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					EU-Malaysia Biotechnology
Business Partnership 2007

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    Overview of EU-Malaysia Biotechnology                     3
    Business Partnership 2007 (EUM-BIO)

    Focus of EUM-BIO                                          3

    Who Will You Meet?                                        3

    Concept of EUM-BIO Business Partnership                   4

    Partnership Opportunities                                 4

    How Does EUM-BIO Business Partnership Work?               4

    Benefits                                                  4

    About the Role Players                                    5

    Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at     7
    EUM-BIO 2007

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Overview of EU-Malaysia            Focus of EUM-BIO
Biotechnology Business Partnership Bio-agriculture mainly includes the production of high yield
                                   crops, genetically modified plant, livestock and poultry,
2007 (EUM-BIO)                     transgenic animal, forestry products, fisheries, aquaculture,
Following the announcement of the National Biotechnology         value added products, bio-fertiliser and ciocontrol,
Policy made by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato’ Seri    biopesticides, cell culture technology, feed and additives,
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in April 2005, the Malaysian               hybrid seeds, tissue culture, nutraceutical and food technology.
Government is placing strong emphasis in biotechnology by
implementing concerted efforts to improve investment             Bio-healthcare covers tropical diseases, preclinical contract
regulatory framework, develop relevant infrastructure,           research, clinical trial, diagnostics and biomedical instruments/
improve access to funding, increase the rate of R&D              devices, personalised and preventive medicine, therapeutics,
commercialisation, increase the number of skilled                drug discovery, antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines and
biotechnology workers and researchers, and attract foreign
                                                                 bioactive compounds for healthcare, herbal products and
R&D partners.
EU-Malaysia Biotechnology Business Partnership (EUM-BIO) is
                                                                 Bio-manufacturing applies to the development of bio
a Business Match-Making project co-funded by the Asia
                                                                 materials, enzymes (biocatalysis), bio fuel, microbes
Invest II Programme of the European Commission (EC)
and is jointly promoted by Malaysian Industry-Government         technologies, biomass, bio-degradable plastics, oleochemicals,
Group for High Technology (MiGHT) and two European               bio-process engineering, fermentation, green chemistry and
Partners, i.e. European Association for Bioindustries            contract manufacturing.
(EuropaBio), Belgium and Association for the
BioPharmaceutical        Industry     (BioFarmind), The          Bioinformatics involves in the application of information and
Netherlands.                                                     communication technology (ICT) and grid computing in the
                                                                 field of sequence alignment, gene finding, genome assembly,
The main objective of this project is to establish long term     protein structure alignment, protein structure prediction,
business and technology co-operation by arranging one-on-        prediction of gene expression and protein-protein interactions,
one partnering meetings between biotech companies and            modeling of evolution and bio chip development etc.
research institutions (inclusive of universities) from the 27
Member States of the EU and Asia/Malaysia to formalise
business partnership such as technology transfer, R&D, trading   Who Will You Meet?
of biotech products, venture capital investment, contract
                                                                 EUM-BIO will attract a wide range of business leaders,
manufacturing, contract research, etc., via the event. The
                                                                 scientists, technopreneurs, bio-process engineers, contract
emphasis will be on Bio-agriculture, Bio-healthcare, Bio-
                                                                 manufacturers, laboratory equipment distributors, licensors of
manufacturing and Bioinformatics. The project is timely and
                                                                 biotech innovations, venture capitalists, Intellectual Property
aligns with the EU-Malaysia agenda to promote the
biotechnology industry.                                          (IP) holders etc from the biotech industry such as:
                                                                 - Biotech companies related to the four above-mentioned
                                                                 - Chambers of Commerce
                                                                 - Consulting Firms such as Intellectual Property Rights,
                                                                    Patent, Commercialisation, Project Management, Direct
                                                                    Marketing etc
                                                                 - Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) of Biotech
                                                                    Equipments, Reagents and Products
                                                                 - Government Agencies involved in biotech industry
                                                                    development either in industrial/trade promotion or R&D
                                                                 - Industry Associations representing biotech industries
                                                                 - R&D Companies
                                                                 - Universities & Research Institutes
                                                                 - Venture Capital Companies
                                                                 - Biotech Parks
                                                                 Note: Preference given to SMEs

Concept of EUM-BIO Business                                        The following are possible scenarios for our
                                                                   business partnering:
Partnership                                                        -   Buyers meet Sellers
Companies need to globalise their business in order to remain      -   Consultants meet Clients
competitive. Having a regional strategic partner is crucial if a   -   Entrepreneurs meet Venture Capitalists
company is to enjoy greater market access opportunities.           -   Exporters meet Importers
EUM-BIO 2007 allows participants to meet potential                 -   Foreign Investors meet Government Officers
                                                                   -   Inventors meet Marketeers
cooperation partners, business clients, customers and
                                                                   -   Laboratory Equipment Suppliers meet Procurement Officers
suppliers cost-effectively in one venue.
                                                                   -   Researchers meet Marketeers
                                                                   -   Researchers meet Researchers
EUM-BIO is literally a business partnering event. After            -   Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) meet Multi National
participating biotech organisations have registered and                Corporations (MNCs)
provided their co-operation/ partnering profile, the EUM-BIO       -   SMEs meet SMEs
secretariat will present their profiles in a catalogue featuring   -   Suppliers meet Distributors
potential collaboration in business and R&D. These 15,000          -   Traders meet Manufacturers
copies of catalogue will be circulated not only to participating   -   Technology Licensors meet Licensees
organisations but also targeted biotechnology industry players     -   Vendors meet Procurement Officers etc.
in Europe and Asia. The profile of the participating
organisations is also available in the project website.            How Does EUM-BIO Business
Participating companies can bookmark potential partners,           Partnership Work?
search for companies, people and products, view companies’
profile to evaluate prospects and request appointments with        1. Registration of participating biotech companies with their
the companies during EUM-BIO 2007 via the website.                    business collaboration profiles at
                                                                   2. The profile of these participating European/ Asian/
                                                                      Malaysian biotech organisations will be promoted
Partnership Opportunities                                             through EUM-BIO catalogues (15,000 printed copies and
Business Partnership                                                  e-version) and distributed to potential business partners
                                                                      in Europe/ Asia six months in advance of the event
-   Business Products Outsourcing                                  
-   Contract Manufacturing                                         3. All registered participants to set their time availability on-
-   Distributorship/Agency                                            line, request and accept meetings with potential partners
-   Global Product Sourcing                                        
                                                                   4. View and print meetings schedule
-   Joint Bidding of Government Tender                             
-   Joint Production                                               5. EU and Asia/Malaysia organisations meet face-to-face for
-   Joint Venture                                                     potential business collaboration/ partnership via pre-
-   Manufacturing Investment                                          scheduled meetings at EUM-BIO 2007 in Malaysia
-   Resellership                                                   
                                                                   6. Additional meeting set up upon request ‘In-Situ’ during
Technology Co-operation                                               EUM-BIO 2007 in Malaysia
-   Commercialisation of R&D
-   Contract Research                                              Benefits:
-   Joint R&D
-   Proprietary Consultancy                                        It offers business opportunities such as:
                                                                   a. Highlight your company’s profile and establish direct
-   Technology Licensing
                                                                        contact with potential business partners in Europe and
-   Technology Transfer
                                                                        Asia without going through intermediaries
-   Technical Assistance
                                                                   b. Find out export and import needs for products and services
Financial Alliance                                                 c. Market products and services to Europe/ Asia and vice
-   Cross Region Initial Public Offering (IPO)                          versa
-   Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)                                d. Explore contract research opportunities
-   Merger and Acquisition                                         e. Explore contract manufacturing opportunities
-   Project Financing                                              f. Establish various kinds of collaboration with European/
-   Venture Capital                                                     Asian counterparts

About the Role Players
                    EU-Asia Invest Programme
                       Asia Invest is an European Union (EU)      It supports economic co-operation between Europe and Asia
                       initiative that aims to promote and        through business to business match-making opportunities,
   E UROPE A ID        support business co-operation between      partnership-building and capacity strengthening activities.
                       the EU and Asia. The programme provides
                       assistance to intermediary organisations   For more information, please visit:
to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships between  
companies, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises       invest/html2002/main.htm
(SMEs), as well as to strengthen the business environment to
increase trade and investment flows between the two regions.

                    Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT)
Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology           Among the publications produced by MiGHT were
(MiGHT) was launched as a company limited by guarantee in         (i)    National Aerospace Blueprint;
1993. It is an independent and non-profit organisation that is    (ii) Malaysian Pharmaceutical Industry Action Plan;
driven by membership drawn from both the public and private       (iii) Aerospace Industry Reports 2005;
sectors.                                                          (iv) Herbal Industry Outlook;
                                                                  (v) Directory of Advanced Composite Industry in Malaysia;
MiGHT’s predominant role is to enable consensus building and      (vi) Maritime Blueprint;
coordination for Industry-Government partnership in high          (vii) Industrialised Building system (IBS) Report; and
technology sectors. It provides strategic technology inputs for   (viii) Road Haulage Blueprint.
Industry and Government, nurtures technology-based
enterprises and entrepreneurship as well as prepares              For more information, please visit:
knowledge workers relevant to strategic and high technology
industry needs.

As an organisation under the purview of the Ministry of
Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), MiGHT
represents the Ministry in interfacing with the Industry to
promote technology uptake in business.

Currently MiGHT manages several national projects on behalf
of the Government, namely
(i)    “MM Chip” development and implementation;
(ii) “passenger-to-freighter” aircraft conversion; and
(iii) technology offset management for selected
       government procurement. Besides, MiGHT serves as the
       secretariat to the Malaysian Aerospace Council and is a
       consortium member of Malaysia International
       Aerospace Centre (MIAC).

MiGHT, over recent years, had undertaken various studies
which include
(i)   Formulation of National Biotechnology Policy;
(ii) Identification of business and R&D opportunities in the
      applications of nanotechnology;
(iii) Concept development master plan for agro-based
      industry park;
(iv) Herbal industry business model development;
(v)   National Brain Gain Programme; and
(vi) Redevelopment of Subang Airport.

About the Role Players

                    Association for the BioPharmaceutical Industry (BioFarmind)
BioFarmind represents the interests of the biopharmaceutical      BioFarmind as network
industry in the Netherlands. Initially established as a           BioFarmind is first and foremost a network for its members.
foundation in 1997, it was later changed into an association.     Besides biotech companies, the association also counts among
The mission of the association is to advance the interests of     its members businesses and organisations that are supportive
the biopharmaceutical industry. BioFarmind has currently 110      to the pharmaceutical biotechnology industry. Members
members.                                                          clearly appreciate this network structure.

Working group structure                                           BioFarmind international
BioFarmind includes a modest facilitary company (DutchBio)        Although BioFarmind is a national interest group, the
                                                                  association certainly monitors international developments.
that carries out specific services for the association. To this
                                                                  After all, legislation in the Netherlands is largely determined in
end, BioFarmind uses a structure comprising various working
                                                                  an EU context.
groups in which people from companies with different area of
expertise can share their knowledge and develop a joint vision    Additionally, BioFarmind tries to learn from experiences gained
to be communicated by the association.                            by sister organisations abroad and to establish international
                                                                  contacts that may be of value to the members of BioFarmind.
BioFarmind has working groups occupied with, for example,
                                                                  BioFarmind and its affiliates
Regulatory Affairs, Research & Development, Access and
                                                                  The Dutch Vaccines Group (DVG) has recently been established
Public Affairs & Relations.
                                                                  at the request of a number of members of BioFarmind. DVG,
Government and politics                                           which is exclusively active in the field of vaccines, maintains
Good contacts with both the authorities and politicians are       close ties with BioFarmind and allows for double membership.
vital in promoting the interests of the national pharmaceutical   Additionally, DVG makes use of the facilitary company, DutchBio.
biotechnology industry. BioFarmind continually invests in         Another recent startup is the Molecular Medicines Group, which
these relationships, whereby its approach is characterised by a   like DVG will remain closely affiliated to BioFarmind.
positive frame of mind. BioFarmind aims to contribute to a        For more information, please visit:
climate that is as favorable as possible for the pharmaceutical
biotechnology industry.                                           english.php

                    European Association for Bioindustries (EuropaBio)
EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries is the      denominator among all our members is the use of
voice of the European Biotechnology Industry. EuropaBio was       biotechnology at any stage of research, development or
created in 1996 and represents almost 60 member companies         manufacturing.
operating worldwide, 14 associate organisations, 5 regions
                                                                  EuropaBio is actively engaged in dialogue with the European
and 25 national biotechnology associations. EuropaBio also
                                                                  institutions and contribute to the creation of a coherent
represents over 1500 small and medium-sized enterprises
                                                                  legislation for bioindustries. EuropaBio ensures a steady flow
involved in research, development, testing, manufacturing and
                                                                  of information about biotechnology to the European
commercialisation of biotechnology applications.          Our
                                                                  Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of
corporate members are involved in a wide range of activities:
                                                                  Ministers. Through its member associations, EuropaBio fosters
human and animal health care, diagnostics, bio-informatics,
                                                                  a standing dialogue with policy makers and stakeholders at a
chemicals, crop protection, agriculture, food and
                                                                  national level and cooperates with Member State
environmental products and services. EuropaBio also
                                                                  governments, in particular as they prepare for an EU
welcomes associate members such as international
                                                                  Presidency term.
commercial, financial, asset management and other service-
providing companies, regional biotechnology development           For more information, please visit:
organisations and scientific institutes. The common     

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
3i Asia Limited, Singapore (3i Group Plc, UK)                     against diarrhoeal diseases.
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                            - Sold to Crucell in December 2006.
                                                                • Arrow Therapeutics, a drug discovery and development
Organisation Profile:                                             company focussed on developing novel anti-infective
3i is a world leader in private equity. We focus on buyouts,      therapies.
growth capital, venture capital, infrastructure and quoted
private equity and invest across Europe, Asia and the US.       Number of Staff: 13 (Spore office)

Our competitive advantage comes from our international          Annual Business Turnover (€): 2005m (3i Group plc -
network and the strength and breadth of our relationships in                                  ultimate Holding
business. These underpin the value that we deliver to our                                     Company)
portfolio and to our shareholders.
• Presence in Asia since 1997
• Over US$1 billion invested to date, US$535m in 2006*
                                                                Alfama, Portugal
• 6 IPOs in 5 markets since 2004                                Sector: Bio-healthcare
   - (Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, London and NASDAQ)           Organisation Profile:
• Recent deals include:                                         Alfama is a specialty pharmaceutical start-up dedicated to the
   - Focus Media 2005 IPO in NY, current market cap US$4bn      development of novel drugs for the combat against
   - ACR US$200m investment - largest 3i growth deal ever       inflammation-related diseases. The company focuses on
      (2006)                                                    harvesting the enourmous therapeutic potential of carbon
• A team of 30 investment professionals                         monoxide (CO) by developing carbon monoxide releasing
• Offices in Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Shanghai & Beijing    molecules (CORMs) as anti-inflammatory drugs. Alfama’s lead
For more information, visit our website at           molecules have been shown to be effective in treating animal
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):           models of multiple sclerosis, NSAID-induced gastric ulcer and
Our strategy in Asia:                                           rheumatoid arthritis, among other diseases. The company is
• We focus on providing capital to established, private, mid-   now looking to partner some of its programs, while it
  cap businesses with a regional or global growth plan.         continues to develop others in-house towards the clinical
• We work in partnership with ambitious, high-calibre           stages. Alfama is led by a group of experienced bio-
  management teams and help to grow their businesses.           entrepreneurs, former Big Pharma executives and
• A two-way bridge between Asia and the US & Europe.            distinguished scientists. The company is based in Lisbon,
• We invest across a range of sectors and utilise 3i’s          Portugal and Boston, Massachusetts.
  international network to add value.                           Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
  - Our international network gives us a powerful global        Development of carbon monoxide releasing molecules
     perspective, combined with local knowledge and             (CORMs) for the combat against inflammatory or
     contacts.                                                  inflammation-related diseases such as hemorrhagic shock,
  - We stay close to our customers and markets.                 gastric ulcer, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.
Organisation’s Achievements:                                    Organisation’s Achievements:
IPOs and Trade Sales to-date:                                   1. Highly promising animal model results in multiple sclerosis,
• Asia Renal Care, a regional operator of kidney dialysis          rheumatoid arthritis, septic shock and NSAID-induced
   centres across S. E. Asia.                                      gastric ulcer, among other diseases.
   - Trade Sale to Thai Bumrungrad Hospital and Bumrungrad      2. Raised the largest ever venture capital financing round for a
      Int’l Limited in June 2007.                                  Portugal-based start-up.
• Santhera Pharmaceuticals, focused on the discovery, and       3. Leading IP position, globally, in its field.
   clinical development, and commercialisation of               4. Voted the best start-up in Europe by the EU’s Gate2Growth
   pharmaceuticals for neuromuscular and metabolic diseases.       Venture Contest (now European Venture Contest), from
   - IPO on the Swiss Exchange in November 2006.                   among 300 contestants from 22 countries.
• Newron Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company           We Request:      Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Project
   focused on the discovery and development of innovative                        Financing, Venture Capital
   therapeutics for disorders of the Central Nervous System.
   - IPO in December 2006 on the Swiss Exchange.                We Offer: Technology Licensing
• SBL Vaccines, a world leading position in oral vaccines

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Alpha Biologics UK-Malaysia                                          Ark Bio Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Sector: Bio-manufacturing                                            Sector: Bio-agriculture
Organisation Profile:                                                Organisation Profile:
Alpha Biologics is a cGMP contract manufacturer of                   • Establishment of tissue culture protocols for jatropha
mammalian cell secreted proteins for use in pre-clinical and           curcas.
Phase 1 & Phase 2 clinical trials. In addition, the new, state-of-   • Innovation and development of new propagation methods
the-art 5,000m2 facility design has been through a successful          for jatropha curcas planting material.
FDA Type C design review as a commercial manufacturing               • Supply of identified superior jatropha curcas planting
facility and we therefore have the capability and capacity to          material.
produce material for Phase 3 and early market requirements.          • Research into medicinal and other commercial properties of
Our cGMP facility is on the Penang BIOtech Park in the state of        jatropha curcas.
Penang, Malaysia and is managed by staff with extensive              Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
experience of the cGMP contract manufacturing business               • To undertake research and development in biotechnology,
gained in Europe and the United States. Alpha’s process                genetics, propagation and other aspects of the biology of
development group is led by our highly skilled team, all of            fauna and flora;
whom have cGMP experience, based in facilities at the                • To carry out contract research and development in
Babraham Research Campus, in the heart of the Cambridge                biotechnology.
Bioscience cluster, England.                                         • To undertake mass propagation and development of plants
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):                  and living organisms.
Alpha offers biopharmaceutical companies and research                • To market and commercialise the products of research and
organisations a range of laboratory-based contract services            development.
from cell line generation, including stability and optimisation      • To invest in companies and projects involved in the
studies, cGMP cell banking, upstream and downstream                    business of biotechnology.
manufacturing process development and cGMP manufacture.              • Our current project is in developing the protocols for
                                                                       Jatropha curcas for mass propogation.
Processes will be developed in England and then transferred
to the Penang facility for the final technology transfer run(s)      We Request:
and cGMP manufacture. The lower cost base of the Penang              Manufacturing Investment, Cross Region Initial Public Offering
facility enables Alpha to provide full FDA / EMEA cGMP               (IPO), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Merger and Acquisition,
compliant manufacturing services at highly competitive prices        Project Financing, Venture Capital
that in turn enable our clients to reduce the cost of their drug     We Offer:
development programmes.                                              Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research, Joint
The Penang facility has two main areas, a Process                    Venture
Development Area (PDA) and a current Good Manufacturing
Practice (cGMP) production area that are supported by the
analytical development, quality assurance, quality control and
microbiology departments. Both PDA and cGMP areas have
identical equipment, facilitating seamless tech transfer to
Number of Staff: 10 in Malaysia, 3 in United Kingdom and a
                 Business Development Director in United
We Request:
Joint Venture
We Offer:
Contract Manufacturing

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
A.I.P., Belgium                                                  Avir Green Hills Biotechnology AG, Austria
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                           Sector: Bio-healthcare

Organisation Profile:                                            Organisation Profile:
We are a Belgian biotechnology company, fully focusing on the    Avir Green Hills Biotechnology AG is a company based in
development and commercialisation of blood bank products.        Vienna, Austria. The company draws on its knowledge of
                                                                 virology to develop and commercialise innovative products
Based on our own materials, we develop blood bank tests and      that offer cost-effective treatment for a wide range of diseases
we transfer the manufacturing technology and QC protocols        affecting the population at large. The products under
under a collaboration agreement to our partners world wide       development by the company are unique therapies against
for local production under their own label.                      influenza and cancer with the aim to significantly improve
                                                                 health and quality of life of human beings. Avir Green Hills
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):            Biotechnology is developing vaccines and therapies against
The most advanced product available today is a fourth            infectious diseases such as influenza and tuberculosis, as well
generation HIV combi-test (detecting both HIV antigen and        as cancer with melanoma being the main target.
HIV antibodies). An important feature of this test is that it    Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
incorporates a human monoclonal antibody as HIV capturing        The core competence of Avir Green Hills Biotechnology is its
antibody. The performances of this HIV test are among the        extensive know-how in virology, particularly in the field of
highest presently available in the market.                       interactions between viruses and host cells. This expertise has
                                                                 led to the development of three major product lines:
Also tests for HCV, HTLV1+2 and Syphilis (all recombinant) are
                                                                 FluVacc - a replication-defective influenza virus vaccine.
available or being developed, on behalf of our partners.         FluVacc-delNS1 is highly immunogenic while being safely
In addition to the blood bank assays we also have a large        attenuated.
portfolio of DNA tests (screening, genotyping, multiplex),       MelVir - is based on Avir Green Hills Biotechnology’s finding
which have been developed by another company of our              that melanomas are associated with the expression of
portfolio (located in Holland).                                  endogenous retroviruses. This finding provides the basis for
                                                                 early diagnosis (Melvir diagnostics) and treatment of
If you would be interested to further discuss a potential        melanoma (Melvir therapeutics).
collaboration between our companies in the field of blood
                                                                 VecFlu - a viral vaccine vector for expression of foreign
bank assays for screening and confirmation and / or our DNA
                                                                 antigens. Vecflu has an advantageous immunogenicity profile.
test portfolio, we would be happy to supply you with any
                                                                 It will be used for immunisation against melanoma and
additional information you may find relevant.                    tuberculosis.
Number of Staff: 7                                               Organisation’s Achievements:
                                                                 Seasonal influenza vaccine: Phase I Studies H1 at AKH Vienna
We Request:
                                                                 (March 2007); Phase II Studies H1 (Fall 2007)
Contract Manufacturing, Distributorship/Agency, Joint Bidding
of Government Tender, Joint Production                           Project Leader in EU-Project STREP “Intranasal H5 vaccine”

We Offer:                                                        Number of Staff: 45
Commercialisation of R&D, Contract Research, Technology          We Offer:
Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical Assistance, Project    Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Technology Licensing,
Financing, Venture Capital                                       Business Products Outsourcing
                                                                 We Request:
                                                                 Contract Manufacturing, Venture Capital

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Advanz Fidelis Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                    Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Sector: Intellectual Property Service Providers                     IP Search & Registration Services
Organisation Profile                                                patents, trade marks, industrial designs, geographical
Advanz Fidelis is the leading One-Stop Intellectual Property        indications
Service Provider in Malaysia. We offer clients a fully integrated   IP Development
IP service, from registration and portfolio management,             technical research, patent drafting, availability searches, best
through to advice on contentious matters, from advisory and         methods of IP protection
consultation to the physical implementation of policies related     IP Management
to your intellectual property needs. Our emphasis on                portfolio management, trade secret programs, in-house staff
personalized attention and customized service ensure that           training
your business and intellectual property needs are met and
                                                                    IP Asset Identification
                                                                    IP audits, IP valuation IP Dispute Resolution oppositions,
Advanz Fidelis was incorporated to introduce this new concept       mediations, negotiations, litigation review
to our clients in the business of intellectual property
                                                                    Consultancy & Advisory
protection. It is a different approach and is chartered to
                                                                    intellectual property, domain names, pharmaceutical matters
provide our clients with a complete range of professional
services currently not available or only partially available        Mergers & Acquisitions
within the intellectual property protection community in            technology transfers, licensing
Malaysia.                                                           Extended Agency Services
Through this different approach, Advanz Fidelis changes the         investigations, monitoring & watching services, public
landscape of intellectual property protection by advocating         relations & advertising needs, market surveys
intellectual property protection together with pro-active           Organisation’s Achievement:
business strategies to complement every facet of your               • Listed as one of the top-rated companies handling IP
business planning be it in corporate restructuring, mergers,          matters by the worldwide publication Managing
acquisitions, financing, manufacturing, marketing, sales or in        Intellectual Property
research, development and inventions.                               • Our consultant Chuah Jern Ern has been identified as one of
                                                                      Asia’s leading consultants in IP through the Asia Law
                                                                      Practice & Survey, and has also been nominated by in-house
                                                                      counsel and his peers around the world to appear in the
                                                                      Expert Guide to the World’s Leading Patent Law Experts

                                                                    Number of Employee: 16

                                                                    We Offer:
                                                                    Provision of intellectual property services

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Ain Medicare Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                      testing of new biomaterials and in the quality-control of
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                              traditional medicines.
Organisation Profile:                                               Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Established in 1993 in Malaysia, Ain Medicare Sdn Bhd is a          AvantiCell has adopted a dual market strategy, combining in-
leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, ranging            house services with, when market-ready, products in the form
from Large Volume Parenterals, Small Volume Parenterals,            of customer-friendly assay kits. The Company specialises in the
Irrigation Solutions, Haemodialysis Concentrates, and               isolation of cells from body tissues (primary cells) and their
Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions.                                      culture in ways that reproduce the cells’ functions in vivo. With
Our manufacturing plant is located at the Pengkalan Chepa 2         a focus on cancer, AvantiCell applies this expertise to build
Industrial Area, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The plant consists of        specialist cell-culture systems, including cell-based assays
production floor, laboratories, warehouses, and administration      suitable for screening pharmaceuticals, traditional medicines
office.                                                             and veterinary drugs for efficacy and safety. The Company’s
Our products are being used by the hospitals and healthcare         unique paired-assay approach, testing compounds in human
institutions in Malaysia, as well as various similar institutions   cancer cells and in the equivalent normal human cell, provides
abroad.                                                             clients with a valuable indication of their molecules’ likely
                                                                    therapeutic value.
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Ain Medicare Sdn Bhd produces pharmaceutical products such          Organisation’s Achievements:
as Intravenous Solutions, Irrigation Solutions, Peritoneal          AvantiCell, unlike many other biotechnology companies, has
Dialysis Solutions, Small Volume Injections, Large Volume           generated revenue from start of trading, and has a growing
Injections, and Haemodialysis Concentrates.                         customer base for its services. AvantiCell’s cell-based
                                                                    technology has, variously delivered for its customers
Organisation’s Achievements:
                                                                    (i) potential new anti-cancer therapeutics from marine
• Best Vendor Award 2006 - awarded by Pharmaniaga
• Selected as a facility to be audited for the certification of     (ii) new culture-based alternatives for testing of xenobiotics
  the NPCB and admission of Malaysia as a member of PIC/s.          (iii) pre-clinical characterisation of a novel breast cancer
Number of Staff: 500
                                                                    Service and product development is the subject of R&D funded
Annual Business Turnover (€): 14.9 million                          by Scottish Government, the UK Technology Strategy Board
We Request:                                                         and European Framework programmes. This R&D is creating
Commercialisation of R&D, Technology Licensing, Technology          new cell-based technology that differentiates AvantiCell’s
Transfer, Contract Manufacturing, Distributorship/Agency,           products and services in response to demonstrable market
Joint Production, Joint Venture                                     need, and will include first-to-market cell-based assays
                                                                    incorporating 3-D cell-culture technology.

AvantiCell Science Ltd, United Kingdom                              We Request:
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                              Technology Licensing, Business Products Outsourcing,
Organisation Profile:
AvantiCell Science Ltd is a biotechnology Company                   We Offer:
specialising in cell biology and cell culture technology. This      Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
technology is delivered in a range of services and products to      Proprietary Consultancy, Technology Transfer, Technical
customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries        Assistance, Joint Bidding of Government Tender
and the research sector. The Company’s business is founded
on the principle that advances in cell culture technology
enable the development of physiologically-relevant
alternatives to animal testing in research and drug discovery.
That principle is illustrated in AvantiCell’s cell-based assays
and customised cell culture systems, which have found
application in the evaluation of potential therapeutics,
including those from novel sources e.g. marine microbes, in

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Bhd                                         financing and the submission of debt and equity issue
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                                proposals for infrastructure projects to Securities Commission
                                                                      (SC) and also the trading of such debt instruments at the
Organisation Profile:
                                                                      primary level. It also involves other fee-based activities such as
Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad (BPMB) is a development
                                                                      placement of debt and equity issue, financial, capital and
financial institution (DFI) owned by the Malaysian Government
                                                                      corporate restructuring, asset securitization, mergers and
through the Minister of Finance Inc. The Bank is mandated to
provide medium to long term financing to capital-intensive            acquisitions and project feasibility studies. The underwriting
industry, which include infrastructure projects, maritime, and high   exposure is strictly temporary until placement to final
technology sectors.                                                   investors.

In addition to the provision of financing, the Bank also made a       Revolving Credit - The revolving credit is normally to cater to
number of strategic investments and amongst its subsidiaries          the working capital requirements of the company.
are Bank Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana Malaysia Berhad               Industrial Hire Purchase - To finance the purchase of vehicles
(SME Bank), Global Maritime Ventures Berhad (GMV) and                 and equipment-related to maritime-related activities.
Pembangunan Leasing Corporation Sdn Bhd (PLC). With a
combined asset value of more than RM23 billion, the Bank              We Offer:
Pembangunan Group is well positioned to meet the financing            Project Financing
and business development needs of Malaysian entrepreneurs
in priority sectors from start-up to expansion.                       Bioteam Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):                 Sector: Bio-manufacturing
Conventional financing facilities are available for a wide range      Organisation Profile:
of needs. These would cover for infrastructure, maritime and          • We produce amplification enzyme such as taq DNA
high technology sectors with items like term loans, leasing and         polymerase.
industrial hire purchase asset acquisitions, revolving credit         • We offer technology licencing, technology transfer and
facilities for working capital. In addition, various forms of           distributorship.
guarantee and performance bond are also available.
                                                                      Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
The types of financing offered are: -                                 • Produce taq DNA polymerase as our main activity.
Project Finance - The provision of medium to long term                Organisation’s Achievements:
financing for infrastructure, maritime and high technology            - Award winning for ITEX 2005,
projects where repayment generated by the project. The                - Geneve 2006,
financing can either be on a non-recourse or limited recourse         - MARDI Lembaga Sains 2006
                                                                      We Offer:
Structured Finance - The provision of short to long term              Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Contract
financing to infrastructure, maritime and high technology             Manufacturing, Distributorship/Agency, Global Product
projects where the repayment is based on the assessment of            Sourcing
the project as well as the financial strength of the corporate
borrower and the implementation of special financing                  We Request:
programs.                                                             Project Financing, Joint Venture, Business Products
                                                                      Outsourcing, Joint R&D, Venture Capital
Contract Finance - The provision of short term to long term
financing to contractors awarded contracts to construct and
complete infrastructure, maritime and high technology
projects where the repayment rely on the performance
capability of the contractor and also the financial strength of
the contract provider.
Corporate Finance - The provision of corporate, project &
financial advisory services, the arrangement and raising of
total financing requirement, the underwriting of such

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
BioPlanta GmbH, Germany                                           BioAccess Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Sector: Bio-agriculture, Bio-healthcare                           Sector: Bio-healthcare, Bio-manufacturing
Organisation Profile:                                             Organisation Profile:
BioPlanta is one of the leading companies in applying             BioAccess was incorporated to develop Biological Cleaning
bioengineered approaches for discovery, development and           and Odor Control Products that protects the environment. The
commercialisation of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical            company had been importing Biological Cleaning and Odor
compounds using it’s proprietary platform technology. In the      Control Products from USA, and are in the process of
field of environmental engineering BioPlanta also combines        establishing its own manufacturing plant at Shah Alam to
environmental engineering services with applied plant             meet the Local and Overseas Market. Since its inception, we
biotechnology at the highest level and uses the potential of      managed to secure contracts from Corporate, F&B and Health
biology to develop processes for cleaning water, soil and         Industries. With the strength of the products and services, our
sediments.                                                        clients have full confidence in our services and have given
                                                                  strong support.
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
The activities of BioPlanta mainly cover two business areas       Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
relying on the proprietary technologies for breeding, selection   With emphasis on environmental friendliness, BioAccess
and production of functional plants. In novel cultivation         provides a complete range of products and services that
systems, BioPlanta produces plant organ cultures for the          pleases washroom users. BioAccess packages are also
pharmaceutical, flavour or food industry with higher yields,      designed to meet any establishment’s cost-benefit
stable and higher quality grades of active compounds than in      expectations. BioAccess has complete world-class products
the field production. In the field of environmental engineering   ranges that include automatic toilet maintainers, soap
BioPlanta offers the planning of biological water and soil        dispensers, organic air fresheners, and metered aerosol
remediation, stabilisation of sewage sludge, landscape            systems for air sanitizing, insect and odour control. BioAccess
planning, environmental impact assessments and technical          dispensers and equipment are designed to be reliable,
supervision.                                                      functional, cost-effective and very easy to maintain. Available
                                                                  together with BioAccess’s product range are consumable
Organisation’s Achievements:                                      materials and refills which include natural organic gels for air
• Development of a proprietary cost-effective bioreactor          freshening, aerosol fragrances and insect control products,
  system which allows the production of high-quality drugs,       quality liquid soap, body and hair shampoo products. Bio-
  an efficient screening of new active compounds, and the         enzymatic formulations are also produced by BioAccess for
  design of novel drugs                                           cleaning and maintenance applications. BioAccess has
• Establishment of an innovative platform technology for          pioneered this particular aspect of biotechnology for
  manufacturing of plant derived compounds basing on the          washroom hygiene.
  developed bioreactor system
• Establishment of an international Business and R & D            We Request: Business Products Outsourcing, Contract
  network                                                         Manufacturing, Distributorship/Agency, Global Product
• Development of technologies for the promotion of natural        Sourcing, Joint Bidding of Government Tender, Joint
  attenuation processes, using selected plants for passive        Production, Joint Venture, Manufacturing Investment,
  waste water and in-situ soil treatment in several national      Resellership
  and international projects.
Number of Staff: 14
We Offer:
Joint R&D, Contract Manufacturing, Contract Research, Joint
Production, Joint Venture
We Request:
Joint R&D

