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Volume 28, Number 1 — January 2009                             The Newsletter of the Northern California Chapter of IACVF

   Everyone is invited to all our meetings,                      Our January Speaker:
   which are open to the public.

   A meeting with speaker(s) is held on                        Dr. Robert Mascarotti
   the third Monday of the month 7:00
   to 9:30 pm, except July, August, and                    of the Esprit Healing Center
   December, at First Congregational
   Church of San Jose, 1980 Hamilton

   Avenue, San Jose, at the corner of               r. Robert Mascarotti, DC is
   Hamilton and Leigh Streets.                      a wellness expert with more
                                              than 20 years of experience in the
   The Newsletter Folding Party and
                                              San Francisco Bay Area. He is the
   Business Meeting takes place the
   last Wednesday of every month at           clinic director of Esprit Healing
   the First Congregational Church            Center in San Jose, California.
   of San Jose. An Information and                 Our philosophy is why
   Support Meeting is held at the same        wait to treat cancer when it is
   time.                                      full-blown—let’s use detection
   For more info on any of these              methods and treatments before
   meetings, call Raymond Francis at          the cancer manifests itself to the
   (415) 453-7588 or Lilly Golden at          point it can be detected through
   (408) 834-5300.                            traditional, modern diagnostic
                                              methods, such as MRIs and mam-
   Once again we wish to thank the
   First Congregational Church!
                                                   Our bodies actually make             Dr. Robert Mascarotti
                                              cancer cells all the time, but our
   DISCLAIMER: The IACVF Newsletter           immune system keeps them in            and nontoxic approaches first and
   seeks to inform its members about          check. It is when our immune sys-      foremost.
   various dealings with cancer,              tem starts to derail that we have          The Esprit Healing Center
   including alternative as well as           to treat the body to avoid more        specializes in alternative medi-
   orthodox healing practices and             aggressive treatments at a later
   treatments. It provides an exchange                                                             Esprit cont. on page 9
                                              time. Let’s emphasize noninvasive
   of ideas on all aspects of health.
   The material in this newsletter is
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                       Hidden Sources of MSG:
      Ingredients That Serve as Common MSG-Reaction Triggers
                  The Truth in Labeling Campaign •

            What Is MSG, Why We Use It,                          or fermentation. Some people are more familiar with it
             and Where It Comes From                             as the “Chinese restaurant syndrome,” in which they
                                                                 experience burning sensations or headaches shortly

C    hemically, free glutamic acid or monosodium glu-
     tamate (MSG) is one type of glutamate, a family of
substances derived from glutamic acid, which in turn
                                                                 after consuming Chinese food laced with MSG.
                                                                      Some people have acute MSG sensitivity, while
                                                                 others do not. Some people react to even very small
is one of the building blocks of proteins. “Free gluta-
                                                                 amounts of MSG. MSG-induced reactions may oc-
mate,” such as MSG, is released by breaking down
                                                                 cur immediately after ingestion or after as much as
protein molecules.
                                                                 48 hours. The health implications for MSG-sensitive
     MSG is found in many foods and ethnic cuisines.
                                                                 people can be profound, with reported reactions rang-
Chinese restaurants often add large amounts of MSG
                                                                 ing from a simple skin rash to severe depression and
to stir-fried dishes. It is used as a flavor enhancer in
                                                                 life-threatening physical conditions. Some studies show
Japanese cooking, and it is extremely common in Amer-
                                                                 that up to 30 percent of our population suffers adverse
ican manufactured foods such as soups and sauces.
                                                                 reactions when fed MSG in an ordinary diet.
(The American seasoning, Accent, is essentially MSG.)
                                                                      MSG-sensitive people do not react to the protein
     MSG was discovered in 1908 by Japanese re-
                                                                 itself (which contains bound glutamic acid) or any of
searcher Kikunae Ikeda, who was looking for the flavor
                                                                 the minute amounts of free glutamic acid that might
Japanese cooks prize in seaweed-based dishes. In-
                                                                 be found in unadulterated, unfermented food, such as
deed, meat, tomatoes, seaweed, and mushrooms are
                                                                 fresh tomatoes or mushrooms.
among the richest sources of naturally bound gluta-
mates. Scientists later learned to synthesize MSG as a                           FDA Labeling of MSG
pure crystalline substance.
                                                                 With some exceptions, the FDA requires that ingredi-
     The exact flavor MSG confers is difficult to describe,
                                                                 ents (MSG-containing ingredients included) must be
and many just say it increases the “taste intensity”
                                                                 labeled by their common or usual names.The name
of food. One thing is certain: It makes people thirsty,
                                                                 “monosodium glutamate” is reserved for the ingredi-
encouraging them to eat and drink more. Americans
                                                                 ent that is a 99-percent pure combination of glutamic
consume about 28,000 tons of MSG per year, accord-
                                                                 acid, sodium, and moisture. The names of most other
ing to one estimate reported in the June 1995 Journal
                                                                 MSG-containing ingredients won’t even give consum-
of Environmental Health.
                                                                 ers a clue to the fact that the ingredients contain MSG.
     MSG is manufactured through two basic processes:
                                                                 ”Monosodium glutamate,” “monopotassium gluta-
(1) bacterial fermentation, wherein glutamic acid is
                                                                 mate,” “autolyzed yeast,” “hydrolyzed soy protein,” and
secreted through the cell walls of selected geneti-
                                                                 “sodium caseinate” are examples of ingredients that
cally engineered bacteria that are generally grown on
                                                                 always contain MSG.
a carbohydrate medium; and (2) a process of protein
                                                                     Under certain circumstances, products that contain
breakdown, wherein glutamic acid is freed from pro-
                                                                 MSG may be used as ingredients in other products
tein through a manufacturing process such as the use
                                                                 without mention of the original MSG-containing prod-
of chemicals (hydrolysis), enzymes (enzymolysis), or
                                                                 ucts. The label descriptors “flavor” and “flavoring,”
                                                                 often preceded by the word “natural,” are considered
                    MSG Sensitivity                              by the FDA to be proprietary ingredients, and as such,
                                                                 food industry companies are not required to list their
The “MSG reaction” is a reaction to free glutamic acid
that occurs in food as a consequence of manufacture

