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BOROUGH                   2   Housing in the Wider Context           5
COUNCIL                   3   National Housing Policies              8

                          4   Identifying Housing Needs              12
BOROUGH                   5   Creating Better Neighbourhoods and     19
                              Confident Communities
                          6   Resources and Investment Options       23
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2002-2006                 8   The Future of Housing in the Borough   30
                              of Macclesfield

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                              Glossary of Terms
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                      The Housing Strategy will facilitate     about £4.7 million, with an equal
                                       this by: -                               amount required to take properties
The Macclesfield Borough Housing                                                out of serious disrepair.
Strategy is an integral part of the          Acting as a strategic enabler
Council‟s Corporate Plan, which               for the housing requirements
demonstrates a commitment to the              of the community as a whole.      The Council is committed to making
principles of organisational change                                             the Borough a safe place to live, to
as required through the                      Evaluating the options of         identify and address social
modernisation of Local                        high quality management of        exclusion and deprivation. This will
Government.                                   the Borough‟s housing stock.      promote the health and wellbeing of
                                                                                the Borough‟s residents.
The Council is committed to the              Ensuring the availability of
continuous improvement of housing             affordable housing via
across all tenures, making the                planning mechanisms.
fullest use of available finance and
delivering Best Value to maximise      The Housing Needs Survey has
the number of affordable homes         identified a definite issue with
available throughout the Borough.      affordability especially within the
                                       18-24 age group.
The mission statement states that it
is the Council‟s intention             At this time, it would appear that the
                                       main action to bring our homes up
“To ensure that all members of         to the Decent Homes Standard is to
our communities have access to         improve thermal comfort and take
                                       an estimated 1,300 households out
healthy, affordable housing
                                       of fuel poverty.
suitable for their needs and,
where        possible,   their
preference”.                           The 2002 Housing Condition survey
                                       has revealed that 2.3% of private
                                       sector homes were unfit for
                                       habitation. The estimated cost of
                                       remedying this unfitness would be

INTRODUCTION                            The Borough possesses a dynamic           The Community Plan will have a
                                        and enterprising local economy,           major influence on the Council‟s
The Borough of Macclesfield was         powered by major companies such           corporate plan. The first working
established in its present form in      as Astra Zeneca and Ilfords, and a        version of the Plan will be in place
1974. It has a population of about      plethora of small businesses in           by August 2002.
150,000 people and covers an area       financial and business services,
of 523 square kilometres (202           information technology and creative       Diagram – see appendix 1
square miles). The main centres of      industries.
population are the towns of                                                       Also, work is well underway to
Macclesfield, Knutsford, Alderley       The Council is taking a leading role      complement the Community Plan
Edge, Wilmslow, Handforth,              in developing a Community Plan in         with a Local Strategic Partnership
Poynton and Bollington. A large         consultation with all sections of the     (LSP) that will play a key role in
proportion of the Borough is rural in   Community. The belief is that the         „joining up‟ the work of numerous
nature, with the Peak District          process of community planning is          diverse partnerships and working
National Park to the East and the       more important than simply having         groups throughout the Borough.
Cheshire Plains to the West.            a document. An early draft version
                                        of the Community Plan has                 The LSP will have an „executive‟
Throughout the Borough distinct         highlighted the following five priority   committee to provide strategic
communities have evolved with the       areas: -                                  direction to the wider Local
four main population centres being                                                Strategic Partnership. To facilitate
Macclesfield (51,000), Wilmslow               The environment.                   this the „executive‟ will initially be
(30,300), Knutsford (13,200) and                                                  made up of senior personnel from
Poynton (14,800).                             Leisure, culture, outdoor          the following organisations:-
                                               recreation and lifelong
The cities of Manchester and                   learning.                                Three local authority
Liverpool are within easy reach,                                                         representatives (one each
with good rail and road links. The            Personal and social                       from the Borough, County
M6 runs through the West of the                wellbeing.                                and Parishes).
area along with the West-Coast                                                          Two representatives from
main railway line. Manchester                 Community safety.                         Health agencies (PCT and
International Airport lies on the                                                        East Cheshire NHS Trust).
northern edge of the Borough.                 Economic development.                    Two representatives from the
                                                                                         community/voluntary sector.

      Police representative.               To create and support            modernisation of Local
      Business representative.              opportunity and diversity of     Government.
      Representative from                   employment.
       Macclesfield Borough               To achieve sustainable             The housing mission statement
       Lifelong Learning Forum.              growth and encourage             states that it is the Council‟s
      Representative from                   investment.                      intention
       Groundwork Trust                Environmental Objectives
       (Macclesfield and Vale             To maintain a sustainable          “To ensure that all members of
       Royal).                               environment for the future.      our communities have access to
      Young person (or an                To improve and protect the         healthy, affordable housing
       individual representing               built environment.
       young people‟s interests.                                              suitable for their needs and,
                                          To improve and protect the
      Older person (or an                   natural environment.
                                                                              where        possible,   their
       individual representing older      To promote sustainable             preference”.
       people‟s interests.                   transport policies to minimise
                                             congestion and reduce
Further to this the Council has              pollution.
introduced a Corporate Plan that          Decent and affordable
has as it‟s vision,                          housing for all.
                                       Social Objectives
“To improve the quality of life in
                                          A healthy community.
the Borough of Macclesfield,
                                          A safe community.
through partnership and
community leadership”                     An inclusive community.
                                          A learning community.
Fourteen key objectives have been         A listening community.
identified, under three main
headings, to fulfil this vision:-      The Macclesfield Borough Housing
Economic Objectives                    Strategy is an integral part of the
    To maintain a vibrant and         Council‟s Corporate Plan, which
        diverse local economy.         demonstrates a commitment to the
    To support and develop local      principles of organisational change
        businesses.                    as required through the

HOUSING IN THE WIDER                   future structure for delivering              Partnership – the process
CONTEXT                                services to the people of                     will involve the public, private
                                       Macclesfield. Following extensive             and voluntary sector bodies
The modernisation of Local             consultation it has been decided to           and will be facilitated by the
Government has influenced the          introduce a Cabinet with Leader               Local authority.
shape of Macclesfield’s Housing        with effect from May 2002.                   Community involvement –
Strategy.                                                                            the plan is „owned‟ by
                                       Cabinet Structure                             partners and the community
Local Government Bill                  The cabinet consists of the Leader            and is not just a Local
The Government has published,          of the Council and Portfolio Holders          Authority Plan.
June 2002, a draft Bill to take        responsible for:                             Involvement of Councillors –
                                            Resources                               this is seen as an integral
forward the legislative aspects of
                                            Environment                             part of the on-going process.
the Local Government White Paper
                                            Health
Strong Local Leadership – Quality
                                            Leisure                          Regional Planning Guidance
Public Services.
                                            Housing                          The Council is in receipt of the Draft
The Bill is seen as “….a significant                                          Regional Planning Guidance (RPG)
step towards delivering our            There are five corresponding           for the North West (May 2002). The
(Government) vision for local          Service Review Committees with         overriding aim of which is to
government and the communities it      responsibility for these service       promote sustainable patterns of
serves. Our priority is to improve     areas.                                 spatial development and physical
public services and local                                                     change. It states ‘The Region’s
government is a crucial partner in     Best Value                             economic, social and environmental
making this happen.”                   The Council has a commitment to        interests must be advanced
                                       the principles of Best Value to        together and support each other’.
Democratic Renewal                     continuously improve the quality of
The Local Government Act 2000          services provided to the people of     Local Plan
requires all Councils to replace the   Macclesfield.                          The Borough of Macclesfield is in
traditional Committee structure. The                                          the process of making alterations to
Council has recently undertaken        Community Planning                     its Local Plan to provide land-use
extensive consultation using a staff   The key aspects of the process of      planning policies to the year 2011.
survey, a business survey and a        Community Planning will be:            New policies aim to ensure that
residents' survey to determine the                                            new development creates an

attractive, sustainable, high quality   initiatives such as Supporting          number of Registered Social
living environment, which facilitates   People.                                 Landlords has part funded the Rural
greater walking and cycling, and        The sub-regional strategy will          Housing Enabler post to address
delivers improved accessibility to      provide a framework for working         problems of affordable housing in
jobs, local services and amenities.     with national and regional              rural areas.
                                        organisations such as the Regional
The Plan aims to provide sufficient     Assembly and Development                The Housing Corporation‟s paper
land to meet the Structure Plan         Agency, GONW and the Housing            „Housing in Rural England‟ states,
housing allocation by giving priority   Corporation. This will be used to
to the reuse of previously              identify critical housing and related   ‘A key outcome of our rural policy is
developed land and buildings.           issues affecting the wider              that communities remain places
                                        community of Cheshire in both the       where people want to live, now and
The Local Plan Strategy is to meet      public and private sectors and to       in the future. Just a few affordable
the housing requirement of the          guide investment priorities.            homes can make a real difference
whole community, including those                                                to the future of small settlements,
in need of affordable and special       Peak District         Sub-Regional      perhaps keeping families together
needs housing and to provide            Assembly                                and providing homes for people
greater choice and mix in the size      The Council is an active member of      requiring support in familiar
and type of dwellings in new            the Peak District Housing Forum,        communities.’
housing developments.                   which seeks to promote affordable       December 2001.
                                        homes within the bounds of the
                                        Peak District National Park. This       Highways Agency
Sub-Regional Housing Strategy           assembly is supervised by the East      The Council agrees with the
The six Cheshire housing                Midlands Government Office and          Highways Agency that “it is
authorities are working together to     therefore provides excellent            essential that housing and
create a sub-regional group to          opportunities for cross-boundary        employment issues be considered
promote and continue co-operative       working between Regions.                in tandem to promote initiatives
multi-agency working on behalf of                                               such as pathways between housing
the people of Cheshire. The                                                     developments and employment
                                        Cheshire       Rural        Housing
strategy will work towards                                                      opportunities”.
maximising the benefits of regional
                                        The Council in partnership with all
and national policies and other
                                        other Cheshire District Councils,
                                        DTLR, Housing Corporation and a

De-regulation of the Grant
The Government is due to reform
housing assistance by means of
The Regulatory Reform (Housing
Assistance) Order 2002. (England
and Wales)

The reforms will replace existing
Local Authority powers to give
financial assistance for property
improvement and repair with new,
more flexible enabling powers to:

      Provide assistance in the
       Borough to any person,
       directly or indirectly for the
       repair,    improvement       or
       adaptation       of      living
       accommodation                or
       demolition and rebuilding.
      Enable the Council to help a
       person                 acquire
       accommodation in any area
       where     the    Council      is
       planning to acquire that
       person‟s                 living
       accommodation or where the
       new accommodation would
       better meet the needs of that
       person in comparison to
       improving or adapting the
       existing dwelling.