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Biotools B&M Labs, S.A., Spain                                        Organisation’s Achievements:
Sector:Bio-healthcare                                                 Among the most outstanding achievements of Biotools for
                                                                      more than 10 years are as follow:
Organisation Profile:
                                                                      a) One of the broadest portfolio of enzymes that have shown
Biotools is a leading manufacturer and developer of
                                                                         during more than 10 years high quality, reproducibility and
recombinant enzymes, Real Time PCR technologies
                                                                         cost competitiveness thanks to a different production
                                                                         method developed by Biotools (industrial secrete). Among
designer and manufacturer, as well as developing solutions
                                                                         the enzymes are Real Time PCR Mastermixes, RT-PCR in One
and products for different biochip platforms (tissue and
                                                                         Step for Real Time RT-PCR), Pfu, Tth, etc.
protein arrays). Since 1996, we have a very extensive
                                                                      b) LIONPROBES™: Technology developed and patented by
catalogue to sell and collaborate with partners in over 40
                                                                         Biotools. It is an innovative Real Time PCR technology that
countries in Asia, Europe and America. Among our leading
                                                                         offers important advantages compared to Taqman® or
products are Real Time RT-PCR Enzymes, Real Time IVD Kits for
                                                                         similar technologies, due to be based on a proofreading
Tuberculosis, HPV, CMV, Legionella, Listeria, Malaria and other
                                                                         system, offering in that way important applications in the
major infectious diseases, as well as Real Time Kits for GMO
                                                                         identification of point mutations, SNP analysis, etc. Biotools
detection and animal species identification. We also offer
                                                                         has proven the advantages of this patent in several
design services for kits and licenses for the use of alternative
                                                                         applications such as the Biotools IVD kits for MTB, CMV,
technologies in Real Time PCR as Biotools LIONPROBES, which
                                                                         Malaria, Legionella, etc.
has important potential applications in the SNP detection
                                                                      c) GELIFICATION Technology Platform: Developed and
field. We also offer licenses for our GELIFICATION Technology,
                                                                         patented by Biotools, this technology offers a highly cost
which enables users to stabilise complex reaction mixtures as
                                                                         efficient stabilisation of complex reaction mixtures as IVD
IVD kits in single tubes ready to use that are stable at room
                                                                         Kits or protein biochips (spotting buffer), increasing stability
temperature and need no further handling. The technology has
                                                                         of these, as well as the possibility to store and ship at room
convinced clinicians and users in-field tests. It is applicable to
                                                                         temperature. The technology can be combined with an
a broad range of reagents and technologies (PCR, Real Time
                                                                         automised system and has important potentials in the
PCR, biochips, vaccines, etc.).
                                                                         vaccine field.
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
                                                                      Number of Staff: 28
Biotools is one of the leading Spanish biotechnology
companies, with more than 10 years presence on a global               Annual Business Turnover (€): 1.1 million
scale. Since 1996 the company has played a leading role in the
development and production of recombinant enzymes for                 Cooperation Sought
PCR, Real Time PCR, RT-PCR, as well as of IVD and Agfood kits.        Biotools is looking for several types of business collaborations
The company has sales of 1 Mio Euros (40% outside of Spain)           in the Asian market:
and 28 employees, with a subsidiary in Brazil, covering the           a) Business partners interested in obtaining licenses for
Latin American market and cooperating with major leading                 alternative Real Time PCR methods (LIONPROBES/
Healthcare providers in the development of new solutions and             GELIFICATION) or in the design of IVD kits
technologies for the biomedical and diagnostic sector. Biotools       b) Equipment manufacturers of biochips or innovative Real
has also several patents, among which the LIONPROBES                     Time PCR machines or Smartcards interested in
(alternative method for Real Time PCR) and the Gelification              collaborating with a reagent manufacturer with a long
technology are the leading ones. Biotools offers personalised            experience in developing systems for different platforms
licensing programs for partners interested in these highly            c) Business partners who produce IVD Real Time or standard
innovative and potential technologies.                                   PCR Kits or biochips requiring recombinant enzymes in
                                                                         OEM agreements
Biotools has the ISO 9001-2000 certificate, as well as an IVD
certificate for its facilities in order to produce diagnostic kits.   d) Business partners with novel technologies in the smartcard,
Biotools also collaborates with a leading biochip developer in           lab-on-achip, biochips or Real Time PCR field looking for a
the solution of new applications for this technology in drug             technological partner for further development or a
discovery, diagnosis and therapy monitoring.                             distributor in Europe
                                                                      e) Companies specialised in biosensors and who are looking
Biotools always welcomes proposals for the development of                for European partners
new technologies or applications, and offers highly innovative        f) Partners interested in establishing a joint venture in
solutions thanks to one of the leading and most experienced              Malaysia or Southeast Asia
molecular biology team worldwide.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
We Request:                                                          an EU context. Additionally, BioFarmind tries to learn from
Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Technology Transfer,            experiences gained by sister organisations abroad and to
Business Products Outsourcing, Distributorship/Agency, Joint         establish international contacts that may be of value to the
Bidding of Government Tender, Joint Production, Joint Venture,       members of BioFarmind.
Manufacturing Investment, Venture Capital                            BioFarmind and its affiliates
We Offer:                                                            The Dutch Vaccines Group (DVG) has recently been established
Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Technology Transfer,            at the request of a number of members of BioFarmind. DVG,
Technology Licensing, Business Products Outsourcing,                 which is exclusively active in the field of vaccines, maintains
Distributorship/Agency, Contract Manufacturing, Joint                close ties with BioFarmind and allows for double membership.
Venture, Venture Capital                                             Additionally, DVG makes use of the facilitary company,
                                                                     DutchBio. Another recent startup is the Molecular Medicines
                                                                     Group, which like DVG will remain closely affiliated to
BioFarmind, The Netherland                                           BioFarmind.
Industry Sector: Bio-healthcare, Bio-manufacturing
Organisation Profile:                                                Biosigma S.R.L., Italy
BioFarmind represents the interests of the biopharmaceutical         Sector: Bio-agriculture
industry in the Netherlands. Initially established as a
                                                                     Organisation Profile:
foundation in 1997, it was later changed into an association.
                                                                     - Biosigma was established on March 1988 as a manufacturer
The mission of the association is to advance the interests of
                                                                       of disposable labware.
the biopharmaceutical industry. BioFarmind has currently 110
                                                                     - Located in Italy close to Venice.
                                                                     - Distributing their own production all over the world.
Working group structure
                                                                     Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
BioFarmind includes a modest facilitary company (DutchBio)
                                                                     - Manufacture of disposable labware.
that carries out specific services for the association. To this
                                                                     - Specialised in the production of optical disposable clinical
end, BioFarmind uses a structure comprising various working
                                                                       chemistry cuvettes.
groups in which people from companies with different area of
                                                                     - Actually launching a new and complete line of Cryo-tubes
expertise can share their knowledge and develop a joint vision
                                                                       DNA and RNAse free.
to be communicated by the association.
                                                                     Number of Staff: 46
BioFarmind has working groups occupied with, for example,
Regulatory Affairs, Research & Development, Access and               Annual Business Turnover (€): 8,000,000
Public Affairs & Relations.                                          We Request:
                                                                     Distributorship/Agency, Merger and Acquisition
Government and politics
Good contacts with both the authorities and politicians are
vital in promoting the interests of the national pharmaceutical
biotechnology industry. BioFarmind continually invests in
these relationships, whereby its approach is characterised by a
positive frame of mind. BioFarmind aims to contribute to a
climate that is as favorable as possible for the pharmaceutical
biotechnology industry.
BioFarmind as network
BioFarmind is first and foremost a network for its members.
Besides biotech companies, the association also counts among
its members businesses and organisations that are supportive
to the pharmaceutical biotechnology industry. Members
clearly appreciate this network structure.
BioFarmind international
Although BioFarmind is a national interest group, the
association certainly monitors international developments.
After all, legislation in the Netherlands is largely determined in

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Biomat snc, Italy                                                Target Market:
Sector: Bio-agriculture, Bio-healthcare, Bio-manufacturing       • Biomat offers its products and services to:
                                                                 • Diagnostic kit manufacturers
Organisation Profile:                                            • Pharmaceutical companies (HTS)
Biomat snc was founded in 1992, its activity is addressed to     • Research institutions (Laboratories, Universities, Medical
biomaterials, and, more precisely, to the study, the                device manufacturers)
development and the application of surface treatments for        • Biomat is both a supplier of the diagnostic market and a
biomedical applications, both in the diagnostic and the             partner for biomedical companies for the development of
medical area.                                                       their devices’ performances.
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):            Organisation’s Achievements:
Biomat offers different techniques of surface modifications;     ISO 9001:2000 Quality system certificate
the most technologically prominent is the COLD PLASMA
                                                                 Number of Staff: 8
(glow discharge) since it offers a wide range of applications
and many advantages on other                                     Annual Business Turnover (€): 700 000
techniques for:
                                                                 We Offer:
1) preparing hydrophilic or hydrophobic surfaces, suitable
                                                                 Joint R&D, Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical
    both for biomedical and industrial applications
                                                                 Assistance, Contract Manufacturing, Joint Production
2) improve the adhesion of inks, paints and glues
3) surface cleaning / etching                                    We Request:
Biomat’s staff constantly applies on R&D, keeping a strict       Distributorship/Agency
contact with customers and researchers.
Its laboratory and installation operate both for the internal
QC, the development of new surfaces and for contract services    BST Group of Companies (Biosyntech Sdn Bhd, Malaysia)
                                                                 Sector: Bio-agriculture
for coating and surface modifications.
Exploiting its knowledge of surfaces, the company has become     Organisation Profile:
one of the world renown producers of microplates for             The BST Croup is an innovative, fast expanding and dynamic
immunoassays (ELISA, EIA, RIA, Chemiluminescence,                group of companies involved in various aspects of the
Immunofluorescence) with special surfaces used for clinical      scientific endeavor, specializing in the biomedical and life
                                                                 sciences industry in Asia Pacific.
chemistry, R&D, HTS etc., offering a wide range of surfaces
suitable for the needs of the customers and the development      Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
of new surfaces on custom demand.                                Headquartered in Malaysia, the BST Group started out as a
The surface treatments on customer’s own items means that        distributor of life science products in Malaysia through the
they can obtain a modified performance (e.g. binding capacity,   establishment of BioSynTech in 1997. Growing into a group of
                                                                 companies in recent years, its current business includes the
streptavidin-coating) from their existing of newly developed
                                                                 distribution of products, manufacturing, and consultancy &
                                                                 training. It serves the Asia pacific region and its customers
Resuming Biomat’s activity it deals with two main areas:         base are the universities, hospitals, industrial laboratories,
• Production of microplates for immunoassays with special        schools, government department, private laboratories and
  surfaces                                                       research institutions.
• Development of surface treatments on biomedical and
                                                                 Organisation’s Achievements:
  industrial parts
                                                                 BST Group of Companies become one of the major player in
                                                                 Malaysia and Singapore for Life Sciences products.
                                                                 Number of Staff: 70
                                                                 Annual Business Turnover (€): 1.5 Million
                                                                 We Request:
                                                                 Distributorship/Agency, Global Product Sourcing

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Bio-Tropic Industries Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                          We Request:
Sector: Bio-manufacturing                                        Project Financing, Foreign Direct Investment, Manufacturing
                                                                 Investment, Joint Venture, Joint Production, Global Product
Organisation Profile:                                            Sourcing, Distributorship/ Agency, Contract Manufacturing,
Bio-tropic Industries Sdn Bhd establish since 1991, 100%         Technical Assistance, Technology Transfer, Technology
Malaysian owned company with paid-up capital of RM               Licensing, Venture Capital
100,000.00. Annual turn-over close to RM 1,000,000.00.
                                                                 We Offer:
We are in Shah Alam and we offer Technical Engineering           Technical Assistance
Services to High-Tech Process Engineering Equipment and
undertake repair and maintenance work on all type of
machineries and equipments. Specialise in Freeze Drying          BIOCYTECH Corporation, Malaysia
Technology, Evaporation Technology, Bio-rectors, Waste water     Organisation Profile:
treatment plant.                                                 BIOCYTECH is a professional exporting and trading company
Offering: Contract Technical Engineering Services &              specializing in the medical equipment, and supplies of the
Maintenance for all type of Bio-technology processing            Medical equipment for laboratory. It all began in 2000, in
                                                                 addition to our own processing factories; we also have many
equipment, Freeze-Drying, Evaporators Bio-reactor
                                                                 domestic cooperative enterprises to ensure sufficient supply of
Requesting: Join venture to manufacture Vials Diameter 13mm      a variety of products. We follow the technical quality
to 33mm / Stopper for Vials / Aluminium capping for vials.       requirement and service demand of the international market
                                                                 to produce and offer all kinds of products, seeking high quality
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):            and capability while paying more attention to the cost of
Engineering in the feild of Mechanical, Electronic/Electrical,   products. We also accept OEM business. Our products sell well
Process Engineering, Automation and Chemical/Biological          in the Asia market but also are popular in developing countries
treatment plants. Technical Engineering Service. Repair and      because of the reasonable price.
maintenance, trouble shooting , New Plant erection on turnkey
basis.                                                           Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Products:         Biotropic Level Probe(transmiter)              We are ultimate success as a result of developing a
Representation: LED Italia, Evapoartion Technology               cooperative relationship with our customers and
Representation: Machinery Coporation of America                  understanding the exact requirements of their applications,
                  (MCA)                                          ingenuity, flexibility and expertise produce results that satisfy
                                                                 our customers. Their trust is the key to a long-lasting
Organisation’s Achievement:                                      partnership. Our solutions for membrane problems reflect the
• Technical Engineering Support services to GE Engine            trust our customers take place in us. In order to deliver
   services in the feild of Repair and maintenence,              products we design an to continue to earn that trust, quality
   Auotmation, Programming, Waste Water treatment plant          management is central to our business philosophy.
   for the pass 9 years,
                                                                 We are committed to design, manufacture, market, and service
• Freeze Drying Maintenance and Consultancy to Malaysian
                                                                 innovative clinical products through responsible integration of
   Vaccine and Parmaceutical Sdn. Bhd.for the pass 12 years
                                                                 its technological, human, and material resources to ensure
• Testing and Commissioning KOBIOTECH Bio-Reactor for
                                                                 customer satisfaction.
• Supply, installation, commissioning of LED Evaporator for      We provide a variety of support services including:
   GE Engine Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.                                  1 Customer Connection
• Repair and Maintenace work for UPM/Inforport                   2 Technical Telephone Support
• STP-SBR plant at Port Dickson, 4200PE plant                    3 Field Service and Field Technical Support
                                                                 4 Product Support and Training Materials
Annual Business Turnover (€): 250,000,00
                                                                 Number of Staff: 5
Number of Employee: 8
                                                                 We Request:
                                                                 Business Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
CCM Marketing Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                  CCMD has evolved from importing pharmaceuticals to
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                           manufacturing generic ethical pharmaceutical products.
                                                                 CCMD has diversified its product range by introducing herbal
Organisation Profile:                                            products of high quality complying with international
Chemical Company of Malaysia (CCM) has a significant             standards on brands such as Diamelon, Natberry, Lipasu and
corporate presence as a public listed company since 1966,        Ginkolin. Donna and Chewies are brand leader by CCMD as
initially as a subsidiary of ICI PLC of the United Kingdom and   well.
now as a Malaysian owned corporation. CCM Bhd has since
progressed to become a “blue-chip” company in the Main           Organisation’s Achievements:
Board of Bursa Malaysia with good returns to shareholders.       The many accolades and awards CCM received during the year
                                                                 bears testimony to the high standards we have set
As an independent Malaysian company,CCM Group offers a           ourselves.At the CICM Responsible Care Awards 2005 the
wide range of products and services to the chemicals,            Group clinched five major awards, including Gold Award for
healthcare and agricultural industries. Our integrated           Community Awareness & Emergency Response and Pollution
approach to business makes us a unique ‘one-stop’ agency.        Prevention Codes. Our pharmaceutical products are already
Our business activities include:                                 well known for the high quality and in FY2006, three of our
- Chemical products and applications                             products won from Watson’s and Guardian Pharmacy,two of
- Fertilizers and technical advisory services                    the region’s most established pharmaceutical retailers. The
- Pharmaceuticals and healthcare products and services           much-coveted Malaysian Business Corporate Governance
                                                                 Award was organised for the fourth time in 2006 and CCM
Our business operations are structured into four major
                                                                 was one of the three “Merit Award “winners.We were also the
subsidiaries: CCM Chemicals, CCM Fertilizers, CCM
                                                                 proud recipient of the Technology Business Review Award for
Pharmaceuticals and CCM Duopharma Biotech that are
                                                                 Excellence in Petrochemicals and Chemicals. Finally, CCM also
responsible for these activities.
                                                                 pleased to be included in the expanded G20 grouping of the
Today, CCM Group is one of the nation’s largest chemicals,       Government-Linked Companies (GLC). Inclusion into this
fertilizers and healthcare companies, manufacturing a wide       Rountable is acknoledgement of CCM as one of the leading
range of products to meet the growing needs of the domestic      GLCs in Malaysia.
and overseas markets.
                                                                 We Offer:
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):            Distributorship/Agency
CCM group is the leading generic pharmaceutical company in
Malaysia, generating a total turnover of RM204.1 million in FY
2006, or 18.4%of the CCM Group’s revenue.
CCM rise to its leadership position is predicated on a keen
sense of insights and understanding of the pharmaceutical
industry and ability to meet the market demand.
Business activities for pharmaceuticals and healthcare
products and services are undertaken by CCM
Pharmaceuticals (CCMP) and CCM Duopharma Biotech Bhd
CCMP has over 30 years of history as a manufacturer of over
300 ethical products including antihisthamines and antibiotics
and over 200 products of OTC of established brands such as
Champs, Flavettes, Proviton, Naturalle, Uphamol,Eye Glo and

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Carl Zeiss Pte Ltd, Singapore                                      Industrial Solutions - The Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology Group
Sector: Bio-agriculture                                            offers a broad range of high-precision measuring systems for
                                                                   many different applications in industry. The offering is
Organisation Profile:.                                             supplemented by a wide range of services extending to the
Carl Zeiss is a global leading group of companies in the optical   complete performance of all measuring tasks contracted by
and opto-electronic industry. Originally located in Jena,          the customer.
Germany, the company is now headquartered in Oberkochen,
                                                                   Organisation’s Achievements:
in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.
                                                                   The company’s success story began in 1846 in Jena, Germany,
The company’s business groups of Medical and Research              when its founder, Carl Zeiss, a university mechanic opened a
Solutions, Industrial Solutions and Lifestyle Products offer       workshop for scientific instruments. Serving science and
products and services for biomedical research and medical          technology was the focus of his business activities. The
technology, system solutions for the semiconductor,                commitment to innovation and the outstanding scientific
automotive and mechanical engineering industries, as well as       competence associated with the company were embodied in
high-quality consumer goods such as camera lenses,                 particular by Zeiss’ partner, Prof. Ernst Abbe. With his ground-
binoculars and eyeglasses.                                         breaking theoretical calculations and a large number of
                                                                   pioneering inventions, Abbe laid the foundation for the
The ZEISS brand is represented in over 100 countries. Germany
                                                                   technological lead and global success the company now
remains the company’s center of production, together with
production plants in Europe, America and Asia. During fiscal
year 2005/06, the global workforce of approximately 11,250         Carl Zeiss’s achievements are marked by numerous
employees generated revenues of around EUR 2.4 billion. The        milestones:-
company invests almost 10% of its revenues into research and       1. The first to produce microscope optics based on sound
development in our pursuit to maintain technological                  mathematical calculations
leadership of its business groups.                                 2. Manufactured the first planetarium projector - “Mark I” at
                                                                      the German Museum in Munich, which shows the northern
Carl Zeiss’s growth continues to be fuelled by ongoing                night sky in exactly the way we see it in nature with our
contributions to the scientific and engineering world with            own eyes
numerous inventions, patents and even Associations with            3. Clearly chosen by NASA to shoot the first and subsequent
Nobel prizes.                                                         pictures of the moon using Carl Zeiss Planar f/0.7 lens, the
                                                                      world’s fastest speed camera lens
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
                                                                   4. Won Oscar Technical Awards for the lenses used to shoot
Enabling science and technology to see what was previously
                                                                      Hollywood movies such as “King Kong” and “Lord of the
invisible is the core purpose of Carl Zeiss. Many people
throughout the world - including numerous Nobel laureates -
                                                                   5. Trusted by Formula 1 racing teams and DaimenChrysler on
have made use of this ability.
                                                                      our precise and accurate measuring technology for
The group delivers products and services for the three strategic      manufacturing of their cars
growth fields of Medical and Research Solutions, Industrial
                                                                   Number of Staff: Approx 10
Solutions and Lifestyle Products.
Medical and Research Solutions - The Microscopy Group              Contact Person(s):
provides customers in life sciences with a versatile program of    Mr. Khairul Az Kamal
                                                                   Account Manager
light optical microscopes and systems for image processing
and documentation, for laser scanning microscopy and
fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.
Lifestyle Products - The Sports Optics division offers top-class
binoculars and hunting optics. The products from the Camera
Lens Division are important ambassadors of the ZEISS brand:
lenses are use in still and movie cameras, as well as the optics
in the products from working partners like Sony and Nokia.
The Carl Zeiss Vision group also offers products and services in
the eyeglass market.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Bureau of Innovation & Consultancy,                               CRISTOPIA Energy Systems - CIAT Group
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia                                     Sector: Bio-manufacturing
Sector: Statutory Body                                            Organisation Profile:
Organisation Profile:                                             We are a French company operating in Malaysia since 1997
Founded in 1993 Bureau of Innovation & Consultancy with a         and promoting thermal energy storage for energy saving.
mission “To lead in the advancement of technology and             We are a French company that has been developing in
creation of competitive technology enterprise” is the right arm   Malaysia Thermal Energy storage for energy and operating
of UTM in promoting its various intellectual resources            cost saving. Some of our customer are BIO technologies
consultation services as well as promoting innovative             company that require high quality cooling systems for the
technologies and commercialization of the R&D UTM. Since          production, development etc. Our air treatment unit is
then, BIP has been actively involve in securing and managing      considered as very high efficiency by European standard for
more than 700 consultation services worth up to RM142             indoor air quality treatment.
million, BIP has also played major roles in establishing more
                                                                  We Offer:
than 20 technology start-up and joint venture enterprised to
                                                                  Commercialisation of R&D, Proprietary Consultancy, Technical
Organisation Role and Activities (Products & Services):
In brief, BIP plays the following strategic roles:
• To act as one stop centre for UTM and Industry
• To facilitate commercial from R&D activities
• To provide and manage consulting and testing services
• To promote activities in technological innovation and
   transfer technologies
• To promote technology enterprise development
• To provide programs for technology entrepreneurs
• Manage teaching factory
• To plan, design, build and manage UTM’s Technovation Park
Organisation’s Achievement:
• Development for Technovation Park UTM which consists 3
   building namely Industry Centre, MARA Technopreneur
   Complex and MTDC Innovation Centre
• Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status for Incubator
• Training program with associated Teaching Factory in areas
   related with Plastic technology, General Machinist,
• Acquired MS ISO 9001 version 2000 from Llyod’s Registrar
   of Quality Assurance
• World Bank Grant US$250,000.00 for InfoDev Incubator
   Initiative program
• Win IT Award and Vice Chancellor Quality Award
• Managing more than 700 consultation services worth up
   RM142 million
Number of Employee: 5

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Cambridge Healthcare & Biotech,                                   •   Marketing resource allocation
United Kingdom                                                    •   Optimising the marketing business process
                                                                  •   Differentiating marketing strategy
Sector: Bio-healthcare
                                                                  •   Franchise development
Organisation Profile:                                             •   Strategic communications
Cambridge Healthcare & Biotech (CH&B) is a strategic advisor      •   Distribution channel strategies
to biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in
                                                                  Although we are primarily a consultancy, we also can offer the
Europe and the USA.
                                                                  services of our team as interim directors when your challenge
It was founded in April 2003 by experienced professionals who     needs a more “hands-on” approach than can be provided by
have steered major products through all aspects of                an external consultant.
development and commercialisation. We bring a unique
                                                                  In some cases we operate as Non-Executive Directors,
perspective through our expertise and in-depth understanding
                                                                  particularly for smaller companies where a longer-term
of technology, product development, marketing, healthcare
                                                                  mentoring relationship can bring most benefit.
systems and corporate finance.
                                                                  We Offer:
The track record of our staff in deal-making is second to none,
                                                                  Commercialisation of R&D, Proprietary Consultancy,
enabling you to maximise value and minimise risk. We have
                                                                  Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical
the capability to operate throughout Europe and North
                                                                  Assistance, Joint Venture, Merger and Acquisition, Project
America, both on our own account and with our key alliance
Although we are primarily a consultancy, we can also provide
interim managers, plus non-executive directors, when needed
by our clients (follow this link to the separate website for
Directors For Healthcare & Biotech).
We are totally committed to delivering high value-adding
solutions to your problems and encourage a culture of
continuous improvement throughout our organisation. We
are externally audited for quality on a regular basis and have
been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of
ISO 9001:2000.
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Cambridge Healthcare & Biotech is primarily a knowledge-
based consultancy serving all sectors of the healthcare
industry. By knowledge-based, we mean that we add value by
drawing on our expertise in addressing the specific issues that
you face in your industry.
Historically, our consultants have mainly operated in the areas
of Business and Marketing Strategy as shown below, but we
would be delighted to discuss how we can help you address
your specific industry challenge.
•   Business Strategy
•   Strategic business planning
•   Mergers & acquisitions
•   Licensing
•   Strategic alliances
•   Valuation and due diligence
•   Marketing Strategy

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
CEBEE Biotech Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                   We Request:
Sector: Bio-manufacturing                                         Contract Research, Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer,
                                                                  Business Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing,
Organisation Profile:                                             Global Product Sourcing
CEBEE Biotech Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer and exporter
specializing in supplying a wide range of health supplement       We Offer:
products with its head office based in Malaysia.                  Business Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing

We are an innovative company focus on constant research and
development. As a result of our constant investments, we are      Charles University in Prague, 1st Faculty of
kept at the forefront of current technology towards the           Medicine, Czech Republic
development of quality and reliable products abreast with the     Sector: Bio-healthcare, bio-informatics
latest health supplement range.                                   Organisation Profile:
Our core product Biomas café, is a 4 in 1 Functional Health       Charles University is the biggest and oldest university in Czech
Beverage and the latest addition to our stable of products for    Republic. 1st Faculty of Medicine is its integral part. Faculty is
                                                                  composed from theoretical Institutes and clinical departments
general wellness. It is an excellent combination of Malaysian
                                                                  of the Faculty Hospital. Combination of theoretical and clinical
Herbs, Mas Cotek (Ficus Deltoidea) with Arabica coffee. Its       expertise and availability of up-today scientific technologies
active ingredients are produced from 100% natural extract of      makes it the leading force in the field of biomedical sciences in
seven different spices of the same herbs, extracted under low     Czech Republic.
temperature using biotech process to preserve its natural
                                                                  Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
                                                                  The basic role of the Faculty is to educate new generations of
Our factory is certified “HALAL” by the Department of Islamic     physicians and other health care providers. Moreover, Faculty
Development Malaysia (JAKIM) and conforms to ISO 9001-            is active in basic science as well as it is extending activities
2000. We are efficiently run and equipped to take on the future   directed towards co-operation with industrial companies and
challenges in the growing market. We are already                  private enterprises. On contractual basis we provide expert
progressively venturing into exporting to countries like the      service, and our specialist also part directly in joint projects of
                                                                  applied research, which lead to practical implications of
Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, India, Qatar and many
                                                                  scientific knowledge.
                                                                  Organisation’s Achievements:
Our Corporate Values and Principals strengthen our journey to
                                                                  The 1st Faculty of Medicine belongs among ten most
sustainable development. By living according to our defined       important scientific institutions of the Czech Republic. Its main
corporate values, we can meet the needs of our valued             achievements are in the field of oncology, endocrinology,
customers.                                                        inherited metabolic diseases and neurosciences.
At CEEBEE, we share the following values:                         We Request:
Customer Care: Our goal is always to deliver first class          Commercialisation of R&D, Venture Capital
customer service and comprehensive high quality Biotech           We Offer:
products.                                                         Joint R&D, Contract Research, Technical Assistance
Efficiency: We utilize our resources efficiently and strive for
economy across all area of our business.
Flexibility: We constantly seek new opportunities to grow our
business and we are committed to continuous improvement in
our performance.
Ambition: We aim at becoming a world leader in our field. We
nurture ambition throughout the entire workforce.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Centre for Natural Products Research and                           Country Code Commodities Limited, Ghana
Drug Discovery (CENAR), University Malaya                          Sector: Bio-healthcare
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                             Organisation Profile:
Organisation Profile:                                              Country Code Commodities Limited is limited liabibity
Malaysia is blessed with an abundance of natural flora and         company. We are into distribution and marketing of
                                                                   pharmaceuticals, hospital supplies, electrical and electronic
fauna and has the oldest and richest source of flora in the
                                                                   equipments, computers and computer accessories and act as
world, possessing over 2000 species of herbs. With such mega
                                                                   international agents for international companies in Ghana.
biodiversity of natural resources, great importance has been
placed on natural products research in Malaysia. The Centre        Our operation covers a wide range of products. We have a
for Natural Products Research and Drug discovery (CENAR),          versatile team that is ready in all spheres of business
University Malaya is actively involved in the R & D of natural     transactions.
products through its collaborative network of research labs
                                                                   We however would not hesitate to tie business relationship
and dynamic group of researchers from the life sciences,
                                                                   with any international organisation or company of likemind
bioinformatics and medicine. In addition, CENAR has
                                                                   which would like to do business with us.
established international collaborations with the Strathclyde
Institute for Drug Research (SIDR), Scotland,UK and                Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Department of Pharmacology, Aga Khan University, Pakistan.         Country Code Commodities Limted deals in medical and
                                                                   pharmaceutical products in Ghana.
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
CENAR aims to advance drug discovery by supporting and             We import and export electrical equipments, products and
providing mechanisms for the establishment of a network of         services.
collaborating investigators and laboratories in the University     We Request:
of Malaya, whose goals are:                                        Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
i. to discover new natural products-based leads from the           Proprietary Consultancy, Technology Transfer, Business
    biological compounds that occur in Malaysia’s tropical         Products Outsourcing, Distributorship/Agency, Global Product
    forests and seas.                                              Sourcing, Joint Bidding of Government Tender, Joint
ii. to support the development of existing facilities which can    Production, Joint Venture, Manufacturing Investment,
    be used for capacity building and R & D of drugs against       Resellership, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Project
    various diseases.                                              Financing, Venture Capital
CENAR offers various consultancy services ranging from plant
                                                                   Number of Staff: 28
identification, extraction, identification and analysis of plant
bioactive components, product standardisation and                  Annual Business Turnover (€): 5,000,000,00
pharmacological/toxicological testing for product registration
and other activities which are essential for commercialisation
Organisation’s Achievement:
CENAR aims to be the centre of excellence for research into
natural products and drug discovery in the region. CENAR has
collaborated with several local herbal industries in the
commercialisation of several herbal-based health products
such as Insupro (bitter gout) and Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa)
herbal lozenges.
We Offer:
Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Technology Licensing,
Technology Transfer, Technical Assistance
We Request:
Technology Transfer, Technology Licensing, Contract Research,
Joint R&D, Commercialisation of R&D, Technical Assistance

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Chemical Engineering Pilot Plant (CEPP),                          4. Using government and private funding scheme
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)                                   - Industrial Grant Scheme (IGS)
Sector: Herbal, Phytochemical, Oil and Gas, Palm Oil Industry         - Intensification of Research Priority Areas (IRPA)
                                                                      - ITAF, CRDF, TAF, etc.
Organisation Profile:                                                 - Company sponsored
Chemical Engineering Pilot Plant (CEPP) is a multi-purpose
                                                                  Technology Dissemination
Research and Business Development (R&BD) facility located at
                                                                  1. Act as a centre for transfer, adaptation and assimilation of
UTM Campus, Johor Darul Takzim. The centre was established
                                                                      new technologies; as well as a catalyst for better
to spearhead the development of new innovative specialty
                                                                      acceptance of new technologies
chemical products and processes. The centre is equipped with      2. Act like a catalysts and focal point for Technology Park.
a range of semi-industrial scale processing equipment and         3. To increase awareness and appreciation of science and
supporting laboratory facilities. It assists in the development       technology and to most favourable climate for invention
of high value components and innovative processing                    and innovation processes
technology for industries such as nutraceuticals, herbal,         4. Act as a one-stop resource and reference centre for
phytochemicals, flavour and fragrance, biopesticides,                 specialty chemical and biochemical industry.
biofertilizers, food ingredients and probiotics.
                                                                  Project Development and Market Testing
CEPP offers a wide range of laboratory and pilot scale research   1. Provide an avenue for the industry to develop, evaluate and
capabilities from gramme to kilogramme quantities.                    appraise their processes, equipment, chemicals, catalyst
                                                                      and processes
We Offer:                                                         2. To produce the following items and services;
Research and Business Development                                     - Chemical products as sample for further investigation
CEPP has the expertise and capability to develop high value           - Chemical products for sale during the realisation stage
products and processes for the following areas:                          and prior to the completion of the industrial plant. This
• herbal & phytochemicals        • probiotics                            will allow for market studies and profit returns at an
• microbiology                   • design and engineering                early stage of an industrial development with the
• flavour and fragrance          • biopesticides                         possibility of developing further stages out of the initial
• oleochemicals                  • cosmeceuticals                        proceeds for the projects
• food ingredients               • biofertilizers                 3. Undertaking contract manufacturing of certain specialty
• biopharmaceuticals             • nutraceuticals                     chemicals whose small volume is uneconomical to build a
Our herbal and phytochemical processing facility is a fully           plant. Industry can outsource specific chemicals from the
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facilities that           pilot plant.
can produce high quality extracts.                                Life Long Learning Programmes
                                                                  CEPP also offers a range of professional courses and academic
Companies can lease our pilot plant equipment and facilities      postgraduate programmes. Since 1991, we have trained staff
for carrying out scaling up studies in process and product        (from plant operators to managers) from more than 300 local
development.                                                      and overseas companies especially from oil, gas,
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):             petrochemical, palm oil and oleochemical industry.
                                                                  i) Postgraduate Programmes
Research and Business Development                                      a) MSc./PhD. by research in related fields
1. Utilising semi-industrial scale process equipment with              b) MSc./EngD. In Process Plant Management
   flexible utility supports for:
   - Process and product development                              ii) Short Courses
   - Scaling up process                                                c) Process and Plant Engineering for Chemical, Oil & Gas,
   - Plant optimisation and troubleshooting                                Palm Oil and Oleochemical Industry etc
   - Shelf life testing and standardisation                            d) Bioentrepreneurship, Business and Management
                                                                       e) Herbal & Phytochemical Processing & Formulation
2. Availability of a large pool of engineers and scientists            f) Biotechnology & Wellness Programmes
   - Multidisciplinary input from local and overseas
      universities, R&D institutions and industries               iii) In-house programmes where the course modules are
                                                                       designed to suit the needs of individual companies.
3. Various modes of implementation
   - Joint research                                               We are an approved training provider for:-
   - Contract research                                            Human Resource Development Board (HRDB), Ministry of
   - Private research to be carried out by industry personnel     Human Resource, Malaysia
      only                                                        SMIDEC - Skill Upgrading Programme, Ministry of
                                                                  International Trade & Industry, Malaysia

