New Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic by stariya


									          New Rapid Access/Chest Pain Clinic
 For patients presenting to ER with atypical chest pain – able to safely
  go home from ER but will require follow up by a Cardiologist in a.m.

 Located at West Coast Cardiology Labs at #108-245 E. Columbia
  Street, New Westminster. Phone: 604-522-8544 (kitty corner from ER

                   Process (per Dr. Rupka)

1) EP decides to send patient to clinic next a.m. Patient is discharged
   from ER. Up to 5 patients will be given appointments per day-
   morning only.

2) Complete “West Coast Cardiology Labs., Inc.” purple referral form
   and give it to patient. This requisition is located above Unit Clerk
   desk in ER. Requisition also has “Instructions to Patients” at bottom
   of sheet.

3) Fax ER “Green Sheet” to Dr. Kuritzky’s office (fax: 604-524-5322)

4) The clinic is open Monday to Friday only.

5) The clinic will be closed as of December 21/09 for two weeks, and
   will re-open January 4, 2010.

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