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					     27, 28, 29 September 2011
Stuttgart Messe, Stuttgart, Germany

  World Postal Business Forum
               in association with

   Delivering the future of postal technology

                                                                       27, 28, 29 September 2011
                                                             Stuttgart Messe, Stuttgart, Germany

         2       Introduction
                 by edouard Dayan
                 Director General, Universal Postal Union

   3-6           World Postal Business Forum organised by the Universal Postal Union
                 Day 1 - Chief Executive Forum (Ceo Forum)

                           Post’s role in modern social communications

                 Day 2 - NETWORK
                         The next generation of postal networks
                           Public policies and the private-sector role

                 Day 3 - ORGANISATION
                         Managing postal organisational change: re-engineering
                         structures and operations through innovation

  7 - 11         Operations Conference
                 Day 1 - A networked industry (part )

                 Day 2 - Engaging with customers and suppliers
                           A networked industry (part 2)
                           Clipping the wings of postal revenue losses
                 Day 3 - ORGANISATION
                         Managing postal organisational change: re-engineering
                         structures and operations through innovation

12 - 16          Technology Workgroups
                 Day 1 - Identification solutions
                           Delivery – last mile

                 Day 2 - Green transport solutions
                           Postal Technology International Awards – meet the winners
                           Automation technology and innovations
                           Hybrid mail

                 Day 3 - Managing electronically driven mailflows and customer demands

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The World Postal Business Forum –
at POST-EXPO 2011

At the World Postal Business Forum in 2010 it was evident that the postal sector had
entered a period of unprecedented change, due to the influences of declining letter-
post volumes, rapidly changing customer behaviour, the advent of the digital era and
other factors.

Change is now a constant, exemplified by continuing diversification of businesses,
revamped organisations and updated business models. While letter-post remains a
core postal business that contributes around half of postal revenues in many cases,
posts have also benefited from growing customer confidence in other segments, such
as postal financial services, direct marketing, express mail, parcels and small packets.

In addition, due to new technologies numerous posts have increased their range of
services throughout the logistic chain, facilitating the development of e-commerce,
which has continued to grow despite the financial crisis.

Posts are coming to grips with what is required strategically and organisationally to
ensure that their companies are well equipped to succeed in the challenging times
that lie ahead.

Given the set of circumstances that exist and likely near-future developments,
the 2011 forum will focus on a vision of the postal future and on responding to
fundamental questions about how to achieve the vision.

Combined with the popular CEO session, this year’s World Postal Business Forum is
once again a highlight of the postal sector calendar.

We look forward to seeing you in Stuttgart.

                 Edouard Dayan
                 Director General
                 Universal Postal Union

                                 WORLD POSTAL BUSINESS FORUM
                                                               Day 1 – Tuesday 27 September
                                                               09:30 - 0:00 - OPENING SESSION
                                                               09:30 - Welcome
                                                               Tony Robinson, CEO, UKIP Media & Events, UK

                                                               09:40 - Opening
                                                               Thomas Baldry, senior vice president Deutsche Post Global Mail, Deutsche Post DHL, Germany

                                                               09:50 - Introduction to the World Postal Business Forum
organised by the Universal Postal Union

                                                               Edouard Dayan, Director General, Universal Postal Union, Switzerland

                                                               0:00 - 2:30 - CEO FORUM
                                                               The economic crisis that engulfed the globe affected the postal sector quite markedly but quite
                                                               differently among regions and countries. It is becoming clear that the diversified posts emerged from
                                                               the crisis in better shape than many ‘traditional’ posts, due partly to their having less reliance on the
                                                               declining physical letters market. But will their relative success and financial well-being continue
                                                               through the decade? Are there exceptions to this trend? In keeping with the overall theme for 2011,
                                                               CEOs from around the world will be invited to give their visions of the postal sector in 2020 and
                                                               whether adaptation or transformation will be the key to the future.

                                                               Carl-Gerold Mende, managing partner, ODDs Consulting, Germany

                                                               0:00 - 0:0 - Moderator’s Introduction
                                                               0:0 - 2020 Postal Vision: the continuation of trends versus the likelihood of disruptive
                                                               Harry Koorstra, CEO, PostNL, Netherlands

                                                               0:30 - The post means e-busines
                                                               Dr Mohammed Saleh ben Taher Benten, president and CEO, Saudi Post, Saudi Arabia
                                                               0:50 - :00 - Q&A
                                                               :00 - :5 - BREAK
                                                               :5 - Vision of the postal sector in 2020: adaptation or transformation
                                                               Eddie Mak, deputy postmaster general, Hongkong Post, Hong Kong

                                                               :35 - Presentation title TBC
                                                               Agostino Ragosa, chief information officer, vice president, Poste Italiane, Italy

                                                               :55 - Transforming Australia Post to become ‘future ready’
                                                               Richard Umbers, executive general manager e-Services, Australia Post, Australia
                                                               2:5 - 2:30 - Q&A
                                                               2:30 - 4:00 - LUNCH

                                                               4:00 - 7:00 - SOCIAL - Post’s role in modern social
                                                               Traditionally the post has had a unique social role in providing for the carriage of private letters and
                                                               parcels, thereby encouraging social integration and helping families and friends to remain in contact.
                                                               But in the modern digital era, in which there are multiple competing means of social interaction, what
                                                               role can posts play in digital media? Issues that will be raised in this session include what could be the
                                                               future role of the post in social communications, how posts are reacting already and whether they
                                                               could foster trust in new social networks. The impact of social networking on postal business models
                                                               and economic growth will also be discussed.

                                                               Walter Trezek, CEO, Document Exchange Network, Austria

                                 WORLD POSTAL BUSINESS FORUM
                                                               4:00 - 4:0 - Moderator’s Introduction
                                                               4:0 - Impact of digitisation for posts: the world in 2020 – positioning posts in a
                                                               digitised world
                                                               Roman Friedrich, vice president, Booz & Company GmbH, Germany

                                                               4:30 - The post: from the message business to the social business
                                                               Farah Abdallah, e-services expert, Universal Postal Union, Switzerland

                                                               4:50 - Physical or digital? The post as the communications hub in a World 2.0
                                                               Andrea Porcu, sales VP Postal Operators and Couriers Industry, Selex Elsag, Italy
organised by the Universal Postal Union

                                                               5:0 - 5:30 - Q&A
                                                               5:30 - 5:45 - BREAK
                                                               5:45 - Postal eCommunication and social networks – friends or foe?
                                                               Jacob Johnsen, CEO, Ipostes, Denmark

                                                               6:05 - Social memories: transforming digital memories back into the real world
                                                               Juergen Motz, project manager, Deutsche Post, Germany

                                                               6:25 - e-commerce solutions in the new era of the postal world
                                                               Rafal Brzoska, president & CEO, InPost, Poland
                                                               6:45 - 7:00 - Q&A
                                                               7:00 - CLOSE

                                                               Day 2 - Wednesday 28 September
                                                               09:30 - 2:45 - NETWORK - The next generation of postal
                                                               The post is by definition a network industry – one of the oldest. Postal networks have stood the test
                                                               of time, adapting well to revolutions in transportation, communications and technologies. But in the
                                                               21st century the traditional purposes, designs and functions of postal networks, designed in the days
                                                               of single national government-owned operators, are undergoing major changes. This session will
                                                               explore the new dynamics of postal networks, considering the possibilities for integration of physical,
                                                               financial and electronic dimensions, the modern role of retail networks, providing access to competing
                                                               operators, case studies on successful partnerships between operators, interconnectivity and lessons that
                                                               can be learned from other network industries.

