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					                                  THE GOOD NEWS OF

                             FIRST PRESBYTERIAN
                                  Marshalltown, Iowa                        Volume 75, No. 2
                                     641-753-5929                            February 26, 2010

                                                           together cooperatively to create the resources that
The Purpose Statement for the First                        interpret the offering. Each denomination gives
Presbyterian Church of Marshalltown                        some of the gifts it receives for shared ministry
G     Growing in Christ through worship.                   through Church World Service. However, each
R     Reaching out in fellowship.                          denomination decides how the gifts its members give
A     Affirming faith through discipleship.                will be used.
C     Caring for the lost through evangelism.                   Our congregation will be receiving the One
E     Embracing others in mission and ministry.            Great Hour of Sharing (OGHOS) offering on
                                                           March 28, and April 4.
                                                                The PC(USA) offerings are roughly divided into
                                                           thirds. Each of three programs--Self-Development of
                                                           People (SDOP), Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
                          Daylight Saving Time             (PDA), and the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP).
                        begins Sunday, March 14.           The PHP uses 4% of the offering for its work on
                         Turn your clocks ahead            homelessness and affordable housing.
                          one hour on Saturday                 Recognizing that the hope we have in Christ is
                           evening, March 13.              lived out in our hope for one another, we respond
                                                           with gifts that help our sisters and brothers around
                                                           the world find the hope for a brighter future.

                                                                                       Kalthoma, a refugee from
 One Great Hour of Sharing: Sharing                                                    Darfur, is part of a group
                                                                                       resettled through One Great
    Resources, Changing Lives                                                          Hour of Sharing funds. Photo
                                                                                       courtesy of ACT International
                     Since March, 1949, Presbyterians
                  have joined with millions of other
                  Christians through One Great Hour of
                  Sharing to share God’s love with
                  people experiencing need. Our gifts
                  support ministries of disaster
                  response, refugee assistance and                         What is Faith?
resettlement, and community development that help
people find safe refuge, start new lives and work               “Sight is not faith, and hearing is not faith, neither
together to strengthen their families and communities.     is feeling faith; but believing when we neither see,
     In 1949, in response to the devastation of World      hear nor feel is faith; and everywhere the Bible tells
War II, a Saturday evening nationwide broadcast            us our salvation is to be by faith. Therefore we must
asked Americans to give generously the next morning        believe before we feel, and often against our
in their churches. A remarkable variety of national        feelings, if we would honor God by our faith.”
leaders and celebrities gave their efforts to the                                           —Hannah Whitall Smith
broadcast and more than 75,000 churches
     The One Great Hour of Sharing is an ecumenical
offering as many Christian denominations work

                     Good News from First Presbyterian Church February 26, 2010, page 1
             Lenten Breakfasts
                        It is the season for us to
                                                                Financial Report for January
                    observe another season of Lent.              JANUARY-‘10              Actual     Budget         +/-
                    There will be a fellowship and           Regular Offerings           30,440.43    40,180    (9,739.57)
                    worship service every                    Other Receipts               1,290.14       100      1,190.14
                    Wednesday morning.                       Total Receipts              31,730.57    40,280    (8,549.43)
                        Breakfast will start at 6:30         Year to Date:
a.m. followed by a Lenten message. Hosting                   Regular Offerings            30,440.43   40,180    (9,739.57)
congregations are asked to conclude by 7:15 a.m.             Other Receipts                1,290.14      100      1,190.14
                                                             Total Receipts               31,730.57   40,280    (8,549.43)
The suggested theme for this season will be, “The            Total Expenditures          (35,909.55) (38,834)     2,924.45
Manger, the Cross. and the Empty Tomb.”                      Net Receipts–Expenditures    (4,178.98)   1,446    (5,624.98)
    Both the breakfast and message are sponsored             Beginning Cash Balance       16,269.82) 16,270          (0.18)
and conducted by lay members of the host                     Ending Cash Balance          12,090.84   17,716    (5,625.16)
    The Lenten Breakfasts continue at the following
         March 3 St. Henry’s Catholic Church                    New Entrance Building Fund
                   211 W. Olive Street
                                                                 Giving designated for the Building Fund in the
         March 10 First Friends Church
                                                                                        closing days of December
                   2409 S. 6th Street
         March 17 New Hope Christian Church                                             (after the last newsletter
                   3901 S. Center Street                                                was published) and the
         March 24 Elim Lutheran Church                                                  first part of January has
                   302 W. Church Street                                                 been extraordinary.
         March 31 First Congregational Church                                                Gifts earmarked for
                   312 W. Main Street                                                   the building have reduced
    Enrich your Lenten season by making plans to                                        our debt from $114,500 to
attend each of these breakfast meetings. All are                                        $110,500.
welcome.                                                                                     It continues to be a
                                                                                        thrill to see God’s people
                                                                                        exercising the gift of
                        Once again we will dress the         giving.
                    chancel for Easter. You may                  When we reach the top of the thermometer on
                    sponsor one or more of the               the wall in the new entrance, we plan to have a
                    approximately 40 Easter Lilies           “Burning the Mortgage” celebration where we
                    wrapped in gold foil that will be on     praise God for His gracious provision and dedicate
                    display. The cost of each plant          this structure to His service.
is $10.00. You may pick up your plant any time after
the 10:30 worship service Easter morning. If you wish
to leave your plant, the Deacons will deliver them to
someone in our church to brighten their holiday.
Please indicate your preference below.
     Please return this form to the church office
with your check by Monday, March 29.                                      ABC Quilt Project
Check one:           in memory of            in honor of                         Presbyterian Women of the
                                                                             Church invite members and
                                                                             friends to help make quilts as a
                                                                           mission project.
                                                                                We plan to meet in the Lower
Given by:                                                                  Lounge from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
                                                                           on Wednesdays, March 3, 10, 17,
After Easter:                                                and 24. Plan to bring a can of soup to share for
                     Please take the plant to someone        lunch.
who will enjoy it.
                     I will pick up the plant.

