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					                               The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
                                     Office of Communications
                                   Williamsburg, VA 23187-1776

                             The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg

                                    A Continuum of Wellness

                                       307 S. England St
                                    Williamsburg, VA 23185
                                  Telephone: (757) 220-7720
                                      Fax: (757) 220-7424
                            Web site:

                                  Spa Director: Kate Mearns

Overview:     The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg offers relaxing, rejuvenating and healing therapies
              inspired by five centuries of wellness practices. The 20,000-square-foot Spa
              radiates Southern charm, harmonizing with its historical surroundings and the
              personality of its colonial heritage.

              Designed by Sylvia Sepielli, recipient of the 2006 International Spa Association
              (ISPA) Visionary Award, and her team, the time-honored health practices of
              centuries past are blended into modern spa experiences for each guest. The Spa’s
              philosophy that wellness exists in a continuum is reflected in the healing therapies
              that have emerged through the ages. A continuum of wellness affirms that personal
              health ebbs and flows through time, and the development of new healing therapies
              is reflected in the Spa’s signature experiences.

              The Spa is located in a Georgian Revival building on South England Street, a few
              steps from the Williamsburg Inn and Williamsburg Lodge, directly adjacent to the
              Golden Horseshoe Golf Club. Guests enter via a wisteria-draped paved pathway
              alongside a fountain and formal garden. The Spa is open to guests of the resort and
              to day visitors.

Spa Facility: The Spa includes 12 private treatment rooms and a suite for couples, a full-service
              salon with three pedicure, five manicure, four hair salon and two makeup stations,
              heated indoor athletic pool and two outdoor pools (one heated) and complete fitness

              Separate locker rooms for men and women feature private changing rooms and
              aromatherapy steam rooms. The men’s locker room includes a large-screen TV and a
              cold plunge pool, while the women’s locker room has an experiential shower with
              multiple shower heads. Rain head showers and large whirlpools are inviting aspects
              of both locker rooms. Separate elevators transport men and women to their
              designated treatment rooms. Separate men’s and women’s lounges and one co-ed
              lounge provide quiet relaxing spaces to read, relax or enjoy a spa cuisine meal before
              or after services.

              A conservatory salon located on the main floor of the spa offers a full menu of nail
              and hair treatments for men and women. Heated indoor and outdoor pools are
              available for lap swim or leisure, and the fitness training quarters offer a full range
              of new Nautilus fitness equipment, as well as group exercise classes. A spa cuisine
              menu is available to guests receiving services in the Spa.

Inspired Spa Experiences:
            All inspired spa experiences are available for individuals, while some are offered for
            couples as well.

              17th century – American Indian Practices
              Health practices among the Powhatan Indians involved inducing sweating to
              detoxify and eliminate aches and pains. Heated stones were placed in the center of a
              sweathouse, and as people entered, water was thrown on the stones to create steam.
              People then left the house and plunged into the nearby cold stream, where they
              applied a mixture of oils and herbs to their skin to close the pores and deter pests.

              Cleansing Hot Stones Spa Experience
              Individuals or couples can enjoy this two-hour treatment that features herbs and
              heated stones to warm the body to increase circulation and relaxation. To begin,
              an inhalation of fragrant herbal waters clears energy. Next, hot stones warm the
              body and provide a physical connection with the earth. Warm, steaming linens
              infused with a blend of herbs cocoon the body to encourage the natural release of
              toxins. During this wrap, cool aromatherapy cloths are used to refresh the face
              during a facial and scalp massage. After the wrap, a cool Williamsburg spring
              water beverage refreshes, and the experience finishes with a full-body hot stone

              18th century – Colonial Bathing, Gardening and Wellness
              Doctors in the 18th century began to make connections between cleanliness and
              general health, realizing that if dirt remained on the skin then the body was not able
              to perspire freely – a natural process considered to be essential. The use of natural
              herbs and apothecary ingredients was considered to be a cure for a variety of
              ailments and mixing these in a bath cleansed and softened the skin. A relaxing bath
              and natural herbs and oils are therefore present in the experience offered at the spa

