Graduate PLUS loan borrowing     tion when the first payment is due.
process, a Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan Request form must
be submitted to the Financial Aid Office.                                 7) The federal government determines all
                                                                        interest rates for federal loans on July 1st of
Note: All Federal Loans require the completion of a Master Promis-      each year.
sory Note. Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized, and Direct
                                                                        8) Defaulting on federal loans will result in
Graduate PLUS Loans require both the Entrance Counseling and the
Master Promissory Note. These can be completed at                       legal action against the borrower and will be
www.studentloans.gov.                                                   reported to credit bureau(s).

The PAYMENT Process
Step Four: Pay Your Bill
The UNCG Cashiers and Student Accounts Office sends bills via       Financial Aid will
e-mail to the student UNCG e-mail in July (for Fall semester)     be reflected on
and in November (for Spring semester) to students who have
                                                                  your billing
                                                                  statement and
If you have questions about your bill, contact the Cashiers
                                                                  reduce the
Office at (336) 334-5831. You will receive a separate bill for
each semester’s tuition and fees. You must pay the amount due     balance due if:
before the deadline or your classes will be cancelled. Paying
the minimum amount due before the deadline will confirm
your registration.
Note: If you do not pre-register, a bill may not be sent to           1) You have been awarded aid and have
you. You can print out a copy of your fee assessment from            completed all required paperwork prior to
UNCGenie.                                                                     the bill being generated.
                                                                       2) You have no holds on your account
Bill Due Dates:                                                           based on immunization or prior
Fall 2011 - due late July 2011                                               3) You are in good academic
Spring 2012 - due early Dec. 2011                                         standing and making satisfactory
                                                                                  academic progress.
TuitionPay Payment PLAN:
This is an interest-free alternative to paying your
college expenses in one lump sum.
To enroll in the payment plan contact TuitionPay at
                                                                 Emergency Loans
1-800-635-0120 or visit TuitionPay online at                     The FAO has a limited loan fund available to enrolled
                                                                 students for assistance in meeting unexpected
For questions regarding payment please contact the               expenses due to emergency. You must go online via
Cashier's Office at 336-334-5831.
                                                                 UNCGenie to apply for an emergency loan. You may
                                                                 apply for only one emergency loan per semester. You
                                                                 will be contacted via your UNCG email address
Using Financial Aid to Defer Your Bill
                                                                 concerning the status of your application.
Even though you must pay your bill before the semester
begins, your financial aid funds cannot be disbursed until        If your loan is approved, you will need to come to
the semester starts. However, certain types of financial          the FAO and pick up an approval notice to take to the
aid can be used to reduce part or all of your charges. Your      Cashier’s Office to receive your funds. There is a $5
bill should show that your aid has been subtracted from          processing fee that will be taken from the funds you
your charges, as long as you have been awarded financial          receive from the Cashier’s Office.
aid and completed the necessary paperwork before the bill
                                                                 If you have outstanding financial requirements or have
was generated. To see what you owe or if you are con-
                                                                 already received an emergency loan for the current
firmed for a particular semester, please visit the UNCGenie
website, via the link at www.uncg.edu.                           semester, you cannot apply for an emergency loan
                                                                 through this process.
It is very important that you complete the financial aid
application process and all necessary paperwork before           If you cannot receive a loan through the online
bills are printed. Otherwise, your financial aid will not be      process, you may visit the Financial Aid Office and
listed and you will be required to pay the bill in full.         complete an application and appeal for consideration
                                                                 of your circumstances.
Some types of financial aid cannot be used to reduce the
charges on the bill. This includes but is not limited to: out-   Note: You will not receive an emergency loan the
side scholarships for which funds have not been received,        same day you apply. The application (and appeals)
and military aid or benefits.                                     takes 24 -48 hours to process.

