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									Thinning Hair Shampoo
Thinning hair shampoo is not a particularly new invention but with the application method being so convenient (just swap out with your existing shampoo) then it is no surprise that this is still a leading area of research amongst large consumer product companies. How Do They Work? Each type claims to have its own unique secret but most of them claim to have a few common properties, namely: maintain the pH (acidity balance) of your scalp. kind to your scalp. remove and emulsify sebum build-up that might contribute to hair loss. contains protein. contains minerals.

Do They Work? The problem with all the properties above is that they have a neglibible effect. Male hair loss (and even women's hair loss) is governed by DHT arising in the scalp. DHT is a hormone derivative and when it accumulates in the scalp it starves the hair follicles of the nutrition they need to produce hairs. First of all, the acidity of the scalp does not play a large part in hair loss. The same thing applies to the condition of your scalp unless you have a serious skin condition which warrants further attention anyway. Dandruff, for example, is not in itself linked with hair loss. Sebum has a very small part to play in hair loss. Minerals and protein need to be accessed from the bloodstream for the hair follicle to make your hairs. By simply slapping these ingredients on your hair and scalp they are redundant and cannot be used. What Is The Alternative? A much better alternative is to create your own hair rub at home using a few simple ingredients. There have existed several ingredients that have been used for thousands of years as a herbal hair tonic.

They work just like drugs in that they better circulate the blood flow in the scalp and help to disperse the clogged up DHT. The result is that your existing hairs will grow back thicker due to being better nutrified. Even dormant bald spots that are less than four years old can be encouraged to grow new hairs. But they differ from drugs in not having any of the debilitating side effects. Fed up of your hair getting thinner and thinner and even falling out? Reverse this process because you do not have to go bald if you don't want to. Get the natural secret to stop hair loss and hair thinning here: Hair Loss Conquered.

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