Lifeline                                                Page 2                                             January 2009
     In recent years, The FDA has required the disclo-       •   Natural pork flavoring
sure of the food ingredients “monosodium glutamate”          •   Natural beef flavoring
and “hydrolyzed protein” used in a “flavor” or “flavor-      •   Maltodextrin
ing.” However, this requirement has been ineffective,        •   Citric acid
since, to our knowledge, the FDA has not tested “fla-        •   Natural chicken flavoring
vors” or “flavorings” for the presence of MSG. MSG-          •   Ultra-pasteurized (anything)
                                                             •   Barley malt
containing products such as broth, bouillon, and stock,
                                                             •   Pectin
when used as ingredients in other products, do not
                                                             •   Protease
have to disclose the fact that the broth, bouillon, or       •   Protease enzymes
stock contains MSG.                                          •   Enzyme modified (anything)
     The use of MSG in American food has increased in        •   Enzymes (anything)
the last 40 years and is still growing. MSG is found in      •   Pre-basted poultry
most soups, salad dressings, processed meats, basted         •   Malt extract
meat and poultry, frozen entrees, ice cream, and frozen      •   Malt flavoring
yogurt; in some crackers, bread, and canned tuna; and        •   Soy protein isolate
in most “low-fat” foods to make up for flavor lost when      •   Soy protein concentrate
fat is reduced or eliminated.                                •   Seasonings (the word “seasonings”)

             These ALWAYS contain MSG                        The not-so-new game is to label hydrolyzed proteins as
                                                             pea protein, whey protein, corn protein, wheat protein,
•   Glutamate
                                                             soy protein, etc. If a pea, for example, were whole, it
•   Monosodium glutamate
•   Monopotassium glutamate                                  would be identified as a pea. In “pea protein,” the pea
•   Yeast extract                                            has been hydrolyzed, at least in part, producing pro-
•   Hydrolyzed protein (any)                                 cessed free glutamic acid (MSG).
•   Glutamic acid                                                 Disodium guanylate and disodium inosinate are
•   Calcium caseinate                                        expensive food additives that work synergistically with
•   Sodium caseinate                                         inexpensive MSG. Their use suggests that the product
•   Yeast food                                               has MSG in it. They would probably not be used as food
•   Hydrolyzed corn gluten                                   additives if there were no MSG present.
•   Gelatin                                                       MSG reactions have been reported to soaps, sham-
•   Textured protein                                         poos, hair conditioners, and cosmetics, where MSG is
•   Yeast nutrient                                           hidden in ingredients that include the words “hydro-
•   Autolyzed yeast
                                                             lyzed,” “amino acids,” and “protein.”
•   Natrium glutamate (Latin/German for sodium)
                                                                  MSG reactions have been reported from produce
                                                             (especially very large potatoes) fertilized or sprayed
              These OFTEN contain MSG                        with MSG-containing products.
           or create MSG during processing                        Low-fat and no-fat milk products often include milk
•   Carrageenan                                              solids that contain MSG. Low-fat and no-fat versions of
•   Bouillon and broth                                       ice cream and cheese may not be as obvious as yogurt,
•   Stock                                                    milk, cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, etc., but
•   Whey protein concentrate                                 they are not an exception.
•   Whey protein
                                                                  Protein powders contain glutamic acid (processed
•   Whey protein isolate
                                                             free glutamic acid or MSG). Glutamic acid is not always
•   Soy sauce
•   Soy sauce extract                                        named on labels of protein powders.
•   Soy protein                                                   Drinks, candy, and chewing gum are poten-
•   Fortified protein (any)                                  tial sources of hidden MSG and of aspartame and
•   Fermented foods (any)                                    neotame. Aspartic acid, found in neotame and aspar-
•   Flavors(s) and flavoring(s)                              tame (NutraSweet), ordinarily causes MSG-type reac-
•   Natural flavor(s) and flavoring(s)
                                                                                                MSG cont. on page 10

Lifeline                                            Page 3                                             January 2009
                             Natural Cancer Treatments That Work:
                          Dr. Hulda Clark/Dr. Clark’s Treatment
      PHI Natural Health International LTD • 2004 •