The PAYMENT Process
Return of Funds Policy
UNCG has a federally mandated Return of Funds Policy
that governs the return of Title IV funds disbursed to
students who completely withdraw from the University.
Title IV funds include: Federal Direct Subsidized and
Unsubsidized Loans, Federal Direct PLUS Loans, Federal
Direct Graduate PLUS Loans, Federal Perkins Loans, Fed-
eral Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational
Opportunity Grants (FSEOG), Federal Academic
Competitiveness Grants (ACG), National SMART Grants,          Non Disbursement of Financial Aid
Federal TEACH Grants, and Federal Work Study (FWS).           Non-disbursement of Financial Aid
                                                              Your Financial Aid may not disburse to your
If any student completely withdraws from UNCG, he or
                                                              student account to reduce the balance due if any
she must return unearned student aid. Unearned aid            of the following apply:
is the amount of disbursed Title IV aid that exceeds the      • You have not gone online to accept your awards
amount of Title IV aid earned. During the first 60% of         through UNCGenie.
the semester, a student earns funds in direct proportion      • You have not turned in all required documents.
to the length of time he or she remains enrolled. The         • You are not enrolled or you are enrolled for less
period of time during which a student is enrolled is the      than half-time hours.
percentage of aid earned by the student. A student who
                                                              • You are not making Satisfactory Academic
remains enrolled at or beyond the 60% point is deemed         Progress.
to have earned all aid for the term. Students who have a
                                                              • You have not satisfied the UNCG Student Health
Federal Direct Student Loan, subsidized or unsubsidized,      immunization requirements.
and drop below half-time status must complete an Exit
Interview at www.dl.ed.gov/borrower.
                                                             Financial Aid Repayment
The percentage of the period that the student remained
                                                             You may be required to repay part or all of a
enrolled is determined by dividing the number of days
                                                             financial aid disbursement:
the student attended by the number of days in the
entire semester. Calendar days are used in the               • If you are awarded a Pell Grant for full-time
determination of percentages. Breaks of 5 days or longer     enrollment but at the end of the drop/add
are excluded in the calculations. If the amount of Title     period are enrolled less that full-time, your Pell
                                                             Grant will have to be recalculated. This means
IV funds disbursed is greater than the amount of Title IV    that you will have to repay part of your Pell
funds earned by the student, a return of Title IV funds is   Grant that you have already received.
necessary. Both UNCG and the student may be respon-          Recalculation can also include other forms of
sible for returning a percentage of the unearned aid.        financial aid.
                                                             • If you are awarded financial aid based on
Students who find that they must withdraw from UNCG           full-time enrollment and then at the end of
should do so by dropping all courses through UNCGenie.       the drop/add period you are enrolled less than
Students who drop all courses are considered to be           full-time, your cost of attendance is subject to
withdrawn from the University and must seek                  change. As a result your award may have to be
reactivation or readmission through either                   revised and you may have to repay part of your
                                                             financial aid that you have already received.
Undergraduate Admissions or The Graduate School in
order to return to UNCG in subsequent terms.                 If you have questions concerning disbursement
                                                             and/or aid repayment, please contact the UNCG
For further clarification, please consult the UNCG Return     Financial Aid Office.
of Funds Policy available from the Cashiers and Student
Accounts Office or the FAO.

Financial Aid Programs
The UNCG FAO administers federal, state, institutional and outside financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, work
programs and loans. Most aid programs require that you demonstrate financial need although some do not. All aid
awarded by UNCG & the FAO, along with application information for each, can be accessed online at http://fia.uncg.edu.

                                             Types of Financial Aid:
                                   Grants & Scholarships - Funds that are not repaid.
                                     Usually based on merit and/or financial need.
                   Work-Study - Funds that are earned through service during the academic period.
                                              Based on financial need.
                                          Loans - Funds which must be repaid.

Federal Aid Programs
Federal student aid programs include Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Federal TEACH
Grants, Student Loans, PLUS Loans, Direct Loans, Perkins Loans and Work-Study. The FAFSA is the primary application for
this aid. Some federal programs require a separate application in addition to the
FAFSA. For further details, consult the free booklet, The Guide to
Federal Student Aid, online at http://studentaid.ed.gov.

State of North Carolina Aid Programs
There are various aid programs for which residents of North Carolina may
be eligible. Most programs require that you be a legal resident of North
Carolina and file the FAFSA. Some may require an additional application.
If you file by UNCG’s priority deadline of March 1st, you also meet the
state deadline. Detailed information about state programs is available          Outside Scholarships
on-line at www.cfnc.org.

