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					Pre-Conference Information
          June 8-10
                           IMPORTANT DEADLINES
Before One Can Participate in MYAC, the Conference Must Have:
1) Registration Fee (Unless Given a Scholarship)
2) Signed Release form from student & parent/guardian

                           * Important Deadline Note *
1) There will be no refunds after Tuesday, June 1, 12:00 PM.
2) If you received a scholarship and do not come, you will be responsible for a
payment of $100 if you cancel after Tuesday, June 1, 12:00 PM.

                               MYAC OVERVIEW
What is MYAC?
Mississippi Youth Annual Conference is a time for youth who are concerned
about the church today, the church tomorrow, and leadership in the state. We
make plans, discuss issues, and vote for the leadership of our state-wide council
for youth– called the CCYM. (Conference Council on Youth Ministry)

At MYAC, you will meet in worship regularly. Several years ago, the MYAC said
they wanted worship to be primary in our conferences so we are doing just that.
You will love the music and speaker! Both the speaker and band work often with
young people and can speak to the hearts of young people.

District Caucuses
You will meet in district caucuses, which are all the people from your district at
the MYAC. You will vote for a district youth council, (pres., etc.). You will
nominate some of your people to run for the CCYM. You will maybe work on a
resolution to present to the group at large about MYAC, CCYM, or just youth stuff
and the church in general.

General Plenary
We will meet together several times in one large group for plenary. This is the
time we discuss and vote about issues, vote for the new president & CCYM, and
present ideas of your own in your resolutions. The voting members will sit in a
special area called the bar (no drinks served!) when we need to vote on
something. (Be sure to tell your voting members how you feel they should vote!)

Family Groups
You will also meet with youth from across the state in small groups called family
groups. You will have devotions to go over and discuss. For many, the family
group time is their favorite.

Manna Time
Since you can’t remember all of this, we will have a special time called “Manna
Time.” (manna means, “What is it?”) We will explain things again, and answer
your questions. We will also give you written instructions for your district
caucuses, to keep things clear and easy.

Final Thoughts
Remember this is the YOUTH conference. Adults are simply there to help and
support. You will see the meetings and activities run by youth who are presently
on the CCYM. So we MUST have everyone who comes, to be a part of things.
You are being sent because you are seen as a leader. So we need you to be
respectful, active, and helpful. MYAC isn’t something you come to – it’s
something you become a part of.

Place :: Hilton of Jackson
Address :: 1001 East County Line Road, Jackson, Mississippi
Website ::
11:00-1:00 – Registration
2:00 – Opening Convocation & Worship Time with communion (CCYM led)
3:00 – Family Groups
3:30 – Manna Time (Answering questions about the structure of CCYM, DCYM,
4:30 – District Caucuses (resolutions, elections of DCYM)
5:30 – Dinner
6:00 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? A moment with MR. MANNERS!
6:30 – District Caucuses (Nominations & finish resolutions)
7:00 – Worship
8:30 – Family Groups
9:00 – Concert
10:00 – Pizza
11:00 – Lights Out

7:00 am – Breakfast with Family Groups
8:00 – Morning Worship
9:00 – District Caucuses (nominees prepare for speeches with own districts)
9:30 – Brainstorm Table
11:00 – Workshop
12:00 pm – Lunch
1:00 – Workshop
2:00 – Plenary (resolutions presented & debated)
3:00 – Election Caucuses
4:00 – Activity Time
5:30 – Clean Up & Get Pretty Time
6:30 – Dinner with the Stars
8:00 – Worship
9:30 – Family Groups
10:00 – Pizza
11:00 – Lights Out

7:00 – Breakfast
8:30 – Plenary
10:00 – Worship & Installation of New Officers
11:30 – Go…. somewhere
1:00 – NEXUS @ The Jackson Convention Complex

Where Did I Put That Instruction Manual?– Learn Robert’s Rules and how to
lead a meeting without fear and trembling :: Led By - Mike Dowd 

All Bars Are Working – Christian witness at school & beyond :: Led By - Anna

Texting God - How to effectively study your Bible :: Led By - Nancy Gentry

Message Received (Is God calling you - and to what?)