Several times a year the Lifeline features a different             •     Use herbs and special food factors to hasten healing,
treatment that uses natural or alternative methods to                    being careful to use only unpolluted products.
treat cancer. These may include products, therapies,
                                                                   Hulda Clark is more concerned with the safety of the food
technologies, or treatment programs. We highly encour-
                                                                   from parasites, bacteria, and chemicals rather than with
age you to participate. If something has worked for you
                                                                   the style of nutrition or lack thereof in dealing with can-
in treating cancer or other serious chronic conditions,
                                                                   cer. Her approach is different from those who specialize
we invite you to share your story of what worked. Please
                                                                   in cancer-controlling foods and nutrition.
email the newsletter editor at miae@whatnowdesign.
                                                                        Flatworms, roundworms, protozoa, bacteria, and
                                                                   viruses are killed using a combination of an electronic
                                                                   device called a “zapper” and an herbal parasite-killing
D     r. Hulda Clark PhD, ND, is an independent research
      scientist specializing in biology, biophysics, and cell
physiology. In 1979, Dr. Clark left government research to
                                                                   program. Dr. Clark has found that this can benefit almost
                                                                   every illness. The zapper is a hand-held, battery-operated
                                                                   (9V) frequency generator that uses a positively offset
begin private consulting full-time and in 1985 developed
a radio electronic technique for scanning the human body,
the Syncrometer, which tests for viruses, bacteria, fungi,
parasites, solvents, and toxins. This gave her clues to the            When isopropyl alcohol (with which many foods and
cause of cancer, HIV, and other diseases. She now oper-
                                                                       products are polluted) is present, the intestinal fluke
ates a research facility in Tijuana, Mexico, and her health
books are bestsellers—in the top 3 percent of books sold                uses another organ as a secondary host and that
on                                                           organ becomes cancerous. Other solvents in the
     According to Hulda Clark, there are only two health
                                                                       body produce other diseases … Dr. Clark states that
problems. Dr. Clark’s theories are based on the simple
idea that the human body heals itself if kept in good con-             cancer could be eliminated if laws required testing
dition. No matter how many symptoms a person has, she                     for solvents in animal feeds and human foods.
identifies only two causes of health problems:
•   Pollutants (toxins which make it difficult for organs to
    do their work—especially isopropyl alcohol).                   square wave to electrocute parasites. Its effectiveness may
•   Parasites (protozoa, amoeba, worms that utilize our            be because it regenerates the white blood cells by build-
    food and leave us with their wastes).                          ing a positive magnetic field in the body. It is a recognized
                                                                   medical device, which should not, however, be used by
Her solution to good health is as follows:
                                                                   people wearing pacemakers, or by pregnant women.
•   Parasites—electronic and herbal treatment.                          The herbal program kills remaining parasites through-
•   Pollution—avoidance.                                           out the body that cannot be reached by the electric cur-
                                                                   rent. It consists of black walnut hull tincture, wormwood
Her strategy to return to health:                                  capsules, and cloves taken over three weeks. A weekly
•   Kill all parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi.              maintenance program is then recommended to prevent re-
•   Remove toxic moulds, metals, and chemicals from                infection from the home, pets, undercooked dairy prod-
    food and body products.                                        ucts, and undercooked meat, the latter which she believes
                                                                   is the main source of intestinal fluke.
•   Clear and wash away gallstones, secretions, and de-
                                                                        Foods and products polluted with isopropyl alcohol
    bris already formed that hinder healing.
                                                                   include shampoo, hair spray and mousse, cold cereals,