NATIONAL                 HOUSING          decent standard by 2010, with          Addressing the housing needs of
POLICIES                                  the number of families living in       Black and Minority Ethnic People
                                          non-decent social housing falling      Under the Race Relations
                                          by 33 per cent by 2004 and with        Amendment Act 2000 public bodies
“Too many (people) are in poor
                                          most of the improvement taking         have a legal duty to tackle unlawful
accommodation” …. “Too many               place in the most deprived local       discrimination and promote good
(people) have no choice and               authority areas.‟                      relations between persons of
Control over where they live”,                                                   different races.
quote from the Housing Green              The creation of the new power
Paper April 2000.                         confers a new function on local        The Council fully supports this
                                          government, namely that of             position and has now adopted, May
Macclesfield Borough Council is           promoting or improving community       2002, the DTLR‟s Action Plan
committed to the successful               wellbeing. This function will be       published in December 2001.
implementation of the following           subject to the general duty of Best
initiatives that will enhance the         Value.                                 Tackling Homelessness
lives of local people.                                                           The Government is committed to
                                          Allocation of Accommodation –          address the growing problem of
                                          (Code of Guidance for Local            homelessness. In March 2002 six
Local Strategic Partnerships
                                          Housing Authorities) May 2002.         key objectives were published that
The DTLR, now the Office of the
                                          The allocation of housing              underpin the new approach:-
Deputy Prime Minister, has issued
                                          accommodation under Part 6 must            To strengthen help to people
guidance, March 2001, encouraging
                                          be seen as part of the district-wide         who are homeless, or at risk
the bringing together at local level
                                          housing strategy. The housing                of homelessness.
of different parts of the public sector
as well as the private, business,
                                          authority has a strategic                  To develop more strategic
                                          responsibility for meeting its               approaches to tackling
community and voluntary sectors so
                                          district‟s housing needs and the             homelessness.
that different initiatives and services
support each other and work
                                          Government regards it as essential         To encourage new
                                          that close partnership working with          responses to tackling
together. The partnerships will
                                          RSL‟s, other housing providers and           homelessness.
develop „public service agreements
(PSA‟s) to hit key targets that will
                                          voluntary agencies takes place to          To reduce the use of B&B
                                          meet those needs.                            hotels for homeless families
tackle deprivation.
The key HOUSING target states                                                          with children.
„All social housing to be of a

      To sustain two-thirds             lives as part of their local          expect services from health,
       reduction in rough sleeping.      communities.                          housing and social services.
      To ensure the opportunity of
       a decent home for all.            Starter Home Initiative               Supporting People
                                         A scheme designed to build on         A programme to offer vulnerable
Social Rent Reforms                      existing grant aided home             people the opportunity to improve
The Government published a policy        ownership to provide further          their quality of life by providing a
statement in December 2000,              support for people on the threshold   stable environment that will enable
„Quality and Choice: A Decent            of homeownership. A key aim of the    greater independence.
Home for All – The Way Forward           scheme is to ensure that „key
for Housing‟ Amongst other things,       workers‟, nurses, teachers and the    Secure Borders, Safe Haven:
this proposed that rent setting in the   police can buy homes in areas         Integration with Diversity in
social housing sector should be          where high demand and high prices     Modern Britain
brought on to a common system            might otherwise price them out.       This white paper sets out how the
based upon relative property values                                            Government propose to develop
and local earnings levels. Ministers     Quality and Choice for Older          principles to produce policy that
expect landlords to begin                People’s Housing                      looks forward and is capable of
restructuring rents in 2002/2003         A framework intended to open up a     meeting the needs of the country
and to complete the initiative in a      wider range of housing, support and   and of people who come here. It is
ten-year period. The Council is now      care options for older people.        a nationality, immigration and
well underway with this initiative                                             asylum policy that secures
and will complete the valuation of       Planning Policy Guidance 3            sustainable growth and social
it‟s properties this year, ready for     (PPG3)                                inclusion.
implementation in April 2003.            Creating mixed communities and
                                         influencing the size and type of      Health               Improvement
Valuing People                           housing, including affordable         Programme
A New Strategy for Learning              housing.                              Delivering a joint approach for
Disability for the 21st Century.                                               South Cheshire‟s Health
Valuing People sets out how the          Better Care, Higher Standards         Improvement Programme,
Government will provide new              Developing local charters to inform   addressing inequalities in health on
opportunities for children and adults    anyone needing care or support        a local level, promoting health and
with learning disabilities and their     over the longer term in what areas    well being as part of an evolving
families to live full and independent    and to what standard they can         local Community Strategy.

                                       E-Government                            existing Registered Social Landlord
Home Energy Conservation Act           The Council is committed to             (RSL).
The Government is committed to a       promoting continuous improvement
ten-year timescale to eradicate fuel   in local government services            Tenant Participation/Compact
poverty amongst vulnerable             through electronic service delivery     The Tenants Participation Compact,
households and a fifteen year          to achieve the target of 100%           now formally signed, is an integral
programme to end fuel poverty          capability by 2005. All levels of       part of the Best Value regime for
altogether.                            government are being encouraged         Housing, as it sets standards and
                                       to make full use of the potential for   provides opportunities for Tenant
Crime and Disorder Act                 electronic service delivery to          Involvement which will ensure that
This Act gave life to the              improve the responsiveness and          reference is constantly made to
Macclesfield Community Safety          quality of services. New technology     users of the service to ensure that
Partnership now renamed as             should not replace personal contact     resources are directed to areas that
Partnership for a Safer Borough, an    but it should make it better            meet the needs and priorities of the
amalgam of organisations across        supported.                              Tenants and Best Value.
the Borough working towards the
reduction of crime within the area.    Large Scale Voluntary Transfer          Tenant Satisfaction Survey
                                       Arms       Length       Management      Under the Best Value regime local
Section 17 of the Act states “… the    Organisation (ALMO)                     authorities are required to provide
Act creates a general duty on each     The Government‟s policy for local       evidence of customer satisfaction.
local authority to take account of     authorities is to separate the          A „STATUS‟ standardised tenant
the community safety dimension in      strategic and landlord functions.       satisfaction survey has recently
all of its work. All policies,         Therefore a corporate working           been used to investigate tenants‟
strategies, plans and budgets will     group has been formed to consider       perceptions of the Council‟s
need to be considered from the         the implications of stock transfer.     housing services. The results of the
standpoint of their potential                                                  survey show that 82.3% of the
contribution to the reduction of       The Council has agreed to take this     respondents were very or fairly
crime and disorder”.                   matter forward by asking                satisfied with the overall service.
                                       consultants to update the stock         The survey will be used to promote
                                       option appraisal to include ALMO‟s,     meaningful service improvement.
                                       the status quo, sheltered housing
                                       scheme options and transfer to an

The Vision for Macclesfield                  Ensuring the availability of
                                              affordable housing via
The Macclesfield Borough draft                planning mechanisms.
Community Plan, under the priority
heading „The Environment‟, has set
the following housing related          To complement and inform it‟s
priorities:-                           Strategies the Council has
     Protecting, conserving and       introduced a culture of Performance
         enhancing the built and       Management, monitored through
         natural environment.          robust performance information.
     Ensuring the highest quality     Service Delivery Plans have been
         of design in new              brought forward, with effect from 01
         developments.                 April 2002, to produce Action Plans
     Increasing access to             with relevant performance
         affordable housing.           indicators to ensure compliance
     Ensuring that new                with key priorities from the
         developments are              Corporate Plan.
     Meeting the needs of rural       For Housing Services, there are
         communities.                  three Service Plans which will be
                                       included in the Corporate Plan, and
The Housing Strategy will facilitate   these relate to the following three
this by: -                             sections – Strategic and Private
                                       Sector Housing, Housing Revenue
                                       Account Landlord Services and
      Acting as a strategic enabler
                                       Building Works. These higher level
       for the housing requirements
                                       plans will be supported at a lower
       of the community as a whole.
                                       level by plans for specific service
      Evaluating the options of
       high quality management of
       the Borough‟s housing stock.

