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									Morgan Hastings
320 Kirkham Street, San Francisco, CA 94122, 415-314-8671

To create stunning artwork for AAA game titles that are immersive, dynamic and emotive, and inspire fellow artists
to work to their full potential.

Maya 2009, 3ds Max 2010, Zbrush 3.5, Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4, Flash CS4, Soundbooth CS4, Vegas Video,
Unreal Engine 2, crazy bump.

        Experienced Environment artist, proficient in layout, composition, and lighting
        Versed in constructing 3d meshes, and use of material shaders on the iPhone, PC, PSX1, PSX2, DS, Wii, and
        Adept at communication and motivational skills, assisting/mentoring artists
        Well-rounded fine art skills in illustration, painting and sculpture, design and photography.
        Programming experience in C, Pascal, Basic, 6502 Assembly, Flash and actionscript.
        Web development and design experience.
        Years of experience illustrating people, faces and environments, with a keen perception for emotive
         expressions, fluid lines with rhythm, and dramatic scenes.
        Outside interests such as music: jazz guitar, and a bachelor’s degree in orchestral music performance.
Machineworks                        Unannounced iPhone game
Backbone Entertainment              Gauntlet, DS; Death, Jr., Wii; Psynapse (unreleased), PSP
Electronic Arts                     Sims Pets, PS2
Secret Level                        America's Army, PS2, Xbox; Xmen (unreleased), PSP
LucasArts                           Republic Commando, PC, Xbox; RTX Red Rock, PS2
Big Ape                             Justice for Hire (unreleased), PS2
Ronin Entertainment                 Bruce Lee Quest of the Dragon, XBox
Vicarious Visions                   Sea-Doo Hydrocross, PS1
Black Ops                           Knockout Kings 2000, N64
EAI                                 Dukes of Hazzard, PC; Clue Fatal Illusion, PC
Papyrus                             Grand Prix Legends, PC;
                                    Bush Grand National Series Expansion Pack, PC;
                                    Nascar Racing2, PC; Nascar Racing, PS1

Bryan Shutt         518-466-1230      Art Director at Vicarious Visions
Matt Shores          415-505-9871      Owner Empty Clip Studios
Norm Badillo          650-867-1064      Art Director at Backbone Entertainment

“I've worked with Morgan directly on a number of projects in the game industry at both Papyrus Design Group and
Vicarious Visions. Morgan is a highly skilled and extremely versatile artist with an uncanny amount of creative
energy both in his personal and his professional life. Although Morgan has exceptional modeling, texturing and
animation skills it is not easy to place him into just one "art" category. His passion for his work exceeds the sum of
its parts. Morgan is truly one of the most uniquely interesting people I have known. His quick wit and sharp
intellect put him in a class all his own. I would highly recommend Morgan to anyone looking for an artist that will
bring a lot of creative force to any endeavor.” February 28, 2010, Bryan Shutt , Art Director , Vicarious Visions

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Machineworks Northwest, Salem, OR, 2010-.
Contract work in Maya for an unannounced iPhone game.

Personal project in illustration and publishing, San Francisco, CA, 2007-.
Started a small publishing house where I publish illustrated art comedy books. I am in charge of one part-time
employee who updates the website, restocks and orders new books, takes and ships to customers. Since starting
the side project I’ve been in a magazine and have appeared on two satellite radio programs.

Freelance web designing and publishing, San Francisco, CA 2007-
Designed, created, and shot photography for websites in San Francisco and Nevada. Created sites using HTML, CSS,
and Flash.

Environment Artist, Backbone Entertainment, Emeryville, CA, 2006-8
Created assets for Gauntlet Nintendo DS game, which included level creation, objects, vert lighting, and textures.
Created assets for and overhauled levels for Death Jr. for the Nintendo Wii. Using multilayered psd files for
proprietary shaders revamped rock walls for forest levels. Created assets and designed levels for Psynapse, a brain
training game for the PSP.

Environment Artist, Electronic Arts, Redwood City, CA, 2006
Contract job creating Backgrounds for ps2 game in 3d Studio Max, photoshop, and proprietary tools. Working with
artists, lead artist, and Art Director to create the proper environment, and maintain consistency between artists

Environment Artist, Secret Level, San Francisco, CA, 2005-6
Created environments for America's Army. Created assets in Maya and Unreal. Modifying environments for
upcoming PSP game, working in 3ds Max.

Level Artist, LucasArts Entertainment Co., San Rafael, CA, 2002-2004
Model and light levels in Maya for PS2 game, RTX Red Rock, worked with Maya and version control and proprietary
tools. Came in at the end of the project to aid in completion, quickly learned LucasArts methods and conventions.
One of four Level Artists for Republic Commando, LucasArts first first-person shooter, based on the Unreal 2
engine. Tasks include to design and create assets for environments from references from concept artists, model
assets in Maya, export into a heavily modified version of the Unreal 2 engine. Create texture-maps in Photoshop,
and shaders in the Unreal, place assets I created into the editor and add effects, such as shaders, particles systems,
karma physics, and dynamic and static lighting.

