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Skype presentation


									What is it?
Before we can learn about Skype
      we need to have an
         What is VoIP?
 VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is
 simply the transmission of voice traffic
 over IP-based networks.

 The Internet Protocol (IP) was originally
 designed for data networking. The
 success of IP in becoming a world
 standard for data networking has led to its
 adaption to voice networking.
 The Economics of VoIP
 VoIP has become popular largely because
 of the cost advantages to consumers over
 traditional telephone networks. Most
 Americans pay a flat monthly fee for local
 telephone calls and a per-minute charge
 for long-distance calls.

 VoIP calls can be placed across the
 Internet. Most Internet connections are
 charged using a flat monthly fee structure.
 Using the Internet connection for both data
 traffic and voice calls can allow consumers
 to get rid of one monthly payment. In
 addition, VoIP plans do not charge a per-
 minute fee for long distance.

 For International calling, the monetary
 savings to the consumer from switching to
 VoIP technology can be enormous.
        VoIP Telephones
There are three methods of connecting to a VoIP network:

  Using a VoIP telephone

  Using a "normal" telephone with a VoIP adapter

  Using a computer with speakers and a microphone
    Types of VoIP Calls
 VoIP telephone calls can be placed either
 to other VoIP devices, or to normal
 telephones on the PSTN (Public Switched
 Telephone Network).

 Calls from a VoIP device to a PSTN
 device are commonly called "PC-to-
 Phone" calls.
Most common type of VoIP call

 Calls from a VoIP device to
 another VoIP device are
 commonly called "PC-to-PC"
Things you will need to make
    VOIP PC-to-PC calls:
   Computer (Desktop or Laptop)
   Broadband or High Speed Internet connection
   Microphone (standard audio or USB connection)
   Webcam
   Headset (optional)
   Skype software loaded on computer (FREE)
What can Skype do?
Getting started with Skype
   1                 2
Three easy steps to make a call
     VOIP Software applications
 Skype-

 Gizmo-

 Yahoo Messenger-

 AIM-

 VOIP Buster-

 ooVoo-

 SightSpeed-

VOIP / Skype
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