                                                               Charles Prescott, editor, Prescott Report, USA

                                                               09:30 - 09:40 - Moderator’s Introduction
                                                               09:40 - Design principles for the network of the future
                                                               Luis Jimenez, managing director, Luis Jimenez Consulting, USA

                                                               0:00 - Competition of posts in Europe? Yes, but where? A differentiated view on
                                                               express, mail and logistics markets
                                                               Ludwig-Michael Cremer, chief executive advisor, Log-PR, Germany

                                                               0:20 - Next-generation postal networks
                                                               George Wright, specialist leader, Deloitte, USA
                                                               0:40 - :00 - Q&A
                                                               :00 - :5 - BREAK

                                                                              This exhibition is particularly important, especially to see
                                                                              new technology. Here we can get to know what others are
                                                                              doing, what products are available and what others have
                                                                              done in terms of transforming their operations. It will
                                                                              definitely help us to enhance and transform our business
                                                                              Festus Hangula
                                                                              CEO, Namibia Post

                                 WORLD POSTAL BUSINESS FORUM
                                                               :5 - How postal services can contribute to the development of e-commerce in the EU
                                                               Hughes de la Motte, project officer, Online and Postal Services Unit, European Commission, Belgium

                                                               :35 - Expanding market opportunities
                                                               Ron Jordan, vice president International Government and Postal Development, UPS, USA

                                                               :55 - To challenge a postal monopoly
                                                               Mats Forsberg, CEO, Bring CityMail Sweden AB, Sweden

                                                               2:5 - The digital society: is there a role for the post?
                                                               Eamonn Ryan, business consultant, Escher Group, Ireland
organised by the Universal Postal Union

                                                               2:35 - 2:45 - Q&A
                                                               2:45 - 4:00 - LUNCH

                                                               4:00 - 7:00 - PUBLIC/PRIVATE - Public policies and the
                                                               private-sector role
                                                               Public postal policies for the most part were developed in an era of continual growth in letter markets,
                                                               before the advent of digital media and little or no effective competition for incumbent operators.
                                                               The current postal sector environment is one of declining letter volumes, apart from direct mail,
                                                               electronic substitution, multiple choices for customers in physical and electronic delivery channels
                                                               and universal services largely defined by traditional physical needs. In addition, governments, in trying
                                                               to balance budgets, are looking to private-sector partners and financing to help maintain postal
                                                               service commitments to their citizens and businesses. What should be the public goals for the post of
                                                               tomorrow? How relevant to achieving the goals are the public postal policies? What is the role of the
                                                               private sector in financing and renovating public services? What are the lessons to be learned from
                                                               externally capitalised posts? These issues and more will be the subject of extensive debate.

                                                               Ingemar Persson, consultant, Sweden

                                                               4:00 - 4:0 - Moderator’s Introduction
                                                               4:0 - Which public-private policies for the postal sector in the 2st century?
                                                               Jose Anson, economist, Universal Postal Union, Switzerland

                                                               4:30 - Quality of service and consumer needs: recent evidence from France
                                                               Nicola Shorland, head of unit authorisations and Universal Service ARCEP, France,

                                                               4:50 - bpost, an autonomous public company: changing dynamics
                                                               Joost Vantomme, regulatory affairs director, bpost, Belgium
                                                               5:0 - 5:30 - Q&A
                                                               5:30 - 5:45 - BREAK
                                                               5:45 - The role of the universal service obligation in postal competition
                                                               Christian Jaag, managing partner, Swiss Economics, Switzerland

                                                               6:05 - Enabler or competitor: how should USPS relate to private-sector providers
                                                               John G. Callan, managing director, URSA Major Associates, USA

                                                               6:25 - The role of European public postal operators in difficult times
                                                               Botond Szebeny, secretary general, PostEurop, Belgium
                                                               6:45 - 7:00 - Q&A
                                                               7:00 - CLOSE

                                 WORLD POSTAL BUSINESS FORUM
                                                               Day 3 - Thursday 29 September
                                                               09:30 - 3:00 - ORGANISATION - Managing postal organisational
                                                               change: re-engineering structures and operations through
                                                               In the preceding sessions some of the most challenging issues of the modern postal era and
                                                               environment have been identified and debated. The changes that are affecting the postal sector
                                                               demand that posts make changes in their organisation and functioning to meet the challenges. This
                                                               special joint conference session will begin with experts providing a comprehensive review and analysis
                                                               of changes that have been made in postal businesses, and defining what is still required to guarantee
organised by the Universal Postal Union

                                                               future success. The remainder of the session will be devoted to specific examples of how innovation
                                                               and new technologies are being successfully deployed to ensure continuous improvement in postal
                                                               operations. Join us for this final session to learn from experts who will share their knowledge and
                                                               expertise in change management and innovative practices.

                                                               Marten Buettner, independent consultant, Buettner Consulting, Germany

                                                               09:30 - JOINT SESSION - WORLD POSTAL BUSINESS FORUM AND
                                                               OPERATIONS CONFERENCE
                                                               09:30 - 09:35 - Moderator’s Introduction
                                                               09:35 - Strategise, transform, perform: the story of the new post
                                                               Kristian Sund, senior lecturer, Middlesex University, UK

                                                               09:55 - Postal Service 3.0: from vision to reality
                                                               Dirk Palder, vice president, Capgemini, Germany

                                                               0:5 - iPads do not grow on trees: how to implement the change in postal
                                                               Volker Schneider, deputy general manager, IMS GmbH & Co KG Consult, Germany

                                                               0:35 - Austrian Post: receiver orientation, exploitation of synergies and international
                                                               business development
                                                               Peter Umundum, member of the Austrian Post Management Board, head of Parcel and Logistics,
                                                               Austrian Post, Austria
                                                               0:55 - :0 - Q&A
                                                               :0 - Changing the pace of online innovation in a postal environment
                                                               Cliff Evans, head of eBusiness and delivery director for Royal Mail Group Account, Capgemini, UK

                                                               :30 - Making business out of a cost-reduction programme
                                                               Mario Suykerbuyk, director, PostNL, Netherlands

                                                               :50 - Welcome the cloud into your postal automation world
                                                               Eddy Thans, CEO, Prime Vision BV, Netherlands

                                                               2:0 - Utilising mobile technologies in the field operations of a postal distribution
                                                               Mesut Tomruk, deputy general manager, Softaktif, Turkey

                                                               2:30 - Lean management
                                                               Laurent Touboul, partner, Deloitte, France
                                                               2:50 - 3:00 - Q&A
                                                               3:00 - CLOSE

                                                                            POST-EXPO enables us to keep updated with the latest
                                                                            technology and possibly to strike deals with suppliers to
                                                                            provide us with good solutions to solve present problems
                                                                            and improve our business. I’ve seen a lot of new things
                                                                            and wonderful ideas
                                                                            Chee Tong Leong
                                                                            CEO, GD Express Carriers, Malaysia

                         The hugely popular operations Conference explores the key issues across
                         the different operating areas in postal companies. The focused sessions will
                         give you the chance to hear how to improve your operational efficiency and
                         quality, share best practice and learn how to transform your business.