UNCG General Grants and Scholarships
                                                                             Please instruct your scholarship donor to
UNCG General Grants and Scholarships include funds awarded by the            send your check to the UNCG FAO and to
FAO in accordance with individual aid program criteria. Students who         include on the scholarship check:
want to be considered for these funds should submit their FAFSA to
the federal processor by the priority date of March 1st. Students who        • The name of the scholarship.
file a FAFSA will automatically be considered for most UNCG grants and        • The student’s complete legal name and
scholarships that are based on need/merit. These aid programs are              student ID.
generally non-renewable and subject to applicant pool and fund
availability.                                                                • The term(s) for which the award is made.
UNCG Departmental Scholarships                                               Unless the donor instructs otherwise, the
These curriculum-specific scholarships are coordinated by UNCG                amount of the scholarship check will be
schools and academic departments. They are generally awarded to              divided and applied to your account equally
rising juniors and/or seniors in early spring for the next academic year.    for the Fall and Spring semesters.
Students wishing to apply for departmental scholarships should contact       The FAO processes checks and forwards
the department of their academic major for application procedures.           them to the Cashiers and Student Accounts
                                                                             Office for disbursement to your student
Outside Scholarships and Loans                                               account.
Outside scholarships or resources are funds from high schools, civic         Be aware that UNCG cannot send billing
organizations, churches, educational foundations, Vocational Rehabili-       statements to outside scholarship donors.
tation programs, and other organizations external to the university.         If the donor requires a billing statement,
                                                                             please provide them with a copy of your bill.
You must notify the FAO as soon as you learn that you will receive
outside aid since these funds may affect your eligibility for other aid.      Please note that if a student with an outside
You must send us a copy of the notification letter. If your award does        scholarship withdraws from the University,
not list all of your outside resources, notify the FAO immediately. We       UNCG will not return funds to the outside
                                                                             donor unless asked to do so by the donor or
will revise your financial aid award if necessary.
                                                                             the student.
Unless UNCG is otherwise informed by the donor, your outside
resources will be divided and applied to your account equally for the
fall and spring semesters.

Financial Aid Programs
UNCG Merit Awards Program
The Merit Awards Program offers high school seniors the opportunity
to apply for prestigious academic excellence scholarships. Annual
awards range from $2,500 to full tuition, fees, room & board, and are
renewable for up to four years of undergraduate enrollment. Renewal
is dependent upon the student upholding academic standards set for
the awards.
Applicants must present a minimum 1800 on the combined critical
reading, mathematics and writing sections of the SAT, or a minimum
composite score of 27 on the ACT, and a minimum high school GPA
of 3.50. Awards for finalists require on-campus interviews, held in
late February/early March. Please note that students transferring to
UNCG from other colleges, or current UNCG students, are not eligible
for Merit Awards Program. To be considered for the Merit Awards
Program, complete a Merit Awards application by January 3, 2011.                Federal Work-Study (FWS)
The application is available on-line at http://fia.uncg.edu/meritawards.
You must also be accepted for admission to the University by
January 3, 2011. A full list of available scholarships is available on the      FWS is a need-based type of aid that is taxable
website at http://fia.uncg.edu/meritawards/scholarships.htm.                     income to students. Students work during the
                                                                                semester and are paid through direct deposit
Deans’ Scholars Program                                                         at the end of each month.
The Deans’ Scholars Program, a component of the Merit Awards                    Note: Work study funds cannot be used to
Program, offers high school seniors four-year renewable scholarships             cover your bill.
ranging from $1,000 to $3,000. This program emphasizes academic
achievement and is available to students in specific majors, such as             To qualify for work study you must:
Nursing, Education, Chemistry, Religious Studies, majors within the             1) File the FAFSA by March 1st
Bryan School of Business and Economics, and majors within the School
of Human Environmental Science. Deans’ Scholars awards will be                  2) Be enrolled at least half-time and
renewed for up to four years of undergraduate study, as long as the             3) Have documented need as determined by
student maintains a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 and remains in               the FAFSA
good academic standing with the University. To apply, current high              4) Be enrolled as a first degree undergraduate
school seniors must complete a Merit Awards Program application.                student
The minimum criteria for applicants are: a minimum score of 1600 on
the combined critical reading, mathematics, and writing of the SAT, or          If you have been awarded FWS you must:
a minimum composite score of 24 on the ACT, & a minimum cumula-                 1) Accept your award online
tive high school GPA of 3.50. A full list of available scholarships is avail-
able on the website at http://fia.uncg.edu/meritawards/scholarships.             2) Search for a position of your choice
htm.                                                                            If you do accept your award but do not find a
Community College Presidents’ Scholarship                                       position within the first three weeks of classes,
                                                                                your FWS award will be cancelled.
These scholarships are awarded to students transferring from local
community colleges, based on the nomination of their community                  For a complete listing of Work-Study jobs:
college President. Annual awards range from $500 to $2000 and are                 Visit the Student Employment Office's
renewable for a 2nd year of study at UNCG provided the recipient                  website at www.csc.uncg.edu/seo.
upholds the academic standards set for the awards. The minimum                    Click on the SpartanCareers link.
criteria for selection are: minimum of 30 semester hours of study
completed at the community college, with preference to Associate                You must contact the departments directly for
Degree recipients, and minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for students               the positions you are interested in.
transferring with an Associate Degree or minimum cumulative GPA                 For off-campus community service positions,
of 3.5 for students transferring prior to completion of their Associate         please contact the Student Employment Office
Degree. The community colleges that participate in this scholarship             at (336) 256-0403.
are: Alamance, Central Carolina, Davidson County, Forsyth Technical,
Guilford Technical, Piedmont, Randolph, Rockingham, and Surry.                  If you were not awarded FWS and would like to
Contact the President’s Office or the Financial Aid Office at the                   be considered, contact the FAO and see if you
community college you attend for application procedures. The                    are eligible to be placed on the waiting list.
community college usually makes their selections and submits their
recommendation to UNCG in spring prior to the student's fall enroll-
ment at UNCG.