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Daya Qurban Saintifik Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                            Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Sector: Bio-manufacturing                                          Emerging Pharma’s services are focused on supporting
                                                                   international pharmaceutical companies who wish to
Organisation Profile:                                              establish a strong presence in the market.
Daya Qurban Saintifik was established on 1991. It is well          Marketing and Sales
known as DQS. We provide products and services based on our        At the heart of our operations is an emphasis on marketing
knowledge. Our future growth is greatly dependent upon the         and sales - you may say it’s what we do best. Our core
quality of our knowledge and expertise to deliver value to our     strength lies in our proven ability to market and sell the
client.                                                            products we represent. We know our market and we make
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):              sure that they know us. Another step we have taken towards
                                                                   empowering our sales team is the implementation of
We are manufacturing for laboratory furniture. We provide it
                                                                   ViecaSales™, our unique Mobile Sales Force Management
by our own factory located on Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang.
                                                                   System, to ensure our team attains optimal efficiency.
We do supply our products to private sector, school,
universities and also government sector. We also supply lab        In addition to marketing and sales, we offer integrated
equipment for government hospitals and private sector.             services that are designed to provide a one-stop solution for
                                                                   international companies. These services include:
Organisation’s Achievements:
On year 2005, our Managing Director have been nominated as         Regulatory Affairs
‘Anugerah Usahawan Bumiputera Pulau Pinang’ for                    We provide comprehensive assistance in the registration and
Manufacturer Category and also nominated on Business of the        importation of products.
Year Award for Category of Emerging Company. We have               Warehousing and Distribution
expanded our business to overseas and right now we got a           Through our distribution partner, we ensure a highest
project in Brunei Darussalam.                                      standards of warehousing, and prompt distribution of
                                                                   products via courier. (We also provide cold chain delivery
We Offer:                                                          when required).
Contract Manufacturing
                                                                   Medical Affairs
                                                                   Emerging Pharma maintains a panel of advisors, Emerging
Emerging Pharma Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                  Alliance™, comprising doctors and pharmacists who are able
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                             to advise on medical issues related to products, and provide
                                                                   valuable local perspective.
Organisation Profile:
Dedicated to enriching the global quality of life, Emerging        Organisation’s Achievements:
Pharma is set on bringing the world’s best healthcare products     Celebrating 10 years of living our vision, through the years,
to Southeast Asia, one of the most exciting growing regions in     Emerging Pharma has established long-term partnerships with
the world.                                                         various international pharmaceutical groups (to name a few
                                                                   like IPSEN from France, Alfawassermann from Italy, Zambon
Celebrating our 10 years of serving our partners, Emerging         also from Italy, Vitrolife from Sweden, and Lotus
Pharma is firmly dedicated to positioning international            Pharmaceutical from Taiwan) to market their top-quality
pharmaceutical manufacturers and helping our foreign               products in our part of the world.
partners establish a strong presence in our part of the world.
                                                                   In 2005, as our principals’ products gain more and more
In adhering firmly to our vision, we are also committed to         market value in our territory, four strategic business divisions
bringing top-quality products to people by giving reliable         were formed within Emerging Pharma to focus on four
support to medical professionals in their provision of             therapeutic areas: Diabetic Care, GastroCare, NeuroCare, and
healthcare delivery. Over and above our focused and targeted       Women’s Health.
marketing and sales effort, Emerging Pharma firmly believes in     The year 2006 marked the beginning of Emerging Pharma’s
the longer-term benefit of nurturing relationships, on behalf of   increased focus on corporation effort through the
our principals, as we aspire to enhance our customers’ welfare     establishment of KPIs and Employment Handbook. The vision,
and well-being through strong Customer Relationship                mission, and culture statement of our company have been
Management (CRM) programmes.                                       revisited to further clarify and affirm our beliefs.
As we evolve into an integrated healthcare group in 2007 and       To empower our sales force and to enable the team to attain
beyond, we remain firmly at the centre of healthcare - at the      optimal efficiency, a Customer Relationship Management
meeting point of pharmaceutical companies and medical              (CRM) System named Vieca Sales™ was launched in 2007.
professionals.                                                     Emerging Pharma is currently laying down the processes and
                                                                   procedures to move the company to the next level. By 2009,
                                                                   we aspire to advance our operations to the regional level.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Electrotech Investments Ltd, Singapore                            EMS Division: Based in Malaysia, this division specialises in
Sector: Bio-manufacturing                                         the design and manufacture of plastic parts, key components,
                                                                  electromechanical modules and box-build products for the
Organisation Profile:                                             telecommunications, office automation, automotive, medical
ElectroTech Investments Ltd is a Singapore incorporated           and consumer electronics sectors. The EMS Division’s strength
international contract manufacturing group. It represents the     lies in its “One-Stop” integrated solution from design to test
ultimate holding company of the Frencken Group (its               and assembly. With the exception of its keypad manufacturing
Mechatronics Division) and Precico Group (its EMS Division).      business, the Division focuses on low to medium volume, high
                                                                  mix turnkey projects.
ElectroTech provides a comprehensive range of technologies
and services in partnership with its customers. Capitalising on   Organisation’s Achievements:
its European mechatronics and Asian electronic assembly           a) ElectroTech:
experiences, the group is converging towards higher value            • Singapore International 100 Ranking 2006
added projects and new combinations of engineering                   • Singapore 1000 Company 2007
technologies. Customer needs can be matched to combine
                                                                  b) Mechatronics Division (Frencken Group):
group resources where relevant and necessary.
                                                                     • ISO 9001:2000 Certification
ElectroTech serves a broad spectrum of international                 • 2006 Engineering Innovator Award
customers - most of whom are renown in their own field of            • ISO 4001 Certification
expertise and markets.                                               • Gold Award (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance)
                                                                     • Achievement Award 2005
ElectroTech can match your outsourcing requirements to our
                                                                  c) EMS Division (Precico Group)
specialist project engineering and manufacturing and client
                                                                     • ISO/TS16949:2002 Certification
support centres in Europe and Asia.
                                                                     • ISO 9001:2000 Certification
The Mechatronics Division specialises in the design and              • ISO 14001 Certification
manufacture of complex electromechanical assemblies and              • UL Certification
precision-engineered systems (complete machines) for leading
                                                                  Number of Staff: 2600
capital equipment OEMs. The EMS Division designs, develops
and/or      manufacture       plastic    parts/components,        Annual Business Turnover (€): 108 million
electromechanical modules and complete box-build products
for a wide range of customers and product segments.               We Offer:
                                                                  Contract Manufacturing, Joint Production
ElectroTech has a track record of stable sales growth and a
healthy balance sheet to support the continued expansion of
its technological capabilities and geographical presence.
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Contract Manufacturing
Mechatronics Division: Based in The Netherlands with a
subsidiary in Malaysia, this division leverages its strong
competencies in industrial design and engineering to develop
functional and sophisticated modules or complete machines
for the medical, analytical and semiconductor industries. The
Mechatronics Division’s advanced design, engineering and
manufacturing capabilities enables it to participate in
customers’ products from the initial development phase to
prototyping, testing and production. The recent expansion of
assembly facilities in both The Netherlands and Malaysia and a
newly formed strategic alliance with 3 other “best in class”
companies will enhance the division’s capability to develop
new and more sophisticated modules and equipment.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic                            Epsilon Medical Devices Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
(ECCR)                                                            Sector: Bio-manufacturing
Sector: Bio-agriculture, Bio-healthcare, Bio-manufacturing,
                                                                  Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
                                                                  • our cost competitive contract manufacturing capabilities
Organisation Profile:                                               (small and high-volume production) for sterile and non-
The ECCR, established in 1993, is an independent association        sterile medical devices in cleanroom class 100k
of large, medium and small businesses. It is a member of          • injection and over-moulding capabilities in cleanroom class
EUROCHAMBRES and also other international organisations             100k
(UEAPME, etc.).                                                   • manufacturing of stainless steel surgical instruments
The Chamber’s main task is to support the entrepreneurial         • contract manufacturing of catheter tip forming and
climate and the development of trade. A comprehensive range         punching application using special process, balloons for
of products and professional services in all areas relating to      catheters
trade, industry and commerce is focused on meeting the needs      • springs for medical applications
of all representatives of the business community in the Czech     • design and manufacturing of equipment for medical/
Republic as well as of foreign businesses.                          hospital application
                                                                  • design and manufacturing of semi and fully automated
The ECCR is a partner for the support of mutually beneficial
                                                                    assembly machines for medical devices (if required CE
relations and a place where contacts can be made, it can make
use of its wide network of regional and district chambers           marked)
covering the whole Czech Republic (14 regional and over 60        • providing regulatory and design support
district chambers, about 80 trade associations). The ECCR         • support for injection mould making
represents several Czech companies from the bio-sector,           We Offer:
namely the company Peletka specialized in production of           Commercialisation of R&D, Business Product outourcing,
biomass fuel.
                                                                  Contract Manufacturing, Global Product Sourcing, Joint
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):             Production, Joint Venture, Contract Research
The Czech Republic is well known for its high level of culture,
                                                                  Contact Person(s):
qualified workforce, advantageous geographical location in
the centre of Europe, favourable taxation system as well as       Dr. Frank Kubik
extensive transport and communication network. During the         Managing Director
course of business activities in the Czech Republic the
companies often require help and advice from someone who is
familiar with the environment and who has been active in it
from the very beginning. That is why the Economic Chamber of
the Czech Republic can be the first point to contact when
entering the market in the Czech Republic.
Number of Employee: 89
We Offer:
We represent Czech business community and can mediate
contacts with Czech companies
Contact Person(s):
Mr. Jiri Hansl
Project Manager

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Eastworld Multimedia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                EuropaBio, Belgium
Industry Sector: Bio-agriculture, Bio-manufacturing                   Sector: Bio-agriculture, Bio-healthcare, Bio-informatics, Bio-
Organisation Profile:
We are MSC Status Incubator on which focusing on the                  Organisation Profile:
development of Biotechnology and ICT Project. The FBO’s               EuropaBio, (the European Association for Bioindustries), has
(Fresh Bio Organic) product originated by IBRA Resources Sdn.         85 corporate and associate members operating worldwide
Bhd. a group company under our incubator. We are a platform           and 25 national biotechnology associations representing some
to accelerate and to merge between local Malaysian                    1800 small and medium sized enterprises.
technopreneur together with investor, trader, technology
                                                                      Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
provider or buyer.                                                    EuropaBio’s mission is to promote an innovative and dynamic
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):                 biotechnology-based industry in Europe.
We are manufacturer of Fresh Bio Organic fertiliser. The              Number of Staff: 17
fertiliser made from a fermentation process on which EM,
Chicken Waste and Fibre from Palm Oil Tree mixed together for
several months. The natural process resulted a natural bio            Frost & Sullivan, Singapore
organic fertiliser that will increase quality and quantity of yield   Sector: Bio-healthcare
for any crops. It also can be used for fishery in pond or
                                                                      Organisation Profile:
additional supplement for livestock as it contained
                                                                      Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company, has
lactobacillus and actinomyces series. It also treats soil to
                                                                      been partnering with clients to support the development of
become near to pH7 on which good for root development.
                                                                      innovative strategies for more than 40 years. The company’s
We strongly believed that by using FBO’s fertiliser planter           industry expertise integrates growth consulting, growth
could save fertiliser budget per annum up to 50% and the crop         partnership services, and corporate management training to
is 100% free from poisoning chemical. We would like to                identify and develop opportunities. Frost & Sullivan serves an
collaborate with any EU company having interest to import             extensive clientele that includes Global 1000 companies,
this fertiliser or to become potential JV partner on which FBO’s      emerging companies, and the investment community by
fertiliser will be produced in Malaysia under contract                providing comprehensive industry coverage that reflects a
manufacturing and export it to EU country managed by EU               unique global perspective and combines ongoing analysis of
member.                                                               markets, technologies, econometrics, and demographics. For
                                                                      more information, visit
Organisation’s Achievements:
Accredited by Malaysia Government ‘Multimedia Super                   Number of Staff: 100- 120
Corridor (MSC) Status Incubator. The MSC Status Incubator,            We Request:
will entitled EMSB to receive a facilities of ‘bill of guarantee      Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Cross Region Initial
incentive’ for pioneer project.                                       Public Offering (IPO), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Merger
Number of Staff: 5                                                    and Acquisition, Venture Capital
                                                                      We Offer:
We Offer:
                                                                      Contract Research, Proprietary Consultancy, Cross Region
Business Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing,
                                                                      Initial Public Offering (IPO), Merger and Acquisition, Business
Distributorship/ Agency, Global Product Sourcing, Joint
                                                                      Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing, Global
Production, Joint Venture, Manufacturing Investment,
                                                                      Product Sourcing, Joint Bidding of Government Tender
Resellership, Technology Transfer, Proprietary Consultancy,
Technical Assistance
We Request:
Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Foreign Direct
Investment (FDI), Merger and Acquisition, Project Financing,
Venture Capital

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Frontken Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                 majoring either in Biochemistry or Microbiology, and Bachelor
Sector: Bio-manufacturing                                           of Science (Honours) majoring in Biochemistry and
                                                                    Microbiology. For post-graduate studies, the Faculty offers the
Organisation Profile:                                               Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
Surface metamorphosis service includes precision cleaning,          programs. The fields of study offered for the M.S. and Ph.D
anodising, electropolished, precision maching/ part fabrication     programs are Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
                                                                    and Genetic Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology, Food and
Number of Staff: 400 regional and 200 in Penang,
                                                                    Enzyme Biotechnology, Animal Cell Biotechnology,
                                                                    Environmental Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Structural
Annual Business Turnover (€):           2.7 million (Penang), 9     Biology, Microbiology and Nanobiotechnology.
                                       million (Group)
                                                                    Organisation’s Achievement:
We Request:                                                         International Invention, Innovation, Industrial Design and
Joint R&D, Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer                Technology Exhibition (I-TEX 2006)
We Offer:                                                           Gold Medal
Business Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing,              • Local Isolates of Newcastle Disease Virus as
Global Product Sourcing, Joint Production, Joint Venture              Antileukemic Vaccine (Prof. Dr. Abdul Manaf Ali)
                                                                    • NipahScanTM: A Rapid Screening Test For the
                                                                      Detection of Nipah Virus Infection (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan
Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular                             Wen Siang)
Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)                           • Monitoring of Heavy Metals Pollution in Malaysian
Sector: Bio-agriculture                                               Rivers using an Inhibitive Enzyme Assay System (Dr.
                                                                      Mohd Yunus Abd. Shukor)
Organisation Profile:
The Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences              Silver Medal
(BioTech UPM) was established on 1 August 2004 with the             • Bioremedaition of Heavy Metals using Xenoclean-
merger of two departments, the Department of Biotechnology             molybdenumTM (Dr. Mohd Yunus Abd. Shukor)
(from the Faculty of Food Science and Biotechnology) and the        • Microbes for Enhancing Poultry Industry (Dr. Sieo Chin
Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology (from the                  Chin)
Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies). With the             Malaysia Technology Expo 2006 5th Invention and Innovation
formation of BioTech UPM, all activities involving                  Competition (MTE 2006)
biotechnology in UPM are organised under one
                                                                    Gold Medal
administration. Since its formation, the Faculty has four
                                                                    • A New Monoclonal Antibody against Breast and Colon
                                                                      Cancer Cells (Prof. Dr. Abdul Manaf Ali)
- Department of Bioprocess Technology
                                                                    • T1 Lipase for Industrial Applications: Isolation to
- Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
                                                                      Structure Elucidation (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Raja Noor Zaliha
- Department of Biochemistry
                                                                      Raja Abd. Rahman)
- Department of Microbiology
                                                                    Silver Medal
Each department offers core and elective courses for its own
                                                                    • Eduenzyme Purify, the Future of Bioeducation in
program as well as for other programs. Besides teaching, the
                                                                       Malaysia (Dr. Mohd Yunus ABd. Shukor)
academic staff members are also actively involve in research,
                                                                    • XenoAssay Iron, a Novel Iron Determination Method
extension services and consultancy. Although it is a new
                                                                       (Dr. Mohd Yunus Abd. Shukor)
faculty, all the academic staff are very experienced and have
broad scientific knowledge in their respective fields. Currently,   International Invention, Innovation, Industrial Design and
it has 10 Professors, 13 Associate Professors, 14 lecturers and     Technology Exhibition (I-TEX 2005)
15 tutors. BioTech UPM has various expertise and facilities to      Bronze Medal
support teaching and research as well as to provide                 • A Novel Organic Solvent Tolerant Lipase: Prospect and
professional services in all fields involving biotechnology.          Challenge Towards Industrial Applications (Prof. Madya
                                                                      Dr. Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abd. Rahman
Currently, the Faculty offers four (4) academic programs at the
Bachelor’s degree level. These programs are Bachelor of             We Offer:
Science (Biotechnology), Bachelor of Science (Honours)              Joint R&D

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Furley Group of Companies, Malaysia                               Genolyze Ltd, Finland
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                            Sector: Bio-informatics
Organisation Profile:                                             Organisation Profile:
Furley Group of Companies provides creative product concepts      Genolyze is a bioinformatics service company in Finland
and product development for the food and beverage industries      providing solutions for data management and Bio-IT driven
in the ASEAN region. Our customer base is spread across           project coordination for the systems biology approach the
various industries, from food and beverage, pharmaceutical,       absolute prerequisite is the use of information technology.
traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers, multi-level
                                                                  Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
marketing to retail chains.
                                                                  Genolyze cooperates with several laboratories and clinical
At Furley, we continuously seek to meet our customers’ needs      research companies, both local Finnish and European, and can
for innovative products developed with natural bioactive          offer through its network complete research biomarker and
ingredients. These are aimed at supporting a well balanced        discovery projects. Genolyze team of bioinformatics experts
diet, thus providing good health and wellness to consumers.       will perform the data mining and collection.
We also currently are representing multinational bio-             Organisation’s Achievement :
companies from Germany, New Zealand, France, US and               Genolyze takes part in a EU-project of the 6th frame
Australia in promoting bioactive ingredients into Malaysia, the   programme studying pulmonal hypertension. Genolyze is also
ASEAN region and China. Besides supplying the active              participating in a Finnish nation-wide project studying
ingredients to various industries, we also help our customers     endometriosis.
develop new product concepts, formulation and even provide
                                                                  Annual Business Turnover (€): 200,000
innovative marketing concepts for customers expanding their
product lines.                                                    Number of Employee: 8
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):             We Request:
At present, Furley are collaborating with FRIM in research and    Resellership
development of Malaysian herbal products. We are
                                                                  We Offer:
commercialising Natural Antioxidant Standardised Extracts
                                                                  Joint R&D, Contract Research
(NASE) and Natural Antioxidant Skin Whitening Standardised
Extracts (NASSE) which are isolated and researched by FRIM and    Contact Person(s):
currently setting up an extraction facility for NASE and NASSE.   Mr. Marko Mäenpää
                                                                  Chief Executive Officer
Organisation’s Achievements:
The NASE and NASSE have won a Gold Award in ITEX 2006.
Furley has developed and commercialised antioxidant extracts
into product namely Styn, Cartilac and Beauté de la botanique,
which have won Gold and Silver Award in ITEX and silver in
MTE (2006) respectively.

Number of Staff: 13

Annual Business Turnover (€): 1 million
We request:
Venture Capital

We Offer:
Joint R&D, Business Products Outsourcing, Contract
Manufacturing, Distributorship/Agency, Joint Production, Joint

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Global Nourisher Bio Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                 Scientific Director retired from the lectureship of a well-known
Sector:     Bio-agricultural,     Bio-manufacturing,           Bio-    national university with R&D team of professors, doctorates
nutraceutical, Industrial Biotechnology                                and three scientists, two manufacturing executives, QC/QA
                                                                       executive and two field applications specialists.
Organisation Profile:
Global Nourisher Bio is a Malaysian manufacturer of super              We Request:
activated carbon, natural herb pyroligneous acid, and                  National and International Agents, Distributorship/Agency,
indigenous beneficial microbials for many applications. The            Resellership, Project Financing
company reflects bold innovations. Our own brands and
products consisting of various cocktails of bio-active create          We Offer:
innovative and value for money.                                        Contract Manufacturing, Resellership, Technical Assistant,
                                                                       Joint Bidding of Government Tender, Propriety Consultancy,
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):                  Project Financing and Joint Production.
We produce high absorptive activated carbon, natural tropical
bamboo vinegar, indigenous beneficial utilities microbials and
enzyme using fermentation technology (SSF).                            Genting Sanyen (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
We provide services include palm oil mill waste treatment,             Sector: Bio Renewable Energy
municipal & domestic wastewater/ sludge/ sewerage/ septic              Organisation Profile:
tank treatment, polluted river treatment, livestock wastewater         Genting Sanyen is a subsidiary of the Genting Group with
effluent & sludge treatment and organic soil fertility, non-
                                                                       diversified interests in Power Generation, Oil & Gas and
chemical & non-GMO environmental management
                                                                       Renewable Energy.
                                                                       It is currently exploring the potential in bio-renewable energy
Organisation’s Achievements:
Using our technology we produce very profitable, high quality          and has developed a pilot plant to produce bio-oil from palm
and good taste catfish using biotech recirculating aquaculture         oil empty fruit bunches. It has also initiated study into the
system without using chemicals and antibiotics.                        feasibility of jatropha as an energy crop.

The chicken produced for commercial market using our                   Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
technology and new generation of growth promoters, herbal              Genting Sanyen Group has a combined power generation
products and our processed cheap mineral water offer price             capacity of about 2000MW in Malaysia, China and India. It
competitiveness and safe by the consumer using natural                 also owns an oil producing field in China and gas reserve in
solutions and free from antibiotic growth promotants. The              Indonesia.
poultry farmer using our kind of technology becomes the best
producer of chicken in Malaysia for Ayamas Brand. Our                  Number of Staff: 500
organic fertilizer specially formulated using various cocktails        Annual Business Turnover (€): 570 million
which do not contain synthetic chemicals produced high
quantity and quality rice grain and oil palm fruit. Wastewater
treatment using our technology can wipe out the worst
wastewater effluents from pig farms. Our dietary supplements
of natural antioxidants do not contain artificial colors, artificial
flavors and preservatives and proven as anti-aging. Our
livestock fermented feed are made by Indigenous Beneficial
concerns the production of the two products that are used
commercially for many applications, using the method of
simultaneous process of production, which is novel.
Number of Staff: Management team consists of two very
experienced managers graduated from Harvard Business
School and supported by one good-track record manager, a

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Global Satria Group                                                   Number of Staff: 200++
Sector: Bio-agriculture                                               Annual Business Turnover (€): 10 million
Organisation Profile:                                                 We Request:
Global Satria Group comprises of the Life Science Division,           Distributorship/Agency, Joint Venture, Manufacturing
Seafood Division and Restaurant Division. It was founded 6            Investment, Cross Region Initial Public Offering (IPO), Foreign
years ago and has experienced rapid growth ever since its             Direct Investment (FDI), Project Financing, Venture Capital
humble beginnings. Today, Global Satria Group operates
approximately 500 shrimp(prawn) culture ponds each of about           We Offer:
0.5ha; 7 hatcheries; a HACCP EU and FDA approved Seafood              Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
Processing Plant and a newly established 600 sq. metre Life           Contract Manufacturing, Proprietary Consultancy, Technology
Sciences Laboratory. The Life Sciences Division is involved in        Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical Assistance, Business
both mariculture and marine biotechnology. The Group                  Products Outsourcing, Global Product Sourcing, Joint
specialises in the take-over and acquisition of aquaculture           Production.
companies and abandoned shrimp (prawn) farms. The Life
Science Division has a staff of over 20 scientists involved in both   German Business Pool International
research and operations. The Group is considering transnational       Sector: Bio-manufacturing
expansion in the very near future in the Asian region and already
has strong collaborative ties with other regional laboratories.       Organisation Profile:
The Group’s aquaculture activities will soon include species such     GBP INTERNATIONAL is an independent consulting and
as grouper hybrids, sea cucumbers and giant tropical oysters.         management organisation. We conduct strategic and
                                                                      operational consulting work for companies with business
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):                 interests in Asia and Europe. We were founded 1996 and since
Global Satria Group exports quality non-GMO HACCP certified           then we had the pleasure to work together with more than
seafood all over the world. Its Life Science Division is involved     100 companies in various areas.
in leading edge mariculture biotechnology research including
                                                                      Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
single cell protein biomass from agro-wastes, astaxanthin
                                                                      Depending on the individual demands and requirements, we
extraction from wastes, probiotic bacteria, DNA vaccines,
                                                                      offer tailor-made solutions in each and every field of the
antiviral proteins, prawn genomics, triploidy, photobioreactor
design, sex manipulation in fish and crustacea, research into
alternatives to fishmeal protein, RNA interference and                German Business Pool is committed to solve your problems.
molecular signalling. The new laboratory will have approxi-           The examples of area of activities are as follows:
mately 20 bioreactors of volumes ranging from 300 litres -            - Market Research
1200 litres capacity and welcomes contract recombinant                - Fact Finding
protein manufacture from EU companies that need cost                  - Sales and Marketing Support
efficient recombinant protein production for non-human appli-         - Procurement
cations that does not need cGMP compliance.                           - Local Management
                                                                      - Trouble Shooting
Organisation’s Achievements:
Global Satria has achieved for the first time in the world the        Organisation’s Achievements:
use of Empty Fruit Bunch (the main agricultural waste in              With our mixed team of experienced and professional
Malaysia at 20 million MT/annum production from the Oil               employees and partners (from Asia and Europe), we are able
Palm industry)for growing Single Cell Protein(SCP) for prawn          to offer to you a “Best of both worlds” scenario. The traditions
(shrimp) feed. This has been proven in laboratory conditions to       embedded in the slogan “Made in Germany” are combined
support growth of the Banana Prawn Penaeus merguiensis.               with our Asian values and our Know-how and Know-who of
Experimental animals preferred the SCP over commercial                the target markets.
prawn pellets that normally account for 50% of the cost of            We Offer:
production of marine prawns.                                          Contract Research, Proprietary Consultancy, Business Products
                                                                      Outsourcing, Distributorship/Agency, Global Product Sourcing
The Company has also successfully used enzyme technology in
extraction of astaxanthin and canthaxanthin from seafood
factory processing wastes. The Company has a aquaculture
diagnostics laboratory that supports the aquaculture division of
the Group. In-house production of probiotic bacteria in bioreac-
tors supply the Groups 500 production ponds located in 15
farms in the Tawau area of Malaysia.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Global Open Ltd, United Kingdom                                 Until they are targeted, risk managers engaged in business
Sector: Bio-agriculture                                         continuity planning often exclude the risk from activism
                                                                connected with, for example:
Organisation Profile:                                           • Animal rights;
Global Open (Europe) Ltd                                        • Environmental issues;
Global Open Limited was founded in the United Kingdom and       • Anti-corporatism;
is run by former New Scotland Yard Special Branch officers.     • Anti-globalisation.
Global Open advises our existing base of clients about events   Organisation’s Achievements:
in Europe and other continents. Our combined experience         Corporate Social Responsibility
totals over 200 years of service and offers our clients an      Global Open will identify and assess local NGOs that may be
unrivalled pool of talent and experience.                       approached and report on whether dialogue could be useful.
Discretion and confidentiality Intelligence is gathered         Corporations need an early warning of a potential threat to
responsibly and legally from diverse sources. We are used to    their reputation, particularly if the propaganda put out on the
handling sensitive information as a matter of routine. We       Internet is politically motivated or is based upon false data.
confidently deal with issues necessitating a measure of         Often corporations need to respond quickly to a growing
discretion and confidentiality between company and client.      threat with their own facts in order to avoid the momentum of
Global Open (USA) LLC                                           reputation damage.
Global Open (USA) LLC is our sister company, registered and
                                                                Global Open will monitor the Internet and inform corporations
run in the United States of America for the benefit of North
                                                                of reputation threats so that they can respond rapidly when
American corporations and individuals.
It shares the core aims and objectives of Global Open in
                                                                Corporations seeking to enhance their role in local
Europe. It uses the services of former Federal Bureau of
                                                                communities need to identify worthy local organisations and
Investigation (FBI) officers and their associates.
                                                                maintain a dialogue with potential allies. Companies must be
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):           careful in their choice of NGOs. The publicity given to the
An appropriate response to the threat relies upon an accurate   practice of CSR must stand the test of examination by political
assessment of the changing risk.                                groups in opposition to the corporation.

We ensure that our client have peace of mind by providing:      Approaching NGOs
• Forward looking intelligence via our bulletin board           Activists monitor CSR with interest in order to identify
• Notification and an assessment of future events               corporate ‘greenwash’. This is a term used by activists to
• Daily or weekly, industry specific reports                    denote the practice of hollow or insincere CSR. It increases the
• Monthly strategic reports on the main groups                  probability of being targeted by activists and political
• Statistical information                                       opponents.
• A 24-hr alert/monitoring service
• Notification of high-risk dates                               The support of reputable NGOs will demonstrate a commitment
• Immediate circulation of new activist tactics                 to those affected by the activities of the company and should
• Advice to minimise security expenditure                       deter a counter-campaign by activists.
• Advice to maintain a low cost response                        Global Open will make the initial approach to a NGO if
• Contingency planning and staff training                       required and identify an individual or leading group that is
Where necessary, Global Open will:                              willing to co-operate.
• Discuss the level of intelligence gathering required by the   Number of Staff: 18
  client and act within those instructions;
• Advise whether the requirement is considered to be            We Offer:
  proportionate to the risk.                                    Intelligence Gathering on the threat to commerce in all
• Companies engaged in project security who are concerned       countries where there is a perception of risk from single-issue
  about the threat from activism should arrange an              activism
  appointment to discuss their requirements.
• Strategic assessment

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Giannelli & Partners, Italy                                         Hovid Berhad, Malaysia
Sector: Bio-agriculture                                             Sector: Bio-healthcare
Organisation Profile:                                               Organisation Profile:
We are a partnership recently established by entrepreneurs,         Hovid grew from a herbal tea business into a leading
Massimo Giannelli and Paola Giannelli with one office in Kuala      pharmaceutical manufacturer in Malaysia. It has more than
Lumpur, Malaysia and one office in Milano, Italy, to support        300 products mainly in generic but also in OTC and
European companies grow internationally.                            supplements. It is increasing its effort in developing
                                                                    pharmaceuticals with unique delivery system. One such
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):               system is SupraBio system. A self emulsifying system for oil
In many cases mid-sized enterprises show a desire to invest in      soluble products. SupraBio system was able to improve
this region and to tap the market potential in Asia, but lack the   Bioavailability of Tocotrienols (Vitamin E) up to 350%. 60% of
resources. We support companies by services of market               productions are exported to 40 countries worldwide.
research, general advice on regulatory requirements, business
partnership matching with local investors, management of            Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
regional offices, sourcing and managing of local distributors.      Manufacturing of generic and OTC products. Products range
                                                                    from hard gelatin capsules, soft gelatin capsules, oral liquids,
Organisation’s Achievements:                                        injectables, eye drops and tablets. All products are marketed to
Our partners have a long set experience in supporting               40 countries worldwide under ‘Hovid’ Brand.
European companies grow in South-East Asia.
                                                                    R&D activities focus on delivery systems for drugs and
We Request:                                                         innovative supplements. Clinical trials coming out include
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)                                     bioequivalence studies for generic and bio-optimum studies
                                                                    for drugs and also for natural derived compounds.
We Offer:
Commercialisation of R&D, Proprietary Consultancy,                  Marketing activities are separated into sole distributorship for
Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Business Products        export markets and direct marketing (multilevel marketing) in
Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing, Distributorship/Agency,        Malaysia and our retail stores for our own brand of
Global Product Sourcing, Joint Bidding of Government Tender,        supplements.
Joint Production, Joint Venture, Manufacturing Investment,
Resellership, Investment and Business Consulting                    Organisation’s Achievements:
                                                                    We are able to develop many innovative dosage forms. We
                                                                    have patented SupraBio formulation for Bio-enhanced system
GBP Worldwide Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                     for Tocotrienols (Vitamin E). The SupraBio is able to improve
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                              bioavailability of Tocotrienol by 350%.
Organisation Profile:                                               We are the first in the world to have a commercial integrated
We are a Bio-health Care & Bio-Cosmetical company. Our              process to extract Tocotrienol and Carotene from palm oil. At
main product line are Anti-aging for both healthcare and skin-      the same time produce high quality Biodiesel from palm oil.
care ranges.
                                                                    We have many effervescent formulations. We have
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):               effervescent tablets for water disinfectant, others for
To make sure you receive a quality service, we have qualified       glucosamine, vitamin C and others.
medical profession and health wellness specialist to provide
accurate consultation and advice on health and aesthetic            We Request:
problems. We focus on anti-aging/ anti-decrepit nutraceutical       Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
together with cosmeceutical products that can effectively           Business Products Outsourcing, Joint Venture, Merger and
restore youthfulness.                                               Acquisition

We Request:                                                         We Offer:
Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,             Contract Manufacturing, Distributorship/ Agency, Global
Proprietary Consultancy, Technology Licensing, Technology           Product Sourcing, Joint Production
Transfer, Technical Assistance, Business Products Outsourcing,
Contract Manufacturing, Distributorship/ Agency, Global
Product Sourcing, Joint Bidding of Government Tender, Joint
Production, Joint Venture, Manufacturing Investment,
Resellership, Cross Region Initial Public Offering (IPO), Foreign
Direct Investment (FDI), Merger and Acquisition, Project
Financing, Venture Capital

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Healol Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                            Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Sector: Bio-manufacturing                                           We are specialised in distributing biotechnology products:
                                                                    • Molecular Biology / Genomics
Organisation Profile:                                               • Cell Biology / Tissue Culture & Immunology
Healol Pharmaceuticals is a Marketing and Distribution              • Proteomics
Company operating in 7 South East Asia Countries selling over       • Diagnostic
65 Pharmaceutical Products. The Company also warehouses             • Lab-Equipment / Instruments
and distributes drugs in all the countries it operates.
                                                                    Organisation’s Achievements:
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):               We have successfully built an extensive business network & a
• Warehousing                                                       successful partnership with our customers in the Government
• Distribution                                                      Sectors, Research Institutions, Universities, Colleges & Private
• Product Registration                                              Sectors.
• Product Profiling                                                 We Request:
• Imports and Exports                                               Distributorship/Agency
Organisation’s Achievements:
• Leading Distributor of Generic and Herbal Drugs                   Intellectual Property Corporation of
• Over 340 marketing staff selling over 65 Products in 7 SEA
                                                                    Malaysia (MyIPO)
                                                                    Sector: Intellectual Property
• Marketing Infrastructure and Warehousing Facilities in all
  the operating Countries                                           Organisation Profile:
• ISO 9000 Company                                                  VISIONS
• Joint Venture with State Government of Melaka for Herbal          To usher a society that instills intellectual property knowledge
  Formulations and Research                                         towards generating economic and cultural growth.
Number of Staff:      340 marketing staff based and working         MISION
                      in 5 countries, to cover entire SEA           To provide strong legal insfrastructure and effective
                      Countries                                     administration to enhance greater creativity and exploitation
                                                                    of intellectual property.
Annual Business Turnover (€): 9.0 million                           OBJECTIVES
We Request:                                                         - To establish a strong and effective administration
Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,             - To provide sound intellectual property laws
Technical Assistance, Cross region Initial Public Offering (IPO),   - To provide comprehensive and user-friendly information
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Project Financing, Venture         - To promote public awareness programs on the importance
Capital                                                               of IP
                                                                    - To provide advisory services on IP
We Offer:
                                                                    Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Business Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing,
Distributorship/ Agency, Global Product Sourcing, Joint Bidding     SERVICES
of Government Tender, Joint Production, Joint Venture,              - Registration of PATENTS, TRADE MARKS, INDUSTRIAL
Manufacturing Investment, Resellership                                DESIGN and GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATIONS
                                                                    - Providing information that is easily accessible for public
Helix Biotech (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                 - Creating and enhancing public awareness on the importance
Sector: Bio-agriculture                                               of Intellectual Property.
Organisation Profile:
Helix Biotech (M) Sdn Bhd is a privately owned Biotechnology
Company. We are dedicated in distributing biotechnology
products in Malaysia. We are working on the principle of
understanding the needs of our clients and are striving to
provide the best services and products to our customers.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
IP Synthesis Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                   Trademarks/Industrial Design services/Copyright issues
Sector: Bio-manufacturing                                        • Trademark Search / Industrial Design Search
                                                                 • Registration
Organisation Profile:                                            • Advising and Assisting in Trademark Infringement/ passing
IP Synthesis Sdn Bhd (IP SYNTHESIS) is a comprehensive              off
Intellectual Property, Biotechnology and Engineering             • Advising on competition issues.
consultant.                                                      • Advising, taking action on copyright issues.
IP SYNTHESIS is different from any conventional IP firm as IP    • Preparation of Statutory Declaration (Affidavit and Exhibits)
SYNTHESIS is supported by a combination of technical
specialist with a Master Degree of Intellectual Property         IP SYNTHESIS also participated in the following events.
(Economic Planning Unit (EPU) scholars) and Scientist.           • Patent Drafting Class I and II organised for Heitech Padu
                                                                    Berhad and Trade Nexus Sdn Bhd.
Additionnally, with strong technical backgrounds IP              • Advance Strategic Technology Licensing STL (organised by
SYNTHESIS has the ability to understand your requirement            MyIPO and WIPO)
better and argue for your invention in a more convincing way.    • Persidangan Dewan Perniagaan Islam Melayu Malaysia,
We value our customers and clients with the objective to
                                                                 • Kulliyah of Engineering Research and Innovation Exhibition,
complete projects on time, at competitive prices and high
                                                                    KERIE 2006 (organised by IIU)
standards. Pleasing every one of our esteemed clients is not
just a matter of pride but an opportunity for us to contribute   • IP Courts in Malaysia, Langkawi (Jointly organised by
Intellectual Property awareness to the Malaysian Community.         MyIPO and WIPO)
                                                                 • IP Education Seminar, KL (Jointly organised by MyIPO and
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):               WIPO)
IPSYNTHESIS business scope can be divided in 3 categories.       • PCT Seminar, KL Renaissance (Jointly organised by MyIPO
                                                                    and WIPO)
Intellectual Property services such as
                                                                 • Hari Harta Intelek Malaysia 2006
• Patent Services
                                                                 • Traditional knowledge, folklore and genetic resources
• Patent Novelty search
                                                                    (jointly organised by MyIPO and WIPO)
• Patent and non patent document search from WIPO, USPTO,
   EPO,JPO AIPO, KIPO, PUB-MED, SCIENCE DIRECT, SCOPUS,          • Seminar Mengenai Isu-Isu Paten dan Peningkatan
   KLUWER, ACS                                                      Pengetahuan Teknikal (jointly organised by MyIPO and
• Drafting and filing patent applications locally and               Universiti Sains Malaysia)
   internationally.                                              • Hari Harta Intelek Malaysia 2005, MITC,Melaka
• Advising whether a product or item can be patented.
                                                                 Number of Staff: 10
• Taking actions against infringement of your patents.
• Patent renewals, novelty searches and patent investigation.    Annual Business Turnover (€): 33,000
Company / Product Commercialisation, which include               We Offer:
• Licensing                                                      Contract Research, Proprietary Consultancy, Technical
• Market Survey                                                  Assistance, Business Products Outsourcing, Contract
• IP Valuation                                                   Manufacturing, Joint Bidding of Government Tender,
• Franchising                                                    Resellership
• Matching
• Grants application from SMIDEC and Matrade

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Inno Biologics Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                  The establishment of Inno Biologics signifies the first
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                            Malaysian entry into the highly regulated global
                                                                  biomanufacturing market. Inno Biologics has been included in
Organisation Profile:                                             the world CMO map in which this will contribute to creating
Incorporated in March 2002, Inno Biologics Sdn Bhd is the key     new economic opportunities in the regional biotech industry.
company of Inno Bio Ventures Sdn Bhd. The parent company,
Inno Bio Ventures Sdn Bhd is a Ministry of Finance                Inno Biologics aspires to nurture young and talented
Incorporated Company, and partly owned by Malaysian               professionals. At present it has close to 70 staff on board
Industry-Government Group of High Technology (MiGHT).             which comprises of 100% Malaysians, with about 70% of
                                                                  them are scientists and engineers specialised in
Inno Biologics is a contract manufacturing organisation (CMO)     biomanufacturing. Inno Biologics aims to assist the plans of
specialising in biomanufacturing of mammalian cell culture-       the Government to reverse the brain drain of talent lost to the
based biopharmaceuticals. Inno Biologics’ core competency         West.
lies in our current Good Manufacturing Pratices (cGMP) facility
                                                                  Number of Staff: 75
which conforms to the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration),
EMEA (European Medicines Agency) and PIC/S (Pharmaceutical        We Offer:
Inspection Cooperation Schemes) regulations.                      Contract Research, Technical Assistance, Business Products
                                                                  Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing
The state-of-the-art cGMP facility consists of a 1,000 litre
bioreactor, which is adequate for the production of clinical
grade products. The multi-product cGMP facility also contains     it4ip, Belgium
components such as clean room system, perfusion technology        Sector: Bio-healthcare
and disposable technology.                                        Organisation Profile:
                                                                  it4ip is a SME, spin-off of the University Catholic of Louvain,
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
                                                                  Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. it4ip supplies Hi-Tec membranes
Inno Biologics’ services encompass three major areas -protein
                                                                  to leading companies in healthcare, separation, diagnostic
expression uses mammalian cell expression system;                 areas.
bioprocess development and cGMP biomanufacturing for
biopharmaceutical products such as recombinant protein and        Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
monoclonal antibody for therapeutic and/or diagnostic             it4ip provides state of the art track etched polycarbonate, PET
purposes.                                                         and polyimide membranes and related R&D services.