Lifeline                                                  Page 4                                                 January 2009
cosmetics, mouthwash, decaffeinated coffee, vitamins,             percent mercury, 33 to 35
minerals and supplements, bottled water (polluted with            percent silver, and various
antiseptics from the bottling procedure), rubbing alcohol,        amounts of copper, tin, zinc,
white sugar, shaving supplies, carbonated beverages, and          and other metals that corrode
store-bought fruit juice. Dr. Clark recommends home-              and seep into the body. Mer-
made products, unprocessed foods, and a limited number            cury is continually released
of tested supplements. Once you stop using isopropyl              from mercury fillings in the
alcohol, it disappears from your body within three days.          form of mercury vapor and
If the immune system is uncompromised, the body will              abraded particles, which
detoxify this; but when the body is overloaded, illness sets      can be increased 15-fold by
in.                                                               chewing, brushing, and hot
     When isopropyl alcohol is present, the intestinal fluke      liquids. Research has shown
uses another organ as a secondary host and that organ             that mercury, even in small
becomes cancerous. Other solvents in the body produce             amounts, damages the brain,                 Dr. Hulda Clark
other diseases. For example, benzene causes the intestinal        heart, lungs, liver, and kid-
fluke to use the thymus for its secondary host, ruins the         neys, as well as the thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands,
immune system, and AIDS develops. Wood alcohol in-                blood cells, enzymes, and hormones, and suppresses the
vites pancreatic flukes to use the pancreas as a secondary        body’s immune system.
host, and diabetes develops. Dr. Clark states that cancer              At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr. Weston
could be eliminated if laws required testing for solvents         Price, head of the American Dental Association, found
in animal feeds and human foods. A significant reason             that root canal therapy used to save a tooth that has
for isopropyl alcohol pollution is the chemicals used by          become infected or dead, had serious side affects. He
manufacturers to sterilize food-handling equipment.               showed thousands of instances of disease created from
     After cancer is stopped, one can get well if the toxins      devitalized teeth, from head and neck pain to rheuma-
that invited parasites, bacterial, and viral invaders are         tism and cancer. Most patients with devitalized teeth had
removed. Removing toxins from the affected organs lets            thyroid dysfunction. The International Academy of Oral
them heal. For example, lung lesions will not heal unless         Medicine and Toxicology reports that because it was not
cigarette smoking, freon, asbestos, and fiberglass expo-          what the dental establishment wanted to hear, the results
sure is stopped. Carcinogens draw the can-
cer to the organ: nickel draws cancer to the
prostate, barium draws cancer to the breast.
Dr. Clark considers the most serious threats
to be freon (CFCs or refrigerant), copper
from water pipes, fiberglass or asbestos,
mercury from amalgam tooth fillings, lead
from joints in copper plumbing, formalde-
hyde in foam bedding and new clothing, and
nickel, usually from dental metal.
     Dental, diet, body, and home clean-ups
aim to remove parasites and pollutants at
their source. The body constantly fights to
remove pollutants, but if you are being “re-
supplied” with them, the body cannot heal.
     The dental clean-up has been found
crucial in shrinking tumors and restoring
health. Dr. Clark advises:
•   Remove all metals and large plastic fill-
    ings from the mouth.
•   Remove all infected teeth and clean
Silver or amalgam fillings contain 48 to 55

Lifeline                                                 Page 5                                               January 2009
were ignored. Safe treatment requires extracting the dead          instructions for liver, kidney, and bowel cleanses. She rec-
tooth rather than filling the root, and removing any in-           ommends that the liver cleanse should not be done if the
fected tissue from around the tooth. Later the space can be        liver contains living parasites, and is best carried out after
filled with a bridge or partial denture.                           a parasite cleanse and then a kidney cleanse. The liver
     The materials which have entered our food chain and           cleanse is reported as the single most important thing you
body, care products—particularly petroleum products,               can do for your health. Medical herbalists, naturopaths,
alcohol, asbestos, colorings, dyes, formaldehyde, and              and other natural healers speak highly of her cleanses.
perfume—should not be there and were not there 50 years                 Thousands of testimonials exist acclaiming her meth-
ago. The tested ingredients in 99 percent of perfumes are          ods and the success people have achieved through using
labeled as toxic hazards and not allowed in the agriculture        them. A booklet of a thousand testimonials is available for
industry. So, apart from avoidance of processed foods, Dr.         $10 from the Dr. Clark Research Association.
Clark warns us against commercial salves, ointments, lo-
tions, colognes, perfumes, deodorants, toothpaste, soaps,                                    Sources
washing powders, etc., and gives recipes for homemade              All of the herbs, cleanses, programs, equipment, personal
substitutes, such as Borax powder for cleaning.                    care products, and supplements mentioned in Dr. Clark’s
     Cleaning up the home environment to make it safe              books can be ordered online from the Dr. Clark Research
includes:                                                          Association at
•   Removing paints, varnishes, thinners, cleaners, and                To contact the Dr. Clark Research Association, write
    chemicals from the house.                                      an email to Or write to or call the fol-
•   Sealing cracks around pipes.                                       In the United States: Dr. Clark Research Association,
•   Changing your refrigerator for a non-CFC one (Dr.              8135 Engineer Road, San Diego, CA 92111. Telephone:
    Clark found freon concentrated in cancerous organs,            (USA) 1-800-220-3741; Fax 1-858-565-0058.
    where it facilitates the accumulation of other toxins).            In Europe: Dr. Clark Zentrum, Bielstrasse 12, 3053
•   Checking air conditioners for leaks.                           Münchenbuchsee, Switzerland. Telephone: +41-31-868
                                                                   3131; Fax: +41-31-868 3132.
•   Sealing or removing uncovered fiberglass.
                                                                       To get in contact with Dr. Clark’s clinic, call the
•   Removing clothes dryers, hair dryers containing as-            Mexico phone number at 01152-6646-828215 or fax
    bestos, and radiators and electric heaters, which give         01152-6646- 834454.
    off asbestos if their paint is old.                                Dr. Clark cannot personally answer phone calls and
•   Changing copper plumbing to PVC plastic.                       faxes and cannot assess cases by proxy. At this time, Dr.
                                                                   Clark only personally treats patients who have advanced
She suggests that if you have been quite ill, to move to a
                                                                   cancer or HIV. LL
warm climate where you can avoid heating and cooling,
and sit outside in the shade all day.
     Syncrometer testing makes it possible to know ex-                        Further Reading and References
actly which toxins and parasites cause the patient’s cancer.
                                                                   •	   The Cure for All Diseases, by Hulda Regehr Clark.
The Syncrometer can be used for diagnosing and monitor-
ing progress until cured. It consists of an audio oscillator       •	   The Cure For All Advanced Cancers, by Hulda Regehr
circuit, which includes the body as part of the circuit.                Clark.
Dr. Clark realized that every living and nonliving entity          •	   The Cure for All Cancers: Including over 100 Case
produced certain specific frequencies that can be heard                 Histories of Persons Cured, by Hulda Regehr Clark.
with the audio oscillator. Every living creature broadcasts        •	   The Prevention of all Cancers, by Hulda Regehr Clark.
its presence like a radio station. The Syncrometer tests for       •	   The Cure For HIV/AIDS, by Hulda Regehr Clark.
parasites or pollutants in any product or body tissue by           •	   Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual, by Hulda
using samples of those parasites or pollutants. Cancerous               Regehr Clark.
tumors grow in the body for at least three years before            •	   The Cure for HIV and AIDS: With 70 Case Histories,
they are big enough to be detected by medical imaging                   by Hulda Regehr Clark.
techniques, but the Syncrometer can detect them long
                                                                   •	   University	of	Washington	study	shows	the	Dr.	Clark	
before that.                                                            zapper	inhibits	the	growth	of	leukemia	cells.	http://
     For detoxifying the body, Dr. Clark recommends           
vitamins, minerals, and herbs from safe sources. Apart
from the parasites and dental cleanses, she gives detailed