IDENTIFYING   HOUSING                    the contribution that the private      Semi-skilled     13.0%      16.7%
                                         rented sector has to make to the       manual
NEEDS AND PROBLEMS                                                              workers
                                         local housing market.
                                                                                Unskilled        3.3%       5.0%
The Housing           Market        in                                          manual
                                         Socio-economic Indicators show
Macclesfield                             local unemployment rates are low;      workers
                                         male unemployment currently            Agriculture      2.3%       1.9%
Housing within the Borough falls         stands at 1.5% and female
into three categories, Local             unemployment at 0.5%i. The             Affordability
Authority and Registered Social          number of economically active          The average weekly earnings in
Landlords, private rented and            residents within the Borough           Cheshire in 2001 was £438.90
owner occupied. The largest tenure       accounts for 79,000 of the             compared to £492.30 in the
group is owner-occupation at 76%,        population, with 49,000 being          Borough.iii Housing tends to be in
a trend that is reflected nation-wide.   inactive. There are 77,000 residents   high demand with an outward
                                         in employment. (March 1999 to          migration of first time buyers. There
Council Tax records identify that        February 2000)                         is a wide variation in house prices
there are currently 2,633 empty                                                 but the average house price in the
properties within the Borough. This      The following table clearly shows      Borough is above the regional
consists of 1,221                        that there are more professional       average.
unoccupied/unfurnished properties        workers/managers/ intermediate
which have been empty for less           workers than the Cheshireii            Property Type   North      Macclesfield
than six months, and 1,612 second        average.                                               West
homes and unoccupied/unfurnished                                                Detached        £153,858   £255,097
properties which have been empty         Profession      Borough Cheshire       Semi-detached £75,458      £121,197
for more than 6 months.                  Professional    8.1%    5.8%           Terraced        £45,532    £94,778
                                         workers                                Flat/Maisonette £74,763    £95,988
The Council has adopted an urban         Employers and   23.9%      17.2%       (Last updated 03.05.2002)iv.
renewal strategy to improve              Managers
housing conditions in the private        Inter./Junior   34.0%      33.9%       A comparison of rents across the
rented sector and bring empty stock      Non-manual                             different tenures has revealed the
back into use. The main cause of         Skilled         16.9%      20.5%       following averages for a three-
unfitness in this sector is serious      manual/Non                             bedroom property: -
disrepair and dampness. This             Professional
strategy reflects an appreciation of

Council rent                           housing market, there are „difficult    Less sales 140             0.4
     £50.00 pw                         to let‟ local authority properties.     of non-
                                       These tend to be unpopular for          decent to
Housing Association rent               reasons of location, condition, type    2010
      £70.00 pw                        and the unsuitability of the            Investment 4,303           12.4
                                       accommodation for older people.         to 2010
Private Sector rent
       £300 - £3500 pm.                Council Housing Stock Condition         The assessment indicates that
                                       The Council has a stock of 5,672        approximately 21% of the Council
It is recognised that house prices     dwellings; this number excludes the     stock requires some improvement
within the borough are high and that   demolished        or      unavailable   to bring it to the required standard.
for this reason residents on low       properties     at    Victoria   Park
incomes are dependent on the           Macclesfield.                           The risk to the Council of not
Council and other social landlords                                             achieving the standard by 2010, the
to provide good quality affordable     During 2000 the Council                 Government deadline, is
housing.                               commissioned a survey of it‟s           considered to be low.
                                       housing stock by Rands
Homelessness                           Consultants. This has recently          The purpose of the original survey
The Council received 330 homeless      been updated to provide an              was to provide information for a
presentations last year, of these 10   assessment of the decency of the        Local Authority Stock Option
were found not to be homeless and      stock (Decent Homes Standard).          Appraisal although the results will
23 were found to be intentionally      Based on this update the following      be further used to inform the
homeless. Some 189 were                investment needs are predicted:-        following issues:
accepted for rehousing, with 108
found to be homeless but with no                                                    Local Authority Business
priority. There were 35 allocations                                                   Plan
to the homeless persons hostel.        Condition     Number      £m                 Resource Accounting
Voids                                  Non-          1,208       3.0                Planning of Repairs
At 31 March 2002 the Housing           decent                                         programmes.
Department had 170 void                now                                         
properties, of which 79 were           Add           3,235       9.8           The consultants used the
longstanding. It is necessary to       failures to                             authorities repair and maintenance
recognise that despite a healthy       2010                                    policies along with agreed Industry

Standard Lifetimes of components       R.S.L., Stock Condition                  of affordable housing in the
to calculate the value of repairs      A recent survey of local R.S.L‟s,        Borough.
required for the 30-year period of     May 2002, has indicated that the
the Business Plan, as adopted by       vast majority of their housing stock     The Council is working closely with
the R.I.C.S. and D.T.L.R.              will comply with the Government‟s        the Cheshire Energy Efficiency
                                       Decent Homes standard.                   Advice Centre to raise public
The value of the capital investment                                             awareness of the potential savings
requirements totalled £157.1 million   Private Sector Stock Condition           to be had from good energy
at May 2002 prices. The principal      Owner occupation is the Borough's        efficiency within the home.
areas for investment are: -            predominant tenure making up             Householders are encouraged to
                                       some 53,345 of the 67,702 homes          determine the home energy rating
Repair/Improvem          £ Million     (78.8%) in April 2000. Private           of their property this includes the
ents                                   rented housing provides about            Government approved Standard
Catch-up Repairs            £4.4       5,000 homes in the Borough.              Assessment Procedure (SAP). The
Planned Programme          £115.3                                               average S.A.P., rating of private
Maintenance                            The 2002 Housing Condition survey        housing was 45 with associated
Improvements               £15.0       has revealed that 2.3% of private        estimated carbon dioxide emissions
Adaptations                 £8.3       sector homes were unfit for              of 641 kilo tonnes per year.
Contingencies               £6.1       habitation. The estimated cost of
Sub total                  £149.1
                                       remedying this unfitness would be        Patterns of Supply and Demand
                                       about £4.7 million, with an equal        The housing sector is in a continual
                                       amount required to take properties       state of flux and the Council has
                                       out of serious disrepair.                undertaken a Local Housing Needs
Sheltered Housing           £7.0
Range and Pennine           £1.0
                                                                                Survey: Analysis and Assessment
                                       The full results of the 2002 House       to update this „living‟ Housing
                                       Condition Survey are due shortly         Strategy and support bids for HIP,
                                       and this will inform the Council‟s       Housing Corporation and other
Total Investment           £157.1      grants policies.                         funding opportunities.
This information will help to
formulate and prioritise future        Bringing vacant and/or unfit housing     The assessment is comprehensive
repairs and maintenance                into use has the potential to make a     in nature and looks at the driving
programmes.                            significant contribution to the supply   factors in the following main areas,
                                                                                Housing Need, Demographic Data,

Socio-economic Indicators, Local       As part of the Macclesfield Borough   The main aim of the service is to
Housing Market Profiles, Demand        Community plan this will be           maximise social inclusion and to
for Rented Accommodation, Supply       promoted by: -                        reduce to an absolute minimum the
of Rented Accommodation and                                                  number of residents who might lose
Affordability.                            1.    Addressing Health Issues     their home through debt. In the year
                                          2.    Maintaining and              to January 2002 the Money Advice
Housing need could be projected                 Improving Community          Officer had identified further
for the period 2001 – 2011 by                   Safety                       entitlement of £615,000 of which
averaging out the last five years         3.    Promoting Social             £430,000 had been claimed. For
demand. On these predictions there              Inclusion.                   several years the Council has
will be an average of 982                                                    worked with the County Court and
households in need per year. Over      The Council works closely with and    the Citizens Advice Bureau in
a ten year period this would mean      offers support to the following       partnership to ensure that a
that 9,820 households will be          voluntary organisations: -            debt/welfare rights service is
urgently requiring good quality,                                             available to all residents of the
affordable housing.                       o Women's Refuge – a               Borough.
                                            sanctuary for women fleeing
 If we continue to meet demand at           domestic violence.               Community Safety
the same average rate there will be       o Mulberry House – offers          Crime and disorder and the fear of
5,303 households whose needs will           training and support to young    crime can be a major problem for
be unmet between now and 2011.              single mothers.                  residents of certain areas and this
                                          o MACC – a hostel for young        will act as a disincentive to
Social Exclusion                            single people.                   prospective occupants. This in turn
The Council is committed to making        o Macclesfield Accommodation       creates a downward spiral to
the Borough a safe place to live, to        Service – a halfway hostel       degenerate the area further and
identify and address vulnerability,         for people leaving prison.       may increase social deprivation.
social exclusion and deprivation.         o Wilmslow Accommodation           Fear of crime can also be a cause
This will promote the health and            Project.                         of mental distress and social
wellbeing of the Borough‟s                o Upton Priory Family Centre.      exclusion.
                                       The Borough Council offers a          Health and Housing
                                       comprehensive and successful          Poor quality housing is associated
                                       Money Advice service to residents.    with poor health. Unmodernised,

older properties have far higher                                             local housing market and
heating costs than improved and        Quote from the Sir Donald             movement between tenures.
modern homes. This leads to fuel       Acheson‟s „Independent Inquiry into   Consultation with local Estate
poverty. The solution to this is to    Inequalities in Health.‟              Agents and mortgage lenders has
improve the energy efficiency,                                               provided valuable first-hand
insulation and heating systems of      “We RECOMMEND policies                information.
housing with poor thermal comfort.     which aim to improve the quality
                                       of housing.                           Housing Needs is defined as
Almost half of all fatal accidents     Specifically:                         ‘households lacking their own
happen in the home. Households in                                            housing or living in housing which is
disadvantaged circumstances are        We recommend policies to              inadequate or unsuitable, who are
likely to be worst affected by such    improve insulation and heating        unlikely to be able to meet their
accidents.                             systems in new and existing           needs in the housing market
                                       buildings in order to further         without some assistance".
Smoke alarms are effective in          reduce the prevalence of fuel
reducing deaths from fire. The use     poverty.                              This assessment is providing robust
of smoke alarms, mostly battery                                              evidence of need for affordable
operated, has increased in recent      We recommend amending                 housing in negotiations with
years but those most at risk, e.g.     housing and licensing conditions      landowners and developers on
living in temporary accommodation,     and housing regulations on            individual sites. The results of this
are least likely to have an alarm      space and amenity to reduce           assessment will inform land-use
where they live.                       accidents in the home, including      planning policies.
                                       measures to promote the
Disabled people are under-             installation of smoke detectors in    Further to this a local housing
represented amongst owner-             existing homes.”                      needs survey has been conducted
occupiers, and rely heavily on local                                         and this will provide complimentary
authority housing, especially for      Needs Assessment                      information and promote a more in-
accessible dwellings. Some 3.9% of     Macclesfield Borough Council has      depth understanding of individuals‟
the Borough‟s population (about        conducted a study of the Housing      aspirations and consequent future
5,900 people) are chronically sick     Needs in the Borough. It identifies   demand. The survey has identified
and/or disabledv. The needs of         existing and future housing needs     a definite issue with affordability,
disabled people require the            and aspirations. The housing needs    especially within the 18-24 age
provision of accessible housing.       assessment analyses the overall       group, indicating that residents are

