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									10A                                                                                                                                                    Wednesday, September 21, 2011 • The Berkeley Independent

BLUE                                Anderson sustained internal
                                    injuries while tackling a
                                                                        erating his abdomen,” Brittle
                                                                        said. “On Saturday afternoon,
                                                                                                              ents, David Jr. and Beulah, and
                                                                                                              contains a photo of Anderson
                                                                                                                                                   WINNINGHAM INS AGENCY
                                                                                                                                                   FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED SINCE 1998
from page 1A                        Macedonia player during a           by the time doctors convinced         wearing his jersey and helmet.
                                    game on Sept. 15, 1950,”            the family to operate,                  After 61 years the porcelain
name that comes to mind is          Brittle said.                       Anderson was delirious from           oval containing Anderson’s           AUTO • HOMEOWNERS • RECREATIONAL
David Anderson.                       Back then, Brittle continued,     the infection.”                       picture remains in remarkable        COMMERCIAL • SR-22 • NON-OWNERS • BONDS
  Anderson died on Sept. 17,        metal cleats were legal on            According         to     legend     condition.
1950, less than a month shy of      football shoes.                     Anderson was calling signals            “I have visited his gravesite      1672 N. MAIN ST Suite 2
his 18th birthday, from injuries      “Anderson believed his            as he was being rolled into the       many times over the years,”          SUMMERVILLE, SC 29483
sustained in a football game        injury was minor and refused        operating room.                       Brittle said. “Sometimes I take      Sangaree Area - Next to Tractor Supply
against Macedonia High              to leave his teammates on the         “David Anderson died early          others just to pass on the David
School. The 61st anniversary        field, and remained on the          Sunday morning on the oper-           Anderson legend, but usually I       1-843-873-9202
of Anderson’s death passed          sidelines for the remainder of      ating table,” Brittle said.           go alone just to remind myself       1-843-873-9256 FAX
Saturday, unnoticed by the          the game,” Brittle said.              In his research Brittle discov-     of what Berkeley football is all
dozens of cars driving past           It was a game the Stags won,      ered Anderson was a three-            about.                               Earnest Winningham
Biggin Cemetery just outside        50-7.                               sport star at Berkeley, lettering       “I remember the pride, the
Moncks Corner on Highway              Later that Friday night,          in football, basketball and           loyalty, and the love of my fel-
                                                                                                                                                   Wendy Lucarelli
402.                                Brittle said, Anderson became       baseball.                             low teammates. But mainly I          Babette Pickles                                                     SJ07-595549
  Anderson was a junior quar-       seriously ill and was taken to        “David was a star student           remember the tradition that
terback and defensive back on       the hospital.                       and was very active in school         was passed on to future gener-
the 1950 edition of the Stags         “David Anderson had con-          activities,” Brittle said.            ations by players like David
football team.                      tracted peritonitis due to infec-     Anderson’s tombstone is sit-        Anderson who truly bled
  “According to legend,             tion from the metal cleats lac-     uated beside those of his par-        Berkeley Blue.”

                                    help with fundraising and           always evident, and his gen-            Founded as the Charleston
DONATIONS                           awareness.
                                      The Umphlett family present-
                                                                        erosity of spirit was admired         Orphan House in 1790, CYDC
from page 1A                                                            and respected by all.                 manages nine programs dedi-
                                    ed the $17,235 check to repre-        “I am deeply grateful that this
neglect.                                                                                                      cated to housing and supporting
                                    sentatives of Callen-Lacey and      contribution allows us to con-
  The center also received a        Children’s Youth Development                                              the victims of child abuse and
$17,000 donation from the fam-                                          tinue his legacy of service.”         improving life opportunities for
                                    Center at a recent meeting of the     Opened at its Moncks Corner
ily of late Rep. David Umphlett     advisory council.                                                         at-risk youth in Berkeley,
Jr. Umphlett, along with his                                            location in 1998, the Callen-
                                      CYDC Chief Executive                                                    Charleston and Dorchester
family, had been a longtime         Officer Barbara Kelley Duncan       Lacey Center for Children was
                                                                        developed in response to a criti-     counties. CYDC serves over
supporter of the center with his    thanked the Umphlett family
                                                                        cal need identified by a 1992         600 children annually.
daughter, Karen Umphlett,           for the generous donation.
serving as a member of Callen-                                          Trident United Way Needs                For more information or to
                                    “Rep. Umphlett was such an
Lacey’s Advisory Council, a         integral part of the Callen-        Assessment which defined              learn about volunteer opportu-
committee of business and           Lacey family,” Duncan said.         “children in crisis” as a top pri-    nities, visit www.cydc.org, or
community supporters who            “His love for our children was      ority.                                call (843) 761-5360, ext. 5.

