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A is a Dog*
     *                  Good Dog
Exercise, we all know, is fundamental to good health. For dogs and
humans alike, slothful ways lead to, at best, diminished well-being and
poor muscle tone, at worst obesity, heart ailments, and joint problems.
But in dogs a couch potato existence can also prompt behavior
problems. Sometimes just quirks, sometimes full-on neuroses similar to
those seen in caged dogs.                                                    At day's end, not even a
                                                                             potato chip could rouse Samwise!
Almost all dogs were bred with a working purpose in mind. The
seemingly sedate Basset Hound? Bred for rabbit hunting. The Corgi? A herder. It makes sense, then, that all dogs need to run their
engine, whatever its size, frequently and vigorously to function well. (And contrary to popular belief, dogs rarely self-exercise if left
alone outside. They stalk birds, bark at strangers, and lie around in the shade.)

Exercise earns you a happier, better-behaved dog. Tired dogs bark less, chew less, sleep
more, and rest easier if left home alone. And exercise has profound effects on a dog’s
personality. The same dog can either tear through the trash and disembowel the couch
                                                                                                   “Reinforcement principles are
                                                                                                   laws, like the laws of physics.
                                                                                                   They underlie all learning as surely
cushions or snooze peacefully, depending on the quality of the workouts he gets.
                                                                                                   as the law of gravity underlies
So, must you take up marathon running with your dog? Of course not. But a stroll around
the block is not enough. Train your dog to fetch or play Frisbee. Sign up for a dog sport or
                                                                                                   the falling of an apple.
                                                                                                                   –Karen Pryor
activity like tracking, flyball, or agility. Let your dog play with other dogs regularly, if he
enjoys being social. Learning new things—whether in a class or a training session in the
backyard—is also wonderfully tiring for dogs. Mental calisthenics can be every bit as
wholesome as jogging.

And knowing you’ve upheld your
end of the bargain as a loving guardian,
that’s healthy, too.                       [Highlight]
                                           The Call of the Wild Dog Camp is held annually held in Yachats (Oregon Central Coast).
                                           Last year, 30 dogs and their people gathered for 3 days of fun, learning and adventure.
                                           With the natural beauty of the camp’s setting, perfect late summer weather, a
                                           wonderful group of dog enthusiasts and their dogs, and experienced instructors
                                           offering all kinds of activities, it was a huge success! Canine campers sampled dog
                                           sports , took part in nature games designed around things dogs love to do (hunt, run,
                                           swim, play … and play … and play….), learned new skills, made new friends. And at
                                           day’s end, they snoozed in the warm evening sun while their people enjoyed Drinks on
                                           the Deck (anyone for a Cosmodog or a Bloodhound Mary?) and contemplated the joys
                                           of having a totally tired and happy dog. (Even a potato chip under the nose didn’t
                                           rouse 7 month old Samwise!) . This year the camp will be held over Labor Day
                                           Weekend, and promises an expanded range of activities, optional riverside camping,
                                           and at least as much fun as last year. Registration is now open! Go to
                                           http://www.citydogcountrydogtraining.com/events.shtml for more information and a
                                           registration form and check out news articles and photos from last year’s camp.