Enrollment Status & Financial Aid Eligibility
Credit Hour Requirements
To qualify for most types of aid students must be enrolled at
least half time. If you are enrolled less than half time you are
ineligible for federal loans and most other types of aid.
NOTE: Certain aid programs may be reduced if you are en-
rolled less than full-time.

Semester Enrollment Requirements
Full-time status             12 or more credit hours
Three-quarter-time           9 to 11 credit hours
Half-time status             6 to 8 credit hours
Less than half-time status   5 credit hours or less
Graduates:                                                          Please Note:
(credit hours must be at the 500 level or above)
Full-time status           6 or more credit hours
Half-time status           3 to 5 credit hours                              If you are enrolled less than
Less than half-time        2 credit hours or less
                                                                      half-time, you are ineligible for federal
Graduate Students                                                          loans and most other types of
Students pursuing a graduate degree at UNCG may be eligible                          financial aid.
for some types of financial aid, including Federal Direct Stu-
dent Loans, assistantships, fellowships, and tuition waivers.
Academic departments nominate graduate students for
assistantships and fellowships. Some certificate programs may       Transfer Students
not be eligible for aid. Graduate students should complete
a FAFSA to apply for need-based or federal aid programs.           If you are transferring to UNCG, you must:
Please refer to our website at http://fia.uncg.edu for more
information about graduate aid. Contact your academic              • Make sure that the UNCG FAO has received your
department for information about fellowships, assistantships,      FAFSA information. Contact the Dept of Education at
and tuition waivers.                                               1-800-433-3243 to add UNCG as a school to receive
Graduate students must be enrolled in at least 3 credit hours      it. You will need your DRN, which is on your Student
at the 500 level or above each semester in order to be eligible    Aid Report.
for Federal Student Loans and for UNCG to certify enrollment
for a loan repayment deferment.                                    UNCG's school code: 002976
Students taking courses through the Graduate School who are        Please notify the school you are transferring from to
not yet admitted into a program are not eligible to receive
federal or UNCG funding. You must also be enrolled for             cancel your aid.
courses that count toward your degree.                             If you are transferring from UNCG to another
Receiving some types of awards, including fellowships and          institution, you should contact the FAO at the school
tuition waivers, may decrease Federal Direct Student Loan          you will be attending.
If you are classified as an undergraduate in the Fall               Second Degree Students
semester and will become a graduate student in the Spring
semester, you must notify the FAO in writing immediately of        Students pursuing a second undergraduate degree
this change. Your award will need to be revised to reflect your     are limited in eligibility for financial aid. Typically,
graduate status.
                                                                   a second degree student qualifies only for Federal
Federal Graduate PLUS Loans
                                                                   Direct Student Loans. However, students may qualify
The Graduate PLUS Loan is for graduate and professional            for scholarships through their academic department
students, NOT their parents. Graduate PLUS loans are
available to graduate students, on a case by case basis, who       and should contact the academic department directly
have borrowed their annual or aggregate limit under the FSA        for information.
Loan program. Graduate PLUS loans feature low interest rates,
relative to market rates, and long term repayment options.
Graduate students may borrow up to the cost of attendance
minus any other aid received by the student annually.

Determining Need Based Eligibility

How Need Is Determined
Many types of aid require that you demonstrate financial need
in order to be eligible. To be considered for need-based (state,
institutional, and outside) and all federal aid programs, you must
file a 2011-2012 FAFSA. The information you provide on the
FAFSA establishes whether or not you have financial need.

Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
The federal processor uses a formula known as the Federal
Methodology to estimate your family’s ability to contribute to
your education. This formula, written into law by Congress and
reviewed each year, evaluates your FAFSA answers related to
income and assets, family size, and number of family members         Important Eligibility
in college in order to calculate your Expected Family                Requirements
Contribution (EFC). Your EFC is how much money you or your
family is expected to contribute to your educational expenses.
                                                                     You must meet these guidelines in order to
You do not pay the EFC to UNCG. It is simply used to calculate       be eligible for any need-based or federal
your aid eligibility. If you have questions about what family        financial aid. Other UNCG scholarships may
members should be included on your FAFSA, see the instructions       also require that you meet these criteria:
included online that are part of the application process.            1) You must be admitted to or enrolled in
                                                                     a degree program or approved certification
Cost of Attendance (COA)                                             program at UNCG. Please note that some
                                                                     certificate programs have not been approved
Your EFC, along with the COA, determines the types of need-
                                                                     for aid eligibility.
based financial aid for which you are eligible. The COA is an
estimate of how much it costs to attend UNCG. It does not            2) You must be making satisfactory academic
reflect your actual charges to attend UNCG. It includes               progress toward a degree. If you are not
tuition and fees as well as an allowance for books, supplies,        making satisfactory academic progress, you
room and meals, transportation, and personal expenses. The           may appeal your status by completing a SAP
COA is based on a student’s status as in-state or out-of-state       Appeal form. Review the SAP policy online at
(residency), housing status (living on campus, with parents or       http://fia.uncg.edu.
relatives, or off campus), and graduate or undergraduate              3) You must be a United States citizen or an
classification. Exact tuition and fees are established by the State   eligible noncitizen. Eligible non citizens may
of North Carolina and should be available in August 2011.            be required to present current, up-to-date,
                                                                     and valid U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
                                                                     Services documentation. Students on F1, J1,
Note: Your COA will be adjusted if you are enrolled less than full   J2 visas, and G series visas are NOT eligible
time. It may also be adjusted for other factors such as housing      for federal financial assistance or financial aid
                                                                     from UNCG.
Documented Need
                                                                     4) You must provide all documents requested
A student's need is defined by the Cost of Attendance (COA) minus     by our office or your financial aid application
the Expected Family Contribution (EFC):                              cannot be processed.
           Cost of Attendance (COA)                                  5) You must not be in default on a federal
                                                                     student loan or owe a repayment on a federal
         – Expected Family Contribution (EFC)                        grant at any institution or the U.S. Dept of
         = Documented Need
The FAO will meet as much of each applicant’s documented need as     6) If required, you must be registered with
possible, given fund availability and fund requirements.             Selective Service. You can register at the
                                                                     Selective Service website: www.sss.gov.
Note: You should not assume that your full need will be met.

Satisfactory Academic Progress
Both federal and state governments require each educational institution to define standards of progress for students
seeking financial aid. All students who wish to qualify for financial aid while attending UNCG will be assessed on criteria including
minimum GPA, minimum semester credit hour completion rate, and completion of a degree within a maximum time frame.
• These standards are applied uniformly to all UNCG financial aid applicants. If a student meets these standards, s/he is eligible to
be considered for financial aid. If a student does not meet these standards, s/he is not eligible to receive financial aid. Procedures
for re-establishing financial aid eligibility are described in this policy statement.
• Financial aid is defined as all federally-funded aid programs, all state-funded student assistance programs and institutional aid
(all aid subject to federal, state, and institutional policies).
• Any term that a student earns zero hours, s/he will lose financial aid eligibility immediately for the upcoming term.
In this policy, “eligible for financial aid” means that a student meets the standards of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for
Financial Aid. A student must also meet all other financial aid requirements in order to receive financial aid.
The complete copy of the SAP Policy is avaible at fia.uncg.edu/sap.