                        Day 1 - Tuesday 27 September
                        4:00 - 6:00 - A networked industry (part )
                        The relentless drive to use new technology and latest available solutions to manage your operations
                        more efficiently, at less cost and with increased productivity and better quality of service, is a major
                        continuing challenge for most operational managers, especially in a large and complex networked
                        industry that delivers a wide range of products and services. So what help, ideas or solutions are
                        available and what have other colleagues in your situation done? Come to this session for expert and
                        valuable experience on these topics.

                        CoNFereNCe CHAIr:
                        Koen Vandaele, managing partner, Deloitte Consulting, Belgium

                        A treasure for a dime: how to manage the balance between low shipping cost and high
                        service expectations
                        Thomas Baldry, senior vice president Deutsche Post Global Mail, Deutsche Post DHL, Germany

                        The synchronised supply chain: tap the full potential of your hub!
                        Dr.-Ing. Eva Savelsberg, vice president Logistics Division, Inform GmbH, Germany
                        Although the supply chain for letters and parcels is almost completely automated, there are still gaps in
                        the chain: hidden potential for optimisation, which the postal companies should tap. One of the most
                        frequent and largest gaps occurs in the yards of distribution hubs: although a lot of money is invested
                        in sorting plants, the potential of the yard is often disregarded. In state-of-the-art hubs, intelligent yard
                        management systems help postal operators overcome this limiting bottleneck and tap the hub’s full
                        potential. This presentation demonstrates how an intelligent IT system can help overcome growth
                        barriers, leading to increased time- and cost-efficiency.

                        Voice-directed letter sorting
                        Morten Buur, head of Support and Development - Letters, Post Danmark, Denmark
                        Why does Post Danmark use voice response? What is the reason behind it? How did we implement the
                        system? What are the benefits for Post Danmark?

                        Extending the limits of postal operations: an integrated solution that reaches from
                        output management to hybrid mail around the core postal database
                        Wilfried Hahn, director Sorting Solutions, Pitney Bowes, Germany
                        With the transformation of the postal industry, paper-based mail will not disappear, but redefine its role
                        and volume in conjunction with new methods for customer communication management (CCM). As
                        a core value asset, the address database and its management is key to enable full functionality in new
                        solutions for postal operators. These new functions in essence reach out from mail production to multi-
                        channel output, where the postal operator becomes a provider for managed communications and
                        offers the optimal mix of communication methods for the mailer.

                        Mobile postman: billing and payments
                        Menachem Diamantstein, senior director, M2M, NSA & WW Postal/Courier Vertical Solutions, Motorola
                        Solutions, Israel
                        The postal industry is changing and becoming a magnet to new technologies and ideas as well as
                        innovative business models. This includes (but is not limited to) the following: 1. Billing in mobile
                        postman environment. Flexible charging packages for postpaid customers: e.g. volume-dependent
                        tiered charges, promotional charges, pooling (combining several customers or departments in the same
                        organisation into one ‘pool’ for charging purposes), etc. 2. Mobile payment: we are starting to see people
                        ask for this in postal. The mobile postman can sell services on site. 3. Billing for improved track-and-trace
                        parcels with embedded cellular modem. In this presentation you will be exposed to the above new
                        trends and directions in the postal industry.
                        5:5 - 6:00 - Q&A

                        Day 2 - Wednesday 28 September
                        09:30 - 2:30 - Engaging with customers and suppliers
                        With the opening of markets, greater competition and the impact of new digital technologies, it is
                        more important than ever for all companies in the postal sector to understand and engage with their
                        customers. Whether it be consumer preferences, the customer experience or changes in customer
                        behaviour, it has become essential to provide new and appropriate solutions that are focused on real
                        needs, and to ensure that all players in the sector are truly customer orientated and adding value. In
                        this way will the postal market be shaped, grown and developed for the future. Come to this session for
                        expert and valuable experience on these topics.

                        CoNFereNCe CHAIr:
                        Derek Osborn, director, Whatnext4u Ltd, UK

                        So, what is the future of post?
                        Colin de Vries, managing director, BlueMailCentral, Netherlands
                        An overview of my vision of post in the next 100 years.

                        Billions of parcels per annum, 55% of consumers not home to receive delivery: first-
                        time delivery, every time?
                        Nigel Doust, CEO, Blackbay, UK
                        Blackbay’s presentation focuses on commissioned research that looks at the consumer preference
                        driving innovation in the parcel market e.g. social media interaction, delivery windows, delivery type,
                        additional services at the doorstep. It will also look at the role of the delivery company in reflecting the
                        retailer’s brand at the doorstep – more and more the only face-to-face contact point for the retailer with
                        the consumer is when the delivery driver arrives on the doorstep. Currently 45.6% of consumers are
                        influenced by the delivery experience when choosing to repurchase with a retailer.

                        The total customer experience right to the doorstep
                        Jeff Sibio, director, Industry Marketing, Intermec, USA
                        A holistic approach to the total customer experience starts and ends well beyond traditional services,
                        but holds the key to new opportunity and growth. As e-commerce growth fuels dramatic changes in
                        parcel volumes, this session looks at how mobile technology can provide postal and CEP organisations
                        with opportunities to deliver value-added services and increased customer satisfaction. We will also look
                        at the cost impact of inefficient deliveries and breakthrough solutions designed to remove errors at the
                        point of collection, enabling precise information to pass automatically from the package to pickup and
                        delivery systems.

                        Key trends for changing enterprise postal operations
                        Mike Maris, senior director Global Supply Chain Execution Solutions, Motorola Solutions, USA
                        The ever-increasing changes taking place in the postal industry were never more obvious than the
                        change in consumer buying habits. The industry is undergoing three major changes: 1. The rise of the
                        mobile worker – there is no longer a ‘place’ in workplace. 2. Welcome to the new perpetual inventory
                        – advancements in tracking changes in consumer thinking. 3. Introducing the smart customer
                        – experience the evolution of consumer behaviour. The postal industry is facing burgeoning pressures
                        to better serve its customers as mobile commerce (buying off the internet) becomes increasingly
                        commonplace. In this presentation you will be exposed to three fundamental changes – your
                        workforce, your assets, your customers – and what you can do to manage a progressively competitive
                        and complex business.