                       Good News from First Presbyterian Church, February 26, 2010, page 2
                   PWC News                                Missions
                                                           Chair: Dean Baker - 752-0394
                      Elizabeth Circle will meet                  Terry Buzbee
                  Thursday, March 11, 2010, at 1:00               Bonnie Grimmius
                  p.m. in the Lower Lounge. The            Property
                  lesson is “Can War Be Holy?”             Chair: Orlyn Langenbau - 752-2670
                  Read Joshua 6:1-8, 28 and Joshua                Doug Bacon
                  10:16-11:23.                                    Chad Pietig
    Sarah Circle will meet Tuesday, March 16, at                  Steve Strand
9:15 a.m. in the Lower Lounge. Hostesses are
Martha Hall and Edith Rankin. Barb McBride will give       Stewardship
the devotions and Barb McBride and Anne Miller will        Chair: Steve Strand - 752-0760
present the program.                                              Dean Baker
                                                                  Terry Buzbee
    PWC will meet at 1 p.m. for a dessert meeting
                                                                  Roger Schoell
and pledge dedication on Thursday, March 4, in the
Fellowship Hall. Jean Bower will present the               Worship & Music
program on “Life Lessons Learned at Church                 Chair: Cindy Butler - 753-7947
Camp.” Devotions will be presented by Rose                        Shirley Egli
Muschick and the serving committee consists of                    Pat Smith
Marylou Beckmann, Jean Evans and Mary Lovig.                      Dick McBride
All women of the church are invited to attend.             Nominating
    PWC-CT will meet Tuesday, March 23, at 9:00            Chair: Lyn Rakowicz - 753-7226
a.m. in the Lower Lounge (note the time                           Stan Van Wyk

                                                                 Luke’s Ministry Message
                                                                        Myasthenia Gravis
                                                                Myasthenia Gravis is a chronic autoimmune
Elder Committee Assignments: 2010                          neuromuscular disease characterized by varying
                                                           degrees of weakness of the (voluntary) skeletal
     Listed are the church committees, chairpersons        muscles of the body. The name Myasthenia Gravis,
and Session members assigned to each committee.            which is Latin and Greek, literally means “grave
If you would like to serve on one or more of these         muscle,” however, most cases are not grave as the
committees, please contact the committee                   name implies. In fact, the life expectancy of the
chairperson or the church office.                          majority of individuals with Myasthenia Gravis, is not
Administration & Personnel                                 lessened by this disorder.
Chair: Carole Permar - 753-9024                                 The hallmark of Myasthenia Gravis is muscle
       Bill Moore                                          weakness that increases during periods of activity
       Lyn Rakowicz                                        and improves after periods of rest. Certain muscles
       Roger Schoell                                       such as those that control eye and eyelid movement,
       Steve Strand (Clerk)                                facial expression, chewing, talking and swallowing
                                                           are often, but not always, involved in the disorder.
Christian Education                                        The muscles that control breathing and neck and
Chair: Doug Bacon - 752-0723                               limb movements may also be affected.
       Cindy Butler                                             Myasthenia Gravis is caused by a defect in the
       Darrell Meyer                                       transmission of nerve impulses to muscle. It occurs
       Bill Moore                                          when normal communication between the nerve and
       Chad Pietig                                         the muscle is disrupted at the place where the nerve
Evangelism                                                 cells connect with the muscles they control. In this
Chair: Rollie Freel - 753-7920                             disease, antibodies block, alter or destroy the
       Michele Hala                                        receptors for acetylcholine, thus preventing the
       Orlyn Langenbau                                     muscle contraction from occurring. Thus,
                                                           Myasthenia Gravis is an autoimmune disease
Membership & Involvement                                   because the immune system which normally protects
Chair: Bonnie Grimmius - 752-7056                          the body from foreign organisms mistakenly attacks
       Michele Hala                                        itself.