forced to buy properties away from     Supply of Rented                          Borough to RSL‟s. This programme
the Borough in areas such as           Accommodation                             will lead to the refurbishment of
Congleton, Leek, Hazel Grove and       The demolition of the Victoria Park       existing „difficult to let‟ properties
Stockport. Over 20% of                 flats in Macclesfield has reduced         and will consequently increase the
respondents know someone who           the supply of Council homes to rent       supply of social rented housing in
has moved out of the Borough           within the town. In total there are       Wilmslow, Handforth and Knutsford.
because they have not been able to     543 units now demolished and
buy or rent locally. A quarter of      therefore unavailable to let.             However, landfill gas problems
respondents have an annual                                                       (methane and carbon dioxide) at
income of less than £14,000 and        Since the introduction of the Right       Longridge Knutsford will require the
would thus be unable to join the       to Buy legislation, the local authority   emptying and demolition of 86 flats.
owner-occupied sector.                 housing stock has been reduced
                                       thereby having an impact on the           These major changes in the supply
Demand      for             Rented     supply side of social rented              of social housing in the Borough are
Accommodation                          accommodation. Over the last five         far-reaching. The Housing Needs
As at 31 March 2002, there were        years, 560 Council homes have             Survey has identified the projected
2,602 applicants on the waiting list   been sold.                                demand for social housing and the
for Council Housing. In addition,                                                probable supply. Based on recent
502 current tenants have applied       Registered Social Landlords               years information and taking into
for a transfer. The demand and type    The redevelopment of Victoria Park        account the changes in the
of accommodation required is           has provided the opportunity for a        Council's stock and the Registered
summarised in the following table.     partnership of four local RSL‟s to        Social Landlords' stock the
                                       develop 85 replacement homes on-          projected shortfall of homes could
                                       site and 150 homes off-site. This         be as high as 300.
Demand          Type                   work is on going.
55.37%          1 bed property
                                       Within the Borough of Macclesfield
31.20%          2 bed property
                                       RSL‟s have approximately 2,600
10.74%          3 bed property
                                       properties under management.              The current projections for the
0.59%           4 bed property
                                                                                 supply and demand for social
2.11%           bedsits                Manchester City Council has now           housing as defined in the HACAS
                                       completed the transfer of its             stock option appraisal are: -
                                       „overspill‟ estates within the

DEMAND                      Number
Homeless Acceptances           125
Waiting List in Need           800

Total Demand                     925

Council Prime Lets               325
All RSL Prime Lets               300

Total Supply                     625

Annual Shortfall                 300

Private Sector
The Council has completed a
survey, June 2002, of local Estate
Agents and private landlords that
indicates that a large number of
properties are available for
temporary lets. Some 280 new let
properties coming on to the market
over a three week period. This is
considered to be a relatively short
term phenomena showing a current
trend of „buying to let‟ for
investment purposes at a time of
low interest rates.

In general residential occupancy
within this sector gives no long term

CREATING BETTER                               To ensure a high standard of      Grants are also made available for
NEIGHBOURHOODS AND                             repair and amenity in the         replacement of lead water supply
CONFIDENT COMMUNITIES                          Borough‟s privately owned         pipes and home repair assistance
                                               and privately rented housing      for older people. The Macclesfield
The Council is committed to                    accommodation, including          Borough Care and Repair Agency
continuous improvement of housing              enforcement.                      services and the grant system
across all tenures, making the                To identify and promote           complement each other in providing
fullest use of available finance and           practical, cost effective and     assistance for vulnerable people
delivering Best Value.                         environmentally conscious         throughout the Borough.
                                               measures to reduce energy
Our aim is to create high quality              use in domestic premises in       The budget for the 2002/2003
housing neighbourhoods in which                the Borough.                      financial year comprises £200,000
homes are: -                                  To target grant assistance        for Disabled Facilities Grants and
                                               towards the dwellings in          £560,000 for Renovation Grants,
      In a good condition                     poorest condition within the      Home Repair, HMO Grants and
                                               Borough and to occupants in       Water Supply Grants amounting to
      In a pleasant environment               greatest need.                    a total of £760,000.
                                              To encourage bringing
      Accessible to shops, public             empty private sector housing
       transport and education.                back into use.                    Council    House              Asset
                                        Priority is given to the older housing   The Council‟s policy is to ensure
                                        stock in the Borough and in              that it‟s housing stock is maintained
                                        particular the Priority Grant Areas in   and improved to modern day
Urban Renewal Division                  Macclesfield, Bollington and Disley.     standards, maximising available
The main purposes of the Division       Assistance is also provided for the      resources to meet these standards.
are as follows:                         adaptation of property to meet the       Current maintenance strategies
                                        needs of disabled people in all parts    were adopted in 1993 and have
      To implement the Council‟s       of the Borough. Other assistance is      been updated by stock condition
       policies in respect of private   available      for   fire   prevention   surveys carried out in 1996 and
       sector renewal and develop       measures in Houses of Multiple           2000. Actual works programmes
       strategies to improve private    Occupation.                              are developed using feedback from
       sector housing conditions.                                                tenants‟ representatives and the

local knowledge of technical and      Managing Supply and Demand                      sustainable mixed income
housing staff.                                                                        communities.
                                      Starter Homes Initiative
Other Strategic Priorities            The Borough of Macclesfield is a         Whilst the Borough Council accepts
Other than the former Victoria Park   relatively affluent area where           that extra Government funding for
estate there are no areas of our      problems of affordable home              this type of strategy will be
housing in decline or being           ownership are exacerbated.               concentrated in the South East of
abandoned. We are keeping             The aim of the Housing Strategy          England we will endeavour to fulfil
conditions on our estates under       will be to:                              the aims by the provision of good
review, and at this time it appears        Provide help for people to         quality affordable homes.
that some attention may need to be            buy their own homes within a
given to management                           reasonable distance from
arrangements to deal with social              their work, and to promote a     Health and Housing
exclusion.                                    culture of opportunity, choice   The challenge for the Macclesfield
                                              and self reliance and give       Borough Health Partnership is to
                                              people more of a stake in        develop local arrangements that are
The types of housing that stand out           their housing and                both meaningful and workable for
as requiring a combination of                 neighbourhoods.                  the neighbourhood populations of
management and refurbishment               Ensure that key workers can        eastern Cheshire. Fundamentally,
are: -                                        buy homes in areas where         these arrangements must be
    Sheltered Older Persons‟                 high demand and high prices      capable of involving individuals and
       Housing                                might otherwise price them       their community groups and also
    The multi-storey tower                   out of the urban and rural       the various voluntary, statutory,
       blocks of Range and                    communities to whom their        commercial        and       industrial
       Pennine Courts in                      services are vital               organisations      serving      those
       Macclesfield.                       Support other housing              communities. Some participatory
    A small number of West                   related objectives, which        approaches         for       involving
       Pennine construction homes             contribute to the                neighbourhood populations are
       on the Weston estate,                  regeneration or development      being      explored       in       the
       Macclesfield.                          of an area.                      Longridge/Five Oaks estate Health
                                           Promote a better mix of            project.
                                              housing tenures with the aim
                                              of achieving more

Homelessness, Vulnerability and         independent lives in the community.     The Council is looking to determine
Social Exclusion                        The provision of effective support to   gaps in service within the
It is a requirement of the              vulnerable people in general needs      Supporting People arena and
Homelessness Act 2001 that a            housing is a key component of the       consequently to fill those gaps. For
homelessness strategy is produced       Council‟s approach to addressing        example the Council has been
and kept under review. A local          Social Inclusion. This may be found     successful in supporting a bid for
homeless strategy group has been        in the Community Plan under the         Housing Corporation funds
initiated whose membership              heading of „Community Wellbeing‟.       (2002/03) to provide a 9 bed project
includes Social Services, Primary                                               of supported housing for people
Care Trust, NHS Trust, Probation,       The vision of the Cheshire              with alcohol problems.
Connexions, Youth Team, Youth           Supporting People Commissioning
Offending Team, Police, Supporting      Body is that: -                         In line with the DTLR‟s guidance
People Team and the Community                                                   „Reflecting the Needs and
Plan team.                              “Supporting People will promote         Concerns of Black and Minority
                                        and extend independence by              Ethnic Communities in Supporting
The group will focus on the                                                     People‟ (May 2002), the Council will
                                        commissioning high quality and
following main themes:-                                                         seek to expand the range and
     Improve the homelessness          cost effective services to meet the     diversity of services available to this
       prevention strategy.             support needs of vulnerable             group where there is evidence that
     Improve the provision of          people in Cheshire.”                    their needs are not currently being
       suitable accommodation for                                               met.
       homeless people.                 Further, the Council has recently
     Improve the level of support      been informed of a completed
       to homeless people.              research project ‘Pathways to
                                        Accessible Housing' which provides
                                        a model for local authorities to        Accommodation for Asylum
                                        assess the housing and support          Seekers
Supporting People                       needs of wheelchair users. This will    As a result of the Immigration and
The Council is committed to the         be carried forward to become an         Asylum Act 1999 the Borough
Supporting People initiative that       integral part of the Borough‟s          Council has become a member of
offers vulnerable people          the   Housing Strategy.                       the North West Consortium, which
opportunity to improve their quality                                            coordinates an all agency response
of life by enabling them to live more                                           for receiving asylum seekers into

the Region. The Council has                  Halton, Warrington and
agreed that 10 units of                       Cheshire Youth Offending
accommodation be made available               Teams.
for Asylum Seekers in negotiation
with our R.S.L., partners.               Adult Protection in Cheshire
                                         Macclesfield Borough Council fully
Multi-Agency        Risk      Public     supports this Inter-agency Policy,
Protection Strategy                      Procedure and Guidance relating to
This Public Protection Strategy is       the protection of adults in Cheshire
about       managing       potentially   where each agency will agree to
dangerous people in the community        work to the following principals:-
in order to protect known or                 Everyone has the right to live
potential victims. The aim will                 their life free from violence,
always be to minimise and manage                fear and abuse.
the risk in the safest possible way.         All adults have the right to be
This strategy defines a potentially             protected from harm and
dangerous person as someone                     exploitation.
where there is evidence that the             All adults have the right to
individual poses a significant risk of          independence, which
serious harm to a known individual              involves a degree of risk.
or unknown persons in the
community. The Council is a
signatory to this strategy which
involves the following organisations:
     Cheshire Constabulary
     North & South Cheshire
       Health Authorities and NHS
     Cheshire Probation Service
     Halton, Warrington and
       Cheshire Social Services

