Accidental Death _amp; Dismemberment Protection

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					Accidental Death &
Dismemberment Protection
There’s a need for Accidental Death & Dismemberment Protection!

           L       OOK AT THESE FACTS…
                     National Safety Council’s “2002 Injury
           Facts” makes it clear…

             I   Accidents are the fifth leading cause of death
                 for people of all ages.

             I   Accidents are the leading cause of death for
                 individuals age 1 to 34.

             I   An accidental injury occurs every two seconds;
                 an accidental death every six minutes.

             I   Over $500 billion is spent on accidental
                 injuries each year. These are costs every
                 individual and household pays whether
                 directly, out of pocket, or through higher prices
                 for goods and services.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Protection

                   Accidental Death & Dismemberment Protection offers coverage
                   that protects the Member and his or her family against devastating
                   losses which occur when death or disability strikes as a result of
                   an accident. CIGNA’s Plan offers coverage for:
                     I   Death

                     I   Living benefits for Dismemberment, Coma, Paralysis,
                         Loss of Limbs, Loss of Eyesight, Loss of Speech
                         and Loss of Hearing.

                     I   Family, Medical, Travel, Occupational, Recreational
                         and Military Risks.

 Who’s Eligible:                                      Plan Options:
  I   Members (up to age 70);                          I   Plan benefits up to $250,000 or more.

  I   Spouses (up to age 70);                          I   Once a Member is covered, it’s easy to
                                                           enroll the Member’s Spouse and
  I   Dependent Children (up to age 19 or                  Dependent Children.
      up to age 25, if a full-time student)
                                                      The Sponsoring Organization has the
                                                      choice of offering its Members any
                                                      number of plans:
                                                       I   24 hour Accident or AD&D Plan.

                                                       I   Over 30 Optional Coverages that were
                                                           designed to further enhance and
                                                           personalize any AD&D Plan Design.

                                                              I   Stand Alone Options that can be sold
                                                                     independently, without having to
                                                                      include a 24 hour, AD&D Plan, or
                                                                       used to further add value to an
                                                                      existing AD&D Plan Design.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Protection

 Here is our list of optional features           Ambulance
 that can be added to a Basic                    Provides a benefit for required
 AD&D Plan Design:                               ambulance service.

 Family Options                                  Brain Damage
                                                 Provides a benefit if brain damage is suffered as
 Bereavement and Trauma Counseling
                                                 a result of an injury.
 Provides a benefit for bereavement and trauma
 counseling to help surviving family members     Diagnostic X-Ray & Laboratory
 cope with a loss.
                                                 Provides a benefit for required diagnostic X-Ray
                                                 and laboratory examinations.
 Childcare Center
 Provides a benefit for Childcare Expenses.      Emergency Room
                                                 Provides a benefit for Emergency Room
 Child Survivor
 Provides a lump sum benefit when a child
 reaches the age of majority.                    Home Alteration & Vehicle Modification
                                                 Provides a benefit for Home Alteration and/or
 Increased Dependent Child Dismemberment
                                                 Vehicle Modification to maintain a Surviving
 Provides a benefit for continuing medical,      Insured’s independent lifestyle.
 rehabilitation and educational expenses
 for a Dependent Child.                          Hospital Stay
                                                 Provides a benefit for an Inpatient
 Spouse Survivor
                                                 hospital stay.
 Provides a monthly benefit to a Member’s
 surviving Spouse.                               Outpatient Surgery
                                                 Provides a benefit for Outpatient Surgery.
 Spouse Retraining
 Provides a benefit to reimburse a Spouse for    Physical Therapy
 educational training for employment.
                                                 Provides a benefit when Outpatient Physical
                                                 Therapy is needed to treat an accidental injury.
 Special Education
 Provides an educational expense benefit for     Rehabilitation
 Dependent Children.
                                                 Provides a benefit for Rehabilitative Services
                                                 that will help prepare an Insured to return to
 Elder Survivor
                                                 his/her occupation.
 Provides a Lump Sum, Monthly or Lump
 Sum and Monthly benefit to Surviving            Total Disability Weekly Benefit
 Elderly Dependents.
                                                 Provides a Weekly Benefit, for up to 26 weeks,
                                                 for an Insured’s Total Disability.
 Medical Options
 Accidental Burn Disfigurement                   Waiver of Premium
 Provides a benefit for reconstructive or        Provides a benefit that waives premiums and
 cosmetic surgery.                               continues coverage for Insured Members who
                                                 become totally disabled.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Protection

 Travel Options                                      Recreational Options
 Business Travel                                     Hunting
 Provides a benefit while traveling for business     Provides a benefit if the Insured was
 purposes.                                           participating in the Sport of Hunting.