Lifeline                                                  Page 6                                                  January 2009
                            Happy New Year’s Resolution:
                         Now Even More Reasons To Exercise!
           PHI Natural Health International LTD • 2004 •

F    requent physical exercise has been found to de-
     crease cancer risk. Exercise stimulates circulation,
improves muscle tone, improves cardiac function, and
                                                               in health and healing but believe that aerobic activity
                                                               brings the “heat” to the surface of the body, while yoga
                                                               and meditation bring heat to the internal organs, which,
boosts immunity. It is also a way to eliminate toxins          they believe, is more important for healing than is aero-
from the body. Exercise is a critical component in the         bic activity.
elimination of “poisons”—such as myriad toxins that                In human studies, some of the most important
build up due to regular bodily processes and exposure          work has been done by Rose E. Frisch of Harvard.
to man-made chemicals. This is true simply because             Frisch and colleagues surveyed 5,398 women ages 21
when we exercise, we breathe more deeply, more                 to 82.3. According to a summary in Oncology Times,
forcefully, and more often. In doing so, we release toxic      they found that “in every age group, the nonathletes
by-products through the lungs.
     When we exercise we also perspire. Perspiration is
another means of eliminating metabolic waste material
from the body. And muscular activity is the only way to
move waste material through the lymphatic vessels. If
we don’t sweat, don’t breathe heavily, and don’t move
our muscles, these toxins must find another way out.
Unfortunately, they usually remain in the body, only to
befoul the biochemical machinery that makes our im-
mune system operate efficiently. The result: susceptibil-
ity to illness.
     A man with a rare documented recovery from
metastatic colon cancer from Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Hospital in New York said that he attributed his recov-
ery to his iron determination to keep playing tennis           had a higher life-time occurrence of cancers of the
even when chemotherapy made him feel he could not              reproductive system, which covered cancers of the
take another step. Indeed, many cancer patients have           uterus, ovary, cervix, and vagina. The nonathletes had
intuitively made some regular form of exercise part of         2.5 times the risk of the athletes.”
their recovery effort. And yet, as with every other major          Frisch also found that exercise during the college
component of intensive health promotion, the available         years was far more protective against cancer than
research data indicate that the benefits of exercise in        exercise initiated by nonathletes in later life, although
recovering from cancer are not entirely straightforward.       exercise initiated later did have some effect. Of non-
     Josef Issels, one of the great pioneering German          athletes who exercised later in life, 50 percent had a
alternative cancer therapists, regularly instructed the        reduced risk of cancer.
patients who came to his clinic in the Bavarian Alps to            Dr. Frisch postulates reasons for the lower risk in
“go climb a mountain.”                                         former athletes. First, the athletes may have made
     However, Max Gerson, the pioneering German                less estrogen because they were leaner and had less
nutritional cancer therapist, strongly opposed exercise        adipose tissue, which converts androgen to estrogen. A
for his cancer patients. He believed they needed deep          decrease in estrogen, which causes breast and repro-
rest and that exercise was counterproductive. Practi-          ductive tissue to divide, would result in less tumor cell
tioners of yoga and meditation do not oppose exercise          division. Secondly, the estrogen athletes made may