                        Postal transformation: the Malaysian way
                        Marten Buettner, independent consultant, Buettner Consulting, Germany
                        At the end of 2009, Pos Malaysia started a company-wide transformation programme. The reason for
                        this was that in a ‘business as usual’ situation, Pos Malaysia would have gone into losses in 2011. The
                        presentation will show how Pos Malaysia has addressed this challenge with a pragmatic approach
                        that has already led to a substantial improvement of the financial performance halfway through the
                        transformation timeframe.
                        0:45 - 0:55 - Q&A
                        0:55 - :5 - BREAK
                        Developing business intelligence capabilities in the postal organisation
                        Dr Bernard Markowicz, managing director, Decision Analysis Partners, USA
                        The need for postal enterprises to focus on their customers, their markets and their competitive

                        How to convert a postal network into an engaging customer-orientated and efficient
                        retail chain
                        Damien Roux, marketing manager, IER, France; Serge Petit, self-service marketing manager, La Poste
                        Efficiency often focuses on operation optimisation. However, it can easily conflict with a more customer-
                        friendly and retail orientation, which is now critical. The presentation will focus on ways to resolve this
                        conflict: multi-channel opportunities that bring autonomy to customers, along with unloading human
                        staff of basic operations and sales through automation, giving them the opportunity to make the
                        difference in added-value retail while bringing the focus back to the pleasure of being in a post office
                        not only by necessity.

                        Automating the invoicing process for business reply mail in the Netherlands
                        Enno Ebels, group solutions director, Neopost, France
                        Leveraging proven components from its rich history in mail accounting and revenue protection,
                        Neopost, together with TNT, developed a solution to automate the invoicing process for business reply
                        mail. Integration with internal financial systems within TNT has brought process automation in line with
                        corporate governance and security requirements, combined with a significant reduction in operational

                        Mediapost France: a case study in maximising profit in the last mile
                        Neale Horstead, international business development manager, Duplo International Limited, UK
                        Mediapost France identified the distribution of unaddressed direct marketing documents as a vital
                        additional revenue stream to maximise its cost base of supporting its addressed mail business. Hand-
                        collating documents into sets took up too much space, and was too labour intensive, unreliable,
                        inaccurate, unproductive and slow. The alternative of large, high-volume machines took too long to
                        set up, required many skilled operators, and the level of investment was disproportionate to their
                        productivity. The challenge was to find the most automated, precise, cost-effective, easy-to-use, reliable,
                        versatile, productive and profitable solution to handle its unaddressed mail business.
                        2:5 - 2:30 - Q&A
                        4:00 - 4:55 - A networked industry (part 2)
                        The relentless drive to use new technology and latest available solutions to manage your operations
                        more efficiently, at less cost and with increased productivity and better quality of service is a major
                        continuing challenge for most operational managers, especially in a large and complex networked
                        industry that delivers a wide range of products and services. So what help, ideas or solutions are
                        available, and what have other colleagues in your situation done? Come to this session for expert and
                        valuable experience on these topics.

                        Digital parcel generation: an integrated and technology-driven vision from a modern
                        post’s point of view
                        Alessandra Cereseto, marketing manager, Selex Elsag, Italy
                        The parcel’s path as a fully integrated vision: starting from the marketing communication going on
                        to citizen’s purchase, through parcel handling, until its delivery. The presentation will focus on the
                        innovative technologies – hybrid mail, e-commerce, dematerialisation – and their benefits and synergies
                        for postal operators.

                        Improving the quality management system by using RFID technology, and utilising this
                        technology for process monitoring
                        Ahmad Alanazi, GM of Quality Management, Saudi Post, Saudi Arabia
                        The presentation will cover the introduction of manual quality of service measurement; the evaluation
                        and selection of RFID technology; installation and implementation; results achieved; expansion from
                        three to 13 sites; using passive RFID in secure shipment; utilising the technology in the supply chain.

                        New quality measurement system for mail collection
                        Niels Bjol, sales director, Commotive AS, Denmark
                        Morten Buur, head of Support and Development - Letters, Post Danmark, Denmark
                        The case story will cover the presentation of a new automatic quality measurement system for mail
                        collection developed by Commotive AS and implemented by Post Danmark AS. The advantages and
                        economic benefits of the patented technology will be highlighted and demonstrated through online
                        Post Danmark web reports.
                        4:45 - 4:55 - Q&A
                        4:55 - 5:5 - BREAK

                        5:5 - 7:30 - Clipping the wings of postal revenue losses
                        At least 5% of the world’s postal revenues are lost to ‘leakage’, whether caused by poor accounting and
                        acceptance processes, HR practices or the absence of effective technologies. As postal volumes decline
                        it is essential, in each and every post, that the CEO or a very senior person recognises that revenue
                        protection should be addressed as a separate issue involving people from the different departments.
                        Is it the case? This special session offers the opportunity not only to elevate the message to the ‘right’
                        addressees – postal CEOs and other senior executives – but also to understand how this is addressed as
                        a major enterprise risk.

                        Jean-Philippe Ducasse, director, JP Ducasse Consulting, USA

                        5:5 - 5:25 - Moderator’s Address
                        5:25 - Describing the issues: sources, scope and impacts
                        Initiating industry-wide cooperation around rev pro
                        David Bowers, programme manager Postal Security, Universal Postal Union, Switzerland

                        5:40 - Do you keep your money safe?
                        Sebastien Houze, marketing manager, PostEurop, Belgium

                        5:55 - The HR perspective: balancing the 4Ps (People, Product, Processes, Plan)
                        John Manson, programme director, Royal Mail, UK

                        6:0 - Fighting revenue fraud: why, what and how
                        Gregory Crabb, inspector in charge (acting) Revenue, Product and Global Security, United States
                        Postal Inspection Services, USA
                        6:25 - 6:35 - Q&A
                        6:35 - HOW TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP ELIMINATE LEAKAGE
                        6:35 - The 0/20 rule revisited: reducing revenue leakage beyond the major postal
                        supply flows
                        Enno Ebels, group solutions director, Neopost, France

                        6:45 - A breakthrough technology to aid postal revenue protection
                        Pierre Patry, sales and strategy director, Solystic, France

                        6:55 - Revenue protection: redefining the range of automation
                        Dieter Hoesch, expert for Revenue Protection in Product Management, Siemens, Germany

                        7:05 - Building postal technology platforms to grow parcel shipments and improve
                        customer experience
                        Harry Whitehouse, founder and chief technology officer, Dymo Endicia, USA
                        7:5 - 7:30 - Q&A

                        Day 3 - Thursday 29 September
                        09:30 - 3:00 - Organisation - Managing postal organisational
                        change: re-engineering structures and operations through innovation
                        In the preceding sessions some of the most challenging issues of the modern postal era and
                        environment have been identified and debated. The changes that are affecting the postal sector
                        demand that posts make changes in their organisation and functioning to meet the challenges. This
                        special joint conference session will begin with experts providing a comprehensive review and analysis
                        of changes that have been made in postal businesses, and defining what is still required to guarantee
                        future success. The remainder of the session will be devoted to specific examples of how innovation
                        and new technologies are being successfully deployed to ensure continuous improvement in postal
                        operations. Join us for this final session to learn from experts who will share their knowledge and
                        expertise in change management and innovative practices.

