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                                                                          15 December 2010
                          News Letter – December 2010
It is hard to believe the year is at its completion. The much awaited 2010 has now passed!
And what a fast paced year it proved to be. Apart from the much anticipated soccer world cup that
came and went in the blink of an eye, the months just seemed to speed by.

At head office we certainly also had our share as the year was certainly one for franchise resale’s and
also quite a bit of necessary ‘cleaning up’, all be it disappointing to part company with some.
Nevertheless, It is time to look forward to new numerals – 2 0 1 1!
And on behalf of everyone here at head office say:
    Thank you to all for your contribution the past year – 2010!

                                          In The News:
       Awards Evening 2010 - May I also take the time to thank everyone for their fine contribution
        at the recent National workshop and Awards evening at Monte Casino, Gauteng!
        Gathering from the response so far, it seems indicative that everyone found the day to be
        informative and the evening enjoyable.
        I have also managed to place a few of the photos on the News section on the webpage.
        Again well done to all the achievers!

        Special congratulations to Hennie De Lange and his team for their consistent effort this year.
        The Pretoria franchise certainly showed that it can improve in all areas of their business.
        Well done as Franchise of the year 2010!

        We look forward to Cape Town next year and may I thank Henry Kásner from the Boland
        franchise for volunteering to oversee the National event in Cape Town in November 2011.
        I am sure Henry will show us true Cape Town hospitality!

       It seems that hardly did Jason achieve 57 repairs as the best day in 2010, or Charmaine Janse
        van Rensburg from our Newcastle franchise wanted to prove that ‘the bar can still be moved a
        bit higher…’ She has already achieved a phenomenal best day so far for the 2011 year…
        60+ repairs in one day! And yes! She did start very early in the morning! Well done!
           – Jason’s response? – ‘The challenge is definitely on!’

       May we also officially welcome the following new franchisees:
        1. Marvin Muller as the franchise holder for STARBREAK Fourways, Gauteng.
        2. Chris Coetzee that recently started in the STARBREAK Durban / Pinetown Franchise.
        3. Vinesh and Angelique Naidoo in STARBREAK Durban North.
        We wish them all success!
                                            Other News:
        The Starbreak webpage is just about fully operational. You may have noticed the ‘News’
        Section that will from time to time have updates with regard to new franchisees that were
        opened, and other highlights so as to educate the public with regard to the benefits of
        windscreen repairs. Many of you have also sent in editorials from reputable companies that
        endorse windscreen repairs - please continue.

        The other section in the franchisee log in section with regard to the Bulletin & Sales will
        hence be fully operational.
        You will also notice that this news letter will be placed on there under: ‘News Letters’
        The McCarty national sales contacts have also been placed under the ‘Sales & Marketing’
        section. Please feel free to regularly browse in these areas.

        As discussed at the national workshop, we will be posting all sales & marketing information
        in these sections. Please co-ordinate in your own areas with regard to these national clients.
        This also is an avenue for you to please send to me any existing and new clients that can have
        national potential for our franchise network. I remember Hennie de Lange from Pretoria
        franchise mentioning ADT. Ken Myburgh from Cape Town City also mentioned a national
        fleet that we could become national vendors. Thank you for these positive contributions.

        Please send me any sales leads that you may feel that can benefit your fellow franchisees in
        their area and then keep monitoring the Sales & Marketing section for new leads that become
        available. I would also like to re-iterate that these franchisee log in sections are confidential
        and should be co-ordinated by the franchisee and not simply given to sales staff to handle.
        As to the updated passwords, please contact me personally for them.

                                          In Conclusion:

Head office will be taking a short break-
From the 17th December 2010 and will be open for business from the 4th January 2011.

It is anticipated to start the year 2011 full steam and all systems firing!
    One of the key items on the agenda for 2011 is to conform to the new legislation with regard to the
consumers act with regard to confidentiality. We met with McCarthy head office early in December in
Durban and they have responded positively with regard to our National agreement and many of these
issues will be addressed with the Divisional H.O.D’s within the first quarter next year. This will then
filter down to the dealers that do not clearly understand where we fit in. McCarthy Head Office has
agreed that we should attach our call centre format (please use the one from Head office, whereby we
can say: ‘On behalf of McCarthy’) More on this in the new year…

I am confident that the new beginnings in January 2011 will be to the benefit of Starbreak as a whole
and continue to also thank Dianne and her team at Starbreak Head Office for their outstanding service
this year! I am positive it will go from strength to strength!

May I then ask that you all please be safe and sound this festive season!

Yours Sincerely

Leon Vrey
STARBREAK South Africa