Lifeline                                              Page 7                                              January 2009
have been less potent. It has been previously shown            cal activity rather than exercise may be the important
that the leaner one is, the more one’s estrogen metabo-        protective factor against cancer.
lism produces a less potent estrogen, which does not let            As Oncology Times reported, LaPorte believes:
uterine and breast cells divide.                               “there is … some evidence … that increased physical
     That vigorous exercise reduces body levels of the         activity alters bowel transit time. Decreased transit time
highly active form of estrogen was confirmed in a study        might be related to reduced colon cancer risk, said Dr.
by Rachel Snow, a graduate student working with Frisch,        LaPorte, because there is less time for carcinogens to
who measured body fluids                                                                            be produced. He also cited
of athletes and nonath-                                                                             evidence for decreased
letes. She found that girls                                                                         cancer risk related to
and women with anorexia            Moderate exercise can have a powerful protective                 physical activity via in-
and an irregular menstrual         effect against depression, which in turn may work                creased thermal effects,
cycle develop an excess of                                                                          and increased concentra-
                                     through complex mind-body pathways to help
the inactive form of estro-                                                                         tions of vitamin A.”
gen.                               prevent or modulate the development of a cancer.                       Indirect evidence
     Frisch also found that                                                                         shows the benefits of
hard exercise is often as-                                                                          physical activity for people
sociated with the delay of                                                                          with cancer. The line of
the onset of menstruation. She believes this may be pro-       reasoning is that enhanced functional status or per-
tective against breast and reproductive system cancers.        formance status is a predictor of better outcomes in
In fact, she postulates that the higher the total number       some cancers, and “functional status” is a synonym for
of ovulatory periods in a woman’s lifetime, the greater        capacity to be physically active. Similarly, most oncolo-
her susceptibility to cancer may be.                           gists regard a person who is in good physical shape as
     In another study, Frisch found that cancers of the        potentially more resilient to treatment.
digestive system, thyroid, lung, and other sites, as well           Also, a study has found that for breast cancer
as the hematopoietic cancers (lymphoma, leukemia,              patients, a home-based, moderate-intensity walking
myeloma, and Hodgkin’s disease), were also lower for           exercise program may effectively mitigate the high levels
the college athletes. The prevalence rates of malignant        of fatigue prevalent during cancer treatment. LL
melanomas and skin cancers did not differ significantly
between the two groups.
     Another protective pathway by which exercise may
                                                                          Further Reading and References
modulate the development of cancer is through its             • Huang XE, Hirose K, Wakai K, Matsuo K, Ito H, Xiang J,
effect on depression. In a number of studies, exercise              Takezaki T, Tajima K. Comparison of lifestyle risk factors by
                                                                    family history for gastric, breast, lung, and colorectal cancer.
has been shown to have an antidepressive effect, and                Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2004 Oct–Dec; 5(4):419–27. http://
depression is a common precursor and concomitant          
factor in cancer. Moderate exercise can have a power-               bmed&dopt=Abstract&list_uids=15546249.
ful protective effect against depression, which in turn       • Yedinak RA, Layman DK, and Milner JA. Influences of dietary
may work through complex mind-body pathways to help                 fat and exercise on DMBA-induced mammary tumors. Meeting
prevent or modulate the development of a cancer.                    abstract, Federation Proceedings, 46(3):436 (1987).

     Some researchers have hypothesized that at high          • Frisch, Rose E., et al. Lower prevalence of breast bancer and
exercise levels the body may experience an increase                 bancers of the reproductive system among former college
                                                                    athletes compared to non-athletes. British Journal of Cancer.
in free radicals and peroxide production in the body,               52(6):885–91 (1985).
which might account for the increase in cancer in some
                                                              • Mock V, Frangakis C, Davidson NE, Ropka ME, Pickett M,
animal studies and the increase in humans, particularly             Poniatowski B, Stewart KJ, Cameron L, Zawacki K, Podewils LJ,
in smokers.                                                         Cohen G, McCorkle. Home-based moderate-intensity walking
     Still another interesting perspective on cancer and            exercise program may effectively mitigate the high levels of
                                                                    fatigue prevalent during cancer treatment. http://www.ncbi.
physical activity comes from Ron E. LaPorte, Associate
Professor of Epidemiology at the School of Public Health            pt=Abstract&list_uids=15484202s.
at the University of Pittsburgh. LaPorte believes physi-