List of technical expertise and services offered by Inno          Our membranes are manufactured in clean environment
                                                                  following ISO9001:2000 standards.
• Cell line development and engineering                           The Hi-Tec it4ip membranes are used as separation barriers,
• Hybridoma technology and antibody production                    flow controllers, for surface capture, as transparent support, as
• Mammalian cell culture medium customisation                     membrane filters in healthcare, energy, electronic and
• Cell banking                                                    separation industries. it4ip membranes are also used for
• Process Development and scale up                                cancer diagnostic, bacteria detection, air monitoring,
                                                                  diagnostic assays, cell culture, biochemical sensors.
• Clinical material production in cGMP environment with
   maximum capacity of 1,000 L                                    Organisation’s Achievements:
                                                                  • it4ip is recognised as a key player in track etching
Inno Biologics also provides training and development               technology.
programmes in relations to biomanufacturing technologies to       • it4ip supplies Hi-Tec companies with state of the art
universities, research entities and the community.                  membranes and track etched templates.
Organisation’s Achievements:                                      Number of Staff: 5
In July 2006, Inno Biologics’ biomanufacturing complex has
                                                                  We Offer:
been completed and the Company has begun to operate
                                                                  Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Technology Licensing,
through its headquarters in Putra Nilai, Malaysia. The complex
                                                                  Contract Manufacturing, Joint Venture, Manufacturing
also houses its process development laboratory and                Investment
Malaysia’s first cGMP facility for biopharmaceutical.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
INS Bioscience Berhad, Malaysia                                   Organisation’s Achievements:
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                            • Silver Medal for Indoor Aeroponic Cultivation Method for
                                                                    wheatgrass at the 28th Geneva International Exhibition,
Organisation Profile:                                               Innovation and Techniques (year 2000)
INS Bioscience Berhad is an ISO 9001 certified biotechnology-     • Gold Medal for the development of INS Wheatgrass Tea at
based company actively involved in the scientific research,         the International Invention Expo 2000 Hong Kong.
development and commercialisation of biotechnology                • The Winner of the prestigious “Enterprise 50” (years 2000,
products. Currently listed on Bursa Malaysia, we take an            2001 and 2002).
integrated approach in the Company’s supply chain                 • The “Largest Wheatgrass Tea Producer” by The Malaysia
management, that is by managing the entire process from seed        Book of Records (year 2002).
to shelf:- from R&D, cultivation of raw materials, processing,    • The “Superbrands Malaysia 2005” by the Malaysian
manufacturing to marketing and distribution of products. This       Consumers and the Superbrands Council.
integrated approach has increased the traceability of products    • The “Most Herbal Plant Species Garden” by The Malaysia
that are manufactured by the Company.                               Book of Records (year 2006).
                                                                  • Gold Medal for the development of Deng Kang Lu, an anti-
To-date, the Company has succeeded in developing and
                                                                    mutation product made from traditional herb; Silver Medal
commercialising a wide range of healthcare products with its
                                                                    for the development of Insupro Forte, an anti-diabetes
“3G” certified factory, ranging from health food supplements,
                                                                    product which contains plant insulin; and Silver Medal for the
functional foods, meal replacement drinks for slimming to skin
                                                                    development of “So Easy”, the first and only detoxifying
care and personal care products. These products are developed
                                                                    product made from oil plant fibre. All were received at the
through in-house R&D efforts and through collaboration with
                                                                    34th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, New
renowned institutions.
                                                                    Techniques and Products 2006.
Winner of numerous invention exhibitions worldwide, INSBio        • “Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)” standard Compliant
has put itself on the world map with its wide range of              for the manufacturing facility (year 2006).
outstanding bioscience innovations. It is currently working in
                                                                  Number of Staff: 103
collaboration with the biotech industry in locally and overseas
to promote greater research efforts in biotechnology. Leading     Annual Business Turnover (€): 5,030,436.41
the way in biotechnology, INSBio puts science to work by
creating solutions that change the way we live - by making our    We Request:
lives better, safer and easier.                                   Joint R&D, Technology Transfer, Cross Region Initial Public
                                                                  Offering (IPO)
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
INS Bioscience Berhad is actively involved in the scientific      We Offer:
research, development and commercialisation of                    Commercialisation of R&D, Business Products Outsourcing,
biotechnology products.                                           Contract Manufacturing, Distributorship/ Agency, Joint
                                                                  Venture, Resellership, Merger and Acquisition

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Intran Technologies Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                             Organisation’s Achievement:
Sector: Bio-agriculture                                           Most significant achievements include:
                                                                  1. Building product and agency profiles over a nine year
Organisation Profile:                                                period to include:
Intran Technologies Sdn Bhd (ITSB) organisational make up:           a. products in BioProcess Engineering;
                                                                     b. products in Chemical Reaction Engineering and;
Managing Director
Padmanabhan M                                                        c. services for Design and Engineering of Biotech /
                                                                        BioPharmaceutical Facilites.
Nirmala Devi                                                      2. Process Development and ultimately Design and
                                                                     Construction of first Nutraceutical Pilot Plant for the
Business Development Manager (Biotech)
Mathew Thomas                                                        recovery of anti-oxidants from Palm Oil Mill Effluent for the
                                                                     Malaysian Palm Oil Board.
Facilities Manager
Marshall Victor                                                   3. Completion of Programming and Master-Planning of the
                                                                     National Institute for Natural Products, Vaccines and
Service Engineer
Ravi Laxman                                                          Biologicals (NINPVB).
Sales Manager
S T Raj                                                           International Medical University, Malaysia
Sales Executive / Chemical Engineer                               Industry Sector: Bio-healthcare
Noraini Tasrul                                                    Organisation Profile:
Sales - Resource Executive / Chemical Engineer                    International Medical University (IMU) is the pioneer private
Nurul Aznin                                                       medical university in Malaysia.
Sales Executive / Biologist
Kiruba Devi                                                       The IMU started as the IMC in 1992 and was conferred
                                                                  university status in 1999. The university is in partnership with a
Business Development Executive (InVitroDiagnostics - Drug of
                                                                  network of 27 international research-intensive universities in
                                                                  Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.
Suresh Jeyaseelan
                                                                  We have established a unique and innovative partnership
Sales Executive / Industrial Process                              programme with well-established medical schools overseas.
N Manickam                                                        This diverse international dimension of IMU will serve its
Sales Executive / Industrial Process                              graduates well and contribute to the progress of the medical
Anthony William                                                   and health manpower needs of our country.
Zarina Ardani                                                     The IMU also offers a local pharmacy programme (BPharm), a
                                                                  pharmacy programme in collaboration with the University of
Administration Executive
                                                                  Strathclyde, UK (MPharm), Master of Science and Doctor of
                                                                  Philosophy (Medical Sciences or Community Health)
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):             postgraduate programme by research and the IMU Bachelor of
ITSB’s business activities are in two core areas:                 Nursing (Hons) degree programme.
                                                                  Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
1. Supply and Service of Analytical and Process equipment in
                                                                  1. Undergraduate and post graduate trainings
   Biotechnology / BioProcess Engineering, Chemical Reaction
                                                                  2. Research and development
   Engineering and Industrial Process Equipment
                                                                  3. Medical education and research
   Equipment include:
                                                                  4. Continuous professional education
   a. BioReactors, Downstream Processing Equipment (Cross
      Flow Filtration, Centrifuges), Steam sterilizers, Water     Number of Staff: more than 200
      Purification Systems, Analytical systems for BioProcesses
      (Microbial growth monitoring, Glucose / Lactate
   b. Pilot Plant Chemical Reactors, Autoclaves.
2. Design and Engineering of Biotech / BioPharmaceutical

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
INFOVALLEY® Group of Companies,                                    Some of INFOVALLEY® distinguished clients are: Forest
Malaysia                                                           Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), Institute Medical
Sector: Bio-informatics and life sciences                          Research (IMR), 9Bio, Malaysian Genomics Institute (MGI),
                                                                   Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) etc.
Organisation Profile:
INFOVALLEY® is an integrated biotechnology and                     We Request:
bioinformatics company catalysing the life sciences sector.        Foreign Direct Investment (FDI ), Project Financing, Venture
Founded in Year 2000, INFOVALLEY® is a home grown, MSC             Capital, Research Collaboration
Malaysia Status Company headquartered at The MINES                 We Offer:
Waterfront Business Park, Kuala Lumpur with Regional Offices       Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
in Melbourne (Australia) and Bangalore (India). INFOVALLEY®        Proprietary Consultancy, Technology Licensing, Technology
is built around a team of specialists that have been serving the   Transfer, Technical Assistance, Business Products Outsourcing,
biotechnology, medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural            Contract Manufacturing, Distributorship/ Agency, Joint Bidding
communities for several years. These specialists jointly provide   of Government Tender, Joint Venture
domain expertise in:
• Functional Genomics, Proteomics and Systems Biology,
    subscribing to the seamless integration of Genome-to-
                                                                   I-Green (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
    Phenome                                                        Sector: Bio-manufacturing
• Agricultural Biotechnology                                       Organisation Profile:
• Biopharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals                             I-Green is Malaysia’s leading manufacturer of natural skin and
• High Throughput Experimental Techniques                          hair care products. We manufacture our own brands and
• Pre-Clinical Studies and Clinical Validations                    OEM products using some of the most advanced Bio Actives to
• High Intensity Computing and High Definition Visualisation       create innovative, effective and value for money products.
    Platform Technology                                            Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
• Bioinformatics                                                   • I-Green manufactures, distributes and export innovative
                                                                     organic & natural skincare brands.
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):              • OEM & contract manufacturing of organic & natural
The Group of Companies under INFOVALLEY® leadership has              skincare.
three (3) major thrust areas, namely:
                                                                   Services Include
• Bioinformatics, the core layer, enabling workflow
                                                                   • Development of innovative products to brief.
   reengineering, research management and development of
                                                                   • Incorporation of customer’s unique ingredients.
   biotechnologies driven by the advancement in the                • Packaging & label sourcing.
   understanding of the post-genome biosciences,
• In silico design of high density molecular diagnostics kits      Organisation’s Achievements:
   focusing on human genetic diseases expressed in blood           • June 2001 - Launched I-Green, our first range of natural
                                                                     products without harmful chemicals.
   based on a high throughput Microarray platform
                                                                   • July 2005 - Launched Buds for Baby, a range of safe and
                                                                     protective baby skin care that is currently been exported
• Medical and biomedical informatics with core technologies          throughout Asia and is the leading natural brand in
   focusing on high intensity computation and high definition        Malaysia.
   visualisation aided with custom design navigational and         • April 2006 - Launched Buds for Mom, a range of safe and
   analytical tools specifically for forensic medicine.              effective mother skin care that is growing rapidly.
                                                                   • April 2007 - Launched Charita and Charita Plus, a cutting
Organisation’s Achievements:
                                                                     edge range of natural Bio Active skincare.
INFOVALLEY® is the proud Merit Winner of Asia Pacific ICT
                                                                   • Aug/Sept 2007 - Aim to become Malaysiaís first organic
Awards(APICTA) under the Best of Healthcare Category in
                                                                     EcoCert certified skincare manufacturer.
2006. INFOVALLEY® are reputed for the collaborative
approach in addressing the informatics challenges of modern        Number of Staff: 30
life sciences & biotechnology research utilising innovative        We Offer:
bioinformatics architecture, platform technologies and             Business Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing,
applications.                                                      Distributorship/ Agency, Resellership

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Institute of Bioengineering and                                     • Bioimaging and Biosensing, which comprises the
Nanotechnology, Singapore                                             imaging of cells, tissues, small animals and biomaterials
                                                                      using advanced techniques and novel imaging tags, as well
Sector: Bio-healthcare
                                                                      as the sensing and detection of biologics and biomolecules
Organisation Profile:                                                 using nanostructured materials.
Established in 2003, the Institute of Bioengineering and
Nanotechnology (IBN) is a member of Singapore’s Agency for          Organisation’s Achievements:
Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). It is headed by          Research Highlights
Executive Director, Professor Jackie Y. Ying. IBN’s mission is to   • Nanocarriers that can Kill Tumours with Drugs and DNA
establish a broad knowledge base and conduct innovative             • Imitating Nature’s Scaffolding
research at the interface of bioengineering and                     • Quantum Dots: Nano-probes of the Future
nanotechnology. Positioned at the frontiers of engineering,         • Smart Nanocarriers to Combat Tumours
IBN is focused on creating knowledge and cultivating talent to      • IBN Pioneers Breakthrough Method in Nanoparticle
develop technology platforms that will spur the growth of new         Synthesis
industries. IBN also fosters an exciting, multidisciplinary
                                                                    Number of Staff: 180
research environment for the training of students and young
researchers to spearhead biomedical advancement in                  We Offer:
Singapore. For more information, please visit www.ibn.a-            Joint R&D, Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer
                                                                    We Request:
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):               Joint R&D, Project Financing, Venture Capital
By establishing and targeting the latest scientific and
engineering approaches for biomedical technologies, IBN has
carved a niche in the development of knowledge, intellectual
property and talent.
In particular, the Institute has converged multiple disciplines
across science, engineering and medicine to build six areas of
• Delivery of Drugs, Proteins and Genes, where the
  controlled release of various therapeutics involves the use
  of nanoparticles with functionalised moieties for targeting
  diseased cells and organs, or for responding to specific
  biological stimuli.
• Cell and Tissue Engineering, where sophisticated
  materials architecture is employed to design and fabricate
  living replacement devices for surgical reconstruction and
• Artificial Organs and Implants, where multi-functional
  systems and devices are engineered as biomimetic
  structures for use as organ replacement.
• Pharmaceuticals Synthesis and Nanobiotechnology,
  which encompasses the efficient catalytic synthesis and
  separation of chiral pharmaceuticals and specialty
• Medical and Biological Devices, which involve
  nanotechnology and microfabricated systems for
  facilitating life sciences research, drug discovery, as well as
  the detection and treatment of diseases.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Ingrepro B.V. ,The Netherlands                                    Innopeak (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
                                                                  Sector: Bio-manufacturing
Organisation Profile:
INGREPRO B.V. - a Limited Company with headquarters at            Organisation Profile:
Zutphen (The Netherlands), is a bio-tech company specialised      Innopeak (M) Sdn Bhd started its business operation in 1993.
in industrial large scale algae production.                       Initially, its core business focuses on manufacturing of high
Since 2001 the founder of Ingrepro BV has been actively           precision moulds using Russian Technology. In 1996 Innopeak
involved in the development and exploitation of state-of-the-     restructured its operation and has diversified since then into
art High Yield Algal Ponds for the production of taylor made      customisation of design & manufacturing of high quality pre-
algae.                                                            cision toolings, jigs and & fixtures, engineering components,
INGREPRO has large production sites and is the largest            precision machining, fabrication, tool repair & services. Now
industrial algae producer in Europe and unique in the world       Innopeak provides a one stop solution with an assortment of
due to its in-depth knowledge of cultivating algae under          services which include, and not limited to, reverse engineering
extreme (stress) conditions in order to obtain Enriched Algal     using 3D scanner, supply of workshop equipments, repair and
Biomass (EAB). For several major clients in the food and feed     services of CNC & manual machines and workshop training.
sector Ingrepro is producing client-specific EAB’s.               We diversified into Bio technology base product. Our brand
Furthermore, Ingrepro has highly qualified employers and          Bio-DT consist of Bio De Greaser, Bio Dispersant and Industrial
closely cooperates with major national and international          Detergent.
research institutes.
                                                                  Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Algae can be considered as one of nature’s oldest and richest
                                                                  Our manufacturing activities include:
nutrient resources. Because of their natural origin and high
                                                                  • Mould & Die
nutritional value they are excellently suitable as a high-grade
                                                                  • Jigs & Fixtures
nutrition ingredient for the food and feed industry. INGREPRO
                                                                  • Precision Machining & Components
is able to offer (sub) species of algae suitable for commercial
exploitation due to extensive practical experience and very       • Carbide/Steel Tools
specific in-depth scientific knowledge. The algae used in our     • Design Services
products are cultivated and processed under ideal natural         • Fabrication
conditions to guarantee their quality and freshness. Our latest   • CAD/CAM Drawing
products are Algae (EAB) with high contents of metabolised        • 3D Scanning & Data Analysis
Iodine and Selenium. Other products are currently under           • Prototyping & Assembly
development and will be introduced in 2008.                       Other services include:
                                                                  • Refurbishment projects
Organisation’s Role and Main Activities (Products &
                                                                  • Mould/die/tool repair
Ingrepro BV has in-depth knowledge and experience in the          • Workshop training
following areas:                                                  Organisation’s Achievements:
• selection and cultivation of new algae varieties;               Our Organisation was certified ISO 9001: 2000 since 2003
• design and construction of High Yield Algal Ponds;
• selection and acquisition of harvesting and                     We Request:
   processing/drying equipment;                                   Commercialisation of R&D, Technology Licensing, Technology
• a wide variety of economically interesting high fat-content     Transfer, Technical Assistance, Contract Manufacturing,
   micro-algae;                                                   Distributorship/ Agency, Global Product Outsourcing, Joint
• environmental aspects;                                          Bidding of Government Tender, Joint Venture, Manufacturing
• automation of the production process;                           Investment, Resellership.
• industrial plant design;                                        We Offer:
• turn-key projects for algal ponds for waste water               Joint R&D, Business Products Outsourcing
Furthermore Ingrepro BV has
• a highly qualified R&D staff (Dr A. Verschoor PhD is
   specialized in micro-algae and growth kinetics);
• accumulated best-practice know-how resulting in less trial
   and error procedures and more cost-efficient investment;
• international scope/cultural awareness (international staff
   with expatriate experience).

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
I.Q.A., a.s. Czech Republic                                         Organisation’s Achievements:
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                              In 2004, the company first started to focus on the
                                                                    development of generic preparations. The company started to
Organisation Profile:                                               develop several preparations and at the same time it offered
I.Q.A., a.s. was founded as a result of the transformation of the   certain projects suitable for co-financing to pharmaceutical
company I.Q.A., spol. s r.o. on August 1, 2003. I.Q.A. is aware     companies. The assumption that there was a demand for such
of its strong capabilities in the area of pharmaceutical            products proved to be true and the company sold its first
development, and it also knows that it can handle the entire        global licence as well as several national licenses. Thus the
pharmaceutical development process, including registration.
                                                                    company earned resources for project funding and confirmed
The company understands the potential of the target market
                                                                    the suitability of its selection and its ability to operate
on which it has positioned itself.
                                                                    successfully on the global market.
The vision of the company owners is to create a strong
                                                                    In 2005, the company successfully extended its development
corporate entity that can sell licenses to drug manufacturers
                                                                    product portfolio with new projects and thus continued in
on a global scale. For this type of company, the owners would
                                                                    developing generic and supergeneric medicaments.
like to find partners in the clinical, chemical and biotech areas
and/or position the company in a chain of a global group of         Option and co-operation agreements were concluded for other
partners where the company would contribute by innovations          projects, as well as distribution agreements allowing control of
in the form of new molecules and new drug forms.                    the production of developed preparations in the future.
MISSION                                                             Number of Staff: 50
Global development partner in improving the quality of life.
                                                                    Annual Business Turnover (€): 2000000
IQA develops high quality, complex generic products and             We Request:
biogenerics for global markets, which increase patient access       Project       Financing,       Contract        Manufacturing,
and compliance                                                      Distributorship/Agency

Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):               We Offer:
I.Q.A. is a leading Czech pharmaceutical R&D company                Commercialisation of R&D, Contract Research, Technology
focused on the development and innovation of generic and            Licensing
value-added generic medicinal products for global market.
I.Q.A. is able and prefers to handle the entire pharmaceutical
development process, including registration. I.Q.A. offers
contract pharmaceutical and analytical development including
dossier preparation, DMF preparation, bioequivalence studies,
stability studies, and other development tasks as a
complementary service, contract quality control and release
for import from 3rd countries into European Union. I.Q.A. also
offers fast track to efficacy study in new molecules, i.e.
formulation, pre-clinical safety studies, and safety and efficacy
clinical trials.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
KASS International Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                              Kinesis Pharma BV, The Netherlands
Sector: Bio-agriculture                                           Sector: Bio-healthcare, Bio-informatics
Organisation Profile:                                             Organisation Profile:
As intellectual property law continues to evolve, so does the     Kinesis is a consultancy company with strong expertise in the
need to look beyond the realms of just the filing and             development of small molecules and biologics. All senior staff
registration of trademarks and patents.                           developed their expertise either in big pharma or with the
As early as May 1999, we recognised this and took the bold        regulatory authorities. In total, the company has now 39
and unconventional step of establishing an entity devoted         employees, of which 15 have a Ph.D. and more than 10 years
solely to providing its clients with fully integrated, highly-    experience in product development.
focused intellectual property consulting and management           Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
solutions.                                                        The company is structured with a chemical-pharmaceutical,
KASS International Sdn. Bhd. assists clients in protecting,       non-clinical, clinical, and regulatory department. Kinesis also
exploiting and enforcing their Intellectual Property rights. We   obtained GLP-accreditation in 2004, which was renewed in
also provide the disciplines needed to fully leverage and         2006. With smaller clients we work in virtual company
exploit the potential of a customer’s Intellectual Property       structures, in which we take care of the coordination of the full
rights in what is an increasingly competitive and complex         development process, if required. For the larger clients we
environment.                                                      usually work on clearly defined parts of product development.
                                                                  This can be for example the coordination of the manufacturing
Through a strong, well-seasoned team of legal and technical
                                                                  process, the execution of pharmacokinetic analyses, the
consultants, KASS is able to advise clients on patents,
                                                                  writing of development plans, etc.
trademarks, copyright, industrial designs and trade secret
issues from a local, regional and international perspective.      Organisation’s Achievements:
KASS also helps its clients commercialise their inventions,       Kinesis has brought 8 products from early non-clinical to
value their technology, manage their suite of IP and structure    Phase II clinical development. We supported the registration
their business affairs to extract maximum value from their        process for over 30 products, for which we took care of the
R&D activities.                                                   regulatory documentation, including expert reports etc. in CTD
With an extensive network of overseas associates, KASS            format. We represented our clients to regulatory authorities
possesses the capabilities to protect and enforce the             worldwide. Kinesis supported e.g. the regulatory process of the
Intellectual Property interests of its clients, cohesively and    only registered recombinant transgenic product worldwide
consistently, on a truly global scale.                            and also has a strong expertise in plasma-derived products.
KASS was voted once more as one of the top Intellectual           Number of Staff: 39
Property firms in Malaysia for the Year 2006 by “Managing
Intellectual Property”, a Euromoney Publication.                  Annual Business Turnover (€): >4 Million

Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):             We Offer:
Intellectual Property Rights: Patents, Trademarks, Industrial     Joint R&D, Contract Research, Proprietary Consultancy,
Designs, Copyright, Infringement, Licensing, Joint Ventures,      Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer
Technology Valuation, IP Commercialisation Strategies,
Strategic IP Intelligence, IP Portfolio Management.
Number of Staff: 20
We Request:
Commercialisation of R&D, Proprietary Consultancy,
Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical
Assistance, Global Product Sourcing

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Kinetics Process Systems Pte Ltd, Singapore                         For over three decades, the employees of Kinetics have been
Sector: Bio-Manufacturing                                           committed to safety as a value and to the principles of
                                                                    customer service, quality workmanship and continuous
Organisation Profile:                                               improvement to meet the needs of a demanding industry.
Kinetics has over 30 years of experience in providing process
and mechanical solutions for customers in the electronics,          Organisation’s Achievements
                                                                    Organisation’s Recent Business Achievement
biopharmaceutical and general industry markets. We combine
                                                                    Energy Conversion Devises (ECD) is currently construction two
support equipment manufacturing, design and an unmatched
                                                                    (2) new manufacturing facilities in Greenville, MI that house
global installation capability for complete process and
                                                                    four (4) 325 feet long custom tools used to fabricate solar
mechanical system installation at client location worldwide.
                                                                    panels for the alternative energy industry. Kinetics’ scope of
We expanded our global manufacturing, fabrication and               work entails fabrication and installation of approximately
installation capabilities in order to meet our customers’           60,000 lineal feet of bulk gas distribution tubing along with
changing needs. Our regional office, located in key technology      setting of custom designed gas mixing cabinets and assorted
centers around the global, provide fast response and ongoing        gas panels.
support to our customers’ process requirement.                      Kinetics Safety Recognition
For electronics clients, Kinetics’ bundled approach ensures         The Kinetics flag is flying at the GSK jobsite in Marietta, PA in
reliable design and installation of complete gas, chemical,         recognition of Kinetics’ selection as the top safety performing
water and utility systems, including modularized fab fit-up and     contractor at the site. Criteria include participation in the
too hookup. We also manufacture chemical dispense                   Jacobs Safety Observation Program (SOR) in which Kinetics
                                                                    has been consistently over 100%, quality of Safe Plan of
equipment, gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes and gas sticks.
                                                                    Action (SPA), and safe work activities noted. Additionally,
For biopharmaceutical clients, Kinetics provides process            two Kinetics crews were recently noted as having the best SPA
solutions from detailed piping design to fabricate, installation    on the jobsite and each crew member received a Jacobs Safety
and validation, with a single point of accountability for           Award.
process system installation.
                                                                    Other Business Achievements - Partial Client List
For general industry clients, the combination of our design         Abgenix, Agensys, Amgen, Alza, Bayer, Berlex, Bristol-Myers
experience, piping and sheet metal prefabrication facilities,       Squibb, Centocor, Chiron, Confidential Customer, Eli Lilly,
and unmatched filed installation capabilities makes kinetics        Genzyme, Glaxo SmithKline, HGS, Imclone, Johnson &
the ideal installer of HVAC, plumbing and industrial process        Johnson, Merck, Novartis, Parke-Davis, Pfizer, Procter&Gamble,
and mechanical systems.                                             Guest Labs, Schering-Plough, Seeinglong, Serono, Wyeth.

Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):               Number of Staff: 3000
Kinetics has proven experience in providing process piping          Annual Business Turnover (€): 346 million
systems for the biopharmaceutical industry throughout the
world. We combine pre-construction assistance, including            We Request:
budgeting and value engineering, with our unmatched                 Technology Licensing, Joint Bidding of Government Tender,
detailing and installation capability to provide consistent         Project Financing
quality from the simplest upgrade to the largest                    We Offer:
manufacturing facility anywhere on the globe.                       Technical Assistance, Business Products Outsourcing
For biopharmaceutical clients, Kinetics provides an unmatched
combination of experience, quality, capability and versatility
for the entire scope of process and utility system installations.
This includes pre-construction planning through installation,
turn over package submittal to support for start-up and
commissioning. We provide a single point of accountability for
process installation requirements.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
KL Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (KLBM),                           Livvon Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Malaysia                                                           Sector: Bio-healthcare
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                             Organisation Profile:
                                                                   Livvon Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of
Organisation Profile:                                              Magna Mission Sdn. Bhd., a biotechnolgy-driven company
KL Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (KLBM) is a manufacturing         dedicated to promoting better health worldwide. Applying
and research organisation. It is currently doing research on       biotechnolgy to natural/herbal medicine, we aim to create
developing a method for DNA fingerprinting for its products.       treatments that are safe and efficacious.
Majority of KLBM products are local herbs. Also as the demand
of its products increases from the overseas market proper          As responsible corporate citizens, Livvon and Magna Mission
standardisation and quality control needs to be implemented.       are also looking into other areas of Biotechnology, notably
KLBM has set-up a molecular biology lab to undertake               technologies that reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.
research especially in using DNA fingerprinting on its products.   Organisation Role & Activities:
The research being done also will facilitate KLBM in               We aim to promote better health worldwide through our
developing its new range of products that will use DNA finger      product, Diabegard, as well as other biotech-based natural
printing to ensure standardisation and quality.                    products in the pipeline.
KLBM manufactures its own products under the band name of          Diabegard contains the biotechnological breakthrough
Bio-health. Its products are sold in pharmacies and
                                                                   polypeptide-k, referred to frequently as plant insulin and
Hypermarkets throughout Malaysia. It also markets its
                                                                   patented worldwide in 93 countries.
products internationally to Singapore, the Middle East
countries through Dubai and selected cities in the United          Number of Staff: 11
States of America.
                                                                   We Request:
KLBM is a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility               Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
endorsed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. It is also a          Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Global Product
registered facility by the US FDA (Reg No.: 17857762378).          Sourcing.
KLBM was accorded the BioNexus Status in December 2006.
Its facility is located in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya,
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
KLBM is pharmaceutical facility specialising in herbal extracts.
Organisation’s Achievements:
KLBM is a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility
endorsed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. It is also a
registered facility by the US FDA (Reg No.: 17857762378).
KLBM was accorded the BioNexus Status in December 2006.
Its facility is located in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya,
We Offer:
Commercialisation of R&D, Contract Manufacturing, Global
Product Sourcing, Joint Venture, Manufacturing Investment,
Cross Region Initial Public Offering (IPO), Foreign Direct
Investment (FDI), Merger and Acquisition, Venture Capital

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Lipochem (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                   Malaysian Vaccines &
Industry Sector: Bio-healthcare                                  Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Organisation Profile:                                            Sector: Bio-agriculture
Lipochem (M) Sdn Bhd is reputable force in oil and fats          Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
processing and engineering industry. As a dynamic technology     Commercialisation of research results from local university.
provider with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience,       Manufacturing of animal biological product and provision of
we bring in the most advanced technology for the oils and fat    laboratory diagnostic services.
industry. We are committed to continually innovating and
developing our expertise to match global standards.              We Request:
                                                                 Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D
Organisation’s Role and Main Activities (Products &
Services):                                                       Contact Person(s):
We specialise in                                                 Dr. Mazlan Mohamad
- Process design and engineering                                 Executive Director
- Detailed engineering and equipment fabrication
- Project Management
                                                                 Malaysian Agricultural Research And
- Process and engineering consultation
- Research and Development
                                                                 Development Institute (MARDI)
                                                                 Sector: Bio-agriculture
Organisation’s Achievements:
Reference project/ plant                                         Organisation Profile:
                                                                 MARDI is a statutory body and undertakes research and
1. MPOB- Carotine S/B- 60,000 TPY Palm Biodiesel Plant
                                                                 development (R&D) in food and tropical agriculture. Our R&D
2. EnerTech Co., Ltd. Korea- 60,000 TPY Palm Biodiesel Plant
                                                                 efforts for over more than two decades have contributed to
3. MPOB-Golden Hope Biodiesel S/B- 60,000 TPY Palm               the development of new crop varieties/clones and animals
   Biodiesel Plant                                               breeds, and their husbandry practices. Technological headways
4. Carotino S/B-120,000 TPY Palm Biodiesel Plant                 were made in food processing technologies, and in post-
5. Kunak Refinery-1,500 TPD Physical Refining and                harvest handling of horticultural and livestock produce. New
   Fractionation Plant                                           techniques have also been developed to better manage the
6. Austral Edible Oil-Bintulu- 1,000 TPD Physical Refining       environment and agricultural resources in particular, the soil,
   Plant                                                         water and genetic resources. Adoption of these findings by the
7. Kompas Edible Oil S/B-150 MTPD Hyrid Hydrogenation            farming community and entrepreneurs have contributed
   Plant                                                         towards the development of the country’s food and
                                                                 agricultural sector. The process is further enhanced by hands-
Number of Staff: 14                                              on participation of MARDI’s expertise. This has helped sustain
                                                                 the agricultural sector as a contributor to the national
Annual Business Turnover (€): 1,333,333                          economy, thus development.
We Offer:                                                        Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Contract Research, Proprietary Consultancy, Business Products    R&D in agriculture and food processing
Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing, Global Product
                                                                 Organisation’s Achievements:
Sourcing, Joint Bidding of Government Tender, Cross Region
                                                                 Producing technologies for agriculture and food processing to
Initial Public Offering (IPO), Merger and Acquisition            be used in agriculture industry
We Request:
                                                                 Number of Staff: 600 R&D officers
Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Cross Region Initial
Public Offering (IPO), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Merger
and Acquisition, Venture Capital

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Malaysian Agrifood Corporation Bhd.                               We Request:
                                                                  Commercialisation of R&D, Technology Licensing, Technology
(MAFC), Malaysia
                                                                  Transfer, Technical Assistance
Sector: Supply Chain Management of Fresh Produce
                                                                  We Offer:
Organisation Profile:
                                                                  Joint R&D, Contract Research, Joint Production
MAFC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional
Berhad, formed in May 2006 to drive Malaysia’s food supply
chain management and distribution system towards global           Malaysian Technology Development
standards in safely, quality and sustainability.                  Corporation (MTDC)
MAFC’s vision is to be the trusted partner for the delivery of    Sector: Grant Management
safe quality fruits and vegetables for healthier lives anytime,   Organisation Profile:
anywhere.                                                         MTDC is the leading integrated venture capital solution
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):             provider. Its role is to spearhead and nurture world-class
MAFC’s mission is to:                                             Malaysian technology companies through the provision of
1. Go beyond good agricultural practices (GAP) in food            venture capital financing, government grants, technology
   production, setting new standards and direction to achieve     nurturing and technology incubators.
   Malaysia’s food sovereignty.                                   MTDC is well focused in technology areas such as life
2. Stimulate the industry by implementing effective supply        sciences/biotechnology, advanced materials and electronics,
   chain management to transform the agricultural                 photonic, environmental engineering, nanotechnology and
   distribution system from farm to retailgate.                   services.
3. Collaborate with industry players and partners to bring
   fresh Malaysian produce to the domestic and global market      Number of Staff: 89
4. Stimulate and shape the nation’s agro-based industry to        Malaysian Institute of Pharmaceuticals
   global standards of safety, quality and sustainability.
                                                                  and Nutraceuticals
The Research & Development department of MAFC looks to            Sector: Bio-agriculture
improve the upstream portion of the supply chain. As a large
percentage of losses upstream come from wastage, the R&D          Organisation Profile:
department is looking into technology that can improve the        Malaysian Institute of Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals is
shelf-life of fruits and vegetables, either through the use of    to capitalise on the strengths in biodiversity and to sustain the
new processing technology or by causing an intrinsic change       global competitiveness of the Malaysian biopharmaceuticals
to the product itself. Improvement of the produce’s shelf-life    and nutraceuticals industries.
will reduce wastage, open export options, and at the end of
the day improve quality of the produce for the end consumer.      Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
                                                                  1. Identification and development of bioactive compounds.
Organisation’s Achievements:                                      2. Bioprocessing.
MAFC has just passed its first-year anniversary. From its
                                                                  3. Screening.
inception, MAFC began its supply chain services by purchasing
                                                                  4. Advanced drug delivery system research.
the logistics company Cold Chain Network (CNN). Currently,
MAFC supplies produce to Mydin, Jusco, Makro, Burger King         5. Bio-diagnostic.
and wholesalers. Among this produce are tomatoes, cabbages,       Organisation’s Achievements:
Chinese cabbages, French beans, Long brinjals, red chilli and     1. DNDi Meeting, Putrajaya Malaysia.
green spinach. The produce are obtained from a number of
                                                                  2. Good Laboratory Practice Seminar.
highland and lowland farms located in Cameron Highlands
and Hulu Yam.                                                     We Request:
                                                                  Commercialisation of R&D, Proprietary              Consultancy,
At the end of 2007, MAFC set up an Eksotika Papaya farm in
Lanchang, Pahang, where MAFC is the anchor tenant of Taman        Technology Licensing, Technical Assistance
Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan (TKPM) project of the Pahang            We Offer:
government.                                                       Joint R&D, Contract Research, Technology Transfer

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
MEC PROD SRL, Italy                                                   MSC Malaysia, which was conceptualised in 1996, is an
Sector: Bio-manufacturing                                             initiative designed to help Malaysia leapfrog into an
                                                                      information and knowledge economy by the year 2020. It has
Organisation Profile:
                                                                      since grown into a thriving dynamic ICT hub, hosting more
Our company is specialised in the production and the
installation the photovoltaic panel and the machinery.                than 1,700 multinationals, foreign-owned and home-grown
                                                                      Malaysian ICT companies.
Number of Staff: 15
                                                                      MSC Malaysia is supported by secure cyberlaws, strategic
Annual Business Turnover (€): 1,500,000
                                                                      policies; and a range of financial and non-financial incentives
We Request:                                                           for investors.
Commercialisation of R&D, Contract Research, Proprietary
Consultancy, Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer,               Through this initiative, Malaysia has and continues to attract
Technical Assistance, Business Products Outsourcing, Contract         leading ICT companies of the world to undertake research,
Manufacturing, Joint Bidding of Government Tender, Joint              develop new products and technologies and export from this
Venture                                                               base. MSC Malaysia is also an ideal growth environment for
We Offer:                                                             Malaysian ICT small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to
Joint R&D, Distributorship/Agency, Global Product Sourcing,           transform themselves into world-class companies.
Joint Production, Manufacturing Investment, Resellership              Furthermore, MSC Malaysia welcomes other countries to use
                                                                      its highly advanced infrastructural facilities as a global testbed
                                                                      for ICT applications and a hub for their regional operations in
Multimedia Development Corporation
(MDeC), Malaysia
Sector: Bio-informatics                                               We Request:
                                                                      Commercialisation of R&D, Technology Transfer
Organisation Profile:
MDeC is incorporated under the Companies Act of Malaysia,
and owned and funded by the Government. At MDeC, we
combine the entrepreneurial efficiency and effectiveness of a
private company with the decision-making authority of a high-
powered government agency.