                     Good News from First Presbyterian Church, February 26, 2010, page 3
    The thymus gland, which lies in the upper chest,             Niehouse Cleaners will fix any clothing requiring
can be abnormal in the case of adults with                  zippers. Our shelter guests have many coats that are
Myasthenia Gravis.                                          in need of repair.
    Myasthenia Gravis occurs in all ethnic groups and            YMCA offers daily passes, at the discretion of the
both genders. It most commonly affects young adult          HOC director, for shelter guests to use their facility.
women (under 40 years) and older men (over 60                    The city gives HOC bus tickets so our shelter
years) but it can occur at any age.                         clients can ride the bus at no cost to them. This is a
    Today, Myasthenia Gravis can be controlled.             valuable service to our clients to assist them in
There are several medicines available to help and           getting around town, especially in getting out to
improve muscle weakness. Also, a thymectomy or              Workforce Development and the Social Security
removal of the thymus can be done. With treatment,          office.
the outlook for most patients is bright. They can                JC Penny Salon has periodically given free
expect that with treatment, they can live normal or         haircuts to clients.
nearly normal lives.                                             Many businesses collect items, give monetarily,
                                                            share extra food they have from events, serve in the
                                                            kitchen, do special projects to assist HOC, and
                                                            participate in other events taking place at HOC.
        Church Women United                                      This was a bountiful year for volunteers:
    Church Women United will meet Friday, March 5,               A finance team was formed and has done an
at 9:15 a.m. at St. Henry’s Catholic Church for World       excellent job of developing and organizing
Day of Prayer. First Presbyterian Church will help          contributions.
host this meeting.                                               Many new volunteers assisted in the shelter and
                                                            in the soup kitchen.
                                                                 A buildings and grounds team has also been
        HOC At A Glance-2009                                     Beth Streeter started in April as the new assistant
                                                            to the director. She has been a tremendous asset to
   •      The shelter averaged 29 guests per month          the House of Compassion and those we serve. Her
          with each guest staying an average of 7           compassion simply overflows and her work has been
          nights.                                           most appreciated.
    • The soup kitchen averaged 1293 meals per
          month with an average of 43 people eating
          per night.
    • The supply closet saw an average of 556
          families per month receiving supplies.
                                                                       Emergency Food Box
    • In the fall the back-to-school program assisted
                                                                               The Emergency Food Box’s success
          930 students. This was an increase of 65
                                                                           or failure is determined by your help. We
          students from 2008.
                                                                           are seeing an increase in the number of
    • The adopt-a-family Christmas program                                 families needing help throughout our
          adopted out 631 individuals equaling 172          country, and especially here in Marshall County we
          families. There were less people acting as        are experiencing an increase in the number of
          adopters this year.                               families needing our help. Your offerings of food
    The major focus this year was to have the               (please note the dates on the canned items)
community better understand that HOC belongs to all         and/or cash donations are needed now more than
of us. It is many people working together to help those     ever for just this purpose.
in need.                                                        Currently, the items that we are in need of the
    As a part of this increase in public awareness,         most are macaroni and cheese, peas, rice, pork
more agreements have been made with other                   and beans, instant mashed potatoes, stewed
agencies in Marshalltown to better serve our clients. A     tomatoes and corn. These food items are not
few of these would include:                                 currently available from the Food Bank in Des
    Primary Health: a procedure has been established        Moines in the quantities that we need.
for any shelter guest needing to see a physician, and           If you would prefer to give money, you may send
an appointment is made for them to be seen in a             a check or cash at any time. Make checks payable
timely manner. Flu shots and TB tests are also              to: Emergency Food Box. Money may also be
administered at no cost.                                    placed in your offering plate or mail to: EFB, P.O.
    Primary Health Dental and HOC have developed            Box 391, Marshalltown, Iowa 50158.
a procedure so that any eligible client can receive
care with HOC guaranteeing payment.