RESOURCES          AND                         release      and       home             Section 106 Planning
INVESTMENT OPTIONS                             maintenance problems.                    Obligations.
                                              Working in partnership with
Private Sector                                 the Borough Care & Repair        Council Stock Business Plan
                                               Agency        and      other
The Council intends to carry out a                                              Assumptions
                                               organisations in meeting the
major review of it‟s Grants Policy in                                           The Council is reviewing its
                                               housing needs of older
the light of the Governments                                                    strategies to take account of the
                                               people     and    vulnerable
regulatory reform proposals for                                                 recently updated Stock Condition
                                               members of the community.
housing assistance. It is anticipated                                           Survey and the requirements to
that the new policy will come into                                              achieve the minimum standards for
                                           It is intended that the new grants
operation in April 2003.                                                        public housing set out in the
                                           and loans policy will be
                                                                                “Decent Homes Standard”.
                                           published for consultation in
In summary the new grants and
                                           autumn 2002 and it will take
loans policy will have the objectives                                           Priority areas for investment are:-
                                           account of the Local House
of:-                                                                                 Eliminating non-decent
                                           Condition Survey results 2001/2.
      Reducing fuel poverty                                                            housing.
      Improving energy efficiency                                                   Health and safety measures
                                        Registered Social Landlords
       of homes                                                                         such as asbestos removal.
                                        The Council will continue to
      Bringing empty homes back        successfully support local RSL‟s in          Investment to give a return
       into use, particularly long      the provision of affordable and                 by reducing void losses
       term vacant dwellings.           supported housing schemes                       which are exceeding £0.5m.
      Promoting affordable homes       working in close partnership with
      Providing access to grants       the Housing Corporation.                At this time, it would appear that the
       and loans for property                                                   main action to bring our homes up
       improvement and repair           Scheme funding will be sought           to the Decent Homes Standard is to
       primarily to protect health      through the following grants            improve thermal comfort and take
       and safety where owners          systems:-                               an estimated 1,300 households out
       cannot afford to carry out the        Approved Development              of fuel poverty.
       work.                                   Programme.
      Providing      access       to        Supported Housing
                                                                                The financial implications are set
       information about equity                                                 out in the 2002 Housing Revenue
                                               Management Grants.
                                                                                Account Business Plan.
                                             Safer Communities Grants.

See appendix 2                          2002/03 - Housing Services for
                                        Older People.
Capital Receipts                        2003/04 – Council Housing
The Council has debt free status        Services.
from April 2002. This means that        2004/05 – Strategic and Private
as long as that status is maintained    Sector Housing.
capital receipts from the sale of
council houses will be 100%             The Council will be seeking views
usable.                                 on these services, where we need
                                        to improve and how we should
Best Value                              provide these in the future – or
The Council‟s Best Value                even if we should be providing them
Performance Plan describes the          at all!
Council‟s overall approach to Best
Value and how it is being               The Authority has an active
implemented.                            programme to improve its services.
                                        Here is just a brief outline of some
Definition:-                            of the changes being introduced in
‘Our aim is to improve continuously     2002/03:-
the quality of services we provide to        Complete the demolition and
you’                                           redevelopment of Victoria
                                               Park Macclesfield.
The Council has now reviewed its             Increase spending on the
remaining three-year Best Value                improvement of Council
review programme based on : the                housing to £6 million.
experiences gained from the first            Investigate the best option
two years; guidance received from              for the future ownership of
the public through the surveys                 the Council‟s housing stock.
carried out and in line with recent
government guidance. The revised
programme relating to housing
issues is:-

PARTNERSHIPS                   AND          Involvement of Councillors –     Environment‟ focus. The Housing
PEOPLE                                       this is seen as an integral      Department‟s community partners
                                             part of the on-going process.    include:
The aim of the Borough of
                                        In order to improve and promote          o   Access         o   Building
Macclesfield Community Plan
                                                                                     Groups             Contractors
                                        local wellbeing it will be               o   Business       o   Care and
„To work in partnership with            important to:                                and                Repair
local people and organisations to                                                    Business           Agency
protect and improve those things            Allow communities to                    Groups
                                             articulate their aspirations,       o   Cheshire       o   Chambers
that enhance quality of life in                                                      Community          of Trade
                                             needs and priorities.
our Borough, support local                  Co-ordinate the actions of              Council            and
people and the work of their                 the Council, the public,                                   Commerce
organisations and provide local              voluntary, community and            o   Cheshire       o   Cheshire
                                                                                     Police             County
services as efficiently and                  private sector organisations                               Council
effectively as possible‟.                    that operate locally.               o   Cheshire       o   Cheshire
                                            Focus and shape existing                Fire Brigade       Police
The Key Aspects of the Process of            and future activity of those                               Authority
Community Planning will be:                  organisations so that they          o   Cheshire       o   Civic and
                                             effectively meet community              Probation          Community
    Partnership – the process               needs and aspirations.                  Service            Trusts
                                                                                 o   Community      o   Crime
     will involve the public, private
                                        The Macclesfield Borough Housing             Groups             Prevention
     and voluntary sector bodies                                                                        Panel
     and will be facilitated by the     Strategy is an integral part of the
                                        Corporate Community Plan, and            o   Crime-         o   Developers
     Local Authority.                                                                stoppers
    Community involvement –            under    the     focus    of   „THE      o   Disability     o   Drug Action
     the plan is „owned‟ by             ENVIRONMENT‟ we will, with our               Access             Team
     partners and the community         community partners, ensure that all          Groups
     and is not just a Local            Borough residents have access to
     Authority Plan.                    good quality, affordable housing.
                                                                                 o   East           o   Eastern
                                        Partnership Plans have evolved to            Cheshire           Cheshire
                                        ensure the success of „ The                  NHS Trust          Primary

                      Care Group                                              forward-looking style for the
o   English       o   Environ-       Regional Partners                        Corporation and has the following
    Heritage          ment                                                    objectives:
                                     The Council has developed
o   Government    o   Groundwork                                                  To regulate to promote a
    Office for        Trust          excellent working relationships with
                                     the Government Office North West              viable, properly governed
    the North
    West                             and is an active member of the                and properly managed
o   Local         o   Manchester     North West Housing Forum which is             sector.
    Agenda 21         City Council   committed to working with a wide             To invest in the creation and
    forum                            range of organisations across the             maintenance of safe and
o   Mental        o   National       region to improve housing and                 sustainable communities.
    Health            Trust          neighbourhood conditions.                    To champion a tenant focus
    Forum                                                                          among associations.
o   North West    o   Parish         The North West Housing Statement             To be modern, customer-
    Develop-          Councils                                                     focused and forward looking,
                                     2001 has as it‟s vision
    ment                                                                           leading change in the sector.
o   Peak Park     o   Public         „a choice of good quality housing
    Housing           Utilities      in successful, secure and                Further to this the Council fully
    Forum                            sustainable neighbourhoods‟.             supports the Black and Minority
o   Registered    o   Schools and                                             Ethnic Housing Strategy for the
    Social            Colleges       Success in achieving that vision         North West published in May 1999.
o   Single        o   South
                                     will be a major contribution to
                                                                              A relatively small part of the
    Regenera-         Cheshire       realising the vision set out in the      Borough falls in the Peak District
    tion Budget       Health         North West Regional Strategy.            National Park and the Council has
    Groups            Authority                                               forged links with the East Midlands
o   Tenants       o   Town           The Council has maintained good          Government Office and the Peak
    and               Centre         constructive and supportive working      District Housing Forum to champion
    Residents         Partner-       relationships with the regional office
    Groups            ships                                                   affordable homes for local people in
                                     of the Housing Corporation, and          the highly priced rural communities.
o   Transport     o   Voluntary
    Providers         Organisa-      accepts fully it‟s objectives in the
                      tions          „three year Corporate Strategy 2001      The Council is an active member of
                                     – 2004. This strategy sets a new,        the Northern Consortium of

Housing Authorities „working           The Council has extensive links        A special partnership of four
together for better housing in the     with local RSL‟s and works closely     associations and the Housing
North‟.                                with them to provide good quality      Department is currently engaged in
                                       affordable homes throughout the        the redevelopment of the Victoria
County Partners                        Borough. A source of affordable        Park deck-access complex in
The Council works closely with the     housing is provided via the planning   Macclesfield. A mixture of on-site
other authorities throughout           process by the application of          and off-site developments will
Cheshire, the six Districts and the    Planning Policy Guidance 3 (PPG3)      provide a full range of newly built
County Council, to carry forward       and Circular 06/98 from the            homes to replace the 1960‟s
common aims and objectives. The        D.T.L.R. Developments are              concrete system built flats.
vehicle used for this partnership      progressed with collaboration
working is the Cheshire Chief          between the developer, the Council
Housing Officer Group (CCHOG).         and a suitable Housing Association     Private Sector Partners
Working within the umbrella of this    (RSL). In excess of 500 affordable     The Council is committed to
group are three other strategic        homes have been provided               working with private sector
teams: -                               throughout the Borough by this         landlords to provide investment in
    Cheshire Housing Strategy         means.                                 the private rented sector offering
       Group.                                                                 grants of up to 50%. This work will
    Cheshire Housing Training         Macclesfield Borough Council will      help to stem the loss of good quality
       Group.                          continue to build on the successful    rented accommodation and returns
    Cheshire Housing                  use of this guidance to provide        five-year nomination rights to the
       Maintenance/Works Group.        affordable homes at every              Council.
                                       opportunity. The Local Plan states
On a more practical note the           that on developments of 25 or more
Borough Council has entered into a     dwellings, or residential sites of 1
partnership with Cheshire Fire         hectare or more the Borough
Brigade to give training to staff to   Council will negotiate for the
deliver a safety message about fire    provision of 25% of the houses for
to new and existing tenants.           affordable housing. The proposal is
                                       that in Poynton, Disley, Knutsford
Local Partners                         and Alderley Edge thresholds of 15
Registered Social Landlords            dwellings and 0.5 of a hectare will
(RSL‟s)                                apply.