Undergraduate Degree Seeking Students
Minimum GPA - Undergraduate students’ cumulative and semester GPA must meet University standards to continue as stated in
the Undergraduate Bulletin. Students on Academic Probation are eligible to receive financial aid.
• Financial aid eligibility will be cancelled immediately for any student who is suspended or dismissed.
Percentage Completion - To remain eligible for financial aid each semester (fall, spring, summer) an undergraduate student must
earn a minimum of 67% (or a maximum of 12 hours) of the hours registered for at the end of schedule adjustment with the excep-
tion of first term undergraduate students who must complete at least 50% of registered hours at the end of schedule adjustment
(see financial aid warning). These hours are considered the student’s “locked hours.”
  • Schedule adjustment, also known as drop/add, typically ends on the fifth day of classes at 11:59 p.m. Please check the Univer-
  sity Bulletin for specific dates for specific terms (http://www.uncg.edu/reg/Calendar/).
  • To find the minimum hours required, take the number of credit hours at the end of schedule adjustment (locked hours on
  UNCGenie) and multiply it by .67.
  For example: If a student had 12 hours at the end of schedule adjustment then the student would have to earn at least 9 hours
  to remain eligible for further financial aid (12 x .67 = 9 for federal programs you must always round up). There are some courses
  that offer credit in .5 increments and those will be taken into consideration.
Degree Completion Within a Maximum Number of Credit Hours - Each semester an undergraduate student must also maintain a
minimum of 67% of the cumulative hours they have attempted to remain in good standing. An undergraduate student is eligible
to receive financial aid for a maximum of 150% of the hours required for the degree. A student pursuing a second undergraduate
degree is eligible to receive financial aid for a maximum of 150% of the hours required for the second degree. Hours dropped after
schedule adjustment are included in locked hours and therefore are counted in total attempted hours for financial aid.
(Please refer to full Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy on the Financial Aid website for examples of these calculations.)
Failure to Meet Requirements
Financial Aid Warning – First term undergraduates: A first term undergraduate student who earns between 50-67% of locked hours
will be placed on financial aid warning. Prior to receiving any further financial aid disbursements first term undergraduate students
on warning must submit a written plan of academic success. The plan must include how the student is going to use on campus
and/or off campus resources to receive assistance while working on their skills and issues. The academic plan of success must be
submitted to and approved by the Financial Aid Office. If a first term undergraduate student is classified as a junior or senior s/he
must also provide a graduation plan that includes the courses needed to graduate and when each course will be taken. Students
will be referred to Student Academic Services and Faculty advisors for assistance. Students will be referred to the Student Success
Center for assistance in creating a plan for academic success and the Financial Aid Office will provide an information sheet of UNCG
Campus Resources to assist students in this process. http://fia.uncg.edu/forms/2011-12/11CampusResource.pdf.
Financial Aid Probation – Students who failed to make satisfactory academic progress, who have appealed, and have had eligibility
for aid reinstated, will be placed on financial aid probation if their cumulative completion rate is less than 67%.
Appealing/Removing Financial Aid Probationary Status – Once a student achieves a minimum of 67% cumulative hours, they are
considered in good financial aid standing and are removed from financial aid probation. Students who are on financial aid proba-
tion may continue to receive financial aid for additional semester(s) pending the following actions:
   • Students may continue on financial aid probation if they successfully complete 67% of their locked hours for the semester but
   do not maintain a minimum of 67% cumulative hours earned to remain in good standing.
   • Submit a revised written plan of academic success – the plan must include how the student is going to use on campus and/or
   off campus resources such as the Counseling and Testing Center, the Student Success Center, Disability Services, and others, to
   receive assistance while working on skills and issues. The academic plan of success must be submitted to and approved by the
   Financial Aid Office prior to receiving any financial aid disbursements.

Satisfactory Academic Progress
Graduate Student Requirements
Minimum GPA - Graduate students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. If the student’s graduate cumulative GPA falls
below the minimum standard, her/his financial aid will be cancelled immediately. Financial aid will be cancelled immediately for
any student who is suspended or dismissed.
Minimum Semester Hour Completion Rate - Each semester (fall, spring, summer) a graduate student must earn a minimum of 67%
(or a maximum of 6 hours) of the hours registered for at the end of the schedule adjustment period/drop/add which usually ends
on Friday of the first week of classes at 11:59 p.m. Please check the University Bulletin for dates for specific terms.
• Graduate students must enroll in at least 3 semester hours at the 500 level or above to be eligible to receive financial aid.
Completion of a Degree Within the Maximum Time Frame
• Graduate students seeking a Master’s degree must complete all degree requirements (including thesis) within five academic
years from the date of first enrollment.
• Graduate students seeking a Doctorate degree must complete all requirements (including dissertation) within seven academic
years from the date of first enrollment.
• A grade of IP is only satisfactory for graduate students enrolled in thesis or dissertation courses (699 and 799). Repeated courses
do not count toward the Overall Earned Credit Hours if no credit toward graduation is awarded the semester it is repeated.
Exceptions to Hours Earned for Academic Progress
• Math 100 is a remedial course and a student does not receive credit for the course. Therefore MAT 100 counts towards the
Overall Attempted Credit Hours but does not count toward the Overall Earned Credit Hours. If a student is required by the Math
Department to enroll in Math 100, s/he may submit an appeal to the Financial Aid Office.
• Advanced Placement, CLEP courses and grades of F, WF, W or I are not counted for SAP.
• A grade of IP is not satisfactory for undergraduate courses.
• Repeated courses do not count toward the Overall Earned Credit Hours if no credit toward graduation is awarded the semester
the course is repeated.
• Students enrolled in eligible licensure & certificate programs may receive aid only for courses required to complete the program.
View Locked Hours - You may view your locked hours on UNCGenie via http://www.uncg.edu.
1.Log onto UNCGenie, 2.Click on Financial Aid, 3.Click onto Locked Hours for Financial Aid Eligibility, 4.Select term & click “Submit.”

