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					       ACR Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
                 May 9, 2006

Steering Committee Members present: Wanda Street, John Vestal, Anna Leider, Alan
Weatherly, Joanne Goodwin, Chris Idler, George Bergman, Michelle St. George, Pete
Stramese, Karen Snyder.

ACR Members present: Katherine Hamilton

Minutes from March 14 were approved. Informational minutes from April 11 were
Financial Report (10/1-4/30/06) discussed


---Yard Sale – May 13 – Deliver donations by 6am Sat 5/13. More volunteers are needed.
---Sculling Representative for steering committee – Terry Grindstaff’s group will be
contacted for a representative.

---New Uniform Design – Michelle and committee will contact members and circulate
suggestions for new uniform designs. Goal for new uniform purchase will be the Head
Racing season. Old uniforms will still be used in the interim. All rowers in a shell must
be wearing the same uniform for regattas – each team/shell will decide when to transition
to the new uniforms.

     MAXX Online Store: Katherine Hamilton presented information about the online
      MAXX store. The start-up cost ins minimal and ACR members will be able to
     purchase clothing with new ACR logo from the on-line site. ACR will make a
     small profit on each purchase. Katherine will circulate more info about
     clothing/hat selection and colors and cost. More info to come at the June meeting.

Dockmaster Reports:

---The boathouse will be named the Dee Campbell Rowing Center at a dedication on June
11. Activities will include a T.C. Crew Alumni row on 6/10 followed by a dinner that
evening. ACR members are encouraged to attend all events. Jason Scadron’s
documentary about rowing for T.C. Williams will be shown.

---A boat purchase plan is being prepared by Pete Stramese.

 ---Pictures are being taken for a rowing calendar. Consent for photos will be obtained
from ACR members. A 2007 calendar will be available for gift giving.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm – next meeting June 13th.

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