                        CoNFereNCe CHAIr:
                        Marten Buettner, independent consultant, Buettner Consulting, Germany

                        09:30 - JOINT SESSION - WORLD POSTAL BUSINESS FORUM AND
                        OPERATIONS CONFERENCE
                        09:30 - 09:35 - Moderator’s Introduction
                        09:35 - Strategise, transform, perform: the story of the new post
                        Kristian Sund, senior lecturer, Middlesex University, UK

                        09:55 - Postal Service 3.0: from vision to reality
                        Dirk Palder, vice president, Capgemini, Germany

                        0:5 - iPads do not grow on trees: how to implement the change in postal
                        Volker Schneider, deputy general manager, IMS GmbH & Co KG Consult, Germany
                        Simple reduction of costs by cutting structures and getting rid of workforce is driving the market price
                        but in the long run producing loss of profit. Particularly for the smaller players, only cooperations seem
                        to be helpful. But the expected synergies do not take place. A uniting vision is missing. Not only must the
                        focus be a new brand and economies of scale (purchasing, etc.), but workforce and internal know-how
                        should be regarded as assets. Holistic change management is necessary. But altogether this is too much:
                        no one understands the whole thing; a totally completed plan is always failing; daily work demoralises
                        and paralyses all new activities. Under cost-cutting pressure everyone is only defending their own
                        position. How can one establish the change and follow efficiency targets at the same time? Moving the
                        mind of your employees: start new thinking, free the brain force of your staff.

                        0:35 - Austrian Post: receiver orientation, exploitation of synergies and international
                        business development
                        Peter Umundum, member of the Austrian Post Management Board, head of Parcel and Logistics,
                        Austrian Post, Austria

                        0:55 - :0 - Q&A
                        :0 - Changing the pace of online innovation in a postal environment
                        Cliff Evans, head of eBusiness and delivery director for Royal Mail Group Account, Capgemini, UK
                        Consumers and business users are making increasing use of cloud-based on-demand services to
                        develop new services and take advantage of technology innovations. Postal organisations need to
                        respond to this rapidly changing environment. This presentation will outline how they can bridge the
                        gap between existing operational platforms and new online services that are driving the market.

                        :30 - Making business out of a cost-reduction programme
                        Mario Suykerbuyk, director, PostNL, Netherlands
                        In 2010 PostNL began off-shoring its video coding process to the other side of the world. This venture
                        turned out to be extremely successful for PostNL regarding cost saving, quality improvement and
                        flexibility. The company decided to turn the venture into a separate commercial entity: PostNL. Currently
                        PostNL is implementing its scanning, data entry and video coding business in Europe. Customers are
                        based in Italy, Austria, France, Germany, UK and Benelux. At the same time PostNL is opening sites not
                        only in Asia but also in eastern Europe, to deal with its rapidly expanding and demanding customer
                        base, existing research and marketing agencies, IT companies, government organisations and etailers.

                        :50 - Welcome the cloud into your postal automation world
                        Eddy Thans, CEO, Prime Vision BV, Netherlands
                        Delivering continuous improvements in postal automation rates, quality and new services can be a
                        challenging field financially, as most platforms require up-front investment. Why not transform those
                        fixed costs into flexible costs with a cloud-based platform? This presentation explores the capabilities
                        offered and, importantly, the benefits to the postal operator.

                        2:0 - Utilising mobile technologies in the field operations of a postal distribution
                        Mesut Tomruk, deputy general manager, Softaktif, Turkey
                        Real-time data flow from the field and GPS/map-based tracking functions create competitive
                        advantage for courier companies. Our mobile software runs on commodity mobile phones. Minimum
                        requirements for mobile phones: GPS, GPRS/3G connectivity and Java support. Commodity phones are
                        cheaper than classical terminals. Our sister company, Aktif Ileti, uses this solution in its Turkey, Romania,
                        Russia, Ukraine and Cyprus operations. We developed a new value-added contract service utilising
                        digital pen technology. Contracts can be transferred in PDF format just in time of signature. Faster
                        contract activation and electronic archive capabilities bring new business opportunities for courier

                        2:30 - Lean management
                        Laurent Touboul, partner, Deloitte, France
                        The postal sector of today is very different from that of a few decades ago. Postal organisations are
                        now operating in the financial services, retail, logistics and telecoms sectors, and many e-marketplaces.
                        They also want to learn and implement best-practice approaches from other industries, such as
                        applying techniques such as Lean and Six Sigma, which were developed in the automotive industry to
                        improve effectiveness and efficiency. As postal organisations work to become more environmentally
                        sustainable, it is becoming apparent that such transformation is challenging. Lean Six Sigma is
                        predicated on removing waste: materials, resources, manpower, energy or time. Removing waste is
                        central to sustainability. Therefore it stands to reason that Lean Six Sigma can be an effective method
                        in developing a road map for going green, and can also help postal organisations boost economic and
                        environmental performance while they move down the path to sustainability.
                        2:50 - 3:00 - Q&A
                        3:00 - CLOSE

                         The Technology Workgroups for 2011 will give you the chance to see
                         and hear first hand new innovation and technology development for
                         the postal industry.

                        Day 1 - Tuesday 27 September
                        4:00 - 6:00 - Identification solutions
                        CoNFereNCe CHAIr:
                        Richard Wishart, managing director, Delivery Management, UK

                        VICAMsnap! Handling and data acquisition in one single movement
                        Torben Posert, sales manager, Business Division Logistics, Vitronic Dr.-Ing. Stein
                        Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH, Germany
                        Recording barcodes as well as 2D codes and, at the same time, handling goods with both hands:
                        the compact camera VICAMsnap! from Vitronic makes it possible. VICAMsnap! is installed above the
                        workstation and reads codes while the goods are continuously processed. Reading with the VICAMsnap!
                        saves time and additional materials handling, and increases the productivity of employees. No matter
                        if the goods are being sorted, picked or stored, the compact camera VICAMsnap! reads barcodes fully
                        automatically and provides images for archiving. The operator has both hands free for moving the
                        goods below the camera even at high speeds.

                        Utilise your existing production data for KPI and quality reporting
                        Valérie Soulam, area manager, Lyngsoe Systems, Denmark
                        You already have loads of data from various data sources such as barcodes, sorting machines, OCR, VCR
                        and RFID. With one unique piece of software it is now possible to interface to all of these data sources
                        and thereby gather data and combine it into relevant KPI and quality reports on all stages in your flow.
                        This means that RIFD or barcode data from collection and delivery can be combined with OCR and
                        sorting machine data to trace, for example, parcel or letter mail from specific senders throughout the
                        logistic chain, and obtain accurate KPI and quality reports in no time.

                        Flexible technology solutions for intelligent growth
                        Stan Sroka, senior vice president of Commercial Operations, Accu-Sort Systems Inc, USA
                        This presentation will review and contrast global technology trends among developed and developing
                        countries, and provide insight into next-generation solutions for the intelligent, scalable processing
                        of mixed mail, packets and parcels. All types of relevant technology alternatives will be discussed, as
                        well as options for enhanced business intelligence and higher customer value through information
                        networking. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of sources and value of information that
                        will enable new postal services and applications as drivers of postal revenues in this highly competitive

                        Higher efficiencies with full transparency
                        Martin Voss, strategic industry manager for CEP and Postal Industries, Sick, Germany
                        Current identification, volume and weight measurement systems for parcel and flats sortation provide
                        valuable information that can be used to significantly improve courier express and postal processes. The
                        presentation will highlight possible efficiency enhancements derivable from our technologies and the
                        implementation of the new Sick Visualisation Platform, which increases the transparency of the sorting
                        processes and supports track-and-trace tasks.
                        5:00 - 6:00 - Q&A

                        4:00 - 6:00 - Delivery – last mile
                        CoNFereNCe CHAIr:
                        Dirk Palder, vice president, Capgemini, Germany

                        Remote locker management: intelligent battery- and cable-free iLOQ locking technology
                        for greater security, less work and lower costs
                        Michael Szücs, director, Sales & Marketing, iLOQ, Finland
                        The award-winning iLOQ locking system was originally developed for commercial properties requiring
                        high security with easy key management. The same technology is now being used for remote postal
                        locker management. The core of the patented iLOQ system is the self-powered battery- and cable-free
                        iLOQ lock cylinder, which generates energy in an environmentally friendly manner through insertion of
                        the battery-free digital iLOQ key. The presentation will give an overview of how the iLOQ locking system
                        eliminates keying restrictions of mechanical locking systems while enabling extremely convenient and
                        flexible remote system management, for example lost keys elimination from locks simply by using a
                        replacement key.