                                    before they graduate or reach       ments over more or less               education system better.
GUEST                               19 years of age. Yes, this is
                                    controversial. But driving is a
                                                                        money. More isn’t better, less
                                                                        isn’t better…better is better.
from page 9A                                                                                                    Phil Noble is a businessman
                                    privilege, not a right, and           These four ideas will not
state the first to provide every                                                                              from Charleston and he cur-
                                    demanding that minors show          solve all our education prob-
child with a digital learning       proof of school attendance in                                             rently serves as President of
                                                                        lems, but it’s a start. They
tool, such as a laptop, iPad, or    exchange for this privilege is      could easily be implemented in        the South Carolina New
Kindle. We raised over $1mil-       not unreasonable. A bill to         January of next year when the         Democrats, an independent
lion from private sources, and      establish this simple, sensible     Legislature returns and they          reform group started by former
there are now almost 3,000 of       standard is currently before the    will make South Carolina’s            Gov. Richard Riley.
these devices in 15 pilot proj-     state legislature, and they
ects across South Carolina.
And the results have been both
                                    should pass it without further
                                    delay.                                 WILL PAY UP TO
amazing and cost effective – so       One of the nation’s most dis-
cost effective, in fact, that we
can now provide a digital
device for every student for
                                    tinguished public servants, for-
                                    mer Mississippi Governor
                                    William Winter, once famously
                                                                         700 $$$$ FOR
less than 2% of our current per
pupil spending. It’s time for the
                                    noted “the road to prosperity
                                    runs by the schoolhouse door.”
                                                                          UNWANTED VEHICLES

                                                                         843 636-2040
Governor and the legislature to     If our state is ever going to

step up and finish that job.        walk that road, South
  Revoke the driver’s license of    Carolina’s politicians must set
students that drop out of school    aside their simplistic argu-                                                                  SJ04-607255
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                             Lay the groundwork for good health early on
         By the time you hit your 40s, there’s so                                                                                                                  age 43, has some personal insight. After
  much in life to distract you, whether it’s                                                                     “People should start having an                    gaining an extra 30-40 pounds in the years
  work, kids or just keeping up at home. But                                                                                                                       after he married, he has gotten back on track
  this is no time to let your health slide. In fact,
                                                                                                                annual physical exam by the time                   and now does an annual half marathon with
  it's a pivotal period when you need to pre-                                                                          they reach 35 and                           his wife.“You can press yourself and make
  pare for the challenges of getting older.                                                                        sometimes as early as 30.”                      achievable gains,” says Dr. Smith, who
         Ideally, you started to lay the ground-                                                                                                                   encourages patients to set realistic goals so
  work for good health in your earlier decades                                                                             Dr. Mike Smith                          they don’t get discouraged. “You can get
  by eating right, exercising regularly and                                                                             Trident Health System                      back in shape. You can go that extra mile.”
  developing a relationship with an internist                                                                                                                      For answers to your health questions or a
  or other primary care physician. Mike Smith,                                                                                                                     free physician referral, call 843-797-3463.
  MD, of Low Country Internal Medicine in                                                                           At age 40, all women are recommend-
  North Charleston, says that while recom-                                                                    ed to have routine mammograms to check
  mendations vary, he encourages his patients                                                                 for breast cancer every one to two years,
  to start having an annual physical exam by                                                                  while men should start having prostate can-              Brought to you by:
  the time they reach 35 and sometimes as                                                                     cer screenings between age 40 to 50,
  early as 30.                                                                                                depending on risk factors. Routine colono-
         Regular exams allow your primary care                                                                scopies should start for everyone at age 50,
  provider to keep tabs on your blood pres-             and while patients may not pick up on them,           or earlier for those at risk.                                    For more information visit us online!
  sure, cholesterol and warning signs of dia-           symptoms such as fatigue and slow reflexes                  Meanwhile, primary care physicians                           www.berkeleyind.com/health

  betes. Your doctor also will be on the lookout        are easily spotted during an exam, says Dr.           can help guide their patients toward reach-
  for mood disorders such as depression and             Smith. Further, women may find that tem-              ing a healthy weight, a goal that many strug-
  anxiety, which often can be treated with              porary issues they dealt with during preg-            gle with through middle age, but one that
  medicine.                                             nancy, such as gestational diabetes or heart          can impact health in many ways down the
         Forty-something men and especially             conditions, resurface as they approach and            road.
  women are at risk of hypothyroid disorders,           undergo menopause.                                          It’s an issue into which Dr. Smith, at

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                                                                                                   ✔ A business owner and President of Cooper River Construction Co. for 25 years
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