                      Good News from First Presbyterian Church, February 26, 2010, page 4
     These funds are used to buy needed items                    I wish to thank the members of First Presbyterian
locally and to pay handling charges for items we are         Church for the flowers and prayers while I was going
able to get from the Food Bank of Iowa.                      through my heart surgery. I am doing much better
    Again, thank you for your past contributions and         daily by the grace of God. I would also like to thank
please consider the increasing need for food and/or          the Deacons for the plant at my son Troy’s passing.
contributions during these tough economic times.             Tedra and Craig are very lucky to have you all as
                                                             their church family!
          Emergency Food Box                                                                        ---Jo Wentzien
                                                             Dear Church Family,
             Yearly Report                                      Thank you for your care and concern during my
    We would like to thank you for your support of the       grandfather’s death. Your prayers, words of
Emergency Food Box program which enables us to               sympathy and cards were a great comfort.
help meet the emergency food needs of persons in                Blessings to all,                ---Sue Turbiville
Marshall County.
    Our records indicate that in 2009, 193 items
(donated food items) and $160.25 (in funds) were
received from First Presbyterian Church. This total
does not reflect any donations mailed directly to the                         ---our faithful workers at the House
Emergency Food Box by members of your                                         of Compassion during the month of
congregation. The Presbyterian Women donated                                  February: Carolyn Bell, Jan Faber,
$30.                                                                          Joe Holubar, Ed Jackson, Edith
    On behalf of all those persons who benefit from          Rankin, Karen & Roger Schoell, Bert Tice, Lynette
the generosity of First Presbyterian Church, we again        Tovar, Agnes Ward and Carolyn Wilkinson.
say, “Thank you!” We can only serve with your
                                                             ---Marlene Hall, Jim Mosher and Dick & Barb
                                                             McBride were the faithful HOC shelter monitors in
    Marilyn McKibben for the EFB Coordination Team;
Barbara Hibbs, Donna Patton, Larry Koepnick, Shirley
            Bowman, Jan Moore and Dean Chambers

                                                                                       We have been looking
                    What a week we had for my                                     forward to March because it
               birthday! Snow, snow as always.                                    comes with the hope of a change
               Thank you to the PWC for the bouquet                               in the weather. Winter’s grip will
               of balloons and its gondola. It is still on                        be slowly pried loose and spring
               the round table and flying high. Thank                             will begin to emerge. We have
               you for all the cards and the phone                                desired to see this change come
calls! Then a party on Thursday with Joyce, Meg and                               and rejoice when it appears.
Barb was a lot of fun plus delicious food! Our sons              In the church, we long to see change happen as
came on Friday morning to finish the week. Our Lord          well. We desire to see lives changed through the
has been so great to lead us to a church where               power of Jesus Christ. Dr. Stan Ott describes seven
people are so warm, loving and thoughtful following          “Vital Signs” that mark a church that God is moving
the way of our Lord. I thank you all for bringing so         through to change lives.
much love to our home.                                           To be “Spirit Driven” is the first vital sign. All
                                          ---Mavis Gray      ministry and spiritual growth is the work of the Holy
                                                             Spirit. The church must follow the Spirit if it is going
     We would like to thank our church family for all        to be an instrument of God that transformes lives.
the prayers, cards and support for our most trying               Secondly, a church needs to be “Biblically
recent history of Tedra’s mother and the passing of          Based.” The Bible is God’s message book to us and
Tedra’s brother, Troy. We appreciate the heartfelt           contains God’s truth. It is also a method book from
sympathy sent in every card, and the plant from the          which we can glean principles and patterns for doing
Deacons. We are truly blessed to have a loving               ministry.
church with the support you show in each and every               “Discipleship Directed” is the third Vital Sign.
hardship we have faced and know that it is God’s love        Christ commanded His disciples to make more
standing with us, as well as all of you!                     disciples. The purpose of the church is to make
     Thank you very much!                                    disciples.
   --- Tedra, Craig, Dalton, Marcus, & Malory Henze              If a church is going to be used by God to change
                                                             lives, then it must respond to the needs of the people