Partnerships with Tenants                    Decisions will be made that            Standards for Housing
Macclesfield has for a long time              reflect local need by                     Services – the range of
involved its tenants with both local          consulting and involving the              Housing Services which
and strategic issues of Housing               people that they are likely to            Tenants can get involved
Management. This was introduced               affect.                                   with.
with the establishment of the C.C.T.         Consultation and                       Standards for resources to
monitoring group and has been                 opportunities for participation           support tenants (including
finalised, by agreement, with the             must reach all members of                 financial assistance to
production of the Tenants Compact.            the Tenant Community.                     Tenants Associations).
                                             The Compact is a working               Standards of Tenants
The Government attaches great                 document which will be                    Groups.
importance to the Council actively            constantly reviewed and                Standards for meetings held
and genuinely involving its tenants           updated as circumstances                  by and with Tenants.
in the planning and implementing of           demand or change.                      Standards for monitoring and
the Housing Strategy and Housing                                                        measuring performance.
Services. The Best Value regime in     Quote from a Tenant                      The production of the first HRA
housing introduced the                 representative:                          Business Plan in 2001 and its
establishment of a Tenants                                                      subsequent development in 2002
Participation Compact – an             “What we are talking about at            has given an excellent opportunity
agreement between the Council          these meetings are our houses            to further tenant participation in
and its tenants on how they can get                                             housing management.
                                       and after the meeting is finished
involved in local housing decisions.   we go home to them and that‟s            Tenant Representatives attended a
                                       why we must be here to help              Joint Workshop with Officers and
The Tenant Participation Compact,
now in place, has the following        decide what happens to them.”            Elected Members in October 2001
shared principles:                                                              to understand the purpose of
                                       The Compact sets agreed Core             Business Planning. The Workshop
      We will encourage a greater     Standards:                               was arranged and presented jointly
       level of mutual respect and                                              with the District Auditor. Since
       understanding between               Standards for                       then, Tenant Representatives have
       elected Members, Tenants             communications and                  attended more than 70 Seminars,
       and Council Staff.                   information provided to             focus groups and working lunches
                                            Tenants.                            in order to assist the development

of strategies for the management of     The Borough Council‟s Housing           for legal information, advice and
the Borough Council‟s housing           Service has recently received,          specialist legal services.         It
stock.                                  December 2001, accreditation for        comprises a set of standards
                                        the award of Chartermark. This is       designed to ensure that a service is
Partnerships with Staff                 a Government run scheme that            well run and has its own quality
The Housing Department is               bestows the award on organisations      control mechanisms that relate to
committed to the principles of          that can demonstrate excellence in      the quality of information or advice
Investors in People (IIP), as the       the delivery of public services.        the service provides.
basis upon which to provide
development opportunities for staff     During the assessment the               The Borough Council‟s Housing
in order to meet the service delivery   Assessor recommended two                Needs Section has been awarded
needs of the Department and to          examples of good practice from his      the Community Legal Services’
ensure personal job satisfaction.       findings in Macclesfield to be put on   Quality Mark.
                                        the Cabinet Office web-site. These
The Department‟s main approach to       are the “Tenants‟ Handbook and          Partnerships with The Wider
IIP is centred on the Personal          Tenant Participation Compact” and       Community
Development Review. This                the Housing Service‟s ”Annual           The Council attempts to engage
facilitates the annual discussion       Report to Tenants”, both of which       and inform the wider community in
between members of staff and their      have been developed in partnership      all aspects of its work. It is the
line managers to jointly agree work-    with tenants‟ representatives by the    intention to advise the people of
based development and training          Tenant Participation Manager,           the Borough of Macclesfield of the
needs for the individual. The           Tenant Participation Officer and        major objectives of the Strategy,
outcomes and effectiveness of the       other staff of the Housing              ‘affordable housing for all’, in a
provision are reviewed as part of       Department.                             variety of ways:-
regular supervisory sessions.                                                        Local Strategic Partnership.
                                        The Community Legal Service                  The Community Plan.
The Council has further initiated two   launched in April 2000 by the Lord           The Council‟s web-site.
intensive training courses for senior   Chancellor‟s Department aims to              The        „Borough     Wide‟
and supervisory managers. These         improve access for the public to                newsletter.
are intended to focus attitudes and     quality information, advice and legal        Tenants        „Open    Door‟
skills to produce modern competent      services through local networks of              magazine.
managers to deliver key objectives.     quality assured services.        The
                                        Quality Mark is the quality standard

THE FUTURE OF HOUSING                            dwellings and houses in          example Houses of Multiple
IN THE BOROUGH OF                                multiple occupation.             Occupation.
                                             o   Improving fire safety in
                                                 multiple occupied dwellings.     Registered Social Landlords
                                             o   Encouraging owner-               The Council will continue to
Private Sector                                   occupiers to release equity      maximise the provision of social
The overall number of properties                 in their homes to facilitate     rented housing by close partnership
failing the fitness standard is                  repairs and improvements.        working with local RSL‟s. This will
relatively low, at 5% of the private         o   Assisting older members of       include replacement homes at
stock, but surveys show that the                 the community to achieve         Victoria Park Macclesfield, 85 in
levels of failure relate to the oldest           Decent Standards of              total, and other off-site provision at
and poorest members of the                       property repair (including       Moss Lane Macclesfield (40) and
community who live in the oldest                 affordable warmth).              Bridge Street Macclesfield (10).
and poorest properties.                      o   Assisting disadvantaged
                                                 members of the community         There is a continued need for Low-
The Council will address this by:                to achieve Decent                cost Homeownership schemes to
   o Providing assistance to low                 Standards of property            bridge the affordability gap between
      income disabled people for                 repair.                          renting and owner occupation and
      dwelling improvements and
                                                                                  the Council/R.S.L. partnership will
      adaptations.                       Overall, the Housing Strategy and        bring forward developments
   o Improvements to the energy          associated grant policies will help to   throughout the life of this Strategy
      ratings of dwellings.              promote an integrated and                to facilitate this. Proposed
   o Bringing empty properties           sustainable approach to the              developments at Moss Lane
      back into use and                  economic, social and environmental       Macclesfield, Queens Avenue
      increasing the supply of           well being of the residents of the       Macclesfield and Pickmere are
      affordable homes.                  Borough.                                 examples of this.
   o Remedying unfitness in
      individual dwellings.              The Council, working in partnership      The Local Plan recognises the
   o Remedying substantial               with Cheshire Fire Brigade, has          Governments Planning Policy
      disrepair in dwellings.            introduced a Grant Assistance            Guidance Note 3 (PPG3), and we
   o Improving pockets of                Scheme to provide fire sprinkler         will negotiate with developers for
      substandard dwellings.             systems to protect vulnerable            the provision of affordable housing
   o Improving conditions in             persons and high risk properties, for    on „qualifying sites‟. It is considered
      private rented sector

that the most appropriate means of      Macclesfield Borough Council          Performance Management
securing affordable housing on          Housing Stock                         A comprehensive Action Plan has
sites is through the involvement of     The Council will take forward         been developed to measure the
an R.S.L. Therefore the housing will    development of the Business Plan      success of the Strategy across all
be provided at a subsidised rent,       through key actions that relate       tenures. The Plan is directly related
through shared ownership or on a        primarily to:                         to the Council‟s performance
Low-cost basis and will remain as                                             management system as part of
affordable housing.                           Making a robust assessment     individual Service Delivery Plans.
                                               of non-decent housing.
The Council will require that all             Developing a Repair and        See appendix 3
R.S.L. developments should, where              Maintenance Strategy.
possible, be built to Housing                 Dis-aggregate data on          To complement the Action Plan the
Corporation space standards.                   sheltered housing and other    Council has introduced
                                               Older Persons Housing.         Performance Indicators that
The Council will continue to support          Developing an Older            provide a „rolling review‟ of it‟s
the    provision     of    specialist          Persons‟ Housing Strategy      Housing Functions. The indicators
accommodation      for    vulnerable           linked to Supporting People.   are collected monthly and
groups and will actively use the              Developing a management        presented to elected members and
Supporting People initiative to                plan for Range and Pennine     the public on a regular basis.
enhance service delivery to these              Courts.
groups.                                       Reviewing allocation           See appendix 4
The Borough Council working                   Review management of
through the Partnership for a Safe             vacant homes.
Borough will commission research              Develop electronic service
into the links between substance               delivery.
misuse and homelessness. This will            Consultation on Business
determine the extent and                       Plan.
consequently the need for                     Mainstream the Racial
supported housing with this client             Equality Scheme.

Conclusion                                   Developing, in partnership, a
                                              strategic approach to
The Council‟s Housing Strategy will           Supporting People to assist
promote and deliver the housing               households with special
mission statement:                            needs.
                                             Eliminating non-decent
“To ensure that all members of                social housing.
our communities have access to               Bringing vacant Council
healthy, affordable housing                   housing back into use.
suitable for their needs and,                Developing a new strategy
where possible their preference”.             for housing services for older

                                       The objective of the Borough
                                       Council’s Housing Strategy is to
This will be achieved by:-             provide affordable housing for
    Improving the overall             all.
       condition of the private
       sector stock.
    Bringing long-term vacant
       private sector homes back
       into use.
    Helping to tackle health
       inequalities, particularly in
       relation to poverty and fuel
    Enabling RSL‟s to provide
       new affordable housing.
    Working with developers to
       provide new low-cost home
       ownership schemes.