              Colonial Herbal Spa Experience
              The two-hour experience begins with a warm and soothing aromatic foot bath
              inspired by a historic recipe from Toilet de Flora. Next, our delightful ginger and
              orange body scrub softens the skin and invigorates the senses. Historically, orange
              and ginger were imported and used in the apothecary for a variety of remedies. The
              recipe of yesterday has been carefully re-created in a contemporary way. A warm
              wrap follows the scrub to encourage increased circulation and ease muscle tension.
              The luxurious experience finishes with a Williamsburg massage using 18th-century-
              inspired oils.

              19th century – Virginia Springs and Rootwork
              The popularity of early American spas in the Virginia area peaked in the middle of
              the 1800s for two reasons: health and entertainment. Spring water at these spas
              was used to cure common diseases through drinking, bathing and topical
              application. Common African healing traditions inspired health, wealth, luck and
              happiness through the use of herbs, plants, roots, trees, minerals and natural waters.

             Root and Herbal Spa Experience
             The 19th-century inspired experience re-creates African wellness traditions with a
             unique body exfoliation using a variety of herbs and powders, a comforting root and
             herbal bath and a strengthening full-body massage.

             20th century – The Modern Spa
             Developments in medicine, health care, fitness and wellness in the last century
             highlight the importance of the 20th century in the continuum of wellness. Massage
             became popular and new, beneficial techniques were developed. Inspiration for the
             Water Cures experience came from the development of technologically advanced spa
             equipment, coupled with the history of bathing rituals.

             Williamsburg Water Cures Spa Experience
             This hour-and-a-half experience uses water massage and proven spa exfoliating
             techniques for the most effective and beneficial results. A full-body dry-brush
             exfoliation removes dull skin before a pulsing Vichy shower massage. Guests finish
             the experience with a calming bath to nourish and seal the skin with freshness.

             21st century – Technology and Refinement
             Technological advances in equipment and the development of therapeutic
             approaches have created some of the most effective wellness treatments. Late in the
             20th century and into today, the popularity in laser treatments and
             microdermabrasion has grown significantly, so this treatment offers rejuvenation
             based on new technology and products geared for anti-aging to address rejuvenation
             on two fronts.

             Skin Rejuvenation Spa Experience
             This signature Spa service uses modern advances in science and technology to our
             ultrasonic microdermabrasion facial. The service begins with a traditional herbal
             foot bath followed by an in-depth skin analysis with a master aesthetician and
             concludes with a particle-free microdermabrasion facial.

Spa Therapies and Services:

Classic Massages: (One to 1.5 hours)

             Williamsburg Massage
             This popular Swedish massage uses warm herbal towels and customized blends of
             aromatic oils to relax, nourish and balance the body.

             Sports Massage
             This therapeutic massage targets muscles stressed in any sport and restores the
             body to peak performance.

             Pregnancy Massage
             This is a nurturing and relaxing light massage for mothers-to-be.

             Reflexology Massage
             This concentrated foot-and-hand massage utilizes pressure points to influence
             overall well-being and balance the total body. Deluxe sessions include a 30-minute

Premier Massages: (One to 1.5 hours)

              Massage Sampler
              Enjoy a sampling of many different massage modalities and experiences – a
              combination of aromatherapy, sports, Swedish, reflexology, and hot stones and
              determine a favorite.

              Arnica Muscle Repair Massage
              This firm massage incorporates arnica-based massage oil to ease muscle pain and
              joint stiffness. Cooling extracts of peppermint, rosemary and grand fir are also
              combined with an arnica gel to wrap specific areas for maximum benefits.

              Shea Butter Massage
              Shea butter is known for its deeply nourishing properties. This massage uses
              organically farmed ingredients from Africa to provide deep relaxation and intense
              skin moisturizing.