Disbursement of Aid and SAP - You may be required to repay funds to UNCG if your Financial Aid is disbursed, and then
your total credit hours are reduced before the last day of schedule adjustment, or if you are marked as never attending a course
that you received aid for attending.

Reestablishing Financial Aid Eligibility—Extenuating Circumstances
The Financial Aid Office will notify students of their failure to meet the standards of this policy. Each student must know his/her
own status, whether or not s/he receives this notification. Students may view their SAP status via UNCGenie or by contacting the
Financial Aid Office. Students who fail to meet the standards of this policy may reestablish their financial aid eligibility at UNCG by:
• The student can earn the number of credit hours for which they are deficient or improve their GPA without financial aid.
These hours may be earned at UNCG or they may be earned at another institution and transferred to UNCG for any term after the
deficiency occurs. Students should get prior approval from the University Registrar’s Office to ensure that courses taken at another
institution will be accepted at UNCG.
• The student can appeal if there were circumstances beyond the student’s control that prohibited the student from keeping the
standards of this policy, and those circumstances are now resolved. Student may submit a written appeal with documentation the
Financial Aid Office, no later than 5:00 p.m. on the last day of schedule adjustment (usually the fifth day of class).
  Appeals must include a detailed description of the extenuating circumstances that occurred during the semester in which the
  student failed to meet this policy. The appeal must include all necessary documentation to support the existence of the circum-
  stances described and evidence that the circumstances have been resolved. The plan must include steps being taken to ensure
  satisfactory academic performance, including a written plan for academic success in the coming academic term; for juniors and
  seniors, this plan must include a course program for graduation. Events/circumstances that merit an appeal include, but are not
  limited to: Personal or family emergency Unanticipated, serious medical difficulty (excluding chronic conditions – students are
  responsible for properly balancing school work with known chronic conditions) Serious psychological difficulty
Students seeking to re-establish financial aid eligibility remain ineligible to receive financial aid assistance or deferment of payment
until the appeal process is complete and a decision has been made by the Financial Aid Office. Students should be prepared to pay
tuition, fees, and other educational expenses until s/he has been approved to receive financial aid.
After the credit hour deficiency or extenuating circumstance is resolved, the student must submit a written appeal including a writ-
ten plan for academic success requesting the Financial Aid Office to review their eligibility to receive financial aid.
• Appeals received after the last day of drop/add will not be reviewed unless the student is currently enrolled for the term.