Lifeline                                                    Page 8                                                   January 2009
Esprit cont. from page 1                          muscles to a temporary change in tension. Thus, Omura postulated that
                                                  the body elicits a “resonance phenomenon.” Based on this discovery,
cine and wellness treatments, such as diet,       Dr. Omura created a new technique to quickly detect the presence of
homeopathy, massage, nutrition, acupunc-          chemicals, toxins, and pathological tissues in the body. At one point, he
ture, Chinese and Western herbs, biological       was able to detect cancer in 80 percent of patients tested by his method,
treatments, chiropractic, neuro-emotional         compared to standard diagnostic methods.
techniques, and energy medicine.                      All of these diagnostic techniques give quick feedback to the physi-
     Conditions such as chronic pain and fa-      cian where problems may lie, their causes, and what modalities may be
tigue, degenerative disease, allergies, chronic   therapeutic for patients. These techniques will be demonstrated at the
infections, hormonal problems, digestive          Cancer Victors meeting on Monday, January 19, 2009. LL
and respiratory disorders, terrain alterations,
toxins accumulation, pH modifications, and              Esprit Healing Center
energy blockages are being successfully                 1058	Lincoln	Ave
treated at the Center.                                  San Jose, CA 95125
     One of Dr. Mascarotti’s areas of ex-               (408) 275-6622
pertise is Energetic Medicine. His analysis   
and treatment methods are based on the
principles of energetic medicine outlined
by the work of Dr. Fritz A. Popp, PhD;
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD; and Dr. Y.
                                                                   NCD – LIQUID ZEOLITE
Omura, MD.                                              •     Supports a healthy immune system.*
     In Germany during the 1970s, Dr. Popp              •     Helps remove heavy metals and toxins from your body.*
discovered and studied the light emissions              •     Helps balance pH levels in the body.*
of cells of living organisms. He concluded              •     100 percent natural and nontoxic.*
                                                        •     Safe for long-term use (no side effects).*
that healthy cells emit a stream of light
around them, the wavelength of which is                  *
                                                             These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
just under the violet range. This light is                     These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.
coherent and well-organized, similar to
laser rays (meaning that all the waves are              Box of 3 bottles $124.95, plus tax and S/H
oriented in the same direction and in phase             Special Member Price
with one another). When the cells of an
organism are not functioning properly, the              3 bottles                  ***    $99.95             plus tax and S/H
light emission is absent or chaotic—that                Membership, information, or ordering, call toll-free 1-800-330-2620.
is, the waves are disorganized, oriented in             Accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.
all different directions, and not in phase
with one another, similar to the white light
coming from a light bulb.                                                        Super-powerful
     Our cells use this light to communi-
cate with one another and also to program                      HYBRID MUSHROOM
and organize every cell, organ, and body             In its hybridized form, even more potent than the rare mushroom
function. Through a technique taught by
                                                     that grows only in the rainforest of Piedade, Brazil, where.
Dr. Klinghardt, it is possible to assess the
quantity and quality of light emitted by
                                                    �        Heart attacks are rare
any organ or systemic tissue in the body
                                                    �        High blood pressure is almost unheard of
(such as blood), and thereby determine
                                                    �        Diabetes isn't a concern
how healthy our organs are.
     In 1960, Dr. Omura discovered an in-           �        Almost no one ever dies of cancer
teresting phenomenon. When a substance              �        Almost no one ever gets Alzheimer's
is inside the body and a similar substance          �        Arthritis is unknown . . .
is also put outside the body in the same
location, the autonomic nervous system is               100-day liquid supply about $1.50/day
stimulated and the body undergoes a deep                     Toll-free 1-800-330-2620
stage of relaxation, which in turn leads our

Lifeline                                                     Page 9                                                            January 2009
                          New Colorado Chapter of IACVF
       Meetings for the Colorado IACVF Chapter
                                                                                              Jane & Elton Moyer
         are suspended until spring because
           of holidays and winter weather.
     Please watch this column for further details.
      However, in the meantime, please feel free
     to contact Jane, Janice, or Christine for more
    information and valuable resources on healing.
             Jane Moyer: 719-783-9266                               Vitamins • Herbs • Organics • Groceries & More
             Janice Funk: 719-248-7242
                                                                405 Main St.                    Ph. (719) 783-9266
           Christine Sentell: 719-783-9529
                                                                Westcliffe, Co. 81252
                   or 719-783-0339

MSG cont. from page 3

tions in MSG-sensitive people. Aspartame is found in           professional fundraisers.
some medications, including children’s medications.                TLC continues to serve as a source of accurate in-
Neotame is relatively new and we have not yet seen it          formation and sounding board for those who seek the
used widely. Check with your pharmacist.                       truth. It invites you to work with us in our continued
      Binders and fillers for medications, nutrients, and      efforts to secure labeling of all MSG in all processed
supplements, both prescription and nonprescription,            food.
enteral feeding materials, and some fluids administered
                                                                  The Truth in Labeling Campaign
intravenously in hospitals, may contain MSG.
                                                                  850 N. DeWitt Place
      According to its manufacturer, Varivax-Merck
                                                                  Chicago, IL 60611
chicken pox vaccine (Varicella Virus Live), contains L-
                                                                  (858) 481-9333
monosodium glutamate and hydrolyzed gelatin. Both of
these contain MSG, which causes brain lesions in young
laboratory animals and can cause endocrine disturbanc-
es like obesity and reproductive disorders later in life.      Information for this article came from Truth in Label-
It would appear that most, if not all, live virus vaccines     ing Campaign, Dr. Andrew Weil, and The Chicago Tri-
contain MSG.                                                   bune. The newsletter editor thanks Barbara McIntyre
      By FDA definition, all MSG is “naturally occurring.”     for suggesting this topic.
“Natural” doesn’t mean “safe.” “Natural” only means
that the ingredient started out in nature.
      There are additional ingredients that appear to                              ATTENTION!
cause MSG reactions in acutely sensitive people. This
                                                                               FOR INFO ON
list is available by request. LL
                                                                    MIRACLE MINERAL SUPPLEMENT (MMS)
                                                                          and SOLUBLE RICE BRAN
The Truth in Labeling Campaign (TLC) is a nonprofit
organization dedicated to securing full and clear label-     or
ing of all processed food. It is an all-volunteer organi-                  or call (760) 536-6123
zation funded entirely through contributions, with no

Lifeline                                             Page 10                                              January 2009
Info Hotlines                                       IACVF — International Association of Cancer Victors & Friends, Inc.