                        Competitive advantages of new automated parcel delivery technology
                        Indrek Oolup, export director, Cleveron OÜ, Estonia
                        Our company set up an automated parcel terminal delivery network in Estonia in spring 2009. The
                        network was operated under the SmartPOST brand. In August 2010 we sold this network to Itella
                        (Finland Post). The presentation will explain how we entered the parcel market with new delivery
                        format, how quickly we gained market share, why we were successful based on customer feedback,
                        what are the results of this network so far, etc. The presentation will include the most current
                        information from similar delivery networks in Russia and Finland, set up by Cleveron.

                        Automatic planning and optimisation of the transport process when collecting and
                        delivering letters/parcels: case study from the Swedish Post
                        Martijn Schimmer, sales manager, Transvision AS, Denmark
                        Transvision Postal Planner is a powerful vehicle route-scheduling system for operational planning and
                        execution; master route and district optimisation; and what-if simulations. It enables improved service
                        levels and substantial cost savings.

                        Improved daily operations using web-based tools for route and address management
                        Philippe Aquin, account manager, Giro, Canada
                        Increasing operational challenges require delivery service providers to implement actions aimed at
                        increasing efficiency levels and reducing costs. Route planning and optimisation brings major benefits
                        to delivery operations. Furthermore, monitoring and optimising delivery routes on a daily basis helps
                        ensure the highest-quality service and most efficient use of resources. Web-based applications such as
                        Giro’s LocalOps enable local delivery personnel and supervisors, as well as management, to view routes
                        and detailed service demand information on an interactive map-based display. Managers can also view
                        related KPI information on a map or in lists to analyse and improve performance. LocalOps is based on
                        Microsoft Silverlight and integrates seamlessly with GeoRoute’s route planning and optimisation tools.

                        easyPack 24/7: case study from Poland on last-mile delivery options
                        Lukasz Nowinski, managing director, InPost, Poland
                        A case study from Poland on last-mile delivery options will be presented. InPost has implemented an
                        automated parcel terminal known as easyPack 24/7 in Poland. With over 400 machines and two years of
                        experience, the benefits of this solution will be presented.
                        5:5 - 6:00 - Q&A

                        Day 2 - Wednesday 28 September
                        0:00 - 2:00 - Green transport solutions
                        CoNFereNCe CHAIr:
                        Antonino Scribellito, European Affairs - senior project manager, PostEurop, Belgium

                        Reducing time and costs for last-mile delivery
                        Simon Smith, European sales director, Ing. Büro M. Kyburz AG, Germany
                        Last-mile delivery has changed in a big way over the last few years. Postal organisations are experiencing
                        many new challenges in having bulky mail, large routes and faster delivery times to cope with during
                        the delivery process. Along with the constant need and EU regulation to reduce CO2, the postal markets
                        need a strong partner with an innovative approach to these matters. Our intention is to discuss the
                        efficiency of electrical delivery vehicles, showing model pictures of a daily delivery round reducing time
                        and showing the cost efficiency.

                        From human-powered to petrol-based vehicles: the alternative could be an
                        autonomous wheel
                        Antoine Juan, business development, ez-Wheel, France
                        ez-Wheel proposes the fastest, simplest yet most advanced solution providing electric traction
                        to mobile material and light vehicles. The solution integrates into a wheel all the functions of a
                        conventional electric powertrain: high-end electric motor, high energy and super long-life batteries,
                        motor controller, battery management and wireless interface. All the components are designed to
                        exceed five years of operation without any maintenance required. The ez-Wheel technology allows
                        removal of all the peripherals, wires and connectors from the chassis, turning the electrification of
                        delivery vehicles into a fast and easy task compared with conventional solutions. The presentation will
                        cover context/history, technology, examples and a testimonial.

                        Mercedes Benz: electromobility Vito E-CELL
                        Andreas Pohl, Dipl.-Ing., Daimler AG, Germany
                        The presentation will cover: electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and smart; growing interest in electric
                        vehicles with zero local emissions; Vito E-CELL: electromobility for everyday use; progress in battery
                        technology; highly efficient lithium-ion batteries.

                        Battery electric vehicles: growth in commercial vehicles before passenger cars
                        Gary Whittam, sales & marketing director - Europe, Azure Dynamics, UK
                        Why is it that everyone keeps talking about battery electric cars, when the real growth will be in the
                        van sector? It may be that vans are unglamorous or not very sexy, but the truth is the volumes of
                        battery electric vehicles will significantly grow first in the van sector followed by private cars.

                        Electric vehicles and city logistics
                        Lamberto Salvan, export manager, Alkè, Italy
                        The presentation will cover: electric vehicles and city logistics: 10-year EU market overview; specific
                        case studies and critical points to face; new developments: the Alkè XT project; market challenges for
                        this sector.
                        :5 - 2:00 - Q&A
                        2:00 - 4:00 - LUNCH

                        0:00 - :00 - Postal Technology International Awards –
                        meet the winners
                        Once again POST-EXPO will host the Postal Technology International Awards. The awards recognise
                        and reward all the hard work currently taking place in the industry, and will be presented at the POST-
                        EXPO VIP reception in the Liederhalle, Stuttgart on 27 September. This special session gives you the
                        chance to hear from the awards winners and learn about the leading innovations, technologies and
                        achievements of the year.

                        CoNFereNCe CHAIr:
                        Tony Robinson, CEO, UKIP Media & Events, UK

                        4:00 - 6:00 - Automation technology and innovations
                        CoNFereNCe CHAIr:
                        Dr Paul Barton, director, Paul Barton Solutions Ltd, UK

                        Syslore OCR: performance improvement with a secondary OCR, Case Itella
                        Søren Boll, vice president of Sales, Syslore Ltd, Denmark
                        Reijo Mononen, development manager, Sorting Technologies, Itella Posti, Finland
                        This presentation will showcase how postal operators can further improve and maximise the
                        performance of their existing address-reading platforms and mail-sorting machines with a highly
                        efficient, centrally located secondary OCR address reader. It will demonstrate a case study from Itella
                        and discuss latest developments and performance achievements in mail sorting address recognition
                        and matching technologies. The presentation will discuss latest developments and performance
                        achievements in mail-sorting OCR technologies and IAL (intelligent address look-up) solutions
                        designed to intelligently match mail and parcel address and recipient data in digital form. It will also
                        demonstrate case studies and examples including a secondary OCR performance improvement
                        program and a matching solution to presort and sequence postal items in electronic format.