                       Good News from First Presbyterian Church, February 26, 2010, page 5
within it and outside it. Being “Need Responsive” is         well. In 1 Kings 2: 1-3 he gave his son Solomon
the next vital sign. The programming of the church           some words of advice that we would all do well to
must be designed and evaluated according to the              take to heart. When the time drew near for David to
needs that are trying to be addressed.                       die, he gave a charge to Solomon his son. "I am
     The church is a body. This body exits in two            about to go the way of all the earth," he said. "So be
forms. It exists when we are gathered together for           strong, show yourself a man, and observe what the
worship, study and fellowship, and it exists as we are       LORD your God requires: Walk in His ways, and
scattered to our homes, schools and work. Too often,         keep His decrees and commands, His laws and
we think that Sunday morning is the totality of our          requirements, as written in the Law of Moses, so that
religious lives, but it is only meant to encourage and       you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go.”
equip us to do the work of the Kingdom. We gather so               Being prosperous in everything. Looking back on
that we might be able to fulfill the mission of God as       a life without regrets. What a way to go. But how do
we scatter. The fifth vital sign is to be “Gathered-         I condition myself to do what does not come natural?
Scattered Attentive.”                                              Last Friday, we had an experience that helped a
     A church that is biblically based will draw from        little. Tom and Jean Bower asked us if we would be
scripture key truths that will inform how they do            interested in accompanying them to Ames to attend a
ministry. The sixth vital sign is to be “Principle-          lecture by the noted philosopher, Peter Kreeft, in the
Patterned.” Stan Ott says, “A biblical principle is a        Stephens Auditorium on the Iowa State campus.
defining practice that offers us a pattern or a guide for    Marylou was thrilled because she and Peter had
living and for ministry as described in Scripture.”          grown up in the same 6th Reformed Church in
     A church that helps God change lives is a church        Paterson, NJ.
that is active. We are busy practicing our faith just like         As we drove over to Ames with the Butlers and
the church described in the book of Acts. The book of        the Bowers, we read from some of Peter’s writings.
Acts chronicles the work of the Holy Spirit and the          It was with keen interest that Marylou read the
church following Jesus’ ascension. It tells the story of     following:
the actions of the Apostles. But the church is not                          There is Only "One Thing Necessary."
called to be busy for busyness sake. It is to be                        When I was about six or seven, I think. I made
“Reflectively Practiced.” Christian activity is always               the first important conscious discovery of my
under the guidance and authority of the Holy Spirit                  life, and I don't think I have ever had a more
and Scripture and must be continually bathed in                      mature or wiser thought than that one. I
prayer.                                                              remember to this day exactly where I was when
     These seven vital signs help us understand how                  it hit me: riding north on Haledon Avenue
our church can be a dynamic source for change in the                 between Sixth and Seventh Streets in Paterson,
live of individuals in our community. We are called to               New Jersey after Sunday morning church with
the mission of Jesus Christ. This mission is more than               my parents. Isn't it remarkable how we
our personal blessing. It is the power of God moving                 remember exactly where we were when great
in us and through us to change our lives, our church,                events happen that change our lives?
our community and our world.                                                 I had learned some things about God and
     In His Service together,                                          Jesus, about heaven, and about good and evil
                                                                       in church and Sunday school. Like most
                                                 Rich                  children at that age, I was a bit confused and
                                                                       overwhelmed by it all, especially by what this
                                                                       Great Being called God expected of me. I felt a
         Final Words of Advice                                         little insecure, I guess, about not knowing and
                                                                       a little guilty about not doing everything that I
                                  With the death of two                was supposed to be doing. Then all of a
                              of my Fisher friends this                sudden the sun shone through the fog. I saw
                              past week, I am struck                   the one thing necessary that made sense and
                              once again with the                      order out of everything else.
                              brevity of life. The plans                     I checked out my insight with my father, my
                              we make for life are often               most reliable authority. He was an Elder in the
                              interrupted by a divine                  church and (much more important) a good and
                              plan that is different from              wise man. "Dad, everything they teach us in
our own. But, that is as it should be, for our Lord says               church and Sunday school, all the stuff we're
in Isaiah 55:8 “For My thoughts are not your                           supposed to learn from the Bible—it all comes
thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares                     down to only one thing, doesn't it? I mean, if
the LORD. The difference is how we handle the                          we only remember the one most important