We are dedicated to ensuring MSC Malaysia is the world’s
best environment to harness the full potential of ICT. MDeC is
a champion, facilitator and partner. We champion the merits of
MSC Malaysia, facilitate the entry of companies and partner
with the Government and the private sector in realising both a
vision and an opportunity.

Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
MSC Malaysia is the gateway to growing profits in Asia ‘s
booming information and communications technology (ICT)
markets. Modeled after Silicon Valley , it gives the best of first-
world knowledge and infrastructure, at developing-nation

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Malaysian Bio-Industry Organisation (MBIO)                       Messrs Bustaman, Malaysia
Sector: Bio-agriculture                                          Sector: Intellectual Property Law Firm

Organisation Profile:                                            Organisation Profile:
                                                                 Messrs Bustaman is one of the leading intellectual property
The Malaysian Bio-industry Organisation (MBIO) was
                                                                 firms in Malaysia, practicing exclusively in the area of
established in the year 2002 to provide a forum for increased    intellectual property laws which includes advising on
co-operation between members and the biotechnology               protection of trade mark, patent, industrial designs, trade
industry in general.                                             secrets and copyright. The firm also formulates IP portfolio
                                                                 management policies for clients and assist clients to formulate
On 4th June 2003, the first general assembly under its then
                                                                 strategies relating to procurement and exploitation of IP
chairman Dato’ Dr. Salleh Mohd. Noor (Tropbio Research Sdn
                                                                 assets through technology transfer, licensing, franchising, joint
Bhd) was opened by the then Science, Technology and              ventures and strategic alliance. The firm represents clients in
Environment Minister Datuk Seri Law Hieng Ding to support        enforcement of IP rights and litigation proceedings involving
the government’s efforts to develop the biotechnology            piracy, counterfeiting, infringement and IP ownership dispute.
industry in Malaysia.
                                                                 In complementing its IP services, Bustaman also practises in
In the year 2006, Dr. Harikrishna Kulaveerasingam (Director of   related areas such as information communications technology,
Research, Sime Darby Technology Centre Sdn Bhd) assumed          media and entertainment law.
the role of chairman of MBIO. MBIO presently is composed of      We also maintain an international network of foreign
about fifty member organisations that represent a good cross-    affiliates, with whom we work closely to ensure the protection
section of the Malaysian bio-industry.                           of our clients’ interests on a global scale.
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):            Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
MBIO aims to provide the “missing link” between the public       Our portfolio of services include:
sector and the bio-industry, and bridge the gap between          • Patents
critical areas of academia, research and commerce.               • Trade Marks
                                                                 • Industrial Designs & Geographical Indications
Organisation’s Achievements:                                     • Copyright
• MBIO Member Talk & Networking Session co-organised             • Confidentiality & Trade Secrets
  with BiotechCorp in April 2007.                                • IP Management Policies
• MBIO jointly co-organised BioMalaysia 2006 with                • Licensing
  BiotechCorp and the Ministry of Science, Technology and        • Information Communications Technology
                                                                 • Franchising
  Innovation Malaysia.
                                                                 • Media
• MBIO entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with
                                                                 • Technology Transfer
  the Korean Bio-Venture Association (KOBIOVEN),                 • IP Enforcement & Litigation
  (Chairman, Park Jong-sei) on the 15th of November 2006, to
  collaborate between both organisations and between the         Organisation’s Achievements:
  bio-venture enterprises belonging to both associations         Top five Intellectual Property firm in Malaysia in 2004 voted by
                                                                 Managing IP magazine.
  promoting the exchange of business and bio-industry
  related information between the bio-venture enterprises of     Number of Staff: 20
  both nations.
                                                                 Annual Business Turnover (€): 500,000
• MBIO co-organised The Korea Southeast Asia Road Show in
  November of 2006, in Kuala Lumpur. The aim of this event       We Offer:
  was to business match make Malaysian bio-venture               Commercialisation of R&D, Proprietary Consultancy,
  enterprises with the Korean bio-venture enterprises in         Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Moffat Dickson Ltd, United Kingdom                                •   Consulting services
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                            •   Protocol development
                                                                  •   Ethics / IRB submission
Organisation Profile:                                             •   Investigator / patient recruitment
Moffat Dickson is a specialist lifesciences consultancy           •   Site selection
providing services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and             •   Project management
healthcare companies involved in both the commercial and          •   Staffing solutions
drug development sector.                                          •   Clinical operations
Moffat Dickson was founded in 1999 by John Kelly who has          •   Study set-up
spent over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry and has        Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
considerable experience in the Japanese and South East Asian      Specialist Life Sciences Consultancy Expertise
pharmaceutical and biotech area.
                                                                  Moffat Dickson through the founder John Kelly has knowledge
Moffat Dickson provides the following services:                   and international contacts that can provide support to the
• Specialist consultancy expertise in the European, Japanese      biotech or pharmaceutical client who wants to identify
  and South East Asian pharmaceutical and biotech sector.         opportunities both in the clinical as well as the commercial
• Access to a network of pharmaceutical and biotech               arena within the geographical location of Europe, Japan and
  companies in Europe, Japan and South East Asia.                 South East Asia.
• The provision of a range of tailor made training courses
  specifically geared for client companies in both the            This could include finding a licensing partner within this
  commercial and drug development sector.                         region, seeking to in licence compounds to the European
• Access to the unique Moffat Dickson Forum a database            market, identifying a low cost manufacturing facility FDA
  including key opinion leaders and senior medical                compliant, identifying potential investors or j/v partners in
  consultants specialising in oncology and urology.               Europe, sourcing appropriate CRO’s in EU and North America
• Specialist consultancy expertise for clients from members of    for all phases of clinical development and to provide tailored
  the Moffat Dickson Forum.                                       training programmes in EU or South East Asia with expert
• Access to Moffat Dickson’s network of independent               lecturers in subjects including oncology, GCP, GLP and GMP.
  consultants with expertise in the areas including regulatory,   Organisation’s Achievements:
  clinical and from an ex Senior Civil Servant understanding of   Moffat Dickson has undertaken tailored training programmes
  how UK Government works.                                        for a number of clients including a major Japanese
Two confirmed clients of Moffat Dickson that we represent for     pharmaceutical company with a course ‘Introduction to
South East Asia and Japan are:                                    Oncology’

Phlexglobal Ltd                                                   Undertaken a review of both the Japanese and Singapore
A UK based specialist contract research organisation providing    biotech sector for a Regional Spanish Government body
the following for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry         setting up their own Biocluster.
• Training and personal development                               Through Moffat Dickson’s membership of a number of
• Clinical Research Services for document management              professional groups such as the UK Pharmaceutical Licensing
   including electronic Trial Master File (TMF) and archiving     Group (, Eastern Region Biotech Industry
• Recruitment of biotech and pharmaceutical personnel e.g.        cluster Cambridge, UK, (ERBI), The Oxford Trust Science Oxford
   Clinical Research Associates (CRA’s) and Clinical Trial        successfully identified company contacts and information for
   Administrators (CTA’s)                                         Moffat Dickson clients based outside of the UK.
Venn Life Sciences Ltd                                            Number of Staff: 5
An international Contract Research Organisation based in
Montreal, Canada with subsidiary operations in US, Ireland        Annual Business Turnover (€): <500000
and Switzerland giving them geographical coverage of North        We Offer:
America and the EU. They provide support across all stages of     Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
clinical development from Phase I to IV                           Proprietary Consultancy, Technology Licensing, Technology
•   Independent Study / Project feasibility                       Transfer, Technical Assistance, Business Products Outsourcing,
•   Phase I Bioequivalence monitoring                             Contract Manufacturing, Distributorship/ Agency, Global
•   Phase II - IV monitoring                                      Product Sourcing, Joint Venture, Project Financing, Venture
•   Regulatory support                                            Capital, Specialised Training for the Biotech Sector

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
M+W Zander (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore                                   Malaysian Herbal Corporation
Sector: Project management, engineering and construction            Sector: Bio-agriculture
        for bio and pharmaceutical facilities                       Organisation Profile:
Organisation Profile:                                               Malaysian Herbal Corporation (MHC) was incorporated in
M+W Zander is an international engineering & technology             2001 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Malaysian Industry-
company providing consultancy, design, project management           Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT). MHC is
                                                                    dedicated to coordinate with all stakeholders at the national
and construction services for high technology industries
                                                                    level on the overall activities needed in driving the local herbal
encompassing Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Semiconductor,
                                                                    industry to greater heights.
Chemical, Facility Management industries. We have regional
offices in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, India,     Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Philippines and Vietnam.                                            • Providing strategic consulting services;
                                                                    • Matching supply and demand of herbal raw materials;
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):               • Specialised training program for preparing knowledge
The company gained its experience from planning complex               worker;
technical facilities for the chemical, biological, pharmaceutical   • Creating industry awareness and communication;
and food industries. We ae able to provide the full range of        • Developing quality and standards;
services as general contractor for planning, construction and       • Reaching international market.
commissioning as well as qualification/validation of high tech      We Request:
facilities.                                                         Contract Research, Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer,
We have a demonstrable track record in project delivery on          Technical Assistance, Joint Production, Joint Venture,
time, in budget, with excellent quality and without                 Manufacturing Investment, Cross Region Initial Public Offering
                                                                    (IPO), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Merger and Acquisition,
compromising safety. Among others,we can rely on the trust of
                                                                    Project Financing, Venture Capital
following customers.
                                                                    We Offer:
Organisation’s Achievements:                                        Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Proprietary Consultancy,
References:                                                         Business Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing,
Novartis, MSD, Wyeth Nutritionals, B Brauns, Roche, Bayer           Distributorship/Agency, Global Product Sourcing, Joint Bidding
Healthcare, Rhone Poulenc Pharmaceutical, Shantah                   of Government Tender, Resellership
Biotechnics, Boehringer Ingelheim, GSK, Aventis, Pfizer, Solvay,
Gideon Richter, Clearlab, Singapore Cord Blood Bank, Baxter,
Schering, Chrion-Biocine, Biolab, Centeon, etc.
Number of Staff: 500
Annual Business Turnover (€): 250M

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Malaysian Industry-Government Group for                            Organisation’s Achievements:
                                                                   Studies Undertaken in Recent Years
High Technology (MiGHT)
                                                                   1. Formulation of National Biotechnology Policy
Sector: Bio-agriculture, Bio-manufacturing,
                                                                   2. Identification of Business and R&D Opportunities in the
                                                                      Applications of Nanotechnology
Organisation Profile:                                              3. Corporate sector survey on “Productivity and Investment
Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology               Climate: Innovation Capability Module”
(MiGHT) was launched as a company limited by guarantee in          4. Knowledge Content in Key Economic Sectors in Malaysia
1993. It is an independent and non-profit organisation that is     5. National Brain Gain Programme
driven by members drawn from both the public and private           6. Herbal Industry Business Model Development
sectors.                                                           7. Redevelopment of Subang Airport
                                                                   8. Concept Development Master Plan for Agro-based Industry
MiGHT’s predominant role is to enable consensus building and          Park
coordination for Industry-Government partnership in high           Publications & Reports Produced (selected)
technology. It provides strategic technology inputs for Industry   1. National Aerospace Blueprint
and Government through conduct of various research and             2. Malaysian Pharmaceutical Industry Action Plan
studies, nurtures technology based enterprises and                 3. Herbal Industry Outlook
entrepreneurship as well as prepares knowledge workers             4. Aerospace Industry Reports
relevant to strategic and high technology needs.                   5. Industrialised Building System (IBS) Report
As an organisation under the purview of the Ministry of            Number of Staff: 50
Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), MiGHT
represents the Ministry in interfacing with the Industry to
promote technology uptake in business.
Currently, MiGHT manages several national projects on behalf
of the Government, such as ‘MM Chip’ development and
implementation, and technology offset management for
government procurement. MiGHT also serves as the
secretariat to the Malaysian Aerospace Council and National
MRO Committee.
In biotechnology, MiGHT focuses on herbal biotechnology
through its subsidiary, Malaysian Herbal Corporation (MHC).
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
1. Enabling consensus building and coordination for Industry-
   Government partnership in high technology
2. Interfacing with the industry to promote technology uptake
   in business
3. Providing strategic technology inputs for Industry and
4. Nurturing      technology-based        enterprises    and
5. Preparing knowledge workers in support of high technology
Main Activities
Research and studies

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia)                     Organisation’s Achievement:
Sector: Bio-agriculture                                         Nuclear Malaysia is an excellent agency not only for its R&D
                                                                activities but also recognized for its products, services and
Organisation Profile:                                           consultancy both at national and international level.
Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia) was formerly
known as Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research    Nuclear Malaysia had eight (8) facilities, service centers that
(MINT) is an R&D organization, which focuses on                 being ISO certified and two (2) laboratories that had been
enhancement of national development through nuclear             accredited.
science and technology. Besides R&D, Nuclear Malaysia is        SINAGAMA facility in Nuclear Malaysia was the first
engaged in technical services, contract research, consultancy   government’s facility to be awarded with ISO 9001:2000 in
work, supply of specialty products, human resource              year 1991.
development and many others.
Nuclear Malaysia had highly trained multidisciplinary           Annual Business Turnover (€): 2.6 million
professionals workforce made up of 65 PhD holders, 75 MSc       We Offer:
holders and 170 graduates. Laboratories are well equipped       Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
with advance analytical tools and the latest analytical         Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical
techniques are used in its analytical work.                     Assistance
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
• Engineering solution for your R&D needs
• Environmental Monitoring
• Technical Services and Engineering
• Quality Assurance
• Non-Chemical Sterilization
• Training
• Radiation Prevulcanized Natural Rubber Latex
• Medical Diagnostic Kits and Medical Radioisotopes
• Plant Materials and Bio-Materials
• Polymer Compounds for The Automotive Industry
• Industrial Radioisotopes
• Agricultural Radioisotopes
• New Varieties of Ornamental and Fruit / Food Crops
• Biomaterials
• Industrial Technology
• Medical Technology
• Agro-Technology & Bio-Science
• Radiation Processing Technology
• Environmental Technology
• Radiation Safety
• Health & Safety
• Radiation Monitoring
• Environmental Pollution & Assessment
• Microbial Quality Assurance
• Management of Waste & Water Resources
• Plant Design & Process Control
• Engineering Design & Development
• Nuclear Advisory & Policy Planning

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Malaysia University of Science & Technology                        MicroArt, Spain
(MUST)                                                             Sector: Bio-informatics
Sector: Education                                                  Organisation Profile:
                                                                   MicroArt is a software engineering European company
Organisation Profile:
                                                                   specialised in the development of IT Systems, particularly in
Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) is a
                                                                   Business Intelligence and Bioinformatics. MicroArt carries
research university specialised in post-graduate training in
                                                                   out complex projects by taking advantage of cutting edge
science and technology. It was established in 2002 with the
                                                                   technologies, tools, languages, methods and procedures in
assistance of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),
                                                                   order to obtain helpful systems for decision-making.
USA, to offer post-graduate programmes. The programmes
strictly adhered to MIT’s guidelines aiming to produce top-        Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
notch researchers dedicated to the Malaysian as well as the        Located in the Scientific Park of Barcelona, a unique
international academic and industrial environments. Tan Sri        environment for knowledge transfer, MicroArt seeks to
Datuk Dr. Omar b. Abdul Rahman is the President/CEO of             improve diagnosis and treatment of diseases like cancer
MUST. He is assisted by Prof. Mohd Nizam, the Provost and the      through integrating, analysing and treating data from health
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Badly Shah, the Vice        centres around the world. Thanks to Intelligent Agents
President of Finance and Business Affairs.                         technology, it develops distributed Decision Support Systems
                                                                   for diagnosing brain tumours without using invasive
Organisation’s Role and Main Activities (Products &                techniques for classifying them.
The main role and activities of MUST lie in the quality training   Organisation’s Achievements:
of M.Sc. and Ph.D students to produce knowledgeable and            MicroArt specialises in the field of biomedical informatics
well-equipped graduates for the demand of local as well as         (BIM), performing the integration (data warehousing), analysis
international k-economy markets in the technical, industrial       and treatment (data-mining) of biomedical data. As leader of
and academic sectors. The university recruits well-qualified       HealthAgents project, MicroArt is builing a Decission Support
                                                                   System for the brain tumour diagnosis.
academic staff trained in renowned universities abroad to
serve the programmes. Please refer to MUST website:                Number of Staff: 11 for information. It offers the following
M.Sc. programmes: Biotechnology, Information Technology,           Annual Business Turnover (€): 400,000
Transportation & Logistics, Construction Engineering &             We Request:
Management, Material Science & Engineering, Energy and             Distributorship/Agency
Environment, Systems Engineering & Management. It also
provides a platform for continue education for entrepreneurs,      We Offer:
industrialists and researchers                                     Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
                                                                   Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical
Organisation’s Achievements:                                       Assistance
MUST is entering its 6th year of operation now. MUST has
graduated many students. Very recently, two programmes
have been approved to offer Ph.D programmes namely Ph.D in
Biotechnology and Ph.D in Transportation and Logistics. MUST
also frequently organises seminars, public lecturers and
courses for the continuing education of our staff as well as for
the public aiming to promote their awareness to the current
trends in the development in Science, Technology and
Entrepreneurial Skill.
We Request:
Joint R&D, Contract Research, Technology Transfer, Technical
Assistance, Contract Manufacturing

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Mecha-Medic Solution Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                              Annual Business Turnover (€): <100,000
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                              We Request:
Organisation Profile:                                               Business Products Outsourcing, Distributorship/Agency, Joint
Mecha-Medic Solution Sdn Bhd is a 100% Malaysian own                Bidding of Government Tender, Resellership, Foreign Direct
medical device development company that invent, design,             Investment (FDI), Project Financing, and Venture Capital
patent, and market medical devices. Our developments are
mechanical base, producing simpler and safer medical
                                                                    Negeri Sembilan Investment Centre (NSIC),
solution. Mecha-Medic Solution currently holds 4 Malaysian
patents and 3 PCT patent pending inventions including two           Malaysia
international award winning inventions.                             Sector: Bio-agriculture

Our organisation name, Mecha-Medic derives from the word            Organisation Profile:
‘Mechanical Medical’ - applying mechanical method to solve          Negeri Sembilan Investment Centre (NSIC) is a state’s agency
medical problem. The combination of chemist with medical or         of Negeri Sembilan has been created to help investors,
microbiologist with medical is a common scene but the               particularly foreign companies, to set up or expand existing
merging of mechanical with medical is still unpopular and
                                                                    operations in Negeri Sembilan.
under explored. The full potential of such combination is still a
distance away and worth exploring. The result of such merging       Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
will induce new ideas. Looking at medical problem from a            NSIC is a one - stop centre, with the objective of assisting
different perspective and offering alternative solution.
                                                                    investors, particularly foreign companies, set up or expand
Each development will fill a current need in medical procedure      existing operations in Negeri Sembilan. It strives to a “hand -
by providing alternative solution or device, or by designing a      held approach” in assisting investors to start operations in the
device to serve a need that is clearly defined and                  shortest possible time and with minimum red tape. It provides
acknowledged by medical professionals. Each product shall be
                                                                    relevant and timely information and advice to investors
priced to appeal to a managed-care market that stresses
lowest cost of total treatment parameters.                          pertaining to procedures on starting a manufacturing
                                                                    operation, information on industrial sites, availability of
Mecha-Medic Solution currently holds 4 Malaysian patents
                                                                    manpower, employee costs and utility rates.
and 3 PCT patent pending inventions including two
international award-winning inventions. Blue prints for more        Number of Staff: 4
invention has already completed and more are in progress.
                                                                    We Request:
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):               Joint Venture, Manufacturing Investment
Mecha-Medic Solution Sdn Bhd is launching our first two
international award winning inventions, COLOREC and EZ
COLOREC - Nonsurgical, non-pharmacological, simple, yet very
effective treatment and prevention for chronic anal fissure.
EZ Flush - Intravenous drip set with build-in flushing
mechanism. A device that reduce the risk of needle prick injury
to care giver efficiently and cost effective.
Organisation’s Achievements:
Awards achieved in 18th International Invention, Innovation
and Technology exhibition - ITEX’07. Gold medal for best
invention in biotechnology category - EZ Flush. Best Excellent
Innovative Invention’07 presented by Taipei Int’l Invention
Show & Technomart. Silver medal for best invention in
biotechnology category - COLOREC Malaysia Innovative
Product’07 - COLOREC
Number of Staff: 30

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Nestle Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                        Noray Bioinformatics, S.L. (NorayBio), Spain
                                                                  Sector: Bio-informatics
Organisation Profile:
• Nestle Malaysia - Established in Malaysia in 1912.              Organisation Profile:
• Leading Halal food manufacturer.                                Noray Bioinformatics S.L. (NorayBio) is a Spanish
• Over 300 halal products.                                        bioinformatics company providing IT support to biosciences,
• RM3.1 billion in turnover in Year 2005.                         biomedicine and biotechnology through the design,
• Public-listed on Bursa Malaysia.                                development and implementation of software. The company
• Head office based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.                   designs its own trademark products as well as tailored
• 7 factories and 6 sales offices.                                software for our clients. We provide our software solutions
• 1 National Distribution Centre.                                 across the national and European market. Our customers
                                                                  include form large pharmaceutical companies to highly
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
                                                                  specialised research groups
Nestle is the largest food and beverages company in the
world. It is now evolving as the world’s leader in nutrition,     Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
health and wellness. From the start, nutrition has been at the    Our products are divided in 3 brands:
core of our business. However, today we place far greater         • NorayMet (Biopharmaceutical brand) with software
emphasis on it and health and wellness.                             designed for ADME studies,and evaluation of the toxicity
                                                                    and security of drugs.
Categories of Products in Malaysia - Coffee and Beverages,
                                                                  • NorayGen (Genomics brand) with bioinformatics platforms
Culinary Aids/Prepared Foods, Milks, Junior Foods, Breakfast
                                                                    for genotyping studies.
Cereals, Chilled Dairy, Ice Cream, Chocolate and Confectionery,
                                                                  • NorayTools (Biological data management brand) with
HealthCare Nutrition, Performance Nutrition and Food
                                                                    bioinformatics tools for management of BioBanks and
                                                                    bioprospection platforms
Organisation’s Achievements:
                                                                  Organisation’s Achievements:
• Nestle Nutritional Compass - first worldwide nutrition
                                                                  NorayBio is the first bioinformatics company. The human
  labeling initiative from any food company
                                                                  resources have risen from 5 people in 2002 to 24 people
• Collaborated with the Ministry of Education to launch the
                                                                  working currently in the company, with a company growing of
  Healthy School Campaign.
                                                                  more of 50% each year, having raised 1M incomes during
• MILO has steadily played a crucial role in the development
                                                                  2006. NorayBio was granted in 2006 as the most innovative
  of Malaysian sports - from nurturing juniors at grassroots
                                                                  Spanish company. We are Microsoft Certified Partners and
  level right up to supporting Malaysians at international
                                                                  ORACLE Partners.
• Local sourcing of chili to help boost income levels of          Number of Staff: 26
  farmers and promote Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)           Annual Business Turnover (€): The expected turnover for
• Use of most efficient and appropriate packaging solutions       year 2007 will be about 1.4 million
  that result in the lowest possible weight and volume of
                                                                  We Offer:
                                                                  Commercialisation of R&D, Distributorship/Agency
• Ensure environmentally friendly production techniques and
  ways to recover by-products, as well as processing methods
  that minimises water and energy consumption and waste
• Leading Halal food manufacturer.
• Initiated the Nestle SMI Food Industry mentoring
  programme in 1999 in response to the Government’s call
  for private sector to assist the small and medium industries.
Number of Staff: 4151
Annual Business Turnover (€): 727,898,000

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Nova Laboratories Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                Number of Staff: 55
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                             We Request:
                                                                   Business Products Outsourcing, Distributorship/Agency,
Organisation Profile:
Nova Laboratories Sdn Bhd is a private Malaysian company
founded by a Malaysian pharmacist in 1989. It is a research-       We Offer:
based company that discovers, develops, manufactures and           Contract Manufacturing
markets novel phytopharmaceuticals derived from our
indigenous natural plants for the prevention and treatment
of human diseases.                                                 Nutraherbs Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
                                                                   Sector: Bio-healthcare
Our headquarter is situated at a 5.5-acre industrial land in
Sepang, Malaysia. This building houses our administrative          Organisation Profile:
office, research laboratories and manufacturing facilities,        Established in 1997 with staff strength of 18 people. Our core
which are in compliance with our GMP regulations. The factory      competencies including research & development and
is strategically located with easy access to Kuala Lumpur          commercialisation. Nutraherbs also assists its clients to obtain
International Airport (KLIA) and Port Klang. It is only 20-        necessary clearance and documentation from Ministry of
minutes from south of KLIA.                                        Health and related government agencies. We take pride to
                                                                   have international brand under our client list. We also have tie
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):              up with local universities and government linked research
We are a leading company engaged in the research,                  companies as our support industries. Our manufacturing
development, manufacturing and marketing of both herbal            facility is certified GMP in compliant with international
and non-herbal based human and veterinary pharmaceuticals.         standard.
In the year 2002, with the successful R&D in Phyllanthus           Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Niruri, Nova Laboratories Sdn. Bhd. started a new pipeline for     We are contract manufacturing and research & development
human herbal pharmaceuticals. Currently our core product,          company. Currently, we do extraction on local herbs such as
Hepar-P™, a liver tonic which able to fulfill the unmet clinical   Tongkat Ali, Mangosteen extract, Gamat extract and others.
needs of the current medications, has been granted the             Our products includes functional food and herbal coffee
Malaysian Patent Protected Composition.                            besides cosmeutical and beauty product line.

Organisation’s Achievements:                                       Organisation’s Achievements:
1. Malaysian Patent Protected Composition for Phyllanthus          We are awarded GMP status in 2005
   niruri standardised extract EPN 797 (Patent No:
                                                                   Number of Staff: 18
   MY128938A), July 2007.
2. BioNexus Status Award 2006 - Awarded by MOSTI and               Annual Business Turnover (€): 350,000
3. NATPRO 2005 - Malaysian Herbal Corporation Award for            We Offer:
                                                                   Commercialisation of R&D, Contract Research, Joint Bidding of
   Most Outstanding Research and Development Project in
                                                                   Government Tender, Joint Venture
   Herbal Products
4. Selangor Industrial Awards 2004 - Special Award                 We Request:
5. Collaboration with Forest Research Institute Malaysia           Joint R&D, Proprietary Consultancy, Technology Licensing,
   (FRIM) for the licensing of Garcinia atroviridis processing     Technology Transfer, Technical Assistance, Business Products
   and extraction technology                                       Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing, Distributorship/Agency,
6. NOVA-PhytoMatrix drug delivery technology for the               Global Product Sourcing, Joint Production, Manufacturing
   Phyllanthus niruri standardised extract EPN797                  Investment, Cross Region Initial Public Offering (IPO), Foreign
7. NOVA-PhytoActif drug delivery technology for the                Direct Investment (FDI), Merger and Acquisition, Project
   Andrographis paniculata standardised extract and Eclipta        Financing, Venture Capital
   alba standardised extract
8. NOVA-BioSolv drug delivery technology for the Eurycoma
   longifolia standardised extract
9. NOVA-PhytoMatrix drug delivery technology for the
   Phyllanthus niruri standardised extract EPN797 (Malaysian
   Patent Pending)

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Nimura Genetic Solutions Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                          NIZO Food Research, The Netherlands
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                              Sector: Bio-agriculture, Bio-healthcare, Bio-informatics, Bio-
Organisation Profile:                                               manufacturing
Nimura Genetic Solutions is a Japanese based company                Organisation Profile:
located in Malaysia with parent company located in Tokyo,           NIZO food research ( is one of the most
Japan. It has a total staff of 40 members, 30 of whom are           advanced, independent research companies in the world.
reseachers including scientists and support research staff. It is
                                                                    Focus of its 200 employees is on driving innovations and
supported by Scientific Advisors previously from the field of
drug discovery of Microbial origin with previous involvement        realising new market introductions for its customers by
with Roche, Bristol-Myers-Squibb and Meiji Seika. NGS main          providing speed, both fundamental and food application
operational drug discovery laboratory is located in Forest          knowledge, strict confidentiality and one of the worlds largest
Research Institute of Malaysia located in Kepong, Kuala             food grade pilot facilities. NIZO has unique capabilities of
Lumpur.                                                             translating science to functional benefits by using its world
NGS carries out bioprospecting activities within the                leading expertise in the fields of flavour, texture, processing,
governance of Convention on Biological Diversity from tropical      health and food safety.
forest of Malaysia.                                                 Our customers include the multinational dairy, food & beverage,
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):               food ingredient and life science companies. On project basis, we
NGS specialises in bioprospecting tropical rainforest of            assist our clients with developing and improving functional
Malaysia for microbes and medicinal plants producing novel          benefits such as taste and texture combined with optimal health
compounds. These novel compounds are the basis for further          properties during shelf-life. Also we help manufacturers to lower
drug development.                                                   costs by optimising and re-designing their processes and carry
NGS has established a laboratory in Malaysia, that isolates         out test productions using our unique food-grade and halal pilot
microbe, screens for bioactivity against bacteria, fungal,          plant.
cancer, lifestyle diseases, etc. and carries out chemical and
structural elucidation of novel compounds.                          HQ is based in Food Valley, The Netherlands with offices in
                                                                    France, UK, USA, Japan and Thailand.
The compounds are then made available for outlicensing to
interested parties, usually pharmaceutical companies.               Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
                                                                    In the area of Biotechnology we offer contract research
Apart from carrying out its own R&D, NGS also offers contract       services with respect to e.g.:
R&D services to large pharmaceutical companies, where lab
facilities, space, staff is provided for the company to carry out   Ingredient producing LAB strains
research on Malaysian bioresources. As operating a laboratory       NIZO owns a unique culture collection of relevant food-grade
in a foreign land is expensive, involves red tape, and a            micro-organisms for various applications. Using GMO or natural
mobilisation of staff, equipment and construction of a lab, NGS     strains we can produce the ingredients such as: sorbitol,
offers its’ premises complete with the facilities and staff for     mannitol, diacetyl, acetaldehyde, folate, multivitamin, riboflavin,
independent research by clients. One such example is Sankyo         alanin, 3 methyl butanol, EPS, nisin and glutathion. These
Ltd, Japan who have been using our services for the past 3
                                                                    ingredients can either be made in situ or be extracted for
                                                                    ingredient development. A few examples:
Organisation’s Achievements:
After 3 years in operation, it has discovered 2 novel antibiotics   • In situ folate production
from soil microbe of tropical rainforest which is currently being     New developments in fermentation technology and starter
patented.                                                             engineering at NIZO food research have made it possible to
                                                                      control and increase B-vitamin levels in fermented food
It has secured a long term contract R&D service with Daiichi-
                                                                      products. This opens the way to tailor starter cultures which
Sankyo Pharmaceutical which is the second largest
pharmaceutical company in Japan.                                      combine excellent technological properties and health
                                                                      benefits for the consumer.
Number of Staff: 27 in NGS (Malaysia), 15 in NGS (Japan)
                                                                    • NISIN production
We Offer:
                                                                      The ability to produce nisin and to tolerate the presence of
Contract Research, bioprospecting and NGS offers its’
premises complete with the laboratory facilities and staff for        nisin is encoded on a mobile DNA-element - transposon - in
independent research on bioresources of tropical forest by            L. lactis. This can be transferred, spontaneously, to non-
clients.                                                              nisin-producing strains. In a collaborative effort, NIZO food
                                                                      research and CSK Food Enrichment have used this natural

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
  process for development of nisin-producing cheese starters.        specific (flavour) compounds can be predicted. Selecting
                                                                     lactic acid bacteria strains for genes responsible for e.g.
Controlled gene expression in Lactococcus lactis as                  sulphuric flavour formation results in higher production of
alternative for recombinant protein production                       these compounds.
L. lactis is increasingly used for modern biotechnological
applications such as the production of recombinant proteins        • Debittering starter culture
for food, feed, pharma and biocatalysis applications. Next to        NIZO food research is able to cut down development time
the easy genetic accessibility of L. lactis the food grade NIsin     for a new food fermenting culture to a couple of months by
Controlled gene Expression (NICE) system developed at NIZO           precisely defining the required set of biochemical activities
                                                                     in food fermenting cultures by genomics approach and high
has played a key role in this development. Areas of
                                                                     throughput technologies.
• Production of homologous and heterologous proteins for           Mild concentration and isolation of functional
   food, feed, pharma and biocatalysis applications;               ingredients
• Production of prokaryotic and eukaryotic membrane                NIZO has a food grade pilot plant for down-stream processing
   proteins;                                                       in which we . Available technologies include pressure-driven
• Production of exo-polysaccharides;                               membrane filtration technology, complete fractionation,
• Production of ingredients through metabolic engineering:         pervaporation and industrial chromatography.
   e.g. alanine, folate, diacetyl;
• Preparation of L. lactis as a biocatalyst by expression of a     Number of Staff: 200
   suitable enzyme as e.g. dehydrogenases and in situ co-          Annual Business Turnover (€): 18 Million
   factor regenearation;
• High throughput screening for enzyme evolution or enzyme         We Request:
   comparison.                                                     Joint R&D, Joint Bidding of Government Tender, Project
                                                                   Financing, Regional Strategic R&D partners
Furthermore, NIZO food research developed a Controlled Lysis
system for in situ targeted and timely delivery of specific        We Offer:
ingredients or enzymes to tune flavour and taste of cheese,        Contract Research, Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer,
and other fermentative products. The system can e.g. be            Contract Manufacturing, Technical Assistance
applied for:
• Expression of membrane proteins
  L. lactis is an excellent host for the expression and
  production of prokaryotic and eukaryotic membrane
  proteins. Expression of the target protein to up to 30% of
  all membrane proteins has been achieved.
Metabolic modelling
Genome-scale models for bacteria have been constructed and
are used for:
• data visualisation & interpretation;
• lead finding to improve engineered strains;
• efficient phenotype description on metabolic level;
• optimising medium composition;
• in silico single knock-out analysis.
Quantitative predictions of flux distributions can be made by
applying constraint-based modeling techniques such as flux-
balance-analysis (FBA).
Applications include:
• Flavour development in fermented products
  By mapping the genes and modeling the metabolic
  pathways, the enzyme fluxes leading to the production of

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
NZBio/Auckland, New Zealand                                         2. Creating a favourable operating environment for
Sector: Biotechnology                                                  commercialisation: NZBio/Auckland supports the
                                                                       activities of NZBio in the national capitol by providing
Organisation Profile:                                                  specific regional input into submissions that mold policy
NZBio is an incorporated society representing the New                  and aim to facilitate programmes that engender investment
Zealand biotechnology sector. As the name implies,                     and technology transfer.
NZBio/Auckland is the regional arm of NZBio.                        3. Developing business connections: A range of
As a member-driven organisation, our role is to create the             programmes are in place and under development to foster
right environment for individuals and organisations to be              this goal.
successful, with a specific focus on Auckland. Our activities are      a. CEO Forum
centred around the four goals that will allow us to have the           b. Bi-monthly networking dinners
greatest impact on building a prosperous biotechnology                 c. Bi-monthly networking meetings
sector:                                                                d. Site visits to biotechnology organizations
                                                                       e. Seminars & Workshops
1. Generating valuable intellectual property: Industry
                                                                       f. Hosting Overseas visitors and delegations
   development requires a strong pipeline of opportunities. It
   is important to have sufficient research scale to be             4. Promoting industry development: To achieve this goal
   successful, with high quality intellectual property and             we aim to build close links with other innovation-centred
   effective technology transfer.                                      organisations and demonstrate the importance and value
                                                                       of biotechnology to Auckland’s future as a world-class city
2. Creating a favourable operating environment for
                                                                       with world-class capabilities.
   commercialisation: The industry needs an environment
   that supports its development. It is imperative that             Organisation’s Achievements:
   Government policy and strategy, particularly in the areas of     Chaired by an industry leader, this by invitation only meeting,
   investment, taxation, regulation and technology transfer,        brings together the CEOs, chief policymakers, opinion leaders
   are aligned with this goal.                                      and related industry stalwarts to discuss mission-critical
3. Developing business connections: To take advantage of            issues.
   opportunities the industry needs to be well informed and         Every alternate month keynote speakers deliver current
   networked. NZBio’s role is to encourage the development of       updates on topical matters over dinner. It allows the gathered
   business connections between industry participants, and          audience to network amongst their peers and benefit from the
   this is where the regional networks such as                      topical information. On the alternate months to the dinners,
   NZBio/Auckland, special interest groups and our                  member organisations and related companies host a cocktail
   international connections play a valuable part.                  evening. Some of the networking meetings are replaced by
4. Promoting industry development: NZBio’s role is to               site visits to organisations involved in delivering Auckland’s
   increase the level of understanding of biotechnology in the      biotechnology capability.
   wider community, to build a constituency of advocates who
                                                                    NZBio/Auckland has implemented interactive seminars and
   support its development.
                                                                    workshops that inform and upskill those involved in the
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):               biotechnology industry. This allows for key issues such as tax
To achieve goals NZBio/Auckland aims to build close links with      reforms and intellectual property protection to be presented in
other innovation-centred organisations and demonstrate the          a manner that is contextual to the industry.
importance and value of biotechnology to Auckland’s future as
                                                                    Auckland is the key gateway to New Zealand and overseas
a world-class city with world-class capabilities.
                                                                    experts and delegations related to biotechnology or with an
NZBio/Auckland operates an annual programme to achieve              interest in the sector arrive here first. NZBio/Auckland, in
these goals. This is managed by a Regional Director and             collaboration with organizations such as NZT&E and the
governed by an elected committee of 12 industry leaders. The        Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, hosts the visitors and
committee meets monthly.                                            demonstrate our capability and capacity for innovation.