                        Next-generation OCR
                        Mario Suykerbuyk, director, PostNL, Netherlands
                        The quality/cost ratio for sorting has improved drastically over the last five years. Centralising and even
                        off-shoring video coding formed an important part of cost saving and quality improvement for the
                        sorting process, and are essential for the next step: improving OCR for postal operators. When images
                        of mailpieces for some or all postal operators can be made available centrally, there is no longer a need
                        for local OCR. One major, centrally organised OCR, using the world’s best OCR engines, will do for all.
                        Mario will present a business case for centralised OCR and its impact on quality and flexibility of sorting
                        processes for posts.

                        Item-wise data management: the price of accuracy
                        Markus Erling, technical director, CodX Software AG, Switzerland
                        The presentation will show the advantages of handling item-wise data in the postal environment.
                        Required effort and benefits will be shown based on CodX PostOffice as supporting system: from
                        complaint management in a network environment with heterogeneous management systems via
                        precise invoicing, image archives, track-and-trace information to redress management and much more.

                        Green, gentle and multi-sized: what more for parcel sorting?
                        Fabio Bertolini, head of Automation Marketing, Selex Elsag, Italy
                        The modern posts and couriers require innovative technologies to manage their core business
                        processes, with particular care for sustainability, efficiency/effectiveness and competitiveness. The Selex
                        Elsag Multisorting Parcel Handling System is an innovative cross-belt sorter, handling different types
                        of objects, with different sizes in an integrated way. The typical layout is based on a loop designed for
                        flexible configuration, depending on the type and number of outlets required, the room available and
                        existing structural constraints. The Selex Elsag cross-belt sorter is positioned in the market as one of the
                        most advanced in its category.

                        A case study: achieve savings and maximum efficiency using mail processing
                        Kaz Jaszczak, director of Product Planning and Operations, Parascript, USA
                        This session will demonstrate how postal operators can capitalise on the most accurate,
                        automated commercial mail processing of letters, flats and mixed mail within one mailstream, as
                        evidenced by the example of a major European postal operator. The presentation will focus on
                        the successful implementation of Compador and Parascript’s integrated mail processing solution.
                        The implementation resulted in significant operational savings, on even the most illegibly printed
                        and handwritten addressed mailpieces, using the latest address recognition and interpretation
                        technology. Attendees will learn how they can replicate efficiencies and reduce the time, cost and
                        labour associated with mail processing.

                        Changing the world of parcel tracking
                        Martijn E. van der Lande, general manager Parcel & Postal, Vanderlande Industries, Netherlands
                        The importance of knowing what volume of parcels is coming your way, in which truck they are
                        loaded and where they need to go after passing through your sorting centre becomes higher every
                        day. It provides you with the opportunity to maximise the efficiency of your sorting centre and
                        achieve better customer satisfaction while doing so. You want to know how? Come and listen to us
                        during POST-EXPO 2011.

                        Solystic’s MARS: a sorting and sequencing machine
                        Maurizio Puppo, area sales manager, Solystic SAS, France
                        In a fully liberalised market, proven and cost-effective mail processing equipment integrating all
                        possible sorting strategies with a link to digital capabilities is the expected solution for incumbents as
                        well as for new entrants.
                        5:45 - 6:00 - Q&A

                        4:00 - 6:00 - Hybrid mail
                        During the workshop you will be given the latest update on the hybrid mail market within the postal
                        business, combined with the experiences of long-term users and the lessons learned by those who
                        have only entered this business in recent years. A short technology update will also be included to
                        give the latest information on printing (specifically low-cost colour printing), envelopers, scanning
                        of mail (reverse hybrid mail), digital franking and web applications for large mailers, small businesses
                        and consumers. Based on the challenge from electronic delivery, we will address the possibilities for
                        embracing the technology, for protecting high-value mail and for managing the growing substitution
                        of physical mail volumes by electronic delivery. What have posts done so far, what has worked, what
                        has not, and why? Finally we will round up the hybrid mail session by having open questions to the
                        expert panel and the attendees, examining business cases and options to expand the hybrid mail
                        business. The workshop is a dialogue session where participants are encouraged to interact, bring
                        their questions and experience to the table, and share common experience in the field of hybrid mail.

                        CoNFereNCe CHAIr:
                        Jacob Johnsen, CEO, Ipostes, Denmark

                        Email, web mail box or SMS: hybrid mail leads the way
                        Jacob Johnsen, CEO, Ipostes, Denmark
                        Delivery of letters by electronic means is becoming increasingly important for postal operators.
                        Hybrid mail solutions play a major role in this, as they are already managing 10-50% of the national
                        letter volumes. Also many senders and receivers trust the postal operator to deliver letters, both as a
                        physical envelope and an electronic message. This is why many posts are today offering delivery by
                        email, SMS, web mailbox or other means. In this session Jacob Johnsen will discuss real-life examples
                        of how this is done, and ways that you can use this in your business today.

                        Addressing postal services with EMC² information intelligence
                        Srdjan Ungurjanovic, sales manager, EMC Corporation, Austria
                        Post office service providers offer some form of digital or hybrid means of sending and receiving
                        mail, and several posts have reported improved customer service and satisfaction as a result of these
                        offerings. Digital mail is communication between a sender and a recipient through completely
                        electronic communication. EMC² will explain how a complete integrated solution can solve numerous

                        TrustEBox: reverse hybrid mail
                        Neil Richmond, sales manager, Siemens AG, Germany
                        Driven by the rise in social networks, communications habits are changing. The innovation is taking
                        place in the consumer markets. Service providers need to consider their position in this important
                        market segment. TrustEBox is an innovative product that allows service providers to supply an
                        alternative delivery channel and supports consumers’ needs in receiving physical letters digitally. It
                        offers the consumer a choice of how and when the content of a letter will be finally delivered. The
                        presentation explains the concept and the application of the TrustEbox within various existing streams,
                        and possibilities for new revenue streams.

                        Development perspectives of hybrid mail and the spin of the activity
                        Boumrar Ali, commercial director, Algeria Post, Algeria
                        Algeria Post introduced hybrid mail in 2008 and has since then developed its activity in this field. Now
                        the time has come to spin off the activity into a separate company of the post. Based on its experiences
                        so far, Algeria Post will share its knowledge and practice, and will explain what the spinoff will mean for
                        the future hybrid mail business in Algeria.
                        5:00 - 6:00 - Q&A

                        Day 3 - Thursday 29 September
                        0:00 - 2:00 - Managing electronically driven mailflows and
                        customer demands
                        More and more, business seeks efficiencies driven by automated electronic processing. Outbound
                        and inbound mailflows need to be stored and processed electronically. Customers demand seamless
                        interfaces between physical and electronic mail. They also demand process integration for receipts and
                        notifications of events. Furthermore, business has to manage the transition from physical to electronic
                        mail – although hard-copy mail is still a major medium, new applications continue to emerge. Posts
                        have the opportunity to transform their services, to address the demand for trusted electronic mailflows
                        and improve the interface between physical and electronic mail. This technology workgroup, through
                        a select team of industry specialists, will provide insight and discussion on technology and new
                        services generating additional revenue streams and satisfying customer demands for more integrated
                        and efficient end-to-end business mail processes. The session will demonstrate why a digital strategy
                        becomes an important part of the future post, and will highlight ways to digitise the interface for physical
                        mail and ways to monetise the delivery of electronic mailflows via a trusted electronic postal service.