Registration is now open for the Call of the Wild Dog Camp, September 4-6, 2009
A nature adventure for you and your dog! Book now for Labor Day Weekend. Don’t miss out on the best fun
you’ll have with your dog in years!
[Dogs in Action]
Musical Freestyle
Cha-cha with your Chihuahua. Shimmy
with your Sheltie. Do the mambo with
your mutt. Canine Musical Freestyle is, in
essence, dancing with dogs. Together, a
richly robed dog and her handler carry
out a choreographed sequence of
moves to music, mixing great
motivational dog training with fun,
exercise, and showmanship. Little
wonder, then, that the popularity of
Freestyle has exploded in recent years.
In what other dog sport can you expect
to see satin and sequins, tights and
tutus? But don’t be fooled by the
theatricality of the costumes. Freestyle,
especially at competition level, is much
                                             [A World of Dogs]
more than show—though its
entertainment value is undeniable.
Teaching a dog to bow, weave, prance,
jump, and back up requires creativity,
                                                      Dogs, Dogs Everywhere
patience, and much practice. Of course,      Imagine a bedouin hunting in the desert. The temperature is close to
beyond a show-stopping routine, you          120 degrees, too hot for horses to move beyond a plod. The desert
might well end up with a more attentive      hare, or dinner, is out of shooting range. Enter the Saluki. Light-
dog that loves to train—and loves to         boned, sharp-eyed, with the lung capacity of a cheetah. An expert
rock and roll.                               hunter, specialized for this harsh environment, the dog is a partner
                                             the bedouin depends on for his survival. Now consider a pack of
Freestyle classes are sprouting up all       huskies in the Arctic. They do more than pull the sled. They alert the
around the country. Any breed or mix of Innuits to weaknesses in the ice surface. Locate air holes that give
breeds is allowed; the only rule is that a   away the presence of seals. Warn of approaching polar bears. The
dog be handled by its owner. Ask at your huskies are born onto the ice and live their entire lives without seeing
local training facility or check for classes the inside of a house…
in your area at
www.worldcaninefreestyle.org or
                                             Such scenarios, common in our recent past, are moving onto the
                                             pages of history books. These days, a dog’s job description is more
                                             likely to involve search & rescue or national security. And then there’s
Musical Freestyle is a camper favorite
at Call of the Wild Dog Camp!                the main occupation for the modern dog. Pet. Twenty years ago, 51
                                             million pet dogs shared our homes; today, 74 million do. Meanwhile,
                                             we have moved into cities and suburbs in unprecedented numbers. A
                                             dog’s life now takes place in houses and apartments, in parks, in
                                             suburban backyards, and on sidewalks thronged with people and
                                             other dogs. Dogs have become family members. We buy them toys,
                                             we have their teeth cleaned, we take them to classes. They
                                             accompany us on vacation and to the office.

                                             But amid this loving assimilation of dogs into the inner sanctum of
                                             the family universe, we tend to forget that dogs are, well, dogs. Our
                                             tolerance for natural canine behavior shrinks year by year. We frown
                                             on barking. We dislike scuffles among dogs. Biting, naturally, is

                                             The Saluki in the desert and the huskies on the ice, then, are
                                             reminders of a time when dogs had vast spaces around them,
                                             physically taxing jobs, and license to bark, jump, pull, dig, and bite if
                                             threatened. We radically changed the environment of dogs in what
                                             amounts to an evolutionary blink of an eye and it’s up to us to help
                                             them be successful in our world by providing plenty of training,
                                             exercise, and stimulation. In return, they’ll follow us wherever we go.
[Dogs at Play]
What could be more fun
than a weekend away
with your pooch,
surrounded by beautiful
scenery, and joined by
other dog lovers to
learn and play
Peanut, my Pekingese, and I had
such a blast attending the first
Call of the Wild Dog Camp last
September. On our first day,
Peanut and I started off with
hiking a trail to the swimming
                                                                         [Dog in the Spotlight]
                                                                                    The Pug
hole. We did a scenting
workshop, and also played
“forest agility” on a makeshift
agility course in the woods, using
downed trees for jumps, a line of saplings for weave poles,
interwoven branches for a tunnel, and hay bales for tables or        One of the so-called smush nose dogs, the pug
jumps. It was amazing! Saturday we did a workshop on tricks
training, and I got some good ideas for cute things to train         packs a big personality in a compact container.
with Peanut. Then we headed to the creek to play in the              Clownish, fun-loving, wheezy, affectionate, and
water and walk the beautiful trails. After lunch, we did a           dignified, pugs can be traced back to pre-B.C.
Canine Freestyle workshop, aka doggie dancing. Lots of fun!!         China. Marie Antoinette had a pug, so did Queen
We ended the afternoon learning the ins and outs of Flyball.         Victoria. Pug charm conquers high culture (William
There were plenty of other workshops that we didn't have
time to attend. So much to do, so little time! Sunday morning,       Hogarth’s 1745 self-portrait The Painter and his Pug)
Peanut and I were still really tired, so we leisurely walked some    and popular entertainment (memorably in Men In
of the trails instead of attending a workshop. After lunch, our      Black; less so in Beverly Hills Chihuahua) with equal
final activity was a treasure hunt. We divided into three teams,     ease. Some pug facts: Their puppies are called
each assigned to a trail. The dogs sniffed out the clues, and        puglets; they make first-class couch companions;
the humans solved them, competing to get to the hidden
treasure first. Afterward, as we relaxed from our hunt, there        they’re great with kids; they inspire fan festivals
was a raffle of cool dog stuff, and prizes were given to winners     called Pug-O-Ramas, and they happen to be the
of different games. Peanut won a little stuffie snake as prize for   number six hottest dog for attracting positive
“smallest dog with the biggest spirit.” The camp had to be           attention from the opposite sex while strolling in the
the most fun I have had in years. Peanut and I are already           dog park, according to The Dog Lover’s Guide to
signed up for next year. This is a one-of-a-kind event, and I
highly recommend it for dog lovers who want to have some             Dating.
special fun with their dogs, as well as learn new skills. You’d      For a pug to call your own, find a rescue
better sign up quickly, the spots are going to go fast!
                                                                     organization near you at www.pugrescue.com
                         Sarah Logan
                                                                     [Healthy Dogs]
                                                                     Beyond Kibble And Cans
                                                                     The past decade has seen what amounts to a revolution in
                                                                     commercial pet food. Not long ago there was kibble and
                                                                     canned wet food—now all good pet food stores or catalogs
                                                                     offer a choice of high-quality options like human-grade
                                                                     dehydrated diets, food rolls, and fresh-chilled raw or cooked
                                                                     food. Many dog owners are troubled by the prospect of mass-
                                                                     produced commercial food (who doesn’t remember the 2007
                                                                     pet food recall?), but find the new pet food selection
                                                                     The words to look for on the packaging are ‘complete and
                                                                     balanced.’ That guarantees nutritional content to AAFCO
                                                                     (American Feed Control Officials) standards. For thorough
                                                                     information about all types of dog food, subscribe to The
                                                                     Whole Dog Journal, a monthly newsletter, at www.whole-dog-
                                                                     journal.com. And for a fascinating examination of the subject,
                                                                     read Pet Food Politics by Marion Nestle, PhD.
                                                                                                                                                                               [Tips & Tools]
                                                                                                                                                                    Safety At Your
                                                                                                                                                            Spotting illness. Aside from things you can see,
                                                                                                                                                            smell, or hear (rashes, discharge, wheezing, etc.)
                                                                                                                                                            look out for loss of appetite, disorientation,
                                                                                                                                                            lethargy, persistent scratching, coughing, or
                                                                                                                                                            head shaking. All warrant a trip to the vet.