Using all the Best Apps – Your Spiritual Gifts; find them and use them :: Led
by - Veronica Pritchard

Tweet, Tweet: Speaking in Church: Connecting with the current church and
adults :: Led By - Cheryl Denley

How Do I Work This Netbook? - Finding new ways to minister and reach youth
:: Led By – Frank Haynes

Yes, Land lines still work! – Methodist history given by a “real” circuit rider ::
Led By - Larry Haggard

Bluetooth – Connecting with God Through Sacraments :: Led By - TBD

More Workshops to Come
                           RULES AND REGULATIONS
Why These Rules?
We will be blessed to be at one of the best hotels in Jackson. In addition to this,
we will be in one of the safer areas of Jackson. However, every city will entail
potential danger, especially an area as congested as this. Our first priority is to
keep all of our attendees safe, but in order to maintain their safety, each student
must follow the rules.

What Happens If I Break The Rules?
The leadership of MYAC and the Mississippi Annual Conference decide on all
matters in regards to discipline. The leadership may work with the adult
representative, but also have the option to make any necessary disciplinary
decision for the good of the group and the student. Any broken rule warrants the
right to send a student home at their parents or church’s expense, per the
release form.

What Are The Rules?
Before One Can Participate in MYAC, the Conference Must Have:
1) Registration Fee (Unless Given a Scholarship)
2) Signed Release form from student & parent/guardian

                           * Important Deadline Note *
1) There will be no refunds after Tuesday, June 1, 12:00 PM.
2) If you received a scholarship and do not come, you will be responsible for a
payment of $100 if you cancel after Tuesday, June 1, 12:00 PM.

Rules Found on the Mississippi Annual Conference Release Form
1) No possession or use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco
2) No students can drive, unless consent is given from parent directly
3) No fighting, weapons, fireworks, lighters, or explosives
4) No offensive or immodest clothing
5) No boys in girls’ sleeping quarters and no girls in boys’ sleeping quarters
6) Participation with the group according to the designated schedule is expected
7) Respect property
8) Respect one another, staff, and adult leaders of conference, other churches,
and facilities
9) Respect and comply with event schedules
10) Respect and follow any additional rules needed for trip or event

Additional Rules for MYAC
1) No Student or Adult may leave the hotel building, excluding the pool side, at
any time without the permission of Frank Haynes, the Conference Young
Persons Minister or an appointed leader by Frank in case of his absence or
2) All students must stay in the designated areas required by the hotel.
3) All students must be in the room at the designated time.
Students who fail to comply with these expectations may be sent home at
their parents’ expense.

Hotel Damage?
Any hotel damage will be paid for by the student or adult who causes the
damage immediately after the damage is recognized.

Additional Rules May Be Added Upon Arrival

                       What to Bring and Not to Bring
1) Comfortable Clothes
2) Appropriate swimwear (no bikinis for women)
3) One pair of nice church clothes – not formal ware
4) Bible, Notebook, Pen
5) Money for t-shirts, pizza, and any other available items
6) Money for Nexus Youth Day
7) Offering for Youth Service Fund
7) Toiletries. We will be at a hotel, so all other amenities will be provided.

Do Not Bring
1) Alcohol, Drugs, or Tobacco
2) Weapons
3) Prank Related Items
4) Inappropriate Clothes

                         T-SHIRT & PIZZA PURCHASES
T-Shirts and Pizza Will Be Available for Purchase at Registration. You may
write a check or bring cash. All checks need to be written to the
Mississippi Annual Conference. DO NOT SEND A CHECK FOR THESE
UNTIL YOU ARRIVE. No check will be received if mailed to the conference
T-Shirts - $10
Pizza - $Price Upon Arrival (Available for Tuesday and Wednesday

                                ELECTED OFFICERS
There will be several chances for students to become elected leaders at
MYAC. There will be elections for the district level and the conference
level. Here are the offices that students may run for:

District Offices – Offices Elected in District Caucuses
President, Vice President, Secretary, YSF Person, and any other office a district
deems necessary. These will

Conference Offices – Elected By Voting Delegation of MYAC
President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Recording Secretary,
Corresponding Secretary
- All candidates will be nominated by their district and then approved by a
nominating committee. All candidates must be a member of CCYM after district
elections and must be able to serve at least a one-year term.
                          NEXUS INFORMATION
Included in your registration fee. Additional people from your church not
attending MYAC will be charged $15 for the day, $10 for the concert by
going to If you have registered for MYAC,
do not purchase a ticket for this.

However, we do encourage that if you have more youth at home and were
unable to bring them to MYAC, that you designate another adult to bring
these individuals to NEXUS.

Jackson Convention Complex (Approximately 10 minutes from Hilton)

June 10 @ 1 PM -- Following the conclusion of MYAC

Trainer & Speaker :: Mark Oestricher, Former President of Youth
Specialties and author of numerous Youth Ministry Books

Bands :: Shane & Shane, Dathan Thigpen & the Holy Nation, Heavens to

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