Appendix 1


                                                    COMMUNITY PLAN

        Partnership Plans and Strategies              Council Framework                 Other Organisations'
                                                                                        Plans and Strategies
        eg  Crime and Disorder                         Corporate Plan
             Strategy                                                               eg  Policing Plan
            Joint Waste                                                                Fire Safety Strategy
              Management Strategy                  Best Value Performance
            SRB Projects                                   Plan
                                                      Service Strategies

                                                   eg  Local Plan
                Participation                          Housing Strategy
                                                       LA 21

                                           Individual Service Plans & Financial
                                Budget Cycle                                Trend Statement

               Capital                                                                   Staff Monitoring
               Expenditure                                                                  Statement
  Complaints                                                                                          Performance
  System                                                                                               Indicators

Section     Heading                 Total         2001/02    2002/03    2003/04    2004/05    2005/06    2006/11    2011/16    2016/21    2021/26    2026/31

Catch-up    Housing                 2504004       500801     500801     500801     500801     500801
            Surfaces/Garages        866827        173365     173365     173365     173365     173365
            Drains/Sewers           27500         5500       5500       5500       5500       5500
            Mains Water             2500          500        500        500        500        500
            Means of Escape         389000        77800      77800      77800      77800      77800
            Sound Insulation        33209         6642       6642       6642       6642       6641
            Asbestos Problem        205000        41000      41000      41000      41000      41000
                                    4028040       805608     805608     805608     805608     805607

Planned     Housing                 93107061      3776264    3776264    3776264    3776264    3776264    21804740   1610830    14701540   10905519   11222112
            Surfaces/Garages        3378805       112627     112627     112627     112627     112627     563134     563134     563134     563134     563134
            Sewers                  180000        6000       6000       6000       6000       6000       30000      30000      30000      30000      30000
            Common Drains           1653125       55104      55104      55104      55104      55104      275521     275521     275521     275521     275521
            Sewage Treatment        270000        9000       9000       9000       9000       9000       45000      45000      45000      45000      45000
            Mains Water             446600        14887      14887      14887      14887      14887      74433      74433      74433      74433      74433
            Structural Works        2600000       86667      86667      86667      86667      86667      433333     433333     433333     433333     433333
            Scaffolding             365478        12183      12183      12183      12183      12183      60913      60913      60913      60913      60913
            Non Trad Props          2840000       284000     284000     284000     284000     284000     1420000
                                    104841069     4356731    4356731    4356731    4356731    4356731    24707075   17589165   16183875   11872854   12704447

Imps        Alterations             3000000       600000     600000     600000     600000     600000
            Heating/Ventilation     3787516       757503     757503     757503     757503     757503
            Energy Measures         1828959       365792     365792     365792     365792     365792
            Security                401235        80247      80247      80247      80247      80247
            Electrics               775966        155193     155193     155193     155193     155193
            Bedsits                 2000000       400000     400000     400000     400000     400000
            Pennine/Range           1058000       211600     211600     211600     211600     211600
            Car Parking             734143        146829     146829     146829     146829     146829
                                    13585819      2717164    2717164    2717164    2717164    2717164

Resp/Cycl   Responsive              32666278      1135000    1135000    1135000    1135000    1135000    5675000    5533125    5394797    5259927    5128429
            Void Repairs            21000000      700000     700000     700000     700000     700000     3500000    3500000    3500000    3500000    3500000
            Cyclical Servicing      14550000      485000     485000     485000     485000     485000     2425000    2425000    2425000    2425000    2425000
            New Appliances          1495000                  11000      22000      33000      44000      277000     277000     277000     277000     277000
            External Redecoration   9808846       348000     348000     348000     348000     348000     1696500    1654088    1612735    1572417    1533107
                                    79520124      2668000    2679000    2690000    2701000    2712000    13573500   13389213   13209532   13034344   12863535

Disab Adt   Major and Minor         7500000       250000     250000     250000     250000     250000     1250000    1250000    1250000    1250000    1250000
            Adapts                  7500000       250000     250000     250000     250000     250000     1250000    1250000    1250000    1250000    1250000

CMR         Contingent Major        5530425                                                                                    1843475    1843475    1843475
            Repair                  5530425                                                                                    1843475    1843475    1843475

            TOTALS                  215005477     10797503   10808503   10819503   10830503   10841502   39530575   32228377   32486882   28000673   28661457

ACTION PLANS                                                                             Appendix 3
Housing Strategy and Enabling Activities
Ref   Action                       Fit with Corporate   Anticipated           Who   By         P.I.
                                   Objectives           Outcome
1.    Form policies that           SC1                  More focused view     DAS   On-        Regular updates to
      strengthen the strategic     SC3                  of provision/needs.         going.     the Borough‟s
      view of housing across all   EN1          EN2                                            Housing Strategy.
      tenures.                     EN5
2.    Housing Needs Survey         SC3                  Improved              CJS   Dec 01     Adequate percentage
      across all tenures.          EN1          EN2     knowledge of local                     of returned survey
                                   EN5                  situation.                             forms.
3.    Support the provision of     SC1          SC2     Improved service      DAS   Mar 03     Number of units
      specialist accommodation     SC3          EN1     delivery.             SLH              provided.
      for vulnerable groups        EN5
4.    Maximise the provision of    SC1          SC2     Bridging the          DAS   On-        Number of units
      affordable housing           SC3                  affordability gap.          going.     provided.
      (Registered Social           EN1
      Landlords).                  EN5
5.    Maximise the provision of    SC1          SC2     Bridging the          DAS   On-        Number of units
      affordable housing           SC3                  affordability gap.          going.     provided.
      (Private Sector S106         EN1
      Agreements)                  EN5

Private Sector Stock
Ref   Action                       Fit with Corporate   Anticipated           Who   By         P.I.
                                   Objectives           Outcome
      Providing assistance to      SC1                  Improved standard     RAW   Mar 03     Maximised use of
1.    low income disabled          SC3                  of living for the                      Disabled Facilities
      people for dwelling          EN1                  target group.                          Grant.
      improvements and             EN5

2.   Improvements to the         SC1         Improved standard    RAW   Mar 03   Number of Home
     energy ratings of           SC2         of living for                       Energy Conservation
     dwellings                   EN2         occupiers of the                    Grants.
                                 EN5         target homes.
3.   Bringing empty properties   SC3         Improved and         RAW   Mar 03   Number of empty
     back into use and           EN1         sustainable                         properties brought
     increasing the supply of    EN2         communities.                        back into use.
     affordable homes.           EN5
4.   Remedying unfitness in      SC1   SC2   Improved and         RAW   Mar 03   Number of unfit
     individual dwellings.       SC3   EN1   sustainable                         dwellings made fit
                                 EN2   EN5   communities.                        each year.
5.   Improving pockets of sub-   SC1   SC2   Improved local       RAW   Mar 03   Number of group
     standard dwellings.         SC3   EN1   communities.                        improvements carried
                                 EN2   EN5                                       out.
6.   Improving conditions in     SC2         Improved and         RAW   Mar 03   Number of dwellings
     private rented sector       SC3         sustainable                         improved each year.
     dwellings and houses in     EN1         communities.
     multiple occupation.        EN2

7.   Improving fire safety in    SC1   SC2   Safer communities.   RAW   Mar 03   Number of properties
     multiple occupied           EN1   EN2                                       improved each year.
     dwellings                   EN5
8.   Encouraging owner-          SC1         Improved and         RAW   Mar 03   Number of properties
     occupiers to release        SC2         sustainable                         improved each year.
     equity in their homes to    SC3         communities.
     facilitate repairs and      EN1
     improvements.               EN2
9.   Assisting elderly persons   SC1         Improved and         RAW   Mar 03   Number of homes
     to achieve decent           SC2         sustainable                         improved each year.
     standards of property       SC3         communities.
     repair (including           EN1

      affordable warmth).         EN2
10.   Assisting disadvantaged     SC1                    Improved and          RAW   Mar 03    Number of homes
      members of the              SC2                    sustainable                           improved each year.
      community to achieve        SC3                    communities.
      decent standards of         EN1
      property repair.            EN2

 Borough Council Housing Stock
Ref Action                   Fit with Corporate          Anticipated           Who   By        P.I.
                             Objectives                  Outcome
1.   Make robust assessment Built environment            Inform repair         DAG   Dec 02    Stock classified by
     of non-decent housing   Community well being        strategy and                          reasons for not
                                                         Business Plan                         meeting criteria
2.    Develop Repair and          Built environment      Effective works       DAG   Aug 02    Fully consulted
      Maintenance Strategy        Community well being   programmes                            Strategy
3     Dis-aggregate data on       Community well being   Better information    DSC   Dec 02    Information gaps
      sheltered and other Older                          for Business          DAG             filled
      Persons Housing                                    Planning
4     Develop Older Persons       Community well being   Sustainable Elderly   SGR   Sept 02   Fully consulted
      Housing Strategy linked                            Persons housing       EMM             Strategy
      to Supporting People                               services              SLH
5     Develop a management        Built environment      Sustainable future    GJG   Dec 02    Fully consulted plan
      plan for Pennine and        Community well being   for the homes         SFB
      Range Courts                                                             HCB
6     Review of Allocations       Community well being   Improved choice       RAD   Sept 02   New policy in
      Policy                                             for applicants                        operation
7     Review management of        Built environment      Agreed standards      RAD   On-       Reduced letting
      vacant homes                Community well being   for lettings and      SFB   going     times. Reduced
                                                         customer focussed     DSC             refusal rates.
                                                         services              DAG
8     Develop electronic          Community well being   Improved public       DAG   On-       Frequency of use of
      service delivery                                   access to services          going     electronic services

HOUSING SERVICES - PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 2002/03:                                                   Appendix 4

1.    Homelessness And Housing Advice

Performance Indicator                                    Status       in     2001/02       2001/02         2002/03
                                                         2002/03              Target       Outturn          Target
The proportion of homelessness applications on which         Local             100%          99.1%           100%
the authority makes a decision and issues a written
notification to the applicant within 33 working days.
The average length of stay in                              BVPI 183
    (i)    Bed and breakfast accommodation and                                     #                 #    0 weeks
    (ii)   Hostel accommodation                                                    #                 #      weeks
of households which include dependent children or a
pregnant woman and which are unintentionally homeless
and in priority need. *
Average time to issue homelessness decision notice.          Local                 #       3.4 days         2 days

Income generation by Money Adviser: **                       Local
Additional entitlements identified.                                                #   £672513.26        £800,000
Additional entitlements claimed                                                    #   £476218.28        £500,000
Note: * New Best Value Performance Indicator for 2002/03.
** Income generation records cases to 2 months ago to allow for claims to be processed by agencies

2.     Urban Renewal

Performance Indicator                                          Status      in    2001/02    2001/02        2002/03
                                                               2002/03            Target    Outturn         Target
Level of expenditure in targeted investment:                      Local
    a. Renovation Grants                                                        £560,000   £560,000      £560,000
    b. Disabled Facilities Grants                                               £200,000   £200,000      £200,000
The proportion of unfit private sector dwellings made fit or     BVPI 62          1.30%       1.2%          3.6%
demolished as a direct result of action by the local              CPA
The proportion of private sector dwellings that have been         Local               #            0          2.5%
vacant for more than 6 months at 1 April that are returned
into occupation during the year as a direct result of action
by the local authority.
The number of private sector vacant dwellings that are           BVPI 64              #            #            20
returned into occupation or demolished during the year as
a direct result of action by the local authority. *
The percentage of clients who are very or fairly satisfied        Local
with the overall service.                                                             #            #          80%
Note: * The vacant homes indicator needs further development to identify activities crossing a number of departments.
# Flare computer system off until 12 June.