                                                                                                                                                            Danger-free driving. Use a car crate or harness.
                                                                                                                                                            Don’t roll windows so far down your dog can

     Our *
                                                                                                                                                            squeeze out. Always keep the leash on for
                                                                                                                                                            entries and exits. Never leave your dog in a hot


                                                                                                                                                            Doggie First-Aid kit necessities. Antiseptic
                                                                                                                                                            wipes, triple antibiotic ointment, eye wash,
We provide a range of services to suit the needs of every                                                                                                   petroleum jelly, Pepto Bismol and anti-diarrhea
dog and family: Board & Train, Day Training, or Vacation                                                                                                    tablets, buffered aspirin, pad bandages and
Retreat Packages jump start your dog’s education and lift                                                                                                   bandage scissors, syringe, tweezers, vet wrap,
some of the training burden off your shoulders. Private                                                                                                     pill splitter, rectal thermometer. Also Amy D.
behavior consultations bring an experienced trainer to                                                                                                      Shojai’s The First Aid Companion for Dogs &
                                                                                                                                                            Cats. (For all human meds, find out the right
your home to solve behavior problems. We offer practical
                                                                                                                                                            dosage based on your dog’s weight!)
help, friendly and efficient support – and new options
just when think you have nothing left to try! Monthly Play                                                                                                  Safeguard your pooch with… A reflective vest
&Train classes and the annual Call of the Wild Dog Camp                                                                                                     or lighted collar, a life jacket for any water
reflect our core philosophy: training can be FUN for dogs                                                                                                   sports, up-to-date ID tags, and a microchip
and people!                                                                                                                                                 implant with your contact information.
For more details, please visit our website:
www.citydogcountrydogtraining.com, or call Caroline
Spark (503) 740-4886

“Dr. Caroline Spark haswhat makes them tick. If you of
dogs and understands
                        a wonderful vast knowledge

belong to a dog, you will enjoy using some of Caroline's
services. Caroline has a kind and gentle soul which your
dog will connect with right away. Visit her website. You
will be glad you did.
                       – Dennis Laird             ”
                       (owned by Darby, pictured)

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                                                                                                                                                              Country: (541) 547-3793 • Yachats
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