1. Generating valuable intellectual property: To realise
   this goal we aim to facilitate the linkages between
   Auckland’s research institutions and biotechnology
   companies, and foster the development of intellectual
   property in the sector through various programmes.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Nutriplant Biotech Fertilizer Sdn Bhd,                             Guthrie, G Hope, KADA, MADA etc. We are at the stage of
                                                                   securing bionexus status for our bio extractive R&D and
                                                                   production activities to extract chitosan from crustacea.
Sector: Bio-agriculture
                                                                   Number of Employee: 120
Organisation Profile:
We are less than 2 years old company 70 percent Bumiputera         We Request:
owned with paid up capital expected to reach RM15.0 by end         Joint Bidding of Gov Tender, Joint Venture, Manufacturing
of the year. We have more than 100 employees comprising,           Investment, Resellership, Cross Region IPO, Foreign Direct
more than 80 percent of young graduates in agricultural            Investment, Merger and Acquisition, Project Financing, Global
sciences. Our technical advisory members comprised                 Product Sourcing, Distributorship/Agency, Commercialisation
personalities drawn from agriculture research, plantations and     of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research, Proprietary
engineering and corporate sectors amongst whom are                 Consultancy, Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer,
                                                                   Technical Assistance, Contract Manufacturing, Venture Capital
1) Dr Chin Nyok Yen
                                                                   We Offer:
2) Dr Radzuan Abdul Rahman
                                                                   Commercialisation of R&D, Resellership, Manufacturing
3) Dr Arisol Alimuniar
                                                                   Investment, Joint Venture, Joint Bidding of Gov Tender, Global
4) Dr Abdul Razxak Hamzah
                                                                   Product Sourcing, Proprietary Consultancy, Contract Research,
5) Dr Laily
                                                                   Joint R&D
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
As nutritionist for major crops like rubber, oil palm and paddy,
we provide total solutions for productive and healthy grows in
plants and crops through proper dietary, immunization and
treatment regime of plant crops we produce
1) complete nutrient liquid fertilizer to feed complement,
   supplement and overcome nutrient deficiencies in crops
2) complete nutrient liquid fertilizer enriched with bio-
   immuno stimulant products to immprove plant immunity
   against diseases and improve efficiency in plant crop
   nutrient uptake
3) bio immuno stimulant products which is 100% bio
   products to immunize and treat plant/crops against
   diseases and to act as stimulant for greater efficiency in
   feed uptake
We provide
1) technical consultation and advisory services pertaining to
   crop specific nutritional dietary and health needs
2) fertilizer management service comprising diagnostic
   through satellite scanning for soil and crop fertility,
   nutrient and treatment prescriptions and field application
   services based on prescription
Organisation’s Achievement:
MARDITECH, a subsidiary of MARDI, has 10% share in our
technology subsidiary for colloborative research, development
and commercialization of jointly developed technologies.
Some of our products are produced under licensed by
MARDITECH based on technology by MARDI. Our products are
undergoing intensive and extensive trials for various crops
under plots owned by major agriculural bodies (private and
government agencies) including DOA, MARDI, MPOB, LGM,

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Novus International (Thailand) Co. Ltd,                              environmentally accepted booster biocide for use in marine
Thailand                                                             paints to prevent soft and hard fouling of submerged surfaces.
                                                                     Novus is committed to manufacturing or sourcing new,
Sector: Bio-agriculture
                                                                     creative and profitable solutions demanded by its customers.
Organisation Profile:
                                                                     Organisation’s Achievement:
Novus Thailand is part of Novus International, Inc., a global
                                                                     Established in 1991, Novus has moved from being a
leader in the animal health and nutrition industries. Based in
                                                                     methionine and antioxidant supplier to becoming a major
St. Louis, Missouri, and owned by two Japanese companies -
                                                                     partner for producers in the food chain. The company has been
Mistsui & Co., Ltd. (majority shareholder) and Nippon Soda
                                                                     relentless bringing new applications to its customers,
Co., Ltd. Novus manufactures and markets animal health and
                                                                     especially in the past three years, when in a major
nutrition products. Novus employs over 300 people worldwide,
                                                                     organisational change, the company has expanded its focus
and conducts business in more than 80 countries. Novus has a
                                                                     and has successfully diversified its product and service offer to
regional sales and marketing office located in Thailand, which
                                                                     the food chain. Novus Thailand partners with major food
distributes products and provides services to the Asia-Pacific
                                                                     producers in the Asia-Pacific region to bring profitable
livestock, aquaculture, and food industries. Through its
                                                                     solutions to everyday problems. From treatment of grain to the
Bangkok operation and six other local offices, Novus serves
                                                                     safety of end products, Novus is always looking for new ideas
fourteen countries in this diverse region, starting from New
                                                                     and partners to bring products and services that can have a
Zealand and reaching all the way to Pakistan and Japan.
                                                                     positive impact on its customer’s bottom line. Novus is a
Novus is committed to delivering new, creative and profitable
                                                                     science-based company that has been awarded an array of
solutions to its customers. Through a worldwide network,
                                                                     patents in the areas of amino acid nutrition, combinations of
Novus markets a range of products for the livestock industry in
                                                                     organic acid as well as development of different testing assays
six key categories: amino acids, nutrition and health, minerals,
                                                                     and coccidial vaccines. The company has recently expanded its
energy and metabolism as well as feed quality that serves the
                                                                     reach to the human food as well as biofuel and industrial
Poultry, Swine, Dairy and Aqua markets. Novus also markets
products for the Food Industry (STEADFAST™ Human) as well
as antioxidants for the Biofuel Industry (ADESTA™) and               Number of Employee: 40
Industrial applications (TRIDENT™).
                                                                     We Request:
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):                Joint R&D, Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Contract
Novus Thailand distributes products and provides services in         Manufacturing, Joint Production
the Asia-Pacific livestock, food and biofuel industries as well as
for industrial applications. Novus Thailand distributes a wide       We Offer:
range of products through a network of local offices and             Commercialisation of R&D, Merger and Acquisition,
selected distributors in: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea,      Manufacturing         Investment,         Joint Venture,
Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,         Distributorship/Agency, Technical Assistance
Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan: Livestock: Amino
acid nutrition: ALIMET® and MHA® - “chemically different,
functionally better” Feed quality: SANTOQUIN®,
products for grain and feed preservation Organic Acids:
organic acids. Mineral Nutrition: MINTREX®, GLYTREXTM and
ZORIEN™ SEY lines of organic minerals Specialty Nutrition:
OASIS® hatchling supplement Aquaculture: Nutrition and
Health: - MERAM MET Ca and MERATM MET-PLUS® solution
to replace fishmeal and overcome problems derived from
intensive culture. - MERA-CIDTM Alternatives to Antibiotics
Water Treatment: MERATM Hypo 65, MERATM OX, MERATM
MS Probiotics and Enzymes: MERATM Bac W and WL -
probiotics and enzymes. Human: Mineral nutrition:
STEADFASTTM Human Biofuel: Antioxidants - ADESTATM
Antioxidant for stabilisation of Biodiesel made from
renewable energy sources Industrial: - TRIDENTTM An

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
National Heart Institute/ Institut Jantung                        2005
Negara (IJN), Malaysia                                            • Performed the first lung transplant in the Malaysia
                                                                  • Performed the first heart transplant with explanation of the
Sector: Bio-healthcare
                                                                    mechanical heart assist device
Organisation Profile:                                             • Implanted the first mechanical heart assist device, Thoratec
National Heart Institute is one of the largest medical              IVAD in Asia and Australasia region
institutions in Malaysia located along Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala     • Selected as the only heart centre to represent the Asia
Lumpur. We cater for cardiovascular medicine services for           Pacific region as the venue for transmitting interventional
both adults and pediatric heart patients. National Heart            procedures “live” to the prestigious EURO PCR05
Institute began its operation July 1992 as part of a cardiology     Conference venue; Paris
unit in Kuala Lumpur General Hospital and was corporatised in
September of the same year. National Heart Institute is the
                                                                  • Performed the first bypass and thymectomy surgeries in the
only medical services in the country to be corporatised. In
                                                                    region on a conscious or “awake” patient without general
2006 there were more than 135,000 patients coming in for
outpatient treatment and 12,000 are inpatients that have
                                                                  • Established Extra Corporal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)
gone through either interventional procedure or surgeries.
Since 1992, National Heart Institute has treated more than 1
million heart patients.                                           2003
                                                                  • Performed the first stem cell transplantation in the country
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
                                                                    and reckon to be in the region on an end-stage heart
National Heart Institute is an integrated one-stop center
offering comprehensive cardiac services under one roof. We
                                                                  • Introduced the endoscopic harvest of saphenous vein and
offer a wide variety of treatment options for heart conditions
                                                                    radial artery conduit for coronary artery bypass
ranging from the simplest hole in the heart requiring simple
                                                                  • Performed Maze Procedure using radiofrequency ablation
surgery, to the most complex heart failure needing
                                                                  • Opened a new 10-bedded Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
                                                                    (PICU) - an extension of the earlier six-bedded unit
Range of services includes;
• Outpatient treatment for referral (new) and follow-up cases     2002
  for cardiology and cardiothoracic patients.                     • Introduced endovascular aortic aneurysm repair (endoaortic
• Inpatient treatment for patients with unstable angina,            stent)
  myocardial infarction, heart failure and interventional         • Performed intramyocardial stem cell transplantation (bone
  cardiology procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic              marrow) for end-stage ischaemic heart disease not
  procedures, heart surgeries for open heart, closed-heart          amenable to surgical or percutaneous revascularization
  and thoracic and heart transplantation.                         2001
• Allied health services: cardiac rehabilitation programme,       • Introduced stentless aortic (sorin pericarbon) valve
  diet counseling and cardiopulmonary resuscitation                 replacement
• Executive Screening Programme: a complete and                   2000
  comprehensive medical examination with emphasis on the          • Introduced on-pump beating heart syrgery for patients with
  heart as part of our prevention effort.                           poor left ventricular function
                                                                  • Introduced bi-ventricular pacing for heart failure - a new
Organisation’s Achievements:                                        device therapy for heart failure patients
Since our establishment in 1992, National Heart Institute has
always aimed to provide the best and excellent heart care in      1999
the country. As a result, many advances and achievements          • Performed first in the region a detailed mapping for
made in all areas of heart care have earned recognitions and        complex arrhythmia with the introduction of a non-contact
awards.                                                             mapping system, EN-ENSITE 3000
                                                                  • Opening of a dedicated six-bedded paediatric Intensive
Our medical achievements include:-                                  Care Unit (PICU)
2006                                                              • Introduced the endoventricular patch repair technique for
• Performed the first key-hole (endoscopic) surgery to treat        patients with poor left ventricular function
  lone atrial fibrillation in Asia and Australasia region

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
1998                                                             We Request:
• Established a Homograft Bank                                   Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
• Introduced antegrade cerebral perfusion for better cerebral    Proprietary Consultancy, Technology Licensing, Business
  protection in aortci arch aneurysm surgery                     Products       Outsourcing,       Contract     Manufacturing,
• Introduced the Elephant Trunk technique for total aortic       Distributorship/ Agency, Global Product Sourcing, Joint Bidding
  arch replacement                                               of Government Tender, Joint Production, Joint Venture, Cross
• Introduced the David’s Procedure for aortic valve sparing      Region Initial Public Offering (IPO), Foreign Direct Investment
  operation in the repair of ascending aortic aneurysm           (FDI), Merger and Acquisition, Project Financing, Venture
• Introduced a comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation              Capital
  Programme for bypass and myocardial patients
1997                                                             Organic Gain Sdn Bhd, Malaysia (OGSB)
• Performed the first heart transplant in Malaysia
                                                                 Sector: Bio-healthcare
• Introduced the transcatheter intervention technique - a
  non-surgical procedure to close ASD                            Organisation Profile:
• Introduced minimally invasive (off pump) multi vessel          Organic Gain Sdn Bhd (OGSB) specialised in the research,
  CABG with mechanical stabilisers (OPCAB)                       development and production of herbal products. Currently, our
• Invented a new minimally invasive (pocket incision) aortic
                                                                 products range from Noni based products to virgin coconut oil,
  replacement surgery
                                                                 sea cucumber and herbal beverages. Our products are well -
1996                                                             researched and proven to be effective. We obtained
• Performed the first in the world pocket incision heart
                                                                 registration for our products in Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia
  surgery utilising Heartport technology for mitral valve
  repair/replacement                                             and Germany. Samples are now being tested in several other
• Performed minimally invasive direct CABG via thoracotomy       countries, such as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dubai U.A.E.,
• Introduced mitral valve repair combined with MAZE              Turkey and Republic of South Arabia. OGSB’s manufacturing
  Procedure for atrial fibrillation                              facility is a certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
• Implanted the first cardiac defibrillator in the country to    factory ensuring consistent production of high quality
  treat and monitor abnormal heart rhythm                        products.
                                                                 Number of Staff: 26
• Introduced Ross Procedure (autologous aortic valve
• Introduced Reparation d L etage Ventriculaire (REV)
• Introduced radial artery as a coronary artery bypass conduit
• Introduced the Video Assisted Thoracoscopic (VAT) surgery
  for thoracic surgeries
• Performed the first concurrent carotid endarterectomy and
  CABG under cardiopulmunory bypass
• Introduced the rotablator atherectomy coronary stenting
• Introduced the coil embolisation technique for Patent
  Ductus Arteriosis (PDA) cases
• Introduced the use of homograph for more complex
  congenital heart surgeries
Number of Staff: 1083

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Oxitec Ltd (A spin-out company of Oxford                          We Offer:
University), United Kingdom                                       Joint R&D, Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer
Sector: Bio-healthcare
Organisation Profile:                                             Olipro Biotechnology Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Oxitec is an insect biotech company developing effective and      Sector: Bio-manufacturing
environment-friendly techniques to control insect pests that      Organisation Profile:
are damaging to public health and agriculture.                    OLIPRO is a platform developer and provider of diagnostic
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):             biochip. The company is mainly engaged in research,
                                                                  development, production and marketing of diagnostic biochips
                                                                  for medical and veterinary use.
Oxitec’s RIDL technology, which is based on advances in
molecular biology and genetics at Oxford University, is fully     OLIPRO Mission is to be a world class manufacturer of high
compatible with integrated pest management. Using this            quality affordable protein and gene biochips, that will assist in
technology, Oxitec is developing genetically sterile insect       the early detection of clinical diseases, in both human and
pests, which have major applications in the control of insect     animals, resulting in early treatment leading to healthier lives
pests that are damaging to public health and agriculture.         or animals.
In public health, our lead application is in the control of the   OLIPRO specialises in protein and oligonucleotides/DNA based
Aedes aegypti mosquito, which carries dengue, yellow fever        biochips.
and chikungunya. In agriculture, our lead applications are in
the control of Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata),      Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Mexican fruit fly (Anastrepha ludens), Pink Bollworm              Under-development products: TB Protein Biochip, Blood Screen
(Pectinophora gossypiella) and Codling moth (Cydia                Protein Biochip, Pesticide Residues Protein Biochip, Porcine
pomonella).                                                       Identification Gene Biochip, Meat Speciation Gene Biochip
OXITEC’S PUBLIC HEALTH ACTIVITIES IN MALAYSIA                     Services: ODM and OEM/contract research based on molecular
Upon the invitation of the Ministry of Health, Oxitec entered     biology and biochip platform
into a joint initiative agreement with the Government of          Organisation’s Achievements:
Malaysia in December 2006. The objective is to evaluate the       Newly start-up since April 2006; TB Protein Biochip currently
potential of Oxitec’s novel RIDL-SIT technology in suppressing    under field trials locally (based on four antigenic markers, i.e.
the population of the Aedes aegypti - the primary mosquito        LAM, 16kDa, 38kDa and ESAT-6)
vector of dengue.
                                                                  Number of Staff:
The technology evaluation is being done by the WHO                Management team consists of four experienced managers,
Collaborating Centre for Vectors based at the government’s        R&D team with R&D manager and two research scientists (all
Institute for Medical Research, Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur        with M.Sc.qualification), manufacturing executive and QA/QC
50588. In parallel, Oxitec has been interacting with officials    executive.
from MiGHT, MOSTI and Malaysian BiotechCorp, who have
approached Oxitec in relation to future business development      Scientific Advisory Board members consist of both local and
in Malaysia.                                                      overseas scientists.
Organisation’s Achievements:                                      We Request:
Recognition for Oxitec’s work in dengue has come from the         Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical
Gates Foundation Global Challenges for Health Program,            Assistance, Business Products Outsourcing, Global Product
whereby Oxitec will receive approximately US$1 million each       Sourcing
year for five years.
                                                                  We Offer:
Number of Staff: 25                                               Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
                                                                  Contract Manufacturing, Distributorship/ Agency, Joint Bidding
Annual Business Turnover (€): 1 million approximately
                                                                  of Government Tender, Joint Production, Joint Venture,
We Request:                                                       Manufacturing Investment, Resellership, Cross Region Initial
Commercialisation of R&D, Contract Manufacturing,                 Public Offering (IPO), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Distributorship/Agency, Joint Bidding of Government Tender,
Joint Production, Joint Venture, Manufacturing Investment,
Venture Capital

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Pharmaniaga Bhd, Malaysia                                            Pharmaniaga Research Centre Sdn Bhd
Industry Sector: Bio-healthcare / Pharmaceutical                        - Research and development
                                                                     Safire Pharmaceuticals (M) Sdn Bhd
Organisation Profile:
                                                                        - Manufacturing of generic drugs and contract
Pharmaniaga Berhad is the largest integrated local healthcare
company in Malaysia. We are a public listed company on the
main board of the Bursa Malaysia Securities (BMS) with paid          Pharmaniaga LifeScience Sdn Bhd
up capital of RM100 million.                                            - Manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products
                                                                     Pharmaniaga Diagnostics Sdn Bhd
Pharmaniaga’s principal activities include manufacturing of             - Sales and distribution of portable medical devices
generic-pharmaceuticals, logistics& distribution, sales&
                                                                     Pharmaniaga International Corporation Sdn Bhd
marketing, supply of medical products& services, hospital
equipping and IT solutions.                                             - Investment holding company for overseas
                                                                           pharmaceutical distribution business.
The essence of Pharmaniaga is the seamless amalgamation of           PT Millennium Pharmacon International Tbk (Indonesia)
these key disciplines, represented by an entirely integrated            - Distribution and trading of pharmaceutical product, food
group of companies, processes and people that uphold our
                                                                           supplements and diagnostics product in Indonesia
commitment to deliver quality products and services at all
                                                                     Pharmaniaga Pegasus (Seychelles) Co. Ltd
times. This is driven by our goal to enrich the lives of all those
we come into contact with, be it our employees, customers               - Investment holdings
and business partners, or the patients who benefit from our          Organisation’s Achievements:
products and services.
                                                                     Pharmaniaga Berhad was awarded with The BrandLaureate
Our commitment to enhancing life together is guided by our           2006-2007 for corporate brand excellence in Healthcare-
philosophy of doing business with conscience; a philosophy           Pharmaceutical segment by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation
we will continue to nurture as we journey towards becoming a         (APBF). In addition, the company was also bestowed with the
global total integrated healthcare solutions provider.               practical solution Award at the 2006 NAfMA (National Award
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):                for Management in Accounting).
Pharmaniaga, a leading Malaysian healthcare company is
                                                                     Our Quality Management System is certified to the ISO9001
driven by its core business, namely, generic pharmaceutical
                                                                     standards, our Occupational Health& Safety practices are
manufacturing and R&D, warehousing and distribution of
pharmaceutical and medical products, sales and marketing as          certified to OHSAS18001 standards while our Environment
well as hospital equipping. Pharmaniaga has also created a           Management System is certified to the ISO14001 standards.
niche in healthcare IT solutions which forms the backbone of         Our QC laboratories are accredited to the SAMM ISO/IEC
its operations.                                                      17025 Laboratory Management System. All these stringent
                                                                     Quality Assurance processes and strict adherence to practices
Company (Core Business)
                                                                     have been rewarding, as we are now the manufacturer of
Pharmaniaga Logistics Sdn Bhd
                                                                     choice for several multinational companies.
  - Warehousing, logistics and distribution.
Pharmaniaga Biomedical Sdn Bhd                                       Number of Staff: 1,267
  - Provision of turnkey contract services for hospital
                                                                     Annual Business Turnover (€): 4.95b
Pharmaniaga Marketing Sdn Bhd                                        We Request:
  - Sale of pharmaceuticals                                          Commercialisation of R&D, Contract Research, Proprietary
Pharmaniaga Manufacturing Berhad                                     Consultancy, Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer
  - Manufacturing of generic drugs and contract                      We Offer:
     manufacturing                                                   Business Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing,
Pharmaniaga Diagnostics                                              Distributorship/Agency, Global Product Sourcing, Joint Bidding
  - Sales and distribution of portable medical devices               of Government Tender, Joint Production, Joint Venture,
                                                                     Manufacturing Investment

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
PURAC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore                                PURASORB®
Sector: Bio-manufacturing                                            Lactide
Organisation Profile:                                                Polylactides
PURAC is a subsidiary of CSM, a global player in Bakery              Polyglycolide
Supplies & Food Ingredients. PURAC is the world’s largest and        Lactide/glycolide copolymers
most experienced producer of natural lactic acid, lactates,
lactides and polylactides, and leading supplier. Our principal       Organisation’s Achievement:
product groups are lactic acid and lactic acid derivatives, lactic   We have strengthened our technological position by creating
acid-based biomaterials. Our products have a wide range of           innovative product concepts and process technology and we
                                                                     will aim to considerably reduce productions costs. We improve
applications in many different industries. The main markets are
                                                                     and innovate our products, processes and services on a
food, pharmaceuticals, medical, cosmetics, animal feed and
                                                                     continuous basis. Employees are encourage to develop new
the technical & chemical industries.
                                                                     ideas, be open, take the initiative and be responsible for their
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):                own actions. PURAC strives to be responsible member of the
PURAC’s role is to develop, manufacture and marjet                   community and contribute to the sustainability of the earth’s
biochemicals to improve our quality of life. We aim to achieve       natural resources and the protection of the environment.
strong growth in order to further strengthen our leading
                                                                     Annual Business Turnover (€): 22,269,831
market positions. PURAC’s extensive product line comprises
many different qualities, forms and concentrations marketed          Number of Employee: 25
under PURAC brand names as follows:
                                                                     We Offer:
PURAC®                                                               Joint Production, Manufacturing Investment
Lactic acid
Lactic acid buffered
Lactic acid powder                                                   Perak Investment Management Centre
Lactic acid based formulations                                       (PIMC), Malaysia
PURACAL®                                                             Sector: Investment Management Centre
Calcium lactate
                                                                     Organisation Profile:
Calcium lactate gluconate                                            A Perak State Investment Promotion And Coordination
Calcium lactate based formulations                                   Agency. Perak Investment Management Centre of known as
PURASOLV®                                                            Invest Perak is chaired by the Perak State Chief Minister.
Methyl lactate
Ethyl lactate                                                        Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
n-Propyl lactate                                                     The principle Perak State Agency in charge of promoting and
Butyl lactate                                                        co-ordinating investments in the sectors of manufacturing ICT,
                                                                     Tourism, Education, Agriculture and others. It acts as a one-
2-Ethylhexyl lactate
                                                                     stop centre to assist and facilitate investors.
Sodium lactate                                                       Organisation’s Achievement:
Sodium lactate powder                                                Has been actively involved in investment promotion programs
Potassium lactate                                                    both in Malaysia and overseas. A minimum total investment of
Ammonium lactate                                                     RM1.00 billion ringgit has been targeted for the Perak State
                                                                     and this scene is quite often surpassed.
PURASAL Opti.Form®
PURAMEX®                                                             We Request:
Ferrous lactate                                                      Joint Production, Manufacturing Investment, Foreign Direct
Magnesium lactate                                                    Investment
Zinc lactate                                                         We Offer:
Aluminum lactate                                                     Joint Production, Manufacturing Investment, Foreign Direct

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Pharmacelsus GmbH, Germany                                         Challenge Award for its product.
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                             PPC Adob is the leading producer of magnesium nitrate, and
Organisation Profile:                                              produces calcium nitrate of the highest quality. Business
Pharmacelsus - an emerging high quality preclinical CRO -          partners include Yara, SQM, NU3, BASF, Bayer.
provides pharmacological, biological and bioanalytical test        We Request:
services in vitro and in vivo offering in vitro tests for the      Distributorship/Agency
physico-chemical and ADMET characterisation of test items in
drug discovery. To increase the outcome and accelerate our
                                                                   RMB Technologies Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
clients’ drug discovery projects is our mission.
                                                                   Sector: Bio-healthcare, Bio-manufacturing
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):              Organisation Profile:
Pharmacelsus is dedicated to drug discovery. To increase the       Our company is offering Business Start up & Development
outcome and accelerate our clients´ drug discovery projects is     services in East and Southeast Asia. We are also interested in
our mission.                                                       discussing different aspects of Business Partnership with
                                                                   companies from Europe and Malaysia.
We Offer:
Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
Proprietary Consultancy, Business Products Outsourcing, Joint

PPC ADOB, Poland
Sector: Bio-agriculture

Organisation Profile:
PPC Adob is a producer and distributor of inorganic fertilizers
and places a special emphasis on developing innovative
fertilizers and fertilization technologies. The company also
provides training and consulting services for farmers related to
the application of fertilizers as well as fertilization

Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
PPC Adob provides the market with fertilizers of the highest
quality, placing special emphasis on quality and being friendly
to the environment. The company has been working on
innovative products, which are environment friendly and can
serve as substitutions of fertilizers, which are not environment
friendly and accumulated in soils, waters, etc. The main
products include biodegradable IDHA chelates, calcium
nitrate, magnesium nitrate, and magnesium sulphate.

Organisation’s Achievements:
The company has developer together with Bayer company the
first biodegradable IDHA chelate. The product is an alternative
to the chelates which are presently used in fertilization, but
are not biodegradable and accumulate in soils, water, etc. The
product was patented by PPC Adob and Bayer. In June 2001
Bayer was awarded the US President Green Chemistry

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Roiter Zucker Solicitors, United Kingdom                                proceedings before the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and
                                                                        the European Patent Office (EPO).
Organisation Profile:                                                 4 Regulatory issues (MHRA requirements; manufacturing
Roiter Zucker Solicitors is an internationally renowned niche           licences, wholesale dealers’ licences, marketing
Life Sciences and Intellectual Property law firm based in               authorizations, assembly and packaging licences, clinical
London. We are highly recommended by numerous high profile              trials; data exclusivity and data protection issues);
legal publications such as Legal500 and Chambers Global.              5 Competition law issues (including compliance issues,
Our testimonials include:                                               parallel importing into the UK or EU; compliance with the
1 ‘The quality of the work shouts volumes about the firm’s              technology transfer block exemptions).
  dedication to the life sciences industry’ European Counsel          We assist our clients in navigating through the complex
  Life Sciences Report                                                legislative and regulatory environment to achieve their
2 ‘We constantly rely on Roiter Zucker to help us navigate the        business objectives in the most effective way.
  complex issues we face every day. They truly understand our
  business needs’ Director, Flynn Pharma Limited                      Organisation’s Achievements:
3 ‘The team has claimed the scalps of some of the biggest             In the patent field, our Life Sciences team has an unrivalled
  names in the industry, forging a cast iron reputation in cases      reputation. We have acted in many of UK’s most high profile
  such as the successful revocation of GSK’s patent on                actions (including up to the House of Lords)-and won them all.
  Seretide…’ Chambers UK Client’s Guide 2006                          We also advise on patent proceedings before the EPO and in
                                                                      other European jurisdictions. Products which we have or are in
As a niche firm, bureaucracy is limited. We believe in delivering     the process of advising on include: Terfenadine; Paclitaxel;
value results. Our teams are kept small and focused which             Augmentin; Seretide; Symbicort; Paroxetine; and Tibolone.
allows us to undertake work at a fraction of the costs charged
                                                                      We are also advising on the legal aspects (ie venture funding,
by our competitors. Quality is never compromised. Our
                                                                      corporate/ commercial transactions and intellectual property
Partners take a hands on approach and are involved
                                                                      issues) relating to cutting edge technologies such as:
throughout, providing a consistently excellent quality of
                                                                      1 The production of proteins in animal milk for use in humans
                                                                      2 Robotic positioning systems to extend surgical capabilities
We advise on multi-jurisdictional matters and as a member of             beyond the surgeon’s hand (re precision, miniaturisation
the Geneva Group International (a global network of leading              and accessibility)
law firms), we are able to offer access to international legal        3 Breast cancer detection tests
services.                                                             4 Minimally invasive orthopaedic sports medicine procedures
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):                 5 Novel stem cell research
Roiter Zucker has been advising Life Sciences and Biotech             6 Development of a new molecule for the treatment of
clients for more than 25 years. We have an in depth                      leukaemia and gastro-intestinal tumours.
understanding of the industry as a whole. This enables us to          In the commercial field, we have advised on transactions
achieve the objectives of each individual client effectively. Our     (product and company sales and acquisitions) worth in excess
innovative, solution-based approach delivers results. Our             of $1billion. We have also advised in relation to the raising of
clients include large multinationals, national corporations,          in excess of $375million to fund ongoing development work.
start ups, venture capitalists and high net worth individuals.        In the Competition (anti-trust) field, we represented the
We advise on:                                                         successful parties in the landmark case relating to parallel
1 Venture Funding (including advice on establishment of               importing (including representation at the ECJ) and we are
    fund raising initiatives; joint ventures, co-promotional and      currently advising a pharmaceutical client in one of the
    co-partnering arrangements; product development).                 biggest anti-trust actions ever litigated in the UK.
2 Commercial/corporate transactions (including advice on
    technology transfers; mergers and acquisitions; disposals;        We Offer:
    corporate governance issues, contract manufacturing,              Legal Services in relation to Commercialisation of R&D, Joint
    licensing; franchising; distributorships and due diligence        R&D, Contract Research, Proprietary Consultancy, Technology
    work).                                                            Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical Assistance, Business
3 Intellectual property issues (including patent protection,          Products      Outsourcing,       Contract       Manufacturing,
    trademark infringement, design rights, licensing of IP            Distributorship/Agency, Global Product Sourcing, Joint Bidding
    rights). We work closely with our clients in developing the       of Government Tender, Joint Production, Joint Venture,
    right IP strategy to achieve their aims. This includes advising   Manufacturing Investment, Resellership, Merger and
    on multi-jurisdictional issues/proceedings such as                Acquisition, Project Financing, Venture Capital

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Shemical International Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                             •   SHE 102 MG -Metal Degreaser / Cleaner
                                                                     •   SHE 123 MB -Metal Brightener
Organisation Profile:                                                •   SHE 109 FC- Food Grade Industrial Cleaner
• Established Year 2006.                                             •   SHE 106 PG -Industrial Paint / Grease Cleaner
• A Leading Manufacturer in Safety, Health and Environment           •   SHE 105 OG- Oil / Grease Floor Cleaner
  Chemicals through Nanobiotechnology and Green                      •   SHE 112 SR -Stain Remover
  Chemistry.                                                         •   SHE 110 GR- Graffiti Remover
• Company Mission: To Bring Values to Mankind and                    •   SHE 108 RM- Rust Remover
  Environment through Safety, Health and Environment                 •   SHE 107 IR- Ink Remover
  related Products at Affordable Prices.                             •   SHE 130 MM- Mold & Mildew & Stain Remover
• Our Technologies are based on: Nanobiotechnology and               •   SHE 104 PR- Non Hydrocarbon & Low VOC Paint Stripper
  Green Chemistry                                                    •   SHE 110 SL- Lacquer Solvent
• Our Products: Industrial, Automobile, Household, Personal          •   SHE 127 PS- Paint Solvent
  Care, Pet, Fire Extinguishing Composition. Our Formulations        •   SHE 128 VS -Vanish Solvent
  are based on : Environment Friendly Raw Materials, Plant           •   SHE 117 WT -Water Tank Cleaner
  Extracts and Derivatives and Food Grade Ingredients.               •   SHE 124 F&B -Food & Beverage Tank Cleaner
• Our Business Concept: Maintain Profitability, Ensure               •   SHE 116 BC- Boiler Cleaner
  Sustainability and Explore Potential Growth                        •   SHE 126 CC -Chiller Cleaner
• Company Introduction: The challenge to replace                     •   SHE 125 O/G- Oil / Grease Tank Cleaner
  petrochemical based products in all facets of industry has         •   SHE 122 P- Paint Tank Cleaner
  never been greater with the rising price of petroleum and          •   SHE 120 V/L -Vanish / Lacquer Tank Cleaner
  the awareness of protecting the environment. The growing           •   SHE P/D- Petroleum / Diesel Tank Cleaner
  need to create biodegradable and environment friendly              •   SHE 119 A-Adhesive Tank Cleaner
  products and stringent regulations being enforce by the            •   SHE 118 TR- Thermoset Resin Tank Cleaner
  government around the world have affected large and                •   SHE 114 MC- Thermoset Resin Metal Mold Cleaner
  small companies. Alternatives to traditional petrochemical         •   SHE 115 FRP- FRP Mold Cleaner
  based products have been somewhat successful, but not              •   SHE 113 PI- Plastic Injection Mold Cleaner
  without a high price tag for capitalisation or a change in
  product performance.                                               Automotive
                                                                     • Car Wash                   • Windshield Cleaner
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):                • Glass / Mirror Cleaner     • Car Radiator Flusher
Shemical International Sdn. Bhd. is dedicated to provide the         • Car Radiator Cleaner       • Car Engine Cleaner
other option to petrochemical related products in a                  • Interior Cleaner           • Leather Protector
revolutionary development which will offers many                     • Car Clean Bright           • Hand Cleaner
opportunities to business without significant financial
obligations and with the chance to improve product                   Household
performance. Using nanobiotechnology and green chemistry,            • Hand Cleaner               • Dishwashing Liquid
Shemical International has come out with a broad range of            • Floor Cleaner              • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Safety, Health and Environment Chemicals for personal care,          • Oven & Fume Cleaner        • Eyeglasses Cleaner
household, industrial, commercial and agriculture sectors. It        • Jewelry Cleaner            • Hand Sterilizer
                                                                     • Premium Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
covers products such as cleaners, degreasers, solvents, insect
                                                                     • Shoe ShIne                 • Leather Cleaner
repellents, animal cares, aquacultures, oil spill dispersals, fire
                                                                     •. Leather Protector         • Non-Chlorine Bleach
extinguishers and sterilizers
                                                                     • Stain Remover              • Liquid Laundry Detergent
List of products as follows:                                         • Fabric Softener            • Ironing Starch
Industrial                                                           • Meat & Vege Cleaner (Food Cleaner)
• SHE 101 PG -Paint / grease hand Cleaner                            • Scouring Cream             • Heavy Grease Cleaner
• SHE 129 HS- Hand Sterilizer                                        • General Purpose Cleaner    • Glass Cleaner
• SHE 103 IF- Industrial Floor Cleaner                               • Metal Brightener           • Limescale Remover

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
• Rust, Mold & Mildew Remover                                     Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
• Drain Clog Remover           • Wooden Furniture Polish          Basic research in Microbiology, Virology, Protein Structure and
• Timber Floor Cleaner         • Timber Floor Polish              related Bioinformatics methods. Applied research and
• Aircond Cleaner / Sterilizer                                    industrial collaboration in the development of new
                                                                  antibacterial compounds. Applied research and industrial
Personal care                                                     collaboration in the control of harmful algal bloom using
• Face Cleaner                 • Bio - Shampoo                    viruses. Innovative R&D in the use of certain viruses in the
• Body Wash                    • Body Lotion                      control and treatment of parasitic human diseases (caused by
                                                                  protozoans). R&D in the biotechnology sector: discovery and
Pet products                                                      characterisation of new enzymatic activities of
• Animal Shampoo               • Animal Spray                     biotechnological or biomedical interest. Development of
                                                                  Bioinformatic services, databases, and specific tools.
Annual Business Turnover (€): 250,000
                                                                  Organisation’s Achievements:
Number of Employee: 10                                            - Ranked Fifth best Structural Biology laboratory in France,
                                                                    and in the top 0.8% French biomedical scientist (Les Echos
We Offer:                                                           news paper -23-07-07).
Joint R&D, Joint Production, Global Product Sourcing, Contract
                                                                  - Genome sequencing of 9 parasitic microbes since 2001
Manufacturing, Technical Assistance, Technology Licensing,
                                                                  - Discovery and genome sequencing of the first protozoan-
Contract Research
                                                                    killing virus (Mimivirus).
We Request:                                                       - Expression/purification of 100+ proteins since 2001
Project Financing, Foreign Direct Investment, Cross Region        - Determination of 20+ 3D X-ray crystallographic structures.
IPO, Resellership, Manufacturing Investment, Joint Venture,       - Creator of a number of the best performing Bioinformatics
Joint Bidding of Gov Tender, Distributorship/Agency, Business       tools in areas such: multiple sequence alignment, gene
Products      Outsourcing,      Proprietary     Consultancy,        function prediction, X-ray crystallography structure
Commercialisation of R&D, Venture Capital                           phasing.
                                                                  - Creator/home of the leading multiple sequence alignment
                                                                    and phylogenetic analysis internet portal.
School of Medicine, University of
Mediterranée - CNRS, France                                       Number of Staff: 20
Sector: Genomics, Structural Biology and Bioinformatics           Annual Business Turnover (€): 1.5 millions
Organisation Profile:                                             We Request:
Academic and R&D research laboratory, with public and             Joint Venture, Project Financing, Venture Capital
private funding (French government and Sanofi-Aventis). Area
of expertise includes Microbial (bacterial and viral) genomics,   We Offer:
Marine micro-algal genomics, High throughput Structural           Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
                                                                  Proprietary Consultancy, Technology Licensing, Technology
Biology (protein expression, purification, and X-ray
                                                                  Transfer, Technical Assistance
crystallography) and the relevant Bioinformatics methods. Our
laboratory includes civil servants with permanent positions,
personnel on temporary research contracts (engineers, post-
docs), and PhD students. Our laboratory can engage in
consulting (Microbial genomics, structural Biology,
Bioinformatics), training of Malaysian students (PhD/post-
doctoral) or biotech personnel, the design of training courses,
research services, joint research or biomedical R&D in
infectious diseases and harmful algal bloom control
(confidentiality agreement requested).