3.    Housing Strategy And Enabling Activities

Performance Indicator                             Status     in   2001/02   2001/02    2002/03
                                                  2002/03          Target   Outturn     Target
Number of properties provided as specialist          Local             3          0        14
accommodation for vulnerable groups.
Number of new RSL homes started.                     Local            91         68        69

Number of new RSL homes completed.                   Local            82         72        94

Number of new other affordable homes started.        Local             7          9        18

Number of new other affordable homes completed.      Local             7          3        13

Amount of s106 commuted sums: -                      Local
Received in the To end of May 2000. date                               #    £364,000        #
Applied in the To end of May 2000. date                                #          £0        #
All sums currently committed                                           #    £325,438        #
All sums currently available                                           #    £368,562        #

4.     Contribution To Strategic Housing Conditions

Performance Indicator                                           Status in          2001/02       2001/02    2002/03
                                                                2002/03             Target       Outturn     Target
Energy Efficiency - the average SAP rating of local              BVPI 63                50            51        52
authority owned dwellings.

Note: This has been raised from 32 in 1996. The long-term target is 66.

5.     Allocations And Vacant Homes

Performance Indicator                                          Status      in      2001/02       2001/02    2002/03
                                                               2002/03              Target       Outturn     Target
Average relet times for local authority dwellings let in the     BVPI 68           84 days     87.1 days    84 days
financial year.                                                   CPA
Refusal rate of offers of local authority housing.                Local                20%        26.1%        20%

Percentage of rent lost through local authority dwellings         Local                4.3%      Est 4.8%       3%
becoming vacant.                                                                Includes VP Excl VP 2.9%
New tenancies given to vulnerable people excluding                Local                 0%           0%         1%
elderly people as a percentage of all new tenancies
except those given to the elderly.

6.     Rent Income And Collection

Performance Indicator                                        Status      in     2001/02          2001/02      2002/03
                                                             2002/03             Target          Outturn       Target
Local authority rent collection and arrears:                  BVPI 66a
Proportion of rent collected.                                   CPA                 98%     Est 98.6%             99%
Local authority rent collection and arrears:                    Local
Rent arrears of current tenants as a proportion of the                               2%          Est 2.4%        1.9%
authority‟s rent roll.
Local authority rent collection and arrears:                    Local
Rent written off as not collectable as a proportion of the                         0.8%          Est 0.5%        0.2%
authority‟s rent roll.
Note: All data estimated.

7.     Sales Of Council Houses And Flats

Performance Indicator                                        Status      in     2001/02          2001/02      2002/03
                                                             2002/03             Target          Outturn       Target
The number of sales and the value of capital receipts           Local                 90          114              100
from the sale of council houses and flats.                                    £2,559,960   £3,772,655       £3,192,400
Note: The delivery of the HRA Business Plan is highly sensitive to sales and capital receipts.

8.     Community Support Services

Performance Indicator                                  Status       in     2001/02        2001/02        2002/03
                                                       2002/03              Target        Outturn         Target
The percentage of community alarm calls answered            Local                 #        87.6 %          85 %
within 30 seconds.                                                                    126,696 calls 120,000 calls
Out of Hours Emergency calls attended:                      Local
Safely                                                                            #         100%          100%
Preferably, within 30 minutes.                                                    #           93%           95%
                                                                                        2,036 calls   2,000 calls
Home visits and assessments of clients.                     Local            100%           100%          100%

Surgeries at each Sheltered Housing Scheme (3 each).        Local                42             42            39

Responses to requests for installation of Lifelines:        Local
Information provided in 2 days                                                    #              #          95%
Installation within 7 days                                                        #              #          95%

The percentage of clients who are very or fairly satisfied   Local
with their service:
    a. Fully sheltered housing                                                     #            #              %
    b. Grouped bungalows                                                           #            #              %
    c. Private Lifeline Clients                                                    #            #              %
Note: Introduced for Community Support Services as part of the Best Value Review and expanded in 2002/03.

9.     Overall Housing Management Services

Performance Indicator                                         Status      in      2001/02          2001/02             2002/03
                                                              2002/03              Target          Outturn              Target
The average weekly costs per local authority dwelling of         Local              £12.01      Est £12.01                     £
Does the authority follow the Commission for Racial            BVPI 164                Yes                No                Yes
Equality‟s Code of Practice in rented housing and follow         CPA
the Good Practice Standards for social landlords on
tackling racial harassment include in the Code of Practice
for Social Landlords: Tackling Racial Harassment?
Satisfaction of tenants of council housing with the overall     BVPI 74                  #            82.3%              82.3%
service provided by their landlord:                                                          +/- 2.5% at 95%    +/- 2.5% at 95%
Percentage of tenants who are very or fairly satisfied with                                  confidence level   confidence level
                                                                                             from 1826 valid    from 1826 valid
the overall housing management service.                                                      replies in Nov /   replies in Nov /
                                                                                             Dec 2000           Dec 2000
Of those:
Black and Minority Ethnic Tenants (11 respondents)                                                 54.5%            54.5%
Non-Black and Ethnic Minority Tenants (1792                                                        82.4%            82.4%
Satisfaction of tenants of council housing with               BVPI 75                  #           54.7%            54.7%
opportunities for participation in management and                                        +/- 2.5% at 95% +/- 2.5% at 95%
decision making in relation to housing services provided                                 confidence level confidence level
                                                                                         from 1801 valid from 1801 valid
by their landlord:                                                                       replies in Nov / replies in Nov /
Percentage of tenants who are very or fairly satisfied with                              Dec 2000         Dec 2000
opportunities for participation in management and
decision making.
Note: Satisfaction surveys are to be carried out every three years with the next survey due in 2003.

10.     Repairs And Maintenance

Performance Indicator                                      Status      in   2001/02     2001/02    2002/03
                                                           2002/03           Target     Outturn     Target
Decent Homes:                                               BVPI 184
The proportion of LA homes which were non-decent at 1         LSP                #            #    20.80%
April                                                                            #                      %
The percentage change in proportion of non-decent LA                                          #
The average weekly costs per local authority dwelling of      Local          £11.86   Est £11.86        £
The percentage of urgent repairs completed within             Local          92.5%         83%      92.5%
Government time limits.                                       CPA

The average time taken to complete non-urgent                 Local         40 days   62.8 days    40 days
responsive repairs.                                           CPA
The percentage of responsive (but not emergency)            BVPI 185            0%          0%         0%
repairs for which the authority both made and kept an
The percentage of time that lifts are out of order.           Local           7.5%        4.4 %        3%


Performance Indicator                                        Status     in   2001/02   2001/02   2002/03
                                                             2002/03          Target   Outturn    Target
The percentage of tenants who are very or fairly satisfied      Local
with their responsive repair:
the way we first took your request                                                #       90%       90%
the response time to deal with the repair                                         #       81%       90%
the way the appointment was kept                                                  #       84%       90%
the quality of repair                                                             #       90%       90%
the workman‟s attitude                                                            #       94%       95%

Performance Indicator                                        Status     in   2001/02   2001/02   2002/03
                                                             2002/03          Target   Outturn    Target
The percentage of tenants who consider programmed          Local
works to be excellent or good:
the standard of works carried out                                                 #       73%       80%
the safety measures taken in or around the home                                   #       73%       80%
the way inquiries or complaints were dealt with                                   #       71%       80%
the way your property was protected during works                                  #       71%       80%
Note: Introduced for works programmes for 2001/02 by the Best Value Review.

11.     Building Works Section Indicators

Performance Indicator                                        Status in   2001/02   2001/02     2002/03
                                                             2002/03      Target   Outturn      Target
The percentage of emergency repairs completed within           Local        85%                   85%
target time.

The average time taken to complete a void property            Local      16 days               18 days
The average number of void properties under repair            Local          28                     28
outstanding at any one time.
Number of abortive repair visits made per 1000 repairs.       Local           #         #    8 per 1000

The percentage of tenants who are very or fairly satisfied    Local
with their responsive repair:
the quality of repair                                                         #
the workman‟s attitude                                                        #
Sickness Absence Levels as a percentage of the total          Local        7.5%                    8%
attendance time for the section.
The percentage of (Material) Purchase Orders sent             Local           #         #         75%

           ALMO   Arms Length       NSF    National
                  Management               Service
                  Organisation             Framework
           CCT    Compulsory        ODPM   Office of the
                  Competitive              Deputy Prime
                  Tendering                Minister
GLOSSARY   DTLR   Department of     PCT    Primary Care
                  Transport Local          Trust
                  Government        PPG3   Planning Policy
OF                and the                  Guidance Note
                  Regions                  3
           GONW   Government        PSA    Public Service
TERMS             Office North             Agreement
                  West              RICS   Royal Institute
           HIP    Housing                  of Chartered
                  Investment               Surveyors
                  Programme         RSL    Registered
           HMO    Houses of                Social Landlord
                  Multiple          SAP    Standard
                  Occupation               Assessment
           IIP    Investors In             Procedure
           MACC   Macclesfield
                  Care and

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North West.
 1991 Census of Population, OPCS
Macclesfield Borough Council Facts and
Figures, June 1996.
   New Earnings Survey 2000, Office of
National Statistics.

 HM Land Registry on-line records
   Macclesfield Borough Council Urban
Renewal Division Annual Report 2000/2001.


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