              Hot Stone Massage
              Smooth, warmed stones are used in this deeply soothing massage that relaxes tight
              muscles as well as the entire body.

              Wi-Fi Massage
              Step away from technology and enjoy this full-body massage that includes a focus on
              the hands, arms, neck, and shoulders. A soothing eye treatment relieves eye strain.

Massage Enhancements:

              A Wild Lime Blossom Scalp Massage and/or Vanilla Herbal Foot Bath can
              be added to any massage to energize, nourish and relieve tension. Adds 15 minutes
              to any treatment.

Rose Garden Spa Experience:

              Side-by-side treatments may be experienced in the luxurious Rose Garden Suite,
              where couples can enjoy a deluxe soaking tub, private shower, restroom and a
              spacious treatment room. Adds 30 minutes to any treatment.

Body Scrubs and Wraps: (One hour)
            All scrubs and wraps are available with a Vichy shower for an additional cost.

              Maize Body Scrub
              Freshly ground cornmeal is combined with brown sugar and hazelnut oil to create a
              highly effective exfoliating and nourishing body scrub. A warm moisturizer is
              applied to reveal soft glowing skin.

              Rosemary, Citron and Sea Salt Body Scrub
              Sea salts are carefully blended with rosemary and citrus essential oils to stimulate
              circulation and slough away dull, flaky skin leaving the body smooth and supple.

              Colonial Apothecary Treatment
              Create a unique body scrub from apothecary of colonial herbs. Select from either
              maize, raw sugar or fine salts, add beneficial herbal powders and blend with a choice
              of essential message oils. Enjoy this personalized scrub during the spa service and

             take home the remaining personalized mixture. This interactive service offers a
             complete body exfoliation and concludes with an application of the spa’s signature
             lavender-lemongrass lotion.

             Orange-Ginger Body Scrub
             A fragrant combination of orange and ginger combine with exfoliating sugar to
             stimulate the senses while smoothing the skin. A warm moisturizer is applied to
             complete the treatment and leaves skin radiant.

             Signature Lavender-Lemongrass Body Scrub
             This one-of-a-kind treatment includes a refreshing salt glow using our unique blend
             of aromatherapy salts. Finish with an application of our signature lavender-
             lemongrass lotion.

             Seaweed Body Treatment
             After an invigorating soft bristle brushing, a seaweed mask is applied, and the body
             is cocooned in a warm wrap while the head and neck are gently massaged. The
             treatment concludes with a refreshing body misting.

             Sarsaparilla and Espresso Mud Treatment
             A fragrant mixture of herbs and espresso mud sweeps away dry dull skin and
             removes impurities. Our unique therapeutic mud is applied to the entire body with
             a wrap of warm, moist herbal linens. An aromatic scalp treatment relaxes as toxins
             are drawn away.

             Body Radiance Anti-aging Treatment
             This anti-aging scrub helps relieve puffiness and swelling and restore circulation.
             The water-releasing properties of caffeine immediately go to work to eliminate
             excess fluid and minimize the appearance of cellulite and spider veins. This radiant
             scrub leaves the skin glowing.

             Head-to-toe Transformation Treatment
             This ultimate transformation uses mild exfoliates and antioxidant-rich masks to
             restore luster and tone to the entire body. Begin with a gentle resurfacing of the skin
             of the face, neck and décolleté to allow the absorption of rich moisture and
             nutrients. Then, a full-body detoxifying mask, infused with sea algae and essential
             oils, is applied to penetrate deeply and gently lift away harmful toxins. Finally, a
             clarifying scalp treatment and all-over application of soothing and ultra-hydrating
             body butter cream leaves your skin radiant and pure from head to toe.