                        CoNFereNCe CHAIr:
                        Dennis Gilham, independent strategy advisor, Concret Consultants, UK

                        Challenges of a digital strategy for posts
                        Mark Harrison, head of markets, IPC, Belgium

                        The future of digital postal services is open
                        Wilbert Van der Kruk, head of postal sector development (Europe), Adobe Systems, Netherlands

                        Securing the right e-service platform for the future
                        Zafar Khan, CEO, RPost-US Inc, USA

                        A consumer-focused approach to the digital age
                        Axel Janhoff, managing director, Francotyp-Postalia VSGmbh/CEO, Mentana Claimsoft AG, Germany

                        How to boost e-commerce revenues
                        Amine Khechfe, CEO, Dymo Endicia, USA

                        Bridging the digital-physical gap for SMEs
                        Henri Dura, chief marketing and strategy officer, Neopost, France
                        :30 - 2:00 - Q&A

                                      I have come to POST-EXPO to keep in touch with the
                                      industry and see what is going on with new trends and
                                      technologies, and see what vendors are providing in the
                                      market. We like to be ahead of the game and be part of
                                      the changes that are coming through the industry, to
                                      enable us to provide a better service for our citizens.
                                      Abdulla Alashram
                                      CEO, Emirates Post

Navigating a changing landscape
10.30 - 16.00 Monday 26 September 2011
Stuttgart Messe, Germany

Take part in this seminar and hear from expert contributors to the new book edited by Derek osborn
and Dr Kristian Sund, The Future is in the Post – Perspectives on Transformation in the Postal Industry,
which will be launched at PoST-eXPo.

The seminar will be a unique opportunity for participants to hear and discuss the kind of game-
changing transformation that is happening across the postal industry, drawing on experiences from
France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Finland, USA, Malaysia and Germany, and covering
the impact of transformation on organisations and how they are changing, what transformation
is leading to and ideas on how to navigate this changing landscape in the most effective way. All
participants will receive a copy of the book, signed by the editors and authors, who are taking part in the
seminar. Contact for a registration form, or go to www.postalstrategy.
org to read more details and to download the form.

 The Future is in the Post II
 Perspectives in Strategy in the Postal Industry
 each delegate will receive a complimentary copy of the global strategy book.


   Visit the Porsche Museum                   Attend the POST-EXPO Delegate and
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   spectacular building projects in the       Delegates are invited to attend the POST-EXPO Delegate and
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                                              VIP Gala Dinner in Stuttgart on 27 September – a unique
   was completed in December 2008:
                                              opportunity to network with your international colleagues.
   the new Porsche Museum. More than
                                              The evening reception will also host the live presentations of
   80 cars are on display in the futuristic
                                              the Postal Technology International Awards.
   exhibition area styled and designed
   by Viennese architects Delugan Meissl,
   ranging from the legendary wheel
   hub motor of the Lohner-Porsche (the
   world’s first hybrid automobile, built
   as far back as 1900), all the way to the
   latest generation of the Porsche 911.

                                              Visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum
                                              More than 120 years of innovative automobile history is
                                              displayed, including the first automobiles in the world, by Karl
                                              Benz and Gottlieb Daimler; the first Mercedes; and many other
                                              important milestones. You will also see important racing cars
                                              like the Blitzen Benz, in which Bob Burman set a sensational
                                              world record with 228km/h at Daytona Beach in 1911.

POST-EXPO is universally recognised as the world’s
leading annual event for the global postal industry!
Reflecting the trend for developing new business opportunities and increasing
operational efficiency, POST-EXPO 2011 will once again be the launch pad for
innovative technologies and new ideas within the postal and parcel world.
  In the ever-changing industry of post, mail and express, it is important for operators
to find new ways to improve efficiency and quality of service, and develop new
business areas. At POST-EXPO, visitors will be able to see the very latest state-of-the-
art technologies and services that will help them achieve these goals.

                                        OVER 200 ExhiBitiNg cOmpaNiEs!
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                                    With the drive to reduce emissions continuing
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                                    opportunity to see the latest innovations and solutions for delivery
                                    fleets. In a special zone in the exhibition hall you will find green
                                    solutions for delivery vans, scooters, bikes, charging equipment and
                                    much more.

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Welcome to Stuttgart
Situated in the heart of one of Germany’s largest wine-growing regions, this vibrant metropolis
fascinates visitors from all over the world. The city delights tourists not only by virtue of its magnificent
panorama, its impressive gardens and parks, its fine squares, and splendid palaces and buildings in
a wide range of architectural styles, but also by its cultural diversity. A big draw for visitors are the
sensational Mercedes-Benz World and the magnificent Porsche-Museum. Find out everything you ever
wanted to know about those world-famous premium cars in Stuttgart’s unique automobile museums!

The Venue
Stuttgart Messe is arguably one of the finest exhibition venues in europe. This state-of-the-art facility
opened for business in 2008 and has established itself as a favourite destination for exhibitors and
visitors alike. Without doubt, one of its biggest attractions is its supremely convenient location adjacent
to Stuttgart Airport, making it extremely accessible to international visitors. Furthermore there are two
very well-appointed Mövenpick hotels within a three-minute walk of both the airport and the Messe.

Hotel Booking                                   Address
Hotels can be booked directly through           Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH, Messepiazza 1
the Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH website.           70629 Stuttgart, Exhibition Hall 
Use the search tool on our website to
find accommodation for your visit.              Location                     The joy of life and hospitality of the people of Stuttgart is
                                                best experienced at one of the many festivals in the city.
                                                The Cannstatter Volksfest - the largest festival in Swabia
                                                and second to none worldwide – is celebrated from 23
                                                September - 9 october 2011. Around 300 fairground rides
                                                and the large beer and wine festival marquees are great for a
                                                cosy drink and a fantastic sing-song!

Opening Times
Tuesday 27 September   09.00-17.00hrs
Wednesday 28 September 09.00-17.00hrs
Thursday 29 September  09.00-15.00hrs

The Weather
Average temperature:
9°C / 48°F to 18°C / 64°F

Travel Information
By air: The airport terminals are approximately 200 metres from the trade fair site and can easily be
reached on foot. There you will also find the suburban trains (S-Bahn) S2 and S3 to Stuttgart main
railway station. Travelling time: 10 minutes.
By car: From the direction of Stuttgart: Leave the motorway at the echterdinger ei junction and go to
the access road for airport and trade fair centre. Follow the guidance system to the car park. From the
direction of Munich: There is an exit Messe/Flughafen on the A8 motorway, which leads you to the multi-
storey car park over the motorway.
By public transport: Stuttgart is directly connected to 13 european capitals via the rail network (ICe, IC
and Interregio trains). From the main station to the new Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre: Take the suburban
trains S2 or S3, direction Stuttgart Flughafen/Neue Messe Stuttgart. Travelling time: 27 minutes.
Bus: Information on bus schedules can be found at

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