 Carjacking                                          Military Options
 Provides a benefit while driving, getting into or
                                                     Armed Forces
 out of or riding as a passenger in a vehicle that
 is carjacked.                                       Provides a benefit while an Insured is on active
                                                     duty in the Armed Forces
 Common Accident
                                                     National Guard & Armed Forces Reserve
 Provides a double benefit to surviving
 Dependent Children if both Insured Parents die      Provides a benefit while the Insured is serving
 in the same accident.                               as a Member of the U.S. Military Reserve or
                                                     National Guard.
 Hijacking & Air Piracy
                                                     War Risk
 Provides a benefit for hijacking, air piracy, or
                                                     Provides a benefit due to war or an act of war.
 unlawful seizure or attempted seizure of an

 Repatriation                                        OTHER OPTIONS
 Provides a benefit for expenses incurred for the
                                                     Association Members
 return of remains to an Insured’s country.
                                                     Provides a benefit while attending or
 Seatbealt/Airbag                                    participating in events sponsored by a
                                                     Sponsoring Organization or while traveling to
 Provides a benefit when use of a seatbelt           or from such event.
 and/or deployment of an airbag fail to prevent
                                                     Burial & Cremation

 Occupational Options                                Provides a benefit for burial or cremation
 Bulletproof Vest
 Provides a benefit when, in the line of duty,       Escalator
 an Insured suffers a fatality from a bullet’s       Provides a benefit that allows for the Principal
 penetration through a bulletproof vest.             Sums of the covered Member and Spouse to be
                                                     automatically increased each year to help add
 HIV Occupational Accident                           more value to future benefits.
 Provides a benefit when the performance of
 Occupational Duties results in an Insured           Exposure & Disappearance
 acquiring and testing positive for Human            Provides a benefit when loss of life is presumed
 Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) antibodies.            because of unavoidable exposure to the
                                                     elements or an Insured is not found, within
                                                     one year of the date of his/her disappearance.

                                                     Felonious Assault and Violent Crime
                                                     Provides a benefit if an Insured is a victim of a
                                                     violent crime or felonious assault.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Protection

 Here is our list of optional features, for a Stand Alone Plan,
 that can be sold independently of a 24 hour AD&D Plan Design

 Bonus                                                   Scheduled Air Travel
 Provides a benefit for 24 hour AD&D coverage            Provides a benefit when riding as a passenger
 or limited coverage for Travel AD&D.                    in, or getting on or off a commercial airline
                                                         on any scheduled or chartered flight.
 Common Carrier
 Provides a benefit while riding, getting into           Law Enforcement Officers
 or out of the common carrier, as a fare paying          Provides a benefit for a loss suffered in the
 passenger in or being struck by a common                line of duty.
 carrier such as an aircraft.
                                                         Permanent Total Disability
 Private Passenger                                       Provides a benefit when an Insured suffers
 Provides a benefit when driving, riding as              Permanent Total Disability and remains
 a passenger in, or getting in or out of a               totally disabled with injuries that are
 Private Vehicle.                                        considered permanent.

   CIGNA offers an exclusive Beneficiary Program, CIGNAssurance ®, that capitalizes on our
   broad capabilities and expertise in Member Benefits that’s automatically included, free of
   charge, when this plan is sold to a Sponsoring Organization. CIGNAssurance® is offered
   to all Accidental Death beneficiaries with claims over $5,000:

    CIGNAssurance                   SM

     I   Access to a Free Interest Bearing Account with Draft Privileges.
     I   Free, Confidential Bereavement Counseling, by phone, with
         Grief Counselors, included 24 hours/7 days a week.
     I   Free, Face-to-Face, Counseling Sessions with Trained,
         Professional Behavioral Health Experts.
     I   Free Legal Assistance, by phone, from Licensed,
         Practicing Attorneys.
     I   Free Planning Guidebook Helps Beneficiaries Navigate
         Through Legal and Financial Responsibilities.
     I   Free Financial Assistance, by phone, from Experienced
         Financial Professionals.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Protection

   When it comes to paying claims, we share a common interest: to be fair, to be prompt
   and to be accountable for our decisions! Claims are processed with a sense of urgency,
   integrity and objectivity. CIGNA prides itself on treating customers and claimants as
   we would want to be treated.
   Claims processing with a sense of urgency, integrity and objectivity:
   ~ Our goal is to process 100% of your Client’s claims within 10 days of receipt.
   ~ We are committed to minimizing delays with accurate and high quality reviews of all
     submitted claims.
   ~ Your Clients will have direct access to our Benefit Analysts and Technical Specialists.
   Extended Customer Service:
   ~ We welcome the opportunity to arrange for Office Visitations from
     potential Clients.

                              This information is intended to be a brief overview of the benefits available under this Plan. It does not provide costs,
                              limitations, exclusions and terms under which the coverage may be kept in force. The Plan is subject to state filing and
                              approval, and may vary slightly, or not be available by jurisdiction in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
                              CIGNA Group Insurance products and services are provided exclusively by underwriting subsidiaries of CIGNA Corporation,
                              including Life Insurance Company of North America, CIGNA Life Insurance Company of New York, and Connecticut
                              General Life Insurance Company. “CIGNA” is used to refer to these subsidiaries and is a registered service mark. This
                              program may not be available in all states.

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