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Synamatix Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                       Synamatix’s technology updates and achievements have been
Sector: Bio-informatics                                           published in numerous international scientific publications
                                                                  such as Genetic Engineering News, Genomeweb Daily News
Organisation Profile:
                                                                  and Bio-IT World. The local press, via Utusan Malaysia, has
Synamatix is a privately held Malaysian bioinformatics            also recently covered an article on Synamatix’s technology and
company founded by Abdul Karim Hercus and established in          contribution to the genomic research industry.
February 2001. Its R&D operations commenced in June 2002
and commercialisation of its technologies commenced in            We Request:
2004. The core technology of the company is SynaBASE™, a          Joint R&D, Distributorship/Agency, Global Product Sourcing,
novel structured-network pattern database platform for            Joint Bidding of Government Tender, Resellership
efficient storage and analysis of genomics (biological            We Offer:
sequence) data. Since commercialisation, Synamatix has            Joint R&D, Distributorship/Agency, Global Product Sourcing,
successfully licensed its software to leading genome research     Joint Bidding of Government Tender, Resellership, Technology
institutions, universities and biotechnology companies in the     Licensing
USA, Europe, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.
Synamatix’s team includes an experienced group of
information scientists, bioinformaticians and software
developers. Together this team is driven to making Synamatix’s
technology the most advanced high-throughput genomics
analysis system in the world. Synamatix technology is now
positioned at the forefront of genomics research and the team
is continuously customising application based on its core
technologies to meet the demands and needs of its growing
customer base around the world.
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Synamatix’s core technology is SynaBASE™, a novel database
platform which finds patterns within genomics data and stores
it in an efficient network structure. More specifically, unlike
conventional database platforms that store sequence data as
static flat files, SynaBASE uses unique pattern finding
algorithms to index and store the data based on pattern
constructs and inter-relationships. Hence, the data is managed
and stored in an efficient, dynamic and meaningful format,
specifically utilised for accelerated genome analysis.
Tools and applications built upon SynaBASE are designed to
conduct a wide array of analysis tasks, which were previously
deemed improbable or impossible. The significant performance
advantages of these applications have been thoroughly
benchmarked and validated by renowned world experts. These
tools, ranging from sequence alignment to whole-genome
comparisons are significantly faster than conventional tools
and platforms. Enhanced sensitivity and specificity have also
been demonstrated.
Organisation’s Achievements:
Synamatix has secured a substantial number of customers
from top research institutes such as Washington University
Genome Sequencing Centre (WUGSC) and the Genome
Institute of Singapore.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
STRATEGUS (Risk Control &                                         • UK based Medical Services Company
                                                                  • Pharmaceutical company/group
Finance Company NV), Belgium
Sector: Bio-informatics                                           Industry:
                                                                  • One of the major photography and office equipment
Organisation Profile:
                                                                    manufacturers in the world
Strategus® is an independent research office that is
                                                                  • One of the biggest paper manufacturers in the world
specialised in valuation of companies and projects.               • Major Belgian temporary staffing services company
Strategus® clients are international operating companies and      • Major European distributor of heavy equipment
government agencies. Strategus® enhances valuation                • One of the major publishing companies in the world
techniques and methodologies. By bridging the gap between
finance and strategic decision making, we help management         Banks & Insurance:
to navigate through risks, uncertainties and complexities, with   • One of the biggest Swiss banks
clear, client-based solutions. Especially Pharmaceutical- &       • One of the biggest Belgian banks
Biotech companies are very interested in our approach,            • One of the major insurance companies in the world
because of the high risks and uncertainty they are facing. We
                                                                  Number of Staff: 12
help them to plan their future on a value/risk base. Strategus®
is also independent financial advisor to the Board of several     Annual Business Turnover (€): 3.5 million
                                                                  We Offer:
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):             Strategic Partnership
Strategus® valuation solutions offer management
comprehensive answers to a broad range of questions:
• What is the value of our R&D project at a very early stage?
• What are the best strategic options on a value/ risk base?
• Should we make a strategic alliance/merger or proceed
• What are valuable partners for research, marketing and
• Should we out-license our product(s) and on which terms?
• At what point in time can we choose another route?
• What are the optimal outsourcing options according to the
   different financial characteristics?
• What is the best valuation of our company, preparing an
   IPO or M&A process?
• How can a communication/marketing campaign increase
   the brand value?
• What is the short term/ long term relationship between
   brand drivers and company value drivers?
• What drivers have the highest return on investment for our
   company value?
Organisation’s Achievements:
Our client list counts today for more than 100 mandates.
Hereby some references from the different industries:
Life Sciences:
• Biotech company (Singapore)
• Biotech company (Finland)
• Biotech fund (Scandinavia)
• Major European Pharmacy Chain
• US Investment Fund (advisory for equity participations in
   Life Sciences)
• Life Sciences companies in different stages of R&D

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Sime Darby Technology Centre Sdn Bhd,                              services offered are in the areas of molecular diagnostics,
Malaysia                                                           protein purification, sequencing service, microbial culture
                                                                   collection and consultancy & contract research.
Sector: Bio-agriculture
                                                                   Organisation’s Achievements:
Organisation Profile:
                                                                   As the first laboratory in Malaysia to be MS ISO/IEC17025
Sime Darby Technology Centre Sdn. Bhd. (SDTC), a member of
                                                                   accredited, SDTC has proven to be an outstanding services
the Sime Darby Group of Companies, is a Malaysian
                                                                   laboratory in providing testing services to the industry, which
Government-approved R&D Company. As befits an R&D
                                                                   testifies to its Good Laboratory Practice(GLP).
centre, SDTC’s laboratories are equipped with the latest state-
of-the-art equipment and staffed by highly qualified and           Other than that, SDTC has secured four competitive
experienced scientific and technical personnel. SDTC’s             government grants in the past two years. SDTC also receives
laboratories are the first in the Asia Pacific region to be        internal funding from its parent company Sime Darby Berhad
accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, an accreditation which testifies      and other sister companies within the group to enable it to
to the good laboratory practices that are in place. With this      carry out research in commercially oriented projects.
accreditation and the wide range of expertise and equipment
in its laboratories, SDTC also provides testing and consultancy    SDTC’s most recent achievement is patent filings for its
services to the biotechnology sectors of industry in Malaysia.     projects in fermentation with regards to the solid state
                                                                   fermentation process.
Sime Darby Technology Centre (SDTC) was established in 1992
and was previously known as Sime Darby Tyre Technology             Number of Staff: 36 (Group: 28,000 people)
Centre. The core R&D then was mainly on tyre technology and        Annual Business Turnover (€): 4,326.12 billion
tyre testing. In 1997 its name was changed to Sime Darby
Technology Centre to reflect it expansion into other types of      We Request:
R&D. In 2003, SDTC shifted its focus to biotechnology R&D          Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical
with two main new departments along with its existing              Assistance
Applied Chemistry Department namely the Molecular Biology          We Offer:
Department and the Bioprocessing Technology Department.            Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
Currently, SDTC has 36 researchers in-house from various           Proprietary Consultancy
areas of expertise and education background ranging from
diplomas, to doctoral qualifications.
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
SDTC is a multidisciplinary R&D centre. Its core R&D projects
include value added products from oil palm waste, molecular
diagnostics, bioactive compound from Malaysian natural
resources, enzymes technology, fermentation technology,
biocontrol of fungi using bacteria, and bioprocess engineering.
Scientists and engineers with specialisation in molecular
biology, bioprocessing technology, biotechnology, chemistry,
bioinformatics, computer science, electrical and electronic
work side-by-side, to use elements from different disciplines to
create novel technologies, methodologies and products.
Other than R&D work, SDTC offers a wide range of testing and
consulting services to the Malaysian industry. As an ISO 17025
accredited laboratory, we deliver accurate repeatable and
reproducible results. Our well-trained and highly competent
consultants employ the latest tools of their trade to generate
the best possible results for our clients in a timely manner.
Through its many years of experience in providing services to
industry, SDTC has systematically honed its procedures to
meet the most demanding client requirements. Some of the

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Szecskay Attorneys at Law, Hungary                                     SBC’s R&D Programme runs various bioassays to screen the
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                                 Library for lead compounds to be developed as drug
                                                                       candidates. To date, the Centre is working on several potential
Organisation Profile:                                                  leads and has a novel drug candidate approaching clinical
The Hungarian Biotechnology Association (HBA) was                      development for cancer therapy.
established by Hungary’s leading human biotechnology
companies with the aim of promoting the development and                The Centre has a modern setup for natural product research
representation of the Hungarian biotechnology sector. The              featuring R&D laboratories and facilities including an
Association’s major objectives include obtaining support for           ethnobotanical garden and test field plots which are necessary
the continued development of national life sciences and the            for natural product research. SBC aims to seek strategic R&D
commercialisation of scientific achievements as well as                partnerships and product development from R&D discoveries.
representing both Hungary and its members at international
                                                                       Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
exhibitions and conferences.
                                                                       • Facilitate Traditional Knowledge Documentation (TK) on
Szecskay-Attorneys at Law provides a full range of legal advice          communities’ use of biodiversity.
and assistance to the business community. We are primarily             • Propagate Sarawak’s indigenous plants for conservation &
specialising in international business, corporate and commercial         appreciation.
law, and we have a vast amount of experience with all aspects          • Develop biodiversity-biotechnology databases for Sarawak.
of life sciences, securities transactions, mergers and acquisitions,   • Conduct awareness & appreciation on biodiversity-
corporate financing, banking, antitrust (competition), tax, labour       biotechnology.
law, commercial transactions, litigation and arbitration in the        • Regulate biodiversity research with commercial potential in
legal areas and transactions as specified under the description          Sarawak.
of our practice areas. Our attorneys provide efficient legal           • Network with organisations with similar interests.
consultancy services to local and international clients in             • Implement bioprospecting programmes on Sarawak’s
Hungarian, English, German and French.                                   indigenous biodiversity.
We Request:                                                            Organisation’s Achievements:
Contract Research                                                      The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre’s Traditional Knowledge
                                                                       Documentation Programme (TK) has worked with 12
Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, Malaysia                                  indigenous communities at 27 locations in Sarawak on their
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                                 ethnobotanical use of plants. The Programme not only
                                                                       documents the knowledge but also promote awareness
Organisation Profile:                                                  among the communities on the importance of preserving
The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) is one of the leading            traditional knowledge through organised capacity building
state government agencies that had been established to carry           workshops. SBC’s achievements in the TK Programme has
out R&D on the rich biological resources of Sarawak. The               attracted considerable international attention and interests.
Centre started its activities in Year 1998, initially to carry out
taxonomic inventory of Sarawak’s biodiversity. In Year 2003,           The R&D Programme had achieved a repository of 40,000
the Centre amended its role and committed its efforts towards          extracts (tri-plicates) from 2,500 plants; 3,500 extracts from
the documentation of Sarawak’s traditional knowledge and               5,500 strains of actinomycetes, endophytes and fungi in the
implementation of a R&D Programme to discover novel                    Natural product Library. Currently, our bioassay screening has
therapeutic/useful compounds from Sarawak’s unique                     yielded at least 10 targets for isolation and structure
biodiversity. The R&D facilities were finally set up in Year 2005.     elucidation work. Further, biological tests and characterisation
                                                                       of the targets of the compounds will be done at SBC and
SBC’s R&D Programme aims to establish a Natural Products
                                                                       through collaborations.
Library derived from useful plants identified by the indigenous
communities through its Traditional Knowledge (TK)                     Number of Staff: 67
Documentation Programme. The Natural Products Library also             We Request: Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D,
contains natural products from other biological resources such         Technology Transfer
as extracts from microbial strains (actinomycetes, endophytes
and fungi) isolated from various environmental sites in                We Offer: Technology Licensing, Joint Venture
Sarawak. The Library will be the main resource for R&D and
also, for collaborations with other institutions and companies.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Setia Brothers Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                    Technology Centre of the Academy of
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                              Sciences Czech Republic
                                                                    Sector: Bio-healthcare
Organisation Profile:
The company started distributing wild mare’s milk in Malaysia       Organisation Profile:
since 1996. With the cooperation of Faculty of Medical and          Technology Centre is a consortium of legal entities (institutes
Health Science of Universiti Putra Malaysia, we have started        of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic). Technology
Scientific BioTechnological Research & Development of wild          Centre is the National Information Centre for European
mare’s milk since 1997 with the main objective to study the         Research, it works on analytic and perspective studies in RTD
cytotoxicity and anti proliferation of the Milk on Cancer’s cell.   and innovation and it is involved in transnational technology
Currently, distributing our line of products niemans(R) SKL in
                                                                    Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
capsule form domestically and globally as well as undertaking
                                                                    Main Activities of Technology Centre:
R&D of wild mare’s milk in Malaysia with the objective to
                                                                    1) National Information Centre for European Research
enhance the therapeutic values of the milk.                            - information and advisory services related to the EU
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):                     Framework Programmes
The Company is currently processing the milk in capsule form           - monitoring Czech participation in international research
                                                                          cooperation programmes
and packed in bottle for local distribution in Malaysia using
                                                                       - coordination and methodical management of the
standard heating equipment.
                                                                          national information network NINET
Since the industrialised lyophilization of milk is not being        2) Technology Transfer
practice by any company in Malaysia, our personnel are being           - direct cooperation with industrial enterprises and
trained and to be exposed with the technologies through                   entrepreneurs in innovating products and technology
laboratory in Universiti Putra Malaysia, who are currently                processes
assisting the company for the R&D of wild mare’s milk.                 - innovation audits
                                                                       - transnational       technology      transfer    and
Currently in the midst of promotional activities to introduce
                                                                          commercialisation of RTD results
our range of products as an alternative natural remedy to be
used as an anticancer treatment.                                    3) Strategic Studies and Projects
                                                                       - studies for research and innovation policies
Organisation’s Achievements:                                           - RTD priorities
Technical partnership with Local Research University in                - foresight
Research and Development Programme.                                    - strategies for a knowledge-based economy
Joint Collaboration /Partnership with various government            4) Regional Development
agencies in R&D of horse’s milk.                                       - regional innovation strategies
                                                                       - projects for Structural Funds focused on innovation
R&D under guidance of:
1 University Putra Malaysia,                                        Number of Staff: about 50
2 Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan / Department of Veterinary
3 MARDI who are currently assisting the company in the R&D
  of Agricultural and Plantation sector/area.

Number of Staff: 10

Annual Business Turnover (€): 100,000.00

We Offer:

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
The Institute of Bioscience (IBS),                                  and consultancy services specially designed to train/serve
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia                           various individuals or groups from government agencies,
Sector: Bio-agriculture                                             universities or industries. National and international
                                                                    research/industrial linkages come in different forms such as
Organisation Profile:                                               research contracts, joint research collaborations, contract
The Institute of Bioscience (IBS), Universiti Putra Malaysia was    services, and various MoU’s and MoAs. With highly qualified
established on the 1st of August 1996 and was the first             scientists and world-class facilities, IBS will continue to
research institute founded in UPM. Its mission is to develop        implement high impact research and provide quality services
high impact and competitive research to generate new                that will contribute to UPM’s mission to be a leading
knowledge and create wealth for nation building through the         international research centre.
enhancement of infrastructure, facilities and expertise in the
                                                                    Number of Staff: 87
fields of life and medical sciences, and biotechnology. The
Institute’s focus on cutting edge multidisciplinary research in     We Request:
biohealth, industrial biotechnology, marine science and             Contract Research, Joint R&D, Joint Production, Joint Venture,
aquaculture consolidates Malaysian National Biotechnology           Project Financing
Policy and supports the National Industrial and Agriculture         We Offer:
Master Plan. In IBS, the five laboratories; Laboratory of Natural   Commercialisation of R&D, Technology Licensing, Technical
Products, Laboratory of Molecular Biomedicine, Laboratory of        Assistance
Cancer Research UPM-MAKNA, Laboratory of Industrial
Biotechnology, and Laboratory of Marine Science and
Aquaculture have 20 research programmes supported by high-
                                                                    Telstar Projects, S.A., Spain
                                                                    Sector: Bio-healthcare
calibre scientists and well-trained support staff. The Institute
also houses research and service centres in fermentation            Organisation Profile:
technology, electron microscopy, vaccine and therapeutics, and      Engineering and project management for pharmaceutical turn
nutrigenomics, offering a wide range of facilities and expertise    key projects.
to research institutions, universities and industries.              Organisation’s Achievements:
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):               Projects in the area:
IBS’s vision is to be an excellent international research centre    - BSL-3 in Thailand
                                                                    - Pharma equipment in Singapore
in the fields of life sciences and biotechnology. To achieve
these goals, IBS’s main activities focus on enhancement of          Number of Staff: 100
expertise and facilities, and increase the availability of
                                                                    Annual Business Turnover (€): 27,500,000
research funding in order to effectively implement all the
research programs planned. IBS also provides analytical and         Cooperation Sought: Biotech turn-key projects in the area
consultancy services in natural products, cancer diagnostics,       with solid biotech laboratories.
nutrigenomics, fermentation technology, tissue culture, plant
                                                                    We Request:
biodiversity, marine environment, and aquaculture.                  Distributorship/Agency
Postgraduate programs in IBS offer 23 different
multidisciplinary areas covering biological, chemical, medical
and agricultural sciences.

Organisation’s Achievements:
On average, IBS publishes more than 100 papers/year in high
impact journals, and numerous articles, proceedings and
books. Until 2006, IBS has produced 36 patents (33 of which
are patent-pending), 11 trademarks, and four commercialised
products. Researchers from the Institute have won many
national and international awards and accolades. During the
8th Malaysia Plan, IBS has the highest research fund in UPM
valued at about RM65 million. IBS has many training modules

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
The Centre For Process Innovation,                                 We also specialise in pilot scale batch to continuous systems in
United Kingdom                                                     both the bio and chemo areas and are building up a portfolio
Sector: Bio-manufacturing                                          of equipment and expertise for industry to access and trial.

Organisation Profile:                                              Organisation’s Achievements:
                                                                   We have grown rapidly in three years, expanding from 2 full
The Centre For Process Innovation is situated in the North East
                                                                   time employees to well over fifty in 2007, and the skill base
of England and was founded in 2003 with government monies
                                                                   contained within CPI now ranges from business expertise to
from the regional development agencies. It is a company
                                                                   engineering expertise to fermentation scientists, all educated
limited by guarantee and not for profit. CPI’s aim is to provide
                                                                   to the highest levels.
a central hub for new technology and new process techniques
which would support existing process industries and help           We are gradually building up a portfolio of Intellectual
create entirely new technologies and industry. The company         Property, which we continue to build on and we will be
now has over 50 full time employees and is divided into four       looking to provide Advanced Processing Integrated
distinct technology platforms, New Products, New Processes,        Demonstrators which companies can trial and then license.
New Energy and Nanomaterials.
                                                                   We won Technology Company of the Year 2005 for assisting in
In all these areas we look to commercialise technologies by        the development of a pilot scale pressurised continuous
designing and building pilot scale facilities, providing pilot     oscillory baffle reactor, a technology which had been widely
scale manufacture runs or providing data and market                used in the laboratory but never successfully scaled and we
knowledge to help partners acquire further investment and          continue to build several other novel pilot rigs based on
funding. We work with all types of organisation, from global       numerous other technologies.
blue chip pharmaceutical companies, to small innovative            We also opened the 12 million pound National Industrial
SME’s, to academic groups and research centres. The list of        Biotechnology Facility in July 2007 and have had our first few
projects we manage is huge and diverse, dealing with               successful projects through already. The range and breadth of
contracts from five thousand pounds to 1.5 million pounds,         equipment contained in the facility is remarkable and provides
and we explore many different revenue sources to help fund         a state of the art hub for industry.
these projects.
                                                                   We are now looking to become more involved in biofuels and
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):              biorefineries, marine biotechnology, continuous process
CPI was set up by the UK government (One North East and the        intensification technologies and continue to acquire
NorthernWay) to encourage innovation in the processing             equipment
industries and help commercialise research and development
                                                                   Number of Staff: 52
work. We aim to financially de risk the trial of new processes
and technologies by acting as a central hub for new                We Offer:
technology and expertise. In order to encourage cross talk         Commercialisation     of    R&D    Contract     Manufacturing
within industry, which in itself generates new ideas and           Technology Transfer
concepts, we create consortium to work on projects and
                                                                   We Request:
explore alternative funding streams for our projects. The New
                                                                   Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Processes platform of CPI is particularly interested in process
intensification and industrial biotechnology applications and
recently opened the National Industrial Biotechnology Facility,
a 12 million pound open access centre - providing new
technology and expertise to large global corporations and
small UK SME’s alike. This centre enables traditional chemical
processes to be converted to greener bioprocesses and allows
us to explore novel areas, such as marine biotechnological
routes to traditionally chemo synthesised products.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Tech-Lab Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                          We are enthusiastically seeking for partnerships into this
Sector: Bio-manufacturing                                         exciting & fulfilling journey of discovery.

Organisation Profile                                              Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Tech-Lab Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is one of the pioneer and          1) Manufacturing
                                                                  2) Sales & Marketing of products
leading manufacturers of laboratory and medical equipment in
                                                                  3) R&D
                                                                  4) Commercialisation of R&D
We have a vast network of distributors throughout Malaysia.
                                                                  5) IPR consultancy
Our end-users include institutions of higher learning, R&D
institutions, industries, laboratories, hospitals and training    Organisation’s Achievements:
institutes. We have a team of engineers and technicians to        1) Novel Patent-Pending DNA, RNA & Protein All-in-1
provide sales and service support for our products.               Extraction Kit

Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):             We Offer:
We manufacture a wide range of general laboratory                 Commercialisation of R&D, Proprietary Consultancy,
equipment and medical refrigeration equipment under the           Distributorship/Agency, Cross Region Initial Public Offering
brand names of PROTECH ™ and MEDIREF®. We provide                 (IPO), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Merger and Acquisition,
technical services support to all our customers.                  Project Financing, Venture Capital

Organisation’s Achievements:                                      We Request:
To ensure continuous customer satisfaction, our company has       Joint R&D, Technology Licensing, Business Products
achieved certification with ISO 9001:2000 Quality                 Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing, Global Product
                                                                  Sourcing, Joint Bidding of Government Tender, Joint
Management System by Moody International Certification
                                                                  Production, Joint Venture, Manufacturing Investment,
under the accreditation of UKAS.
Number of Employee: 15
Annual Business Turnover (€): 718,907
We Request:
Contract Research, Technical Assistance
We Offer:
Distributorship/Agency, Resellership
Contact Person(s):
Mr. Ho Yeam Chan
Managing Director
Ms Jenny Yeow
Sales Representative

Terra-Ju Life Sciences Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Sector : Bio-manufacturing
Organisation Profile:
Terra-Ju Life Sciences is an IP-driven biotech venture with a
vision to be a leading patent leader. Our mission is to extract
commercial value in biotech innovations for the benefit of the
inventors and the country’s economy. Deeply entangled within
our business are innovative and inventive cultures that define
our corporate values.
For us the “people” or “brains” factor behind the
technological advances are far more essential than any other
assets. We endeavour to put life and grow your R&D
inventions into a valuable entity.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Transperfect Translations Pte Ltd, United                            TPM Biotech Sdn Bhd(TPMB), Malaysia
Kingdom                                                              Sector: Bio-manufacturing
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                               Organisation Profile:
Organisation Profile:                                                TPM Biotech (TPMB) Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2004 as a
                                                                     fully owned subsidiary of Technology Park Malaysia (TPM)
TransPerfect Translations was founded in New York City in
                                                                     Corporation Sdn. Bhd, a Malaysian government -linked
1992. Elizabeth Elting, President and CEO, is received an MBA
                                                                     company. There are two major portions in TPMB Sdn Bhd,
from New York University’s Stern School of Business with a
                                                                     which are Biotechnology Division and Herbal Biotech Centre.
specialisation in marketing and international business. Phil
Shawe, Co-Founder, received an MBA from New York                     Biotechnology Division is located at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.
University’s Stern School of Business with a specialisation in       This division is the focal point for all the biotechnology
finance and international business. Their goal was to create a       services. Other than that, this is also the centre of all the sales
company that provided language services based on the                 and marketing activities.
following business principles: rigorously selected linguistic
                                                                     While Herbal Biotech Centre (HBC) is located at Kg. Ulu
talent, efficient project management, cost-effective delivery of
                                                                     Sungai, Batu talam, in the district of Raub, Pahang about 190
services, and the highest level of client service in the industry.
                                                                     km away from the town of Kuala Lumpur. HBC is a processing
TransPerfect has offices in 44 offices worldwide. In Europe,         centre where all the semi-finished and finished herbal based
TransPerfect is present in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels,           products are produces here.
Dublin, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Munich, Paris and                 Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
Stockholm. Offices in Asia include Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo,
Singapore and Sydney, with Seoul and Shanghai slated to              Types Of Products
open end-2007. TransPerfect has established a 24-hour                • Herbal based product
production capability to accommodate the needs of clients in         • Herbal extract
all time zones. With nearly 500 full-time employees, and a           • Plant production with tissue culture
network of over 5,000 language and subject area specialists          Types Of Services
around the world, TransPerfect has become a leader in the            • Contract manufacturing
industry.                                                              - Cleaning, drying, cutting, filtering, separating and
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):                     extracting herbs
Our goal to provide the most effective translation services in a       - Producing and enrapturing herbal products
                                                                       - Product packaging
timely, cost-efficient manner continues to define our
                                                                     • Laboratory Analysis
operations and our growth strategy. TransPerfect achieved ISO
                                                                     • Supply of processed herbs
9001:2000 certification (International Organisation for
                                                                     • Product Research and Formulation
Standardisation) in 2003 in the United States, in 2004 in
Europe and in 2007 in Asia, adopting a management system             We Request:
that has become an international standard for quality                Business Products Outsourcing, Distributorship/Agency, Global
requirements in business-to-business dealings. BSI, the world’s      Product Sourcing, Joint Venture, Manufacturing Investment
leading auditing organisation, continually evaluates our
                                                                     We Offer:
quality assurance process, and all levels of management              Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
perform interim audits to regularly assess and improve our           Technical Assistance, Contract Manufacturing, Joint
processes in order to ensure conformity to our core belief-a         Production
commitment to quality. We refine our testing, evaluation, and
training processes on an on-going basis to ensure that we
maintain our edge, using only the most expert in-house staff
and linguists in every area. In addition, we continue to open
offices in cities worldwide providing a local presence for our
clients, enabling us to better meet their needs.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
TSL Genesis Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                      Organisation’s Achievements:
Sector: Bio-manufacturing                                          At present, we have successfully completed the following jobs
                                                                   for various industrial and academic partners / customers:
Organisation Profile:                                              1) IOI Corporation Bhd (
TSL Genesis is active in the area of providing technical and           - Techno-Commercial Feasibility Study & Vendors
business consultancy services in the commercialisation of R&D          Evaluation for Biodiesel Project
work that is being pursued by universities, research               2) University of Malaya (UM), Chemical Eng. Dept.
institutions and independent researchers.                              - Preliminary Market Study on Improved Production
                                                                       Process of Herbicide (2,4-D IBE)
The main business objectives of TSL GENESIS are as follows:
                                                                   3) University of Malaya (UM), Chemical Eng. Dept.
• To develop and commercialise innovative technologies that
                                                                       - Preliminary Market Study on Carbon Molecular Sieves
  harness the full potential of bio-resources and identify new
                                                                   4) University of Malaya (UM), Chemical Eng. Dept.
  uses for them
                                                                       - Commercialisation of Supercritical Extraction Technology
• To export and import new technologies and innovations
                                                                   5) National University of Malaysia (UKM) Commercialisation
  involving agriculture and primary resources for the global
                                                                       of Biosensor Technology
  and Malaysian market
• To provide business consultancy, market research, technical      Number of Staff: 5
  advisory, engineering and other services to complement the
                                                                   We Request:
  two objectives above.
                                                                   Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Proprietary Consultancy,
TSL Genesis has the technical knowledge, business know-how         Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical
and management experience to commercialise potential R&D           Assistance, Project Financing, Venture Capital
projects throughout the whole life cycle of the
                                                                   We Offer:
commercialisation process.                                         Contract Research
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):              Organisation’s Achievements:
Our business activities are focused is in the following areas:     TransPerfect is a (WBE) woman-owned business.
Commercialisation of R&D technologies                              TransPerfect is ISO 9001:2000 certified in the US, Europe and
We take up commercialisation projects with our business            Asia.
partners from the idea or prototype stage up to IPO and also
                                                                   Number of Staff: 500
provide professional services in product / process development
licensing, financing, management and business processes            Annual Business Turnover (€): 100 million
Management consultancy and advisory services                       We Offer:
We provide business and technical advisory services to local       Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
and foreign companies on technology mobilisation i.e.              Proprietary Consultancy, Technology Licensing, Technology
assisting them in high technology manufacturing and                Transfer, Technical Assistance, Business Products Outsourcing,
production, venture capital financing as well as business          Contract Manufacturing, Distributorship/ Agency, Global
turnaround                                                         Product Sourcing, Joint Bidding of Government Tender, Joint
                                                                   Production, Joint Venture, Manufacturing Investment,
We assist them in exploring new products and markets               Resellership, Cross Region Initial Public Offering (IPO), Foreign
utilising existing production facilities as well as in surveying   Direct Investment (FDI), Merger and Acquisition, Project
and researching new global and regional markets in this era of     Financing, Venture Capital
globalisation and market liberalisation
Market feasibility studies and analysis
These shall include market entry strategy analysis, collection
and analysis of primary and secondary market data as well as
recommendations to partners in the marketing new products
or services.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia                          UNOITE Pharmaceutical & Biotech was founded by 7 senior
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                              consultants with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical,
                                                                    biotech & related sectors. UNOITE’s consultants have vast
Organisation Profile:                                               amount of industry knowledge due to holding senior positions
UiTM is Malaysia’s premier institution of higher learning that      at international, regional and local level at the top
has experienced a phenomenal growth since its inception in          pharmaceutical multinational companies such as Roche (UK),
1956. The university has expanded nationwide with 3 satellite       Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), Glaxosmithkline (GSK),
campuses, 12 branch campuses, 8 city campuses, 19 affiliated        Merck Sharpe Dhome (MSD), Pharmaniaga (Malaysia),
colleges and a smart campus for the future. Its formation is        Diethlem and General Nutrition Centres (GNC).
based on a vision of outstanding scholarship and academic
excellence that is capable of providing leadership in all fields    UNOITE Pharmaceutical & Biotech’s mission is to provide,
of internationally recognised professional study. This serves as    rapid, innovative, high-value consulting and implementation
catalyst for greater strides in the development of the university   services to the pharmaceutical and health-care industries by
                                                                    taking a practical, tailored approach to ensure client
and the nation.
During these years of growth, UiTM has built on the
educational infrastructure placed by its founders to a level        Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
comparable to many international universities. Today, it draws      SERVICES
strength from the initiatives of these leaders to aspire to be      The range of services we offer can be tailor made to suit your
world-class in all its endeavors- to explore the frontiers of       needs, whether it is a new start-up or evolved company
knowledge, to master new technologies and harvest the               intending to enter the healthcare industry for the first time
abundant riches of diverse cultures, markets and new                hence requiring comprehensive services from to start to finish
industries.                                                         or small & medium size enterprises wishing to outsource
                                                                    certain services or expertise which is unavailable in their
We Request:                                                         current organisation. These services can be offered on a
Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,             project or retainer basis.
Business Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing,
Distributorship/Agency, Joint Production, Joint Venture,            Main areas of pharmaceutical & biotech consulting and
Manufacturing Investment Project Financing Venture Capital          implementational services:
                                                                    • In/Out-Licensing
We Offer:                                                           • Legal (Intellectual Property / Trademarks / Patents) Strategy
Technology Licensing                                                • Regulatory Affairs
                                                                    • Marketing/Branding/Medimarketing
                                                                    • Sales & Distribution
Unoite Sdn Bhd, Malaysia                                            • Clinical Research (Incl Phase I-IV)
Sector: Bio-healthcare                                              • GMP Manufacturing
Organisation Profile:                                               • Logistics
We differentiate ourselves from other healthcare consultants        • Training (cGMP, Sales, Basic Medical Science and etc)
due to our in-depth pharmaceutical expertise, broad                 PRODUCTS
healthcare industry knowledge and practical ‘hands-on’              We currently have a unique range of novel healthcare
experience, which enable us to provide rapid, innovative and        products broadly divided into three main categories:
tailored solutions to our clients.                                  • Medical Supplies/Disposables
                                                                    • Medical Devices
Whether providing strategic or operational services, UNOITE         • Pharmaceuticals & Biopharma.
Pharmaceutical & Biotech intends to have a recognised history
of delivering successful, high-value projects. Our focus on         Number of Staff: 3
customer needs is intended to give us a broad client base with      We Offer:
extensive repeat business.                                          Commercialisation of R&D, Proprietary Consultancy
UNOITE Pharmaceutical & Biotech is a company providing              We Request:
specialist consulting services exclusively to the                   Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical
pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industries.                  Assistance,    Distributorship/Agency,       Joint    Venture,
                                                                    Manufacturing Investment, Resellership, Foreign Direct
                                                                    Investment (FDI), Project Financing, Venture Capital.