Cancer Victors: (415) 453-7588                                          IACVF Home Office                                                   The Cancer Victors Journal is published by
                                                                        the IACVF Home Office.
Info Hotlines:
The persons listed below have volunteered to share their                2011 Canyon View Dr.
experience and knowledge about natural, nontoxic therapies.             Santa Clarita, CA 91351
                                                                        Home Office Phone:                (310) 822-5032
• Dixie Keithly       (Ridgway, CO)       (970) 626-5603                Home Office Fax:                  (310) 822-4193
• Teri De Luca        (Fremont, CA)       (510) 894-2321                ______________________________________________________
• Elmer Filippini     (Port Ludlow, WA)   (360) 437-1105
                                                                        IACVF Northern California Chapter
Chapter “Victors over Cancer” List:                                     The Lifeline newsletter is published by the
The following Victors over Cancer have consented to have their          Northern CA chapter of IACVF.
names and phone numbers published in the Lifeline so readers            PO Box 18875
and friends may call them to discuss the natural, nontoxic              San Jose, CA 95158
remedies that put the cancer into remission:
                                                                        Contact: Raymond Francis, (415) 453-7588
Breast Cancer:        Ruth Eastwood       (650) 366-7721                Editors:            Teri De Luca, Mi Ae Lipe
                      Dixie Keithly       (970) 626-5603                Designer:                         Mi Ae Lipe
                      Mary Kay Tocce      (408) 295-0998                Issue Date:                   January 2009
                                                                        Issue Number:                            291
Chronic: Mono, Fatigue, Infections, and Weight Loss:                    Publication Frequency:       Monthly, except
                      Brad Mavis          (831) 475-7214                     July/August comes out as a single issue
Carcinoma:            Janice Carey        (408) 723-7977
Colon Cancer:         Reiko Peabody       (408) 253-1149
Lymphoma:             Teri De Luca        (510) 894-2321
                                                                         Graphics Credits
                      Larry Wisch         (415) 647-8216
Ovarian Cancer:       Carol Woldhagen     (408) 259-2783                 Photos on page 1 courtesy of Dr. Robert Mascarotti,
Prostate Cancer:      Paul Blue           (831) 684-1401                 on page 5 from Dr. Hulda Clark’s website (www.
                                                               , and on page 7 from

Joining Cancer Victors can be your first step toward new hope, health, and happiness in combating your disease or
helping a friend or loved one. Each membership includes a subscription to the monthly Lifeline Chapter Newsletter.
Name: ____________________________________ Address: ________________________________________

City: _____________________________________________________                 State: __________          ZIP: _________

Phone: ________________________           Email:	____________________________________ Date: __________

Please specify: New Member ________________             Renewal _________________            Gift _________________

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Mail to:            IACVF, Northern California Chapter, PO Box 18875, San Jose, CA 95158
International Association of Cancer Victors & Friends, Inc.
Northern California Chapter                                                                             Non-Profit Org.
PO Box 18875                                                 Please send in                             U.S. Postage Paid
San Jose, CA 95158                                        your renewal dues —                           Permit #714
                                                          We need them TODAY!                           Santa Clara, CA

January 2009
•   January Speaker: Dr. Robert Mascarotti
•   Hidden Sources of MSG in Food
•   Dr. Hulda Clark’s Treatments
•   The Role of Exercise in Cancer

Some of you may receive an electronic PDF
file of the Lifeline by email during the next
couple of months as we try a test run to reduce
our mailing and postage costs. PLEASE let us
know if you’d like to receive the newsletter by
email only, or if you’d like to continue getting a
hardcopy version! Email miae@whatnowdesign.
com or call Teri DeLuca at (510) 894-2321.

                            Our next speaker meeting is on January 19, 2009.
        Our speaker is Dr. Robert Mascarotti of the Esprit Healing Center in San Jose, California.

    Monthly Meeting With a Speaker Held the Third Monday of Every Month
    At the First Congregational Church of San Jose, 1980 Hamilton, corner of Hamilton and Leigh, 95125, 7 to 9:30 pm.
    Newsletter Folding Party, Business, & Support Group Meeting Last Wednesday of the Month
    This meeting takes place at the First Congregational Church from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.
    Extra meetings for special purposes will be announced. For more info, call Raymond Francis at (415) 453-7588.
    Area Information Support Centers:
    •    Cedar Rapids, Iowa                          Vice President Lauren Wolcott                      (319) 377-7567
    •    Omaha, Nebraska                             Vice President Mary Marshall, LMT                  (402) 758-8951
    •    Port Ludlow, Washington                     Vice President Elmer Filippini                     (360) 437-1105
    •    Santa Cruz, California                      Vice President Brad Mavis                          (831) 475-7214
    •    Japan (Speaks Japanese)                     Vice President Reiko Peabody                       (408) 253-1149
    •    New Jersey & World at Large                 Vice President Herb Horky                          (732) 583-1274

    The Northern California Chapter’s Volunteer IACVF Officers and Board Members were confirmed for 2-year terms by a
    show-of-hands vote on April 16, 2007. Parliamentarian Ron Hruby conducted the vote.
    President:    Raymond Francis (415) 453-7588              VP & Parliamentarian:      Ron Hruby            (408) 963-8455
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