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    a film by Thomas Lauterbach
           Germany 2008
     58 / 78 min, Digi Beta Pal

INDI FILM in co-production with SWR

           World Sales:
        Deckert Distribution
           Marienplatz 1
      04103 Leipzig, Germany

    Phone: +49. 341. 215 66 38
      Fax: +49. 341. 215 66 39
a film by Thomas Lauterbach

Original title:               Hochburg der Sünden
Country of production:        Germany
Year of production:           2008
Length:                       58 / 78 min
Shooting format:              HDV
Screening format:             Digi Beta (16:9 anamorph, stereo, Pal)
Language:                     German, Turkish
Subtitles:                    English
Color:                        color
Production:                   INDI FILM in co-production with SWR

Synopsis:                     Aysel is a religious Muslim who for many years has led a sheltered life
                              as a housewife and mother in the provincial south of Germany. When
                              she learns that the state theatre in Stuttgart is looking for non-
                              professional actresses for the tragedy "Medea", she see it an
                              opportunity to escape from her tedious everyday existence – and so
                              she auditions for a part. What initially sounds like a little bit of change
                              in Aysel's life soon proves to be a hard challenge to her view of the
                              world. The director Volker Lösch wants to use the boundless freedom
                              offered by theatre to penetrate the at times highly secretive world of
                              Muslim women. As the stage adaptation develops, Aysel finds herself
                              confronted by the tragic stories of life endured by other Muslim
                              women, existences that up to now she only knows through hearsay.
                              And as the only woman in the production wearing the Muslim
                              headscarf, she is obliged to defend her values and lifestyle to other
                              more modern Turkish women involved. Torn between her desire for
                              freedom and her own traditions, Aysel gets entangled in a conflict with
                              her beliefs and is forced to question her life to date. Aysel begins to
                              struggle with the clichés, with the "immorality" in the theatre – and
                              ultimately with her very self.

Director’s statement:         For a long time I have considered at which point in my life I was
                              moved by the Turkish women’s culture and I have to admit that other
                              than a handful of clichés, I couldnt think of anything. But what
                              stimulated me from the start was the clash of two very different worlds
                              and that is the exact friction I wanted to set the film on.

with:                          Aysel Kilic , Annabella Akcal, Hülya Özkaner, Selda Vogelsang,
                               Volker Lösch, Beate Seidel, Suzan Ögünc, Fatma Gülcan Genc, Leyla
                               Ibaoglu, Ruhsar Aydogan, Yasmin Sen, Bernd Freytag, Lale Asasi,
                               Aynur Sahin, Nuray Kahraman, Senay Yilamz, Sebnem Maier,Tülay
                               Deniz, Jessica Foitzik, Serap Yadigar
                               In a staging of the drama MEDEA by Euripides, translated by Peter
                               Krumme, at the Staatstheater Stuttgart.

Author and Director:           Thomas Lauterbach
DoP:                           Gunther Merz
Sound:                         Thomas Lauterbach
Editor:                        Dominique Geisler
Commissioning Editor:          Gudrun Hanke- El Ghomri (SWR)
Producer:                      Arek Gielnik
World Sales:                   Deckert Distribution

Biography Thomas Lauterbach

Born in Wetzlar/ Germany in 1976.

After a traineeship as digital media designer, Thomas Lauterbach studied at the Filmakademie Baden-
Württemberg for director in documentary film from 2002 – 2007.

Filmography Thomas Lauterbach

2008           Hochburg der Sünden, documentary, 58 / 79 min

                Dirty Princess, documentary, 72 min

2005            Auf der Lauer, experimental documentary, 12 min
               Haufen, experimental documentary, 4 min

2004           2 durch dick und dünn, portrait, 26 min
               Encore, animation, 4 min

2002           Oy – Zuckerrohr, documentary, 10 min
Festivals and Awards:   DOK Leipzig 2008 (Golden Dove German Competition)
                        Kassel Documentary and Video Festival 2008
                        FilmZ – Festival of German Cinema Mainz
                        Filmschau Baden-Württemberg (Prize of Baden-Württembergische
                        Basel-Karlsruhe Forum 2009 (Prix SRG SSR idée suisse 2009)
                        Visions du Réel Nyon 2009
                        Hot Docs Toronto 2009
                        FilmKunstFest Schwerin 2009
                        Prix Europa Berlin 2009
                        Astra Film Festival Sibiu 2009
                        Festival of German Cinema London and Dublin 2009
                        WATCH DOCS Human Rights in Film Festival Warsaw 2009
                        DOX BOX IDF Damascus 2010
                        Turkish-German FF Nuremberg 2010
                        DocuDays HRFF Kyiv 2010

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