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia                             Vins Bioproducts Ltd, India
Sector: Bio-agriculture                                              Sector: Bio-healthcare
Organisation Profile:                                                Organisation Profile:
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) established in 1970 is          Based in Hyderabad, India, VINS Bioproducts Ltd specialises in
one of the nation’s premier Research Universities. UKM is            development and manufacture of anti sera products. The
committed to research excellence that will contribute to world       company manufactures anti sera products under WHOGMP
knowledge in life and medical sciences, and to the                   standards for the domestic and for export market.
development of knowledge-based industries in Malaysia.               The company has developed several sera products such as:
Biotechnology at UKM capitalises on excellent                        a) Snake venom antiserum (Polyvalent for African market and
multidisciplinary expertise of scientists and engineers working         other specific species for India and neighbouring countries.
in the following areas:                                              b) Rabies antiserum 1000 I.U.
• Genomics of tropical bioresources                                  c) Tetanus Antitoxin (ATS) and
• Natural product discovery                                          d) Diphtheria antitoxin (DTS)
• Stem cell and tissue engineering                                   Our sales and production for ASVS for the year is about
• Nanobiomaterials and biodevices                                    7,50,000 10ml vials.
• Bioprocess and biochemical engineering
                                                                     The antitoxic equine immunoglobulins and their derivates are
UKM is dedicated to providing an outstanding environment             obtained from the serum of healthy equines immunized
for graduate education. The graduate program includes                against venoms of specific species of snakes. We have an
multidisciplinary training, access to state of the art facilities,   equine farm housing 700 animals.
conference travel funds and overseas research placement. As
of 2006 over 500 postgraduate students were conferred MSc            Vins has now set up a new US-FDA compliant facility for Sera
and PhD degrees and make up the human resource of                    products which is being validated and shall commence
biotechnology related sectors.                                       production in IIIrd quarter. The capacity of this facility is 3
                                                                     million vials (10ml) per annum.
Biotechnology research at UKM is enriched by excellent
collaboration with partners in industry, government and other        Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
research organisations both at national and international            a) Snake venom antiserum (Polyvalent for African market and
levels. A dynamic culture of entrepreneurship, technological             other specific species for India and neighbouring countries.
enterprise and a strong intellectual property protection policy      b) Rabies antiserum 1000 I.U.
further enhance the contributions of UKM biotechnology-              c) Tetanus Antitoxin (ATS) and
based research for wealth creation and social well-being of          d) Diphtheria antitoxin (DTS)
our country.
                                                                     We Request:
We Request:                                                          Contract        Research,     Technology       Transfer,
Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Business Products         Distributorship/Agency, Merger and Acquisition, Project
Outsourcing, Project Financing, Venture Capital                      Financing, Venture Capital

We Offer:                                                            We Offer:
Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research, Joint        Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Technical Assistance,
Venture                                                              Business Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing,
                                                                     Global Product Sourcing, Joint Bidding of Government Tender,
                                                                     Joint Production, Joint Venture

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Vironova AB, Sweden                                                   has passed the early development stages significantly faster
Sector: Bio-informatics                                               and lower-cost than industry average.
Organisation Profile:                                                 We Request:
Vironova is a bioinformatics and drug discovery company               Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Merger and Acquisition, Project
specialised in antiviral therapeutics. The Company’s                  Financing, Venture Capital
proprietary technologies enable the discovery of novel targets        We Offer:
for antiviral therapeutics development and enhanced                   Commercialisation of R&D, Joint R&D, Contract Research,
evaluation of antiviral substances that significantly cut time        Proprietary Consultancy, Technology Licensing, Technology
and cost in early stage drug development.                             Transfer, Technical Assistance, Joint Venture
The Company was formed in 2005 based on commercialisation
of research performed by its founder Mohammed Homman at               Vivantis Technologies Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
the Karolinska Institute. Interdisciplinary research combining        Sector: Bio-manufacturing
virology, mathematics and image analysis expertise from
leading Universities in Sweden has resulted in software-based         Organisation Profile:
                                                                      Vivantis is a research-based biotechnology company
tools for fast and thorough analysis of viruses.
                                                                      incorporated in 2002. We have platform technologies to
Vironova’s strength lies in fusing advanced information               screen and purify enzymes from bacteria for further
technology with virology expertise to provide pioneering              development into useful end products for molecular biology
antiviral strategies and services that shorten time to market in      research.
antiviral drug development. As a proof of concept Vironova
                                                                      Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
has with a comparably small cost developed and patented a
                                                                      We specialize in the production of Restriction Enzymes, DNA
candidate drug that shows excellent inhibition results for
                                                                      extraction kits, DNA amplification reagents and DNA ladders.
Human Cytomegalovirus.
                                                                      We also have expertise in identifying poorly described, slow-
The business concept is to supply the pharmaceutical industry         growing, unusual and fastidious bacteria.
with virus analysis services for enhanced virus research,
                                                                      We Request:
antiviral drug development and virus diagnostics as well as
                                                                      Technology Licensing, Technology Transfer, Technical
antiviral lead compounds developed in-house.                          Assistance, Distributorship/Agency, Global Product Sourcing,
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):                 Joint Bidding of Government Tender, Manufacturing
                                                                      Investment, Joint Venture, Resellership, Foreign Direct
Virus Analysis
                                                                      Investment (FDI), Project Financing, Venture Capital
Based on digital images from transmission electron
microscopes, Vironova provides techniques that allow an               We Offer:
objective analysis of virus particles at the different stages of      Joint R&D, Contract Research, Business Products Outsourcing,
growth within the host cell. In antiviral drug development, the       Contract Manufacturing, Joint Production, Cross Region Initial
virus analyses help customers to shorten the timelines and            Public Offering (IPO), Merger and Acquisition
minimize the costs to develop a clinical phase I drug candidate.
Vironova’s analyses provide companies a more efficient
screening of different substances at an earlier stage of
pharmaceutical development.
Virus Detection
Vironova’s image analysis techniques enable automated
detection and diagnosis of viruses. Since the detection is based
on viral structure rather than genetics it is basically insensitive
to mutation and especially suitable for viruses that are hard to
diagnose with the traditional PCR and ELISA technologies.
Drug Discovery
Vironova focuses on the development of a small molecule
Capsid Assembly Inhibitor against Human Cytomegalovirus.
Utilising the Vironova technology platform the drug candidate

Profile of Some of the Organisations Participating at EUM-BIO 2007
Watson, Farley & Williams, United Kingdom                          We are also well placed to assist companies in introductions to
Sector: International Law Firm - legal provider                    brokers, nomads and other advisers, to provide our views on
                                                                   the different firms which might be approached, to attend
Organisation Profile:                                              initial meetings with such firms and to advise on financial and
Watson, Farley & Williams is a leading international law firm      other engagement terms consistent with market practice.
with offices in London, New York, Paris, Rome, Piraeus,
Hamburg, Singapore and Bangkok.                                    Organisation’s Achievements:
                                                                   The following is a selection of some of the matters undertaken
Our legal teams advise on English, French, German, Greek,          in this area;
Italian, Russian, New York, US federal and Thai law and we
maintain active relationships with leading law firms in many       • Advising Verona Pharma Plc (previously Isis Resources Plc)
other countries.                                                     on its reverse takeover of Rhinopharma Ltd for US$3m and
                                                                     additional US$2m fundraising on AIM
We advise on international finance, corporate and commercial       • Advising Equatorial Biofuels Plc on its proposed admission
matters, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance,                to AIM and acquisition of Liberian Forest Products Inc,
competition, taxation, dispute resolution, real estate and           which holds management agreements and permits
employment and pensions law. Industry sectors where we               covering over 700,000 hectares of land in Liberia with
have particular expertise across the firm include shipping,          commercial agricultural potential, particularly for the
aviation, energy, oil and gas, natural resources and                 cultivation of oil palms. The company intends to develop a
information and communications technology.                           large scale, vertically integrated oil palm and biofuels
Organisation Role & Activities (Products & Services):
                                                                   • Advising Medici Bioventures Plc on its admission to trading
Our corporate group has been involved with AIM since its
                                                                     on AIM and on a placing raising US$1m
inception in 1995 and is now recognised as one of the leading
                                                                   • Advising Malaysian International Bank, ICB Financial Group
advisers, having completed more than 100 transactions.
                                                                     Holdings AG on its admission to AIM and related US$10m
Our AIM team regularly deals with AIM transactions on a wide         pre-admission fundraising giving it a market capitalisation
range of deals, small to large, and including more complex           of US$180m at the pre-admission placing price
dual listing transactions.                                         • Advising JM Finn & Co on a placing raising US$13.5m for
                                                                     Hallin Marine Subsea International Plc
We act for both companies admitted or proposing to admit to
AIM, as well as nominated advisers, brokers, investment banks      We Request:
and other financial advisers in relation to AIM related            Business Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing,
transactions. We advise in relation to Initial Public Offerings,   Distributorship/ Agency, Global Product Sourcing, Joint Bidding
subsequent fundraisings, secondary listings, reverse takeovers,    of Government Tender, Joint Production, Joint Venture,
acquisitions and disposals. We also advise on pre-IPO              Manufacturing Investment, Resellership, Project Financing,
fundraisings, migrations from the Official List of the London      Venture Capital, Cross Region Initial Public Offering (IPO),
Stock Exchange to AIM, corporate governance issues and post-       Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Merger and Acquisition
admission reporting obligations.
                                                                   We Offer:
The AIM companies we represent span a broad range of               Business Products Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing,
industry sectors.                                                  Distributorship/ Agency, Global Product Sourcing, Joint Bidding
                                                                   of Government Tender, Joint Production, Joint Venture,
                                                                   Manufacturing Investment, Resellership, Project Financing,
                                                                   Venture Capital, Cross Region Initial Public Offering (IPO),
                                                                   Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Merger and Acquisition

About the Country - Malaysia
Malaysia, a multicultural country comprising of 25 million          and romantic coral islands. Many visitors have also discovered
people with the majority being of Malay, Chinese, Indian and        Malaysia’s other attractions: a shopping paradise, a versatile
indigenous descents.                                                conference venue, an adventure land and much more.
With a land mass of 127,000 sq. miles (330,200 sq. km),             Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is situated midway
Malaysia is divided into two main regions: Peninsular               along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, at the confluence
Malaysia, which lies just south of Thailand, and East Malaysia,     of the Klang and Gombak rivers. It is approximately 35 km
located on the north-eastern portion of the Island of Borneo.       from the coast and sits at the centre of the Peninsula’s
Peninsular and East Malaysia are separated by the South             extensive and modern transportation network. Kuala Lumpur
China Sea, whereby; it is divided administratively into thirteen    is a bustling metropolis with a population of over 2 million
states and three federal territories. 11 States and 2 Federal       people. Kuala Lumpur is the pulse of the country economy with
Territories are located in the West while 2 States and 1 Federal    many headquarters of multinational companies located
Territory are located in East Malaysia.                             within. Most of the government machinery has moved to the
                                                                    new administrative capital of Putrajaya, located 40 km south
Malaysia is a land of contrasts with fascinating sights and         of Kuala Lumpur.
attractions from the 15th century right up to the 21st century.
Rich in history, geographical diversity and fascinating             With a height of 1,453 feet (451.9m), one of the world’s tallest
development of the urban and rural regions, we have variety         buildings rise above the skyline of Kuala Lumpur. They are the
of destinations to appeal to a wide range of preferences from       Petronas Towers, and, inevitably, they have become the symbol
modern cities to luxurious beach resorts, from cool highland        for the astounding growth that has taken place in Malaysia
resorts and tropical rainforest national parks to heritage town     over the last two decades.

Visit Malaysia Year 2007
“Malaysia Welcomes the World” is an initiative of the Ministry
of Tourism to prepare the country for the Visit Malaysia Year
2007 campaign. The initiative emphasises Malaysia as a
tourist-friendly country. EUM-BIO 2007 is a good platform for
foreign delegates to explore business collaboration
opportunities in Malaysia and at the same time enjoy the
leisure of touring Malaysia, a truly Asia country which is multi
racial with different languages and cultures. Malaysia is
famous for its scenic beaches, rainforest, large shopping
complexes, yummy local food (coconut milk rice, dim sum,
tandoori chicken…) and various international food outlets etc:
a country well-known for high standard of living but
competitive cost of living.

For more information, kindly visit website:

Official Airline
                                  Malaysian Airlines (MAS), the     G EUM-BIO for further information and assistance. Malaysia
                                  official carrier of EUM-BIO is    Airlines offers a comprehensive global network of flight
                                  providing preferential airfares   linking Kuala Lumpur with most cities throughout the world. A
to registered delegates and accompanying persons on its             comprehensive range of Malaysia Airlines information can be
international services to attend this event.                        obtained at website:
This is applicable only through the official MAS ticket. Kindly     * This is not applicable for travel from Malaysia domestic cities or
contact nearest MAS office by quoting the event code                  Singapore.

Useful Information
Travel Documents:                                                Language:
Non-Malaysian travellers must possess a national passport or     Bahasa Malaysia is the national language, but English is
internationally recognised travel document with at least six     widely used especially in the commercial sector. The ethic
months validity endorsed for travelling to Malaysia.             groups also speak other languages like Mandarin and Tamil.
Visa Requirements:                                               Public Transport:
• No visa is required for nationals of Commonwealth              Very affordable and easily available - bus, cab and car rentals
  countries except for Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka    are available in most cities. However, commuter train, Light
  and Nigeria.                                                   Rail Transit (LRT) and monorail are only available in Kuala
• Nationals from Switzerland, The Netherlands do not require     Lumpur and its vicinity.
  visas.                                                         Currency:
• No visa is required for a stay not exceeding 3 months for
                                                                 Traveller’s cheques and foreign currencies can be exchanged
  nationals of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark,
                                                                 for Malaysian Ringgit at banks, hotels and authorised money
  Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg,
                                                                 changes at shopping complexes. Banking hours is Monday to
  Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.
                                                                 Friday between 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. Bank are closed on
• No visa is required for a stay of less than 1 month for
                                                                 Saturday and Sunday in most states. Ringgit notes comes in
  nationals of all ASEAN countries except Myanmar. For a
                                                                 RM100, RM50, RM10, RM5, RM2 (phasing-out), RM1 and
  stay exceeding one month a visa will be required, except for
                                                                 coins fifty, twenty, ten, five and one cent.
  nationals of Brunei and Singapore.
• No visa is required for a stay less than 1 month for           Electricity:
  nationals of Bhutan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hong Kong      220-240 volts AC at 50 Hz
  SAR, Latvia, Lithuania, Macau SAR, Portugal and Slovenia.      Shopping:
• Visa is required for the nationals of Bangladesh, India,       Locally specialties include batik fabric, pewter wares, silver
  Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Nepal, Colombia        and brasswares, pottery, traditional handicrafts - kites, tops,
  and PR China.                                                  woodcarvings, leather goods, songket fabric, and duty-free
Source: Immigration Department of Malaysia; Regulations are      electrical products.
subject to changes. For further details, kindly log on to        Miscellaneous:                          Delegates are allowed to bring in not more than 200 sticks of
im_HapusVisa.asp                                                 cigarette/ cigar and 1 litre of liquor into Malaysia.
Credit Cards:                                                    Social and Business Customs:
Major credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express    The common business attire includes a tie and plain long-
and Diners Club are accepted by most business                    sleeved shirt. Suits are normally worn in more formal
establishments.                                                  occasions. Generally, tipping is an acknowledgement of good
Climate & Clothing:                                              service.
Year round warm tropical weather with high humidity.             Economic Profile
Temperatures range from 21°C to 32°C. Wet seasons is             Manufacturing constitutes the largest component of
between November to April and dry season from May to             Malaysia’s economy while tourism and primary commodities
October. Light casual clothes and comfortable shoes or sandals
                                                                 such as petroleum, palm oil, natural rubber and timber are
with a jacket or sweater for night time in the highlands.
                                                                 major contributors to its economy. Knowledge-based
Time:                                                            economies such as ICT, biotechnology are growing significantly
Eight hours ahead of GMT.                                        in the country.

      Attention to all International Delegates!
• With approximately Euro 37-Euro 51 / RM168-RM230 per night, you can stay in our supporting 4-5
  star hotels i.e. The Legend Hotel, Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel and Dynasty Hotel.
• Complimentary shuttle bus service is provided from supporting hotels to Matrade Exhibition &
  Convention Centre throughout the event period.
• If you need further assistance for your accommodation arrangement, please email to
Biotechnology Industry in Malaysia
Realising the potential to be a key global player in the           Incentives and Funds Available for Foreign
biotechnology, the Government launched in April 2005, the          and Local Biotech Companies in Malaysia
National Biotechnology Policy (NBP), which saw the creation
                                                                   Incentives for BioNexus status companies
of a dedicated government agency to develop the
                                                                   Some of the other incentives that are provided for BioNexus
biotechnology industry, the Malaysian Biotech Corporation
                                                                   status companies are:
Sdn Bhd (BiotechCorp).
                                                                   i. incentives for holding companies - a holding company
Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation Sdn Bhd (BiotechCorp)
                                                                      owning at least 70% of an approved biotechnology firm
is Malaysia’s one-stop-centre for the biotechnology and life
                                                                      can claim group relief whereby its income can be offset by
sciences companies and organisations. BiotechCorp manages,
                                                                      losses incurred by its approved subsidiary biotechnology
from end to end, Malaysia’s entry into the business of
                                                                      company, or deductions for the investment in its approved
biotechnology, which is recognised as one with great
                                                                      subsidiary biotechnology company against its profits.
economic potential for the country, given its biodiversity. It
was also given the task to develop biotechnology to enhance        ii. tax exemption for biotechnology companies - approved
healthcare and medical support for a better quality of life for        biotechnology companies will be eligible for pioneer
all Malaysians, as well as extract greater value from                  status, i.e. 100% income tax exemption for a period of up
agriculture and natural resources by utilising Malaysia’s              to 10 years, or investment tax allowance, i.e. 100% of
unique biodiversity/ natural environment. Part of                      qualifying investments over a period of five years can be
BiotechCorp’s job is to prepare rules and regulations as well as       set off against profits (this incentive is not available if
lay down technology infrastructure, plan incentives and assist         holding company incentives have been claimed).
biotechnology businesses to raise funds by establishing proper     iii. dividends distributed from tax exempt biotechnology
financial infrastructure and conducive environment for venture          companies will be treated as tax-exempt income for its
capital activities.                                                     shareholders.
BiotechCorp is awarding companies involved in biotechnology        iv. import duty and sales tax exemption on approved
and life sciences the BioNexus status. BioNexus status                 biotechnology equipment and materials.
companies may apply for various tax incentives/tax holiday         v. double deduction for qualifying expenditure on R&D.
and enjoy privileges available only to them from the               vi. double deduction for qualifying expenditure on export
Malaysian Government.                                                  promotion.
BioNexus is a special designation for biotech companies that
qualifies them to receive special tax incentives, grants and       Under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (2006-2010), Malaysian
other forms of support under a bill of 9 guarantees. Existing      Government has allocated RM2 billion (Euro 450 million). This
that have been granted the BioNexus Status are:                    allocation is catered for commercialisation funds comprising
1. Asiatic Centre for Genome Technology Sdn Bhd                    Seed Fund, R&D Matching Fund and International Business
2. Inno Biologics Sdn Bhd                                          Development Matching Fund for
3. IPT Kosmo Biotechnology Sdn Bhd                                 i. Individuals and researchers who are in the early stage of
4. KL Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd                                   setting up companies (approval is subject to the company
5. Malaysian Bio-Diagnostic Research Sdn Bhd                          being granted BioNexus status); and
6. Nova Laboratories Sdn Bhd
                                                                   ii. Start-up companies
7. Vivantis Technologies Sdn Bhd
To find out more about BioNexus, please visit                      For further information, please refer to                            

The exhibition is open to trade visitors only and not open to the public.

Options 1:                                                         Options 2:
Shell Scheme Booth                                                 Boat Design Booth

Shell Scheme Booth Specification:                                  Boat Design Booth Specification:
- Wall partition with 4mm thick laminated panel with F&T           - Wall partition with F&T aluminium structure of 2480mm (H)
  system aluminium structure of 2480mm (H)                         - Fascia board on 5ft x 1ft compressed foam with exhibitor’s
- Fascia to include exhibitor name in block type in vinyl cut-       name and booth number
  out lettering                                                    - 1 unit of information counter
- 2 unit fluorescent light                                         - 2 units of folding chairs
- 1 unit of 13 Amp. power point                                    - 1 unit of wastepaper basket
- 1 unit information table                                         - 2 units of spotlights
- 1 unit of folding chair                                          - 1 unit of 13 Amp. power point
- Needle punch carpet for booth area                               - Needle punch carpet lay direct on floor with double sided
                                                                     tape for booth area

Event Venue

                                                                              Matrade Exhibition & Convention
                                                                              Centre (MECC)
                                                                              Menara MATRADE
                                                                              Jalan Khidmat Usaha, Off Jalan Duta
                                                                              50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
                                                                              Tel       : +603-6203 7032
                                                                              Fax       : +603-6203 7034
                                                                              Website :

With its unique archway through the building, Menara MATRADE is an architectural acclaimed icon in Kuala
Lumpur. This 24 storeys high rise building houses MECC, which encompasses the Podium, Tower Block,
Amphitheatre, and Outdoor Exhibition Area. With more than 106,000 square metres of available floor space, MECC
has technologically advanced facilities, and is equipped with WiFi connectivity.

EUM-BIO International Conference
Tentative Programme                                              Session1: Bio Agriculture
                                                                 2.00 pm Chairperson
8.00 am   Registration of Delegates                                      Dato’ Dr. Abdul Latiff Mohamad
                                                                         Professor of Botany, Faculty of Science and Technology, The
8.45 am   Delegates and Guests to be Seated                              National University of Malaysia (UKM)
                                                                 2.05 pm Exploring the Megabiodiversity of Malaysia:
9.00 am   Introductory Remarks by MiGHT                                  Opportunities for Research Collaboration
                                                                         Dato’ Dr. Nor Shahidah Khairullah*
9.10 am   Special Address                                                Chief Executive Officer, Ninebio Sdn Bhd
          HE Thierry Rommel                                      2.35    ABCAR-DIC Process & LMTAI (Laboratory Mastering of
                                                                         Technologies for Agro-Industry)-La Rochelle University
          Ambassador and Head of European Commission                     (France)
          Delegation in Malaysia                                         Prof. Abdul Karim Salim Allaf
                                                                         University La Rochelle, France
9.30 am   Opening Speech                                         3.05 pm Prospects of Collaboration via Agrobiotechnology from the
                                                                         Technology Licensing Perspective
          YB Datuk Prof. Dr. Mohd. Ruddin Ab. Ghani                      Dr. Umi Kalsom Abu Bakar
          Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry,           Director, Biotechnology Research Centre, Malaysian Agricultural
                                                                         Research and Development Institute (MARDI)
          Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)    3.35 pm Tea Break
9.50am    Souvenir Presentation                                  3.50 pm Europe-Asia Research Cooperation in New Biological Active
                                                                         Plant Compound
                                                                         Dr. Dirk Wilken
10.00 am Tea Break                                                       Head of R & D Department, BioPlanta GmbH, Germany
10.20 am Investing in Malaysia’s Biotechnology Sector            4.20 pm Introducing NIZO Food Research as a Partner for Contract
                                                                         Research in Food and Biotechnology
         Dato’ Iskandar Mizal Mahmood                                    Dr. MC Meike to Giffel
         Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Biotech                      Business Manager Asia Pacific, NIZO Food Researchers, The
         Corporation (BiotechCorp)                               4.50 pm Agro-Biotech Business Opportunities in the State of Perak
                                                                         for European Biotech Companies
10.50 am Experience Sharing of EU Investors Doing Business               Mr. Massimo Gianelli
         in Malaysia                                                     Managing Partner, Gianelli & Partner, Italy
                                                                 5.20 pm Questions & Answers Session
         Mr. Terry McParland*                                    5.40 pm End of Programme
         Commercial Counsellor, Consulate of Republic of
         Ireland                                                 Session 2: Bio Manufacturing/White Biotechnology
                                                                 2.00 pm Chairperson
11.20 am Intellectual Property Laws in the Context of                    Dato’ Dr. Mohd Nazlee Kamal*
                                                                         Chief Executive Officer, Inno Biologics Sdn Bhd
         Biotechnology Industry in Malaysia                      2.05 pm Strategies & Case Studies for Trans-national
         Associate Prof. Rohazar Wati Zuallcobley                        co-operation in the White Biotechnology
         Deputy Director General (Industrial Property),                  Ms. Sophie Walton
                                                                         Business Manager, The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), UK
         Intellectual Property Corporation Malaysia              2.35 pm Collaboration - Biogen Idec’s Priorities
                                                                         Mr. Paul Coleman
11.50 am Venture Capitalist’s Perspective for supporting and             Vice President for Manufacturing, General Manager of the European
         co-financing Biotechnology Investment Projects in               Large Scale Manufacturing Site, Biogen IDEC, Denmark
                                                                 3.05 pm Biotech and Biopharm Opportunities in The Czech Republic
         Malaysia                                                        Mr. Jiri Vanecek MD, PhD
         Prof. Dr. Mohd Azmi Mohd Lila                                   Project Manager, Technology Centre, the Academy of Science, The
                                                                         Czech Republic
         Director of Investment, Malaysian Technology
                                                                 3.35 pm Tea Break
         Development Corporation (MTDC)                          3.50 pm Creating the Pipeline of Innovative Palm Based Products:
                                                                         From the Perspective of Technology Transfer
12.20 pm The European Union Biotech Industry Perspective :               Dato’ Dr. Choo Yuen May
         Market Trend & Opportunities                                    Deputy Director General, Malaysian Palm Oil Board(MPOB)
         Dr. Johan Vanhemelrijck                                 4.20 pm Partnership Opportunities with Ingrepro in Industrial Algae
         Secretary General, European Association for                     Ir. Carel Callenbach
         Bioindustries (EuropaBio), Belgium                              Director, Ingrepro BV, The Netherlands
                                                                 4.50 pm Cosmeceuticals - New Opportunities for EU-Asia Alliances
12.50 pm Questions & Answers Session                                     Dr. Joerg Gruenwald
                                                                         President, Analyze & Realize AG, Germany;
1.00 pm   Lunch                                                  5.20 pm Opportunities in the Production of PLA, a Bio-based Polymer
                                                                         from Renewable Resources
2.00 pm   Sectorial Presentation on Biotech Collaborative                Mr. Haiko Zuidhoff
                                                                         Managing Director, PURAC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
          Opportunities - Business, Technology, Research         5.20 pm Questions & Answers Session
          (Parallel Session)                                     5.40 pm End of Programme

EUM-BIO International Conference
Session 3: Bio Healthcare                                               3.05 pm Collaborative Software Development Opportunities with
2.00 pm Chairperson                                                             Asia in Bioinformatics
          Dato’ Dr. Nor Shahidah Khairullah*                                    Prof. Joost N. Kok
          Chief Executive Officer, Ninebio Sdn Bhd                              Head of the Research Clusters Algorithms & Foundation of
                                                                                Software Technology of Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer
2.05 pm BioPharmaceutical Opportunities in the Netherlands -
        Business and Technology Cooperation                                     Science, The Netherlands
        Ir. Johan G. Hanstede                                           3.30 pm Tea Break
        Chairman BioFarmind, The Netherlands                            3.50 pm Collaborations with Biopharmaceutical Companies &
2.35 pm Clinical Research Laws in Central Europe: Compliance                    Academic Organisation with AlgoNomics’s Technology
        Issues & Opportunities for Asia Biotech Companies                       Platform
        Dr. Sándor Németh                                                       Dr. Waqas A Awan
        Szecskay - Attorneys at Law, Hungary                                    Bioinformatic Manager, Genseq, UK
3.05 pm Synthesis of Nanobiotechnology & Pharmaceuticals in
        Drug Discovery: The Technology Transfer Perspective for         4.20 pm Creating Global Discovery & Biomarkers Projects by BIO-IT
        Spin-off Companies                                                      Mr. Marko Mäenpää
        Dr. Nandanan Erathodiyil                                                Chief Executive Officer, Genolyze Ltd, Finland
        Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Bioengineering &        4.50 pm Bioinformatics & Genomics in France: High Flexibility in
        Nanotechnology Singapore                                                Setting up Academic-Industrial Collaborations
3.35 pm Tea Break                                                               Prof. Jean-Michel Claverie
3.50 pm Collaboration Opportunities in Drug Development and                     Head of Institute for Structural Biology & Microbiology (IBSM),
        Biohealthcare Project Management                                        Professor of Medical Genomics & Bioinformatics, University of
        Dr. Kees Groen                                                          Mediterranee CNRS, France
        General Manager, Kenesis Holding BV, The Netherlands
                                                                        5.20 pm Questions & Answers Session
4.20 pm Oxitec Biotech Solution to Malaysia’s Dengue Problem            5.40 pm End of Programme
        Dr. S. S. Vasan
        Head of Public Health, Oxitec Ltd., UK
4.50 pm Maximising Malaysia’s Role in the Global
                                                                        Session 5: Funding Opportunities
        Biopharmaceutical Value Chain                                   2.00 pm Chairperson
        Mr. Martyn Postle                                                       Mr. Leong Kin Mun
        Director, Cambridge Healthcare & Biotech Ltd., UK                       Technical Advisor, EUM-BIO 2007
5.20 pm Development & Acquisition of Anticancer Agents from             2.05 pm Initial Public Offering (IPO) Opportunity for Life Science
        Marine Sources: CollaborationsOpportunities with                        Companies in Alternative Investment Market (AIM), UK
        PharmaMar                                                               Mr. Damian Adams
        Mr. Simon Munt D. Phil. (Oxon)                                          Associate, Watson, Farley & Williams LLP, United Kingdom
        Medicinal Chemistry Manager, R&D, Pharma Mar, S.A.
                                                                        2.55 pm Growth Capital Opportunities for Development-Stage
        Sociedad Unipersonal, Spain                                             Biotech Companies: Deal-Making with Venture Capitalists
5.50 pm Questions & Answers Session                                             Mr. Alberto Bautista
6.00 pm End of Programme                                                        Sector Partner, 3i Investment plc, United Kingdom
                                                                        3.45 pm Tea Break
Session 4: Bio Informatics
                                                                        4.00 pm Funding Opportunities from FP7 (7th Framework
2.00 pm Chairperson
        Prof. Dr. Nor Muhammad Mahadi*                                          Programme) for Biotech Research Projects and Experience
        Director, Malaysia Genome Institute                                     Sharing of Successful Application
                                                                                To be recommended by Ms. Melinda Lantos*
2.05 pm To be proposed by                                                       Content Manager, Portal on EU Funds
        Accelrys, UK*
                                                                        4.50 pm Questions & Answers Session
2.35 pm Opportunities for European Bioinformatics Outsourcing Markets
        Mr. Nitin Naik                                                  5.20 pm End of Programme
        Director, Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan                        *Note:    Proposed speakers are subject to confirmation

Event Fact Sheet
 Date                                   Time                                                 Venue
 24 October 2007 (Wednesday)
 Exhibition Set-up                      10:30 am - 6:00 pm                                   MATRADE Hall, 3rd Floor, MECC
 International Conference                9:00 am - 5:30 pm                                   Room 1-7, 3rd Floor, MECC
 25 October 2007 (Thursday)
 Exhibition                              9:00 am - 5:00 pm                                   MATRADE Hall, 3rd Floor, MECC
 Business Partnering                     9:00 am - 5:00 pm                                   MATRADE Hall, 3rd Floor, MECC
 26 October 2007 (Friday)
 Exhibition                              9:00 am - 5:00 pm                                   MATRADE Hall, 3rd Floor, MECC
 Business Partnering                     9:00 am - 5:00 pm                                   MATRADE Hall, 3rd Floor, MECC
 *MECC-MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Center
Official Hotel
                      The Legend Hotel,                      The Legend Hotel is a 5 star hotel with 620 rooms strategically
                      Kuala Lumpur (5-Star)                  located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and the city’s major
                      Putra Place, 100, Jalan Putra          commercial district. The Hotel is located above The Mall, which
                      50350 Kuala Lumpur                     offers the best in Shopping and Entertainment and is within
                      Tel    : +603-4042 9888 ext            walking distance to Putra World Trade Centre. The Light Rail
                               8051/8063                     Transit and the KTM Commuter is located adjacent to the
                      Fax    : +603-4042 9069                hotel.
                      E-mail :
                      Contact Person: Ms. Norma Nordin /
                                       Ms. Dayang Noraini

                                                              ROOM TYPE                          ROOM RATE (RM)
                                                                                         Single                 Double
                                                              Superior Room         RM 230.00 nett         RM 250.00 nett
                                                              Deluxe Room           RM 250.00 nett         RM 270.00 nett
                                                              Executive Deluxe Room RM 270.00 nett         RM 290.00 nett
                                                              Legend Crest Room     RM 350.00 nett         RM 380.00 nett
                                                             1. The above room rates are inclusive of buffet breakfast.
                                                             2. Room rates quoted is base on per room per night basis
                                                                and inclusive of 10% service charge & 5%
                                                                government tax.

Supportive Hotels
i) Best Western Premier Seri Pacific,                        ii) Dynasty Hotel,
   Kuala Lumpur (5-Star)                                         Kuala Lumpur (4-Star)
   Jalan Putra, PO Box 11468                                    218, Jalan Ipoh
   50746 Kuala Lumpur                                           51200 Kuala Lumpur
   Tel    : +603-4049 4439                                      Tel     : +603-4049 6137
   Fax    : +603-4043 5253                                      Fax     : +603-4043 6868
   E-mail :                             E-mail :
                           Contact Person: Ms. Hanim / Ms. Sharon Tham
   Contact Person: Mr. Hasnan Mokhtar or any
                    reservation officer                       ROOM TYPE                               ROOM RATE (RM)
                                                              Normal Deluxe Room (Single)             RM 167.90 nett
 ROOM TYPE                         ROOM RATE (RM)
                                                              Superior Room (Double)                  RM 188.60 nett
 Superior Room (Single)            RM 299.00 nett             Newly Refurbish Deluxe (Single)         RM 193.20 nett
 Superior Room (Double)            RM 333.50 nett             Deluxe Room (Double)                    RM 216.20 nett
1. The above room rates are inclusive of buffet breakfast.   1. The above room rates are inclusive of buffet breakfast.
2. Room rates quoted is base on per room per night basis     2. Room rates quoted is base on per room per night basis
   and inclusive of 10% service charge & 5%                     and inclusive of 10% service charge & 5%
   government tax.                                              government tax.

       Complimentary shuttle bus service is provided from official/supporting hotels to
          Matrade Exhibition & Convention Centre throughout the event period.

Registration Fees
Event                                                                      Fees
Malaysian Participants                                  Early Bird ✦                     Normal Registration
1-Day Conference'                                RM 450 per participant                 RM 550 per participant
2-Day Business Match-making✱                     RM 300 per participant;               RM 500 per participant;
                                                  Additional participant                Additional participant
                                                     RM 100 each                           RM 100 each
1-Day Conference' +                              RM 650 per participant                 RM 800 per participant
2-Day Business Match-making✱
2-Day Exhibition
  Shell Scheme Booth                               RM 3000 per booth                      RM 3500 per booth
  Boat Design Booth                                RM 2000 per booth                      RM 2500 per booth
European/ Asian Participants
1-Day Conference'                               Euro 100 per participant               Euro 120 per participant
2-Day Business Match-making'                    Euro 100 per participant               Euro 120 per participant
1-Day Conference' +                             Euro 150 per participant               Euro 180 per participant
2-Day Business Match-making'
2-Day Exhibition
  Shell Scheme Booth                               Euro 680 per booth                     Euro 700 per booth
  Boat Design Booth                                Euro 450 per booth                     Euro 470 per booth
✱ Organisation participating in the Business Match-Making Event is entitled to RM100 discount by providing 5 potential
  European Counterparts’ contacts in the registration form
✦ Early Bird: Register and payment before 15 August 2007
' Inclusive of lunch

            Advertising Opportunities in the                               Travel    Selected 50 registered
               EUM-BIO 2007 Catalogue                                    Incentive   European organisations are
     Full Page        RM    Note:                                                    entitled for a maximum of
                                   Your organisation advertisement                   EUR500 traveling incentive
     - Colour           4000       will be featured in 15000 copies of               for participating at EUM-
                                   the EUM-BIO catalogue which will
     - Black & White 2000          be circulated internationally
                                                                                     BIO 2007 in Malaysia.

    Attention to European Organisations!
Call for Papers!
Call For Paper Invitation is still going on, we welcome EU research-based organisations and SMEs to present their
collaborative agenda in the conference which consists of 5 sessions i.e. bio-healthcare, bio-agriculture, bio-
manufacturing, bioinformatics and funding opportunities!
All papers must be written in English and contain no more than 600 words. Speakers whose abstracts are accepted
will be expected to prepare a power-point presentation for use at the Conference’s Parallel Session. Please indicate
which Session you intend to present your paper and submit the abstract before 15 August 2007. Notification of
acceptance will be sent out by 30 August 2007.
Submission of papers
Submit papers via email attachment to
[ ] Yes, please register me for the Business Match-Making Event.
[ ] Yes, please register me for the Conference.
[ ] Yes, please register me for the Exhibition.
           Boat Design Booth Package; No. of Booth: ______
           Shell Scheme Booth Package; No. of Booth: ______
[ ] Yes, I would like to advertise in the EUM-BIO Catalogue.
           Colour         Black & White

Title: (Prof/ Dr/ Mr/ Mrs/ Ms) Other:                     Name:
                                                          (please underline surname, where appropriate)
Name of Organisation:
Mailing Address:

Job Title:
Telephone No:                                             Fax No:

Email:                                                    Company Website:
For those who are interested to participate at the Business Match-Making Event, please log on to for registration online to furnish further details of your business collaboration’s profile.

Methods of Payment
[ ] Telegraphic Transfer (for overseas delegates)
    CIMB Bank Berhad. Bank A/C no: 1601-0000460-05-8, Bank Swift Code: CIBBMYKL
    (Please fax your T/T for verification-fax: +603-5882 9920)
[ ] Cheque (for local delegates)
    Enclosed is our cheque amounting to Ringgit Malaysia (RM) ______________________________
    Cheque Number: ______________

Registration Policy
• Cancellations must be received in writing.                    • Substitutions must be received in writing by October 1,
  Fax to +603-58829920 or e-mail by             2007. After October 1, 2007, you will need to bring your
  October 1, 2007, to qualify for a refund. After October 1,      request at the event registration desk.
  2007, there will be no refunds.                               • Provide a business card when you arrive on-site to pick up
• A 50% cancellation fee will be deducted for all approved        EUM-BIO event materials.
  cancellations received by October 1, 2007. All refunds will
  be processed after the event.

Register now online at
23-B & 23-C, Jalan Kenari 2, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603-5882 9962 Fax: +603-5882 9920 / 5891 0627 Email:


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