Financial Aid for Summer or Study Abroad
 Financial Aid for Summer Session
 All students who wish to receive financial aid for Summer
 Sessions must file a separate UNCG Summer Session
 Application for Financial Aid by April 22, 2011. This
 application is available through UNCGenie in March. You
 must have also filed the current academic year FAFSA
 and completed all necessary paperwork by the summer
 application deadline in order to receive an award for
 Summer.                                                          Please Note:
 Limited financial aid is available to students attending
 Summer Session at UNCG. Most students can only receive           If you plan to continue attending UNCG and to receive
 Federal Student or PLUS loans that are based on their
                                                                  financial aid for the next academic year, you will need to
 remaining eligibility from the current award year. You must
 have made satisfactory academic progress at the end of           make arrangements to complete the financial aid
 the Spring semester to be considered for Summer aid.             application process from abroad. To avoid delays in
                                                                  receiving your Fall semester aid, complete the FAFSA
 For most types of summer aid, including federal loans, you       before March 1st and respond promptly to all
 must be enrolled at least half time. Summer Session course
                                                                  correspondence from the FAO.
 work is subject to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
 Policy for Financial Aid Eligibility.
                                                                 Satisfactory Academic Progress & Study Abroad
                                                                 Minimum Semester Hour Completion Rate
                                                                 Students who participate in study abroad during any term
                                                                 will be evaluated for Satisfactory Academic Progress at the
                                                                 end of the summer term.
                                                                 Each academic year study abroad undergraduate students
                                                                 must earn a minimum of 67% (or a maximum of 12 hrs) of
                                                                 the hours registered for (locked hours) at the end of
                                                                 schedule adjustment.
                                                                 Each academic year study abroad graduate students must
                                                                 earn a minimum of 67% (a maximum of 6 hours each term)
                                                                 of the hours registered for (locked hours) at the end of
                                                                 schedule adjustment. Locked hours will be added together
Study Abroad and Financial Aid                                   for fall, spring, and summer terms when evaluating for SAP
UNCG students taking courses abroad through a UNCG               at the end of summer.
program are generally eligible to receive financial aid. Study    Other Conditions—Study abroad students (undergraduate
abroad students must follow the same aid application steps       and graduate) must comply with all other applicable
as other students. If you plan to study abroad, you should       satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standards except
complete all required financial aid documents, including loan     those noted in this section. Students who receive an OIT
promissory notes, as early as possible to assure that your aid   travel grant ONLY will not be subject to the terms and
disbursement is not delayed.                                     conditions of the satisfactory academic progress policy.
                                                                 Grades must be posted by July 31. These extended
                                                                 deadlines apply only to students in exchange programs.
Before going abroad, leave signed copies of your federal tax     Students in departmental study abroad programs must
return, all W-2s, and 1099s with a parent or your designated     have their credits posted by the end of the UNCG term.
representative in case they are requested by the FAO. Please     Any student whose credits are not posted by the deadline
be sure to provide your parent or designated Power of            or who did not make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Attorney with your UNCG Student ID and UNCG PIN in order         will have subsequent financial aid canceled and will have to
for them to obtain information on your account. It is your       immediately repay any financial aid received for the current
responsibility to make arrangements for receiving your mail      academic year. You may appeal your SAP status.
while you are away.                                              For more information regarding financial aid eligibility for
                                                                 study abroad, please contact the FAO. For information
                                                                 about individual study abroad programs, contact the UNCG
                                                                 International Programs Center at (336) 334-5404.

2011 - 2012 Financial Aid Calendar

  January 1, 2011      Earliest date you may file a FAFSA for the 2011-2012 academic year.

  January 3, 2011 Deadline for Merit Awards Program Application. High school seniors must be officially admitted to
                       UNCG by this date in order to apply for Merit Awards.

    March 1, 2011 Your 2011-2012 FAFSA must be received by the federal processor by this date in order for it to be a
                      “Priority Application.” The 2011 UNCG Summer Session Applications for Financial Aid are available
                      online through UNCGenie.

Mid-March, 2011 The FAO begins awarding for the 2011-2012 academic year for admitted and continuing students
                       whose financial aid files are complete.

   Late July 2011 Payment due to the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office for Fall semester charges. Students must
                      be awarded and have completed all paperwork in order for financial aid to be applied toward their
                      charges. Exact date available from Cashiers and Student Accounts Office.

  August 26, 2011 Fall enrollment hours are locked on the last day of Schedule Adjustment for SAP purposes.

 November 2011         FAFSA PDF version will be available for download for the 2012-2013 academic year.

  December 2011        Payment due to the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office for Spring semester charges. Students
                       must have been awarded and completed all paperwork in order for financial aid to be applied
                       toward their charges. Exact date available from Cashiers and Student Accounts Office.

 January 13, 2012 Spring enrollment hours are locked on the last day of Schedule Adjustment for Satisfactory
                      Academic Progress (SAP) purposes.

    April 22, 2012     Deadline for 2012 UNCG Summer Session Applications for Financial Aid. You must have also filed a
                       2011-2012 FAFSA and submitted all required documents for Summer Session by this date.

     May 12, 2012 Notification sent to students who have not met the SAP Policy for Financial Aid Eligibility.

2011 - 2012 Satisfactory Academic Calendar

     May 17, 2011 First day to file a SAP Appeal for Fall 2011 semester.

  August 26, 2011 Last day to file a SAP Appeal for Fall 2011 semester.

December 3, 2011 First day to file a SAP Appeal for Spring 2012 semester.

   January 9, 2012 Last day to file a SAP Appeal for the Spring 2012 semester.

    March 1, 2012 First day to file a SAP Appeal for Summer Session 2012.

    April 15, 2012 Last day to file a SAP Appeal for Summer Session 2012.


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