change of plans.                                                       thing all the time, then all the other things will
     King David is an example of one who handled it                    be O.K., right?"
                       Good News from First Presbyterian Church, February 26, 2010, page 6
            He was rightly skeptical. "What one thing?            Communion—156 on January 3, and 179 on
       There are a lot of things that are important."             February 7. No home Communion was taken.
            "I mean, I should just always ask what God            Rollie Freel reported that the Evangelism
       wants me to do and then do it. That's all, isn't      Committee will pay the $500 fee for each core church
       it?"                                                  to have the “Power Team” come to Marshalltown for
            Wise men know when they've lost an               an evangelistic week with the youth. First
       argument. "You know, I think you're right, son.       Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church, E-Free
       That's it."                                           Church, New Hope Christian Church, Center Street
            I had perceived—via God's grace, not my          Baptist Church and First United Methodist Church
       own wit, surely—that since God is love, we            will be the core churches sponsoring this group. A
       must therefore love God and love whatever             free will offering will also be taken each evening they
       God loves. I now knew that if we turn to the          meet with the community and youth.
       Divine Conductor and follow His wise and                   Doug Bacon reported for Christian Education
       loving baton—which is His will, His Word—then         Committee that attendance at “The Gathering” is
       the music of our life will be a symphony.             dwindling so the committee is taking a different
     Good advice to be sure. Especially when you sat         direction for that time as preparation for Sunday
in the very same Sunday school, heard the same               school. The curriculum for Vacation Bible School will
teacher and can picture the very street where God            soon be picked and the date will be scheduled.
spoke to one of His own who now shared these words                Carole Permar reported that the A & P Committee
of advice with over a thousand students on the Iowa          discussed confidential church issues and doing a
State campus on a snowy night in February. We                financial review.
would all do well to heed them.                                   Bonnie Grimmius reported that the M & I
                                                             Committee discussed having Jon Rottink and the 641
                                               Dave          Project Band do a community concert in the near
                                                             future. A free-will offering would be taken.
                                                                  Orlyn Langenbau reported for the Property
                                                             Committee that a new hot water heater has been
                                                             installed. It is smaller than the old boiler, so it won’t
 FEBRUARY SESSION ACTIONS                                    need a state inspection each year. A mixing valve is
                                                             causing noise in the water pipes. The church will get
     The Stated Meeting of Session of First                  a $250 rebate from the new Lennox furnace that was
Presbyterian Church, Marshalltown, met in the Lower          installed in the NW furnace room. Orlyn met with
Lounge at 7:03 p.m. on Tuesday, February 16, 2010.           Kapaun and Brown representatives regarding the
     Moderator Rich King opened the meeting and led          age of the furnaces in the Lower Lounge area that
the devotions and prayer.                                    heats the Sanctuary and found they were built in
     Motion prevailed to approve the amended                 1984. In order to conserve heat, we need to repair
January 19, Stated Session meeting minutes noting            several of the church windows.
that in Jon Rottink’s report, it should read that Jon and         Motion prevailed to approve Steve Strand as
the youth hosted the Chili Cook-off and Pie Contest.         the Session Clerk for 2010. Duties of the Clerk were
     Motion prevailed to remove Esther Slate from            explained.
the records due to her death 2-12-2010.                           Meeting was adjourned and closed with group
     The financial reports were unavailable as Matt          prayer.
Broshar was sick.
     Dave Beckmann reported for Missions that Dan
and Carol Chou Adams will be retiring from the
missionary field this June, and we are hoping to have
them come for a BBQ and speak at First Presbyterian            Newsletter deadline with April
Church. After they retire, First Presbyterian Church
will then sponsor Jay and Nancy Adams, missionaries              information is SUNDAY,
in Germany and Dan & Elizabeth Turk, missionaries
in Madagascar, Africa.
                                                                     March 21, 2010.
     Cindy Butler reported for W & M that the
sanctuary would be open all day on Ash Wednesday
for people to come in to pray and meditate. The One
Great Hour of Sharing offering will be taken on Palm
and Easter Sundays and announcements will be
made for this during the services. Easter Lilies will be
ordered for Easter Sunday. There will be a soup pot-
luck on Maundy Thursday along with Communion.

                       Good News from First Presbyterian Church, February 26, 2010, page 7
March 5—World Day of Prayer
March 7—Third Sunday of Lent
March 7—Girl Scout Sunday
March 14—Fourth Sunday of Lent
March 14—Daylight Saving Time Begins
March 14—Deacons Meet
March 16—SESSION
March 20—First Day of Spring
March 21—Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 28—Passion/Palm Sunday
March 28-April 3—Holy Week

 Members in mission making a difference.
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                      Good News from First Presbyterian Church, February 26, 2010, page 8

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