Set Designer, Big Ape Productions, Novato, CA, 2001-2002
Created levels and texture-maps for an assassin game called Justice for Hire for the PS2. The initial demo level was
created in 3ds Max and when production continued we switched to modeling levels in Maya. I was the only level
artist for must of the preproduction for Justice for Hire.

3D Artist, Ronin Entertainment, Novato, CA, 2000-2001
Created high poly levels and textures for the X-Box game, "Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon" in 3d Studio Max.
Photographed locations for reference and texture maps. Set up characters in Maya.

Game Artist, Vicarious Visions, Troy, NY, 1999-2000
Lead 3d artist for Sea-Doo Hydro-cross. Modeled and texture-mapped the first track, and developed the method
for creating tracks and wrote documentation. Created geometry and some textures for all of the watercrafts to be
used in the game.

Animation Artist, Engineering Animation Inc., Ames, IA, 1998-9
Created complex outdoor scenes and textures for promo for an animated 3d TV show. Modeling from concept art,
created high poly rooms in 3ds Max and textures in photoshop for Clue "Fatal Illusion," Designed and modeled
puzzles and various devices. Also modeled low-poly cars and characters in MAX and on SGI proprietary software
for a Dukes of Hazzard game.

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Reporter and Photographer, Montezuma Republican, Montezuma, MA 1998
Photographed and reported on local characters, occurrences and town meetings. Worked closely with the editor in

3D Artist/Lead 3D Car Artist, Papyrus Design Group, Inc. (Subsidiary of Sierra Corporation), Boston, MA 1995-1998
Designed and modeled realistic simulations of racetracks and cars for Papyrus' racing simulations, including
NASCAR Racing II, a nationally best-selling title, and Grand Prix Legends, a revolutionary model of computer
simulated physics. Worked together with a team of artists using Photoshop, Lightwave, and proprietary software
to develop 3- and 2-dimensional graphics. Developed data conversion tools to increase artists' productivity, and
documented reference guides and tutorials for Papyrus' Proprietary 3D tools. Using photographs and technical
specifications, consistently produced high-quality, realistic graphic modeling under heavy time constraints.
Promoted from Production Assistant to Lead 3D Car Artist over the course of employment.

Orchestral French Horn, Santa Barbara, CA and Boston, MA. 1983-1995
Subbed in many performances, orchestral, chamber music, and opera pit. Played first horn for the Santa Barbara
Youth Symphony; Gilbert and Sullivan association; First Horn with the Youth Symphony orchestra and toured to
Israel, Taiwan, and Korea; Eastman school of music symphony and wind ensemble; New England Conservatory of
Music Philarmonia combined with the Boston Symphony orchestra conducted by Seiji Ozawa and playing first horn
next to my teacher Charles Kavalovski; Played First Horn in Tanglewood, and once conducted in Brahms 4
Symphony by Leonard Bernstein. Won awards for solo playing in Santa Barbara, playing solos with the Youth
Symphony Orchestra in Santa Barbara, the San Luis Obispo symphony, and the Santa Barbara Symphony.

1995-1996        Massachusetts College Art, Computer graphics, design and sculpture
1994             Graduate School for Music at New England Conservatory of Music in Boston
1990-93          Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester, Bachelor of Music, French Horn
1988-89          University of Massachusetts, Boston, English Major
1988             Worcester Polytechnic Institute summer session, Computer Programming
1984             Sculpting, figure drawing, Music Theory at the young scholar's program at the University of
                 California at Santa Barbara

Intelligent, flexible, creative, resourceful, enthusiastic, innovative and committed to creating a high-quality
product. Able to learn new applications quickly with little instruction, and able to produce excellent work under
time constraints. Mechanically adept, attentive to detail, and able to manage multiple tasks.

Lecture Series, Chico State, November 18, 2002. Gave lecture on the games industry and 3d environment
production for video games. Covering company social environment, philosophies of modeling and designing
environments, data organization, reference research methods and production methods for environments from
start to finish including modeling, texturing, and lighting, in Max and Maya.

Mentor, Expressions College for Digital Arts, Emeryville, 2003-4. Met with students from Expressions to teach
techniques for creating 3d art for computer games. Taught techniques for using references for creating textures
and scenes, conceptualizing and creating modular geometry, platform differences and dependencies, creating
interesting scenes that tell a story, understanding the aesthetics of an environmental artist, interviewing
techniques, and the dynamics of working on a team.

Guest speaker, Art Institute of California, San Francisco for modeling in Maya, Unreal editor, and texture mapping,

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