Baths: (30 minutes)

             In a private setting, guests enjoy an exceptional bath. Exquisite oils and specialty
             recipes are added for a perfect combination. A deluxe hydrotherapy tub features
             colored underwater lighting that may be set according to the mood of the guest who
             selects from a Colonial Sweet Bath or Colonial Herbal Bath.

Classic Skin Care: (One to 1.5 hours)

             Williamsburg Custom Facial
             This purifying facial may be customized with our professional quality skin care
             products selected to meet your personal needs and skin type.

             Aroma Transformation Facial
             This aromatic facial is a blend of several effective treatments, including a deep-
             cleansing enzyme treatment, aromatherapy chosen specifically for your mood and
             complexion, a rejuvenating massage and specialized firming care for your delicate
             eye area.

             Décolleté and Neck Treatment
             This intense hydrating treatment is designed specifically for the neck and décolleté.
             By helping tone and tighten tired and sun-damaged skin in this highly visible area,
             this treatment immediately produces a refreshed look.

             Men’s Rescue Facial
             Designed to soothe skin exposed to sports or shaving, only pure, plant-based
             products fortified with vitamins and antioxidants are used to assure visible results
             during this masculine treatment.

Premier Skin Care: (One to 1.5 hours)

             Beautiful Skin Refinement Facial
             Using ultrasonic exfoliation and leading professional skin care products, this facial
             provides maximum results.

             Radiance Reveal Facial
             This anti-aging treatment with idebenone is great for rosacea and sensitive skin.

             Resurfacing Facial
             This facial series is designed for those committed to a highly effective skin care
             program and who expect great results. Gentle resurfacing removes dead and dull
             skin cells, allowing the rapid production of fresh new cells, with results immediately
             noticeable: increased moisture, reduced lines and dramatically beautiful skin tone.
             The 21st-century spa experience is a suggested prerequisite for this facial.

Skin Care Treatment Enhancements:

             Wild Lime Scalp Massage and/or Facial Waxing can be applied to any skin
             care treatment. Adds 15 minutes to any treatment.


             The peaceful Conservatory Salon calms the spirit and relaxes the soul. Women and
             men can receive a shampoo, styling or haircut from one of the experienced hair
             professionals. The salon is the perfect atmosphere for bridal parties, mothers and
             daughters or groups of friends to have a special day of beauty and fun.

Nail Care:

             All nail treatments are offered for women or men.

             Colonial Manicure or Pedicure
             Traditional nail care included shaping and polishing using our signature blend of
             aromatherapy products. The pedicure includes a mud bath for the feet.

             Lemon Verbena Manicure or Pedicure
             Begin with a mild exfoliation using buffing grains to soften the skin, followed by a
             hydrating lemon verbena softener to seal in moisture.

             Spa Deluxe Manicure or Pedicure
             A marine-based mask is used to sooth and refine the skin, including a warm and
             nourishing paraffin treatment.

Finishing Touch:

             Women can choose to receive a makeup application or consultation and lesson from
             qualified beauty technicians individually, or for special occasions or bridal parties.

Fitness Center:

             Conveniently located in a wing adjoining the Spa reception area, the Fitness
             Training Quarters contain a selection of the latest free weights, weight-training
             stations, six treadmills, four elliptical machines; four tread climbers and three
             recumbent bikes, all by Nautilus. Group exercise classes, from stretch and
             strengthening and water aerobics to yoga and Pilates, are also available. Fitness
             memberships include access to the fitness quarter, classes, locker rooms and
             indoor and outdoor pools. Golf fitness memberships are also available.

Spa Boutique:

             The Spa offers premium quality spa products and spa-related gifts from leaders in
             the spa industry. These products are the perfect solution for holiday gifts, special
             occasions and tokens of thanks or incentive gifts. Products may also be shipped. Gift
             cards are available in any denomination and may be used at the spa boutique or for
             any spa or salon service.
                     Signature products
                     Body care
                     Skin care products
                     Bath products
                     Massage oils
                     Clothing and home products
                     Books, DVDs/videos and CDs

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